Muay thai ... S2
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camila_marques22 : #muaythai #GinaCarano
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#RondaRousey vs #GinaCarano #UFC175
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We dare to be different,weight classes instead of cool is that?...check it out at fighter#torque#mmawarehouse#mmajunkie#mmaoverload#bellatormma#onefc#wsof#gladiatorchallenge#kingofthecage#conormcgregor#lyotomachida#lvfightshop#bjj#bjpenn##808#hawaii#hayabusa#fearthefighter#headrush#gracie#rondarousey#ginacarano
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jitsolympics : nicee :)
topnotchfighter : @jitsolympics did you get the shirt I sent you?
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How can I wait more? #RondaRousey#GinaCarano are my favorite girls among #mma women😀!! I rly look forward that fightπŸ‘€πŸ‘Š!!!
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#GinaCarano #CristianeJustinoCyborg #UFC #ufcworld #mmaworld #jiujitsuworld #jiujitsu #Boxing #Grappling #MuayTai #Kickboxing #xboxone #ps4 #xbox360 #ps3 #gamesnfighting #followformma #EASPORTSUFC #EASPORTS #Karate #mixedmartialarts #womansMMA #WomenAreWarriorsToo
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gamesnfighting : #motivation #HardWork #Fit #Gym
fitnessfames : ;o
walkingthedead1 : Absolute joke the UFC is signing carabao and go wing her the rousey fight right away. I love the women she's beautiful and has skill but is coming off a first round TKO loss from 2009! That speaks volumes to me about her mental toughness. Girl suffers first loss of her MMA career then quits...,
gamesnfighting : @walkingthedead1 yea I don't know what the UFC Brass was thinking when they brewed this up! I agree πŸ’―%
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Can this please happen!? I'll travel anywhere to see this fight. #idols #ginacarano #conviction #rondarousey #rowdy
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laurrrespo : Sick body
rachwolfie : @laurrrespo right πŸ™Œ
yomambo : Lol!!!!
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For MMA fans around the World! This is going to be Huge!#mma#rondarousey#GinaCarano#ufc#yes
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Gina Carano is just awesome! Most likely recognise her from Fast and The Furious 6 and Never Back Down 2 #ufc #ginacarano #FullSizePhoto
ufc - fullsizephoto - ginacarano -
boobsydoodle : She was never been in Never Back Down 2 but she was in Haywire and In The Blood:-)
ldaisybby : I meant Blood and Bone cos she's fighting in one of the scenes. Got mixed up cos I recognised michael jai white
boobsydoodle : Lol yeah she was in it:)
ginacarano_fanpage : Perfect
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I've been DYING for this for a long time!! But who would I go for is the question!? #GinaCarano is my #GirlCrush #love her!! #RhondaRousey is easily one of my fav fighters!! #MMA #BJJ #judo #champion #UFC
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thatmel_is_g : @ginacarano #WomanCrushEVERYDAY
thatmel_is_g : @rondarousey
kylemitchell_mma : This is terribly bad news for Gina she is no where near Ronda's level she would get devoured I can't believe they are even making this a fight
thatmel_is_g : Sadly I agree!! And if they are talking December, that's not much time at all!! πŸ‘Ž @kylemitchell_mma
kylemitchell_mma : Gina is babe tho that would be the hottest fight of all time 😍 Ronda is my baby 😝 but yeah honestly Even if Gina trained her ass off until December I doubt she would even make it out of the first round with Ronda
thatmel_is_g : Right there with ya!! πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ˜‰ @kylemitchell_mma
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Found this dvd of elitexc #frankshamrock vs #renzogracie with cards including the soon to be signed To #ufc #ginacarano back from 2008.
frankshamrock - ufc - renzogracie - ginacarano -
benny_eg6 : Are you watching it?
ozzman2k5 : @benny_eg6 yes
benny_eg6 : Asshole! What about me:(
ozzman2k5 : @benny_eg6 you rank out. If you coming then you coming you don't need an invite. Te pegan jaja
benny_eg6 : I hit brah I don't get hit , okay man lets watch some old mma fights then foo
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#IsItDecemberYet? #UFC #RondaRousey #GinaCarano #BABEvsBABE #DreamMatch
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kylemitchell_mma : There is no way this fight would happen haha πŸ˜‚ Ronda would snatch the soul right out of Ginas body it wouldn't even be a fight! Gina hasn't faced any UFC competition let alone Ronda, I'd love to see Gina in the UFC but there is no way Gina would fight Ronda that soon
marcgruenberg : There's a reason Silva is considered the best of all time. And it's not just because of his kicks. Of course it'll be in the back of his mind but you can't count how many times a fighter broke his hand in the middle of a fight and kept going on with the fight and their careers. This is different but these guys don't fight with fear. And I think he's the furthest thing from a Hollywood guy. I could never see him acting. As for GSP v Silva...that was a dream match before he lost to Weidman. Now I don't think it's in the cards anymore but you never know. He could still box Roy Jones Jr. @g_speak
marcgruenberg : Dana already said it's gonna happen if they get a contract signed on Monday. I agree that Ronda would pretty much kill her but I'll still watch it. @kylemitchell_mma
kylemitchell_mma : I dont know man I'll believe when I see the fight poster or Dana announce it on twitter but rn this shouldn't even be a fight
kylemitchell_mma : Cat Z has next
marcgruenberg : Cat was next until she got hurt. Now she has a fight at the end of September. As for Dana White...he told reporters yesterday that if Carano signs a deal when they meet on Monday, then she'll fight for the title at UFC 181 on December 6th cuz Ronda said she'd give her a shot cuz she idolizes her. Some people get special privileges and she's one of them in this case. She just has to sign.
marcgruenberg : @kylemitchell_mma
kylemitchell_mma : Damn that's crazy!!
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Gina Carano is the new baeee. Were getting married. #thebae #shescute #mma #shellkickyourass #GinaCarano
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Went home really late last night because of this epic movie #StepUpAllIn. I did not regret spending my time watching eventhough I was so tired from our training. I super love #BrianaEvigan, I think she's one of the sexiest celebs in Hollywood of course next to #GinaCarano. #Moose is also one of the reason we've watched this movie. Idol masyado!!! Dabest!!!!
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Highlight from SDCC 2013. #ginacarano #haywire #intheblood #americangladiators #mma #strikeforce #mma #sdcc #ufc #superman #actress #celebrity #celebrityencounter #famous #hollywood
haywire - celebrityencounter - intheblood - celebrity - ufc - actress - strikeforce - famous - ginacarano - americangladiators - sdcc - mma - hollywood - superman -
angusmullane : 😊
markruffalosaidimabeauty : Jealous! I think rousey should be Wonder Woman
thefastestant : @markruffalosaidimabeauty @omgsamantha they should pick someone that can act for Wonder Women. Just sayin. Not that Gina & Ronda can't but they aren't exactly at the top of there game.
omgsamantha : @markruffalosaidimabeauty we'll find out who Wonder Woman is in December
thefastestant : @omgsamantha @markruffalosaidimabeauty Unfortunately Ronda will destroy Gina & any other women in MMA. Gina was a game changer 6 years ago for Womens MMA but she's not in Ronda's league, athlete wise. I don't even think Gina would be top 5 in the UFC which makes me sad because I've been a fan for years & years.
markruffalosaidimabeauty : There are men who aren't in Ronda's league
omgsamantha : @thefastestant @markruffalosaidimabeauty I agree. Ronda's a beast!
marthou_oune : GINA πŸ’•
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Gina Carano if u need a sparring partner let me know.. #ginacarano #allthatassandmuscle #uwannaroll #stacked
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Just watched FF6 - Such a cool film! Can't wait for FF7 πŸ’™πŸš˜ @paulwalker @vindiesel @tyrese @ludacris @mrodofficial @joe_taslim @delicioussungkang @jordanabrewster @therock @ginacarano #fast6 #paulwalker #vindiesel #tyrese #ludacris #michellerodriguez #joetaslim #sungkang #jordanabrewster #therock #ginacarano #galgadot
therock - ludacris - sungkang - joetaslim - tyrese - fast6 - michellerodriguez - vindiesel - ginacarano - jordanabrewster - galgadot - paulwalker -
lisa_pw47 : 😘
pw_fan : Yup cool edit...was it the first time that u watched F6?
walkeroholics : @pdubber73 great edit❀️
pdubber73 : @pw_fan no i've seen it twice before ☺️
pdubber73 : @walkeroholics thanks πŸ˜‰
taslimfan : JAH!
walkeroholics : @pdubber73 yw!
susi_anty : Congrats this film
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Whoah. Ronda Rousey vs. Gina Carano (that badass chick from Fast Five) on Decemeber? Hope she inks the deal. Dana White is a G! #rousey #ginacarano #rouseyvscarano #ufc #mma #badasschicks #judo #jiujitsu #fight #match #ripped #igers #photooftheday
ripped - judo - rousey - ufc - jiujitsu - badasschicks - rouseyvscarano - igers - ginacarano - fight - mma - match - photooftheday -
chryzel : Gina will get murdered. Much as I love her, she's waaaay past her peak. She got destroyed by cyborg and ronda is too much of a beast
aldwin_g : @chryzel I know bro! Cyborg was too much for her. Rousey is a beast. haha Will be entertaining if it pushes through.
raymondroman : Hope this happens!
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My kind of girl, shy but a tough one. #GinaCarano #MMA
mma - ginacarano -
_joe.jr : I'd hit it, but it might hit me back! Hahahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
samirjarrar : @_joe.jr hahahahah jabooha saa7 :p
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#ginacarano is coming out of #retirement to #fight #rhondarousey!! This is a #dreamcometrue!! #ufc #carano #rousey #ufc #dec6 #danawhite #champion #titlefight #omg #wcw #hottestwomenalive #swoon #hashtag #bam
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leslie0586 : Oh damn.
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Wish i could be as awesome as her! Wanna do mma. But where can I begin!! #ginacarano
ginacarano -
kayschmidt259 - soleimankhansary - hugonaffah - ginacarano_fanpage -
This is what sexy looks like, guys take note! #idealfigure #perfect #ginacarano #brunettes #instafit #wmma #mma #girlswhofight #chicksthatfight #hotasfuck πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
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In honor of #GinaCarano, benchmark #WOD in @cfmnlstriking! Round kicks, clinch round knees and round elbows! We crushed it! #crossfitstriking #Crossfit
wod - crossfitstriking - crossfit - ginacarano -
stupid_training - onutritionals - mikefonacier - janedwayne -
Did this cold. 8:29, 96 situps. 100%-80% fluctuating power over the course of the workout. Hmmm. Need to be faster. By @cfmnlstriking "BENCHMARK WOD: GINA Named after Gina Carano known as the first female face of MMA. Renowned for her powerful Muay Thai strikes, her rock solid abs and killer smile. 21 - 15 - 9 (per side) Round kicks Straight punches Clinch round knees Round Elbows Time cap 10 minutes. Butterfly situps every 30 seconds for 30 seconds. Score is time and total situps. #ginacarano #crossfit #striking #crossfitstriking #getupandtrain" via @PhotoRepost_app
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mcshrekmike : Cool!
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Good job to the 11am crew who did Benchmark GINA today. #ginacarano #getupandtrain
getupandtrain - ginacarano -
kinneypie : @michyydo you worked out yday!! See u next week :)
jerichoviejo - michyydo - jmcruz18 - alvintoti -
#Repost from @cfmnlstriking with @repostapp --- BENCHMARK WOD: GINA Named after Gina Carano known as the first female face of MMA. Renowned for her powerful Muay Thai strikes, her rock solid abs and killer smile. 21 - 15 - 9 Round kicks punches per hand Straight punches per hand Clinch round knees Round Elbows Time cap 10 minutes. Butterfly situps every 30 seconds. #ginacarano #crossfit #striking #crossfitstriking #getupandtrain
crossfitstriking - crossfit - striking - repost - ginacarano - getupandtrain -
cfmnlstriking : πŸ’ͺ
aimstaylo : OMG my idol! She can beat the crap out of Rousey!
abcrisger - alyzjef22 - naschurrle - fangzhiji -
BENCHMARK WOD: GINA Named after Gina Carano known as the first female face of MMA. Renowned for her powerful Muay Thai strikes, her rock solid abs and killer smile. 21 - 15 - 9 Round kicks punches Straight punches Clinch round knees Round Elbows Time cap 10 minutes. Butterfly situps every 30 seconds. Score us time and total situps. #ginacarano #crossfit #striking #crossfitstriking #getupandtrain
striking - crossfitstriking - getupandtrain - crossfit - ginacarano -
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If this fight happens in December I'm buying tickets and going there!!! #ufc177 #rondarousey #ginacarano #epic
ufc177 - ginacarano - rondarousey - epic - ufc182 - ufc181 -
breamo : Nvm it would probably be #ufc181 or #ufc182
hellfire013 - rondaknows - pixxgirl - thagonzo1986 -
Guess who's coming out of retirement to fight #rondarousey #ginacarano #danawhite #ufc #fight #mma #gsp #jonjones #ufc177 #ps4 #judo #champion #boxing #kickboxing #martialarts #fast6
champion - rondarousey - martialarts - ufc - fast6 - ufc177 - ginacarano - mma - ps4 - gsp - judo - boxing - fight - danawhite - kickboxing - jonjones -
evandrotm : πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
kylemitchell_mma : There's no way, Gina would get murdered
kylemitchell_mma : That would be one sexy fight tho:.
brittany_cw : I love ronda rousey, she is my indpiration, my life
ahfaanalee : @kylemitchell_mma yeh it would be so much as i like Ronda i support Carano fully. She was the first woman to bring mma alive in her gender, id be rooting for her this fight
ahfaanalee : @brittany_cw yeh thats great Ronda is someone who never looks back. Good luck
surreal_limits_tattoo - zubz365 - nakitadownes - rondaknows -
Just in case y'all haven't heard! #GinaCarano is close to being signed by the #UFC. I'm torn 😒. My first #WMMA love was #Carano and my current is #RondaRousey. I love Carano but #Rousey will destroy her. I think they should give Carano some warm up fights after being away for 5 years. #MMA
carano - rousey - ginacarano - rondarousey - wmma - ufc - mma -
mari_osuna : We*
vegmeister : @mari_osuna Just saying Carano had bad cardio and ground game. Don't think she'd do well against Rousey
kylemitchell_mma : Ronda would murder her if this fight took place. Wouldn't even be fair honestly
vegmeister : @kylemitchell_mma yeah I know. Gina would need to try to get eased back in before something like this.
kylemitchell_mma : Yeah man that would be like throwing Chuck Liddell in with Jon Jones right now haha that Just wouldn't even be fair! But what's up with all the Rousey hate @mari_osuna? The girl is amazing, she works harder than any fighter/ athlete I've ever seen and constantly takes fights and proves herself! She's humble but confident and people get it twisted I swear
vegmeister : Lol yeah it wouldn't be fair. I just don't see anyone beating Rousey. Not even cyborg @kylemitchell_mma. My sister-in-law and my brother don't like her too much after TUF.
kylemitchell_mma : I actually just had that conversation today as well, people saying Cyborg would beat Rousey. It's such a joke, everyone thinks Cyborg is bad but they just wanna see Ronda lose. That won't happen anytime soon, she's far too good. But yeah I understand she just rubs some people the wrong way but personally I'm a huge fan of her and think she's an amazing women/ coach
vegmeister : @kylemitchell_mma yeah bro. It would have been a close fight maybe a year ago but now, not even close. People don't understand the difference of an Olympic level judo practitioner and a regular grappler. Everyone pegged as Rousey's biggest challenge just end up getting dismantled.
derekdnickerson - miriamuertaa - joinronin - kylemitchell_mma -
Go Gina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #So Excited #GinaCarano #UFC #Fights
fights - so - ufc - ginacarano -
ufc_today - analyssa3 - pressss_ - mmaworld -
#intheblood starting #ginacarano Heard it was a good movie. Let's see what the hype is all about.
intheblood - ginacarano -
lotuss_doll - anamyra_me - jennaanjellie_ - nakitadownes -
LOL My pic got photo bombed...#flashbackfriday
ginacarano - flashbackfriday - mastertoddylv -
antonio_lov3 : #ginacarano #mastertoddylv
justinsbrooks5 - ch3l05 - nakitadownes - kymo020386 -
If UFC signs @ginajcarano on Monday, Rousey vs Carano will be booked for December. #ufc #ufc_posts #GinaCarano #RondaRousey #ufcnews #mmanews #boxing #kickboxing #wrestling #mma #ufcmma #jiujitsu #bjj #judo #karate
boxing - judo - ufc_posts - rondarousey - ufc - wrestling - bjj - jiujitsu - karate - ufcmma - ufcnews - kickboxing - ginacarano - mma - mmanews -
fataviainvenient : @eriverboix vaya combate!!! Si antes lo digo!!!
soulroll1923 : @pkmn_master_ted91
bassstewart : Ummm doesnt gina deserve a warm up fight? Lol shes been out for years
holyoutlaw001 : @susy_rod @rayzinsta
susy_rod : @holyoutlaw001 so we are all definitely watching this fight!!!
carlos_g87 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
danny_aguilar : Holy shit! I love ronda and all but I would have to go with Gina!!!
pixxgirl : I hope gina takes her out
surreal_limits_tattoo - _u_snooze_u_lose_ - laz_1990 - alyssavandervort -
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