👏👏👏👏 yay Argentina lost like I give a fuck who won 😂 on the other hand 6 flags needed soon lol been too long #imissit#imfat#vegas#swerve#socceriswack#yeaisaidit#getonmalevelhoe#twerkteam#nightswim#ghettobooty#hoeready#hungry#sogetlikeme
imissit - swerve - socceriswack - sogetlikeme - nightswim - yeaisaidit - prayforme - hungry - vegas - ghettobooty - imfat - twerkteam - getonmalevelhoe - hoeready -
dcjr702 : @jessicablushes ur scared cuz u go with the wrong people lol
diana_mariii : I wanna go!!!!!! 🙋🎢 but not during summer cuz I'm not down to be waiting in those long ass lines! Fuck that!
dcjr702 : @durrrrtyd u got a point lol but during the week is better 😊☺️
diana_mariii : Yeah I went during the week when all the kids were in school and there was no lines!!! It was perfect!!
jocelynhurtado_ : Did you not see the news about 22 ppl getting stuck on a ride at six flags & 4 were hurt 😰 be careful!!! @dcjr702
jessicablushes : Welll kinda not really lmao its just that i hate the drop thats it but sometimes they make me go on rollercoaster when i dnt want to nd once i go on im lyk scared ass shit 😨then once its over im seriouly lyk lets go again 😃😄😂 @dcjr702
dcjr702 : @_jocelynhurtado I actually did hear about it lol I've had a Couple bad stories my self lol but I gota go see for my self lmao #prayforme
lipnightlife : Dope Post ! Follow Us To See Some Sexy Ladies ;)
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#Selfie of the night #BeastModeOn #GetOnMaLevelHoe
beastmodeon - getonmalevelhoe - selfie -
jay_emmanuel : Ok ok but dont call me a ho
nikk_fit_baker - marquisnicole - luvlylexy -
getonmalevelhoe -
natasha_renee1 - orysmom - 61bradd_the_god - ctfu_im_tlkin_7 -
Awwww yeah!!!! High-5ve-ghost all day errr day🔫🎮👾 #getonmalevelHOE
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#HeatNation #HeatCity Back2Back Champions #GetOnMaLevelHoe lmaoo
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Yuhh! Finally got the bottle! #elhimador #drunk #fuckeduptattoo #gay #shots #drunk #cookout #grill #ribs #getonmalevelhoe
grill - gay - drunk - ribs - shots - getonmalevelhoe - elhimador - fuckeduptattoo - cookout -
castroclaudia_ : El jimador hell yea that's some good shit ;) enjoy
dwayne_roan : @claudimunozz this bottle pissing me off. U gotta open it in a special way or something. It wont come out!!
dwayne_roan : But yes so tasty! :))
castroclaudia_ : Very slowly when u open it lol
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gee415_ - handoski415 -
getonmalevelhoe😈 -
weezyill : Wats ur # ! @rudeboii_1hunna
krystuhlyg - misspuertorican -
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throttle_mafia_52 : Yeah get on my level HoE
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