@gaygeeks made us laugh with this... Who will this be this weekend?🍻🍟 #geek #geeknation #cosplay #superman #latenighteating
geek - latenighteating - cosplay - superman - geeknation -
oldguystudent : Nerds rule.
redmudnessa - pikaroth - a_treasured_memory - kinkins_90 -
Best thing about iOS 8 it's new keyboard knows me well enough that if I type "bloo" I'm prob talking about the #thebloodcast @clarkewolfe @_ryanturek
gaynerd - thebloodcast - gayboy - nerdist - clarkewolfe - instaqueer - bloodcast - geek - ios8 - horrorfan - ryanturek - genre - instadaily - podcast - gaylad - instahomo - adorkable - instagay - shocktillyoudrop - horrornerd - gayman - genrefan - gaymer - iphone - gaygeek - geeknation - horror -
hste99 : #geek #instagay #instahomo #instaqueer #instadaily #adorkable #gaymer #gaygeek #gaynerd #gaylad #gayman #gayboy #bloodcast #podcast #horror #genre #genrefan #horrorfan #horrornerd #ryanturek #geeknation #nerdist #shocktillyoudrop #ryanturek #clarkewolfe
hste99 : #iphone #ios8
hste99 : @ryturek
clarkewolfe : Hahaha LOVE THIS!!!
hste99 : @clarkewolfe hits deffo gunna come in handy😝
never.shout.never._ - nerohellspawn - scottyod - adammelcher -
#happyfriday #allnatural #nomakeup #rightnow #selfie #crookedsmile #lovinlife #glasses #geeky #geeknation #chulo #chula #chuloychula #forever #journey
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janette2808 : Two selfies in one day also lol you and @senyahhhx3 on a roll
boriflaca : Lmfaoooo noo noo lol i put a #flashbackfriday and a #selfie @senyahhhx3 just loves her pretty face πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
ladycoach123 : Love the curls
boriflaca : Thank u ☺@ladycoach123
ladyloyalt : Look atchu.. All cute n ish! Haha #bellacomosiempre
boriflaca : Lol miss u @ladyloyalt #takesonetoknowone
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Who's in? Share reactions! #iPhone6 #apple #geek #geeknation
iphone6 - geek - apple - geeknation -
itsellieday : πŸ‘
marvsmooth : I've wondered about upgrading to a 6
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#geek#geeknation#spongebob#nickelodeon#spongy#dccomics#marvelcomics#marvel#thewalkingdead#gameofthrones#starwars#thelordoftherings#batmanvsupermandawnofjustice #dawnofjustice#batman#superman#manofsteel#rickgrimes#khaleesi
batmanvsupermandawnofjustice - starwars - rickgrimes - khaleesi - spongebob - batman - spongy - geek - dccomics - manofsteel - thewalkingdead - superman - gameofthrones - geeknation - thelordoftherings - dawnofjustice - marvelcomics - nickelodeon - marvel -
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Letting my nerd show lol #tbt #sailormoon #manga #sailormoondoll #nerdlife #geeknation #childhoodfavs
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jonnynoodles :
jonnynoodles : I ran across this today
ciciabadie : @jonnynoodles text it to me I can't click it
jonnynoodles : Send me a text. I don't have yours
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_harley_quinzel : Do you guys have a Harley?
nuffsaid_rp : Yea we do already unfortunately @_harley_quinzel sry.πŸ˜•try someone else! πŸ‘πŸ˜†
_harley_quinzel : Do you have any of the sirens available?
nuffsaid_rp : All available πŸ‘@_harley_quinzel
_harley_quinzel : How do I join?!:)
nuffsaid_rp : Quick Q+A. nothin crazy lol. Hit me up on Kik ( ooh_yeaaa ) @_harley_quinzel
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Coming to A man's man show about Beer, Babes,Brawls, Rides, Tools,Tequila & more! #vivalaraza #geeknation
geeknation - vivalaraza -
charliecorp23 : Suerte Chavo!
r8der1010 : Oralè!!! My kind of show !!!!
dionmack410 - johnsj99 - danicofrade - trdonline -
Nailed it... Not. #fail #cycling #womenscycling #uniform #geek #geeknation #theworst #notatwopiece
notatwopiece - cycling - geeknation - uniform - geek - theworst - fail - womenscycling -
soulpatrol13 : @hausofdani87 @beasting2000 our new team outfit!
hausofdani87 : Woo @soulpatrol13
detectivewayne : @itzel_i_am_your_father @muri_mood @brentowada
barbaraspieker - miss_monica_anne - jamoramenges - james323 -
Haha! #geeknation
geeknation -
hj_be - blackconfederacyclothing - moneybagzmill - ghboi513 -
My world, I love it! #geeknation
geeknation -
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Become legend. #destiny #xboxone #customcontroller #gamerart #gamer #geek #geeknation #xbox #mage #thatotherguy #awesome
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childish_wolf_ : How much would a ps4 version of this cost?
onearmmanny : @childish_wolf_ dm me for more details. Thanks!!
soar_glowz : @colonel_miranda
3eemoo : Why you guys always paint the xbox controller better than the ps 😭😭 when i compare mine with this or the assassin's creed 😍 mine dont have a chance 😭 i want a masterpiece manchester united controller 😁
triggersins : @ky_lady_gamer
onearmmanny : @3eemoo ah man you're controller was great! The better thing about the xbox controller from an artist's perspective is the faceplate just has more room to work. But if you want a wild Manchester controller we could do something outside the box, like enlarge and explode out the crest, to where it runs off the edges maybe a hint of soccer checkers in the background!
gohasuke : @q8neo
childish_wolf_ : @reptile_boy144
ps4xboxonegamer - fps_modding - mikey_cooptx12 - ldunhil -
Hey! @chavoguerrerojr will be at @geeknation answering your questions! Tweet him on #twitter at @mexwarrior & tag #tweetout to get your questions in. Ask him anything & make it fun!! #wwe #GeekNation #ilovemyjob #residentmakeupartist #makeupartistlife #comicbookhero #talkshow #wrestling #prowrestler Image courtesy of
residentmakeupartist - tweetout - makeupartistlife - geeknation - talkshow - twitter - wrestling - comicbookhero - ilovemyjob - wwe - prowrestler -
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My #wcw is @rebekahmckendry & @clarkewolfe my two absolute favorite lady podcasters & fellow ladies who love horror!!!! These two women are smart, funny, badass, & super talented! Check them out!! #womancrushwednesday #rebekahmckendry #fangoria #killerpov #geeknation #clarkewolfe #thenerdist #thebloodcast #thepopfix #sleepycast #horror #ladieswholovehorror
killerpov - ladieswholovehorror - wcw - thenerdist - geeknation - rebekahmckendry - sleepycast - thebloodcast - thepopfix - horror - womancrushwednesday - clarkewolfe - fangoria -
mrjonnyh - thislittlezebrapiggy - waynetreb - stone__rebecca -
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the_think_tanque : #nyc
the_think_tanque : #CREATIVITY
behindthescenes10 : Awesome! Follow us
the_think_tanque : I already do! Haha @behindthescenes10
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Yes you do. #regram from @susanlkamara #coffee #geek #geeknation
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alivelamps : Love it!
arey4868 : Indeed
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*fun house pops up in the slums of Gotham over night... Impressive to say the least but stupid.. The rains coming down thick over the city. The neon lights blurred out in the sheet of water. Its a good night to. The fun house serves as a target.. It's a good night to hunt.... ..goons in clown makeup guard the fun house pretty good. But not good enough..this is my goddamn city. The hired muscle must have a death wish...I oblige....( OPEN RP]*
nyog - batman - geekelite - dc - frankmiller - dccomics - geekery - fanfiction - igaddict - nuffsaidrp - geek - rp - geeknation - edit - nuffsaid - comicart - comics - instageek - myedit - thegoddamnbatman - instamania - comiclife - ignation - roleplay - igers -
deathstroke.nuffsaid : The rain drips down my armor as I couch down over a tower with binoculars in my hand. "The bats should show up any minute with this fun house appearing out of the blue. Pretty fucking obvious it's orchestrating this little show." He Looks around building to building until he sees a dark shadow maneuvering around. "Gotcha @im.the.goddamn.batman ." He drops the binoculars down to the floor and opens up his duffle bag taking out the sniper rifle. "It's a good night to die bats, you should feel honor" he adjusts the sight on the sniper until he gets it just right. He puts his index finger on the tigger as the rain drips down harder and faster. BANGGGGGGGGGGGG, he pulls the trigger. : He looks over toward bud and Lou then @harley.nuffsaid and just waves his hand down"BLAH!" Then continues to watch as the city of Gotham begins to light up in flames while it's inmates run freely throughout the city "look at this lovely city,it's like Christmas only this times it's filled with Santa's in Orange jumpsuits BLAWHAHAHAAHAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAHHHAAA!!!! Sometimes I just kill my self!!! HAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAAA!!!!! When he arrives BrING HIM TO ME!!!!!!! ALIVE!!!!!!!!!" He then whispers "for a cup of coffee"
im.the.goddamn.batman : *someone has me in their cross hairs... I pinpointed the possible vantage points just as I arrived with the tech inside my cowl. And with a target this big it would be a no brainer to come out to eat. Especially for Slade @deathstroke.nuffsaid . He arrived in town yesterday. So as soon as I put myself out in the open for the perfect kill shot I let lose 4 led batarangs with titanium alloy at all the vantage points . Lucky for me the rain makes Slade a quarter of a second slower . The blast shrapnel of his shot explodes in my face sending me off the building into the alley. Dammit... I glide down and call the goddamn batmobile to pick me up.. It rumbles through the alley running.over some unlucky scabs. I hop in my fortress on wheels . I smile. * @harley.nuffsaid : "Duhhhhh boss? I think he's near by we heard a shot fired near by but it didn't sound like an ordinary shot.. Sounded like something kinda powerful." Says the goon as the joker sat by his desk playing connect 4 with @harley.nuffsaid "well I'm glad your ears are working you buffoon now why don't you try using your eyes as well and look for HIM!!!!! Connect 4!!!!!." He smashes the bored game grinning @harley.nuffsaid "my you are looking very delicious harls why don't we lock the doors for a little fun? Whadda you say my dear?" { @deathstroke.nuffsaid }
deathstroke.nuffsaid : "Should of known it wouldn't be that easy." He throws down the sniper rifle and begins to jump across the building tops giving chase to the @im.the.goddamn.batman . "The funs is mostly in the hunt. And tonight I'm hunting bats." As he jumps across the building tops he takes out two machine guns blasting away at the bat mobile. He knows the bullets do no damage but, it's just to make his presence known ( )
im.the.goddamn.batman : *I speak the words UBRAN WARFARE into the car as it Whirs and transforms into an expanded version of itself with with tank like features..night vision enabled And explosive rounds. My seat moves to the center of the car and headgear comes down....I smile as i take the controls and plow through the alleys widening it with the goddamn batmobile..damn I like that name. I run drive rightt into the fun house taking out half of the base of the building shooting explosive rounds like a ball of napalm. THIS IS MY GODDAMN CITY.* @deathstroke.nuffsaid @deathstroke.nuffsaid @harley.nuffsaid
im.the.goddamn.batman : : "Well alrighty alrighty it's the goddamn bat almighty WELCOME TO JOKERS FUN HOUSE PLEASE DUE MAKE YOUR SELF AT HOME BATS!!!!!" Jokers yells throughout the loud speakers surrounding the fun house 🍭"DANNY BOY!!! Please seek to it that our guest are treated with care GAGAGAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!! WOOOOOOOOHHHOOOOO!!!🍭 he spins around on his chair laughing Away... "Yes boss I'm on it" says Danny as he makes his way down the elevator shaft and on to a cat walk where more henchmen await orders "alright guys the batman is here time for some fun, Mark grab that RPG and head up the towers with the snipers make sure that pretty little car of his isn't so pretty anymore, kevin you take the sewers make sure you arm each man hole cover with explosives and Hec make our men have there gas mask with them it's time to show the boss what were made of... Let's go!! Let's go!!!" The joker watches from the monitors "looks like these idiots are not so idiotic after all Ha!" ( @deathstroke.nuffsaid @harley.nuffsaid )
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Gonna be tricky.... @spencesotelo #GeekNation
geeknation -
darcydiamond : Great shot!
margaret_lampert - liliaophelia - bobby_hewitt - aye_b0ss -
Such an honor and had a blast geeking out with @tiffanystweets and @johnnykane70 on the #FarFarAway podcast on Geeknation! And got to rock my tee for Comic Con! Keep your ears open to hear the geekness! #geeknation #FarFarAway #starwars #welovefine #comics #hanshotfirst
starwars - welovefine - hanshotfirst - geeknation - comics - farfaraway -
johnnykane70 : It was a blast, brother!
artsxs - thekateasaurus - therobertking - xmarcdookan -
I don't know why this happened. It just did. One of the coolest dudes I've worked with in a while. @jimmyhubbard #Revolver #Periphery @spencesotelo @ruhtraush #GeekNation #monkeys #guns
guns - geeknation - revolver - monkeys - periphery -
ndlyon : Getyourstinkingpawsoffme,youdamneddirtyape!
v_rizzle : Oh em gee. You shot periphery?!
murphyphoto : @valwr
murphyphoto : @v_rizzle yes! Super rad. Do you want to come with me on Thursday to Black Veil Brides?
v_rizzle : I work on Thursday :( not a huge fan of black veil brides anyway. That should be fun though.
murphyphoto : @ndlyon exactly.
murphyphoto : @spencesotelo thanks! So much rad shit.
caseyprout : Man this shoot was soo awesome I went ape for it!
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#Repost from @geeknation --- True that. @thesimonpegg #geeknation #geek #truthy #simonpegg
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vshelt929 - hayesehl3 - yaaddict - film_geek_girl -
True that. @thesimonpegg #geeknation #geek #truthy #simonpegg
geek - simonpegg - truthy - geeknation -
anastasiawash : Word!
spookymulder86 : <3
joeskiny : @malfralph @oh_panda_my_panda @socalsamuraix3
ali_sans : @blindfaith91
ronnie_bug : Yup @joeskiny
fungeekz : Word up
maijaliisayoung - dakota.sings - lracah - barbaraspieker -
From the #free box i got :-) #xmen #uncannyxmen #1stappearance #gambit #captainamerica #marvelcomics #marvelmovies #marveluniverse #awsome #cool #monday #picoftheday #mylife #mycollection #comicstagram #comics #newcomicbooks #comicbooks #comicbookcrusader #comicbooklife #comicbookfans #geeknation #comicbookhaul
monday - marveluniverse - free - comicstagram - xmen - uncannyxmen - mylife - comicbooks - comicbookfans - cool - newcomicbooks - awsome - geeknation - comics - gambit - comicbooklife - marvelmovies - marvelcomics - mycollection - comicbookhaul - comicbookcrusader - picoftheday - captainamerica - 1stappearance -
donscomicsncards2012 : Wow!
stormshadow_80 : That Gambit Tho!
zomb4prz : U like that gambit eh ! Lol my bud @exythemovement . Really jealous .. my biggest find in the box is.. Gambit @stormshadow_80
exythemovement : Haha ya u did lol mines in thee mail doe haha
stormshadow_80 : I'm getting a couple Gambits back from CGC this week. I'm pretty excited
exythemovement : Thats sick @stormshadow_80 i need myself a cgced gambit the one i have on the way looks mint tho might send it out.
stormshadow_80 : @exythemovement Thanks man. I got pretty lucky this year. Glad to hear you have one on the way
sophiasestini - superior_batman - legendary_verses - sarah_ram -
#JackFrost and #SheHulk at the #FanboyExpo.... I believe ✨ ⭐ πŸŒ€ πŸŽ‡ πŸŽ† #disney #pixar #marvel #Hulk #comiclife #nerdswithvaginas #geeknation @nerdswithvaginas @wizardworld @jackfrostworld @marvel
geeknation - shehulk - fanboyexpo - hulk - nerdswithvaginas - comiclife - pixar - jackfrost - disney - marvel -
corinnevasquez9yr : @leanne1517 @nievedeniz @itsred28 Of all the beautiful curves on your body, your smile is my favorite.
sashaeliza : Thank you πŸ’œ
official.captain.america - the_scarlet_pumpernickel - stevieb727 - spiksidious_est.19xx -
#footlong #geekup #geeknation #gameday #falcons #facers #faceit #hightimes #hippielife
geeknation - falcons - faceit - gameday - facers - geekup - hightimes - hippielife - footlong -
geeknationonkushcloudz - ztrey23 - bigjeff88 - elchapo_tune -
Jus filt up a footlong mufuka #geekup #gameday #geeknation #hightimes #hippielife
hightimes - hippielife - geekup - gameday - geeknation -
evyplush - original_chynadoll - ztrey23 - _shestushbad -
#proudstrangeling I'm in #Cali so it wouldn't be right if I didn't post a vid of the realest #Cali nigga I know #bwhahahahahahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ "I will πŸ‘ u down" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #CaliLivin #CaliforniaDreamin #geekgang #geekshit #geeknation #geeksunite #geeksarethecoolkidsnow #geeksgohard #nerdset #nerdlife #nerdshit #nerdistheoriginalsexy #teamweirdo #strangegang
geeksunite - strangegang - nerdshit - proudstrangeling - geekshit - nerdistheoriginalsexy - californiadreamin - nerdset - geekgang - bwhahahahahahaha - teamweirdo - geeknation - geeksgohard - geeksarethecoolkidsnow - cali - calilivin - nerdlife -
fashionpink90210 : πŸ˜‚ Why?
gigglesj25 : @rastavasii @nicole_ame @iam_ryann @ryanhenrytattoo @biggirlover @88bigo
msgabrielle_3 : Lmao I love her
gigi_fkn_l0v3 : I don't play that shit..I'll fight u over my brows lol..they aren't drawn on tho lol
esperanza.xo : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
ichoose_classy : Lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
omg_kng : Lls
dynastyangel_30 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
omg_kng - mrs_peas - damnlady23 - 1jesssi -
datniggadatsreff - geeknation -
reffer_fred : Thanks BIG BRO!!!! 😁
geeksleader_ek : U already know!!!
jmentor21 - cause_you_not_me - vici_royal - coolnetworkrc -
Smoked dem otha ones rolled a whole notha set fa game day gas up man leh go #riseup #falcons #hightimes #geekup #geeknation #bigclouds #ogbobbyjohnson #paperplane #facers
bigclouds - paperplane - hightimes - falcons - geeknation - facers - geekup - ogbobbyjohnson - riseup -
__pisces_girl - original_chynadoll - 00_sweetcheeks_00 - zone6_phat -
#proudstrangeling #CaliLivin car show #PhillyGang #PhillyGeek #PhillyShit in #Cali #CaliforniaDreamin #geekgang #geekshit #geeknation #geeksunite #geeksgohard #geeksarethecoolkidsnow #nerdset #nerdlife #nerdshit #nerdsunite #nerdistheoriginalsexy #teamweirdo #strangegang
geeksunite - strangegang - nerdshit - proudstrangeling - phillygang - geekshit - nerdistheoriginalsexy - californiadreamin - nerdset - geekgang - phillygeek - teamweirdo - phillyshit - geeknation - geeksgohard - geeksarethecoolkidsnow - cali - calilivin - nerdsunite - nerdlife -
mperf3ctly_perf3ct : Omg take me omg omg
miss_henney_kennie : Umm you in cali and didnt even tell me 😒
tsmalls57 : Enjoy it
little._.universe : @jimjimi1216
i_hate_papigo : Thats a pretty bitch
1donpierre : now that's some shit is invest in...... Lol .... Yeah we cousins πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
dynastyangel_30 : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
sunny_bunny923 - damnlady23 - 1donpierre - mrs_peas -
β˜”οΈFantastic rainy day books about Dissociation and Madness πŸ‘“πŸ™‡#geeknation #psychology #psych #did #dissociativeidentitydisorder #schizophrenia #geek #nerd #nerdlife #thequietroom #whenrabbithowls
psychology - geeknation - did - whenrabbithowls - thequietroom - geek - schizophrenia - psych - nerdlife - nerd - dissociativeidentitydisorder -
tattooedwitch72 : First book I ever read about DID was when I rabbit howls, first time I also thought someone gets it. I'm not alone any more
anthonyange : @tattooedwitch72 I'm not even halfway through and it's absolutely incredible, brought me to tears within the first hour of reading it. Such a brilliant book, and just curious, do you identify with the main character and her struggle with fragmentation?
tattooedwitch72 : She struggled to accept that she had MPD/DID, I knew very early on that I was a we. I know therapy made the splitting worse to start with for first few years. I have been a we for forty years, and found out/accepted it in my late teens
anthonyange : @tattooedwitch72 That's incredible that you realize at such a young age, and are you fully integrated now? Where are you from? If you are close I'd love to talk to you about your experience in person or even over the phone or facetime if you are comfortable with it. =]
anthonyange : @tattooedwitch72 my cell number is (908)-403-3920, text or call me if you are comfortable talking about it, I'd really love to talk about your experience if you are willing to. I know it can be painful to relive some things but we don't have to talk about anything you are uncomfortable with. I'm just really trying to learn about dissociation and fragmentation and I think a first hand account would be immensely beneficial for me and maybe you too, to have another person hear your story. If you would rather not talk it's ok I won't be offended, I just wanted to throw the option out there, but if you do decide you'd like to chat feel free to text or call me anytime, I'm from NYC NJ area =]
tattooedwitch72 : I'm in Herefordshire in UK, I'm happy to email and work up to Skype/FaceTime
anthonyange : That sounds fabulous, my email is send me an email whenever you are free =]
anthonyange : @tattooedwitch72
nick13a - caitforde18 - nothingscripted - poppy_angell -
#latergram of @thefakejamiekennedy & I at GN. Something about Jamie brings out my own #crazy! #kamikazecomedy #geeknation @geeknation
crazy - kamikazecomedy - latergram - geeknation -
chavoguerrerojr : Big fan of Jaime!πŸ‘
clarekramerofficial : @chavoguerrerojr He is the best!
theclintmckinno - we_love_btvs - emilielorentze - sequellife_bp -
Keep a couple ready ta πŸ˜—πŸ’¨πŸ’¨ #hightimes #paperplane #geekup #geeknation #ogbobbyjohnson #facers #faceit #bigclouds
bigclouds - paperplane - hightimes - faceit - geeknation - facers - geekup - ogbobbyjohnson -
iam_fitdafinesser - mr85north - all_bout_me88 - kimmistry2424 -
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