Needed a restorative breakfast today. Veggie Curry & Dosa it had to be. (Recipe in my blog archives)
ggbreakfast -
annafinger : Thank you so much for the dosa recipe! My daughter's family day care Mum is Indian and makes dosa all the time for my daughter as she loves it, she's been asking me to make it but I didn't have any idea where to find a good recipe for it. Solved :)
sewbrunswick : First meal I had in Delhi when we went for our honeymoon. Love it!
cattowalker : Looks deliciousπŸ’―βœ”οΈ
hellokatedyer : Ruth! Any recommendations for ovens? I've never bought one and am going round in circles 😜
dianalesaux : So many chillies!!!!!!
gourmetgirlfriend : #ggbreakfast
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#Canteen#CentralRama9 #gGBreakfast
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love this girl so much 😊 #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
corr_belton : awh😍 I love you too😘 @erinstuckk
annamaal : Cute dress!
rickjr1549 : @erinstuckk girl u look just like ur uncle πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜
erinstuckk : marshalls @annamaal 😎😏 and I know right πŸ˜‰ @rickjr1549
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Chargrilled Eggplant & Pumpkin with Baba Ghanoush & Egg #ggbreakfast
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hellokateberry : All these amazing breakfasts I'm seeing are making my lazy Sunday in bed harder and harder. Can you deliver? 😘
arielgiddens : I'm curious if you steam or boil the pumpkin first before grilling?
gourmetgirlfriend : Both the pumpkin & the eggplant were just sliced & then chargrilled in a pan @arielgiddens- no other cooking. X
hathaleighcottage : Looks delicious
wandering_yas : Now that my dear is a champion's breakfast.
therealfoodclub : That is a good looking brekkie on a very snazzy looking plate!
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Moujhadra with Fried egg & Mint #ggbreakfast
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wandering_yas : Oh yes. Fabulous.
gourmetgirlfriend : It is a middle eastern dish @italyonmymind - pronounce moo-ja-dra. Basmati rice cooked with brown lentils & slowly fried onions cooked in butter & added to the rice. It has a delicious more-ish nutty flavour. Lots of variations dependent on area of origin. Delicious on it's own, hot or cold (one of my kids takes it for lunch regularly) or with other dishes.
gourmetgirlfriend : Of course @reemski 😘
italyonmymind : nice thank you! 😘
pedlarsworld : 😍😍😍
starrysilver : Ooh sounds lovely,i must try it.
theshylion : Dat placemat though! 😍
sweetravioli : Gosh you reminded me I haven't made this in years! Mine is a Lebanese version.
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Carrot & Fetta Gozleme #ggbreakfast
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little_tienda : If I was you... I'd never make bread again just so you can have this for breakfast each day x
gourmetgirlfriend : Ha @little_tienda !! It certainly gets rolled out with regular frequency. Xx
tabletonic : You are the guru xxx
gourmetgirlfriend : How ace would it be to hang in the kitchen together Lou! @tabletonic F U NπŸ‘Š
dearolive : Oh how delicious it looks!
laurabeardwood : i have to try this x
chargraay : Loooove Gozleme! The Turkish ladies at the Balnarring Markets roll them out fresh before your eyes, so skillfully. Amazing!
golddustdays : How delish!! My boiled eggs & soldiers didn't quite cut it this morning!! πŸ˜‰
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No bread in the house so I am making Gozleme for breakfast with a mix of carrot, fetta, chilli, nigella seeds, mint & coriander. (Gozleme recipe on my blog) #ggbreakfast
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tabletonic : #winningatbreakfast
gourmetgirlfriend : Breakfast is my absolute fave meal @tabletonic πŸ‘
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When in doubt, order avo on toast πŸ‘ŒThis one came with feta, fresh lemon and a pistachio crumble 😍 Thanks @theroguerennard #ggeats #ggbreakfast #brisbanebreakfasts #paddington
brisbanebreakfasts - ggeats - paddington - ggbreakfast -
zoeeelindsayyy : Yeah that's true! There is just nothing good out this way! It sucks!! But thank you :)
mackenzielclark : 😍😍😍😍😍 @clarecrowley_
meatballsnco : πŸ˜πŸ˜„
cinta23 : @annajsj we need to eat this!!!
annajsj : Yuuuum @cinta23 can we go now!
noelasdesktop : Nom nom
j_rostron : @saintcecile saw this. Thought of you. Looks splendid!
saintcecile : @j_rostron yess Remy's is amazing, you should go! I actually broke from tradition and had mushrooms when I went, no regrets
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Monday mornings in the sunshine with these rocking jalapeño corn fritters from @plumtuckercafe πŸ‘#ggeats #ggbreakfast #redhill #brisbanebreakfasts
brisbanebreakfasts - ggeats - redhill - ggbreakfast -
jadeemitchell : @yogatoesbrisbane & @mitchell.sue this looks yummy πŸ˜‹
aaliyahandi : πŸ˜‹
champagnefizzandpop : Yum
charlieplowman : @lilybenn
emilypalmer96 : @katekelly1996
mitchkpage : @felicityloel
felicityloel : Yummmm so up my alley 😝@mitchkpage
nekanemb : Q buena pintaaaaaa!!!!!πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
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We love the industrial style, quirky cafe @shuckedcafe for Brekky! 🍴#ggeats #ggbreakfast #brisbanebreakfasts #newstead
brisbanebreakfasts - ggeats - newstead - ggbreakfast -
oliviacussen : @williamloudon this might be gf!
benny_boy1223 : Yummy
shuckedcafe : Yes it is! @oliviacussen thanks for the visit 😊 @gourmandgourmet
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GG loves his mommy's waffles πŸ˜‰#mouthwatering #breakfast #everysaturdaymorning #nomnom #GGbreakfast #waffles #butter #yummy #breakfastofchampions
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pattynjosh : 😍🍴 yummm, i want some!
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Breakfast time at #littlelarder cafe is worth getting out of bed for 😍🍴#ggeats #ggbreakfast #breakfast #brisbanebreakfasts #newfarm
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alissalu : That looks like happiness. πŸ™ˆ what is this?
discoverbrisbane : Yum!
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We think this might be in the running for Brisbane's best eggs bene! Thanks for a delicious start to Friday @habitat_brisbane #ggeats #ggbreakfast #brisbanebreakfasts #habitatbrisbane
brisbanebreakfasts - ggeats - habitatbrisbane - ggbreakfast -
graceboyd96 : Dying @sam_george
ash_patch89 : @lbergan89
lbergan89 : @ash_patch89 hollyyyy molllyyyy πŸ‘
ms_aidan : @princess_leahc
patriciakim841 : Looks yummy delicious !!!
leighcoghill : 100% @franouf
marilynbelloo : @naaominoodles yesss
jshobbs : @alexcracknell
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Breakfast pumpkin and honey soufflé from @habitat_brisbane πŸ‘Œ#ggeats #ggbreakfast #brisbanebreakfasts #habitatbrisbane
brisbanebreakfasts - ggeats - habitatbrisbane - ggbreakfast -
champagnefizzandpop : Yummy
kellconnors : @what_renato_saw eu ke!
what_renato_saw : Eu tb @kellconnors
sarahgibbs93 : @franologue
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Starting Fridays the right way at @habitat_brisbane 😍 #ggeats #ggbreakfast #brisbanebreakfasts
brisbanebreakfasts - ggeats - ggbreakfast -
habitat_brisbane : Love this! X @gourmandgourmet
jessiesuspence : @sammiilammas
bnecafes : Made those shadows work! Lovely to meet you guys today x
gourmandgourmet : And you @bnecafes xx
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Salted caramel waffles should be compulsory every Tuesday 😍 @plumtuckercafe #ggeats #ggbreakfast #brisbanebreakfasts #redhill
brisbanebreakfasts - ggeats - redhill - ggbreakfast -
candice_jac : @lucyajstephens
ashleighelizabethquinn : @c_glass this is where we should go with Katie for breakfast ❀️❀️
c_glass : @ashleighelizabethquinn I'm in!!!!
lizettecabrera : @bendolan95
chloeroehrig : Yes! So keen @amygall_
chloeebuckley_ : @supasteppy next place we try!
supasteppy : @chloeebuckley_ lock it in Eddie!
_srhn : @ohmaighee
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😍Choc nana smoothies😍 @rawpawpawcafe #ggeats #newfarm #ggbreakfast
ggeats - ggbreakfast - newfarm -
sam_george : Yes! @graceboyd96
perrimoore : @katehealyy @laurentucker πŸ˜…πŸ‘Œβ€οΈ
katehealyy : Yummmm @perrimoore can you do brekky tomorrow? Pretend you're going to gym πŸ˜€ ?? And @laurentucker
laurentucker : Sounds good @katehealyy
perrimoore : Yeah I'll just go I don't care πŸ˜‹ @katehealyy @laurentucker
katehealyy : Kk cool! Here ? @perrimoore @laurentucker
kerrikamst : @barbidoll14
giorginavenzin : πŸ™ŒπŸ˜˜hope you loved it x
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Tucking in to a Huevos Mexicanas feast for saturday breakfast. I love weekend breakfast time that rolls into lunch #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
italyonmymind : That looks perfect! X
dilekita : Try Turkish breakfast too πŸ˜‰ have a good weekend😊
laurabeardwood : yes 😍
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Zucchini & Carrot fritters with Aleppo & lime Mayo #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
_lee.lin_ : Such a good looking vegetarian brekkieπŸ’›
reannonhope : I was just checking if I had all the ingredients to make your gozleme today...I don't, no yogurt :(
themamasaurus : Oh that plate 😍😍
alilfatmonkey : Loving the plate
gourmetgirlfriend : @reannonhope i have two recipes on my blog- one uses a pizza dough, just rolled out SUPER FINE. Have a look. Xxx
merrydeath : *le sigh*
lucy_lou_belle : Yum!
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On the day when we lay down on our backs and let the rain tickle our faces & hands. This was our place. #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
myrtles : Amen to that.
italyonmymind : Nice plate
teaandredclogs - chefegourmet - putyourheartintoit - maressha -
#ggbreakfast #ggmangiapertre #ggbellocomeilsole #ggeilcodicepenale #ggéharveyiomike #ggvoiadelaaorar #gg #ggtivibi
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jackiesop : I want this! It looks so good.
daisiesred : @jackiesop come visit and let's have breakfast 😘😘
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Zucchini Felafel, hommous, Tsatziki & Poached Egg #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
colourmethere : Drooling
ladyoenotria : I had hommous this morn too and wondered if it is really a #breakfast food!
gourmetgirlfriend : I am a firm believer in there being no rules for when foods should be consumed. I've never really understood those rules @ladyoenotria. Eat what you want when you want I say! Hommous for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
ladyoenotria : Cheers Ruth! I am often having chicken soup for breaky too- great set up for the day. Enjoy :)
gourmetgirlfriend : If you look at my #ggbreakfast hashtag you will see all manner of 'non-breakfast' foods for breakfast @ladyoenotria πŸ‘eat happily! Xx
jokennedy : Delish πŸ‘
jane.oconnell : This sounds like our style of breakfast @c12e
msmccombe : Yes indeed! Looking forward to breakfast with you soon x
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Cored beef hash for Breakfast? F*ck Yeah #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
gendugard : @_rosierick_
heidiapples : πŸ‘Š
rowetimson : Love that plate!
pedlarsworld : Love this plate, so good πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ‘Œ
laurabeardwood : yum. & that plate, love it every time 😊
parisbug : That plate? No way! #want
bravokilohotel : I need these plates lol @samanthajohnson5 @steffiemaber @yael_savion
sweesan : Oh wow that plate πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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Colcannon with shredded Caramelised Ham hock #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
benandwine : Colcannon is a great word
gourmetgirlfriend : I agree @benandwine & a delicious dish to boot
myrtles : Mmmm this looks like my fav of your breakfasts so far.
anchorbird : Id have to put a fried egg on that!!it looks yum!
bramble_66 : Please tell me you'll share this recipe! Xx
yoni_tioni - lexxinthecityigram - katie_burns92 - emmilou__22 -
Zucchini Felafel, Chilli & garlic Mushrooms & Minted Carrot Tzatziki #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
celinescuisine : Soooo good & tasty combination
lidiaferreira__ : Yuuum! Are these falafels on your blog?
gourmetgirlfriend : Not yet @lidiaferreira but watch this space
rollergirlmpc - bakerbely - alisons_bread - gaumenfreundin -
Last night's leftovers make this mornings breakfast. Saag Aloo with Dosa. (Dosa & veggie curry recipe on my blog) #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
juliakukucouture : Looks amazing
theraisindidit : I just dribbled on my phone
lisaiurada : Makes me feel like travelling somewhere exotic @gourmetgirlfriend
mulgrave : Hot!
themisadventurousmaker : Yum! This is on my to make list!
peskytarian66 : Wow!
bellwoodsue - lisaiurada - instavocadoats - emmilou__22 -
Sometimes Sunday brekky screams out 'Shrooms on Sourdough'. Today is one of those days.... #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
celinescuisine : Love mushrooms on bread I use creme Fraiche and chives on mine!
_archie_lane : OMG!! Looks so much better than my laundry I am currently chained to!
ayearinmygarden : πŸ„πŸ‘
littlebubalishka : Perfect Sunday fare!
bohobeachlife : My favourite!
tinaofsweden : 😍 I get that!
laurabeardwood : y u m
4foodssake - mutti_magazin - beckycobo - nuttyfoodie -
Holiday Monday Breakfast in bed. Zucchini felafel & egg with Hommous & Tsatziki. #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
lemonrhodes : xoxo
reannonhope : Zucchini felafel?!!! Sounds great πŸ˜€
gourmetgirlfriend : Are elation @reannonhope i like them even more than broadbean ones. Will share recipe soon. Xx
gourmetgirlfriend : Woops that was supposed to say 'They are a revelation.....' @reannonhope
reannonhope : Awesome! Thanks Ruth c
reannonhope : Oops was supposed to be "x" not " c" 😜
sybaritaalumni : Looks great :) @gourmetgirlfriend
laurabeardwood : a m a z i n g β™‘
manyana_girl61 - vintage.century - cookingatjoys - igiveyoutheverbs -
Baked eggs on a bed of mixed garden greens with parsley & radish. #ggbreakfast #ggclogs #unikko50 @marimekkoaustralia
ggclogs - unikko50 - ggbreakfast -
ejorpin : Yum!!
inkandcleaver : Bring ittttttt
brylie_and_benjo : I love how your floor is wearing. Makes it look even better!
thehuntergatherers : Did you paint that on the floor? It looks fabulous πŸ’›
gourmetgirlfriend : I did @thehuntergatherers thanksβ€οΈπŸ’›πŸ˜Š
gourmetgirlfriend : I think so too @brylie_and_benjo thanksβŒβ­•οΈ
martinadorata : @lidiettav potresti farlo sul tuo pavimento, che dici?
lidiettav : @martinadorata io sul mio (prossimo) pavimento metterò un twister "
manyana_girl61 - maressha - gmkrupka - r_fgf_p -
Sometimes there is nothing else for it but a GG egg & bacon Superhero jaffle & a bowl of coffee #feelingpoorly #begonewithyoudarnlurgy #ggbreakfast
feelingpoorly - begonewithyoudarnlurgy - ggbreakfast -
alliumfw : Gooey yolk! Yum!
cookrepublic : 😻😻😻
dougsky : omg yes
groundedpleasures : Jaffle makers bring back wonderful grandma winter beach house memories! Wish I still had it!! @gourmetgirlfriend
heytucker : My oh my.. Need that now.
reelsofcotton : Yes yes yes
watergrasshillangus : Thanks Ruth, I know what I be dragging out of the cupboard tomorrow or maybe it's in my camping equipment mmm @gourmetgirlfriend
gourmetgirlfriend : THE BEST @watergrasshillangus !!!! Enjoy!!
eat_365 - fishguygeelong - alliumfw - kymplischk -
Braised beef n Beans & Avocado on toast. Gotta love last nights dinner (especially when it's cooked by your children!) for Slow Sunday breakfast #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
myveryowneyegoggles : Gold star mum right there x
catemlawrence : On the floor?
catemlawrence : ;)
yorkshirejools : I love the way your floor has aged, just beautiful
warialdabeef : Braised beef......... πŸ’™ the sound of that :-)
hudsonpacificfoods - gmkrupka - baekhyun_1202 - theusualsuspectscoffeeco -
Green eggs made with Silverbeet from the garden #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
th3littleredhen : Green eggs AND a Marimekko plate 😍
everyelk : My type of brekkie. Yum!
svnq - feathersandfleecefarm - huus57 - alexlaurence7 -
Bubble and Squeak using a mix of Cavolo Nero, Rainbow Chard & Chives fresh from the garden #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
sweetwhimsydesigns : LOVE bubble & squeak! This sounds like a great, delicious mix!
wandering_yas : Oh yum! Is bubble&squeak something I can make with any leftover mashed veg?
gourmetgirlfriend : Yes @wandering_yas it is a way of using up leftover mashed potato & other veg. Best to use a non-stick pan for this. Fry up some onion (and i always add garlic) and then add the other veg (that's when I added the chopped up Cavolo Nero & Silverbeet) then stir through the potato till all mixed through. Then shape into a fritter style & let sit until the bottom has a browned base. Flip & do the same. I served topped with Sriracha & chives. The combinations are endless but often have carrots & cabbage. Have fun making your own version! Xx
wandering_yas : Fabulous thank you!! B&S is new to me since coming to Aus :)
secondhelping : Yum. Simply yum!
thehuntergatherers : @emmas_table you must follow this
maressha - aquarius1946 - baekhyun_1202 - mrsbmunro -
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