Ready for spring...tired of grey, cold, gloomy weather. Need to fish! #flyfishingrules #dryflyisbest #getmeontheriver
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Little mid #flytying #selfie from my first tying class lastnight! Sooo fun! #thiscouldgetaddicting #flyfishing #flyfishinggirls #troutbum #troutporn #mayflymafia #trout #girlsthatflyfish #dimples #dryfly #nofishissafe #getmeontheriver #flyfishingflygirls #vise
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m.prettyfly : Thanks @mposein , the other pic is better where their all done haha. It was fun. I think I'm hooked! πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
fishin_jesus : That will catch fish
theclassicfly : @m.prettyfly Awesome Melissa - you're flyfishing had just been expanded by another dimension, and will be twice as fun. Nothing beats a difficult and weary trout rise to a fly made by your own hands, presented the right way. Keep posting πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸ‘
m.prettyfly : Thanks @theclassicfly , I love it.
m.prettyfly : I'll have some tying pics for you soon @theclassicfly β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘ŒπŸŽ£
wenceslau_silva : That's a pine river Ontario fish Crack ....they can't get enough of it.
troutpornnation : Nice!
strippinstreamers : It is an addiction. #myviceismyvise
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Cheesin #idratherbefishing #whymonday #getmeontheriver #flyfishcolorado
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Delaware water gap - pit stop serenity on a sleepless push to CT with the Panda crew - come catch them at Sterling this Saturday! @giantpandadub #gpgds #getmeontheriver
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giantpandadub : Take me to the water
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#fishing #notworking #cantwait #summer #loveit #getmeontheriver #advice 🎣
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Yes it's Monday and all I can think about is Saturday #getmeontheriver
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zachattck913 : πŸ’―% agreed πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ @france19
france19 : Work is getting in the way lol @zachattck913
aarondroste : You guys need to come to the lake I wanna wakeboard behind the tige that thing looked bad ass
france19 : You need to come to the river! You will love it! It's so make better to wakeboard on! @aarondroste
d__collins____ : What river is this?
couts00 : @france19 I agree!!!
msimpson21 : We tore it up yesterday babe! 😘 @france19
france19 : Go big or go home! @msimpson21
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Just brought myself this bad boy!🚣 #k1 #canoe #riverlife #summertoy #getmeontheriver
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inthisrage : Awesome!
tinotheone87 : Decent
dj_jm2 : Where from , how mucho , want won
dj_jm2 : One
tommcfarlane85 : eBay £65 @dj_jm2 get one mateπŸ‘ I need a canoeing buddy
dj_jm2 : I'll have a look pal , that looks like fun
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Dueces to the district and jambo to ma new mountain home #iWish #CubeLyphe #GetMeOnTheRiver #LakeCityOrBust πŸ˜ŽβœŒοΈπŸŽ£πŸŒ„πŸ‘Œ
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rhondazebras : Whose car dat?
theruppisonfire : My granddads...I'm like 9th in line for the throne @rhondazebras
ashlynayres : Are you picking me up in that at the airport? #agirlcandream
matt_rooney : Good looking automobile right there
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Lots of rain over the last few days is making for some fantastic water levels and with sunshine on the way we're looking at prime #packrafting conditions! #excited #getmeontheriver
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wildboy_adventures : I love my packraft!
packraftingnz : @wildboy_co_nz Brando just checked out your page, sounds fantastic what you are doing! Where are you up to with the walk?
wildboy_adventures : Thanks mate just walked into Whakatane about 5 min ago I'm packrafting across the Whakatane river tomorrow morning!
packraftingnz : @wildboy_co_nz its the only way to travel! Enjoy it man, very jealous!
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We are too! cant wait to see you on the river! regram @calley_buddz Ready for rafting season!! #getmeontheriver #kodirafting #colorado @kodirafting πŸ˜‹πŸ’™
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Spring has sprung in Colorado. Why you'd want to be in a giant hot springs, though, is baffling. #getmeontheriver
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jwmarty : Because it's giant! #getmeinthegiantpool
rbaron11 : #getmesomesunshine
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Beautiful fish here!! #trout #flyfishing #summer #river #love #passion #getmeontheriver #killinit #boom #nature
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steezemon : hawt
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On the road to the elk for the holiday weekend. #getmeontheriver #notgonnalosethemglasses
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Perfect canoe weather. #getmeontheriver #letsskipthursdayandfriday
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