Idk. Trying to be Tumblr and attractive. It failed. Harder than your mum's dick. πŸ‘…πŸ†#tumblr#gayerthanaids#imsoratchett#Slutstatus#bored#sippycup#onrepeat#melaniemartinez#imsofag#swaggot#faggot#dontdodrugskids#stayinschool#imchubby#yay#tryingtothinkofhashtags#idek#idk#imthirsty#iwantasloth#andaskink#ihavenoaesthetic#tbf#idontwantyourbologna#please#bye#idk#lame
ihavenoaesthetic - tryingtothinkofhashtags - dontdodrugskids - idek - gayerthanaids - andaskink - tumblr - swaggot - imsoratchett - imchubby - slutstatus - melaniemartinez - tbf - iwantasloth - yay - imsofag - lame - bored - please - stayinschool - sippycup - imthirsty - idontwantyourbologna - idk - faggot - bye - onrepeat -
n0ell.riann : not to brag but I had this locked down for 7 months
n0ell.riann : then we fagged out
ryan.hj : True @n0ell.riann
c4.lvin - n0ell.riann - hilalksmn - kaitlyn_ski3 -
Another piece of art down the drain. Tape dried too long and tore my paper and pulled the ink #bullshit #gayerthanaids
gayerthanaids - bullshit -
illuminutty : That sucks man!
missgreen81 : I blame the vog 😁
richiemfknrich : Thanks @illuminutty I was gonna split it with @deathmachinecorpse but got greedy ha. Life
deathmachinecorpse : Shit??!!!! Fuck it you did that one quick!!
todaymylove : Faaaaaack!!
necromogarip : I want a vulture from ya man!
richiemfknrich : Sick ill keep up posted when I'm back .. I'll save that bird far ya @necromogarip
okwajosh - 49nosliwsirhc - asap_adam09 - scottiedagger -
#vapedaddy #vapelife #vapelife #vapeporn #clouds #cloudchaser #doingitforgram #doitforthegram #swag #yolo #420blazeit #flow #gayerthanaids
swag - clouds - doitforthegram - vapelife - gayerthanaids - yolo - flow - cloudchaser - vapedaddy - vapeporn - doingitforgram - 420blazeit -
afiglio_ : This is dumb
daucethabauce : Better be loud in that!
josefgladu : Your fucking stoopid. @afiglio_
damascusapparel : We are all connected.
baesandbuds : #2STONED
leblondpaige : You are gayer than aids πŸ––πŸΎ
daucethabauce - scorpion_vape_babes - asrof08 - diana_awumi -
A wee gay selfie #LostAllSelfRespect #GayerThanAIDs #NeedAPunch
gayerthanaids - needapunch - lostallselfrespect -
mike_lima_six : I can help with the latter?
camcairnhill : Hahah.....a couldn't think of anyone better @mike_lima_six
a.herd : You and that fuckin grey tshirt !
camcairnhill : IT'S A DIFFERENT ONE @a.herd!!
jonny_boy_83 - mike_lima_six - mariessageddes - kimthetim -
Danger - Do Not Touch - Not only will it kill you it will hurt the entire time you are dying! 😁 #Danger #BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor #Deuces #πŸŒͺ
danger - lubchild - gayerthanaids - becarefulwhatyouwishfor - πŸŒͺ - deuces -
simplesleek1 : Hahahahahahahaa
wayhappy40 : Pure Gorgeous!
pridescarves : #JohnMellenkamp
remys1989 : Love those tattoos!
odb0331_ : If I'd never met you, I wouldn't feel the pain Of losing your sweet love; I wouldn't feel insane. But if I'd never met you, I wouldn't know the pleasure Of ecstasy's warm gifts And memories to treasure. Now moving on with life, I force a wistful grin, Questioning what went wrong And wondering what might have been.
sabinehs0286 : Hey boy hey! #LubChild @odb0331_
odb0331_ : πŸ™ƒπŸ€—
iron2002 : sexy
dcketchamphotography - the_bearded_vet7 - simone3731 -
I can barely see it in the daytime . #brucejenner #mustang #imlegallyblind #mamailoveyoupopholdinitdown #alldressedinblackforyourfuneral #gayerthanaids
alldressedinblackforyourfuneral - imlegallyblind - gayerthanaids - mustang - brucejenner - mamailoveyoupopholdinitdown -
thtpolishkid - mad_maxs_mama - connor_diggs -
friendsgiving with one of the best frands #gayerthanaids
gayerthanaids -
teraaturnsup : Ilysm
teraaturnsup : πŸ’•
c4rlita6 : That hashtag is bomb
stephclaros_ - jp_sala - tommyw_631 -
Stretching tires is fucking #gay. Stop. #gayerthanAIDS #goodyear #wrangler #tisoffroad @andyg_828
gayerthanaids - wrangler - goodyear - gay - tisoffroad -
i_am_zach : Hey now....
kkaitlyn_mariee - evangunn - nickyg_son - angelica_r_nudo21 -
Spent my night after work in the ER. My mouth had started going numb, getting very dizzy, having random hot flashes and sweating, and becoming super motion sick just by turning my head. They ran blood tests, EKG and urine. Everything is normal, so they said that I need to be back on antidepressants because my body is going haywire from work, my son, and my divorce.. Lucky me.. #FML #tiredofbeingtired #ekg #er #gayerthanaids
ekg - tiredofbeingtired - fml - gayerthanaids - er -
kclaudialeee : Thanks
kclaudialeee : @van_the_man817
seantaylor_johnston : D
seantaylor_johnston : W
seantaylor_johnston : Feel better fuckin a lol
kclaudialeee : Lol thanks hun @ballsaretoobig
piscesjustinp : hey, the same thing happened to me when i stopped taking anti-depressants, it was basically withdrawals .. those things really mess u up :(
kclaudialeee : Ya'll didn't read it I guess. I haven't been on anti-depressants in 7 years. They're saying that because of the symptoms I need to be put on them. It's not withdrawals. @piscesjustinp
van_the_man817 - kneesandtoes13 - teddy_k20 - justanotherbeautyholic -
Love you #boo #boyfran #gayerthanaids
gayerthanaids - boyfran - boo -
tamil.beauty3 - melissakarlsn - ishthakkar009 -
Thought this was appropriate for #nationalcomingoutday #comingoutday #yay #gaybies #gay #gayflag #marrigeequality #lovewins #tumblr #textpost #imsogay #gayness #gayerthanaids #popefrancis #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqa #gayerthanaids #rainbows #yaoi #wereallgay #mrrodgersGAYborhood
mrrodgersgayborhood - gay - gayerthanaids - lgbtq - gayflag - lgbtqa - tumblr - lgbt - popefrancis - gayness - nationalcomingoutday - textpost - marrigeequality - yay - lovewins - wereallgay - comingoutday - imsogay - rainbows - gaybies - yaoi -
champanqepapi : Westbroro Batist Church is a terrible representation of all forms of religion
lets_fruk : @ohmannotagain2 Truuu
piper.wetherby - heta_south_korea - trenddyk - great.now.im.stressed.out -
Pretty much the picture that inspired the cards aginst humanity card "a picture so cute that your eyes roll into the back of your head and your spine slides out of your anus." #squadgoals #gayerthanaids #fam #flannelfluxfam #youwishyourparentstookpicturesofyoulikeminedo #hallmarkcansuckit
squadgoals - flannelfluxfam - fam - hallmarkcansuckit - gayerthanaids - youwishyourparentstookpicturesofyoulikeminedo -
dylanuk : Needs more man2man subtle teases
hc_metalworks - kellysundaze - luigicavagnarotattoos - ivydoodledandy -
#shakethatbear #shakeit #fukt #girlswithtattoos #florida #michigan #slayer #kys #kysisntamisspellingofkiss #kawasaki #chopchop #motherslove #naptime #edm #sluts #countrygirl #fakes #gayerthanaids
chopchop - girlswithtattoos - michigan - edm - kys - naptime - fakes - countrygirl - kysisntamisspellingofkiss - sluts - motherslove - florida - shakeit - slayer - gayerthanaids - shakethatbear - kawasaki - fukt -
istoleurmanhood : Yes! @jklemkow
istoleurmanhood - imalexanderking - jackart13 - sydneyellenmusic -
don't think you will find a gayer photo than this one but lil baby's finally comin in πŸ˜„πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ’―πŸ‘…πŸ’¦ #gayerthanaids #whoflexs #nocunt
gayerthanaids - whoflexs - nocunt -
tattslip : Should be neverlast
flynnie__ : Gay
toddevxns : πŸ’ͺ
_brockywill : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
coco.toy - xjaybeex - dagfinnkruse -
gayerthanaids -
beauflexx - nickjess12 -
Total throwback to the bad decisions and great memories with my buds in philly a few years ago. Every year just gets better and better.. #breastfriends #conventionblues #alwaysdrunkandnaked ##gayerthanaids chickenspot #tittaysfordays #brushyoteef #phillytattooconvention #throwback #whitegirls @glennprobst1 @robofnorway
tittaysfordays - alwaysdrunkandnaked - gayerthanaids - breastfriends - whitegirls - throwback - phillytattooconvention - brushyoteef - conventionblues -
knivesbatsnewtoph : #youguysdidntwannapartythisyearbutitsokayiguessyouhavetoworktheconvention
glennprobst1 - julietdubourg - imagoodchristian - lilbash13 -
#heislookingforaboyfriend#keenonsingleboys#gayerthanaids @lukegleeson_
gayerthanaids - heislookingforaboyfriend - keenonsingleboys -
glee696 : Is that a 60% chubb
bengeorge_11 : Get your Chubb out and put him to shame big boi!
kadie___ - trentsmoothy - beauralston_six -
The best heart we could make, the rest looked like #ballsnweiner @squirrelly_thr33 #gayerthanaids#butwebffs#dustinroachphotography#bmw#335i#notanm3
notanm3 - ballsnweiner - butwebffs - gayerthanaids - dustinroachphotography - 335i - bmw -
squirrelly_thr33 : #AwwwwwwwNuts πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ 🌰🌰🌰🌰
reckfam_ : @findingnick
ang3l_g - that02wrbwrx - ockreww -
W/ These faggots @tipplerstap #cocksuckers #lovespenis #gayerthanaids
gayerthanaids - cocksuckers - lovespenis -
tristanjee : Anyone would think you're homophobic @cam_mulholland88..... you big homo
cam_mulholland88 - coeza - heath_a_goodall - cashmoneyyyyyyyy -
#gayerthanaids #fawkreno
gayerthanaids - fawkreno -
shinobikp : I have to deal with that shit every morning and when I go home.. annoying
melialynae7 : Welcome to my life! Shit sucks!
sam_85yota - mrs.kayla.j - rockzombie_rob - cashmoneyman83 -
Really BK? A touch screen soda fountain.... #GayerThanAids
gayerthanaids -
brycegweaver - luke_skywaxer818 -
This is gonna come across a little gay but these 2 are my #womancrushwednesday @mandalachai and @crossfitcuties_aus Just thank you to you both xx
gayerthanaids - womancrushwednesday -
mandalachai : Gayer than Renee
mandalachai : πŸ†
saleepatricia : πŸŽ½πŸ‘ πŸ’„
saleepatricia : Damnit you beat me to the emoji thon @mandalachai #gayerthanaids
ma_ma_wilson : Love these too hotties 😍😍😍 both made my life better #womancrushwednesday
mandalachai : Lulz @ma_ma_wilson I'm sure I made yours a tiny bit worse at times πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
tonadixey : @mandalachai #gayerthanxmas #gayerthanmandywearingababy
crossfitcuties_aus : Awww you guys ☺️☺️😘😘😘
mssabrinagxxxxxxx - victoriapercivall - crossfitcuties_aus - tonadixey -
#TrappinOutDaBarracks #GayerThanAids #BonerShame
gayerthanaids - bonershame - trappinoutdabarracks -
arob_2014 - alma2014 - mrjacobo7 - hi_im_______caleb -
I can't explain to u how much these to amazing human beings mean to me! @iam_pratt An @mmurdoch951 one of the best weekends of my life at @mmurdoch951 an @s_mgcorrea wedding with all the people who I care about so much!! I love u all an hope mike an Monica have a wonderful life ahead! #momikewedding #goodtimes #goodpeople #familyfirst #friendsforever #loveyouguys #weddings #bachelors #bachelorette #grooms #party #reception #gayerthanaids
goodpeople - momikewedding - loveyouguys - bachelorette - gayerthanaids - weddings - goodtimes - familyfirst - friendsforever - bachelors - reception - party - grooms -
mmurdoch951 : #bigfootbmx #DOorDIE
mmurdoch951 - internationaleventco - lilepicdesign - iam_pratt -
Spot on, these are the 2 things that make me cry #manbuns #onion #gayerthanaids #cry #whywouldyou #worsthaircut
manbuns - onion - whywouldyou - gayerthanaids - cry - worsthaircut -
hof_shia : @shaylasr @dekel_lasri1
ivanaluxe : @sarasundar @annetteluxe @soniamiami11 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
annetteluxe : @ivanaluxe hahahhaahahaa
evenaspli : LoL @marifre
dailymanbun : πŸ‘πŸ‘
riley_mcgraw8 : @justinn35
b.lx_ : @julius.6
tomturnbull912 : @ellastorey1 yeh?
lozel87 - __kaleigh - judiwo - hilliard90 -
Most terrible news of the week! Guess who's not going πŸ˜– #wecameasromans #soldout #gayerthanaids #unfd #inheartswake
gayerthanaids - inheartswake - wecameasromans - soldout - unfd -
anelegy - letthemfallband - iamzeroband - existimmortal -
Much cannon #honda #civic #eg4 #egcivic #hatchback #backfire #carby #gayerthanaids #baé #soundsbetterinreallife
civic - carby - gayerthanaids - honda - eg4 - backfire - soundsbetterinreallife - egcivic - hatchback - baΓ© -
ii3koutii : @lusty94_wr125x
myegandi - ii3koutii -
βœ‹πŸΌ just stop. but hey, numerous lights are the easiest way to satisfy the kids on Instagram and gets likes on your pictures. #IGwar2k15HasBegun
igwar2k15hasbegun -
colew97 : Saying that light bars are pointless unless used for off-road use is just like say lift kits are only to clear bigger tires and bigger tires is only for clearance and clearance is only for off-roading. Light bars can be for looks just like lift and big tires can be for looks.
tooo.gooneee : Forreal. So your lifted truck has gone off road everyday. This shits so irrelevant.
_toddjg_ : I have never, in my life, heard anyone with a huge expensive diesel ever make the comment that it's cool to mud ride in their truck. It's always the broke dick ass kids that say "If youz hav a deisl datz big an don't go in da mud data dum". Of course it is, it's dumb to your broke dick ass that can't comprehend that putting a huge 3/4 or 1 ton truck in the mud really isn't the absolute best idea. You couldn't possibly understand the time and money put into it because you've never made that much money in your life. Sinking a $60k+ truck in the mud for cool points is just as stupid as 100 light bars on your truck. Or a 50" on your cab, same shit. That's why we build other toys for mud, and we use the lights on em. Can't believe the amount of butt hurt in here over a piece of aluminum full of bulbs, unreal.
jw7054 : Sure lights are normally pretty pointless if you are a city slicker cuz you can never use them because people are always comin. But they sure are nice down a backroad.
jscottythib : I love your builds. Car and truck. They're both amazing. But is a question of pure curiosity, why worry about it? Why care ab what other guys like on their truck? If you haven't noticed, the whole light bar thing is kind of going away, if you look at sema builds for this year, they're only putting maybe 3 at most on. Do I think an excess of light bar usage is dumb? Yeah. But do I think some of the things people are doing w LEDs is creative? Yeah. I mean, it's all opinion, man. I sure as hell agree w that guy up there on the mud thing, as well. I just don't understand why people need to point out how much they think a certain persons build is stupid..
ryryvandyke : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚one of the many reasons I follow you #nochill
loganslucid : And you drive a pavement princess so what's the point of your huge lift
kelvintallas : @lane1791 @jaret_marshall @dawson_ostapovich13
connerrichert57 - salt_life0424 - bitchin_rangers - jake_herman_1 -
Tried to be cute like all the other people steppin up the selfie game at the falls. #PARTY #fuckbois #tookthekids #gayerthanaids
party - tookthekids - fuckbois - gayerthanaids -
lisa_deboer - kwalshyy - helentttt - sam_elliott96 -
Almost there.. #Mazda #mazda3 #static #lowered #loweredlifestyle #stancedimports #stanced #gay #slowasfuck #brokeasfuck #hatchback #gayerthanaids
stanced - gay - gayerthanaids - mazda3 - mazda - lowered - static - brokeasfuck - loweredlifestyle - slowasfuck - hatchback - stancedimports -
_mindysuee : Mbn
that_redmini : Mbn? @mindysuee_ms3
_mindysuee : "must be nice "to not worry about curbs when parking. πŸ˜‰ it was sarcasm lol
bayley_m3s : Did you say your on racelands?
that_redmini : Yes I am, about 1 inch left to go lower. @bayley_m3s
bayley_m3s : Sweet, trying to get some soon. Or if you ever try to upgrade hmu
that_redmini : I plan on bagging it by this winter. @bayley_m3s will do if I upgrade man
bayley_m3s : Cool man, looking cleanπŸ‘πŸΌ
mazdamitch - mazdalicia3 - mckenna_daniels - roniijeann -
Todays buy, 80 sbc stroker 4 speed vette. #corvette #gayerthanaids #girlcar #butitsa4speed
corvette - gayerthanaids - girlcar - butitsa4speed -
jonandhiselco : @warnerpool why can't I pull off stuff like this πŸ˜•
luke_morrissey : @harteryj
tyler_mccormack : What's your plan with this
auntjemima_666 : @tyler_mccormack gone its gayer than aids
85monteguy - brisa_marie98 - jjjerber - 7d4spd -
Gay. #gay #gayerthanaids
gayerthanaids - gay -
bigblockquey : Ughhhhhhh. What homosexual would write that shit
max_shcherbakov90 - mattiabertaccini - rossfarley27 -
So i saw this today a ford ranger with a stack and a confederate flag... #smh #whatareyoudoingwithyourlife #ford #gayerthanaids
gayerthanaids - ford - whatareyoudoingwithyourlife - smh -
brandopowell : @codygholston seen that coming home I was like killyourself.
brandopowell - dmoney329 - mikegulliver_ - leoni86 -
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