Feeling like the man of the year πŸ’― Photo cred @shallowbody πŸ’ͺ#blackscale #gettaclue
blackscale - gettaclue -
shallowbody : Man of the yeaaaaaaaaa!
mikecelebrity - vpacheco_ - thithilicious_94 - vsqz916 -
Thank you #Gettaclue for my new warm #NikeTech #sweater! #love #shoplocal #sweaterweather #Nike
love - sweaterweather - nike - shoplocal - sweater - gettaclue - niketech -
justin_goodstock_gettaclue : Thank you ✌️
killuh_claire : Thank you @justin_goodstock_gettaclue for all the jolly ranchers!!! 🍬🍭
virls - xolesina - mobe925 - sarah.villarreal -
@ajf530 I finally sold out and thought of you mr diamond life
diamondlife - gettaclue -
garza81 : #gettaclue
dreamingelegance : Hi! Would you be interested in repping our clothing line? If you are please shoot us a text, our number is in our bio on our page.
garza81 : @dreamingelegance what's your clothing line
ajf530 : Welcome to the Diamond Life!!!!
garza81 : @ajf530 idk those two cought my eye today I went cause I wanted those new niner shirts that came out with the number but I didn't like front of the shirt
ajf530 : Those gold blooded shirts? They looked cool but I haven't seen the front of them
garza81 : @ajf530 the front is plain
garza81 : @gettacluestore good stuff I got at your store today
joelthejeweler - mj_punk_316 - ajf530 - kateanne637 -
So this happened today - BOGO!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ Yes, two pairs for the price of one!! 😱 I can't even handle it! @gettacluestore @sarahbolnik #love #gettaclue #toms #wedges #hellyeah #oneforone
hellyeah - love - gettaclue - wedges - oneforone - toms - twinsies -
justincap79 : No @sarahbolnik
saaatina_ : Too late @justincap79 #twinsies
tasha_916 - hey_its_kira13 - kalenemsley - strangerraider13 -
Pink dalphin rug #wavy #gettaclue
wavy - gettaclue -
theyallwantpj : What time y'all close
tattedthefukup : @theyallwantpj 8pm if you come threw I'll hook it up
theyallwantpj : Ight
916shane : Lemme know when that shit go on clearance breh lol
tattedthefukup : @916shane it is rite now the original price is 200 but for you I do it for 100
tcttctc : Went there the other day, hella pink dolphin on sale
tattedthefukup : @tcttctc I know it's plugs rite now
cleighgordon : Where this at
lizziesus - hanoum22 - golden_beauty22 - spunkee916 -
Ampal Creative has teamed up with Venice Originals for this dope 5 panel camp. #dogtown #theampalcreative #showuptakeoverripupthespot #gettaclue @ampal_creative @greggshawhfa
dogtown - showuptakeoverripupthespot - theampalcreative - gettaclue -
keith_palmer : Awesome shop concept
julian_tre3 : @camcotton8 fresh..
yellogurllemp - joseph_gonzales4 - leggatbedippin - eddison_koo -
Power πŸ’ͺ Money πŸ’°respect πŸ’― & BLACKSCALE Photocred @mikecelebrity #gettaclue
gettaclue -
highsierra_dc5 : That's tight
tattedthefukup : @highsierra_dc5 thanks πŸ’―
cheya_alfaro : Do you guys sell women rebel eight clothes
rastalamon : You working at Getta Clue now
tattedthefukup : @rastalamon yeah homie
iamgrowthnation : Yall hiring bruh
tattedthefukup : @fliiiipnblack yeah homie drop off a resumé to a female name Mia
corydec - yarin_dogar_gunes_elbet - m_co23 - emrah_memedovski -
Thanks to #GettaClue and #ShawnyDepp #Rage #WeekendWarriors #Tbd #sactownsfinest
weekendwarriors - gettaclue - rage - shawnydepp - sactownsfinest - tbd -
weedallstarinc - nmfriedrich - blynneh - veronicaseagulll -
Diamond just dropped! Perfect T's for this warm fall weather! @nickydiamonds @gettacluestore #gettaclue #diamondlife
diamondlife - gettaclue -
vuitton_laflare : Did u guys get the long sleeve pinkdolphin mesh shirts?
sour_p - kenny_v8 - j.able - yaeknows -
Primitive just dropped!! Decks and T's!! Come get em while supplies last!! #primitive #gettaclue
primitive - gettaclue -
djjaysoo : Did you guys get the in4mation's October first of the month?
djjaysoo : Snap back
gettacluestore : @djjaysoo Not this one
jimmysavage_ : @heavyweight_tony_ brooo yess they finnaly got it?
jimmysavage_ : @gettacluestore u guys got the wolf prod deck?
phantasy.co : @phantasy.co
gettacluestore : Just new ones @jimmysavage
hungryhuman : Yassssss!!
xmarianx13 - scott_gettaclue_goodstock - ohhburr - minhtfresh319_ -
Roll it. Light it. Smoke it. #WUTANG #GETTACLUE
wutang - gettaclue -
rodellegaspi : @melpeppers I saw your comment, but I don't want to talk to you. βœ‹
melpeppers : @rodellegaspi no chill
rodellegaspi : @melpeppers no chill. Brrrrrrrrrrr....
kcmaartista : @rodellegaspi why u b ignoring me for :( lol
kcmaartista : I thot we cool? Lol
rodellegaspi : @kcmaartista we're cool bud! I misssss you!
kcmaartista : You b ignorin my text! I hellaaaa miss you face! This meet up better happen soon!
rodellegaspi : @kcmaartista faaaaaaaaasho! 😘
jennalynbain - lilyswoorldd - martinseludo - jensterrly -
SJ2sac Thanks @aznhippie209 for my shade. Love'n it #jasenewyork #sunglasses #gettaclue he went to the store to get some for himself but came out getting somethin for ME!! Hell yea.. #hellacute
sunglasses - jasenewyork - hellacute - gettaclue -
sukanya_chai : 😩😩 I want !!!!!! @2bittersweetsonia
sukanya_chai : Aww how cute !!
lindahoangchao : @2bittersweetsonia wow you fancy huh? That was sweet of you, @aznhippie209!!! Btw, thanks for the β˜•οΈ this morning! It was much needed.
aznhippie209 : @lindahoangchao before u opened the door a guy from a alarm company was soliciting to us, I pointed at ur sign
2bittersweetsonia : @aznhippie209 smh lmao
lindahoangchao : @aznhippie209 haha... That is exactly why we got the darn sign. Too many solicitors.
2bittersweetsonia : @jasenewyork I finally found me a sunglasses that I LOVE.. Thanks!! It's pretty dope! Also, thanks to the crew at @gettaclue in sac for ur great customer service.. :) #gettaclue
jasenewyork : Thanks for the support
thatscraycrayy - aric_engkabo_tmcf - wendaaaaaay - drwhitp -
Flashback with this future clothing designer right here. @vicky__phan #fbf #gettaclue #sactown to #LA
la - sactown - fbf - gettaclue -
vicky__phan : Ahhh!!!! Oh my gosh
vicky__phan : I'm still in sactown!
taylor_speed - matatattat13 - noah_veee - manifestdestinee -
| • Getta Clue • | SACRAMENTO, @gettacluestore in the Downtown Plaza is STILL OPEN during construction of the new arena. Go cop some fresh @cloudnineclothing gear Then stroll on over to Old Sac for a Jiffy Burger at Fanny Anns and say what's up to my boy @neked9 Then take your hot date, find a spot by the river and watch the sunset You're Welcome #cloudnineclothing #trustyourhustle #sacramento #sactown #gettaclue #oldsac #916 #fashion #urbanwear #streetwear
cloudnineclothing - fashion - gettaclue - sacramento - urbanwear - trustyourhustle - streetwear - 916 - sactown - oldsac -
msstef26 : You need a women's tank with 'trust your hustle' on it plllleeeeeaaaaasssseeeee!!!! I would buy 5 of them! @nateintheclouds
keeksmarie02 : Nate!!!! What's the eta on the women's tank?!!!
thava_b : So when are we getting our tanks? 😁
thava_b : I'm anxious to sport it!!!
nateintheclouds : @thava_b I hear ya! We are definitely working on it! Just hit a couple of obstacles but they will be here!! Thanks for your patience!
thava_b : Oh ok. All good! Since it's now fall, I won't be able to wear it out...so I guess I will just be lookin super fresh at the gym. πŸ˜‰ Lol
nateintheclouds : @thava_b haha. Or, keep it locked away and pleasantly surprise yourself next spring/summer!! Plus we probably won't be ever making anymore women's stuff because of these delays so it's now an instant classic!!
msstef26 : I'm so excited for the women's tank I'll get enough to wear a different one every day to the gym!!! I can't wait!
intelswagga - cooneyphoto - mr_chic0 - melsoutherngirl -
@gettacluestore showing us some love πŸ™ #connetic #gettaclue #sacramento
connetic - sacramento - gettaclue -
armstrizzle : Send me a free tee?
traviscody : Gotta connect and shoot some stuff for the brand @connetic
connetic : @traviscody email me bro.
wolfglobs : #copped
wolfglobs : #wearing
chris430t - skillberg - jessem41 - garrebrenn -
#gettaclue #downtown
downtown - gettaclue -
freddydolphin : I'm anything
freddydolphin : On*
tattedthefukup : @freddydolphin yeah it's g
2l_jjoe : Wya what's your line
tattedthefukup : @2l_jjoe 916-607-5496
_6hunnna : You work there
iam_most_ratchet - vincentboi916 - monicakamrik - riigo_84 -
Amazing line up!! DELTRON 3030...You get this right...Del is playing at TBD. Don't miss out. Tix available @gettacluestore & @goodstockco #wearetbd #gettaclue #goodstockco
wearetbd - goodstockco - gettaclue -
jniem_ : @pstahlly
jniem_ : @tuck_monaaay @daddyjh_ @tcallll @jeffreyharrison11 @nebcross11
lost559_ : When will danny brown and deltorn perform?
p2psacramento : Gonna be dope! Hit us up for your meds delivered 10am-7pm www.patient2patientsac.com serving Sactown all the way down to Davis
gettacluestore : @ripsammy_ Danny brown is Saturday. Deltron is Sunday
madd_avenger : Deltron, Danny Brown, and blackalicious
gusteeze : Empire of the sun too right??
jboja : @bedhead_k oh shit its ur dude
j_u_s_bee - _daniela_esquivel0301 - alondra_to_cool - esteboob -
Saturday 10am First Come First Serve!! #nike #kobe9 #gettaclue
kobe9 - gettaclue - nike -
gettacluestore : $200
wokeupsleazyagain : Where are you guys located now?
gettacluestore : @wokeupsleazyagain Still in the downtown plaza. Next to Forever 21!
elgallo530 : @tapatio_28
s.mena : Would love to get my brand (@menaceclo) stocked at the store for our upcoming collection. Anyway we can make this happen?
calibiz : @202904
jaycot15 : @b_treetown @billykots these??
tapatio_28 : @gettacluestore You guys gettin a full sz run?
iog_eazy - hallofkings - chicagobuckets - christian_flores8_ -
#tbt last summer before he was tellin' the ladies to put their πŸ‘™to the side. djing for @kidinkbatgang meet and greet at @gettacluestore #kidinkbatgang #djjaysoo #gettaclue #sacramento
kidinkbatgang - sacramento - djjaysoo - tbt - gettaclue -
hawtsuharu - bgnguyen827 - jadd_lee - dani_stylez1 -
Just in the classic Huarache. Designed in 91' by Tinker Nike is bringing the Huarache back in a big way this fall. And this classic colorway is a personal favorite. $100. First come first serve. #nike #tinker #gettaclue
tinker - gettaclue - nike -
angelbarragan_ : Ahhhh the Huarache system. Also featured in the Air Jordan 6 & 7s πŸ‘Œ
scrabbby : @stephanie_jauregui
jake_bakescake5 - tamagotchi_pimp - imnoahleard - greenlessgenius -
More & More Fire keeps dropping at The Clue. Lunar Laser 90's πŸ”₯#nike #lunar #gettaclue
gettaclue - lunar - nike -
ezames : How much @gettacluestore?!?
gettacluestore : @ezames $140
__davidj : @johnski355
johnski355 : @__davidj ooh those are clean
renaye02 : @jmsolorio
jmsolorio : @renaye02 πŸ™Œ Greyson and I may be going shopping tomorrow.
ritchie_vence : Are you guys going to have AB-Soul tickets? @gettacluestore
lostsoul916 : @dmightyquinn2
insta_by_jake - grandmaster__j - puzl_knows - anthony_munson_man -
Janoski "Beach" just dropped!! First come first serve!! #nikesb #nike #gettaclue
nikesb - gettaclue - nike -
hazzardouzz : Those are bad!!πŸ˜³πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ @dvnuh
soccercasper : @brenikeda @rymanrcrone
maiaheartsstyle_gettaclue : I'll check first thing this morning @dom916
dom916 : Thank you @maiaheartsstyle_gettaclue
maiaheartsstyle_gettaclue : 8.5 and 9.5 are the closest @dom916
maiaheartsstyle_gettaclue : Welcome
stephanie_jauregui : @scrabbby
dezzy_davis : @nadiayung
articleconsignment - jscales91 - _phvmbvm_ - scrabbby -
Stayseencollective. Gonna put this on my spreadsheet. #gettaclue @ gettaclue #clothing #stayseen
stayseen - clothing - gettaclue -
simplyedithx3 : πŸ‘Œ
sexp0t - jeo415 - lalaloouey -
Gonna miss this place.. #sacramento #916 #sactown #southsac #downtownplaza #gettaclue #thursdaynightmarket #kstmall #joeandsun #thecapitol #kingsarena #cityoftrees
916 - cityoftrees - gettaclue - sacramento - kstmall - kingsarena - thecapitol - joeandsun - downtownplaza - sactown - southsac - thursdaynightmarket -
infamous_iki : OMG they started already.
sialeka03 - mz_rina - tasi5teu - poutua -
Selfie from earlier today. πŸ‘ #blackscale #gettaclue #egypt #chilln #selfie #snapchat
blackscale - chilln - gettaclue - egypt - selfie - snapchat -
distinctpromises : Tbh we went the the movies once and we barely ever talk πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ rate: 8
kingbogdan - laujnou - _angelica_k - jennaatals -
@vicky__phan last day! (sad face emoji)
fashion - gettaclue - workflow - brixton - blackscale - steez - streetwear - clothing - wdywt - instawork -
a_reuben_g : #dontbromeifyoudontknowme
vicky__phan : πŸ‘―πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
vicky__phan : @a_reuben_g haha with an accent
kathleenmidlam : 😒😒😒😒
snicketsapp : Do you have our app?
mikecelebrity : haha @vicky__phan @a_reuben_g plan one out!
xolesina : wahhhhhh @vicky__phan
ryangrinds : Definitely follow me and I'll follow back!! You might be perfect for a new project I'm working on...check out my profile and see for yourself
tattedthefukup - tha_di - meylove90 - luvmeems -
Got my new vans πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ #vans #vansporn #doren #gettaclue #skulls #plants #simplyclean
plants - vans - gettaclue - simplyclean - doren - skulls - vansporn -
queenlei.bby : I like these theyre dope afπŸ‘Œ
yterik - loveeysamy - hugohorta2 - clauudz_ -
Vacationing in Vegas can be rough! Lucky they have swimming pools to keep cool. #AboutThatLife #GettaClue #Sacramento #Kings #916Living #Vegas #SummerBody #PoolParty #PrimitiveApparel
poolparty - sacramento - gettaclue - aboutthatlife - vegas - 916living - kings - summerbody - primitiveapparel -
mink.ink : Cool!
taxicode_uk : Nice pic!
suede - hempy13 - renee_sevilla - ms_abina97 -
Huge restock on Stance Socks! Men's & Women's #stancesocks #gettaclue
stancesocks - gettaclue -
garrettt : πŸ™
snapbackoftheday : πŸ‘Š
lo_ted - j_u_s_bee - gware0023 -
Huf Fall Del2 just rolled in. So dope. @keithhufnagel @gettacluestore #huf #gettaclue
huf - gettaclue -
alejandrobarreto10 - vte666 - shugerloaf -
Diamond Fall in store now. Going quick! #diamondlife #gettaclue
diamondlife - gettaclue -
jordann.xd : Nice πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ @gettacluestore
chancevr - man__eee - matthewjake95 - mariblaaah -
riftblue - forthejoog - nike - airmax90 - gettaclue - universitygold - cognac -
_st0nii : New kicks #AirMax90 #UniversityGold #Cognac #Riftblue #GettaClue #Nike #ForTheJoog
legitsteez_bjvp : Them eez wet! πŸ‘ŒπŸ’¦.
faisal_shujin - j3rm89 - thevillainnn - xxrocboixx -
Young fashion #summernights #streetwear #style #Dopefits #badd #kicksondeck #DOPE #teambrownskin #sexystuds #stuntonthembrokeboyz #lightwork #beastmode #gettaclue #BBLU #flygirl
beastmode - dopefits - sexystuds - gettaclue - stuntonthembrokeboyz - dope - teambrownskin - kicksondeck - summernights - bblu - lightwork - style - streetwear - flygirl - badd -
xomichellemartini - foxdenmanagement - fivestarwins - brooklyn_ight -
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