I am one happy freaking nerd tonight. I have pre-ordered the #iphone6 , I am playing minecraft, watching grown men playing hide and seek on a computer with each other while eating cookies (the best cookies in the world) and getting kisses from my man... Yeah. I don't know if one person is allowed to be this content with his/her life as I am in this moment. :D haha! #nerd #nerdy #nerdgirl #geek #geeky #geekgirl #geekygirl #girlgeek #minecraft #gassymexican #favoriteyoutuber #girl #ikeacookies #ikeacookie #love #boyfriend #bestboyfriendintheworld #heislikenooneelse #minecraftnerd #craftingandshit ;D haha #yesiamweird #weirdgirl #girlycrap
geeky - ikeacookies - boyfriend - love - geek - bestboyfriendintheworld - girlycrap - minecraftnerd - gassymexican - nerd - girlgeek - heislikenooneelse - ikeacookie - geekygirl - iphone6 - minecraft - geekgirl - favoriteyoutuber - weirdgirl - girl - craftingandshit - nerdy - nerdgirl - yesiamweird -
princessadiary : Kewl!
vrzone - crazy_wither_5 - gap799 - rvdt -
The #StraightHair #struggle is real. #fml #DayOff #FireChick #FireMedic #Paramedic #CurlingIron #GirlyCrap
firemedic - straighthair - firechick - dayoff - fml - curlingiron - struggle - girlycrap - paramedic -
bekaef87 : "#girlycrap" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
caseysmomsamedic : @bekaef87 πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œ
michalsky7 - kerryday13 - zeus_patricia - loweryt88 -
FaceTime make-up tutorial with @cortniwilliams she knows her stuff, y'all. #girlycrap #loth
loth - girlycrap -
riseaboveme_12 - dominicramirez1993 - lala4596 - genac2020 -
Shout out to @cortniwilliams for taking me make-up shopping today! #girlycrap #loth
loth - girlycrap -
theodouglas - cortniwilliams - jamieswallows - cinthyarooh -
Its that time of year again #favoritetimeofyear #octoberbaby #girlycrap
favoritetimeofyear - octoberbaby - girlycrap -
taralynnmascara - mikemckay_ - teresa.campbell2014 -
Did my nails <3 glitter or nah? Lol i wanted to do a black fishnet design #nails #glitterornot #rednails #ilovered #shouldi #LMS #followme #ifollowback #followforfollow #followfor4follow #comment #prettystuff #girlycrap #gothicred #bloodred
rednails - comment - ifollowback - bloodred - followforfollow - nails - lms - gothicred - prettystuff - ilovered - shouldi - girlycrap - followfor4follow - followme - glitterornot -
jakehulkhall_ : #bloodofthefallen #dontwalkinheryard #brutalmurder #klanrally
thatgothicdoll : LMFAO xD jake!!! Lol
thatgothicdoll : Nooo no muder or clan ralley
thatgothicdoll : Murder*
jakehulkhall_ : #purgetheinoccent
thatgothicdoll : Nooo!!! Lol stop xD @jakehulkhall_
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So ready for #fall. #favoriteseason #nails #mani #girlycrap
mani - nails - favoriteseason - girlycrap - fall -
heymarista : Love that color! @tiffmintos
tiffmintos : @heymarista thx girly!
eorrego91 - dtmkaaw - shopconfetticake - heymarista -
Got my hair did with this little one today! #girlycrap #saltlife #sunshine #themshades #sundresses #beachlife #smiles #happy
smiles - themshades - girlycrap - sunshine - sundresses - saltlife - beachlife - happy -
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Actually had time to do my nails. Lets see if I can keep them unstained! #hairstylistproblems #prettyclaws #girlycrap lol
hairstylistproblems - girlycrap - prettyclaws -
brandysmalt : They're perfect #yousuck 😜
sandra_willcutyou : Lol thanks @brandysmalt I haven't done them like this since I got pregnant with Calla.
trecalabrese : Put gloves on silly!!
sandra_willcutyou : Lol I do! But they still get stained from time to time.
poisonivory07 - brandysmalt - 0fficialmo - hallxway -
I spend 1 night with @eyelinerandbourbon and I'm a junior #goohorder. #girlycrap #chubrub (bwahahaha)
goohorder - chubrub - girlycrap -
spiritdancing - samantha_lynne - quaintfromspace - mayrosa15 -
Pulp Fiction themed make up, loooove it❀️the Mia Wallace lip liner. #urbandecay #miawallace #gogetthegimp #pulpfiction #girlyoullbeawomansoon #classicfilm #girlycrap #makeup #fallcolor
gogetthegimp - urbandecay - makeup - pulpfiction - classicfilm - girlyoullbeawomansoon - girlycrap - fallcolor - miawallace -
jentherat : Someone has an addiction....
masvic : @jentherat yes a little one πŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ’„
masvic - cheryllynn83 - staticandtelevision - joydeeo -
πŸ’… #manicure #mani #pedicure #pedi #nailpolish #nails #essie #butlerplease #simple #girlycrap
girlycrap - pedicure - simple - nailpolish - nails - essie - manicure - butlerplease - mani - pedi -
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She was not happy but I got the pic #chillin #cooldude #babysunglasses #stylin #girlycrap #sofun
sofun - cooldude - girlycrap - stylin - babysunglasses - chillin -
nataliefurlong : Aw I love the headband! Miss you guys!
nataliefurlong - _maliyahsmommy_ - brittybrite - boss_bitch1320 -
Not sure if this is a good thing or not πŸ˜• #sephora #sephoravib #makerougestatus #makeup #girlycrap
vib - girlycrap - makerougestatus - sephoravib - sephora - makeup -
cheryllynn83 : Dayyumm Gina!!
masvic : @cheryllynn83 I know! But I really don't spend a lot @sephora , I guess enough to make #vib holler!
cheryllynn83 : Holler! Wuuud up! Ha!
wingnutxxl - cheryllynn83 - sammysep - stevemedel1775 -
This note was in my office today when I arrived. My students love me. 😊❀️ I guess I kind of like them, too--especially this one because she said I can put bows in her hair and dress her in monogrammed outfits. #girlycrap
girlycrap -
randinicole_042210 : You're the best (: lol
klwhite90 : And my students told me I was mean today πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
wfpkalumna : @klwhite90 I'll let you borrow some of my students. They're older so they understand how to suck up as you can see. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
klwhite90 : Mine haven't figured that out yet. Nor have they seen mean. Oh, the bliss of a third grader!
wfpkalumna : @klwhite90 I'll pray for them and for you.
klwhite90 : πŸ™πŸ™Œ
4eversmiling4u - kt_lavina - randinicole_042210 - ali_fou2d -
Never really thought about the wedding I want until I started using pinterest and then looked at my board lmao... then I saw a theme... I guess I reeeaaalllllyyy want a fall wedding πŸ˜‚ the woods.. the fresh air... there's definitely a major rustic kind of outdoors theme going on. So I'm gonna start saving for the big day and the honeymoon whenever it comes. It may take a while before then, but a girl can dream πŸ˜‰ and I'd rather spend most my money on a honeymoon than a wedding so we can do some major traveling if at all possible. Right time to save? Now πŸ’‘ #girlycrap #weddingthoughts #youknowitscutethough
weddingthoughts - youknowitscutethough - girlycrap -
stroodel93 : I think we are twins with this one ;)
infantrygirl : Exactly. Im pretty much obsessed with pinterest now lmao I didnt even know what i wanted until i saw all the things combined @missbecky91 β™‘
infantrygirl : Thats what im shooting for! Never understood why i should pay more when i dont gotta haha @tjh3s
infantrygirl : Really??? I wouldnt have guessed that! @stroodel93
stroodel93 : Check out my pinterest :P
tjh3s : At the end of the day, you'll be married to your love & that's all that will matter
infantrygirl : Yessssss 😍 currently creeping. I think I'm on love @stroodel93
stroodel93 : Lol!
lorenawanderous - tjh3s - stroodel93 - rangi_7 -
I think @sephora brand matte lipsticks don't get enough love ❀️ these are definitely in my top fiveπŸ’„ #sephora #No22 #matte #1995dupe #girlycrap #makeup #toomanylipsticks #sorrynotsorry
no22 - toomanylipsticks - makeup - matte - sorrynotsorry - girlycrap - sephora - 1995dupe -
myrisss : Bonita ...
btflytezz : Hermosa!
masvic : @btflytezz gracias ❀️
tjmendoza : Wow!
alix308 : You're stunning!
chs19 - btflytezz - jentherat - vineet_solomons -
πŸŒΈπŸ’… #nails #lilac #essie #lilacism #purple #girlycrap #woot
woot - essie - girlycrap - lilac - purple - nails - lilacism -
kittenthekristen - kaylynmurphy - zaynadayeh - jacqualynn.elizabeth -
#stargazerlily #doodle #drawing #lineart #fun #junk #girlycrap #flower #hooray #art
junk - flower - art - doodle - drawing - hooray - girlycrap - fun - lineart - stargazerlily -
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Goodnight, Thursday. #longday #lifeisgood #makeupisfun #girlycrap #modeling #hashtagsaboutwhatireallymean
longday - girlycrap - hashtagsaboutwhatireallymean - makeupisfun - modeling - lifeisgood -
theillestbb - sierraevansak - int0xicated.teens - reallyjessicarose -
I think...I might have a problem πŸ‘‘πŸ’„ #birthdaycoupons #ulta #haul #addict #makeup #spoilingmyself #itslikechristmas #jane. #revlon #NYX #maybelline #brandmixer #sorry #girlycrap
ulta - spoilingmyself - birthdaycoupons - brandmixer - makeup - revlon - nyx - haul - addict - girlycrap - jane - sorry - maybelline - itslikechristmas -
dreana__leigh : Nice!
drea_monzon - karenarianahidalgo - brown_eyed_grrl - kgetalksbeauty -
Everytime I go to the corner of happy and healthy I end up coming out with way more than I intended. And yes. I still eat lunchables sometimes...because I am an adult and I do what I want!
girlycrap - nailpolish - drugstorefinds - makeup - eyeliner - immagrownupiswear -
mscandyquinn : #ImmaGrownUpISwear #DrugStoreFinds #GirlyCrap #NailPolish #MakeUp #Eyeliner
notso_chey_trooper : Hahaha I eat them still toooo 😘
aubrey11buck : Do you like the cover girl eyeliner?
k.fett : πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ I work at the corner of happy and healthy
mscandyquinn : @notso_chey_trooper that's why we are soul mates 😊
mscandyquinn : @aubrey11buck I didn't cause it didn't stay on my bottom lid very well. So I switched to elf's cream eyeliner. Which is awesome except it's alot more time consuming. Buuuut I think that this stuff is a different kind of cover girl eyeliner and there was a good sale for it so I figured I'd give it a try. It might be the same stuff though and maybe they just tricked me by changing the name and style of package around haha
mscandyquinn : @k.fett nice! It's my favorite drug store! Haha
rainbowcarpet35 : That eyeliner is the shit! I love it, its the only one I'll use. It goes on like butta! @aubrey11buck
fitfangirl - dr_fett17 - missyskid - xchaoskittyx -
Tiny baby makeup shopping spree , loving the @tartecosmetics palette and the @maccosmetics paint pot, fix+ is amaze balls and of course shiseido lash primer, best ever hands downπŸ’„πŸ‘ #mac #tart #shiseido #girlycrap #workhard #rewardyourself #macys #makeup
workhard - macys - makeup - shiseido - mac - girlycrap - rewardyourself - tart -
masvic - raggedmag - maicouture - lukasatrak -
oh i'm wearing pink #h&m #hehepink #girlycrap
h - hehepink - girlycrap -
gabrielle.anastasia : 😍 goddess
shanahanwilson : 😍
_ayitssam_ : Zaaaaaaaaamn. Lol
hjrams - notjordangallivan - nescientific - euphoricbraiin -
Haven't Slapped On #Eyelashes In Awhile πŸ‘€ #MakeUp #Mascara #Eyeliner #GirlyCrap #Yay
eyelashes - yay - mascara - girlycrap - makeup - eyeliner -
herbalife_4_u - ar_ell12 -
Yo. #nailcolour #girlycrap
nailcolour - girlycrap -
thatgothicdoll - anvezo -
My nail color has lasted for 3 weeks, my hurrrr is working with me today. Guess you could say I was feelin some type of way... πŸ˜‰ #saturdayselfie #happy #feelingpurrty #browneyedgirl #justschmee #bluedress #girlycrap πŸ‘—
saturdayselfie - justschmee - girlycrap - feelingpurrty - browneyedgirl - bluedress - happy -
drm2cr8 : Uuuwww you look puuurty
louisenero : Beautiful!! I hope everything is going well! It's been a really long time!
floor_it_dolly : @louisenero thank you love! 😘 it's been too long!!!
livingvictorious : Honey you are purrty ALL the time! ❀️
floor_it_dolly : @livingvictorious ☺️ thanks honey buns.
princegolden : Coming to ny!
jason.ewell : 😳
nanlibinvasion : Pshhhhhhhhhhhh
linzyminyen - yesterdaysown - niothagift - amandasonn -
Tried out some new makeup tonight. It was fun! Made me miss the other half to my avocado though πŸ˜ͺ at least in this lighting you can see the contour and highlighting better than my other pics. #progress #makeup #contour #highlight #hilite #onlyhalfofawhole #practicemakesperfect #learning #girlycrap
onlyhalfofawhole - practicemakesperfect - learning - makeup - girlycrap - highlight - progress - hilite - contour -
thekennymiller : Like it!
ashleybuff : Too bad we were not playing with bling ;)
ashleybuff - mandyampmstylist - mwillis276 - witxknee -
Tiny little anchor for two girlies that came in earlier. #tattoo#anchor#sisters#girlycrap
sisters - tattoo - anchor - girlycrap -
sailor2_2 - mamabear1413 - kimmi010305 - alyxisr -
happy little hands & feet! #mani #pedi #mytime #relaxing #muchneeded #girlycrap
girlycrap - muchneeded - relaxing - mani - pedi - mytime -
devriesbe - steph_ayne - wauntrisha - aprilhandmade -
Love love love this lotion. Was my saving grace this past winter. #lush #sympathyfortheskin #girlycrap
sympathyfortheskin - lush - girlycrap -
eorrego91 - sheyamarmarita - emmasworld_ - sboswell2410 -
Just being #crafty. #bows #bow #girly #girlycrap #roses #rose #ribbons
girly - rose - bow - roses - bows - girlycrap - ribbons - crafty -
kittensmittenss : Pretty...πŸŽ€πŸ’—πŸŽ€
rosedarlinglove : @kittensmittenss thank you!! Now I just need to put it in a hair do!!
kittensmittenss : I bet whatever you do, it will look awesome! Good luck! πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ€
ammandygirl : I want!!! 😍 so pretty! @rosedarlinglove
rosedarlinglove : @ammandygirl, I'll make you one :-)
ammandygirl : @rosedarlinglove thanks! I appreciate it 😊
britanypaige92 - endeavoringmama - madfreakinmua - vmloveridge -
Another girly feature that I lack... 😞
firstworldproblems - facebook - girlycrap - isuckatbeingfemale - fail - nailpolish - nails -
mscandyquinn : @rebelwallflower_ every time I attempt I remember why I prefer splurging on salon visits. Lol darn my new budget 😭
rebelwallflower_ : Oh boy! I know how that goes. I can't remember the last time I went to a salon let alone had polish on any of my nails.
mscandyquinn : @rebelwallflower_ dang! I can't imagine going that long. I love having my nails look all purty. I really love having acrylics, but they tend to get spendy and my nails were shot when I got rid of them. Ugh. #FirstWorldProblems haha
batts0721 : I smear it all the time just wash your hands after with warm water and it peels right off the skin. I can do good nail designs but I'll never be able to paint just my nails😞
batts0721 : @mscandyquinn
melberg85 : Lol my ex trained me to do hers lol
mscandyquinn : @batts0721 OooOOOoooooh! I'll have to try that with the warm water! :D I can't do designs to save my life...
batts0721 : They're easyIsh just stressful lol I use bobby pins for polka dots and the nail pen for leopard, words and bows. Let me know how it works my take a couple washes but it deff works for me @mscandyquinn
melberg85 - jovensdad - pete_teddyburger - xxmarajxx -
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