The beach guarding crew! #getoffmybeach #jessandrobby2015 @jwinston2015
jessandrobby2015 - getoffmybeach -
jwinston2015 - kingsleyamoh - hootie06 -
Mini micro beach clean on the way back to the car after @sas beach clean..result..soldier boy @joatherton #2minutebeachclean #newquaybeachcombing #getoffmybeach #surfdome #surfersagainstsewage @reef_europe #beachplastic #beachcomb #beachclean #seabirdfood #litterati #foundontheground #flotsamarmy
flotsamarmy - seabirdfood - newquaybeachcombing - litterati - foundontheground - getoffmybeach - beachcomb - surfersagainstsewage - 2minutebeachclean - beachclean - beachplastic - surfdome -
joatherton : We all love a man in uniform!
craftywatts : Thank you. (all the way from Portland OR USA) I love that you are doing this and every bit counts. We do this when we go to the beach and I personally have done projects when i was working to raise awareness of the plastics problem in our oceans and to let people know what they could do to reduce their consumption. Its amazing how much people don't think about how much they use/toss plastic items without any consideration as to where they will end up. You are doing amazing work.
sustainablecoastlineshawaii : Don't lose your head.
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Thanks @craftywatts . I agree in a lunch box at my school I once saw a peeled boiled egg in a plastic heat-sealed container. .what is wrong with people?. .convenience food will end us all. .
craftywatts : I'm allll for convenience (I am American after al πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) but it is getting ridiculous.
marcuharri : #flotsamarmy
alanibally : Great work, @craftywatts @smartie_lids_on_the_beach 😍 I was hanging with my neighbor as he mixed a pre-made salad last night; we were commiserating about the packaging--croutons, cranberries, dressing all in individual plastic bags, then together in a bigger plastic bag, then with salad in an even bigger plastic bag. 12 pieces of plastic for one damn salad?! Ridiculous is right! 😀
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @alanibally our governments must be strong and do something about it I think its the only way. ..
a_house_by_the_sea - bagsintrees - alanibally - 2minutebeachclean -
Sunshine days #oregoncoast #tenmilebeach #secretspots #getoffmybeach #dallasuarusrex
oregoncoast - getoffmybeach - secretspots - dallasuarusrex - tenmilebeach -
rachelflower : Awww such a great pic of Dally girl
shovinpie : ♥️
adelepaillard - rachelflower - thejudelz - kerii_24 -
Afternoon everyone..I am in foundonacornishbeach etsy shop now only £7.50...have a peep xx #2minutebeachclean #newquaybeachcombing #getoffmybeach #surfdome #surfersagainstsewage @reef_europe #beachplastic #beachcomb #plasticparrot#seabirdfood @toy28
seabirdfood - plasticparrot - newquaybeachcombing - getoffmybeach - beachcomb - surfdome - 2minutebeachclean - beachplastic - surfersagainstsewage -
beachlovephotography : Love those tropical colors!
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Yes @beachlovephotography he is great..I want to keep him but running out of wall space xx
sandollarstephenie : So pretty! Just asking.. What are smartie lids? I'm guessing it's candy! 😎
sandollarstephenie : I mean candy that comes in a plastic tube with a lid?😏
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Yes..like m and ms in a tube and pre 2005 the tubes had a plastic lid..after 2005 the packaging was changed to a hexa tube ill tag you in a pic of a current tube x
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @sandollarstephenie look up
sandollarstephenie : @smartie_lids_on_the_beach thank you!
beachbumgq : Pure genius!
birdonthemoon - heddy1212 - tacos_are_beast321 - tammyfchan -
A little kilner jar full of PINK plastic from our cornish beaches..a tiny paint brush, a lid from a vintage fairy liquid bottle, a bit of a jelly shoe, a smartie lid. ...these things should not be on our beaches. .do a @2minutebeachclean and make yourself a jar of inspiration. It will remind you to be less wasteful xx or buy it from my etsy shop ..available now...set of three for £10 #2minutebeachclean #newquaybeachcombing #getoffmybeach #surfdome #surfersagainstsewage @reef_europe #beachplastic #beachcomb #beachclean #seabirdfood #litterati #litterart #foundontheground #etsy #seabirdfood #entanglementpossibility
seabirdfood - newquaybeachcombing - litterati - etsy - foundontheground - entanglementpossibility - getoffmybeach - litterart - beachcomb - surfersagainstsewage - 2minutebeachclean - beachclean - beachplastic - surfdome -
beachlovephotography : A very cool idea!
mahgool64 - emily.lippiatt - ravanealiyeva - renerovekamp -
Come on girls...who puts these down the loo... ? I have collected these from cornish beaches over the past few weeks, now they are all going in the post tomorrow to tampax .im googling the head office address now! #2minutebeachclean #newquaybeachcombing #getoffmybeach #surfdome #surfersagainstsewage @reef_europe #beachplastic #beachcomb #beachclean #seabirdfood #litterati #foundontheground #tampax #applicators
seabirdfood - newquaybeachcombing - litterati - foundontheground - getoffmybeach - beachcomb - surfersagainstsewage - 2minutebeachclean - beachclean - beachplastic - applicators - tampax - surfdome -
tammyfchan : Makes me wonder if there is a sanitary sewer overflow nearby. Is that a possibility? Maybe a ship dumped waste. Ugh. Thank you for picking it up.
beachlovephotography : Yes, thank you for picking those up!!!! That is gross yet your design is cool. I didn't know they came in all of those colors! - And this is probably TMI, but I have been using a Diva cup for my time of the month for 3 months now and it has changed my life!!! Seriously! I wish that I had started using it sooner. It is so easy to use and you don't have to fuss with stuff all day. You can keep it in for up to 12 hours!
birdonthemoon : Tampax needs to quit making these plastic applicators!
heddy1212 : I really don't understand how these can be flushed & make their way on to the beaches...If that was the case then the beaches would be covered in all sorts of sewage stuff. Can someone call the local Water Treatment facility & ask some questions? There has got to be a logical answer & a solution. I would be packing those applicators up & sending them to the CEO of Tampax with a very strongly worded letter about where they end up.
polpodumbo : I did not even know there where PLASTIC ones!?!? Great idea sending it to Tampax, create awareness. And use a cup! I started using it 6 years ago and never used anything else since then!
beachbitchseaglass : I am still amazed you grab these! Hardcore. @heddy1212 they float really well, when theres a storm/water surge they get pushed out of the areas that would normally "trap" them in the sewer lines. Its one of the most common things I see washed ashore in the north eastern united states.
junkshopvenus : πŸ‘ wow that's incredible! I agree with @beachlovephotography @polpodumbo I've been using a moon cup for the last 4 years - so many plusses, both personally and environmentally! πŸ‘
jud_beb : Good practical approach to manufacturer. I reckon all the packaging that end up as waste should be sent back to those who created it. Then they might fully address the issue
pumochum - vivi.jonas - stuffmadefromthings - justinedarmawan -
Just sold this colour wheel on etsy...happy happy happy and its not about the money..its about spreading the word and artiness far and wide.. xx #2minutebeachclean #newquaybeachcombing #getoffmybeach #surfdome #surfersagainstsewage @reef_europe #beachplastic #beachcomb #beachclean #seabirdfood #etsy
seabirdfood - newquaybeachcombing - etsy - getoffmybeach - beachcomb - surfersagainstsewage - 2minutebeachclean - beachclean - beachplastic - surfdome -
madswella : Made by a very talented lady x
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @madswella ahhh miss you xx
tammyfchan : Awesome!
beachlovephotography : And I am so happy for you!!! I love your method of spreading the word!
birdonthemoon : I've been collecting and I'm gonna make some art too!
heddy1212 : Do you include a story about where the plastic was found etc with each piece? I really like what you are doing!
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Thank you everyone. .go for it @birdonthemoon and please show us xx @heddy1212 yes I write a little card for each one saying where the pieces were found and in the case of the smartie lid a little history on it as they have been out of manufacture for 10 years and yet we still find them on our beaches. .
jud_beb : Well done ! Such a good feeling. You inspired me to dig out a couple of photos of old plastic ephemera projects. If you want to have a look, see my recent posts :)
esaa.11.ej - keep_australia_beautiful_wa - babynyancat2002 - calvinaadrilia -
Cleaning and collecting treasures from Watergate today..behind Mollydog is a huge pile of rope. .I heaved it off the beach...who needs a gym when you can clean a beach!! #2minutebeachclean #newquaybeachcombing @reef_europe #surfdome #getoffmybeach
newquaybeachcombing - getoffmybeach - surfdome - 2minutebeachclean -
miles2244 : You do! A matching dog!! Is it a Cockerpoo?
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Yes @miles2244 she is almost two years old,, Molly,, she loves catching tennis balls on beaches!!!
oldnewvintageandblue : Great findings !
miles2244 : Our 2 also love retrieving & are devoted to play in general. We have Lufra who is now 20 months & our new one Izzy just 5 months. My husband, johnywizz in Instagram terms, is trying to drum up interest in a Cockerpoo walk. Probably over the dunes at Crantock, down onto the beach for a circular walk & then those who want a social drink at one of the Crantock pubs. Would you be interested in that? No date as yet he is giving time for responses on the CCGB site. Do you follow CCGB at all. From CCGB (Cockerpoo Club etc) you select 'members pages' from the drop down menu, then click (x2 here) 'Cockerpoo Club Chat' then 'Cockerpoo Meets' then his is listed under 'Cornwall Poos). The walks are enormous fun. We moved to Cornwall 5 months ago & found no one was running them so John is trying to get one going. My name is Bernie & my mobile is 07500776988.
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Thanks bernie..yes I did like the Facebook page and did a couple of meets. .we got out if the habit of meeting up then due to this new hobby ''-beachcombing/beachcleaning''' id love to meet up one day but reluctant to like the site again as it was getting tooooo big..soooo many new posts every day! !!
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Ill pm you my mob if I x can work out how to! !!
2minutebeachclean : May I re post ?
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Go ahead @2minutebeachclean xx
trash__la - nickylinzey - oldnewvintageandblue - on_combing -
Mr. @scottrusso
getoffmybeach -
mcnab112 : Rad πŸ“· @scottrusso @eddie_daroza πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
eddie_daroza : #getoffmybeach
scottrusso : ✊
jenvedder - el_gringo_pedro - nattheeebrat - josephsalasxo -
The sun goes down at Porthtowan and me and the broomhunter find 2 @legolostatsea cutlasses!!!! #legolostatsea #newquaybeachcombing #lego #porthtowan #2minutebeachclean #beachclean #beachcomb #treasure #seabirdfood #nurdles #litterati #getoffmybeach @kernowkitty
seabirdfood - newquaybeachcombing - litterati - treasure - getoffmybeach - porthtowan - lego - beachcomb - nurdles - 2minutebeachclean - beachclean - legolostatsea -
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : HAHA @phil_kernow these are Broom hunter's hands.x
kernowkitty : @smartie_lids_on_the_beach top find πŸ˜˜πŸ‘
beachlovephotography : Argh, me matey! Good work!
pippalloydjones : Wonderful work me hearty πŸ’œ
jud_beb : Result !
pamelagutbor : 😊
martindorey : Brill!!!
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Thanks @martindorey x
martindorey - ilovegiraffes - darlenetoday - polpodumbo -
Who are all these people? Don't they know I'm trying to take a shot?! πŸ˜‚ #getoffmybeach #rock #padstow #cornwall #love_cornwall #kernow #kernowstyle #coast #seaside #beach #beachday #360beaches #ifollowcornwall
love_cornwall - rock - seaside - cornwall - getoffmybeach - 360beaches - kernow - ifollowcornwall - kernowstyle - padstow - coast - beach - beachday -
littleautumn_ : This is gorgeous Kat ... yh how dare they get in your way. πŸ˜‰πŸ“·πŸ’™ xx
peterhumfryes : Lovely shot Kat 😊
cornish_kat : Thank you very much @peterhumfryes πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™
cornish_kat : Hehe!! Thanks Kim @littleautumn_πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™
_babfe : πŸ˜ƒπŸƒ @cornish_kat πŸ‘Œ
cottage_industry : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ
mini_hahaha : Those people how rude!! Ha!!
cornish_kat : Glad you agree!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @mini_hahaha @cottage_industry @_babfe
pink.butterfly.86 - annegretheeidfost - angie1at - fabryco79 -
My aim this evening was to rid Porthtowan of all its blue and green plastic. .after 2hours I almost managed it!! #2minutebeachclean #newquaybeachcombing #getoffmybeach #surfdome #surfersagainstsewage @reef_europe #beachplastic #beachcomb #beachclean #porthtowan #entanglementpossibility
newquaybeachcombing - entanglementpossibility - getoffmybeach - porthtowan - beachcomb - surfersagainstsewage - 2minutebeachclean - beachclean - beachplastic - surfdome -
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @joatherton its a carrier bag full x pm your address again I dont think I still have it xx
steinbroh : I love what your doing!πŸ˜Šβ™»οΈβ™»οΈ
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @steinbroh thanks xx off again soon to rummage through the plastic seaweed!!
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @joatherton its greeen too..want that? ? And its unwashed that ok??
joatherton : I'll take anything, and of course I don't expect you to wash it! It's enough that you're boxing it up for me :) Will send you my details after I've finished my morning cuppa x
lisarandale : Here in the maldives #oliveridleyproject is about to start a similar project: recycling ghostnets to make art out of with the locals.
lisarandale : Ps: love your work! Great ideas! :)
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @lisarandale thanks for the post and follow x its a big family of sea carers on here and my family and I are happy to be a part of it xx
steinbroh - seaglassseeker58 - 2minutebeachclean - xmsq -
Spot the black #legolostatsea flipper amongst the microplastic this afternoon at beautiful Porthtowan. . Having a blue and green kinda day xx #2minutebeachclean #newquaybeachcombing #getoffmybeach #lego #surfdome #treasure #surfersagainstsewage @reef_europe #seabirdfood
seabirdfood - newquaybeachcombing - treasure - getoffmybeach - lego - surfdome - 2minutebeachclean - legolostatsea - surfersagainstsewage -
mizzbassett : Oh - I know exactly how you feel. Was blue-blue myself this week. Xxx for all the work you do!
bad_girl____________ - julie.cameron3 - pamelagutbor - ehpyle -
Pretty plastic. ..pretty nasty plastic #watergate #2minutebeachclean #newquaybeachcombing #surfdome #smartietops #getoffmybeach @reef_europe @flotsamweaving #easyrider @joatherton #litterati #litterart #legolostatsea #legodaisy #tokioexpress
watergate - tokioexpress - newquaybeachcombing - litterati - easyrider - smartietops - getoffmybeach - litterart - surfdome - legodaisy - 2minutebeachclean - legolostatsea -
joatherton : Golly, rich pickings right now...
heddy1212 : Pretty ugly!
jud_beb : I am, however a bit jealous...did you eclipse ?
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @jud_beb no locked inside with a class full of four year olds! ! Boooo
jud_beb : At least there are plenty of good eclipsey pics around. Sorry you couldn't escape !
frecklesdaisy - ccishappy - mizzbassett - 2minutebeachclean -
#unbreakablekimmyschmidt #getoffmybeach #cultcycle
unbreakablekimmyschmidt - cultcycle - getoffmybeach -
stateofangela : This is discrimination against people who lack imagination!
onebeachylife : @stateofangela πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
stateofangela -
@2minutebeachclean @perransands ...found all these shoes in 2 minutes..they all are in my bin now.. the closest one looks like its come a long way... #2minutebeachclean #surfdome #surfersagainstsewage #newquaybeachcombing #haveyoulostyourshoe #getoffmybeach #take3forthesea #lostandfound #lostshoe
take3forthesea - lostandfound - newquaybeachcombing - getoffmybeach - lostshoe - surfersagainstsewage - 2minutebeachclean - haveyoulostyourshoe - surfdome -
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @claudiaarntz there is a day for everything now isn't there!!! How are you ???
claudiaarntz : @smartie_lids_on_the_beach thanks , very good:) I had driftwood day and fog day:)
bagsintrees : @dirty_chancla @haveyoulostyourshoe would both appreciate this
2minutebeachclean : Blimey!
dirty_chancla : @bagsintrees yes sir ✌️
beachlovephotography : Dang! That's a lotta shoes!!!
zerowastechef : 2 minutes???!!!
jud_beb : So many stories. The best seawashed shore shoes I found were at Boulogne. I even found a pair
thingsifindwhilewalking - taka.akat - trashybeach - jetz71 -
Day at the beach #beach #coast #Pacific #oxnard #rocks #sailboat #boat #hotday #sunny #fun #silverstrand #cooldown #sunburn #crowded #getoffmybeach
add4add - r4r - sunny - oxnard - coast - recentforrecent - cooldown - pacific - follow4follow - sunburn - getoffmybeach - boat - spam4spam - spamforspam - crowded - followforfollow - sailboat - a4a - rocks - hotday - recent4recent - addforadd - s4s - fun - likeforlike - silverstrand - like4like - beach - f4f - l4l -
anitabran90 : Que hermosa foto muy feliz noche y mil bendiciones
omartiz48 : Beautiful
norislas : Wonderful View πŸ‘πŸ‘
beachbum_805 : #f4f #followforfollow #follow4follow #likeforlike #like4like #l4l #recent4recent #recentforrecent #r4r #add4add #addforadd #a4a #spam4spam #spamforspam #s4s
shanewenzel - _nilsson_ - sickly_sweet_0 - philcompton -
#manowar #jellyfish #getoffmybeach #teachingmykidswhatnottodo #beachday
teachingmykidswhatnottodo - getoffmybeach - manowar - beachday - jellyfish -
muddyboy120 : So sexy
robe.fernandez - twitch_mitch718 - nickknight96 - jeffinop -
And beach season has officially opened #beautifulday #mommasbirthday #getoffmybeach @nikkiarcabella
beautifulday - getoffmybeach - mommasbirthday -
stinkpotato - joey_meatballs - ajthedude - durden_bateman -
#tbt to Grandma interrupting Harrison Ford's vacay #getoffmybeach #kauai1995 #twolegends @ashfreeman
whowillipostaboutnext - firstinstagrampost - stayonmygoodside - twolegends - getoffmybeach - kauai1995 - tbt -
jillynews : #firstinstagrampost
richardf_ingbeatty : #wellplayed #stronginstagame
michelproulx : Crazy, Harrison Ford crashed a small plane today. I Feel like maybe your epic #tbt influenced that, as the universe couldn't handle it.
jillynews : @michelproulx my Instagram is surprisingly powerful #whowillipostaboutnext #stayonmygoodside
michelproulx - zackgman - stefaniralph - benraymondoriginals -
These guys are all over the place in Kauai since there are no predators (mongoose or snakes). #crazyroosters #getoffmybeach
crazyroosters - getoffmybeach -
carolinamina - cowgirl.chick - jodilynne1971 - dhlpressingon -
#merica #smellslikefreedom #boom #getoffmybeach #localsonly #daily_badass
merica - localsonly - boom - daily_badass - smellslikefreedom - getoffmybeach -
taaaday - desiraejo20 - sharsti20 - soblazed420 -
Damn tourists... #getoffmybeach #sketching #doodling #doodle #pencil #soflo #sfkcrew #drawing #art
pencil - art - doodle - soflo - sketching - getoffmybeach - sfkcrew - doodling - drawing -
meononer - okd2 - sfk.crew - playboy_thebarber -
#seaglass #getoffmybeach #bytheseashore @littlemamamarie
getoffmybeach - bytheseashore - seaglass -
littlemamamarie : Oh Ya that's me alright. .lol No really..
jenis_journey_ : NO REALLY... MINE ITS ALL MINE @littlemamamarie lol
littlemamamarie : No it's all MINE..
littlemamamarie : Remember you have to give it away to keep it..So give it to me..lol
jenis_journey_ : You so funny!!! @littlemamamarie 😝😎
seahag805 : β€οΈπŸ˜‚
seahag805 : @santacruz27
santacruz27 - lucas.mcgrath - candacewood1414 - seahag805 -
getoffmybeach -
_kayliee28 : Did someone say "Shark!!!!" πŸ˜‚
malameggi - dose_of_haley - reza_ahmadi1372 - cecesbubble -
#footprints #getoffmybeach
footprints - getoffmybeach -
jesshalfwhite - wokonleesback - greenjambone - chick_phi_le -
Clearly having way too much fun with my camera's rapid burst function. #getoffmybeach #hiiya πŸ™…
meow - hiiya - likeacat - getoffmybeach -
hinman88 : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
blairjunior : πŸ‘Œ
asim_overstands : Amazing
samantha.peck : Thanks for the follow @asim_overstands! ✌️
asim_overstands : No need to thank! Haha @samantha.peck also, let me take a portrait haha
samantha.peck : @asim_overstands I'd be honoured! πŸ™Œ
a_nochian : πŸ˜…
rlawyyc : This photo is amazing!!! πŸ˜†
wingedling - brandycarolyn - diriie - jenna_6647 -
No such thing as personal space at Bondi today #getoffmybeach
getoffmybeach -
mrsdennis93 : Close quarters for sure
jmaryhh : Flurofanny!
borms68 : I noticed that too @jmaryhh πŸ˜„
minrins - demonfan12 - melc_1911 - funrun75 -
Gorgeous day today! Although not happy with how many people are around! #getoffmybeach!
getoffmybeach -
standish2000 - sophiarolfe - nataliemcfar1 - katyterry -
My frilled cousins sure have silly neckflaps... #MockingRaptor #dinosaurs #cassaraptorcreations #ICantTakeNormalPictures #raptorlaugh #beach #fossils #ocean #frilled #lizards #Caribbean #bikini #sand #velociraptor #GetOffMyBeach
velociraptor - icanttakenormalpictures - fossils - lizards - cassaraptorcreations - sand - ocean - raptorlaugh - dinosaurs - bikini - mockingraptor - caribbean - getoffmybeach - beach - frilled -
tinacrespo : @badnews_bolden πŸ‘
cassaraptorcreations : @badnews_bolden I am aware : ) it was a joke riffing off my studio name.
vaudevillian_bolden : It gave me a laugh so I'm cool with it
cassaraptorcreations : @badnews_bolden and @tinacrespo all the name of good fun! I've had a Fossil Fixation since I was a kid. I have jars of rocks and trilobites all over my house. There's when an archaeopteryx tattoed down my ribcage. Are you into studying paleontology as well?
tinacrespo : @cassaraptorcreations not at all. It was just a thumbs up. I think the photo is awesome. Man.
vaudevillian_bolden : I got into dinosaurs and paleontology when Jurassic park first came out when I was five.
kylechasse : Great post!
cassaraptorcreations : Thank you @kylechasse !!
fanboyrant - square_fish1 - mynameismegz - mohawkphotography -
@chavagreenlee @hippsterkillerhuner @martinezbobby #getoffmybeach
getoffmybeach -
coryseltenreich : @misterbenjamin
misterbenjamin : @coryseltenreich aloha you fuckin surfers
sherbs_161 : @teddy_lyons_
mfreeze100 : @lordstacks1947
lordstacks1947 : @cmacdeezy @jahva_slg
lordstacks1947 : @j0eymerin0 lmfao
j0eymerin0 : @don_kilo @t_bone_malone @that_shit_craig @dannymollyshow 420 likes... Coincidence? I think not
redlineracing80 : @capt._m0rgan πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
dalis21dir_mutiv - haynsurfa - redlineracing80 -
Under a coconut tree getting my brown on! #vitaminD #deblackerdeberry #islandgirl #islandlife #happierwhenhot #thickthighs #getoffmybeach #saturdays
happierwhenhot - islandgirl - saturdays - deblackerdeberry - islandlife - getoffmybeach - vitamind - thickthighs -
mrsillis : Girl ur thighs far from thick.... Enjoy the sun!πŸ˜‰
mrsillis - dominiquesxm - glewarch - svrutje -
Merry Christmas from the beach! #dolphins #pensacola #beachwalkers #getoffmybeach
getoffmybeach - pensacola - beachwalkers - dolphins -
jordanmoseley94 - such32 - jananboyter - abinz22 -
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