My girls over these past 15 years. It was an HONOR to have them be my glam squad. I love these two from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for supporting me and coming all this way to watch me on stage. I LOVE YOU BJ & LES!!! ❤❤❤ Hair by @gghairart Makeup by @lesliemua & @gghairart
gghairart - bikinicompetitor - lesliemua - teamedge - musclecontest - npcusas - npc - bikiniprep - girlfriends637 - lovethem - toomanystories - ifbb - lasvegas - sincebelljrhigh - teamedgefam -
jengaleng : #sincebelljrhigh #girlfriends637 #lovethem #toomanystories #gghairart #lesliemua #npcusas #lasvegas #bikinicompetitor #bikiniprep #musclecontest #npc #ifbb #teamedge #teamedgefam
lo_fit : @jengaleng 🙌🙌🙌🙌 GORG MAMA 💗💗💗❗️❗️❗️
fear_less_fitness : Stunning!!!
laia_fitboss - hoodrats - jijictuvera - rockstahra -
So excited to try #olaplex!! This is allows you to go blonder and push the envelope further without compromising the integrity of the hair. From base color to Balayage, Olaplex makes the hair stronger, healthier, while color lasts longer with more vibrancy ✨👏 #neverbreakaclientshairagain #gghairart #sandiegohairstylist
gghairart - olaplex - sandiegohairstylist - neverbreakaclientshairagain -
mi.chellemarie : I've been looking for a stylist in SD who uses this product! I need to make an appt!
aileeeenh : Yayy you're gonna love it
emalyndhairmua : Awww u got it!!! I s oooo need to try this stuff... leave feed back pweeeezzzz!
gghairart : #olaplex
drgabiroa : Sign me up for when i get back!! 😬👉👸#theblonderthebetter #myhairguru #gghairart
sweetheartpaty : How does this work? Application? @gghairart
olaplex : Excited to see how it works for you. Been
olaplex : Dean not Been
justine1017 - kassieyeung - crystaldquach - hil_i_am -
The Internet is so awesome! My client found me in our cyber world looking for someone who has experience with #asianhair I took her virgin level 2 hair to this 👆👆 I'm happy she's happy Win Win🙌👍 soft subtle #balayage #highlights #gghairart Thank you all who support me and my ART 😘😍😉 you are appreciated! ✌️
gghairart - highlights - balayage - asianhair -
lisamariededios : Eek. I am itchin to go back to my light brown with highlights...
sarappen - ms_dnise - byllie_dlr - carmeezy55 -
Our bride👰 from today! Makeup by @makeupbyevelyn_a hair by #gghairart #weddingsbygercy #softupdo #effortlesshair #timelesshair #whimsical #beforeandafter #makeupartist #sandiegoweddings #bridalhair #bridalmakeup
gghairart - weddingsbygercy - effortlesshair - beforeandafter - bridalmakeup - whimsical - softupdo - sandiegoweddings - timelesshair - bridalhair - makeupartist -
kp_mua : Beautiful job, you two!! She looks gorgeous! @makeupbyevelyn_a
ilovelifephotography : Wow! You guys nailed it @makeupbyevelyn_a
braidsbunsandbeauty : Just beautiful!
msdeekster - msrubymae - jax_keenan - meghanwilli -
I will be in Vegas this weekend for the #npcusas doing and Hair and makeup. Looking to do more hair for bachelorette parties or if any of my Vegas friends need their haircut or colored. Let me know ASAP. Email me at #vegasnightlife #vegashairandmakeup #gghairart #ifbbprobikini #ifbb #hairstylist #makeupartist
gghairart - hairstylist - vegasnightlife - vegashairandmakeup - ifbb - makeupartist - npcusas - ifbbprobikini -
gijigalang : @lvclaudia @claudeeah1 my sister @gghairart will be in LV
leslieceeee : Hi! Just emailed you about availability!
gghairart : Thank you! Just emailed you back:) @leslieceeee
gghairart : Thanks for the love! @gijigalang
lvclaudia : I need my hair colored and cut
gghairart : Ok shoot me a text @lvclaudia
gghairart : 619.922.7243 @lvclaudia
lvclaudia : What sucks is that I will be in Hawaii on those dates lol
jengaleng - ilovelifephotography - alleykat46 - nikkifit26 -
Monday weddings are awesome! Enjoying this view with our team today😍👍 photographer @ilovelifephotography and makeup artist @makeupbyevelyn_a doing what I do #gghairart #weddingsbygercy 👰💄💋☀️ #sandiegoweddings
gghairart - weddingsbygercy - sandiegoweddings -
ilovelifephotography : Awesome view! And always a great time working with you :)
mishysquishyy - e_mark - kassieyeung - ilovelifephotography -
#beforeandafter with my cousin @hollyholloway 💋💄 Hair and Makeup for any occasion! She wanted a classy diva glam look for a night out ✨ #gghairart #mua #hairartistry
gghairart - mua - hairartistry - beforeandafter -
lenlen220 : What that's an awesome transformation!
kp_mua : Awesome!! So pretty!
sarappen - merkyb - jahsoulin - solowes1 -
Shiny hair shiny hair! Hahah! Color melting reds and coppers. W/ my girl Deeh😍💋💄 #gghairart
gghairart -
_emayoung : Hey, Gercy! Gorgeous work. Do you have any organic products available for color?
aileeeenh - kittytaylor - clobomaco_ - _misweaxy_ -
Loving this new lightener #blondeme #schwarzkopf lifts so fast and Evenly keeping the integrity of her hair. Before hair was virgin and I lift her w/ #blondeme 20 vol toned with 8.035 cappuccino #affinage w/ a drab of blue intensifier 😍💕👌 both happy with the results! #ggbeforeandafter #gghairart #haircolorist #balayage #blondehair #sandiegohairstylist book here 👇.
ggbeforeandafter - gghairart - schwarzkopf - blondeme - haircolorist - sandiegohairstylist - hairsluts - affinage - blondehair - balayage - instapostingproblems -
aileeeenh : Gorg! 😍
gghairart : @ellecrevolutiondotorg Thank you love. Yes blonde me is a lightener. Get it at Armstrong
gghairart : @abbysolis yes please do! You can with the website on my page. Looking forward to seeing what we can do for you 👍
jmee_mae : it!!!!!
gghairart : Tanks @aileeeenh I think this is one of my favs so far. Yay to being #hairsluts
normrunhollywood : @gghairart I love this!! Hmmmm....time to book my next appt! 😄
hollygrl : I want that!
amiaserrano : 👍
j__phu - sdliz619 - moooshelle - josdanover -
Makeup and hair for miss @jengaleng who will be competing next week at #npc USA's 💄💋💪 #npcbikini #gghairart #ifbb #bikinipro #figurecompetitor #vegasnpc #nofilter
gghairart - bikinipro - npc - vegasnpc - npcbikini - ifbb - nofilter - figurecompetitor -
kp_mua : Very nice!😍 Looking so pretty there, @jengaleng!😍
jengaleng : @kp_mua love you baby!
richwellcorrea : @gghairart great job Gercy! @jengaleng looking 🔥🔥🔥!
transcendentalist : 😍
gghairart : Thank you! @richwellcorrea @jengaleng smoking hot!
jengaleng : @richwellcorrea 😍😘😘😘😘😘 @gghairart I try to be! I am your canvas baby
kojimamo - len76 - reneeniz - sdliz619 -
Hi to all my #bikinicompetitor 👙friends. I will be out in Vegas for @musclecontest NPC USA's doing hair and makeup along side w/ my girl @lesliemua doing airbrush makeup 😍💋💄 space is limited please contact is at to book your spot. Feel free to repost this if you have any friends looking around:) thank you! #gghairart #ifbb #bikiniprep #npc #npcvegas #npcusas #fitfam #musclecontest #hairandmakeupnpc
gghairart - bikinicompetitor - fitfam - musclecontest - npc - bikiniprep - npcvegas - ifbb - hairandmakeupnpc - npcusas -
msdeekster - ilovelifephotography - alyssa_victoriaa0214 - cherlynbernal -
Bridal hair soft and romantic with petal pin curls. Love the hair accessories my client brought in. You just twist them in the hair to stay😍🌸👰 hair assistant @hairbyantonette #weddingsbygercy #gghairart #herecomesthebride #bridal #sandiegobrides #weddinghairstylist #sandiegoweddings #updo #romantichair #sideupdo #sandiegohairstylist
gghairart - weddingsbygercy - weddinghairstylist - sideupdo - romantichair - sandiegobrides - updo - sandiegohairstylist - sandiegoweddings - bridal - herecomesthebride -
julesmejia - len76 - rjtjazz - ellecrevolutiondotorg -
My girls @gghairart and @lesliemua are headed to #vegas for @musclecontest NPC USAs! To book hair and airbrush makeup please email me at 💋💋💋
lesliemua - musclecontest - makeup - beautyandmuscle - npc - vegas - journeytonationals - usas - bikiniprep - gghairart - bikinicompetitor - jonlindsay - teamedge - hairartist - 12daysout - mua - fitmoms - ifbb - nationals - npcusas - teamedgefam -
jengaleng : #makeup #mua #hairartist #gghairart #lesliemua #nationals #musclecontest #jonlindsay #NPCUSAS #usas #npc #ifbb #bikinicompetitor #bikiniprep #12daysout #teamedge #teamedgefam #journeytonationals #beautyandmuscle #fitmoms
kylechasse : nicee @jengaleng :)
leslieceeee : Hi! Do you do stage makeup for NPC bikini as well? I'm not familiar with airbrush makeup, but let me know! I'm competing at npc USAs and need an experienced makeup artist :)
jengaleng : @leslieceeee yes my gf @gghairart has done all my makeup and hair for my shows :)
glitter_kicks - _magicmaz - sterkdynasty - schuckers_fitness -
#GGHairArt #RockingTheStage #LikeABoss
gghairart - rockingthestage - likeaboss -
willtanmagardie : Barbie domination! !!
chyrene_ - darthfaysta - willtanmagardie - limelightphotography_liz -
Really loving this new technique I tried, it gave me so much creative freedom! Balayage in a ponytail! 😍 There are so many different ways to get this amazing look, this ones a keeper👌✨ #sandiegohairstylist #gghairart
gghairart - sandiegohairstylist -
sylviatrinh : Ohh would love to learn this technique from u if u have time
stinalittle : Is that my lil cuzzy? Her hair looks gorgeous! 💃
gghairart : @sylviatrinh yes i would love to. What days are best for you? @sylviatrinh
gghairart : Yes that is jenna little hehe! Thank you @stinalittle
jengaleng - kmaeflores - k_jama - merkyb -
#GGhairart #hairshow #redhair #dontcare #fun
gghairart - fun - redhair - dontcare - hairshow -
cassandra_valentine - rachie_ve - luveepie101 - shazedden -
#GGhairart #hairshow #redhair #dontcare #fire #ice #fun #laughs
gghairart - redhair - fire - laughs - ice - fun - dontcare - hairshow -
liturname797 - kremengeorgia - rachie_ve - sudierosano -
New product just arrived! 😍 I love this #texturiza spray by #unite 💕 My favorite thing to use for volume and the perfect beach wave 🌊☀️👍 #gghairart #gorgeoussalon #northpark #sandiegohairstylist
gghairart - gorgeoussalon - texturiza - sandiegohairstylist - northpark - unite -
linken_lealao - thejoyofelle - maelove - ms_mucho -
Hello all! I know I posted this do in the video earlier but I wanted to show you all the different textures #braids and #knots do. I did this #updo in 20 minutes and the only parts I curled were what was left of the hair pinned to the side. Everything was loosely braided and knotted together. I'm in love with #hairstyles w/ movement and textures😍❤️💕💕 #weddingsbygercy #gghairart #braidedupdo #braidbar #ggbraidbar #carolineandwarrentietheknot
knots - weddingsbygercy - braidbar - braidedupdo - braids - updo - ggbraidbar - gghairart - hairstyles - carolineandwarrentietheknot -
tessiejmar : @gghairart I love that! You're so talented!
may_bee_1 : Love!!!!!
karenlacanilao : 😍
homegirlflo : You're so awesome!!!
shalisha29 : Hey @gghairart any tips on how to grow out shaved sides....I think its time.
rgtabion84 : @laur
rgtabion84 : @lauriesickwidit
kailaniblue - insta_deuce - dana.saurus - tapdancingqueen -
Before👆 after 👆 still looks good straight 👌 honey brown #balayage #ggbeforeandafter #gghairart
ggbeforeandafter - gghairart - balayage -
caspiras08 : @jessssiicaaaaa this would look good on you
sarappen - sheroll_11 - ginadoeshair - cholita_lolita -
Some Honey brown #balayage on virgin hair. Mixed up the #ponytail technique that my friend explained to me the class she took. Gives a great blend and more control 👍 doesn't matter with the technique it all comes out with the same outcome😍 #gghairart #alwaystryingsomethingnew #curls #sandiegohairstylist #ombre #sombre client @roxyoh hope your loving your new hair!! 💕
gghairart - alwaystryingsomethingnew - curls - balayage - sombre - sandiegohairstylist - ombre - ponytail -
roxyoh : 😍😍😍 lovin it!!! Thanks again!!! @gghairart
merkyb - triple_mmv - chilemex - josdanover -
Check out @gghairart awesome braids from #themoderngeo styled shoot at #thenewchildrensmuseum! MUA: @klynmakeup // Model: @samdegalicia // Jewelry: @stylistmae #melissabiador #weddinginspiration #gghairart #braids #modernwedding #ilovencm #ncmsandiego #styledshoot #stellaanddot
melissabiador - gghairart - thenewchildrensmuseum - stellaanddot - styledshoot - ncmsandiego - modernwedding - braids - weddinginspiration - themoderngeo - ilovencm -
gghairart : Oh em gee! Love it! Thanks again for letting me be apart of this amazing photoshoot! @mbiadorphoto
stylistmae : Your shots are gorgeous! Lovely #weddingshoot! Pieces used in the shoot are available on {jewelry featured: Avalon Crescent Necklace and Zora Necklace}
bobbiphoto - emmylooouu - classicbloomsstudio - klynmakeup -
Classic bridal beauty to go with this gorgeous updo my girl Gercy @gghairart created. Love doing a makeup trial when it's coordinated with the hair trial, and Gercy is always my go-to stylist when brides ask me for recommendations. Brea wanted a very natural bridal look, can't wait to see her in her gown on her big day! #wakeupandmakeup #weddingmakeup #bridalmakeup #bridalbeauty #classicbeauty #besthairstylist #gghairart #sandiegoweddings #sandiegomakeupartist #sandiegodreamteam #beauty #ilovemakeup #instaglam #makeuplooks #makeupforever #makeupgeek #maccosmetics #anastasiabeverlyhills
beauty - classicbeauty - bridalmakeup - weddingmakeup - makeuplooks - sandiegomakeupartist - instaglam - sandiegoweddings - maccosmetics - gghairart - makeupforever - ilovemakeup - wakeupandmakeup - sandiegodreamteam - besthairstylist - anastasiabeverlyhills - bridalbeauty - makeupgeek -
hm_artistrybymaria : 😍
riznram : it's barely there!!
konatans : 💜 Love!! 💜
lovealwaysreina : Ur so pretty ahh im jelly!
beautybymelina - blytherox - valerieguti - liliya1390 -
The different shades of @marietonirosure hair. 1. Virgin hair 2. Gave blue and purple block coloring fading to each other 3. #balayage and toned w/ a natural ash brown Thanks for being so awesome! @marietonirosure 😍😍😍 #gghairart #ggbeforeandafter
gghairart - ggbeforeandafter - balayage -
kittytaylor - ms_dnise - e_mark - _jvckieee -
✨Summer hair✨ went lighter on her base and gave her some honey blonde #balayage highlights for dimension. Sun-kiss effect 😍🌞😍 I have some summer promotions going on that you can book here 👇 #ggbeforeandafter #gghairart #sandiegohairstylist #haircolorist #sunkisshair #naturalhighlights #virginhair
ggbeforeandafter - gghairart - virginhair - haircolorist - naturalhighlights - sandiegohairstylist - balayage - sunkisshair -
lahneeone - sarappen - karenlacanilao - lynnietrinh -
What a beauty @kassieyeung 😍💕🌸🌺🌸 your so sweet 😘 #balayage #gghairart
gghairart - balayage -
kassieyeung : YOURE THE BEST 😭💕☺️🙌
kimbeezymesteezy - kittytaylor - vgambala94 -
Repost! Thanks for the awesome photo @mbiadorphoto 😊 I got to work some really awesome artists yesterday on this #themoderngeo bridal shoot and loved it! Shout out everyone that was a part of it!!💕👰🎩 Models: @samanthadegalicia @nataliamichele @benstoodley25 @bishikaw Styling/coordination: @wedsandiego Hair: #gghairart MUA:@klynmakeup Styling/florals: @pennybloomsevent Paper goods/decor: @nicrocdesigns Desserts: @malvijoy
gghairart - themoderngeo -
gghairart : @pennybloomsevents
quinncan - _krys_lyn_ - alanglen49 - obeythedana -
Some #bts shot of my models @samanthadegalicia @nataliamichele instagramming while photographer @mbiadorphoto & team set up the dessert table😍💕 hair by me #gghairart #ggbraidbar such a fun shoot 📷 #themoderngeo #styledshoot #newchildrensmuseum #weddingphotoshoot #portfolio #fancybraids #braidbar
gghairart - styledshoot - bts - braidbar - weddingphotoshoot - ggbraidbar - fancybraids - themoderngeo - portfolio - newchildrensmuseum -
misa_tanaka : This is suuuuper sick!!! Good job girl! @gghairart 👏👍
kimbo_slyce : 😍😍
ime_lumbo : Wow!
sarah_woods : ohh yeah braid bar!
gghairart : Thank you all 😘😘😘
gghairart : Oh yes! Thanks for letting me do my thang. I had a great time @mbiadorphoto 👍
bon_wed : Gorgeous!
gghairart : Thank you @bon_wed
merkyb - sdliz619 - chels_castro - maelove -
Today's work flow! Working with a great team today. :) Great shot by @mbiadorphoto Makeup @klynmakeup Hair #gghairart Models @samanthadegalicia @nataliamichele #themoderngeo #weddingphotoshoot
gghairart - weddingphotoshoot - themoderngeo -
amberfallonphoto - whatsgoodbilly - eman_adel_ - triple_mmv -
Got the perfect tone for @sarah_woods #balayage #ombre 👌 #gghairart #sandiegocolorist #hairstylist #northparkhairstylist #gorgeoussalon #gercygalang #hairbygercy #nofilter
gghairart - nofilter - hairbygercy - gercygalang - hairstylist - balayage - sandiegocolorist - gorgeoussalon - ombre - northparkhairstylist -
lynnietrinh : Great for the summer...
sarah_woods : yes!
sarappen - sdliz619 - kassieyeung - ellecrevolutiondotorg -
High contrast #balayage #ombre for the beautiful @kassieyeung 😍💕💕 thanks for the referral @erynalviar 👍 Check out my #balayage face frame summer promotion here 👉 #gghairart #ggbeforeandafter
gghairart - ombre - balayage - ggbeforeandafter -
shaki_vierra : @taylorvierra
kittytaylor - nancyngouy - erynalviar - atheno23 -
#transformationtuesday Marjerie came all the way down from Temecula to come get her hair done. It's been years since I last saw her and her hair was virgin and box died black. This is he outcome and I tried to get it even as possible. #balayage #ombre #blendedcolor #colormelt #gghairart #ggbeforeandafter
gghairart - transformationtuesday - colorcorrection - blendedcolor - ggbeforeandafter - ombre - colormelt - balayage -
gghairart : #colorcorrection
hairandmakeupjennyo - msdeekster - jhhairandmakeup - eddyrose -
Pick up your local @sdcitybeat magazine! I want to do a lil contest to win a free Hair & Makeup Makeover! Here are the rules: 1-pick up a copy of #sdcitybeat magazine (it's free) 2- take a pic of my ad and post it on your Instagram 3- write 1 thing you love about @gghairart 4- hashtag #weddingsbygercy #gghairart 5- I will announce the winner July 1st 12pm PST Good luck!! 👍💕💇💆💋 Flier ad created by @felt1ssc Love it and thanks again!
gghairart - weddingsbygercy - sdcitybeat -
jondoe619 : Niiiice
ilovelifephotography : Awesome
ioderme : @gghairart that's a great ad!
money_beee - jers67 - ilovelifephotography - _hadishka -
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