Ahaha wow I just had to cuz well common now you swear puta pinche gorda wanna call somebody a tweaker ahaha you a drunk n I ain't saying nothing hah cuz guess what idc and it ain't none if my business cuz I just strIght DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT WHAT YOU B DOING TORTA FEA . All I got to say is tf off my clit bitch get a life n get the fuck over it Perra pansona pinche man looking biotch you fucken lame ass basic ass little bitch grow the fuck up n bring my momma up again and watch skonka run up bitch I'll fly my ass ver there just to beat yo ass cuz you bigger don't mean shit hie the louder the noise gonn b when I drop to fat ass 😘 #duces #fea #youswear obviously you are the delusional one and baboso haha #getonmalevelhoe #keeprunninhyomouth that's all you do #pendeja oh te ases ahaha #iaintworriedboutnothinh #please #ihaverealenemies #yacalleseviejapansonA #fodonga #mitotera #habladora πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #pinchehombre #lookingassnigga #boracha ahahahaha #Callese y vallase a tragar una #tortapalatorta ahaha #comemierdagorfinflona #rotatewithithoe✌️✌️ and im done #😘😘😘
comemierdagorfinflona - youswear - keeprunninhyomouth - rotatewithithoe - pinchehombre - yatusabes - yacalleseviejapansona - pendeja - lookingassnigga - getonmalevelhoe - duces - tortapalatorta - callese - fea - ihaverealenemies - boracha - please - habladora - fodonga - mitotera - iaintworriedboutnothinh - hushmode -
love.lion : This made me laugh lol #verytrue
stephbitch27 : @precioushazeti haha n you know it
stephbitch27 : @love.lion haha how you been chula n haha these bitches b talking to much masa once I ain't there but b in #hushmode when I'm there
love.lion : I've been well, hanging on for a bit but we'll. Hope you ate doing just fine! Bri is such a sweetheart and so is Ariel, but she seems a bit shy. Still wonderful tho.
stephbitch27 : @love.lion good girly you know you my fave hHa #yatusAbes and thanks I'll tell my twin to take em to you one day so u can see them 😘
love.lion : Sounds great :) aver si se puede lol Take care now.
stephbitch27 : @love.lion que se puede se puede and ok chula take care too ok stay up keep yo head up you are awesome 😎😘
love.lion : Likewise beautiful
daze_4 - lanie_7676 - miel_honney5 - willy_west323 -
πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ yay Argentina lost like I give a fuck who won πŸ˜‚ on the other hand 6 flags needed soon lol been too long #imissit#imfat#vegas#swerve#socceriswack#yeaisaidit#getonmalevelhoe#twerkteam#nightswim#ghettobooty#hoeready#hungry#sogetlikeme
imissit - swerve - socceriswack - sogetlikeme - nightswim - yeaisaidit - prayforme - hungry - vegas - ghettobooty - imfat - twerkteam - getonmalevelhoe - hoeready -
dcjr702 : @jessicablushes ur scared cuz u go with the wrong people lol
durrrrtyd : I wanna go!!!!!! πŸ™‹πŸŽ’ but not during summer cuz I'm not down to be waiting in those long ass lines! Fuck that!
dcjr702 : @durrrrtyd u got a point lol but during the week is better 😊☺️
durrrrtyd : Yeah I went during the week when all the kids were in school and there was no lines!!! It was perfect!!
jocelynhurtado_ : Did you not see the news about 22 ppl getting stuck on a ride at six flags & 4 were hurt 😰 be careful!!! @dcjr702
jessicablushes : Welll kinda not really lmao its just that i hate the drop thats it but sometimes they make me go on rollercoaster when i dnt want to nd once i go on im lyk scared ass shit 😨then once its over im seriouly lyk lets go again πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜‚ @dcjr702
dcjr702 : @_jocelynhurtado I actually did hear about it lol I've had a Couple bad stories my self lol but I gota go see for my self lmao #prayforme
lipnightlife : Dope Post ! Follow Us To See Some Sexy Ladies ;)
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#Selfie of the night #BeastModeOn #GetOnMaLevelHoe
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jay_emmanuel : Ok ok but dont call me a ho
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#HeatNation #HeatCity Back2Back Champions #GetOnMaLevelHoe lmaoo
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Yuhh! Finally got the bottle! #elhimador #drunk #fuckeduptattoo #gay #shots #drunk #cookout #grill #ribs #getonmalevelhoe
grill - gay - drunk - ribs - shots - getonmalevelhoe - elhimador - fuckeduptattoo - cookout -
claudiaa_castro : El jimador hell yea that's some good shit ;) enjoy
dwayne_roan : @claudimunozz this bottle pissing me off. U gotta open it in a special way or something. It wont come out!!
dwayne_roan : But yes so tasty! :))
claudiaa_castro : Very slowly when u open it lol
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Mudde wata
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jamesfranken : #mississippiriver #sewer #ballinoutrageous #getonmalevelhoe
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alysssamoreno : Dirty sprite πŸ‘Œ
weezyill : Wats ur # ! @rudeboii_1hunna
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throttle_mafia_52 : Yeah get on my level HoE
nicoflosswestbay - earthquakecity415 -
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