Color and tone for @amybamybobamy πŸ’— with all of these Black Friday deals I'm offering 25% off for any of my hair services (color, cut, extensions) when you email us going on til Monday nov. 30th (availability Jan-February 2016) deposit to be made when booking a date. Happy shopping ✌🏼️#gghairart #idontusuallygivedeals #holidayhair #perfectgiftfortheladies #giftcertificates #grateful
gghairart - perfectgiftfortheladies - giftcertificates - grateful - idontusuallygivedeals - holidayhair -
desigera6987 : @gghairart so I just email you the date you have available?
janicepaik : I just saw you on @sherillessamson snap! Ayyyyyeee. πŸ˜‚
sherillessamson : We had GNO now we're having PHO haha @janicepaik
janicepaik : Pho game in Korea sucks. I miss LA food and LA weather ad my fwends. 😫
janicepaik : @sherillessamson
janicepaik : @sherillessamson have fun. Be safe.
desigera6987 : @gghairart ok I just emailed you I hope i did it correctly? I just emailed you the date and time you had open for January.?
gghairart : @janicepaik omg yes I'm all over @sherillessamson snaps. Lol πŸ˜† hope you're having a great time in Korea! I told Sherrill les go:)
mastermind_hi - bettiek_black - ressa_rare_breed - flemnem -
Thankful for the abundance of clients I've had throughout my hair art career. So thankful you are my teachers, friends, healers, & family. I appreciate you all for the love and support you give me. Thank you 😘😍 #gghairart #grateful
gghairart - grateful -
bettiek_black - leslie_da_pinaysteeza - michelleleria - ideisms -
Ok seriously this is the 10th selfie I took. Haha! Done with my hair shift and now enjoying this back massager πŸ˜†πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜ fresh cut by @flo_pikku lovin 😘 happy thanksgiving everyone ✌🏼️ #givethanks #pikkusalon #salonlife #hairlife #ladyboss #gghairart #whatisgoingontonight #imahermit
gghairart - pikkusalon - hairlife - salonlife - whatisgoingontonight - givethanks - imahermit - ladyboss -
lanisagodlove : You look amazing Gercy πŸƒ miss you @gghairart
gghairart : Thank you @lanisagodlove 😘 I miss you too. We have to schedule ourselves to see each other:)
dkaf : Bam! Well then secksie 😍 love it!
ms_mucho : πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž you better be loving your selfie! 😝😘 @gghairart
flo_pikku : πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½
itsthe_dre : You on fleek, boo! 😍
ohsohectik - lindsay_nyffenegger - cosmovyhair -
Mommy and daughter hairstyle πŸ’“ precious πŸ‘©‍❀️‍πŸ’‹‍πŸ‘© #flowergirlhair #weddingsbygercy #gghairart #sandiegoweddings #sdhairstylist #sideupdo #bridalhair
gghairart - weddingsbygercy - flowergirlhair - sandiegoweddings - sideupdo - bridalhair - sdhairstylist -
feedthemnd : So cute!
kenzielove : We loved our hair!
kp_mua - michelleleria - soy_hispana - flowerchildweddings -
Love catching up with some of my previous wedding clients. Such a fun group of ladies πŸ˜πŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈ hair set and prep by @itsthe_dre and styled by me πŸ’— makeup by @kp_mua I love how she stacks the eyelashes on to create that perfect pop 😍 #sdwedding #sandiegoweddings #gghairart #makeupartist #sdmakeupartist #weddingsbygercy #marriottcoronado
gghairart - weddingsbygercy - marriottcoronado - sandiegoweddings - sdwedding - makeupartist - sdmakeupartist -
ren_otani : @kenzielove Beautiful!
kp_mua - michelleleria - jbrader1122 - braidsbunsandbeauty -
Some of the beautiful bridesmaids I met this past weekend. It doesn't feel like work when you're having fun! Side updo @gghairart πŸ’— makeup by @chrisdauz_ 😘 #gghairart #weddingsbygercy #bridesmaidhair #sandiegohair #sandiegoweddings #sdhairstylist #sdweddings #sdwedding #marriottcoronado #rktiestheknot2015
gghairart - weddingsbygercy - marriottcoronado - sdhairstylist - sandiegohair - bridesmaidhair - rktiestheknot2015 - sandiegoweddings - sdwedding - sdweddings -
officialbelleseek : BeautifulπŸ’—
leslie_da_pinaysteeza - kp_mua - michelleleria - hannahluvspandas -
Bridal babe πŸ’— hair and makeup πŸ’—grateful for beautiful brides πŸ’“ #gghairart #weddingsbygercy #fridaywedding #contouronfleek
gghairart - weddingsbygercy - contouronfleek - fridaywedding -
kp_mua : So pretty, Gercy! She looks beautifulπŸ’ž
kp_mua - andiejoneshair - cherbumakeup - ohanaprincess -
Sometimes a woman needs a little pop of color ❀️ balayaged some rouge brown and Sunkiss painted highlights 🎨 haircut and styled w/ @davinesofficial products πŸ’“ @beachlisamarie hope your enjoying this hair! Xoxo #gghairart #ggbeforeandafter #pikkusalon
gghairart - ggbeforeandafter - pikkusalon -
beachlisamarie : Thank you @gghairart ! I love your new place too! !!!
isamarielim - libayknoch - ryan_jerome - craigreyna -
It was so great catching up @susanlu 😍 love how we got you so light the first session. Can't wait to get you lighter!πŸ€— Looking forward to seeing your wedding planning business flourish @elementseventssd πŸ‘°πŸΌπŸ’
gghairart - pikkusalon - sandiegohair - balayage -
gghairart : #gghairart #pikkusalon #sandiegohair #balayage
officialbelleseek : Beautiful!
susanlu : Thanks @gghairart!!! My hair is way lighter than what's shown in this pic lol love it and it doesn't feel dry at all!!!!
christinnnaaarawr : You always do a great job! @susanlu hair looking good FAM!! πŸ˜‰
0911kashmir_dimple : I wished i can't visit your shop gercy
pikku_salon - michelleleria - breelindo101115 - _ayleenimperial -
Flat iron curls with a #braided headband #shorthairstyles #braidstyles #bridesmaidhair #bridal #gghairart #gghairart #weddingsbygercy #roseneil2015
gghairart - weddingsbygercy - shorthairstyles - roseneil2015 - braidstyles - bridesmaidhair - bridal - braided -
monicalifas : @styledbyquyenn
lanisagodlove - axrms - princessmahal637 - kaylee__may -
Congratulations to @roselynaquino & Neil πŸ’‘ happy to create this updo for your special day. Best wishes on your wedding! 😍 #gghairart #weddingsbygercy #roseneil2015
gghairart - weddingsbygercy - roseneil2015 -
pikku_salon - _ayleenimperial - axrms - blushing_bee -
Love this Peacock fall color I created 🎨 for @donutbagel πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ #haircolor #gettingbackintothegroove #fashioncolors #fallhair #sandiegohair #sdhairstylist #sdhair #pikkusalon #gghairart #goldenhills #downtownsd
gghairart - pikkusalon - sdhair - fallhair - sandiegohair - sdhairstylist - goldenhills - gettingbackintothegroove - haircolor - fashioncolors - downtownsd -
rosie_buds : Nice!!!
stephlapod : @so_so_jeff😜
samathorm : Yes
donutbagel : I love it too! ❀️
pikku_salon : Even better in person!!!!
bel619 : @aimee1nitas
olga_lajolla : i like it
ohsohectik - princessmahal637 - lanisagodlove - jovssssss -
Everyone have a safe Halloween!! πŸ’€πŸŽƒπŸ‘»
gghairart -
gghairart : Photographer @kevinwarn
gghairart : Model @aliciavigil Hair artist #gghairart Creatives @devourmagazine
gghairart : MUA @irene_mar_mua
axrms - hafalittlej - dana.saurus - devourmagazine -
When I finally focused on myself - I fell in love with who I was and all I became, despite my shortcomings, challenges and old insecurities. It wasn't until then I became a better person all around, and strive to be better help others better themselves each day. That's the true beauty...being happy, confident and strong. "Figure out who you are separate from your family, and the man you're in a relationship with. Find who you are in this world and what you need to feel good alone. I think that's the most important thing in life. Find a sense of self because with that, you can do anything else." -Angelina Jolie #beyou #selfdiscovery #empowerement ------------------------------------------------------- Photo Cred: @tcphoto303 of @seeleyfit Outfit: @yandy Hair: @gghairart MUA: @lesliemua Physique: @teamedge1
gghairart - lesliemua - beauty - loveyourself - beyou - fitmom - edgegirl - confidenceiskey - jengaleng - yandy - classyglamour - havefun - boudoir - teamedge - selfdiscovery - anythingispossible - paigehathaway - momof2 - empowerement - seeleyfit -
jengaleng : #fitmom #momof2 #seeleyfit #boudoir #teamedge #edgegirl #yandy #gghairart #lesliemua #classyglamour #loveyourself #havefun #confidenceiskey #beauty #anythingispossible #jengaleng
ashacebedo : 😍πŸ”₯
a_magante : What wonderful insight. And a great reminder/quote.
_shanieshan : Love this so much!!!
autumnaguilara : Holy hotness 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
jengaleng : #paigehathaway @paigehathaway
jerryking1001 - rajwaddud - __shay.s - cmanderson1996 -
My client @roxyoh New Mommy Makeover πŸ™‹ wanted more blonde please 😍😍😍 incorporated some of the techniques I learned @thebusinessofbalayage class and we love the outcome πŸ˜ƒ I also been using this new product that is similar to Olaplex called @hairbycontinuum game changer for sure πŸ’―πŸ™Œ #ilovelearning #educationiskey #newhairproducts #continuum #healthyhair #balayage #gghairart
gghairart - newhairproducts - healthyhair - educationiskey - ilovelearning - balayage - continuum -
thebusinessofbalayage : This is beautiful!!
gghairart : Thank you! @thebusinessofbalayage and thanks for all you do for the industry 😘😘😘
lieneezy : @roxparejamorris time for a mommy makeover 😘
roxparejamorris : You're absolutely right @lieneezy! Looking good sister @roxyoh! 😘😘
roxyoh : @roxparejamorris 😘thanks sister!! @gghairart always does wonders with my hair! Never a disappointment 😁
cjsusmc : Nice!
itsthe_dre : #modernsalon
dana.saurus - blushing_bee - theflowerhalo - vanityhairbysofia -
@richwellcorrea And I popped her photoshoot πŸ’πŸ˜† @asianbambi was so excited to do her first shoot. She rocked it feeling confident, fierce, and sexy! 😍 HMU #gghairart photographer #richwellcorreastudios #figurecompetitor #hairandmakeup #girlswithmuscle #musclecontest #pikkusalon
gghairart - pikkusalon - figurecompetitor - musclecontest - hairandmakeup - richwellcorreastudios - girlswithmuscle -
richwellcorrea : @gghairart @asianbambi πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ
kevin_armentrout : Nice! πŸ‘ : Killing it πŸ’ͺ
theflowerhalo - kevin_armentrout - x.chella - brittiany_ann -
Fresh πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’š thanks for the touchup color @traipod87 and thank you @aileeeenhair for the Balayage 😍 both of them have been my assistants in the past and now they're well establish hairdressers πŸ’“ so proud of their growth 🌷🌱🌺 #ilearnfromthem #imgoingtomissthem #hairdressers #bookwithus #gghairart #tealhair #violethair Still obsessed with my haircut by @deidracoop πŸ™ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
gghairart - tealhair - violethair - imgoingtomissthem - hairdressers - ilearnfromthem - bookwithus -
maureenies84 : Looks great friend
codybranin15 : So darn adorable.
ryan_jerome - michelleleria - lalovelyone - charlyhaz -
Cheers to love! Happy wedding day, Kimmy! Here's @gghairart killing it with the the hair😍 & of course, makeup by yours truly! #happyweddingday #bridalbeauty #beautifulbride #bridalglam #weddingmakeup #sdmua #sandiegoweddings #sdmakeupartist #sandiegohairstylist #gghairart #glamgirl #bridalglam #glamsquad #sandiegomakeup #sandiegohair #beautifulbrows #gorgeous #welovebeauty #beauty #sandiegobridal #sandiegomakeupartist #fallglam
sandiegomakeup - sandiegobridal - beauty - fallglam - sandiegohair - welovebeauty - sdmakeupartist - weddingmakeup - happyweddingday - sdmua - sandiegomakeupartist - sandiegohairstylist - sandiegoweddings - gghairart - glamgirl - beautifulbrows - beautifulbride - glamsquad - gorgeous - bridalbeauty - bridalglam -
kp_mua : @_terri.lopez @joyyoj25 @char_cdashp @kimmerto @kelsienikki Thanks, ladies! Was totally loving that she wanted to go with darker tones!😊 She really did look amazing!
kp_mua : @flo_pikku Thank you! Hope you were surprised yesterday😍 Sorry I couldn't make it! But I'll see you soon😘
kp_mua : @sonya619 NYX retractable lip liner in "Plum" with a red lipstick in the centerπŸ˜‰
kp_mua : @mkrisc @katloved Thank you much ladies!!😘
kp_mua : @nikkisunshine It was a pleasure meeting you as well! Such a sweetheart! You and your Mom looked beautiful!😍😍 Hope you and all the ladies had soo much fun😊
jbmaninang : She looks so pretty😍 good job nak
kimberlydavvn : Thank you thank you @kp_mua! You did such an amazing job! Thank you for making me beautiful on my big day!! 😘
kp_mua : @kimberlydavvn You're sooo welcome, Mrs. Valenzuela!!πŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈ Thank you for letting Evelyn and I be a part of your day! I hope your wedding was amazing, and I hope you enjoy coming back to normalcy and enjoying the newlywed life!😘❀️
sheylavalos - _noirbeaute - ms.erikaa - petrinawbohn -
Reporting live from the Presidential Suite at the U.S. Grant. Bringing visions to life! #weddingsbygercy #gghairart
gghairart - weddingsbygercy -
k_jama : You and your hair lookin' all cutes. 😘😘
denisenourani : @kpuno1 I got a little scared lol thought I missed the wedding
makeupbydorie : 😍
gghairart : Thank you 😘😘 @k_jama hope all is well friend :)
gghairart : @denisenourani haha and will be there this Saturday as well 😍 can't wait super excited!!
gghairart : @makeupbydorie 😘
makeupbydorie - hafalittlej - princessmahal637 - _noirbeaute -
Wedding hair maintenance #gghairart #thebest #vscocam
gghairart - thebest - vscocam -
libayknoch - _.giz._ - max619eyes - elgabbagabba -
Wig 😝 just kidding....chopped it all off and I f@!$kin loveee it 😍😍😍 Thank you my dear friend @deidracoop 😘 πŸ’‡ #change #oliverhairdesign #deidracoop #shorthair #bangs #classichair #nextiscolor #gghairart
gghairart - nextiscolor - deidracoop - oliverhairdesign - bangs - shorthair - change - classichair -
deidracoop : Dang your haircut is going to break the
mia462 : Beautiful!
lynnietrinh : Say whaaa. I dig the transformation jerzee! You rock it well
pammoney : Slayer of life!!!!
amiaserrano : I love it!
mommymillertime : Gorgeous!!! Love! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
ksndrae : Love this look😍
gghairart : Thank you @ksndrae 😍
ohsohectik - mouse_1954 - lovegretch - cardiofitease -
Beautiful sister in law Darlene😍 ✨hair and makeup✨ for her 2nd pregnancy photoshoot! Looking forward to meeting my niece πŸ‘ΆπŸ’—πŸ’“ #gghairart
gghairart -
msdj_zarahlee : 😍😍 @mrs_galang
itsthe_dre : 😍😍😍😍
hafalittlej - ohsohectik - mel_and_tim_photography - iamwacks -
I was born to bring out the beauty IN YOU πŸ’—πŸ’‡πŸ’• #loveisinthehair #gghairart #happymonday #lovewhatido
gghairart - loveisinthehair - lovewhatido - happymonday -
libayknoch - monicalifas - ilovelifephotography - brianbondmakeup -
Is this pinterest worthy? Don't really like to filter my pictures but I had to with all the braids and dimensions of color πŸ˜„ hope you like the Boho mermaid hair I did for my client @donutbagel πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œcolorβ˜‘οΈ cut β˜‘οΈ braids β˜‘οΈ #gghairart
gghairart -
kpm_davis : Most definitely Pinterest worthy!πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ½
rising_phoenix88 : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
donutbagel : Yessss and thank you I love it! 😊
ryan_jerome - rising_phoenix88 - flemnem - the_z_team_extravaganza -
Strawberry Lavender Hair πŸ˜‹πŸ­ Color and Cut πŸ’‡ This is a color we decided on til we get her to a light lavender πŸ’œ trust the journey 🎨 #gghairart
gghairart -
kimmycatt : You're the best, Gercy! πŸ’–
gghairart : Your the best! Thanks for trusting the process 😍
gghairart : @kimmycatt πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†
theflowerhalo - rising_phoenix88 - bikramcentennial - ivan_vallena -
So excited to get my hands on this dimensional red headed lady 😍 found out it was colored by a hair pal @sylviatrinh ❀️ retro waves by me #gghairart | MUA @makeupbyvanny | wedding @capinator thank you again for letting us be apart of your special day ❀️❀️❀️
gghairart -
capinator : Thanks so much Gercy!! Everyone looked so bomb and beautiful! ❀️😍❀️
gghairart : I'm so happy 😍 saw pictures of you in your dress. Ugh timeless beauty 😘 @capinator
makeupbydorie - amiaserrano - craigreyna - kasedity -
2 weddings + 1 debut, DONE! Couldn't have done it without my assistants @traipod87 & @itsthe_dre 😘 #gghairart #weddingsbygercy
gghairart - weddingsbygercy -
paulinemarcelle : How can I contact you about bookings?
itsthe_dre : Hi @paulinemarcelle , please email 😊
dorieanne : 😍
ohanaprincess - _ayleenimperial - kp_mua - rie_samson -
Light chestnut brown for the season πŸ‚πŸπŸŒ° #balayage #hairpainting #hairlife #olaplex #gghairart
gghairart - hairpainting - hairlife - balayage - olaplex - : looks great!
gghairart : Thank you :)
lahairart : Very nice
rie_samson - olaplex - hairbymoniquecelene - claritybeauty -
Braidgett πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’› enjoying her baby moon vacation in Mexico 😍 #jerzeebraidz #gghairart #repost ...... #puertovallarta #vacationready #Braids #BoxBraids #travel #wanderlust THANK YOU @gghairart for your braiding skills and @douglassaboehairdesign for all your HelpπŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’˜
gghairart - wanderlust - travel - jerzeebraidz - braids - puertovallarta - vacationready - boxbraids - repost -
abbytdiamond : pretty cool :)
gghairart : Thank you 😘 @abbytdiamond
emilianogiannarelli - agemini_inwanderlust - photographyismedotcom - candybeeswimwear -
Perfect hair for hiking! πŸŒΏπŸƒπŸŒΌ#dutchcrownbraid enjoyed our time adventuring out in the wilderness #wallacefalls #gghairart #naturelover
dutchcrownbraid - gghairart - wallacefalls - naturelover -
thenominees_tri : lovely
braidsbunsandbeauty - princessmahal637 - marzenaa21 - lovebrattyb -
Braids in nature πŸŒ²πŸ‚πŸŒΏ so lush! And then I realized adventures are the best way to learn ✌️ #traveling #hiking #Seattle #Vancouver #BC #travelinghairartist #gghairart
gghairart - travelinghairartist - vancouver - traveling - hiking - bc - seattle -
veronica.elegado : 😍
beautybymsparrish - bill_vipond - mountainfitclub - twin_0910 -
Me and my Rollie @itsthe_dre πŸ’— she did a fantastic job assisting me with my wedding yesterday 😘 #weddingsbygercy #gghairart Glamorous curls for the bride and bridal party πŸ’— #desiandjoey #marriottmarquis #sandiegoweddings
gghairart - weddingsbygercy - sandiegoweddings - desiandjoey - marriottmarquis -
makeupbydorie : Awwwww sorry I didn't have time to say bye I had to run to the next wedding! Good seeing you two though and great job as always! @itsthe_dre @gghairart
makeupbydorie - rie_samson - carlankait - fit4lif8_cancan -
Haircut and a braided bang πŸ’‡πŸ’— #gghairart
gghairart -
ninuts22 : @factot.em ❀️❀️❀️❀️
ryan_jerome - ninuts22 - solowes1 - mauime808 -
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