When in doubt, order avo on toast πŸ‘ŒThis one came with feta, fresh lemon and a pistachio crumble 😍 Thanks @theroguerennard #ggeats #ggbreakfast #brisbanebreakfasts #paddington
brisbanebreakfasts - ggeats - paddington - ggbreakfast -
zoeeelindsayyy : Yeah that's true! There is just nothing good out this way! It sucks!! But thank you :)
mackenzielclark : 😍😍😍😍😍 @clarecrowley_
meatballsnco : πŸ˜πŸ˜„
cinta23 : @annajsj we need to eat this!!!
annajsj : Yuuuum @cinta23 can we go now!
noelasdesktop : Nom nom
j_rostron : @saintcecile saw this. Thought of you. Looks splendid!
saintcecile : @j_rostron yess Remy's is amazing, you should go! I actually broke from tradition and had mushrooms when I went, no regrets
peggychu1127 - badguyali - foodiamo - mitchr89 -
Monday mornings in the sunshine with these rocking jalapeño corn fritters from @plumtuckercafe πŸ‘#ggeats #ggbreakfast #redhill #brisbanebreakfasts
brisbanebreakfasts - ggeats - redhill - ggbreakfast -
aaliyahandi : πŸ˜‹
champagnefizzandpop : Yum
charlieplowman : @lilybenn
jessssssserena : 😐
emilypalmer96 : @katekelly1996
mitchkpage : @felicityloel
felicityloel : Yummmm so up my alley 😝@mitchkpage
nekanemb : Q buena pintaaaaaa!!!!!πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
southeast_eats - shahsharifi - thebnefoodie - yarz_x -
We love the industrial style, quirky cafe @shuckedcafe for Brekky! 🍴#ggeats #ggbreakfast #brisbanebreakfasts #newstead
brisbanebreakfasts - ggeats - newstead - ggbreakfast -
oliviacussen : @williamloudon this might be gf!
benny_boy1223 : Yummy
shuckedcafe : Yes it is! @oliviacussen thanks for the visit 😊 @gourmandgourmet
aroundthebendbrisbane - kimbosslice_ - mmmaaadddss - nightcaplaruche -
GG loves his mommy's waffles πŸ˜‰#mouthwatering #breakfast #everysaturdaymorning #nomnom #GGbreakfast #waffles #butter #yummy #breakfastofchampions
butter - yummy - ggbreakfast - breakfastofchampions - nomnom - waffles - everysaturdaymorning - mouthwatering - breakfast -
pattynjosh : 😍🍴 yummm, i want some!
misssabrina9 - er_2002_2013 - ___arrington___ - da1nonleejunie -
Breakfast time at #littlelarder cafe is worth getting out of bed for 😍🍴#ggeats #ggbreakfast #breakfast #brisbanebreakfasts #newfarm
ggeats - ggbreakfast - newfarm - brisbanebreakfasts - breakfast - littlelarder -
alissalu : That looks like happiness. πŸ™ˆ what is this?
discoverbrisbane : Yum!
brionnyy_xx - robeatang - kirsthellmechphoto - claudettejofer -
We think this might be in the running for Brisbane's best eggs bene! Thanks for a delicious start to Friday @habitat_brisbane #ggeats #ggbreakfast #brisbanebreakfasts #habitatbrisbane
brisbanebreakfasts - ggeats - habitatbrisbane - ggbreakfast -
graceboyd96 : Dying @sam_george
ash_patch89 : @lbergan89
lbergan89 : @ash_patch89 hollyyyy molllyyyy πŸ‘
ms_aidan : @princess_leahc
patriciakim841 : Looks yummy delicious !!!
leighcoghill : 100% @franouf
marilynbelloo : @naaominoodles yesss
jshobbs : @alexcracknell
l.t.ying - parnianparto - kaylaanna85 - vibrant_unicorn86 -
Breakfast pumpkin and honey soufflé from @habitat_brisbane πŸ‘Œ#ggeats #ggbreakfast #brisbanebreakfasts #habitatbrisbane
brisbanebreakfasts - ggeats - habitatbrisbane - ggbreakfast -
champagnefizzandpop : Yummy
kellconnors : @what_renato_saw eu ke!
what_renato_saw : Eu tb @kellconnors
sarahgibbs93 : @franologue
asianmuscleboy - elkegeorgia - hungrychicks - vibrant_unicorn86 -
Starting Fridays the right way at @habitat_brisbane 😍 #ggeats #ggbreakfast #brisbanebreakfasts
brisbanebreakfasts - ggeats - ggbreakfast -
habitat_brisbane : Love this! X @gourmandgourmet
jessiespence7 : @sammiilammas
bnecafes : Made those shadows work! Lovely to meet you guys today x
gourmandgourmet : And you @bnecafes xx
__bhavyashah__ - luisanodari - hungrychicks - bookbindersonline -
Salted caramel waffles should be compulsory every Tuesday 😍 @plumtuckercafe #ggeats #ggbreakfast #brisbanebreakfasts #redhill
brisbanebreakfasts - ggeats - redhill - ggbreakfast -
candice_jac : @lucyajstephens
ashleighelizabethquinn : @c_glass this is where we should go with Katie for breakfast ❀️❀️
c_glass : @ashleighelizabethquinn I'm in!!!!
lizettecabrera : @bendolan95
chloeroehrig : Yes! So keen @amygall_
chloeebuckley_ : @supasteppy next place we try!
supasteppy : @chloeebuckley_ lock it in Eddie!
sngynxo : @ohmaighee
asianninjacats - optimusxdime - espressofiorentino - vibrant_unicorn86 -
😍Choc nana smoothies😍 @rawpawpawcafe #ggeats #newfarm #ggbreakfast
ggeats - ggbreakfast - newfarm -
sam_george : Yes! @graceboyd96
perrimoore : @katehealyy @laurentucker πŸ˜…πŸ‘Œβ€οΈ
katehealyy : Yummmm @perrimoore can you do brekky tomorrow? Pretend you're going to gym πŸ˜€ ?? And @laurentucker
laurentucker : Sounds good @katehealyy
perrimoore : Yeah I'll just go I don't care πŸ˜‹ @katehealyy @laurentucker
katehealyy : Kk cool! Here ? @perrimoore @laurentucker
kerrikamst : @barbidoll14
giorginavenzin : πŸ™ŒπŸ˜˜hope you loved it x
la_fourchette_dd - msalessandraa - nm_org - giorginavenzin -
Tucking in to a Huevos Mexicanas feast for saturday breakfast. I love weekend breakfast time that rolls into lunch #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
italyonmymind : That looks perfect! X
dilekita : Try Turkish breakfast too πŸ˜‰ have a good weekend😊
laurabeardwood : yes 😍
living1life - joellemor - k9gagnon - baekhyun_1202 -
Zucchini & Carrot fritters with Aleppo & lime Mayo #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
lee_lin_v : Such a good looking vegetarian brekkieπŸ’›
reannonhope : I was just checking if I had all the ingredients to make your gozleme today...I don't, no yogurt :(
themamasaurus : Oh that plate 😍😍
alilfatmonkey : Loving the plate
gourmetgirlfriend : @reannonhope i have two recipes on my blog- one uses a pizza dough, just rolled out SUPER FINE. Have a look. Xxx
merrydeath : *le sigh*
lucy_lou_belle : Yum!
maxconnors - thebrisbanegirl - shasmo3083 - teanhoneybread -
On the day when we lay down on our backs and let the rain tickle our faces & hands. This was our place. #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
myrtles : Amen to that.
italyonmymind : Nice plate
nits22 - threemulberries - gmkrupka - baekhyun_1202 -
#ggbreakfast #ggmangiapertre #ggbellocomeilsole #ggeilcodicepenale #ggéharveyiomike #ggvoiadelaaorar #gg #ggtivibi
ggmangiapertre - ggbreakfast - ggeilcodicepenale - gg - ggΓ©harveyiomike - ggbellocomeilsole - ggvoiadelaaorar - ggtivibi -
jackiesop : I want this! It looks so good.
daisiesred : @jackiesop come visit and let's have breakfast 😘😘
vaniacasar8 - spinelli89 - ueisted - ljilj -
Zucchini Felafel, hommous, Tsatziki & Poached Egg #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
colourmethere : Drooling
ladyoenotria : I had hommous this morn too and wondered if it is really a #breakfast food!
gourmetgirlfriend : I am a firm believer in there being no rules for when foods should be consumed. I've never really understood those rules @ladyoenotria. Eat what you want when you want I say! Hommous for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
ladyoenotria : Cheers Ruth! I am often having chicken soup for breaky too- great set up for the day. Enjoy :)
gourmetgirlfriend : If you look at my #ggbreakfast hashtag you will see all manner of 'non-breakfast' foods for breakfast @ladyoenotria πŸ‘eat happily! Xx
jokennedy : Delish πŸ‘
jane.oconnell : This sounds like our style of breakfast @c12e
dashboarddiva_ineurope : Yes indeed! Looking forward to breakfast with you soon x
sharon1962 - ismaelalves - lakesidebetty - lygdogs -
Cored beef hash for Breakfast? F*ck Yeah #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
gendugard : @_rosierick_
heidiapples : πŸ‘Š
rowetimson : Love that plate!
pedlarsworld : Love this plate, so good πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ‘Œ
laurabeardwood : yum. & that plate, love it every time 😊
parisbug : That plate? No way! #want
bravokilohotel : I need these plates lol @samanthajohnson5 @steffiemaber @yael_savion
sweesan : Oh wow that plate πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
chelclee - ninaballerina50 - mararobin17 - skapacollective -
Going brunch but dunno what to eat #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
charleenkhor_99 - fookhuat - dadatehh -
Colcannon with shredded Caramelised Ham hock #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
benandwine : Colcannon is a great word
gourmetgirlfriend : I agree @benandwine & a delicious dish to boot
myrtles : Mmmm this looks like my fav of your breakfasts so far.
anchorbird : Id have to put a fried egg on that!!it looks yum!
bramble_66 : Please tell me you'll share this recipe! Xx
mustbeen - yoni_tioni - lexxinthecityigram - kjentadg -
Zucchini Felafel, Chilli & garlic Mushrooms & Minted Carrot Tzatziki #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
celinescuisine : Soooo good & tasty combination
lidiaferreira__ : Yuuum! Are these falafels on your blog?
gourmetgirlfriend : Not yet @lidiaferreira but watch this space
gem1801_ - muna_uae - tiffanymckinnon - peskytarian66 -
Last night's leftovers make this mornings breakfast. Saag Aloo with Dosa. (Dosa & veggie curry recipe on my blog) #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
juliakukucouture : Looks amazing
theraisindidit : I just dribbled on my phone
lisaiurada : Makes me feel like travelling somewhere exotic @gourmetgirlfriend
mulgrave : Hot!
themisadventurousmaker : Yum! This is on my to make list!
peskytarian66 : Wow!
taysteegram - bellwoodsue - beachhutcook - karaimame -
Sometimes Sunday brekky screams out 'Shrooms on Sourdough'. Today is one of those days.... #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
celinescuisine : Love mushrooms on bread I use creme Fraiche and chives on mine!
_archie_lane : OMG!! Looks so much better than my laundry I am currently chained to!
ayearinmygarden : πŸ„πŸ‘
littlebubalishka : Perfect Sunday fare!
tropicalmumma : My favourite!
tinaofsweden : 😍 I get that!
laurabeardwood : y u m
livingwithliv - melquirk2222 - teamtaco - hathaleighcottage -
Holiday Monday Breakfast in bed. Zucchini felafel & egg with Hommous & Tsatziki. #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
lemonrhodes : xoxo
reannonhope : Zucchini felafel?!!! Sounds great πŸ˜€
gourmetgirlfriend : Are elation @reannonhope i like them even more than broadbean ones. Will share recipe soon. Xx
gourmetgirlfriend : Woops that was supposed to say 'They are a revelation.....' @reannonhope
reannonhope : Awesome! Thanks Ruth c
reannonhope : Oops was supposed to be "x" not " c" 😜
sybaritaalumni : Looks great :) @gourmetgirlfriend
laurabeardwood : a m a z i n g β™‘
bonjourstella - gmkrupka - baekhyun_1202 - lakesidebetty -
Baked eggs on a bed of mixed garden greens with parsley & radish. #ggbreakfast #ggclogs #unikko50 @marimekkoaustralia
ggclogs - unikko50 - ggbreakfast -
ejorpin : Yum!!
inkandcleaver : Bring ittttttt
brylie_and_benjo : I love how your floor is wearing. Makes it look even better!
thehuntergatherers : Did you paint that on the floor? It looks fabulous πŸ’›
gourmetgirlfriend : I did @thehuntergatherers thanksβ€οΈπŸ’›πŸ˜Š
gourmetgirlfriend : I think so too @brylie_and_benjo thanksβŒβ­•οΈ
martinadorata : @lidiettav potresti farlo sul tuo pavimento, che dici?
lidiettav : @martinadorata io sul mio (prossimo) pavimento metterò un twister "
sonyams - teamtaco - mayumi_thxalot - elaineyyy -
Sometimes there is nothing else for it but a GG egg & bacon Superhero jaffle & a bowl of coffee #feelingpoorly #begonewithyoudarnlurgy #ggbreakfast
feelingpoorly - begonewithyoudarnlurgy - ggbreakfast -
alliumfw : Gooey yolk! Yum!
cookrepublic : 😻😻😻
dougsky : omg yes
groundedpleasures : Jaffle makers bring back wonderful grandma winter beach house memories! Wish I still had it!! @gourmetgirlfriend
heytucker : My oh my.. Need that now.
reelsofcotton : Yes yes yes
watergrasshillangus : Thanks Ruth, I know what I be dragging out of the cupboard tomorrow or maybe it's in my camping equipment mmm @gourmetgirlfriend
gourmetgirlfriend : THE BEST @watergrasshillangus !!!! Enjoy!!
allergicinmelb - zafeldesigns - eviekenevie - poppylovesrosie -
Braised beef n Beans & Avocado on toast. Gotta love last nights dinner (especially when it's cooked by your children!) for Slow Sunday breakfast #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
myveryowneyegoggles : Gold star mum right there x
catemlawrence : On the floor?
catemlawrence : ;)
yorkshirejools : I love the way your floor has aged, just beautiful
warialdabeef : Braised beef......... πŸ’™ the sound of that :-)
zafeldesigns - hellokrissyjoe - baekhyun_1202 - petalplum -
Green eggs made with Silverbeet from the garden #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
th3littleredhen : Green eggs AND a Marimekko plate 😍
everyelk : My type of brekkie. Yum!
supertrooperstudio - chefracer - ashley_pvong - karaimame -
Bubble and Squeak using a mix of Cavolo Nero, Rainbow Chard & Chives fresh from the garden #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
sweetwhimsydesigns : LOVE bubble & squeak! This sounds like a great, delicious mix!
wandering_yas : Oh yum! Is bubble&squeak something I can make with any leftover mashed veg?
gourmetgirlfriend : Yes @wandering_yas it is a way of using up leftover mashed potato & other veg. Best to use a non-stick pan for this. Fry up some onion (and i always add garlic) and then add the other veg (that's when I added the chopped up Cavolo Nero & Silverbeet) then stir through the potato till all mixed through. Then shape into a fritter style & let sit until the bottom has a browned base. Flip & do the same. I served topped with Sriracha & chives. The combinations are endless but often have carrots & cabbage. Have fun making your own version! Xx
wandering_yas : Fabulous thank you!! B&S is new to me since coming to Aus :)
secondhelping : Yum. Simply yum!
thehuntergatherers : @emmas_table you must follow this
acsrc - chefracer - tiffanymckinnon - tezmkemp -
Miso soup with egg #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
laurabeardwood : perfection x
celinescuisine : Tres Joli
kajjus : Do you have the recipe on your blog??
colourmethere : Yum yum
courtneyelkins : I second the desire for a recipe please @gourmetgirlfriend!
gellykrais - komeyui_melb - gmkrupka - peskytarian66 -
Son in Law eggs served on homegrown Bok Choy, Vietnamese mint & Coriander #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
gourmetgirlfriend : I am @helsy_is_alive ! Self publishing
gourmetgirlfriend : Oh me toooooooo @adrianestrampp !!!!! An absolute fave!!
jairose21 : Oh heck yes
theresaleeshields : 😍
myveryowneyegoggles : Oooh yummers!
houseofhumble : I want this right now!!
italyonmymind : Oh yummy xx
helsy_is_alive : Well done!!! I'll buy one fo sho!
lemonrhodes - minfairyy - mighty_me - pandeybrams -
10 minutes from Veggie Patch to plate. Bok choy stir fried with a little garlic, chilli, tofu, soy sauce, ginger & sesame oil. Served in my fave @shelleypantonstore bowl. Such a nice way to start the day. #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
laurabeardwood : πŸ™ˆ i can hardly look directly at it πŸ’«
memtree : Beautiful start! Yum yum!
ammarieke - alisons_bread - nmeyergl - italyonmymind -
Cauliflower curry & Chickpea & Potato flour dosa #ggbreakfast
ggbreakfast -
katelovell00 : Will you please make a recipe book @gourmetgirlfriend or is this one on your blog?
gourmetgirlfriend : Aw! How nice to read @katelovell00 - i am writing one at the moment. Slowly slowly in amongst all the other things I am doing! But yes this is on my blog too. Xxxx
hugoandelsa : @gourmetgirlfriend βœ–οΈβœ–οΈ
caitlintunny : @rosesgrowonyou / look how amazing this is 😭
emmasmithstreet : Haha yeh! I didn't know you followed! @caitlintunny love your work @gourmetgirlfriend
gourmetgirlfriend : Thankyou @rosesgrowonyou @caitlintunny πŸ‘β€οΈ
marahhanisch : I would die for!!❀️ @gourmetgirlfriend
laurabeardwood : swap you this for a nicoise ;) x
tmpran - jenabroad - italyonmymind - laurabeardwood -
Homemade Banh Xeo for breakfast this morning #ggbreakfast (recipe in my blog archives)
ggbreakfast -
vynart : @phuongnix
italyonmymind : I am it sure I can pronounce it but lolls fantastic yummo x
brigadeirodocoelho : πŸ”
gourmetgirlfriend : Sounds a bit like 'Barn Jo' @italyonmymind - super fresh deliciousness. A gorgeous mouth zapping way to start the day
italyonmymind : thanks- in my previous comment I meant I am not sure I CAN pronounce it - typing too quickly! but you understood anyway...that "x" at the start of the word gets me every time.
gourmetgirlfriend : It is kind of a zh sound @italyonmymind if that makes sense. Xxx
inkandcleaver : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
thebeansblog : Yum!!
4foodssake - am17 - hellokrissyjoe - dakota_morgan1993 -
It's a Veggie curry & Dosa kind of Breakfast day. (Recipe on my blog) Xx GG
ggbreakfast -
valeriehowarth : Thanks Ruthie, chicken curry for breaky here, dosa recipe very welcome!
gourmetgirlfriend : I love hearing others eating curry for breakfast @valeriehowarth . Another super simple Dosa recipe is equal parts chickpea (also called besan or gram flour) & plain flour & a tad of bicarb & enough water to make a runny batter. I like to add mustard & cumin seeds & sometimes fresh coriander into the batter too. YUM!!!
16house : Yum
bebopalola : Dosas were my faves when I went to India in the 90's. @gourmetgirlfriend
valeriehowarth : Thanks Rufus, I'm on it! Like a batter tbh xx
grett83 : @helencasey55 @__d_m_c__ we need to make these x
javi_vildosola : @juliana_gutierrez
gourmetgirlfriend : #ggbreakfast
mariannadaulerio - themisadventurousmaker - lakesidebetty - blackboardcoffee -
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