Sunday Funday time!! Buttttt fiiiiirst.... #laketahoe #marriot #sundayfunday #workout #doyouevenlift #nope #noflexzone #getingetoutgetahead
noflexzone - marriot - funsize - workout - sundayfunday - laketahoe - doyouevenlift - nope - getingetoutgetahead -
dom__p : HAHAHAHA. @chikon_ @fluhencio
paigetyme : Lmao!!!!! @chikon_ #skiplegday
corneiliusw : Haha my quads is bigger than u @paigetyme
paigetyme : @__________vladdy__________ says way to compare yourself to me (fun size) LOL!!! @corneiliusw
paigetyme : Love you @corneiliusw why you ain't here w us!?!?!
__________vladdy__________ : She is not even 5 feet tall bro....
corneiliusw : Hahaha!!!! #funsize I didn't go cuz I knew u were comin lol kidding!!! I'm in Tahoe. @paigetyme
corneiliusw : 4 ft 6 @__________vladdy__________ I'm rounding off haha
paigetyme - rob__eezy - smackthatcass - korik30 -
πŸŽ“πŸ“œπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰ Congrats @sweetsarahjanee! #getingetoutgetahead #healdcollege #classof2014
classof2014 - getingetoutgetahead - healdcollege -
sweetsarahjanee : Thanks cuz!
j10koria : @sweetsarahjanee congrats again Sarah didn't get to take a pic with my phone but we're very proud of you 😁😁😁
sweetsarahjanee : @j10koria it's okay, Ken got it on his camera 😁thanks for coming out to see me though!
get_with_it_icats - laurose94 - mujojojo - snaggalito -
Congrats to the besties @enelrahzc @ceej0hnxund3rated really proud of you two! Another milestone accomplished! All the hard work was worth it, god has more in store for you both! Congratulashayla again 😁#getingetoutgetahead
getingetoutgetahead -
ceej0hnxund3rated : Thanks again for coming guys appreciate it!
enelrahzc : Thank you Besties & JAELYN! I love you 3 so much! Thank you for everything and most importantly for taking time to come out to see CJ & I. We love you always and forever❀️
_ariel56 - xomsmvry_ - josh_iz_b3ast - j_alimaza -
healdsfinest - ma - getingetoutgetahead - geteducated - heald - phithetakappa -
lihilanileilahoney : Is that Jackie?!
its_behbeh_bitxh : Yes that's my boo lol @lihilanileilahoney
lihilanileilahoney : Haha I went beauty school w/her @its_behbeh_bitxh
its_behbeh_bitxh : @lihilanileilahoney yeaH now SheS getting her MA @HEALD
xoxolove_cynxoxo - auntymamaz - sukasweets - g_tai -
healdsfinest - heald - hit - phithetakappa - watchuknoaboutdat - geteducated - yeegetdat - getingetoutgetahead -
thecrownfamilia - kuuleialoha7 - g_tai - one_engel -
Probably the best news I had all day ! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ let's see how fast I can get through my dietetics classes! #uhm #getingetoutgetahead
uhm - getingetoutgetahead -
seankt : Did I miss the deadline to apply 😭
himellie : For the coming semester, I think you'll be cleared and can Try talking to a counselor about going back to UHM @seankt
seankt : Yeah I want to get in for the spring 😭
espyivtez : Congrats! Welcome to hell. Lol I'm jk! You'll love it here.
himellie : I can't stand how hot your school is. .. theres a long list of things I don't like about uh but ill have to deal with it till I go to the mainland for school @espyivtez
espyivtez : You'll be surprised at how much you'll be walking here. 😩
alohasabambinicole - heaz7 - grace_full_lyfe - mizbrytt -
Dass rite there should be no limits to succeed in life. #GetInGetOutGetAhead #Motivated
motivated - getingetoutgetahead -
kgeez101 : πŸ‘†πŸ‘†The guy above me eats ASS!! Haha
danz_10 - gealltanas - annalee_802 - justin_thiel -
Getting off to a good start #prosecco #breakfastofchamps #girlswillbegirls #getingetoutgetahead
prosecco - girlswillbegirls - breakfastofchamps - getingetoutgetahead -
pinkytoldyouso : What kind of prosecco is that?
epic_evelyn : Its luna @pinkytoldyouso
pinkytoldyouso : Thanks. Can't wait to try!
heribertopadilla - 4jsousa4 - pattaytay - izzymoneymorales -
First day of college let's get it. #GetInGetOutGetAhead I ain't no scrub lol insider @lala__e #HealdCollege
getingetoutgetahead - healdcollege -
lala__e : @_corynarlenethoe get it cece
virginia_rayann : Your going to do #awesome
_corynarlenethoe : Thank you cousin @virginia_rayann
beastingartist - standalone316 - dc2isaak - periastar -
Havn't posted a photo in a while. Growing out my faciap hair lol #waiting #to #workout #then #homework #getingetoutgetahead
then - waiting - getingetoutgetahead - to - workout - homework -
clairecabatu : Faciap
teejayouk : Oops facial : Facial
tekboij_ath : I'll give you a facial
teejayouk : @tekboij_ath ill give you poppin lessons haha
oh_myraa - dalisa_quynh - malindamin - mr_piyan -
Ok. The time of waiting has now come to a stop. It's official that I am going to be starting on Monday. Finally, the new chapter in my life will begin. @maaaary_808 and Zyler thank you again for all your loving support and efforts. #healdgraduate #healdhonolulu #getingetoutgetahead #ET #electronicstechnology #hawaiigas #betterourfuture
hawaiigas - getingetoutgetahead - electronicstechnology - healdgraduate - et - betterourfuture - healdhonolulu -
jaddeyy_ : congrats ro!
flip_side : @jaddeyy_ thank you
neah7 : @flip_side Congrats bro! U still coming up?
mistah_niau - aloha_jsn - mustanglae - mari_justin315 -
The essentials for the next 2 hours!😁 #LastOneBeforeTheRain #RainRainGoAway #GymFlow #TimeToLiftHeavyThings #GetFit #GetInGetOutGetAhead #YaBish
yabish - getingetoutgetahead - rainraingoaway - getfit - gymflow - lastonebeforetherain - timetoliftheavythings -
__ambertavares - james808b - whopyojaws - moanalanianiani_st -
Lauhala is my bling bling ✨ #usherbaby #getingetoutgetahead #lauhalafrommypapa
lauhalafrommypapa - usherbaby - getingetoutgetahead -
aama_krab : Me duh. Lol @powahee
powahee : Lol #amalilyamalilyamalily
naniwela : Gorgeous 😘😘
aama_krab : That's all you girl 😊 @naniwela
anuheala : 😍
chloethewhalee : Lookin beautiful mama llama! ❀️
aama_krab : Aaawww thanks gorgeous 😊 @chloethewhalee
tacuban52 : Beach 😍🌊😍
darrel_happy_goo - mapu_dapu_ualalii - amlank_ -
πŸ‘…πŸ’¦ yeahhhhhhhh #partytime#beachescome#beach#party#getingetoutgetahead#healdcollege
getingetoutgetahead - beachescome - party - beach - partytime - healdcollege -
dragansama : Hahahah kakav kralj:)
minnieonelove : Eeeeewwwwww..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jennyfromtheyoc86 : Lol
_shellayyy_ : Oh my! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
sarah_smile84 : Omg. No words lmao
nina_celina_ : πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
patti_alcaraz : Knew u liked big butts
__________vladdy__________ : @patti_alcaraz pattiiiii pattiiiiiii😊
slepi_putnik - talknerdytomebaby - 19vlad83 - kang_coopah -
Back to school for me. Two week break is over!!! #healdcollege #gettingmyeducation #Educated #getingetoutgetahead #nightclasses #schoolbound
gettingmyeducation - educated - getingetoutgetahead - nightclasses - healdcollege - schoolbound -
al_or_nothin808 : You go girl *snaps fingers into a Z formation like a black chick*0
mzjoybabez : @al_or_nothin808 lmfao!! Imy btw!!
miss.angie.sweetz - spartan_matthewtyler - djtommygun808 - heyyy_itseppengee -
•NothingButLove•#ProudMoment#Hawaii#Honors#MagnaCumLaude#StartedFromTheBottom#Sister#TutuUs#PapaUs#Meheula#HawaiiGraduations#HealdCollege#GetInGetOutGetAhead#WeLikeToGetLeid#DentalAssistant#JoysOfLivingHI#OhanaMeansFamily 😘
tutuus - dentalassistant - meheula - joysoflivinghi - hawaiigraduations - startedfromthebottom - healdcollege - honors - proudmoment - sister - getingetoutgetahead - ohanameansfamily - hawaii - papaus - magnacumlaude - weliketogetleid -
raswikid : No wonder your mom wasn't @ the hotel today. We was working @ the double tree today. Tell sister congrats
budbrownie : Congrats to ur sis!!!
kalamela : @raswikid Yah she took off today. U guys work there tomorrow? She said she give u πŸͺπŸͺπŸͺ. Lol
kalamela : @budbrownie Thanks Hun! 😘
raswikid : Nah we pau, tell uncle sole the security gave us lol
kalamela - justinbaptiz - youngguru763 - wickededits -
Only the coolest of my friends make family!! #fambam #benecia #divebar #tgif #getingetoutgetahead @dom__p @corneiliusw @__________vladdy__________ @xohaydeeb @cobabyxo @d
benicia - getingetoutgetahead - benecia - fambam - tgif - divebar - meetfamily -
corneiliusw : @djmarlo28
missmandaz13 : Wow don't let me spell, four fireballs in!!! #meetfamily #benicia πŸ˜‚
__nik__nak__ - adamtabi - flobaybee_812 - divebarculture -
The bar that never fails! #butter #sanfrancisco #soma #fuckit #elbowhandshakes #pregame #getingetoutgetahead @djmarlo28
butter - elbowhandshakes - fuckit - getingetoutgetahead - pregame - soma - sanfrancisco -
mrsalwaysnmotion : I'm still waiting for my invite #lame
corneiliusw : Haha sorry @mrsalwaysnmotion I keep forgetting. Next weekend tho. Drinks on me.
mrsalwaysnmotion : @corneiliusw I'm gonna make sure you stick to that
jaelove__ - racheycakes6 - lulu1185 -
Random nights are the best nights! #wastedwednesday #wingwednesday #sanfrancisco #marina #fuckit #getingetoutgetahead @djmarlo28 @rob.fdilla
sanfrancisco - getingetoutgetahead - marina - fuckit - wingwednesday - wastedwednesday -
showme31 - scrones35 - 88_ant_88 - ik__ -
Im a proud Daughter of Taulafoga Taulafoga Jr. &&' Barbara Lynda Taulafoga :) Not only I stay accomplishing my Goals &&' Dream :) im also making my parents Happy!!! #GottaGetThatDegree#HealdCollege#BraggingBoutMyself#GetInGetOutGetAhead#18-24Months# MedicalAssistance#ThankYouBrandi&&'Craig#IloveWhereImAt#
ilovewhereimat - getingetoutgetahead - gottagetthatdegree - 18 - thankyoubrandi - braggingboutmyself - healdcollege -
shrnsoo - alefu_lolofie - watdahelllow - __muvasa -
Midnight snackin... #gyro #cal #berkeley #getingetoutgetahead #asianghetto #fuckit @alrightbwhite
asianghetto - fuckit - getingetoutgetahead - cal - gyro - berkeley -
jaelove__ : My old neighborhood :)
djmarlo28 : Dammit mann!! I wish I went
corneiliusw : My late nite grubbin spot lol @jaelove__
corneiliusw : @djmarlo28 after wing Wednesday bro haha
fluhencio : 😩Why you gotta go and do that @corneiliusw?!? Should've went too @djmarlo28
_shellayyy_ : Yumm
corneiliusw : Haha @adriangotig . It was one of them wasn't an option.
corneiliusw : Oh it was!! @meshel_67
arch925 - kathleen_de_lions - rob__eezy - _joelouie_ -
My kind of dinner.... #beerandfood #walnutcreek #pregaming #tikitoms #tgif #getingetoutgetahead @djmarlo28
beerandfood - getingetoutgetahead - tgif - walnutcreek - tikitoms - pregaming -
butterpecanfilarican : I'll see you guys downtown.
corneiliusw : @nessaliciavett a pedestrian stole it lol
corneiliusw : @butterpecanfilarican I had to buy a shmedium shirt haha...hit me up I'll be around somewhere....
butterpecanfilarican : Hahaha! Shmedium! πŸ˜‚ I don't have your number I'll hit up Marlo. In about an hour you'll be blacked out with the horse! Dayum horse gets all your attention! 🐎🐎
butterpecanfilarican : @corneiliusw
veronica_veronica_05 : @butterpecanfilarican πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸŽπŸ’–
missmandaz13 : Ketchup and beer! That's how I like to roll!!!! LMAOπŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
corneiliusw : Hahaha!!! I mix em together and make a michelada @missmandaz13
__________vladdy__________ - khamsivone001 - bodybybees - lillbitts -
Back in school again βœοΈπŸ““ #heald#getingetoutgetahead
heald - getingetoutgetahead -
abbu.jpg : #getingetoutgetahead πŸ‘ LOL
dalel__ : Good job baby! πŸ‘πŸ‘ 😘
asnnie : hahaπŸ‘πŸ˜‰
thatgirlfromhawaii - abbu.jpg - kazzlauskaite - tcust21 -
Oh you know just went swimming and watched a show..nothing crazy! #vegas #memorialday #mdw #marqueedayclub #wetrepublic #ebc #clublight #teamnosleep #champagnediet #getingetoutgetahead
teamnosleep - clublight - vegas - getingetoutgetahead - ebc - marqueedayclub - champagnediet - wetrepublic - mdw - memorialday -
iiya_uy : Going to tell your clinical director hahhaha
corneiliusw : Hahaha @iiya_uy I was doing my rotations here for the weekend
iiya_uy : Did you get to do CPR? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
corneiliusw : Lots of compressions @iiya_uy haha πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
bolo211 - rob__eezy - nowtheylovethisboy - jrevi001 -
Day's gonna be a long day! #12hrs #sutterdelta #hospital #rotation2 #respiratorytherapist #clinicals #getingetoutgetahead
sutterdelta - getingetoutgetahead - respiratorytherapist - hospital - clinicals - yogapantsrequired - rotation2 - 12hrs -
corneiliusw : Thanks!!! @madddybeee ! Hey only if u think u can handle it lol #yogapantsrequired
racheycakes6 : @corneiliusw lol! I'm proud of you, keep up the good work Neil Neil πŸ‘
corneiliusw : Thanks 😊 @ambercrombie510
corneiliusw : Right on Jack @3_headed_elephant
corneiliusw : Thanks @jellbells4ever !! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜Š
corneiliusw : Oh nice!!! Big congrats to u @0_omagic we're definitely drinking shots to that soon lol and thanks!
corneiliusw : Thanks bro!!! Only a matter of time. Hope u doin good with your schooling too @rob__eezy
rob__eezy : @corneiliusw indeed'll be makin that real money soon! Yeah I just got done wit classes and internship. I'm on break right now. One more year till I graduate
__nik__nak__ - msmendy - andr3a_g - jrevi001 -
Bout to get wet... but first let me take a selfie! #selfiesunday #allwet #getingetoutgetahead #shakingtilpantydry
allwet - shakingtilpantydry - selfiesunday - getingetoutgetahead -
dat1chic808 - kalani_ghurl - ___juliobaby___ -
Team no sleep!!! #fuckit #rage #faturday #getingetoutgetahead @dom__p @djmarlo28 @__________vladdy__________ @itsmedrewdeez @j__hoooo @alrightbwhite @3_headed_elephant @chikon_
faturday - fuckit - getingetoutgetahead - rage -
__________vladdy__________ : Really sad... But proud
fluhencio : So long.... Gay boyz!
fluhencio : It's because you didn't have on the jersey @__________vladdy__________
kerielooooves : Smh neilπŸ˜’ I'm showing okla! Hahaha
corneiliusw : Hahahaha Dr Okla is passed out on the couch @keriegvil
monee_p_ : 😍
cray_dolce - yadi_torres - korik30 - mac_and_delilah_rose -
Art and alcohol...a reason to drink! #beerandwinefest #faturday #getingetoutgetahead #shwasted @djmarlo28 @itsmedrewdeez @alrightbwhite @__________vladdy__________ @dom__p
faturday - shwasted - beerandwinefest - getingetoutgetahead -
corneiliusw : @iiya_uy @glo_glos dr okla is actually here too...I tagged him. His IG name is @dr_oakla_and
corneiliusw : @lisamaria10 im playing in the band lol
lisamaria10 : @corneiliusw lol
fluhencio : Lame
fluhencio : Buy me a nice art piece please @__________vladdy__________ @itsmedrewdeez @alrightbwhite @djmarlo28 @corneiliusw I promise to bring something better back πŸ„πŸ‰
iiya_uy : @glo_glos his there with me on all my snapchats! Vegas is gna be crazy when we graduate @glo_glos @corneiliusw
corneiliusw : U ain't ready @iiya_uy
corneiliusw : I bought u a picture of my middle finger @adriangotig bring me back a Cuban cigar
_helladaniela_ - ry_ratcliffe - clagrand - kissmekatherine -
Taking it back to Heald college days with @_dianalopez . πŸŽ“πŸŽ‰#CO2012 #CJ #califirniagirls #tbt #healdcollege #graduate #gotoheald #ladiesinblue #redhead #sheslikethelittlemermaid #hahaha #familiy #imissyou
californiagirls - cj - califirniagirls - getingetoutgetahead - ladiesinblue - bestcoast - autocorrectfail - hahaha - gotoheald - tbt - familiy - graduate - roseville - california - sheslikethelittlemermaid - co2012 - redhead - imissyou - westcoast - healdcollege -
lorenaaa_babe : #californiagirls #autocorrectfail #getingetoutgetahead #westcoast #bestcoast #roseville #california
lorenaaa_babe : @yaboynok I know lol! Your sister dates her brother
_dianalopez : Ahh!! I love it!! I miss you!!!!!! 😘😘
lorenaaa_babe : @_dianalopez I MISS YOU TOO, crazy girl lol. 😘😘 I hope all is well with you!
_dianalopez : We need to hang out soon!
lorenaaa_babe : @_dianalopez I agree! I will text you right now lol
lety_realest : Your really beautiful
lorenaaa_babe : @lety_realest thank you
anna_mercado - mspollyg - _vidalabella - viva_la_drea -
CongratulationsπŸŽ“πŸ’‰to my MelπŸ’œπŸ˜˜ so proud of you babygirl!! You've come a long way with all your hard work & dedication. Wishing you the best in your career and next chapter on your life. May The Lord continue to guide you through this journey. (I know this is being so sentimental 😭) but, job well done!!!!!!!!! 😘 @m_hazel #Heald #graduation #futureMA #futureNurse
futurenurse - heald - getingetoutgetahead - graduation - futurema -
_chntlx3 : #getingetoutgetahead
m_hazel : Awwww I love your message! Made me tear bc it was a long journey & struggle. But thank you babygirl!😘
aligurl77 - bubblelubz - x_jran - hellokittyfied -
Exactly. You can do it, STC! #GetInGetOutGetAhead #STC #MySouthernTech
mysoutherntech - getingetoutgetahead - stc -
alopez08231990 - floridashawn - _itz_simone -
No chaser? No problem! #bcaa #brodka #drunkabolic #fuckit #rage #getingetoutgetahead @djmarlo28 @alrightbwhite @itsmedrewdeez
brodka - fuckit - getingetoutgetahead - rage - drunkabolic - bcaa -
kianastacy : Forreals!πŸ˜‚
alrightbwhite - chikon_ - cray_dolce - kianastacy -
$2 beers n yoga pants that why! #tacotuesday #fuckit #getingetoutgetahead #rage #workhard #playhard @adriangotig @alrightbwhite @rohammedali
playhard - fuckit - getingetoutgetahead - rage - workhard - tacotuesday -
_helladaniela_ : Love that place
rohammedali : Yessir
enjoyyolife46 : @corneiliusw YEEEEEE!
threadsetterz - adc925 - lulu1185 - deanfaithnoel -
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