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Abuelo Luisdo. #Gethsemani #Zona8 @luisdanielvirguez💕
zona8 - gethsemani -
luisdanielvirguez : Nietica :* *-*
carlostoro20 - luisdanielvirguez - noeliarudismar - karensantiagomp -
#Ellos #Gethsemani #MiPoty #MiLobo #CampZonal #Zona8 #Visitando
ellos - milobo - campzonal - visitando - gethsemani - mipoty - zona8 -
josedcd7 : Te falto una conmigo
josedcd7 : :(
noeliarudismar : Andabas ocupado.
betsilucena - joanderj17 - juancho_agostini04 - yeao_05 -
#Tao #Gethsemani #CampZonal #Zona8 #Visitando
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betsilucena - alannisvillegast - noeliarudismar -
Another fun filled night @saturatemusic @thecornerpubmusicclub #saturate #cornerpub #music #livemusic #oldtown #soup #toof #nate #bb #chuck #ptown #mexas #theotherla #greenasemerald #gethsemani #taylorswift
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Tonight in Houma,Louisiana at The Brickhouse :) #Saturate #Saturateband #Saturatemusic #Gethsemani #TheRisen
therisen - saturateband - saturate - saturatemusic - gethsemani -
jor_jor__ - xoitsmebxo - cowboydixon - corygordon19 -
2015 - israel - jerusalem - journey - gethsemani -
johannesbachor - themarking - omerkuz - monshery18 -
So, my crazy talented friend, Allison Hunter, drew this. One day during Gethsemani rehearsal, I walk over to her after finishing a scene, and she was drawing. I thought, "Hey.. That face looks familiar.." So I asked her who it was. She said it was supposed to be Joan of Arc, but me, because that was my role. And frankly, it's one of my favorite pictures now. Not because of who drew it or because it's me. But because of the way she depicted Joan of Arc. In this picture, she's not the Lioness or the Warrior or the Martyr. She's the terrified 16 year old girl who is going up against an entire nation, and is ridiculed and mocked and reviled and persecuted. She's the young girl looking for answers, and terrified of the ones she finds. She's lost. Afraid. Alone. Hopeless. But there she stands, solid as a rock, clutching a little brown cross to her chest and lifting her eyes to the hills, from which comes her help. She is strong. But she's afraid. And she's beautiful. Just a thought. ☺ #joanofarc #JeanneDArc #Gethsemani #musicaltheatrecamp #drawing
musicaltheatrecamp - jeannedarc - joanofarc - drawing - gethsemani -
cellett824 : Woah Allison drew that?? It's super good and yes I love how different it is compared to other drawings of her
fangirl_tk421 : @cellett824 yeah, she's amazing!!! And I just realized that she drew the eyeliner the same way I do mine.. Holy crud.. That's impressive..
dinasart_74 - mic_in_12 - brook_grace33 - nevergiveupyourdream -
"Ci sono viaggi che oltre la mente ti lasciano il cuore pieno..." #remember #gethsemani #oldpic #trip #jerusalem #israel #heart #instagood #instapic #photooftheday
heart - israel - remember - instapic - gethsemani - instagood - oldpic - jerusalem - trip - photooftheday -
laurasorrells - elenafiorinelli - beddu_94 - plumettiss -
"When you find people who not only tolerate your quirks, but celebrate them with glad cries of, "Me, too!!", be sure to cherish them. Because those weirdos are your tribe." -Unknown. Love you, guys!! 😉 #Gethsemani #lovethem #missthem #musicaltheatrenerds #awyas
lovethem - awyas - musicaltheatrenerds - missthem - gethsemani -
cellett824 : Love you too😘
fangirl_tk421 : @cellett824 😘
emwhitham : Cool!
micaelamariem - lydiav.bentley - brook_grace33 - anna_scheurer -
Did Aven's workout from camp, and listened to her workout music. Had a blast, but now I'm missing my camp people!! 😞 #Gethsemani #missthem #musicaltheatrecamp #roundlakechristiancamp #abcdancestudio
abcdancestudio - missthem - musicaltheatrecamp - gethsemani - abcdanceacademy - roundlakechristiancamp -
fangirl_tk421 : #abcdanceacademy
abiallwein818 : Can you email me a list of the music??? Please and miss you so much!! 😔😭😘💕 @fangirl_tk421
cellett824 : Can u send me the workout?
fangirl_tk421 : @abiallwein818 of course!! 😊 I basically just took several of the songs I really liked, and added a couple of my own. @cellett824 I pretty much just did what I remember from class. Started standing up. Worked my way down. Ended with a cool down on the floor.
abiallwein818 - taliol - brook_grace33 - micaelamariem -
Kudüs. Hz.Isa'nin sık sık gelip dinlendiği ve sonunda da yakalandigi söylenen 2000 yıllık zeytin bahçeleri ve Gethsemane Basilicası. #Gethsemani #oliveoilpress #Mt.of olives #Jerusalem
oliveoilpress - jerusalem - mt - gethsemani -
halime_ozben : Ağaçlar beni çok etkiledi. Kimbilir nelere taniklar! İclerinde bir kamera olsaydida simdi izleyedik diye hayal ettim bir an:)
nevin.basaran58 : Halimecim ağaçları gorsen gerçekten 2000 yıllık. Resmen lime lime olmuş. Paylasmaya calisacagim
nursen.saybay : Sevgili komşum iyi gezmeler:)))
nevin.basaran58 : Teşekkürler @nursen.saybay
sedademirel - murat_ayyildiz_53 - adm_bkts - seydaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa -
Guys, this is the real Joan of Arc. Aw yas. I'm seriously going through PSD. (Post-show depression.) I miss y'all so much!!!! 😢😢😢 #gethsemani #musicaltheatrecamp #roundlakemusicaltheatreweek #psd #JoanOfArc
roundlakemusicaltheatreweek - musicaltheatrecamp - joanofarc - psd - gethsemani -
cellett824 : I'm going thru that now too tbh
abiallwein818 : Same! 😭 @fangirl_tk421
cdshaarda1 : Tbh: ur a NEERRRD!! But ur a cool nerd Rate: 8
fangirl_tk421 : Lol! Thanks, @cdshaarda1 😉
abiallwein818 - dhondadv - brook_grace33 - deck_the_hall -
(Disclaimer: totally stole this picture from @abiallwein818.) Wow. What are words? 😊 I had such a great time at musical theatre camp this week. I was cast as Joan of Arc, and I still feel completely undeserving and unqualified. I learned so much through this role, and from all of you. This was by far my favorite week of camp since I've been going to Round Lake since the first grade. Our coaches were fantastic, our directors flawless, our choreographer stunning, and the students mind-blowing. I'm so, so honored to have gotten to work alongside all of you. I hope to see you all next year. Until then, hold my gavel and don't eat the donuts. Patrick says they're poisoned. 😉 Love you all! "May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He make His face to shine upon you. And be gracious to you, and give you peace. Until we meet again. Until we meet again!" #roundlakechristiancamp #roundlakemusicaltheatreweek #camp #musicaltheatrecamp #lovethisplace #lovethesepeople #Gethsemani #JoanOfArc #ThomasMerton #JeanneDArc
roundlakemusicaltheatreweek - camp - joanofarc - musicaltheatrecamp - jeannedarc - gethsemani - lovethisplace - thomasmerton - lovethesepeople - roundlakechristiancamp -
abiallwein818 : Couldn't have put it better myself besides the being cast as Joan of Arc 😉😊😘😄 love ya girlie #holdmygavel @fangirl_tk421
cellett824 : Awh ily and I'm totally stealing this pic btw😉😂
fangirl_tk421 : @abiallwein818 and @cellett824, love you, too!! 😊😘
micaelamariem - laurasorrells - theclassysavige - brook_grace33 -
It's been a great week in Ohio and I must say my family got a whole lot bigger. #gethsemani
gethsemani -
martinrosa48 : Good for you John! Way to go!! I've been missing you tho;-( love you!@john_detwiler
fangirl_tk421 : It was so great to meet you John! You have an amazing talent. Thank you so much for leading worship for us. ☺
sophie_dub - jeremylinton - yeahhbuddy - alldanday_ -
This is me.. Chilling in the basement in my sweatpants and Star Wars T-shirt, watching Doctor Who, waiting for a certain cast list to be posted for a certain show by a certain conductor. *ahem" Chris Rayis *ahem* #musicaltheatrecamp #roundlakemusicaltheatreweek #roundlakechristiancamp #castlist #gethsemani
roundlakemusicaltheatreweek - musicaltheatrecamp - gethsemani - castlist - roundlakechristiancamp -
scott.stoops : @fangirl_tk421 what's the show?
franni_williams : Gorgeous Daaaaarling!!
abby_sanders_16 : Goals
double_a116 : Will the performance be next weekend?
fangirl_tk421 : @scott.stoops, it's a new musical that was written specifically for this camp. It's called Gethsemani, and it's about the life of Thomas Merton in the days before he left for Thailand. @franni_williams and @abby_sanders_16 thanks. 😊😊 @double_a116 yeah. It's Friday the 31st, at the Ohio Historic Theatre in Loudonville at 5:15 PM. Doors open at 5. You should come!
franni_williams - emi.lyyy9 - brook_grace33 - anna_scheurer -
My life for the past few weeks. Just waiting to see what comes of all my hard work. 😓😓 #audition #roundlakechristiancamp #roundlakemusicaltheatreweek #gethsemani #musical #videoaudition
videoaudition - audition - roundlakemusicaltheatreweek - roundlakechristiancamp - musical - gethsemani -
nevergiveupyourdream : I'm in West Side Story at the moment 😊 that's definitely one of the best songs in it.
willroberts014 - deck_the_hall - anna_scheurer - the_illuminatea -
witheringlight - augustinesofhammond - hammondlouisiana - gethsemani - supportlocalmusic - shadowgianttheband -
tattootheplanet : This Saturday its going down at Auggies! #supportlocalmusic #hammondlouisiana #Shadowgianttheband #gethsemani #augustinesofhammond #witheringlight
maverick960 - aye.its.dut - __katerynn - acksmann -
Video novo no arrrr!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sFUisZmIHI Vlog_ONDE JESUS PISOU_Monte das Oliveiras_Gethsemani Pisar nos mesmos locais que Jesus, andar pelas páginas da bíblia, orar nos mesmos locais que Jesus orou, ter a visão da cidade que ele teve é algo impagável Se inscreva no meu canal no YouTube, compartilhe e me ajude a divulgar o canal pra que ele cresça. #elgibor #caravana #diantedotrono #israel #montedasoliveiras #gethsemani #JESUS #travel #traveling #viagem #bible #paisagem
israel - caravana - montedasoliveiras - diantedotrono - jesus - bible - traveling - viagem - paisagem - gethsemani - travel - elgibor -
clentreace - shetolentino - laurasorrells - anaizabelamorim -
También en una de las naves laterales tiene este hermoso retablo del momento que más me cautiva de la vida de Nuestro SEÑOR, y que da razón al nombre de mi pobre iniciativa de evangelización "Semper Fiat"... No lo explicaré ahora porque es para largo, quizá el que quiera profundizar puede ir a la Coronilla que el SEÑOR me permitió crear y que lleva por nombre "Coronilla del Fiat". La pueden descargar en audio y en varios formatos de texto en el siguiente enlace: http://www.semperfiat.com/coronilla-del-fiat/4341 Aconsejo que el quinto misterio se haga mirando esta imagen o cualquier otra que represente a JESÚS en su agonía de Getsemaní. DIOS les bendiga. www.semperfiat.com www.facebook.com/semperfiat www.youtube.com/semperfiattv www.soundcloud.com/semperfiat www.instagram.com/semperfiat
losangeles - art - cristo - faith - jesus - huertodelosolivos - california - fe - dios - biblia - gethsemani - fiat - catholic - montedelosolivos - bible - christ - saintvincent - god - getsemani - sanvicentedepaul - arte - deus -
semperfiat : #SanVicenteDePaul #SaintVincent #LosAngeles #California #Getsemani #Gethsemani #MonteDeLosOlivos #HuertoDeLosOlivos #Fiat #Art #Arte #Fe #Faith #Biblia #Bible #JESUS #CHRIST #CRISTO #DIOS #GOD #DEUS #Catholic
j.kelleyism : niiiccceee!
karypugliese : Hasta ahora mi imagen favorita!.
halephferreira - e.lescano23 - luis99mendoza - luisaguirre1218 -
#olivetree #jerusalem #mountofolives #gethsemani #2000yearsold #oldtree
oldtree - olivetree - 2000yearsold - mountofolives - jerusalem - gethsemani -
israelmeirwi - sivsphotography -
Garden of Gethsemane. #gethsemani #gethsemane
gethsemane - gethsemani -
cj_williams13 - hhannah26 - meesekris - jj_lynne -
#nature #naturezaperfeita #gethsemani #camp #greenplace #weekend #peace. #worldland
peace - nature - camp - gethsemani - naturezaperfeita - worldland - greenplace - weekend -
taniilv - ojuarapaul - joassito - rafiizqr -
#Gethsemani #Jerusalem He said to them, “Sit here while I go over there and pray.” #HolyLand #GodsLand #peace #LOVE
jerusalem - love - holyland - godsland - peace - gethsemani -
lawa_assaf : كثير حلوة يا مدير
zanbak_falasteen : موفق برحلتك لا فلسطين ارض السلام ولأمان رووووووعه جنة الله على الارض ان شاء الله بأبسط بالوطن أستاذ تيمور
nawras.dayem : روح ع الفيا ديوروسا
yumyum_yamama : حلوة يا بلادي 😘😙😘😙😘😙😘
lian_442 : نيالك :'(
layal78.lol : ما احلا بلادي انشالله تتكحل عينا بترابو. ♥♥♥♥
messzozo - fiver_love - salmaoraby24 - aya.alamora -
View from the statues from #Gethsemani. #kentucky
kentucky - gethsemani -
gcarlberg1 - annskotnicka -
As there is nothing so ingenious as #love, several great #saints in their great eagerness to make, each day, numerous acts of their favorite virtues according to the various #inspirations of #grace, have Invented several kinds of chaplets composed of acts of these #virtues. After their example, the #beads of the #SacredHeart has been formed. It is composed of five large beads and thirty-three small ones in honor thirty-three years #OurLord spent on earth. Instead of the Creed the following prayer may be said. #Soul of #JesusChrist, #sanctifyme. #HeartofJesus, #inflameme with love. Body of Jesus Christ, #saveme #BloodofJesusChrist, #inebriateme. Water our of the Side of Christ, #washme. #PassionofChrist, #strengthen me. O good Jesus, hear me. Within Thy Wounds, hide me. Let me not be separated from Thee. Defend me from the malignant enemy. At the hour of death, call me And bid me to come unto Thee That with the Saints, I may #praise Thee For all eternity. Amen. Before each large bead say: Jesus most meek, make my heart like unto Thine. On each large bead say: We adore Thee, O Jesus, who hast been afflicted in the Garden of #Gethsemani and who still in our time art outraged in the #BlessedSacrament by the impious conduct of men. O most amiable Saviour, we recognize that Thou alone art #Holy, Thou alone art Lord, Thou alone art Most High. On each small bead say: I adore Thee, O #mostSacredHeartofJesus, inflame my heart with the #divine love with which Thine Own is all on fire. At the end of the beads say an #OurFather and a #HailMary, and the following prayer:
blessedsacrament - inspirations - love - praise - bloodofjesuschrist - strengthen - virtues - gethsemani - ourlord - saveme - washme - mostsacredheartofjesus - divine - grace - sacredheart - passionofchrist - inflameme - jesuschrist - holy - beads - heartofjesus - saints - soul - ourfather - sanctifyme - inebriateme - hailmary -
fathernsonnholyspirit : O Lord Jesus Christ, who by an ineffable miracle of love, hast deigned to give Thy Heart to men to serve as their nourishment, in order thereby to gain their hearts, graciously hear our humble prayers, and pardon us for the sins of which we confess ourselves guilty before Thee. Cast an eye of compassion and mercy upon those towards whom Thou dost condescend to direct the affections of Thine amiable Heart. And since we desire to honor Thee in the adorable Mystery of the Altar to the utmost of our power and to render Thee most pleasing homage and for that intention, weep for and detest from the bottom of our hearts all the outrages, contempt, mockery, sacrileges, and other acts of impiety which ungrateful men in every part of the world have committed against Thee, enkindle therefore in our hearts this divine love with which Thine Own is inflamed, and inspire us with sentiments like unto Thine, in order that we may be able worthily to praise for all praise for all eternity the love with which this Sacred Heart burns for us. This is our prayer to Thee who livest and reignest with the Father, in unity of the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen from the book Devotion To The Sacred Heart by Fr. John Croiset, S.J.
josephsamona : AMEN!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏
valahamika : 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️
reta_koshaba_makeup : 🙏🙏🙏🙏
jsprinklesdotcom : dope!
evansabali81 : Amen
culturacorazon - sandraedithlv - shamonadil -
The Garden! #Gethsemani #Jerusalem #JesusChrist
jesuschrist - jerusalem - gethsemani -
dorytos2 - jordannisly - joshrainey_ - tessicarainey -
Shalom - Selamat datang di taman #gethsemani :)
gethsemani -
omiimbunn - sarah_v_p - jessynps - citocs -
#nofilter #saopaulo #picodojaragua #gethsemani #cemiterio #amanhecer #sun
saopaulo - picodojaragua - sun - nofilter - amanhecer - cemiterio - gethsemani -
gikosfera : 💔
gikosfera - deliciasdoinsta2015 - loulou_cls - kazumi.sato -
Detrás esta un Árbol de olivo de la época de Jesús. En este jardín mi Jesús oró la última noche antes de ser arrestado. #Huerto #Gethsemani #Getsemaní
getsemaní - huerto - gethsemani -
dahibb24 : Mi doctora bella !!!! 😍 , traeme un rosario 😊!!! , no importa si es islámico o musulmán @mairelys19
mayne182008 : Guaoooo
sonialugor : De verdad q Dios hace como quiere mi @mairelys19 . solamente El pudo reunir un grupo, PERDÓN, un equipo tan bello como este. Me han bendecido mucho con esas fotos q ministran mi corazón (sea de emoción, o sea espiritualmente). He llorado, me he reído, he orado, me he trasladado hasta allá, en fin, gracias por bendecirme. Les amo y les Bendigo. No pierdan ni un segundo en disfrutar. Saludos a mi patrón Abelardo y familia (incluyendo a los pastores de Aruba), un abrazoteee a mi @mayuchj (se ve muy bien, muy bella). Se les ama.
mairelys19 : Ok mi amor! 😉 @dahibb24. Que bella mi @sonialugor también te amamos 😉😘
edcalles - 100_granitos - mayne182008 - monic_2908 -
gethsemani -
thaimymartinez : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
starmooncaceres : Me encantaria estar alla
misheljarma : 😭😍😍😍😍
edcalles - monygarinchavez - mayne182008 - urgiarg -
#iglesiadelaagonia #gethsemani
iglesiadelaagonia - gethsemani -
andruuh - raulnavarrojr_official - sanguino22 - gabrielbezerra010 -
#elarbolmasantiguo #olivo #gethsemani
olivo - elarbolmasantiguo - gethsemani -
andruuh - g_c_espinoza - sanguino22 - gabrielbezerra010 -
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