@Regrann from @smartie_lids_on_the_beach - IF I GET 100 LIKES IM DONATING £10 TO THE MARINE CONSERVATION SOCIETY! !! I found lots of balloon debris on this beautiful beach....I thought this heap of deadly ribbon made a stunning photo.. #2minutebeachclean #newquaybeachcombing #getoffmybeach #surfdome #surfersagainstsewage @reef_europe #beachplastic #beachcomb #beachclean #balloonsblowdontletthemgo #balloonsblow #deadly #cornishbeaches #balloondebris #litterati #foundontheground #hayle #Regrann
newquaybeachcombing - litterati - balloonsblowdontletthemgo - hayle - getoffmybeach - surfersagainstsewage - 2minutebeachclean - cornishbeaches - balloondebris - regrann - deadly - foundontheground - beachcomb - beachclean - beachplastic - balloonsblow - surfdome -
litterati : @hsl_2 Welcome to the LItterati! That is such an awesome picture. Please post more and hopefully your community will follow you and help us clean the planet.
litterati : @hsl_2 Congratulations. Our panel has voted and your picture has been awarded the "Pic of the Day." Please check it out on our Facebook, Google+, and Twitter pages and share with your friends and community.
rose_anne91 : I always find balloons 😣 amazes me that people don't realise that letting them go for fun isn't so fun for the environment!!
sw1ngc - rose_anne91 - motrr - 2minutebeachclean -
IF I GET 100 LIKES IM DONATING £10 TO THE MARINE CONSERVATION SOCIETY! !! I found lots of balloon debris on this beautiful beach....I thought this heap of deadly ribbon made a stunning photo.. #2minutebeachclean #newquaybeachcombing #getoffmybeach #surfdome #surfersagainstsewage @reef_europe #beachplastic #beachcomb #beachclean #balloonsblowdontletthemgo #balloonsblow #deadly #cornishbeaches #balloondebris #litterati #foundontheground #hayle @chalky49
newquaybeachcombing - litterati - balloonsblowdontletthemgo - hayle - getoffmybeach - surfersagainstsewage - 2minutebeachclean - cornishbeaches - balloondebris - deadly - foundontheground - beachcomb - beachclean - beachplastic - balloonsblow - surfdome -
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @chalky49 good idea xx
chalky49 : @smartie_lids_on_the_beach Ps wish I could like 100 times! If you get 100 likes I pledge to give £5 to the Marine Conservation Society. (But you will have to post me when it happens!) (oh and please don't think me mean ,£5 is always my affordable limit it means I can spread around lots of good causesπŸ’•)
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @chalky49 ohhh thank you and no I don't think you mean...I think you are FAB XXXXX
jud_beb : We better get liking !
claudiaarntz : @smartie_lids_on_the_beach it's may, month of weddings and I find tons of it at the moment:(
chalky49 : @smartie_lids_on_the_beach almost there! 😊
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @chalky49 I know...im watching....xx
danutaephemeralart : Hands joined across the oceans clearing the shores together ... love it.
scabduty - litterblowout - shubhangini.azad - doddlecuddles -
My husband and my dog pulling #ghostnets off the beach at Watergate..these nets carry on fishing after they are lost or discarded by fishermen #getoffmybeach #2minutebeachclean #newquaybeachcombing #fishingindustry #nets #watergate #lovebeaches #cornishbeaches #cornwallbeaches #ecodog #cockapoo
watergate - newquaybeachcombing - ghostnets - cockapoo - fishingindustry - lovebeaches - ecodog - 2minutebeachclean - cornwallbeaches - cornishbeaches - getoffmybeach - nets -
youmakeme_design : I do the same but my dog doesn't join in, you've got a good one there!! πŸ˜œπŸΆπŸ‘
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @youmakeme_design sometimes she pulled in the wrong direction! !!
2minutebeachclean : β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
jud_beb : A new one to me...ghost nets . Obviously not a good thing
beachguardiansatlantic : Imagine the suffering you've prevented. Thanks!
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Ahhhh thanks @beachguardiansatlantic thats why we do it xxx
llwydin - janetpaynejewelry - jetsamdesigns - thingsifindwhilewalking -
All these yellow bouy bits from Treyarnon nr Padstow today..happy bank holiday everyone #newquaybeachcombing #2minutebeachclean #bouybits #bouys #yellow #treyarnonbay #treyarnon #newquay #getoffmybeach #litterati #surfdome #surfersagainstsewage @reef_europe #beachplastic #beachcomb #beachclean
beachplastic - newquay - treyarnon - newquaybeachcombing - litterati - treyarnonbay - yellow - bouybits - beachcomb - surfdome - getoffmybeach - 2minutebeachclean - beachclean - bouys - surfersagainstsewage -
mtloknut : Looks like a fruit salad
chalky49 : Looks like the play food at school! (Well played with!) I spy cheese, ham, bread roll, tomato, potato wedge and more cheese!!! πŸ˜‚x
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @chalky49 a sweetpotato wedge!!
chalky49 : πŸ˜‹πŸ‘
w4marf : Look at those colours!!!!
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @w4marf cool hey!!!!!
bluewhiteandgrey : Nice
shuvly : Great colours!! πŸŠπŸ‹
jclarke67 - janetpaynejewelry - the_salty_crew - jetsamdesigns -
Twins..these colour wheels are almost identical. ..they are in my etsy shop..foundonacornishbeach £12 each..£1 donated to the marine conservation society xx #colour #colourwheel #colourwheels #spectrum #colour #beachcomb #beachclean #seabirdfood #litterati #foundontheground #smartielidsonthebeach #smartielids #treasure #litterart #etsyshop #etsy #foundonacornishbeach #marineplastic #beachtreasure #beachplastic #marinedebris #cornishbeaches #cornwall #getoffmybeach #surfdome
foundonacornishbeach - marinedebris - litterati - smartielidsonthebeach - spectrum - cornwall - getoffmybeach - litterart - seabirdfood - colourwheels - surfdome - cornishbeaches - beachtreasure - etsy - etsyshop - colour - treasure - smartielids - foundontheground - colourwheel - beachcomb - marineplastic - beachclean - beachplastic -
slhosker : Fantastic...well done!
beachlovephotography : Very, very cool!!! These are so pretty!
sunshinedaydesigns : Great!!!
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Thanks guys @sunshinedaydesigns @beachlovephotography @slhosker @foundincalifornia @shuvly @madswella
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @hollyf2912 would you like one....?
jud_beb : Super duper
hollyf2912 : Yes
hollyf2912 : Sorry yes please mumma!!! Xxx
jclarke67 - x_wiedzma - the_salty_crew - meda039 -
Beach Patrol #getoffmybeach #guarddog #caniseeyourpass #dogsofinstagram #sophie #minpin #breakwaterbeach
minpin - dogsofinstagram - breakwaterbeach - caniseeyourpass - sophie - guarddog - getoffmybeach -
kimmie.and.bug - rockrainesy - hana_booboo - samoyedharley -
How many googles end up at the bottom of the sea? #2minutebeachclean #newquaybeachcombing #litterati #goggles #beachcomb #beachclean #kelp #getoffmybeach #portreath
newquaybeachcombing - litterati - getoffmybeach - goggles - kelp - beachcomb - 2minutebeachclean - beachclean - portreath -
jclarke67 - beachlovephotography - the_salty_crew - juli_likes_baking -
#wasmeanttobethere #toomanydogs #getoffmybeach #livingthedream
toomanydogs - wasmeanttobethere - livingthedream - getoffmybeach -
tigress_666 - 1968dave - amandaelarkins - mariaenzafiola123 -
Adrenaline. .on my beautiful cornish beach. ...my beach doesn't need adrenaline...and neither do I ...I made enough of my own watching the dragon hunter @luluslee at her best yesterday xx #2minutebeachclean #newquaybeachcombing #getoffmybeach #litterati ##ampule #adrenaline #beachclean #beachcomb #drugsonbeaches #tregantle #takecareunderfoot ##foundontheground
litterati - newquaybeachcombing - takecareunderfoot - tregantle - getoffmybeach - adrenaline - ampule - beachcomb - drugsonbeaches - 2minutebeachclean - beachclean - foundontheground -
seaglassseeker58 : 😊
mawrgun : Yikes that's #cray
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @mizzbassett look not a lightbulb but worse. .step on this not only do you get cut you get a dose of adrenaline
mizzbassett : Nasty, nasty 😐 I've found so many syringes over winter. Makes you wonder. X
janetpaynejewelry - thingsifindwhilewalking - not_in_new_york - lisarandale -
A bit political for me....but...who thinks I should tell our local Conservative MP that in Cornwall we are BLUE about the amount of plastic on our beautiful beaches? PS spot 2 blue flippers and 2 blue smartie lids. ..xxx #2minutebeachclean #newquaybeachcombing #getoffmybeach #surfdome #surfersagainstsewage @reef_europe #beachplastic #beachcomb #beachclean #seabirdfood #blue #foundonacornishbeach #legolostatsea #smartielids @the_salty_crew @mizzbassett
blue - me - seabirdfood - newquaybeachcombing - smartielids - getoffmybeach - foundonacornishbeach - surfdome - beachcomb - 2minutebeachclean - beachclean - beachplastic - legolostatsea - surfersagainstsewage -
martindorey : Do it. We have a new MP. I have written to him today asking for a meeting about all our issues. Gotta vote with our feet now.
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : George is going to get this sentvto him in an email... @martindorey. ..im going to use and abuse him!
miles2244 : I met him in St Columb and thought he seemed a real Cornishman with Cornwall's issues close to his heart, eg safety of hundreds of visitors to Cornwall's beaches at Cornwall's expense. The West were essential in returning Cameron and they have the strength of numbers now. I really hope you will be listened to. I found 1 flipper (top edge ?), and might have found Smartie lids! X
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @miles2244 thanks x flippers and smartie lids are near the middle xx
miles2244 : Ok, got one flipper, on paler blue strip, think I see lids, as long as not blue bottle tops!! Giving up on other flipper as getting cross eyed!
jason25hills : Tell em
stayingintheemeraldcity : Tell them! Anybody would be shocked by this πŸ˜” But of course your photo is beautiful πŸ˜‰πŸ’™
blu3rsx : #Blu3 #PlasticPickUpPosse ✌
janetpaynejewelry - doddlecuddles - not_in_new_york - 7jdesign -
Was a great sky tonight. #lakechamplain #sunset #getoffmybeach #lake #beach
beach - getoffmybeach - sunset - lake - lakechamplain -
asheremeteva : @schlano perfect πŸ’•
aaronlevison - rrrosebudd - 1michelleplant - carolasiqueira -
So many bouy bits..washed and waiting for inspiration. ...any ideas?? #2minutebeachclean #newquaybeachcombing #getoffmybeach #surfdome #surfersagainstsewage @reef_europe #beachplastic #beachcomb #beachclean #seabirdfood #litterati #foundontheground #litterart #foundonacornishbeach #fishingindustry #bouys #bouybits #lobsterpotbouys
seabirdfood - newquaybeachcombing - litterati - lobsterpotbouys - bouybits - litterart - foundonacornishbeach - surfdome - 2minutebeachclean - bouys - foundontheground - fishingindustry - beachcomb - getoffmybeach - beachclean - beachplastic - surfersagainstsewage -
shuvly : Look so lovely stacked like this, πŸ‘Œ
baisey : A rain chain would be really pretty!
dollyland : Love them stacked
kentbeachart : radiating sunburst, great colours for it.
ruunfuun : Spruces/trees! Make a hole in it and set them on top of each other and a little foot to give them balance. And for Christmas you can put a little star on the topπŸŽ„
alanibally : They look like veggie chips! Mmmmm...πŸ…πŸ†πŸŒ½πŸ 
marcuharri : @smartie_lids_on_the_beach Snap! I've got loads of these too. I'm planing a fish mosaic ?clown fish. Wind chimes sounds easier!
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @marcuharri nemo sounds good id like to see that x ill give it a try with my children at school x
janetpaynejewelry - veronica_barsukova - jetsamdesigns - thingsifindwhilewalking -
Another exciting find in my harbour again today..more lego lost at sea...this piece is a log wall and was in a pirate set called Pirates Perilous Pitfall in 1997 and was on the #tokioexpress !! #2minutebeachclean #newquaybeachcombing #getoffmybeach #legolostatsea #treasure #beachcomb #pirates #legopirates #shipwreck #containerspill
tokioexpress - containerspill - pirates - newquaybeachcombing - treasure - getoffmybeach - beachcomb - 2minutebeachclean - legopirates - legolostatsea - shipwreck -
themadjueys : @hanbanfly clear up your Lego in future please!
pottycarla : Realty not happy Lego helping you!
pottycarla : Really! X
baisey : All Legos! @sailorgail
stayingintheemeraldcity - sunshinedaydesigns - juli_likes_baking - beachlovephotography -
It's summer. Yes! #getoffmybeach #coorslight #420 #sunscreen
420 - coorslight - sunscreen - getoffmybeach -
headytreasures - mrbooth561 - moniquemarieford - theharshness -
How will you travel this Bank Holiday weekend?? Xx #2minutebeachclean #newquaybeachcombing #litterati #treasure #weekend #smarties #smartielids #getoffmybeach #smartielidsonthebeach #beachcomb #beachclean #litterart #travelsinmybongo #bongofriendee
smartielidsonthebeach - newquaybeachcombing - litterati - treasure - smartielids - weekend - getoffmybeach - bongofriendee - litterart - beachcomb - travelsinmybongo - 2minutebeachclean - beachclean - smarties -
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Have a great time @sandollarstephenie x
sandollarstephenie : @smartie_lids_on_the_beach thank you so much!😎
beachlovephotography : So cute! I love your travel theme!
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @415plumber you have easy riders I hear!
415plumber : One or two.. @smartie_lids_on_the_beach nice tire collection!!! Keep the Stoke!
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @415plumber thanks xxx
surfthegreats : Amazing!
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @surfthegreats thanks
primrosegrays - jclarke67 - polpodumbo - jetsamdesigns -
This hard hat came home with me...you never know when you might need one! #2minutebeachclean #newquaybeachcombing #getoffmybeach #litterati #hardhat #goggles @beachlovephotography @marinedebris911
goggles - hardhat - newquaybeachcombing - litterati - 2minutebeachclean - getoffmybeach -
beachlovephotography : True that! It just looks a little "Jason-like." Scary!
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @marine_debris
jclarke67 - beachlovephotography - shootplastic - thingsifindwhilewalking -
Treasure amongst the rotting seaweed. .#legolostatsea #2minutebeachclean #newquaybeachcombing #getoffmybeach #litterati #treasure #beachcomb #happydance
happydance - newquaybeachcombing - litterati - treasure - getoffmybeach - beachcomb - 2minutebeachclean - legolostatsea -
newquaybeachcombing : Yes those bits may well be from the 1997 spill !
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Yey..laura was excited first blocks she had ever found. .
jeffflorida : That's where my shoe is lol @smartie_lids_on_the_beach great job
sandollarstephenie : Love the shoe!!πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ 
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @sandollarstephenie @jeffflorida the shoe is so cute says made in hong kong on the bottom so I can date it..ill research it and then take a picture xx
beachlovephotography : Wow! You find all the cool stuff!!!
shuvly : Missed this. Love the plane! I haven't got fb but my partner has so might do it through him, ☺️. It's amazing the things u find.
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Thanks @shuvly and @beachlovephotography
hatty.weaver - litterblowout - diane_kho - trash_nyc -
Find a bag in a smelly harbour under the rotting kelp and fill it with plastic..#2minutebeachclean . an hours happy fossicking finding lego too ..happy xx #newquaybeachcombing #getoffmybeach #litterati #rubbish #beachclean #beachplastic
beachplastic - rubbish - newquaybeachcombing - litterati - beachclean - 2minutebeachclean - getoffmybeach -
trashwalker : Good work!
2minutebeachclean : Oh my!!!!
beachlovephotography : The goggles on the hard hat are scary!!!
jclarke67 - beachlovephotography - juli_likes_baking - _ell.ie_m.ae -
Saving our soles. Picked up with our friends Beachcombing's Bizarre and Beautiful during a two minute beach clean. #2minutebeachclean #haveyoulostyourshoe #lostsoles #washed #cleanbeach #beachclean #strandline #stranded #marinetrash #marinedebris #marinelitter #oceandebris #oceanlitter #oceantrash #oceangarbage #beachcomb #beachcombing #beachcomber #debris #lostshoes #lostgoggles #getoffmybeach #goggles #lostglasses
debris - lostshoes - oceantrash - marinedebris - strandline - lostglasses - getoffmybeach - oceandebris - goggles - 2minutebeachclean - beachcomber - beachcombing - lostgoggles - oceanlitter - marinetrash - lostsoles - stranded - washed - oceangarbage - beachcomb - cleanbeach - marinelitter - beachclean - haveyoulostyourshoe -
maidenincornwall : I lost an all blue fin a couple of weeks ago down at Fistral. Wondering where it will turn up
mattrowefx : So many of these over in Thailand - some, sadly, a legacy of the tsunami
aberystwythbeachbuddies : I've been told that researchers found left feet travel one way and right feet travel another...
blackberrybelle75 : Lol I lost a sandal on a beach once looked for ages but the sand had eaten it.
beachlovephotography : I love what you've done here! Yay for symmetry and yay for all your beach cleaning efforts!!!
cglassrpei : I heard that the left and right shoes move in the currents differently.
surfthegreats : Nice work guys!
haveyoulostyourshoe : Nice work!
keep_australia_beautiful_wa - microcosm_macrocosm - itisnotjusttrash - waterforourearth -
Pretty much sums up our relationship. #Sunday #happy #GetOffMyBeach
sunday - getoffmybeach - happy -
imaginelaurenn : Yallllllll ❀️
imaginelaurenn - judy_panda45 - _dianne_c - king._.marcus -
Morning everyone ...I find so many circle thingys on the beach I thought I'd make a treasury..I realllly want to keep this one!! The one in the middle says *sorry try again* so much SUP I'm sure they won't give up :( @2minutebeachclean #2minutebeachclean #getoffmybeach #bottletopsonbeaches #newquaybeachcombing #seabirdfood #litterati #foundontheground #litterart #foundonacornishbeach @beachlovephotography @toy28
foundonacornishbeach - newquaybeachcombing - litterati - foundontheground - getoffmybeach - litterart - seabirdfood - bottletopsonbeaches - 2minutebeachclean -
newquaybeachcombing : And a #hooksettdisc too!
beachlovephotography : I love the "sorry try again"!!!
freeinthesea2014 : Love your work!!!
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Thanks @freeinthesea2014 x
jclarke67 - the_salty_crew - kanagi_mango - thingsifindwhilewalking -
Jump Mr Shark... #2minutebeachclean #litterati #seabirdfood #fishfood #plasticshark #litterart #foundonacornishbeach #newquaybeachcombing #getoffmybeach
foundonacornishbeach - fishfood - newquaybeachcombing - litterati - getoffmybeach - litterart - plasticshark - 2minutebeachclean - seabirdfood -
jetz71 : Your art makes me smile πŸ˜„
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Haha @jetz71 xx
martindorey : I like this!!!! 2 smartie lids on our 290 kid beach clean yesterday. And a cutlass and some flowers!
suereadart : Enter our #ItsNotRubbish art show please .. Www. Budeartsandmusic.org
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Ok @suereadart ill look into it x
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @martindorey good effort..if you photos please # me xx
laurengraymccartha : @lb_linehan ❀️
beachlovephotography : LOL! This fish is so cute!!! You are on a roll with your art!!!
jclarke67 - beachlovephotography - lotus_tasarim - dogsdontlitter -
Strange variety of Blue birdy made from beach plastic #2minutebeachclean #newquaybeachcombing #getoffmybeach #litterati #litterart #seabirdfood #foundonacornishbeach #marineplastic #plasticbird
foundonacornishbeach - newquaybeachcombing - litterati - getoffmybeach - litterart - seabirdfood - 2minutebeachclean - plasticbird - marineplastic -
llwydin : That's fantastic
beachlovephotography : He is adorable!!!!
jetz71 : πŸ‘Œ
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Thanks guys @beachlovephotography @jetz71 @llwydin @@juli_likes_baking @hippieferris
laurengraymccartha : @lb_linehan
peggydolane : Cool!
thecornishone : Love your stuff!! Very cool :)
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @thecornishone @peggydolane thanks xxx
llwydin - janetpaynejewelry - jetsamdesigns - on_combing -
My latest bit of rubbish art Soon to be on sale in Newquay at @justbu #2minutebeachclean #newquaybeachcombing #getoffmybeach #litterati #litterart @beachlovephotography #foundonacornishbeach #foundontheground
litterart - foundonacornishbeach - newquaybeachcombing - litterati - 2minutebeachclean - foundontheground - getoffmybeach -
beachlovephotography : I love this!!! Your work is so inspiring!!! It was what caused me to see garbage in a new light! You tell the story of our waste and, I hope, our redemption from it!
jrwelshy : Amazing. @smartie_lids_on_the_beach πŸ˜€
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Thanks guysx @beachlovephotography @jrwelshy
jud_beb : Excellent. Love your ethos and style
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Thanks @jud_beb xx
llwydin - keep_australia_beautiful_wa - on_combing - 7jdesign -
Fishing line and hooks tangled up with broken coral..even though this was a protected area I often saw line when I snorkled. #2minutebeachclean #getoffmybeach #deadcoral #coral #monofilament #fishinglines
fishinglines - monofilament - 2minutebeachclean - deadcoral - coral - getoffmybeach -
sarah_home_away : Oh noooo! 😒
claudiaarntz : Worse thing ever, find this so often
beachlovephotography : Ugh!!! Fishing line is the worst! I've seen quite a few birds tangled in it. Breaks my heart!!!
2minutebeachclean : Oh what a mess!
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : It's horrid @2minutebeachclean @claudiaarntz @beachlovephotography I literally wound it up as I snorkeled.... there was loads but in a protected area I couldn't touch the coral so had to leave it there :(
thingsifindwhilewalking - keep_australia_beautiful_wa - ellxssa_ - 7jdesign -
Polystyrene balls all over my holiday beach in Egypt ... from a burst beach-bean-bag..perfect fish food. #happy_beaches #2minutebeachclean #getoffmybeach #fishfood #seabirdfood #polystyreneballs #egyptbeaches
polystyreneballs - seabirdfood - fishfood - egyptbeaches - 2minutebeachclean - happy_beaches - getoffmybeach -
heddy1212 : I like your photo... I don't like the polystyrene...
shariana : πŸ˜©πŸ’”
lapponialadka : :/
funnygirl1954 : πŸ‘€πŸ‘ŽπŸ»πŸ‘Š
kkgrafx : #sad
sunshinedaydesigns : Noooo!
patriciadenisartist : Times like that the problem feels overwhelming. So much work to get rid of those tiny bits. Best to console oneself with knowing that collecting big bits reduces the smaller, more difficult to remove stuff like this.
beachlovephotography - juli_likes_baking - marcuharri - seaglassseeker58 -
I'm blue with all this litter around :( @2minutebeachclean #2minutebeachclean #getoffmybeach #bottletopsonbeaches #egypt #deadcoral #egyptbeaches
deadcoral - bottletopsonbeaches - egyptbeaches - 2minutebeachclean - egypt - getoffmybeach -
mizzbassett : Know how you feel! xx
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @mizzbassett you know we have things in common..our hobby..the red sea..2min winners....!!!whats the new 2min competition?
mizzbassett : @smartie_lids_on_the_beach - We do have stuff in common - am very pleased 😊 New 2min is "strange creatures".. Are you still in Egypt? (my sea is the Med - but close anyway!)...
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : No we are home now.. great holiday..we will go back next year too I think. Strange ones we are yes my husband wonders if it is possible to walk on a beach with me hand in hand and for me not to be holding a carrier bag of rubbish @mizzbassett @2minutebeachclean
mizzbassett : @smartie_lids_on_the_beach Hahaha! I hear you! πŸ™‹ Glad you could enjoy it despite the beach problems. Look forward to seeing your posts from home. You could consider cyprus next year & I'll show you some great trash spots πŸ˜‰ x
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @mizzbassett that would be great!!!
mizzbassett : @smartie_lids_on_the_beach 🌞 welcome! 🌞
jclarke67 - beachlovephotography - shootplastic - thingsifindwhilewalking -
If you do this, you're disgusting and I hate you. #MindYourButtsYouAnimals #GetOffMyBeach
mindyourbuttsyouanimals - getoffmybeach -
elebron24 - jamieeferraraaa - johncafone - jerseychef815 -
Date night. Too much #Indianfood & @Netflix's The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. #vegan #dinner #getoffmybeach
dinner - getoffmybeach - vegan - indianfood -
cupcolours : Date?!
lenapereira : @pplq @cupcolours yeah I didn't read anything else past "date" either...
meganranegar : @lenapereira @cupcolours @pplq me either 😁
arichane : Explain!!!
maailmanmari - dupezero - cinemaandspice - macaronsbylauren -
Letting the ducks know.... I am back for the summer.... And I am the boss!! 🐾🐾 #getoffmybeach #ithinkimabirddog
ithinkimabirddog - getoffmybeach -
applell213 : Cute pict @the_invincible_king_xuan_
blscimone - larryandrover - riverrox63 - barleyandlager -
If one more freaking tourist cuts me off on the round about someone's getting hurt!!!! 😑 #IhateSpringBreakers #GetOffMyBeach! #justkidding #Imtoonice #clearwaterbeach #springbreak
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3cms...Found on a beach. .Simon Templar or Elvis?? #crackerjack #crackertoys #elvis #simontemplar #2minutebeachclean #newquaybeachcombing #getoffmybeach #surfdome @reef_europe
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smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Yes @pennymorris6 you are right it seems..ive been talking to someone in the know who says the halo on top is for the Saint...makes sense. .I thought it was a #crackertoy which sometimes has a ring on top..@iamtheugly sorry!!!
iamtheugly : Elvis should be a saint hehe
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : Hehe @iamtheugly !!!
http.prancer : @smartie_lids_on_the_beach
reg9110 : Elvis, fo sure
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : I thought so too @reg9110 but then I looked at images of the Saint / Roger Moore and realised I have too much time on my hands!!!
reg9110 : @smartie_lids_on_the_beach Ha ha!
steinbroh : Thanks to plastic, the King lives on for ever!😎
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What an inspirational moment. .people working together to get these #ghostnets off perranporth beach..great job @surfersagainstsewage for organising 285 people to remove 2 tonnes of crap from our beautiful beach x much respect x #sas #surfersagainstsewage @reef_europe #beachplastic #newquaybeachcombing #getoffmybeach #surfdome #2minutebeachclean
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mtloknut : Where did it get taken to?
smartie_lids_on_the_beach : @mtloknut I think it was being weighed and analysed by @worldanimalprotection
beachlovephotography : I'm so proud of y'all's commitment and effort!!!!
tammyfchan : So glad you posted this photo.
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