Happy 27th birthday to @itsthe_dre (far right) wow we've came along way being friends and I've been doing her hair since she was 14. She's so blunt and funny always a good laugh when I'm around her. "I do weaves b!@?$" lol one of her quotes she came up with for me 😜 I wish you all the more blessings you deserve 😘😘😘love you baby cakes @itsthe_dre photo taken at #saylulasalon fashion show in barrio Logan. Before all the babies πŸ’— #throwback #gghairart
saylulasalon - throwback - gghairart -
vegaswiseguy357 : @gghairart you have a baby now Gercy? Congrats!
gghairart : Oh no not me my friend. Lol! @vegaswiseguy357 aloha
itsthe_dre : Thank you boo!!!! 😘 @gghairart
vegaswiseguy357 : @gghairart maybe I pay for your gf's Bday just like I did for AileenπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
lesliemua : Happy birthday boo @itsthe_dre
itsthe_dre : Thank you @lesliemua !!! 😘😘😘
mserikaa - dejesus_photo - hollyholloway - rie_samson -
Meet my best friend - one my biggest blessings. Today we celebrate her! BJ is my light, my balance and a part of the reason I smile as big as I do. We make choices as to who we allow into our lives in which we her case, she came into my life as a missing piece. In all of who she is: passionate, occasionally undecided, calm and sometimes obsessive, but without a doubt one of the most caring people I know....I can say I am truly TRULY blessed having her around. We've weathered so much together whether near or far...I walk each path I take knowing I'll always have her by my side. Ms. Gercy Jayne Galang, Happy 30th Birthday! I love you above and beyond. ❀
gghairart - iloveyou - happybirthdaybj - flirty30 - bff637 - blessed -
jengaleng : #flirty30 #happybirthdayBJ #gghairart #iloveyou #bff637 #blessed
noelleconcepcion : Ay, so sweet! ❀️ Happy Birthday, Gercy! Love and appreciate you!! @gercy_jayne
ms_dnise : Awwh... so sweet. I love BJ too! Happy birthday @gghairart 😘
wakawakawaki : Happy Birthday @gercy_jayne !!! Have a great day love!! ❀️❀️❀️
jac.of.all.trades : Happy birthday @gercy_jayne!!
jahsoulin : Happy birthday @gghairart !! 😘
gghairart : Thank you for the sweet birthday greetings:) @jahsoulin @jac.of.all.trades @ms_dnise @noelleconcepcion 😘😘😘
gghairart : Thank you love! Such a sweet postπŸ’— @jengaleng
griseldaly - a______jie - olive0y1 - beedowning -
#stormtaylor #gghairart
gghairart - stormtaylor -
ashnailsandbeauty : Loovveee... making me wana chop my hair back to that bob.. lol...
ashnailsandbeauty : What a awsome chick also hay.. nice 1
ashnailsandbeauty - hillybebe -
#gghairart #strandsoflove
gghairart - strandsoflove -
hillybebe -
#market@malakite #gghairart#strandsoflove
gghairart - strandsoflove - market -
ashnailsandbeauty - sarel_steyn - payne2prosperity - williemacky -
#market@malakite #gghairart #strandsoflove
gghairart - strandsoflove - market -
carrinaniemand - hillybebe - williemacky - racyne_kkm -
New hair for a very special person @veronica.elegado πŸ’— I got the honor of taking her hair virginity 😜 turning 30 and first time dying her hair ashy blonde #balayage and the #lob #haircut love love love😘 #newyoudoyou #happy30 #newyear #newcut #gghairart #repost #bottomright #hairmakeover #ggbeforeAndafter
lob - happy30 - newcut - ggbeforeandafter - bottomright - hairmakeover - haircut - newyoudoyou - gghairart - newyear - balayage - repost -
veronica.elegado : 😁😘
kitnoea - kristinaleano - e_mark - mrstatonka -
My Sunday bride Ailyn πŸ‘° We gave her some subtle highlights before her wedding so you can see the dimension of texture with the style we gave her. All braids with this updo πŸ’— #braidedupdo #weddinghair #sandiegoweddings #etherealhair #softupdo #gghairart #sdhair #sdwedding #styleseat #bridalhair
gghairart - sdhair - etherealhair - braidedupdo - weddinghair - styleseat - softupdo - sandiegoweddings - sdwedding - bridalhair -
braidsbunsandbeauty : Lovely!
giaj : 😍
tsmallsmakeup : Good shot!
carriemccluskeyphoto : Gorgeous!
sarahbunyi - dkaf - ilovelifephotography - triple_mmv -
Love this Cut @raineedae picked out! Ugh I miss my short hair πŸ˜πŸ’—πŸ™Œ #ggbeforeAndafter #gghairart #cutandcolor #sandiegohairdresser #balayageombre #colorstilllooksgoodafter6months #bangs #sdhair
ggbeforeandafter - gghairart - colorstilllooksgoodafter6months - sdhair - sandiegohairdresser - cutandcolor - balayageombre - bangs -
devourmagazine : Gorge!!!! Go Gercy!!!
kaleidoscope_la - skinnycow - rie_samson - angelina1l0ve -
New hair for a new chapter in life! Excited for you @raineedae πŸ’—πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜˜ #Repost @raineedae
Countdown to Portland starts now! Last week in SD so I gotta make it count! Just couldn't leave without getting my hair did by @gghairart πŸ’‡I've been going to her for 7+ years and I can't imagine going to anyone else.
gghairart - repost -
_dauche : Love this!
gghairart : Thank you:) @_dauche
gghairart : Cut & color #gghairart
kyndevibes - jak_baby - skinnycow - hydmag -
#gghairart #proudsponsor #stormtaylor
gghairart - proudsponsor - stormtaylor -
m6drop - sarel_steyn - hillybebe -
#gghairart #strandsoflove
gghairart - strandsoflove -
ashnailsandbeauty : Eish but u good ne!!
m6drop - teniellepereira - gincendiario - hillybebe -
Late night #transformationtuesday πŸ™Œ #gghairart #balayage #sombre #keunehaircolor #redkenlightener #healthyhair #olaplex #sandiegohairstylist #sandiegocolorist #northpark #gorgeoussalon
gghairart - transformationtuesday - redkenlightener - northpark - keunehaircolor - healthyhair - olaplex - sandiegohairstylist - sandiegocolorist - gorgeoussalon - balayage - sombre -
fortunecookieco : Dope!
may_bee_1 : @keshaye__x0 this would be pretty on you!
keshaye__x0 : Shoot! I totally want to :(
keshaye__x0 : @may_bee_1
stephsch1229 - kaseopened - ddleeee - j.cuhhh -
Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful SD weather β˜€οΈπŸŒ΄πŸŒ· #gghairart #balayage
gghairart - balayage -
quisqueyana81 - kimmerto - josdanover - venus.jones -
Before and after transformation on my client Jane πŸ˜πŸ’— no more brassy hair πŸ‘ #keunehaircolor #semicolor #balayageombre #gghairart #sandiegohairdresser #sdhairstylist #sandiegocolorist #northparkhairstylist #gorgeoussalon #styleseat #healthyhair #olaplex #ggbeforeandafter
gghairart - sandiegohairdresser - ggbeforeandafter - balayageombre - sdhairstylist - keunehaircolor - healthyhair - styleseat - olaplex - sandiegocolorist - semicolor - gorgeoussalon - northparkhairstylist -
quisqueyana81 - nllanda - braidsbunsandbeauty - cheryld_white -
Took what I learned at the #keune balayage class last week. Here I touched up a 6 month old ombre. Used a #highlift product from #keune 3001 seriesπŸ˜πŸ’—πŸ™Œ #gghairart #ggbeforeandafter #sandiegostylist #sandiegohairdresser #sdhairsalon #blondehair #balayage
gghairart - ggbeforeandafter - sandiegostylist - sdhairsalon - sandiegohairdresser - keune - blondehair - highlift - balayage -
kristinconwayy : 😍😍😍
iodermeskincare : I love this!
natisadam : Where r u located?
gghairart : Located in north park San Diego @natisadam
natisadam : Can u give me your address please
kaolee81 - n8swifey - lola_doll - kimmerto -
My new hairdo! #shorthair #shorthairdontcare #blondeandbrunette #GGhairart
gghairart - blondeandbrunette - shorthairdontcare - shorthair -
terric87 - bray10hartranft - north.kristi - jojodamanson -
A little before and after on me by Gercy the Great @gghairart She's amazing at not only cut & color, but also wedding styling! πŸ‘Œ Thank you so much, I love it!!! 😍😘 #beforeandafter #gghairart #gorgeoussalon #ifeelpretty #transformation #hairmagic #prebirthdaybeautifying #sandiegostylist
gghairart - prebirthdaybeautifying - hairmagic - beforeandafter - ifeelpretty - sandiegostylist - gorgeoussalon - transformation -
beckers_g : Yay! We both got done up today! πŸ‘
bubblyborg - ilovelifephotography - angelinakhorshid - yazminmartinez12 -
Love my hair #GGHairArt ! #GGFied #InstaSize @gigiwhite
gghairart - ggfied - instasize -
tazzyoldewage - lenninmolina - hillybebe - papaction -
Long hair for the New Year! #babeextensions #gghairart #ggbeforeandafter come in for a free consultation. Email πŸ’—πŸ’•πŸ’‡
babeextensions - gghairart - ggbeforeandafter -
lindsaylove619 : You're so talented!
denisenourani : I love them!! They are so soft too
gghairart : Thank you @lindsaylove619
capinator : Hi Gercy! Hope you received an email from me about a week ago regarding an interest in wedding hair :) and hope to hear from you soon!
lindsaylove619 - eliaxsplendid - emalyndhairmua - chriswayokilives -
That new new for @noelleconcepcion 😍😍😍 #balayage #ombre #ashblonde #gghairart #sandiegostylist #sdstylist #sdhairsalon
gghairart - sdstylist - sandiegostylist - sdhairsalon - balayage - ombre - ashblonde -
denisenourani : You so talented 😘
noelleconcepcion : Seriously, I love it! I have yet to post a pic of my hair! Bye brass, hello ash!
neyomee__ : Did you get me down on my appointment ???? 😁
quisqueyana81 - karensserdna - kaleenajz - raq_sd -
Balayage highlights with olaplex toned with ISO 10sa #subtle #naturalhighlights #gghairart #styleseat #sdstylist #sdcolorist #sandiegohairstylist #lowmaintenance #olaplex
gghairart - sdcolorist - naturalhighlights - lowmaintenance - sdstylist - styleseat - olaplex - sandiegohairstylist - subtle -
lanilan7 - maryrose_82 - jenni_1106 - mariomax1995 -
Some of my clients @carlotanoceda @gcorpz πŸ˜πŸ’—πŸ’• looking great ladies 😘 #gghairart
gghairart -
momolicious68 : @gghairart I work with both of these gorge ladies!! @gcorpz and @carlotanoceda. Ladies @gghairart is my cousin! Again #smallworld
may_bee_1 - jeffeio - ryan_jerome - rie_samson -
Smokey balayage/sombre for the lovely Amy πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ’™ first session βœ”οΈ #gghairart #nofilter #northpark #sdhairsalon #sdstylist #sandiegohairstylist #sombre #sandiegocolorist #colormelting #smokeyhaircolor #dimensionalhair #keunehaircolor #infiniticolor #modernsalon #styleseat
gghairart - colormelting - sdhairsalon - northpark - keunehaircolor - sdstylist - styleseat - infiniticolor - smokeyhaircolor - sandiegohairstylist - dimensionalhair - sandiegocolorist - nofilter - sombre - modernsalon -
_aimeeg : Thaaank youuu thank youu!! ❀️❀️❀️
vivifyhair : Super!
rosieoh : @kbuclatin
4ever_la_chuchis : @tokellywithlove
braidsbunsandbeauty - j.cuhhh -
#fbf like about a month ago because I take pictures and never post them lol 😜😜😜 @ilubmybubbas coco latte hair color and a #olaplex birthday treatment for that shine 😍 πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— #iminlovewiththecoco #keunehaircolor #gghairart #naturallight #luxurioushair #sandiegohairstylist #sdstylist #sdcolorist #hairartist #balayageombre #gorgeoussalonnp
gghairart - balayageombre - sdcolorist - iminlovewiththecoco - keunehaircolor - hairartist - sdstylist - olaplex - luxurioushair - fbf - sandiegohairstylist - gorgeoussalonnp - naturallight - : Pretty!
ilubmybubbas : I'm in love with the coco latte too! Thanks again
jayali_music : Yo, I’m having a show at the KAVA LOUNGE in #SANDIEGO FEB. 8th. I’m inviting you out to come rock with me. It’s one of my tour stops for the #GMSH #TOUR. I can put you on my guestlist for free entry. Call me at 401-699-2002 and I’ll get you setup
b_1022 - olaplex - gabrielle_atia -
Been in Vegas this past week for #CES convention. While the bf is working at the convention, I'm out here shopping and bought some makeup I absolutely love! #bitelipstick Bordeaux and finally picked up #anastasiabeverlyhills #dipbrow in soft brown. Used my #youngblood Eye-illuminating Duo Pencil to highlight under my brows πŸ˜βœŒοΈπŸ’— enjoy your day! #gghairart #ggbrowart #sephorapicks #ilovemakeup
gghairart - bitelipstick - sephorapicks - ggbrowart - ilovemakeup - youngblood - ces - anastasiabeverlyhills - dipbrow -
vegasstripclubs3 : nice :) @vegasjames
jahsoulin : Dip brow πŸ™Œ
prettybebe02 : @cali_b4b3 This is my hair girl. :) Gercy, I'm sending her your way.
onlyfornadiaa - prettybebe02 - j.cuhhh -
New hair thanks to my BFF @gghairart ❀ choco-latte hazelnut espresso warm nutty toast balayage. Why do hair colors have to be so complicated?? Lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
gghairart - girltime - hairbygercy - gercygalang - mybffisbetterthanyours - olaplex - gorgeoussalonnp - balayage -
noelleconcepcion : @gghairart me next, busy lady!
annadaltro : Beautiful !!
fystiebrown : Love it❗️❗️ Gorgeous beauty 😻😻😻
klastrap : Sounds delicious!!
gghairart : Thank you! Looks so good on you @jengaleng πŸ’—
gghairart : Yes I have openings after Jan. 11th book it @noelleconcepcion
call_me_criss : #pretty
em_maress : Gorgeous lady 😘
theuniquephysique - misterhbomb - primenutra - _all1son -
✨Bridal Previews ✨ I highly suggest the trial/preview run be booked within the same month or the month prior to the event. Looking for ideas on what type of style or makeup look you want for your big day! Email us let's talk 😍 booking 2015 weddings πŸ‘°πŸ’πŸ’Ž #weddingsbygercy #specialoccasionhair #sandiegoweddinghairstylist #sdweddings #theknot #bridalhair #updo #softwaves #sdhairsalon #gghairart
sdweddings - weddingsbygercy - sdhairsalon - sandiegoweddinghairstylist - updo - softwaves - gghairart - bridalhair - theknot - specialoccasionhair -
erlindajones : πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒβœŠπŸ™Œ
mbiadorphoto : Can't wait for mine!
ezwit - joysauce - kaseopened - craigreyna -
Back on the hair grind with my game face on πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ’‡ enjoy the weekend everyone! #gghairart #gorgeoussalonnp
gghairart - gorgeoussalonnp -
may_bee_1 - maryrose_82 - b_shug -
Happy NEW YOU hair πŸ’—@jcuhhhhh πŸŽ‰ New year new schedule πŸ‘‰ Weekend appts are unavailable to book online due to my weddings. Enjoy your first day of 2015 πŸ’—πŸ’•#gghairart #createyour2015
gghairart - createyour2015 -
_dauche : πŸ‘Œ
j.cuhhh : I love it! Thank you!! 😍
kp_mua : Such a pretty color!! I love it!
gghairart : Thank you! @kp_mua
camillykayyy - kp_mua - braidsbunsandbeauty - raq_sd -
Worked my magic today on @ms_mucho little cousins hair πŸ’‡ Cara usually wears halos or clip-ins and wanted to try a more longer lasting type of #hairextensions I braided in 3 tracks and stitched in her weave. Yep I do weaves betch! Lol! We love the end results πŸ˜πŸ’—πŸ’• #braidedsewins #extensions #sandiegoextensions #hairweave #naturalhair #waves #lastuptotwomonths #longhair #mermaidhair #gghairart
gghairart - mermaidhair - braidedsewins - lastuptotwomonths - extensions - waves - naturalhair - sandiegoextensions - hairextensions - longhair - hairweave -
ms_mucho : @gghairart you are amazing πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“ thank you again love!! @kteep
ibemilk : I'm gonna need to see you after having this baby and he leaves my ass looking bald n shit again! 😭
mo_jenkins : Omg!! You do weave! Been trying to find someone that knows how to sew in weave. I need to see you soon.
heynaturalhair - marzenaa21 - dimpledpuffs - _m_g1bbs -
Happy Monday! Looking forward to 2015 😍 I'm so incredibly thankful for this past year 2014. A lot of self reflecting and life lessons that in perspective are gifts from God. Life's all about choices. Choose happiness 😘😍 #growingup #adulthood #almost30 #appreciate #blessed #thankful #love #gghairart #humble
gghairart - growingup - adulthood - love - humble - appreciate - blessed - thankful - almost30 -
jenni_1106 : @jackieoo00 πŸ’ͺ πŸ’ͺ πŸ‘
karladoodledoo - jeffeio - jenni_1106 - lovejulina -
Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Here's some clients I did before the holiday. Violet ash blonde used 1517 #keunecolor with #olaplex the hair savior. Healthy blonde hair πŸ˜πŸ’—πŸ™Œ #gghairart
gghairart - keunecolor - olaplex -
minascissorhandss : Looks great !
lomashie : Love the haircut too!!
mely83 : @drgabiroa loves !! πŸ‘Œ
chichi125 : Love it!
olaplex : Gorgeous work! -Dean
welovejpierre - hairdrezzersonfire - blytheroxas - braidsbunsandbeauty -
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