Thinking of branching out into the second hand beach toy market #2minutebeachclean #surfdome #ayrshirebeachclean #getoffmybeach #marinedebris
marinedebris - ayrshirebeachclean - surfdome - getoffmybeach - 2minutebeachclean -
2minutebeachclean : Defo πŸ‘ŠπŸΌβ€οΈ
surfdome : Cash in on your hard work πŸ‘πŸ»
thierry22 - kittiekiller - justsimplykat - surfdome -
Taking a break πŸ– #Boracay #islandlife #gonebeachin #getoffmybeach #cnyweekend
gonebeachin - getoffmybeach - boracay - cnyweekend - islandlife -
k8hatcher - fgarside - ashappel89 - katilynlouise -
What did one bee say to the other bee? Get off my beeeeech! 🐝🐝 Two tiny bees found on two separate beach cleans. #getoffmybeach #2minutebeachclean #bees #plasticbee
2minutebeachclean - bees - plasticbee - getoffmybeach -
jud_beb : Can it bee true ?
birdonthemoon : Well I'll bee 🐝
beach_glasser101 : Let's stop at the BP station. I've got to go.
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @beach_glasser101 brilliant!!
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @anneguygardendesigns!!!! @jeffflorida xxx @jud_beb 😊@birdonthemoon 🐝xx
squeezy1989 : They look like they could "bee"(sorry) a pair of earrings
alwaysadrift : What do bee' swear when they go to the beach? .....................………… Bee-kinis!
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Hoho @alwaysadrift @squeezy1989 πŸ˜„
anneguygardendesigns - namelessathome - hen_ysgol - alpacanokyoudai -
Great show. #mysteryfyre #fluxcapacitor #jams #friends #family #rocknsoul #magic #bonercity #local #localmusic #localsonly #getoffmybeach
bonercity - magic - family - jams - local - getoffmybeach - localmusic - fluxcapacitor - rocknsoul - mysteryfyre - localsonly - friends -
sqirrelhands : We need to all hit up a show together! 🀘🏼
hhousek - andretorie - chicmeet - lesfurnessybarra -
Just a great beach out there! 😊😊😊 Gotta head back again this time during the day πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Žβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈπŸŒŠπŸŒŠ
cali_scenes - adventureyourway - createexploretakeover - mobilemasters - peoplescreatives - cali_love - socality - getoffmybeach - neverstopexploring - naturegram - california_igers - exploretocreate - socalshooters - wanderlust - cloudporn - postitfortheaesthetic - beachlovers - beautifuldestinations - pacificcoast - ic_water - overlookwestcoast - instabeach - freedomthinkers -
jelc_n87115 : #mobilemasters #beachlovers #getoffmybeach #instabeach #naturegram #ic_water #pacificcoast #overlookwestcoast #postitfortheaesthetic #cloudporn #adventureyourway #wanderlust #california_igers #cali_love #cali_scenes #socality #socalshooters #exploretocreate #neverstopexploring #createexploretakeover #peoplescreatives #freedomthinkers #beautifuldestinations
paridaez : πŸ’›
_jamesgould - kendall_baylor - jmo.photoworx - artdeptclothing -
This mornings #2minutebeachclean efforts are dwarfed sitting next to this tree washed up by the weekends storms #ayrshirebeachclean #surfdome #getoffmybeach
ayrshirebeachclean - surfdome - getoffmybeach - 2minutebeachclean -
dollyland : That's a cracking picture! May I re post on @2minutebeachclean ?
spacemouse77 : @dollyland hi there, of course feel free to re post and any others you might see in future
dollyland : Thank you πŸ˜€
spacemouse77 : @reef_europe
ejd_fitnessandme - kirstenreal - beachmuser - lord_eoghann -
UMMM there is AN EYE in the middle of the sky in this photo!!! Can you see it?!?! #eye #angry #getoffmybeach #skyline #sunrise #summer
summer - skyline - eye - angry - sunrise - getoffmybeach -
ctfd123 : Eye can see it πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
livrudich : Sorry I can't see an eye
willdrummond - photospierre - lozab03 - stefankald -
#2minutebeachclean first of two beach cleans today , things not as bad after yesterday's storm than I thought #marinedebris #getoffmybeach #ayrshirebeachclean
marinedebris - ayrshirebeachclean - surfdome - getoffmybeach - 2minutebeachclean -
spacemouse77 : #surfdome
2minutebeachclean : Yew! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
spacemouse77 : @reef_europe
ejd_fitnessandme - highest_good - chilliamslatts - sammyy307 -
Beautiful..last weekend on a cornish beach.... I found green glass..Mr smartie_lids_on_the_beach pulled a green net off the beach. Together, harmony. #2minutebeachclean #surfersagainstsewage #seachange #cornishbeaches#seaglass #greenseaglass #fishingnet #getoffmybeach #creationsforcetaceans #ramepeninsula
greenseaglass - seaglass - getoffmybeach - seachange - fishingnet - surfersagainstsewage - ramepeninsula - 2minutebeachclean - cornishbeaches - creationsforcetaceans -
namelessathome - hen_ysgol - sew_wattuk - odecobeachcombing -
Since a container spill a few years back these HP printer cartridges have been washing up around the uk and found my first two this morning on my #2minutebeachclean they have now made it to the Firth of Clyde and Ayr beach .. If you find any let @newquaybeachcombing know as they are being tracked
2minutebeachclean - hpprintercartridge - ayrshirebeachclean - surfdome - marinedebris - anotherhpprintercartridge - getoffmybeach -
spacemouse77 : #marinedebris #getoffmybeach #hpprintercartridge
newquaybeachcombing : Thank you Space Mouse! Will add to the map....
spacemouse77 : Your more than welcome I will keep on looking #anotherhpprintercartridge
spacemouse77 : #ayrshirebeachclean
spacemouse77 : @reef_europe #surfdome
ejd_fitnessandme - kyuubi_moldovan - janisselbyjones - aleksandr_krupnov -
Creating done...easy with such marvelous materials.... 🐳 donating these to @worldcetaceanalliance. #plasticoncornishbeaches #2minutebeachclean #surfersagainstsewage #plasticdebris #plasticwhales #marinedebrisart #marinedebris #worldcetaceanalliance #whalesanddolphins #whales #litterart #smartielidsonthebeach
plasticdebris - whalesanddolphins - marinedebris - whales - smartielidsonthebeach - marinedebrisart - worldcetaceanalliance - getoffmybeach - litterart - surfersagainstsewage - 2minutebeachclean - plasticoncornishbeaches - plasticwhales -
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Hehe xx @katelyncuch xx🐦🐒 I'm making birds and tortoises/turtles tomorrow x
littlemisspinkness : @seashells_nogels you will love this! 2 minute beach cleans in Cornwall, recycling their litter funds into art xxx
pkgums : Brilliant
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @pkgums thanks x @littlemisspinkness
pelusasfactory : Brilliant idea! Love it
lynn.sampson68 : They are fab!!! ☺️ Thank you so much for donating them X #WCA #WorldCetaceanAlliance πŸ’™πŸ³πŸ¬πŸ‹
zerowaster : Love these whales! ;)
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Thanks everyone xx @zerowaster@lynn.sampson68 @pelusasfactory xx
kirstyelson - nikinacks_uk - lake.erie.beach.combers - treenfarm -
Sunsets are the best with my @downneckglass #privatebeach #getoffmybeach #thousanddollarsmoke #gulfofmexico #cbd #rosin #dewax #shatter #wax #w420 #wfayo #wakenbake #weshouldsmoke
privatebeach - cbd - rosin - thousanddollarsmoke - w420 - shatter - getoffmybeach - dewax - wax - weshouldsmoke - gulfofmexico - wakenbake - wfayo -
flaviol485 : How much??
basicmacek : Where you at?
flaviol485 - resinseed - planetgreentrees -
First feet to sand moment of 2016, looks like everyone else had the same idea πŸ˜‚ #getoffmybeach #bondiproblems
bondiproblems - getoffmybeach -
ardelllashesaus - bicep87 - simonaroller - charlotte_upcraft -
Arthurian Tarot by the sea! And the holiday makers are all like #weirdo (insert cackle here) #tarot #wiccan #pagan #beachlife #local #getoffmybeach #palmbeach
palmbeach - wiccan - local - getoffmybeach - tarot - weirdo - beachlife - fknhippies - pagan -
leesh_freeman : Looove this stuff!!!! @poisonality23
poisonality23 : Just as well since you have to put up with me! @leesh_freeman πŸ˜‰ #fknhippies
greyskyboy - claire_early - chalice_nicholson - amazing.greece -
Action shot- Charlie ruined this seagulls day: πŸ•ŠπŸŽ‰πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§βš“οΈ#wasmindingitsownbusiness #seagullharrassment #takeoff #getoffmybeach #huntingforflyingobjects #canondslr #canoneos #canonef #canon #canon_photos #canonuk #canonphotography #canonef #canon70300mm #beach #beachlife #beachwalk #actionshot #beachphotography
canoneos - canon70300mm - canon - getoffmybeach - takeoff - seagullharrassment - beachlife - canonef - actionshot - canonphotography - canon_photos - wasmindingitsownbusiness - canonuk - canondslr - huntingforflyingobjects - beachphotography - beachwalk - beach -
_evecrowley - powerfulwaterco - thirdeyepixs - simplyfocus_ -
Tonight's sunset was wonderful indeed β€β€πŸŒ… #loveflorida #hatethetourists #getoffmybeach
loveflorida - hatethetourists - getoffmybeach -
shalomin : Omg this picture is beautiful!!
juliaaa_jules : dang girl 😍😍
ktpeak26 : Soo..I'm coming to see you, and this sunset.
hadassahmisner : @shalomin thanks love
hadassahmisner : @ktpeak26 sounds good!!
hadassahmisner : @juliaaa_jules it was amazing!
willrossi42 - thanks4nada - marisanicky13 - danielathoelke -
When you hate all the other tourists 😎 but you're one too.. #getoffmybeach
getoffmybeach -
tan860318 - wun0517 -
Koh Larn Island • Thailand 🌴🌊 #stupidpeople #ruiningmyshots #getoffmybeach #thailand #southeastasia #kohlarn #pattaya #island #beach #hot #beachbum #travel #backpacking
kohlarn - ruiningmyshots - island - travel - getoffmybeach - stupidpeople - hot - beachbum - backpacking - thailand - pattaya - beach - southeastasia -
liviask : Beautiful!
mattmkn : Can you bring me home that tree?
natiigaleano : Yes. @mattmkn
tanz2go.britni - local_roasts - max.imus25cm -
#kpandiwouldtotallybefriends #leftsrights #greenrooms #aframes #spongethiswholebeachup #seewhathappenswhenyourenotalocal
leftsrights - kpandiwouldtotallybefriends - seewhathappenswhenyourenotalocal - workingonmybasetan - getoffmybeach - aframes - spongethiswholebeachup - greenrooms -
_chadrey : Because life is way better in blades!!!!
fuzzybear3 : #mahalofuckingsurfers
lainimusmaximus : #workingonmybasetan @fuzzybear3
lainimusmaximus : #getoffmybeach @addisonvaught
sammyaug : KP !!
falalarson - frankr007 - calienteheather - kev_bess -
Home sweet home ♥️ Going back to work is going to be soooo hard after three weeks off. It's also going to be hard only going to the beach after work or on the weekends when I have to share it with other people!!!! Haha. Seriously need to work harder and get myself a private beach! Or start spread shark rumors 😁
sharks - thebeachisawful - melbournegirltopten - getoffmybeach -
thewanderlustlife : #sharks #thebeachisawful #getoffmybeach
thewanderlustlife : #melbournegirltopten
annikal95 - letpeacebeviral - cate_hannum - theinternationallifestyle -
When I see someone on my beach #shoobiesgohome #getoffmybeach #localsonly #annamariaisland
shoobiesgohome - annamariaisland - localsonly - getoffmybeach -
michaelscarpellini - lainaa_15 - pcvusa - gurkenkopf77 -
hp printer cartridges are washing up on our beaches around Cornwall, I've heard in Orkney too. Please let @newquaybeachcombing know if you find any and #anotherhpprintercartridge Thanks. ...hp are very interested in collecting as many as they can so hang on to them till we hear more from them x #2minutebeachclean #newquaybeachcombing #getoffmybeach #marinedebris #printercartridges #washeduponbeach #surfersagainstsewage #litteronbeaches
anotherhpprintercartridge - marinedebris - washeduponbeach - newquaybeachcombing - getoffmybeach - printercartridges - surfersagainstsewage - 2minutebeachclean - litteronbeaches -
keramikfreaken - bluetubebeach - supergwenie -
I love this beach and I especially love that no one else was here! #getoffmybeach #lovecornwall #carlyonbay #crinnis #ifollowcornwall #swisbest #photosofbritain #lovegreatbritain #ig_mondaymoments
photosofbritain - crinnis - lovecornwall - swisbest - getoffmybeach - lovegreatbritain - ifollowcornwall - ig_mondaymoments - carlyonbay -
thislife.ofmine : Beautiful β™‘
saltyseakat : Thank you! πŸ€— @thislife.ofmine
travelhobbyist : Gorgeous! 😍
hannie65 : Just lovely!
adelheids_ideenreich : That I Would like to see!✨
n1n4r : Beautiful!
saltyseakat : Thank you @n1n4r ☺️✨
davidmainwaring1953 : Great photo used to camp here as a kid
caropics - su9164 - mypinkcottage - moslempersia -
#getoffmybeach This little guy swam up into the Keiki beach as I was reading Sue Casey's new book #voicesintheocean Quickly gave up my spot and he wiggled right up. There is only 1300 of these #MonkSeals in the world and you can see one almost every day at @turtlebayresort
monkseals - voicesintheocean - getoffmybeach -
jeffrey_spencer - seashackgirl - cwcdubs - annie__starr -
Enjoying some coffee on the beach with dad and these jerks show up. #beachday. #ratswithwings. #getoffmybeach.
getoffmybeach - beachday - ratswithwings -
jatz_wilson - dsharpy661 - m_m817 - gbkoko -
I found this horrid balloon on a beautiful Cornish beach at the weekend. Balloons make beach -cleaners sad :( #getoffmybeach #balloonrelease #balloonsblow #balloonsblowdontletthemgo #2minutebeachclean #balloondebris #balloonsarebad
balloondebris - balloonsarebad - balloonrelease - 2minutebeachclean - balloonsblow - balloonsblowdontletthemgo - getoffmybeach -
seajunkies : There was a group with small children on the beach on Sunday with several balloons. The children had let a couple go and they were blowing down the beach. My husband ran after them and picked them up. He then went over to the parents and told them that the balloons would have ended up in the sea. She just thought he'd fetched them back for the children's sake. She couldn't see any problem with polluting the environment. 😑
peggydolane : People can be so ignorant. Thank you for keeping your corner of the world clean.
foreverhealthyfitfabulous : People need to be more responsible, thank you for smartie_lids_on_the_beach
markeaton1112 : People are so ignorant of what damage there actions are doing for our future generations to come, it's a I don't give a Damn attitude. Respect our beaches and planet please you self righteous ignorant baffoons.
m0nal1sa : Glad to have more ppl like you that care. My sons & I have always gone w/ lrg trash bags & gloves for protection to clean up some beaches nearby every yr. It never surprises me anymore of how much debris is left behind by non caring idiots & theres lots that also washes ashore from boats. From beer cans to blastic bags w/ garbage & other junk. I've even told ppl , don't forget to take your trash, as they are walking away leaving litter behind, when trash cans are only feet away. There isn't enough strict penalties to keep our shores clean, though signs are posted. @smartie_lids_on_the_beach , @thebarefootdesigner , @seajunkies, @peggydolane , @foreverhealthyfitfabulous & @markeaton1112 Thank you all for being conscientious & caring for our great earth.
foreverhealthyfitfabulous : Hopefully more people will be inspired by the work of smatie_lids_on_the_beach x
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Thank you @foreverhealthyfitfabulous xx
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Exactly @claireprenton @beachguardiansatlantic @rua2000 @thebarefootdesigner @seajunkies @peggyclaire_designs @markeaton1112 @m0nal1sa @foreverhealthyfitfabulous why am I called a fun sucker when I voice my opinion regarding balloon releases? Makes me sad.. please see tomorrow's post ...balloons/seabirds feature :(
foreverhealthyfitfabulous - 5pieces_a_day - peskypebble - marinedebris911 -
Is it weird that whenever I go to @soulcycle I secretly wish Tristafe was teaching the class, telling me "I prefer my students in ponytails so I can imagine them as ponies?" πŸ’›πŸš²πŸ΄ ||πŸ“·: Make Your Own Salad from The Salad House [kale, grape tomatoes, Lima beans, broccoli, red peppers, provolone, carrots, chicken] #TurnYourResistanceUpToGhandi #GetOffMyBeach #IBSIsReal #kimmyschmidt #CheekyEats
cheekyeats - kimmyschmidt - ibsisreal - turnyourresistanceuptoghandi - getoffmybeach -
marzlet : @312food @what.allison.eats @cheekyeats that show cracks me up and miss it...i'd totally be up for that kind of marathon! (I'm retiring from the other ones for the year.)
312food : @what.allison.eats and I have been carbo-loading for Netflix marathons all month. @marzlet you should come over to the dark side 😈😈
what.allison.eats : @marzlet @312food @cheekyeats I'm always down for 🍷 and laughs!
nexbafit : Great
cheekyeats : @312food @marzlet @what.allison.eats Yes, please! I thinks it's *only* 6 hours long! But totally worth the binge - with some Pinot, and maybe even some old school Liz Lemon night cheese?!
cheekyeats : @saladselfie ✌🏻️
cheekyeats : @therealwasabi πŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ˜€
cheekyeats : @allisonkimchi Yesssss! This show (and Nick Kroll as Tristafe) are quote machines! Can't stop/won't stop πŸ˜‚
ocbonvivant - chicagofoodcentral - sour_1110 - nipfoodie -
Malibu will forever hold a special place in my ❀️ 🌊. #Malibu #beach #beachbaby #beachbabe #home #ca #cagirl #homesweethome #throwback #flashback #childhood #takemeback #getoffmybeach
cagirl - malibu - takemeback - beachbabe - ca - getoffmybeach - beachbaby - throwback - home - flashback - beach - childhood - homesweethome -
jessicalandon12 : Happy birthday love!!!β€οΈπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚
calesapien : As will it be in my heart. Lots of great memories there..
msmichellecaswell : @jessicalandon12 thank you beauty!!! 😘
msmichellecaswell : @calesapien some of my favorite memories of you are from there! And we have a lot to choose from! ❀️
calesapien : So true. . Walking miles with no shoes looking for Leo, me walking into the screen door, meeting nev and punky bruster,... The smell and sound of the ocean from the master bedroom. Calling Ed McMan. And Watching wild things for the first time 😱. Haha. List goes on
msmichellecaswell : Lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Yesssss. thank you babe. For all of that. I was so very lucky to call you my best friend in high school
calesapien : As was I!!! So many laughs!!
calesapien : #takemeback
beachinchicks - prp_wine_oc - my_calvin_and_hobbes -
Saturday. The last day of fair. I can't believe it's over already! #bloomsburgfair2015 #bloomsburgfair #local #localsonly #getoffmybeach #pa
pa - localsonly - bloomsburgfair - local - bloomsburgfair2015 - getoffmybeach -
ziza7cal - bumblebree_3 - melinaparkinson - paigedeitrick -
Look what I found in the box of beachpottery from ten years ago that I had been collecting. ....#beachplastic .. I had been cleaning beaches back then too..for a treasure hunter they make unusual finds on a beach that you normally scour for pottery. Now I realise that these are more important to #getoffmybeach , broken pottery doesn't pollute! Happy hunting xx #marinedebris #2minutebeachclean #litteronbeaches #cornishbeaches #beachcomb #beachclean #beachcleanup #plastic #itseverywhere
beachplastic - marinedebris - itseverywhere - plastic - beachcomb - getoffmybeach - 2minutebeachclean - cornishbeaches - beachclean - litteronbeaches - beachcleanup -
serenitykernel : @smartie_lids_on_the_beach Hi there, love what your doing! I do the same but sew the trash into baskets. Any tips to keeping your trash organized so it doesn't consume your life? I'm starting to feel like a hoarder.....
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Haha @serenitykernel ..I keep mine in boxes in a cupboard all sorted into colours!!!:
5pieces_a_day - foreverhealthyfitfabulous - laurafranceswills - unifg -
SOMEBODYS found our secret beach!😳 Chica found the evidence πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ She NEVER retrieves but played for along while with this ball !!! Have a fantastic day my friends!!!!. 🌸Beautiful Partners Tagged🌸. #borderterrier #borderterriersofinstagram #borderterrorist #getoffmybeach #dogsofinstagram #excellent_dogs
borderterriersofinstagram - dogsofinstagram - borderterrier - excellent_dogs - borderterrorist - getoffmybeach -
digsby_n_cinderella_the_chows : Awesome picture!#
bonbon_mcd : @digsby_the_chow 😊 thank you kindly sweet friend πŸ˜ƒπŸ’œπŸŒ»
digsby_n_cinderella_the_chows : Just wondering if your a photographer? All your shots are awesome including crazy awesome action shots!
bonbon_mcd : @digsby_the_chow πŸ˜‚ no, I train dogs for a living πŸ˜‚ I LOVE capturing the essence of my dogs!! ❀️ but I thank you so much for the lovely comment my sweet friend πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›πŸŒΈ
tonya100 : Thus is great! Such a beautiful photo! πŸ’• πŸ‘ 🐢
bonbon_mcd : @tonya100 😊thank you so much my beautiful friend!!!😘wishing you a relaxing evening...(if that's possible with a puppyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜†!)
kayla_the_black_beauty : Looks like a bear
elli.theboston : πŸ˜‚
boxerpix - skygsd - inesferreirasilvaa - fenwaythegsd -
Totem Pole rockin' out at the Millennium Park #bloomsburgfair2015 #bloomsburg #fair #music #friends #family #locals #localsonly #getoffmybeach
localsonly - family - fair - getoffmybeach - music - locals - bloomsburg - friends - bloomsburgfair2015 -
lesfurnessybarra - sethchamb - __lomasi__ - kimberly_elisha84 -
Boardwalk Crüe mean muggin tourists πŸ‘Ί #getoffmybeach #keepitcloudy #carpeweekend πŸ“·: @bryan.paglione
keepitcloudy - carpeweekend - getoffmybeach -
ominousohms : Great shot @boardwalkvapor
vape_o_five : πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
edwardsr88 : Love the freakshow
coastalcloudsco - david.vaping - bri_z_duvo - ohmzraw -
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