Smile on my face because even though I was tired I still came and did what I could 😁 #selfie #gigem #latenightworkouts #gymflow #fitness #determined ....good night
determined - fitness - selfie - latenightworkouts - gigem - gymflow -
briian_villegas3 - priscillarene__ - hannuhtbh - davidmugerwa -
HOMEWARD || BOUND to see these GEMS! πŸ’Ž
aggies - parents - family - gameday - aggiefootball - gigem - bestfriends -
steppingheavenward92 : Love this pic! @kristin_koonce
kristin_koonce : Thank you so much, @steppingheavenward92! 😊
kristin_koonce : #GigEm #Aggies #AggieFootball #Family #parents #bestfriends #GameDay
dreamingeleganceapparel_co : Heyy what is up!! We were wondering if you would be interested in becoming a rep for our clothing line? If you are shoot us a text now, our number is on our IG page bio
ddpickardd - vanessae20 - arikabright1997 - cindyscozykitchen -
Attending dunks with only the best. @the_ryanperf #dnkczn #rundnk #gigem
dnkczn - gigem - rundnk -
runrachrun14 - emlund32 - kelseynovosad - skangaskhan -
Well I am making a big list this year!!!! #aggies #christmas #football #12thman #gigem #whoop #WeRuleThisState #WRTS
aggies - wrts - werulethisstate - football - whoop - 12thman - gigem - christmas -
liverpool.f.c - smalley2014 - slclosangeles - towandacolliver -
"Ohana" means "family". "Family" means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. #fam #flash #flashtastic #awkwardfamilyphoto #FRcommittee #ohana #tamu18 #gigem
ohana - flash - awkwardfamilyphoto - frcommittee - flashtastic - fam - gigem - tamu18 -
hails39 : OR untouched by the awkward hand placements.
lolsooj - haveacupofcoop - hanoowee - lauren_littlejohn -
Super happy to have been accepted to Texas A&M University!!!! #tamu19 #tamu #excited #gigem
tamu - gigem - excited - tamu19 -
jas97rendon : Thank you! And I considered but I had my heart set on TAMU ^_^ @saraav19
omar111 : Gig em!!!! πŸ‘
jas97rendon : I was so excited, I checked it right before the game started while we were in the stands and I was screaming and showing everyone @omar111
omar111 : Lol I'm picturing it rn, I gave you a s/o on Twitter πŸ˜ƒ
jas97rendon : Ah I can't get on twitter rn! I'll get it tomorrow ^_^ @omar111
katharinaasophiaa : Congrats Jasmine!!
jas97rendon : Thank you, Kate!!!!! @katharinaasophiaa
katharinaasophiaa : You're welcome @jas97rendon
mckayy31 - kylie_mckinnon - juliettebuffo - pfcheng9 -
Aggies may not be doing too hot this year in football, but Aggies definitely have the highest average salary per graduate in the SEC. What up?... #straightflexin #gigem πŸ‘
straightflexin - gigem -
zachasapmurillo : Go to school there then πŸ˜’
baconandpolitics : ^^^ exactly. Sorry man, but hard to brag on them academically if you aren't a student or alumni!
thecollinevans : @baconandpolitics @zachasapmurillo Lol. I'm going to WT, and they're an affiliate. ;) Personally, I don't see anything wrong with being proud of a school you root for athletically succeed in other avenues of their establishment. It's also a way to for me to show respect to a school that people very dear to me have graduated from. Plus, if you wanna get all technical, it's the only TX school in the SEC, and that makes Texas look well in comparison other states throughout the United States. So in fullness, I don't know what the smug comment was for. Smh. πŸ˜”
zachasapmurillo : Go to school there then
thecollinevans : @zachasapmurillo Lol! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I don't want to. Haha!
baconandpolitics : Just trolling you XD
thecollinevans : @baconandpolitics Oh! πŸ˜‚ Lol. Good one my friend! Haven't had my trolling treatment in a long while. πŸ‘Œ
bullet_g - braddaddy27 - ccgar64 - ldalton1111 -
Congratulations to @aliessay for winning the Ring Wraps donated for the raffle tonight at the @aggiedeltagamma backyard BBQ!! #RingWraps is proud to support sororities on campus & their philanthropies! Ali does not have her #AggieRing yet so will be wearing the Ring Wraps plain until she receives her ring! #ringwraps #aggiedeltagamma #deltagamma #collegering #embracethetradition #tamu #gigem #serviceforsight
aggiedeltagamma - ringwraps - collegering - aggiering - tamu - gigem - embracethetradition - serviceforsight - deltagamma -
jordankilkenny : @kourtneyzarker @lauradobbs_ @aliessay @kfladeland @bfred94 @kaitlinrenee12 @allison.levy
baddiesuz - alexiascarbrough - olivedreamagirl - jordonsp -
Two days away from watching my bestfriend guzzzle a pitcher of beer for that aggie gold and make a memory that will last a lifetime! So proud of you Toe. πŸ’πŸ» #gigem #senioryear
gigem - senioryear -
toriabeth : @ashby_mae ew
toriabeth : @ashby_mae but thank you!! Your so sweet! I'm slightly dreading it but I shall survive 😊
nickdees5 : I'm more than slightly dreading it : Lovely!
lovleykenzierush - johnreddcorn - karaelaineee - deborah.witherell -
Boy do I love A&M! #tamu #aggies #corpsofcafets #a&m #texas #gigem
a - aggies - corpsofcafets - gigem - texas - tamu -
mirandaperry92 : @t_flex95 that smile tho πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
corneliussam - levimason96 - loving_person - colormenikki -
I'm so excited to announce that I will OFFICIALLY be the loudest and proudest member of the fightin' Texas Aggie class of 2019!!! #tamu2019 #gigem
gigem - tamu2019 -
malloryj16 : Don't worry @ijehni!!! We still have loads of time!!!
robbine1965 : Awesome Mallory
malloryj16 : @robbine1965 Thank you!!
pbernstine : So proud of youuuu! I love you so much!
malloryj16 : @pbernstine thank you!! I love you and miss you!!! πŸ’œπŸ’œ
lauren_worley16 : Congratulations pretty girl! Welcome to the Aggie Family😊
malloryj16 : @lauren_worley16 thank you! Can't wait to be there!!
cattronomy : YAYYY😍❀️
haililoren13 - ofitzgeraldd - amberadub - em_kingg -
#tbt to my first time meeting Mrs. Reveille. The First Lady of Aggieland! #reveille #gigem #collies #dogs #mascot #firstlady #tamu #tamufootball #aggieland
tamufootball - firstlady - tbt - aggieland - collies - tamu - gigem - dogs - reveille - mascot -
johnnie_thefrenchie - hannahschhhh21 - kayla_ags - peke_nina -
I FINISHED MY OVERALLS, Y'ALL! I can't wait to stand as a proud member of the 12th Man, cheering on our beloved Fightin' Texas Aggies in only 26 days! SENIOR YEAR HERE I COME! WHOOP!
aggies - yolo - senioryear - whoop - beyourself - diy - overalls - aggiefootball - gigem -
big_madi_weave : They look amazing!!
kristin_koonce : Photo credit goes to @trt9211 😍
kristin_koonce : Thank you so much @tiffclaire71! I love YOU! 😘
kristin_koonce : Thank you, @aivanmarie! 😘 Thanks for letting me take up all the counter space for 2wks! πŸ˜‚
kristin_koonce : Thank you so much @missyr2911 and @big_madi_weave! 😊
kristin_koonce : Hahaha, I'll think about it @thevarian! πŸ˜‰
kristin_koonce : Bleacher idea and picture cropping goes to @jd_rodgers 😍
kristin_koonce : #GigEm #Aggies #Whoop #AggieFootball #overalls #DIY #SeniorYear #YOLO #BeYourself
ayushi_2013 - be_cain - alexandratwin210 - itsmrsstone -
B L E S S I N G ❀️
summer - loveher - wcw - doctor - gigem - blessed - pugs - bestfriends - pigs - friendship - godblessamerica -
kristin_koonce : #wcw #GodBlessAmerica #doctor #pigs #pugs #friendship #blessed
rachwalshy : Whadda bunch of QTs!
kristin_koonce : Oh shucks, @rachwalshy! ☺️
notsohelenkella : Your very first #WCW ?! πŸ’ #tooblessed LUV U SM KRISSY
marybiediger : Love y'all!
meganspanish : 2 of my fav! Love yall!
kristin_koonce : #bestfriends #GigEm #summer #loveher
k_e_west - bianca_lovee - lyric_melton - ashleyflores13 -
B E S T I E S πŸ’™
rangers - bestfriends - gigem - aggies - baseball -
itsjess112 : Until the end of time πŸ‘­πŸ’™
kristin_koonce : ...and then even longer, @itsjess112 😍
cmkoonce : If you guys were at the rangers game and didn't stop by to say hi.... :-|
kristin_koonce : Hahahahaha, this pic is from two years ago, @cmkoonce! πŸ˜‚
kristin_koonce : #bestfriends #Rangers #baseball #GigEm #Aggies
whatiswooter : Wooter you doin' today?
_alex_bailey - dr._seuss - bre_kayy92 - kaseym16 -
Texas A&M and Clemson have agreed to a home and home series starting in 2018. #GigEm #BTHOclemson
gigem - bthoclemson -
a_garza2 : Who cares we just got to win a game already
jaystan_davis : I thought they changed it to Oregon
tamusports : I agree @a_garza2
adam.stahr : They just dropped Oregon. We originally we going to play Oregon but they dropped oregon and got in with Clemson @jaystan_davis
adam.stahr : @jvonr bring it on
a_garza2 : Thank u
jvonr : Hell yeah @adam.stahr
tamusports - garrett_kettle - aggiefan1976 - beach_girl_amy -
I don't always watch the NFL Draft, but when I do, 3 Fightin' Texas Aggies get drafted the 1st round! Gig 'Em, Johnny Football, Jake Matthews and Mike Evans! #flashbackfriday
nfldraft - aggies - nfl - johnnyfootball - draftday - whoop - aggiefootball - gigem - flashbackfriday -
kristin_koonce : I fixed it @davidsedei πŸ˜‚
aivanmarie : This is too awesome!!!
kristin_koonce : #NFL #DraftDay #NFLDraft #GigEm #Aggies #Whoop #JohnnyFootball #AggieFootball
bcycnl : woah @VinesBeLike
kelynbain - kimlsharp - samanthaquick24 - danielle__deason -
whoop - aggies - firstlady - gigem - reveille -
kristin_koonce : #GigEm #Aggies #Whoop #Reveille #FirstLady
s_stillwell2 - vanessae20 - brownkristim - kerrijkalina -
Aggie stadium! #aggies #gigem #goaggies
aggies - gigem - goaggies -
the_cat_of_cute : Late
kolby_kovar_34 : Thanks
lauren_lair_34 - alialjubory24 - k_bugbeckman04 - lexyboocity -
H•O•W•D•Y πŸ‘‹
aggies - diy - chevron - pinterest - howdy - gigem - canvas -
kristin_koonce : Hahaha! Yahoo! πŸ˜‚ It's for this Silent Auction so I had to make it as nice and neat and precise as possible! I literally looked at the example on Pinterest while I did it, @emilyelainestory! Hahaha! That's the only way I can do everything!
hallieeeeberryy : Make me one 😳
itsjess112 : I wanna do these with the OO's in HOOK 'EM be Texas. But yours is perf and mine won't be this goodπŸ˜”
kristin_koonce : Hahahahaha, are you nochallantly asking me to make you one, @itsjess112??? πŸ˜‰
kristin_koonce : nonchalantly* @itsjess112
itsjess112 : In so many words. Hahahahaha
kristin_koonce : HAHAHAHA, typical @itsjess112 πŸ˜‚
kristin_koonce : #GigEm #Aggies #Howdy #canvas #chevron #DIY #Pinterest
mollyhughes15 - samcgage - meggarza_2014 - tyroemer -
YOOHOO! Here's the HULLABALOO: I GOT MY FIGHTIN' TEXAS AGGIE RING, Y'ALL! My Gig 'Em will be "naked" no more! God is good! πŸ‘
aggiering - aggies - gigem - senioryear - 90hours -
cody_ashton : Congratulations!!!
kristin_koonce : Thank you so much @mo_nica_mo_problemz, @madiaddiee, @rachael_bragg, @kelclobar, @vanessae20, @cdemasters, @mcclainmorg and @cody_ashton! Y'all are so sweet! 😘
kristin_koonce : @itsjess112 and @amanda_maria92: check now πŸ˜‚
rachwalshy : This is a great pic of you! Congrats dude!!!
kristin_koonce : Thank you so much, @rachwalshy!
cherylhawthorne27 : Congratulations, Kristin! You look beautiful!
kristin_koonce : Thank you, Mrs. @cherylhawthorne27! I love and miss you! ❀️
kristin_koonce : #GigEm #Aggies #AggieRing #SeniorYear #90hours
oh_my_melissa - jordanusel - jackieboucher - britneyramos2 -
God Bless & Gig 'Em Aggies! πŸ‘
whoop - aggies - gigem -
hallieeeeberryy : You are so pretty ☺️
kristin_koonce : Awww! Thank you so much! YOU'RE PRETTY, TOO! πŸ’–
rustyboldt : Hey that's my sign! 😊 Gig 'em πŸ‘
kristin_koonce : @rustyboldt, where did y'all end up putting it!?
rustyboldt : @kristin_koonce, living room wall! Haha
kristin_koonce : #GigEm #Aggies #Whoop
lenanlafayette - halliee94 - plaidsmile09 - kelynbain -
JUMPIN' CROCODILES! I ordered my beloved Aggie Ring today! I am so grateful for the opportunity God has blessed me with to attend Texas A&M University, my home away from home! From Kilgore College to Texas A&M, the Lord has helped me every step of the way, for I most certainly could not have done it without Him! "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13 πŸ‘
whoop - aggies - aggiering - gigem - senioryear - 90hours -
thevarian : πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽ‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽ‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
tanner_welch1 : Didn't you take this picture yesterday?
skyler_hefley : Loser 😘😘😘
kristin_koonce : #GigEm #Aggies #AggieRing #Whoop #90hours #SeniorYear
kristin_hatcher - jenksd2706 - shelbyjones75 - ashleyflores13 -
Howdy Camp 2014 ❀️
gigem - aggies - camp - tutu - howdy -
kristin_koonce : #camp #tutu #GigEm #Aggies #Howdy
kaciemsanders - lauratheweathergirl - jdavila55 - austinmc1994 -
#Aggie legend
aggie - 12thman - texasam - gigem - tamu -
t.daniel_34 : He was good In college but I'm afraid this might be another Tim tebow story
the_creasybear : @annieb1981 @dougspictures
dougspictures : @the_creasybear Obviously we miss our Heisman winner.
the_creasybear : Though it was a cool pic @dougspictures yall will be alright. Young squad.
cbc_rocks : Do monecrief
jtcass904 : Lost to Jags...Go Jags!
tyler_white91 : This should be part A&M and part bench
johnny_football12 : @tyler_white91 ha ha ha. Like we haven't heard that one before. He's in his fist season did you really expect him to take the job right away? If you did, then you are an idiot. If I need to explain to you why then that just make you even more of an idiot
_steelers12_ - _cason14 - logsie1234 - ed.pina -
#12thMan #GigEm πŸ‘
gigem - 12thman -
juan5sanchez - gabygabbss15 - elora669 - lucero_alexis -
Hands down, Reveille is my favorite tradition here at Texas A&M! Being the First Lady of Aggieland and the official mascot, she is the only dog that can bring tears to my eyes simply by walking by! #tamu12daychallenge #TAMUtraditions
whoop - aggies - tamu12daychallenge - tamutraditions - gigem - reveille -
cam0426 : You just hurt Sara's feelings :(
kristin_koonce : #GigEm #Aggies #Reveille #Whoop
emaginemohr - alilee_17 - samiiijoxo - juliagrace15 -
H O W D Y ! #tamu12daychallenge #howdy
aggies - tamu12daychallenge - howdy - gigem - tamu -
tamu : Whoop!
chance_asquith : @kristin_koonce let me just say that it is pretty baller that tamu commented on this! Love you guys
kristin_koonce : #Howdy #TAMU #GigEm #Aggies
notsohelenkella - tlbeene - alyssapeelen - jordiegirl2112 -
IT'S TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY, EVERYBODY! Mom: "Oh how CUTE! Now hold your claws up , Kristin, just like Mommy showed you, and say, Sic 'Em Bears!" Me *when I couldn't pronounce my R's*: "No, Mom! That's wong! It's Gig 'Em Aggies! Don't you wemembuh?" GIG 'EM AGGIES! WHOOP!
aggies - aggiefootball - gigem -
kristin_koonce : #GigEm #Aggies #AggieFootball
lauraboone12 - brittneyms_4 - allison_goll - tarawait -
#tbt #gigem
gigem - tbt -
notcameronward - _captain_watermelon_ - _madison_sandlin -
Get a picture with the Heisman Trophy winner!? CHECK!!! GIG 'EM, Johnny Football!!! πŸ‘
heisman - aggies - aggiefootball - gigem - johnnyfootball -
tarawait : Nice
keelanford : Not fair dude
whitneysimmons20 : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 @kristin_koonce
dustinbridges13 : What? At campus village? Lucky @kristin_koonce
trt9211 : UNTUCK YOUR SHIRT!!!!! Geeeeze, you need me down there!! ;)
kristin_koonce : @trt9211, hahaha! Rude! πŸ˜‰
kristin_koonce : #JohnnyFootball #GigEm #Aggies #AggieFootball #Heisman
trishward11 - dustinbridges13 - k_melt1 - backupforkh17964 -
#ronaldtherv I had the honor of being inside of this monster today #chubbies #chubbiesgameday #soto #gigem
soto - chubbiesgameday - chubbies - gigem - ronaldtherv -
headbro - rockstarfiles - mac.p - k_ray18 -
! #chubbies #chubbiesgameday #soto #gigem #pigroast
soto - chubbiesgameday - chubbies - gigem - pigroast -
siamishere - thatoneguymac456 - rockstarfiles - k_ray18 -
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