Probably the best news I had all day ! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ let's see how fast I can get through my dietetics classes! #uhm #getingetoutgetahead
uhm - getingetoutgetahead -
seankt : Did I miss the deadline to apply 😭
himellie : For the coming semester, I think you'll be cleared and can Try talking to a counselor about going back to UHM @seankt
seankt : Yeah I want to get in for the spring 😭
espyivtez : Congrats! Welcome to hell. Lol I'm jk! You'll love it here.
himellie : I can't stand how hot your school is. .. theres a long list of things I don't like about uh but ill have to deal with it till I go to the mainland for school @espyivtez
espyivtez : You'll be surprised at how much you'll be walking here. 😩
alohasabambinicole - heaz7 - grace_full_lyfe - mizbrytt -
Yuup it's official! #heald #getingetoutgetahead #sostoked
sostoked - heald - arashiarashi - getingetoutgetahead - uglysmilesftw -
fluff_dat : Haha your bio! 🎯 haha #arashiarashi
fluff_dat : @bipxfb
m_daddyyy : Proud of you, Man!
fluff_dat : Thanks bro! And aye do you have ms Reyes number still??
fluff_dat : @m_daddyyy
m_daddyyy : Ye I'll text it to you
fluff_dat : Thanks bro! @m_daddyyy
bipxfb : Bro still up jus going sleep so idk if I'll wake up tmrw
m_daddyyy - xxccxx__ - feichter45 - sunny_4tb -
#personal #heald #getingetoutgetahead #blooddraw #instadaily
personal - instadaily - heald - getingetoutgetahead - blooddraw -
ladyleong : @randomlee_ Where'd you hear that?
randomlee_ : Today's paper...go read it..
ladyleong : Was it about the Corinthian schools or did they specifically say Heald (concord)? @randomlee_
randomlee_ : They didn't say concord..lol but they said Corinthians..heald, Everest, n wyotech..im thinking they just might switch up like western career did tho..
ladyleong : Mhmm, we've heard about that news like a couple of months ago, & our instructors and president of concord Heald assured us that it was Corinthian's fault, not Heald's, and the worst case scenario, that Heald will just be bought by another school, but will still keep the name. @randomlee_ Thanks for letting me know though, I'll look more into it again.
ladyleong : *another company
randomlee_ : Yea I think another school is gonna buy em..but read it..Today's paper
ladyleong : Alright, thanks for telling me. @randomlee_
_kassaye - akipid10 - ray_area - brendaddy -
Sunday funday #theend #byebyeweekend #getingetoutgetahead #beeronbeer #nfl #touchdown @siren88 @haydeeemj @_carina_j @dlight130
getingetoutgetahead - byebyeweekend - touchdown - nfl - theend - beeronbeer -
sandman_almillon : Hey thanks for inviting
epic_evelyn : Primo next time :) @sandman_almillon
thaeddiemonster - melissadomingos_ - designchic1 - m_perez11 -
Getting off to a good start #prosecco #breakfastofchamps #girlswillbegirls #getingetoutgetahead
prosecco - girlswillbegirls - breakfastofchamps - getingetoutgetahead -
pinkytoldyouso : What kind of prosecco is that?
epic_evelyn : Its luna @pinkytoldyouso
pinkytoldyouso : Thanks. Can't wait to try!
thaeddiemonster - 4jsousa4 - izzymoneymorales - heribertopadilla -
First day of college let's get it. #GetInGetOutGetAhead I ain't no scrub lol insider @lala__e #HealdCollege
getingetoutgetahead - healdcollege -
lala__e : @_corynarlenethoe get it cece
virginia_rayann : Your going to do #awesome
_corynarlenethoe : Thank you cousin @virginia_rayann
beastingartist - standalone316 - dc2isaak - periastar -
Havn't posted a photo in a while. Growing out my faciap hair lol #waiting #to #workout #then #homework #getingetoutgetahead
then - waiting - getingetoutgetahead - to - workout - homework -
clairecabatu : Faciap
teejayouk : Oops facial
fxck.danny.li : Facial
tekboij_ath : I'll give you a facial
teejayouk : @tekboij_ath ill give you poppin lessons haha
oh_myraa - dalisa_quynh - lexcii_boo - mr_piyan -
Ok. The time of waiting has now come to a stop. It's official that I am going to be starting on Monday. Finally, the new chapter in my life will begin. @maaaary_808 and Zyler thank you again for all your loving support and efforts. #healdgraduate #healdhonolulu #getingetoutgetahead #ET #electronicstechnology #hawaiigas #betterourfuture
hawaiigas - getingetoutgetahead - electronicstechnology - healdgraduate - et - betterourfuture - healdhonolulu -
jaddeyy_ : congrats ro!
flip_side : @jaddeyy_ thank you
neah7 : @flip_side Congrats bro! U still coming up?
mistah_niau - aloha_jsn - mustanglae - mari_justin315 -
The essentials for the next 2 hours!😁 #LastOneBeforeTheRain #RainRainGoAway #GymFlow #TimeToLiftHeavyThings #GetFit #GetInGetOutGetAhead #YaBish
yabish - getingetoutgetahead - rainraingoaway - getfit - gymflow - lastonebeforetherain - timetoliftheavythings -
__ambertavares - james808b - whopyojaws - moanalanianiani_st -
Lauhala is my bling bling ✨ #usherbaby #getingetoutgetahead #lauhalafrommypapa
lauhalafrommypapa - usherbaby - getingetoutgetahead -
aama_krab : Me duh. Lol @powahee
powahee : Lol #amalilyamalilyamalily
naniwela : Gorgeous 😘😘
aama_krab : That's all you girl 😊 @naniwela
anuheala : 😍
chloethewhalee : Lookin beautiful mama llama! ❀️
aama_krab : Aaawww thanks gorgeous 😊 @chloethewhalee
tacuban52 : Beach 😍🌊😍
kehauhau - darrel_happy_goo - mapu_dapu_ualalii - amlank_ -
πŸ‘…πŸ’¦ yeahhhhhhhh #partytime#beachescome#beach#party#getingetoutgetahead#healdcollege
getingetoutgetahead - beachescome - party - beach - partytime - healdcollege -
dragansama : Hahahah kakav kralj:)
minnieonelove : Eeeeewwwwww..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jennyfromtheyoc86 : Lol
_shellayyy_ : Oh my! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
sarah_smile84 : Omg. No words lmao
nina_celina_ : πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
patti_alcaraz : Knew u liked big butts
__________vladdy__________ : @patti_alcaraz pattiiiii pattiiiiiii😊
slepi_putnik - talknerdytomebaby - 19vlad83 - kang_coopah -
Back to school for me. Two week break is over!!! #healdcollege #gettingmyeducation #Educated #getingetoutgetahead #nightclasses #schoolbound
gettingmyeducation - educated - getingetoutgetahead - nightclasses - healdcollege - schoolbound -
al_or_nothin808 : You go girl *snaps fingers into a Z formation like a black chick*0
mzjoybabez : @al_or_nothin808 lmfao!! Imy btw!!
miss.angie.sweetz - spartan_matthewtyler - djtommygun808 - heyyy_itseppengee -
•NothingButLove•#ProudMoment#Hawaii#Honors#MagnaCumLaude#StartedFromTheBottom#Sister#TutuUs#PapaUs#Meheula#HawaiiGraduations#HealdCollege#GetInGetOutGetAhead#WeLikeToGetLeid#DentalAssistant#JoysOfLivingHI#OhanaMeansFamily 😘
tutuus - dentalassistant - meheula - joysoflivinghi - hawaiigraduations - startedfromthebottom - healdcollege - honors - proudmoment - sister - getingetoutgetahead - ohanameansfamily - hawaii - papaus - magnacumlaude - weliketogetleid -
raswikid : No wonder your mom wasn't @ the hotel today. We was working @ the double tree today. Tell sister congrats
budbrownie : Congrats to ur sis!!!
kalamela : @raswikid Yah she took off today. U guys work there tomorrow? She said she give u πŸͺπŸͺπŸͺ. Lol
kalamela : @budbrownie Thanks Hun! 😘
raswikid : Nah we pau, tell uncle sole the security gave us lol
kalamela - baptizonnfl - youngguru763 - wickededits -
Only the coolest of my friends make family!! #fambam #benecia #divebar #tgif #getingetoutgetahead @dom__p @corneiliusw @__________vladdy__________ @xohaydeeb @cobabyxo @d
benicia - getingetoutgetahead - benecia - fambam - tgif - divebar - meetfamily -
corneiliusw : @djmarlo28
missmandaz13 : Wow don't let me spell, four fireballs in!!! #meetfamily #benicia πŸ˜‚
__nik__nak__ - adamtabi - flobaybee_812 - divebarculture -
The bar that never fails! #butter #sanfrancisco #soma #fuckit #elbowhandshakes #pregame #getingetoutgetahead @djmarlo28
butter - elbowhandshakes - fuckit - getingetoutgetahead - pregame - soma - sanfrancisco -
mrsalwaysnmotion : I'm still waiting for my invite #lame
corneiliusw : Haha sorry @mrsalwaysnmotion I keep forgetting. Next weekend tho. Drinks on me.
mrsalwaysnmotion : @corneiliusw I'm gonna make sure you stick to that
jaelove__ - racheycakes6 - lulu1185 -
Random nights are the best nights! #wastedwednesday #wingwednesday #sanfrancisco #marina #fuckit #getingetoutgetahead @djmarlo28 @rob.fdilla
sanfrancisco - getingetoutgetahead - marina - fuckit - wingwednesday - wastedwednesday -
showme31 - scrones35 - 88_ant_88 - ik__ -
Im a proud Daughter of Taulafoga Taulafoga Jr. &&' Barbara Lynda Taulafoga :) Not only I stay accomplishing my Goals &&' Dream :) im also making my parents Happy!!! #GottaGetThatDegree#HealdCollege#BraggingBoutMyself#GetInGetOutGetAhead#18-24Months# MedicalAssistance#ThankYouBrandi&&'Craig#IloveWhereImAt#
ilovewhereimat - getingetoutgetahead - gottagetthatdegree - 18 - thankyoubrandi - braggingboutmyself - healdcollege -
shrnsoo - alefu_lolofie - watdahelllow - __muvasa -
Midnight snackin... #gyro #cal #berkeley #getingetoutgetahead #asianghetto #fuckit @alrightbwhite
asianghetto - fuckit - getingetoutgetahead - cal - gyro - berkeley -
jaelove__ : My old neighborhood :)
djmarlo28 : Dammit mann!! I wish I went
corneiliusw : My late nite grubbin spot lol @jaelove__
corneiliusw : @djmarlo28 after wing Wednesday bro haha
fluehencio : 😩Why you gotta go and do that @corneiliusw?!? Should've went too @djmarlo28
_shellayyy_ : Yumm
corneiliusw : Haha @adriangotig . It was one of them nights...it wasn't an option.
corneiliusw : Oh it was!! @meshel_67
arch925 - kathleen_de_lions - rob__eezy - _joelouie_ -
My kind of dinner.... #beerandfood #walnutcreek #pregaming #tikitoms #tgif #getingetoutgetahead @djmarlo28
beerandfood - getingetoutgetahead - tgif - walnutcreek - tikitoms - pregaming -
butterpecanfilarican : I'll see you guys downtown.
corneiliusw : @nessaliciavett a pedestrian stole it lol
corneiliusw : @butterpecanfilarican I had to buy a shmedium shirt haha...hit me up I'll be around somewhere....
butterpecanfilarican : Hahaha! Shmedium! πŸ˜‚ I don't have your number I'll hit up Marlo. In about an hour you'll be blacked out with the horse! Dayum horse gets all your attention! 🐎🐎
butterpecanfilarican : @corneiliusw
veronica_veronica_05 : @butterpecanfilarican πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸŽπŸ’–
missmandaz13 : Ketchup and beer! That's how I like to roll!!!! LMAOπŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
corneiliusw : Hahaha!!! I mix em together and make a michelada @missmandaz13
__________vladdy__________ - khamsivone001 - bodybybees - lillbitts -
Back in school again βœοΈπŸ““ #heald#getingetoutgetahead
heald - getingetoutgetahead -
abbu.jpg : #getingetoutgetahead πŸ‘ LOL
dalel__ : Good job baby! πŸ‘πŸ‘ 😘
asnnie : hahaπŸ‘πŸ˜‰
thatgirlfromhawaii - fulviamelagrano - kazzlauskaite - tcust21 -
Oh you know just went swimming and watched a show..nothing crazy! #vegas #memorialday #mdw #marqueedayclub #wetrepublic #ebc #clublight #teamnosleep #champagnediet #getingetoutgetahead
teamnosleep - clublight - vegas - getingetoutgetahead - ebc - marqueedayclub - champagnediet - wetrepublic - mdw - memorialday -
iiya_uy : Going to tell your clinical director hahhaha
corneiliusw : Hahaha @iiya_uy I was doing my rotations here for the weekend
iiya_uy : Did you get to do CPR? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
corneiliusw : Lots of compressions @iiya_uy haha πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
bolo211 - rob__eezy - ihatethisboy - jrevi001 -
Day 1.....it's gonna be a long day! #12hrs #sutterdelta #hospital #rotation2 #respiratorytherapist #clinicals #getingetoutgetahead
sutterdelta - getingetoutgetahead - respiratorytherapist - hospital - clinicals - yogapantsrequired - rotation2 - 12hrs -
corneiliusw : Thanks!!! @madddybeee ! Hey only if u think u can handle it lol #yogapantsrequired
racheycakes6 : @corneiliusw lol! I'm proud of you, keep up the good work Neil Neil πŸ‘
corneiliusw : Thanks 😊 @ambercrombie510
corneiliusw : Right on Jack @3_headed_elephant
corneiliusw : Thanks @jellbells4ever !! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜Š
corneiliusw : Oh nice!!! Big congrats to u @0_omagic we're definitely drinking shots to that soon lol and thanks!
corneiliusw : Thanks bro!!! Only a matter of time. Hope u doin good with your schooling too @rob__eezy
rob__eezy : @corneiliusw indeed bro...you'll be makin that real money soon! Yeah I just got done wit classes and internship. I'm on break right now. One more year till I graduate
__nik__nak__ - msmendy - andr3a_g - jrevi001 -
Bout to get wet... but first let me take a selfie! #selfiesunday #allwet #getingetoutgetahead #shakingtilpantydry
allwet - shakingtilpantydry - selfiesunday - getingetoutgetahead -
kalani_ghurl - dat1chic808 - ___juliobaby___ -
Team no sleep!!! #fuckit #rage #faturday #getingetoutgetahead @dom__p @djmarlo28 @__________vladdy__________ @itsmedrewdeez @j__hoooo @alrightbwhite @3_headed_elephant @chikon_
faturday - fuckit - getingetoutgetahead - rage -
__________vladdy__________ : Really sad... But proud
fluehencio : So long.... Gay boyz!
fluehencio : It's because you didn't have on the jersey @__________vladdy__________
kerielooooves : Smh neilπŸ˜’ I'm showing okla! Hahaha
corneiliusw : Hahahaha Dr Okla is passed out on the couch @keriegvil
monee_p_ : 😍
cray_dolce - yadi_torres - korik30 - mac_and_delilah_rose -
Art and alcohol...a reason to drink! #beerandwinefest #faturday #getingetoutgetahead #shwasted @djmarlo28 @itsmedrewdeez @alrightbwhite @__________vladdy__________ @dom__p
faturday - shwasted - beerandwinefest - getingetoutgetahead -
corneiliusw : @iiya_uy @glo_glos dr okla is actually here too...I tagged him. His IG name is @dr_oakla_and
corneiliusw : @lisamaria10 im playing in the band lol
lisamaria10 : @corneiliusw lol
fluehencio : Lame
fluehencio : Buy me a nice art piece please @__________vladdy__________ @itsmedrewdeez @alrightbwhite @djmarlo28 @corneiliusw I promise to bring something better back πŸ„πŸ‰
iiya_uy : @glo_glos his there with me on all my snapchats! Vegas is gna be crazy when we graduate @glo_glos @corneiliusw
corneiliusw : U ain't ready @iiya_uy
corneiliusw : I bought u a picture of my middle finger @adriangotig bring me back a Cuban cigar
mac_and_delilah_rose - ry_ratcliffe - clagrand - _helladaniela_ -
Exactly. You can do it, STC! #GetInGetOutGetAhead #STC #MySouthernTech
mysoutherntech - getingetoutgetahead - stc -
alopez08231990 - floridashawn - _itz_simone -
No chaser? No problem! #bcaa #brodka #drunkabolic #fuckit #rage #getingetoutgetahead @djmarlo28 @alrightbwhite @itsmedrewdeez
brodka - fuckit - getingetoutgetahead - rage - drunkabolic - bcaa -
kianastacy : Forreals!πŸ˜‚
alrightbwhite - chikon_ - cray_dolce - kianastacy -
$2 beers n yoga pants that why! #tacotuesday #fuckit #getingetoutgetahead #rage #workhard #playhard @adriangotig @alrightbwhite @rohammedali
playhard - fuckit - getingetoutgetahead - rage - workhard - tacotuesday -
_helladaniela_ : Love that place
rohammedali : Yessir
enjoyyolife46 : @corneiliusw YEEEEEE!
threadsetterz - adc925 - lulu1185 - deanfaithnoel -
And it begins..... #goinawayparty #rage #fuckit #tgif #sanfrancisco #getingetoutgetahead @dom__p @djmarlo28 @3_headed_elephant @robfdillaimages @jaykydd316 @jdubb20 @jaysiics @bolo211
fuckit - getingetoutgetahead - goinawayparty - rage - sanfrancisco - tgif -
corneiliusw : @adc925
fluehencio : Bunch of assholes
3_headed_elephant : Fuck u @adriangotig
fluehencio : @3_headed_elephant going home early. It's almost midnight
peacoatnbeanies82 - zc_oda - veeduong - mac_and_delilah_rose -
Why am I friends with her? πŸ˜‚ #icant #whiteshadow @kaybremp #getInGetOutGetAhead πŸ˜‚
whiteshadow - getingetoutgetahead - icant -
kellieelizabeth_ - dekkerdgaf - fvckingkatlyn - victoriaembesan -
And I am in! #GetInGetOutGetAhead #MovingAddict #feetUp #Kankles #Relax #HomeDepot #Traveler #CaliGirl
getingetoutgetahead - relax - kankles - feetup - homedepot - caligirl - traveler - movingaddict -
rachelrocket4u : Where'd you move
kaitrt1129 : Get some rest @tiphanyadams. Moving is a lot of work. :)
amie077 : So moving sucks....and it sucks even more when your family is a million miles away!!!
tiphanyadams : @amie077 and you made cry. . . I miss our family so much all the time! But I know this is where I have to be for my career and that requires sacrifice as you know :) but in the end it's all worth it. I love you cousin.
karajennex : New place new beginnings :)
mariobonfante_37 : We're just getting down here and your leaving??😝 You gotta show is around before you take off!πŸ‘πŸ˜
solar_pee : Where u go tiph @tiphanyadams . Do u still have my number?
marco.cucinotta - hazel_leo - cuiniart -
Chinese food in taco form? I don't see why not... #bluesaigon #tacokoreanishfood #sundayfunday #getingetoutgetahead @khamsivone_01
bluesaigon - sundayfunday - tacokoreanishfood - getingetoutgetahead -
corneiliusw : Hahaha feelin πŸ’―!! πŸ˜ƒ @missmandaz13
corneiliusw : @k_boo21 Lol!!!! I am never gonna look at watermelons the same way.
corneiliusw : πŸ‘Œ @og_monee_p
racheycakes6 : @corneiliusw I wanna go there!!!! πŸ˜‹
corneiliusw : Let's go next weekend! @racheycakes6
racheycakes6 : @corneiliusw ok!!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜
missmandaz13 : #watermelon does a body gooooodπŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ‘
corneiliusw : βœ¨πŸ‰βœ¨ πŸ’ͺπŸ˜‰ @missmandaz13
gotitalianice - racheycakes6 - bigningez - gimis_mama -
All day er Day! #shakingtilpantydry #wetpantypromise #ihatemornings #vacolocosforevercuz #curlyhair #nobrushhair #getingetoutgetahead #medical #nightnurseduties
wetpantypromise - vacolocosforevercuz - getingetoutgetahead - medical - nobrushhair - ihatemornings - curlyhair - shakingtilpantydry - nightnurseduties -
naeole_ohana : Hey Mapu what hospital you working at, I didn't even know you was a nurse... We have a lot of catching up to do... Miss you lots...
fuckfacemartinez : Nice
u_need_bubble_gum - nalobuilt_55 - mquizon808 - kauai26 -
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