Some fancy #updos I did a couple weeks ago at the #gallegosattheskybox wedding. Lesley (bride) was so pleasant to work with πŸ˜πŸ’— also worked with some friends who love what they do photographer @christinebisquera and MUA @dinah_mkc πŸ’—πŸ‘ #weddingsbygercy #waybackwednesday #gghairart #christinebisqueraphotography
gghairart - weddingsbygercy - updos - gallegosattheskybox - waybackwednesday - christinebisqueraphotography -
ladylee000 : @merb3ar the bottom pic!!
ilubmybubbas : Hi Les! @lusterrose
nananancy912 - misschou - ellecrevolutiondotorg - kimmycatt -
Perks of being a hairstylist... At least a crazy hairstylist πŸ‘΅πŸ’‡πŸ‘΅πŸ’‡πŸ‘΅ | 50 Shades of Grey Braids πŸ‘΅ | Thanks @gghairart . 😘 | #hairbycindythongs #ombre #balayage #studionn #studionnsd #bankershill #sandiego #color #sandiegohairstylist #Styleseat #Yelp #Google #follow #hairstylist #haircolorist #colorist #ombrecolor #ombrehair #hair #haircut #olaplex #inspire #behindthechair #lifebehindthechair #trendy #gghairart #jerezeebraids
gghairart - google - inspire - color - haircut - lifebehindthechair - hairstylist - hair - balayage - olaplex - sandiegohairstylist - trendy - follow - bankershill - ombrecolor - yelp - sandiego - styleseat - ombre - studionnsd - studionn - haircolorist - ombrehair - hairbycindythongs - colorist - jerezeebraids - behindthechair -
jjjudy127 : 😍😍
gghairart : #jerzeebraidz
janelleturnowicz : 😍 you finally did it!!
sohtanaka : πŸ‘Œβœ¨πŸ˜Ž
nikkisreal : 😍😍😍😍😍
rens0nee : 😍😍
niiiia : You can rock any hairstyle! I love it.
chloeferrarix : Good shot!
davidthedud3 - gongju_jiji - ja_silva - brooke.bingham -
Happy Hump day! @therealcindyth0ngs looking badass in her 50 shades of grey #braids πŸ‘΅ hay girl hay! Hair by me #gghairart #jerzeebraidz #goddessbraids #sandiegobraider #sdbraids #cornrows #dutchbraid #ggbraidbar *braid bar open Thursday Nov. 20th 6-9pm at Gorgeous Salon. Have a couple spots left. Direct message meπŸ‘†πŸ‘†
gghairart - sdbraids - goddessbraids - jerzeebraidz - braids - ggbraidbar - dutchbraid - sandiegobraider - cornrows -
therealcindyth0ngs : You're the BEST!! I'm in love with it!! Thanks booooo πŸ‘΅β€οΈπŸ‘΅β€οΈπŸ‘΅β€οΈ
sherandjess - kittytaylor - mariaccj - lauren_berryhill -
50 Shades of Grey Braids πŸ‘΅ | Thanks @gghairart . 😘 | #hairbycindythongs #ombre #balayage #studionn #studionnsd #bankershill #sandiego #color #sandiegohairstylist #Styleseat #Yelp #Google #follow #hairstylist #haircolorist #colorist #ombrecolor #ombrehair #hair #haircut #olaplex #inspire #behindthechair #lifebehindthechair #trendy #gghairart #jerezeebraids
gghairart - google - inspire - color - haircut - lifebehindthechair - hairstylist - hair - balayage - olaplex - sandiegohairstylist - trendy - follow - bankershill - ombrecolor - yelp - sandiego - styleseat - ombre - studionnsd - studionn - haircolorist - ombrehair - hairbycindythongs - colorist - jerezeebraids - behindthechair -
mz.jen : 😍😍😍
precyouszumba : Gangsta
toni_thong : πŸ’†β€οΈit!!! #ByeFelicia #ThugLife
pammoney : @sa_rach u ain't lyin' !! So dope CT! U rockin it boo!!
paddyri9800 : @therealcindyth0ngs go on girl! Looks good on you medang style! 😘
tri_tn : you went to gerci huh? nice
_ariellemarie : The braids are BOMB woman!
therealcindyth0ngs : @_ariellemarie thanks boooo ❀️
mmaarrlliizz - rodroc - laninicolemo - sierratorrey -
50 Shades of Grey Braids πŸ‘΅ | Thanks @gghairart . 😘 | #hairbycindythongs #ombre #balayage #studionn #studionnsd #bankershill #sandiego #color #sandiegohairstylist #Styleseat #Yelp #Google #follow #hairstylist #haircolorist #colorist #ombrecolor #ombrehair #hair #haircut #olaplex #inspire #behindthechair #lifebehindthechair #trendy #gghairart #jerezeebraids #byefelicia
gghairart - google - inspire - color - haircut - lifebehindthechair - hairstylist - hair - byefelicia - olaplex - sandiegohairstylist - trendy - follow - balayage - bankershill - ombrecolor - yelp - sandiego - styleseat - ombre - studionnsd - studionn - haircolorist - ombrehair - hairbycindythongs - colorist - jerezeebraids - behindthechair -
angelicsechic : Love it! #ghettofab #poeticjustice realness.
hairthrone : Nice!
sa_rach : So dope Cindy! This is my favorite of all your hair styles to date!!!!!
sa_rach : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
therealcindyth0ngs : @brittanyellesse @ihatebertha @angelicsechic @hairthrone thanks ❀️❀️❀️
therealcindyth0ngs : @sa_rach thanks booooski ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
hollaatshola4bail : Right!!!!! You're got no matter what @therealcindyth0ngs... I love all of your halves ❀️😍😘! lol
hollaatshola4bail : Hot πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯*
evferez - marrrisssa - plincessmeranie - vivalaelaa -
My Sista @gghairart hooked me up with some of those Goddess Braids! Feeling super #kawaii #Japanese #braids #hairstylist #love #work #transformationTuesdays @mako6969 you inspire me and @gghairart !!! we ❀️your work!!
kawaii - gghairart - love - braids - transformationtuesdays - work - hairstylist - japanese -
mako6969 : Yesss!!!
kvirissimo3 : Beautiful‼️
gijigalang : 😍
carlianaalese : Omg you did it!!! I love it !!!
juice619 : I've always wanted these! #BoDerekMoment
bridgettv : #gghairart
cosmovy : Hey girl friend! Please text me I wanna know what color you used for lime green when you all went to NY:) thanks!
bridgettv : @cosmovy hey girl!! I used the manic panic lime green, but that was before pravana came out with the neon line, their neon green is pretty much the same color :)
fivepens - missylyn86 - rosethe_one - lauren_berryhill -
Love how braids are still in season! Gave my girl @bridgettv some #goddessbraids she's super Japanese now 😜 #gghairart *Braid Bar open this Thursday from 6-9pm at Gorgeous Salon. I'll be doing some quick braid styles (15-30min max) let me know if you would like to reserve a spot. #northparkafterdark
gghairart - goddessbraids - northparkafterdark -
amiaserrano : She looks great! I love 'em.
gijigalang : 😍
therealcindyth0ngs : Braid me up!!!
bridgettv : I LOVE IT THANK YOU ❀️❀️❀️
lilburd : Dope
diver__down - lilburd - happyliz_thatsme - lauren_berryhill -
This Thursday Gorgeous Salon and I will be doing some Beauty Mini Services from 6-9pm for #northparkafterdark suggestions for mini services include Brow Bar, Quick 15-20 min styles, braids, quick beach curls. Prices starting at $15 contact your Gorgeous Stylist and reserve a spot. #northpark #gghairart
gghairart - northpark - northparkafterdark -
ladylee000 : I'm going!!
beccahglisson - msknguyen - kassieyeung - craigreyna -
Having a great Sunday so far πŸ˜‰Seems so late right now and congrats on the #chargers yay #football ⚑️here I have the same hair but in different lighting. Left pic is natural lighting and the right pic is my infamous wall next to my station 😜 definitely in love with natural light makes @phoeebe_ hair so prettay😍 #gghairart
gghairart - chargers - football -
kludwig72 : Love this!!!! I may have to book an appointment soon!!!!
maryjanegranda - mstineb - janavb - thegreatgaspe -
Happy Sunday! Can't believe we our half way through November. Did some copper #balayage the other day. It's a nice change for some warmer tones this fall πŸ‚πŸ cut and style #gghairart hope you like because I'm #obsessed 😜 #copperhair #copperombre
gghairart - copperhair - balayage - obsessed - copperombre -
joysauce - porcheesy - braidsbunsandbeauty - happyliz_thatsme -
Winter blonde hair! Second session on #asianhair and finally got the right tone using Chrome from #redken #shadeseq recommended our purple shampoo #blonda from @unitehaircare to keep it from unwanted brassy tonesπŸ‘ŒπŸ’― #gghairart #blondebalayage @jcuhhhhh lovely hairπŸ˜πŸ’—
gghairart - sandiegohairdresser - blondebalayage - sdhairsalon - shadeseq - northpark - sandiegohair - sdhairstylist - asianhair - olaplex - unitehaircare - sdhairdresser - redken - northparkhairstylist - blonda -
sylviatrinh : Looks great girl!
olaplex : Gorgeous work! -Dean
gghairart : Thanks so much 😘 @therealcindyth0ngs
gghairart : Your welcome! πŸ’— @jcuhhhhh
gghairart : Thank you 😘 @sylviatrinh
luvnmxo : πŸ˜πŸ’
styleloungesd : Very cool!
kemge_beauty : Love your hair!
cheenah___ - ilovelifephotography - cody_pom - hairby.jaye -
Vintage waves 😍 November is almost booked. Have a couple of openings in December. Book #gghairart #holidayhair #marineball #bridalhairtrial #sdhairstylist #sdhairdresser #sandiegoweddings #sdweddingstylist #weddingsbygercy πŸ’—thank you all for your support
gghairart - weddingsbygercy - sdweddingstylist - bridalhairtrial - sdhairstylist - marineball - sandiegoweddings - sdhairdresser - holidayhair -
denisenourani : Oooh I need to make an app! 😱 for December
styleloungesd : Love the hair!
mers_jose : I love it!
kemge_beauty : Love it!
jolita637 - legomaeggo - the_rocshop - mahalcakes -
My shift is done! Thank you to all my amazing clients, friends, & family who support my love for Hair Art πŸ˜πŸ’— you guys rock! Photo is a color, balayage, cut, & style I did yesterday πŸ’• #gghairart #allinonesession #balayage #sandiegohairstylist #sandiegocolorist #sandiegohairdresser #love #grateful #blessed
gghairart - sandiegohairdresser - love - blessed - allinonesession - grateful - sandiegohairstylist - sandiegocolorist - balayage -
msslanle : I need my hair did!!!!!
gghairart : Ok text me lady @msslanle
kimmerto : I love it girl!! Thanks again 😘😘😘
lowrasaid - djmalia - amberduka - fritzipan -
Hair by me #gghairart makeup by @makeupbyevelyn_a photograph by @ilovelifephotography model @neeahnichole πŸ˜πŸ“·πŸ’—
gghairart -
immbition - joysauce - kassieyeung - _dmrenaud -
Thanks again @gghairart for my hair... 😊 #shedoesmagic #gercy #gghairart
gghairart - shedoesmagic - gercy -
gghairart : Your welcome! Wow your hair is so long:) so pretty 😍 @mommy_jouz
stylistkailaj : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
charleshill81 : Hahahaha. ...still look good
retrro_01 : @mommy_jouz ...😍😍😍
jam_i_am24 - stylistkailaj - lene619 - ali.salaymane -
So much fun yesterday! Got to style and do hair for these beautiful young ladies @salemmitchell @neeahnichole πŸ’— both are new to doing Photoshoots but are naturals at it! So excited for their future! Makeup by @makeupbyevelyn_a always fun shooting with @ilovelifephotography πŸ“· #teamwork #bohoafrica #gypsies #gghairart #styledwithscarves #photoshoot #afrohair #braids #selfies #myfavoriteplace #photoshootsmakemehappy
gghairart - afrohair - photoshootsmakemehappy - styledwithscarves - gypsies - selfies - teamwork - braids - bohoafrica - photoshoot - myfavoriteplace -
kp_mua : They are both so gorgeous!😍 Awesomeness by both you and @makeupbyevelyn_a --as alwaysπŸ˜‰ Can't wait til you guys get the photos!
hafalittlej - angelinesaldana - melonieirene - denisepatterson1 -
I know it's not #transformationtuesday but wanted to share my cut from last week:) My client Monse came in and ask to cut her hair chin length. I was like "are you sure?" "Do you want to do it in steps?" She always wanted to and was tired of her long hair. Gave her a classic chin length bob πŸ’—πŸ’‡ she loves it and it fits her beautiful face 😍 #ggbeforeandafter #gghairart #haircuts #ilovecuttingshorthair
ggbeforeandafter - transformationtuesday - gghairart - ilovecuttingshorthair - haircuts -
noelleconcepcion : LOOOOVE!
mely83 : @monserracatelas πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ loves!!!
draladanis : Te mato!!!!!! @monserracatelas
mike_lockley : nice job!
ilovelifephotography - libayknoch - solowes1 - happyliz_thatsme -
All done and ready to leave my San Marcos wedding! Thanks Rachell for letting @marisolmakeup and I be apart of your special day. And also thank you @nereyann_sd for the referral πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ’• #blessed #weddingsbygercy #zucabag #hairandmakeup #makeupartist #hairstylist #gghairart #sandiegoweddings #sdweddings
gghairart - weddingsbygercy - makeupartist - blessed - hairstylist - sandiegoweddings - hairandmakeup - zucabag - sdweddings -
nereyann_sd : πŸ‘πŸ˜˜
sarah_woods - ilovelifephotography - zucainitalia - leeleexc -
Hair and makeup by #gghairart though she did not place, she's a winner in our eyes and many people who she inspires! Love you lots 😍😍😍 @jengaleng #Repost from @jengaleng Pictures from this past Saturday. πŸ™‡πŸ’š Looking at them are bittersweet. I worked so hard, felt amazing during this prep. So...with that being said, I plan to take a nice long break from competing. 4 shows in less than a year, phew! It's time. I will be training my heart out, looking to make improvements and come back stronger than ever. One thing I've learned this past year about myself: I'm a fighter. I never back down, I never surrender, and I embrace each challenge with the will to overcome. My ethic is unbreakable. Time to do some major damage. Now watch me work...because I'll be back ready to tear up that stage. ✊
gghairart - repost -
deidracoop : You look amazing ! Great job on your hard work and discipline
mserikaa - m.tags - kimbo_slyce - happyliz_thatsme -
What a difference some #balayage #highlights can do. Love 😍 toned her with a 6.1 + 7 #keunehaircolor #semi book your free consultation and see what color best suits you πŸ’• #sandiegocolorist #sandiegohairdresser #sandiegohairstylist #gghairart #gorgeoussalonnp #yelp #styleseat #modernsalon #behindthechair #ggbeforeandafter
gghairart - sandiegohairdresser - semi - yelp - highlights - keunehaircolor - styleseat - ggbeforeandafter - sandiegohairstylist - sandiegocolorist - gorgeoussalonnp - balayage - behindthechair - modernsalon -
jaxsterling : What's balayage?
victoriaghairdesign : I want this hair!
cheskaracela : Can I make an appointment for cut & color?
gghairart : Hi @cheskaracela yes you can. You can book here or message me through
cheskaracela : Do you have opening today?
cheskaracela : Please!
gghairart : I'm sorry I don't take appts the day of. I would prefer to book at least two weeks in advance @cheskaracela check online and you can see my availability :)
cheskaracela : Thanks!
mrs_brown71412 - ginafbabz - mrssantorelli - phoeebe__ -
Beautiful #selfie of my friend @makeupbyevelyn_a gave her the perfect ash tone to compliment her skin πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ’— note her before color had a lot of underlying colors and she pulls a lot of red. We're So happy with the outcome! #gghairart #sandiegocolorist #sandiegohairstylist #sandiegohairdresser
gghairart - sandiegocolorist - selfie - sandiegohairdresser - sandiegohairstylist -
mommy_jouz : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
kpm_davis : This picture doesn't do the color justice. It was even prettier in person!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ You did such a good job on her!
gghairart : Thank you ladies! @mommy_jouz @kpm_davis 😘😘
mreddieflores : Niiiiiiiice job. Be ready to take pics next week @gghairart @makeupbyevelyn_a πŸ˜ƒ
ari.duh : OMG that's literally my sister yay go Evelyn πŸ‘πŸ‘ nice job it looks amazing!!
jak_baby - museeventssd - kassieyeung - ellecrevolutiondotorg -
Sorry I've been MIA, still recovering from crazy busy October. I wanted to share this hair newness my buddy @gghairart did for me, I can't wait to play makeup with my new look! #wakeupandmakeup #newness #ifeelgrownup #gghairart #ilovemakeup #instaglam
newness - gghairart - ifeelgrownup - instaglam - ilovemakeup - wakeupandmakeup -
villadanica : Beautiful!!!
vanessaransaw79 : 😍😍😍😍
gghairart : Love!
v_gibson : Love it!
nutellanella : Yes, really beautiful! 😍
just4riveras : Love it! So pretty!
nettostaleto : Soo lovely!!
ale1433 : @daniellewould Lol one more
mz_ricci - meguif - sdliz619 - lizandra997 -
So long, ombre! Gave my client a healthy chocolate glow for fall😍 sombre (subtle ombre) added some #olaplex for healthy manageable ends! *before picture was done by a previous stylist. #teamhealthyhair #qualityhaircolor #keunehaircolor #gghairart #sandiegocolorist #sandiegohairdresser #sandiegohairstylist #transformationtuesday book your appt here πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
gghairart - sandiegohairdresser - transformationtuesday - keunehaircolor - olaplex - teamhealthyhair - sandiegohairstylist - qualityhaircolor - sandiegocolorist -
purronyou - kassieyeung - misskrysss - hollyholloway -
Egyptian Queen πŸ™ŒπŸ‘‘ makeup by Me Hair by @c_fulcher model @cocaine_lorraine Catch her over here tonight πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ #industrythursdays at the @phantomloungesd downtown #sandiego free entry, costume contest, bottle specials πŸ˜‰ #gghairart #sandiegomakeupartist #halloweenmakeup #egyptianmakeup #ladyartlooks #youngblood #elfcosmetics #macmakeup #anastasiabeverlyhills
gghairart - ladyartlooks - macmakeup - sandiego - halloweenmakeup - industrythursdays - elfcosmetics - youngblood - anastasiabeverlyhills - sandiegomakeupartist - egyptianmakeup -
cocaine_lorraine : 😍 you're awesome
naomiatlanta - kassieyeung - emalyndhairmua - 71810_ -
#bts from yesterday's shoot w/ model @becclane 😍 hair by me Blowdry @unite_hair products blownset, gloss drops, and my fav expanda dust πŸ‘ our team so fun can't wait to work with them again photographer @ryan_jerome MUA @marisolmakeup designer @mdot#Repost from @mdotdesign #downtownla #editorial #lookbook #gghairart #marisolmakeup #newmarkmodels #mdotdesign #ilovemymdot #bts
gghairart - lookbook - bts - mdotdesign - downtownla - marisolmakeup - newmarkmodels - ilovemymdot - editorial - repost -
_leslieallen_ : Good shot!
hairdrezzersonfire - soniazogala - biggimorris - 88houston -
Everything on point πŸ‘Œ hair, makeup, and dress! So awesome to meet this gal that remembered me from back when I use to work at a salon called streaks. I was so young like 19 at that time. I also got to work alongside @makeup_by_jackie that I've known her from junior high. So inspiring how she's taken her makeup career. @jennk87 thank you for letting me be apart of your special day 😍 #gghairart #ReyesLoveStory2014
gghairart - reyeslovestory2014 -
aliboob : 😍😍😍 @rixpix23
rampagesd : Oh hey it's my cousin. βœ‹πŸ‘‹βœ‹πŸ‘‹
maryjanegranda : Awww thats my Gorgeous cousin @rixpix23 β™‘ Great job My Friend! The gals all look amazing most esp. the bride @jennk87 !!!
rixpix23 : @gghairart Loved my hair!!!! Your awesome!!! Thank you so much :)
makeup_by_jackie : β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘
katpia : @rixpix23 nice dress! Where did u get it?
jan_mikes - 0ooh_chelle - keepitlouke - makeup_by_jackie -
Darkening your summer Balayage with semi permanent hair color. I used #keunehaircolor shine bright like a πŸ’ŽπŸ™Œ w/ @nurse_nana #fallblonde #teamhealthyhair #glaze #gloss #sandiegocolorist #sandiegohairstylist #sandiegohairdresser #northpark #dimensionalhaircolor #gghairart
gghairart - sandiegohairdresser - northpark - gloss - glaze - keunehaircolor - fallblonde - teamhealthyhair - sandiegohairstylist - sandiegocolorist - dimensionalhaircolor -
nurse_nana : Thank u @gghairart πŸ’†πŸ’‡πŸ’β€
raw_peruvian_hair_manufacture : Hi nice Gram, Check us out! :)
angelicasaur - kittytaylor - truephotography - josdanover -
Bride and MOH πŸ‘°πŸ’πŸ’—πŸ’• #gghairart #weddingsbygercy #thelacywedding2014
gghairart - weddingsbygercy - thelacywedding2014 -
mahalcakes : @gghairart sister you truly inspire me!!! For real!! Seriously whenever u come to Kauai you gotta braid my hair!!!! Or cut it!!!!! ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️ #inspiration
misty_elisa : Gercy I cannot thank you enough for this! You and Mish are so awesome at what you guys do. I loved mine and all the girl's hair, it was better than what I imagined! Thank you so much!
theflowerhalo - liftwellsupplyco - ammar05576 - crystaldquach -
#throwback last year was my second time working with @devourmagazine awesome halloween shoot came to life with model Valerie and MUA @desartistry πŸ™Œ hair by #gghairart πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ #halloweenhair #brideoffrankenstein #halloweenmua #bts #devourmagazine
gghairart - halloweenhair - halloweenmua - bts - throwback - brideoffrankenstein - devourmagazine -
gghairart : @des_artistry MUA
des_artistry : :) I loved this shoot!
b_shug - sarappen - rjtjazz - eeensypop -
Good morning! Cut, Blowdry, and style for Robin πŸ˜πŸ’‡πŸ™Œ thank you for coming in and have an enjoyable vacation! 🌴🌊 #gghairart
gghairart -
poonannie_lou : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Awww yeaaa nice work jerz!!! @meccasound will for sure win some sort of award for best hair, somehow someway
mahalcakes : @gghairart OMGGGG I WANT THATTTTTTTT
ladylee000 : Very nice @meccasound @gercy_jayne πŸ‘Œ
mahalcakes : @lennwith2ns
mrssantorelli : Aww! @meccasound ! 😘
life_w_akhillesknighte - djsushibrown - bellafoxglove - kassieyeung -
New stickers! πŸ’‡ #gercy #gghairart
gghairart - gercy -
justcakeme : πŸ‘Œ Where did u get them done? And for how much?
gghairart : I got them off of they had a sale! @justcakeme
justcakeme : Oh cool! Thanks!
ashleyrachelle06 - angelicasaur - dee_dooy - ellecrevolutiondotorg -
#TransformationTuesday I'm in love with the #keune3001 series πŸ˜πŸ‘ This mild, oil based paste lifts up to 6 levels without bleach! Added some #olaplex for some hair insurance since she already had some blonde highlights I wanted to make sure to keep the integrity of her hair. Cut bangs and styled by #gghairart hope your enjoying your new look @drgabrioa
gghairart - transformationtuesday - olaplex - keune3001 -
gghairart : @cocaine_lorraine at @sweisinc there's a store in mission valley by hooters and hair unlimited. This would be great for your hair πŸ‘
brookeatsweis : @gghairart we need to get you fully switched to Keune girlfriend, you're amazing!
gghairart : Let me know if you want to try it out! @cocaine_lorraine
ms_mucho : Gercy wtfffff... So amazeballs!!!! @gghairart you've convinced me again βš‘οΈπŸ™ŒπŸ’—
chichi125 : LOVE IT!! @gghairart
drgabiroa : I absolutely love it @gghairart !!! Thank you hair guru!! πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜¬
olaplex : Beautiful work! -Dean
valerievonprisk : ❀
jak_baby - you_are_i_be_tru - beautysoulfood -
A little #weave action. Braided sew-ins are still my favorite extensions to do πŸ’― #weaveologist #ididweavesbeforeiwenttobeautyschool #tinytreebraids #jerzeebraidz #gghairart #braids #sandiegobraider #cleanparts #hairextensions #sandiegohairextension
gghairart - sandiegohairextensions - jerzeebraidz - braids - sandiegohairextension - tinytreebraids - ididweavesbeforeiwenttobeautyschool - cleanparts - sandiegobraider - weave - hairextensions - weaveologist -
gghairart : #sandiegohairextensions
denisenourani : Ouch! Haha I remember those
nouganyleve : I wanna do it 😍
jengaleng - mlimas74 - drugstore2couture - marijaynehair -
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