Much cannon #honda #civic #eg4 #egcivic #hatchback #backfire #carby #gayerthanaids #baé #soundsbetterinreallife
civic - carby - gayerthanaids - honda - eg4 - backfire - soundsbetterinreallife - egcivic - hatchback - baé -
✋🏼 just stop. but hey, numerous lights are the easiest way to satisfy the kids on Instagram and gets likes on your pictures. #IGwar2k15HasBegun
igwar2k15hasbegun -
domcelillo : @projectpunisherr8 most on point truck related post I've seen ever..
cody_seale : More power to them. It's there money
colew97 : Saying that light bars are pointless unless used for off-road use is just like say lift kits are only to clear bigger tires and bigger tires is only for clearance and clearance is only for off-roading. Light bars can be for looks just like lift and big tires can be for looks.
austen_k911 : Forreal. So your lifted truck has gone off road everyday. This shits so irrelevant.
_toddjg_ : I have never, in my life, heard anyone with a huge expensive diesel ever make the comment that it's cool to mud ride in their truck. It's always the broke dick ass kids that say "If youz hav a deisl datz big an don't go in da mud data dum". Of course it is, it's dumb to your broke dick ass that can't comprehend that putting a huge 3/4 or 1 ton truck in the mud really isn't the absolute best idea. You couldn't possibly understand the time and money put into it because you've never made that much money in your life. Sinking a $60k+ truck in the mud for cool points is just as stupid as 100 light bars on your truck. Or a 50" on your cab, same shit. That's why we build other toys for mud, and we use the lights on em. Can't believe the amount of butt hurt in here over a piece of aluminum full of bulbs, unreal.
jw7054 : Sure lights are normally pretty pointless if you are a city slicker cuz you can never use them because people are always comin. But they sure are nice down a backroad.
jscottythib : I love your builds. Car and truck. They're both amazing. But is a question of pure curiosity, why worry about it? Why care ab what other guys like on their truck? If you haven't noticed, the whole light bar thing is kind of going away, if you look at sema builds for this year, they're only putting maybe 3 at most on. Do I think an excess of light bar usage is dumb? Yeah. But do I think some of the things people are doing w LEDs is creative? Yeah. I mean, it's all opinion, man. I sure as hell agree w that guy up there on the mud thing, as well. I just don't understand why people need to point out how much they think a certain persons build is stupid..
_ryry_79 : 😂😂one of the many reasons I follow you #nochill
project_olbluee - jake_herman1 - bitchin_rangers - salt_life0424 -
Tried to be cute like all the other people steppin up the selfie game at the falls. #PARTY #fuckbois #tookthekids #gayerthanaids
party - tookthekids - fuckbois - gayerthanaids -
kwalshyy - lisa_deboer - helennnt - sam_elliott96 -
Todays buy, 80 sbc stroker 4 speed vette. #corvette #gayerthanaids #girlcar #butitsa4speed
corvette - gayerthanaids - girlcar - butitsa4speed -
jonandhiselco : @warnerpool why can't I pull off stuff like this 😕
luke_morrissey : @harteryj
tyler_mccormack : What's your plan with this
auntjemima_666 : @tyler_mccormack gone its gayer than aids
85monteguy - szmotorsport - 7d4spd - leandrodaniel.quintana -
Gay. #gay #gayerthanaids
gayerthanaids - gay -
jetfourlitre : Ughhhhhhh. What homosexual would write that shit
rossfarley27 - max_shcherbakov90 - mattiabertaccini -
cromewontgetyahome - xr650 - needtoridenow - riceburner - gayerthanaids - honda - delsol -
sbleezy_fit : Nice where'd ya get that headlight?
nickpluta : Should be able to get it out of it's not to bright though tryin to find a 450x headlight @sbleezy_fit
mendrmic : Sweet grips
nickpluta : #gayerthanaids @mendrmic
chipper442 - ray2500 - mendrmic - tylerhellyar -
So i saw this today a ford ranger with a stack and a confederate flag... #smh #whatareyoudoingwithyourlife #ford #gayerthanaids
gayerthanaids - ford - whatareyoudoingwithyourlife - smh -
brandopowell : @codygholston seen that coming home I was like killyourself.
dmoney329 - mikegulliver_ - leoni86 - brandopowell -
Top direction, One gear. #changes #topgear #lol #evo30 #tv #onedirection #gayerthanaids
tv - topgear - evo30 - gayerthanaids - onedirection - changes - lol -
jaybestnz - darkcoffeee - lewandhuey - x.hstyles.xx -
@almighty_kingearl #gay #justtgetip #justgaystuff #duckface #gayerthanaids
duckface - gayerthanaids - justtgetip - justgaystuff - gay -
almighty_kingearl : Lol wow bro that a forced
araab_swaag617 : @almighty_kingearl 😢😂😭… Hahahahah.. LMFAO#💯💯💯💯
dayman1204 : @almighty_kingearl force those duck lips on this dick
t_bird323 : #yourwelcomeearl
dayman1204 : @wavyb36
123nicolemarie : @donovan_hudelson
serggebaggon - chloe.gracious - gianluca_balestrierinavy - jbak3r816 -
Arent you just hilarious? #Gayerthanaids
gayerthanaids -
dseibert0410 : What does sexuality or diseases have to do with this? #youreabitch
aly_lynn23 : Hahaha @dseibert0410
the_happiest_alive - graysterr97 - colliding_into_sound - kelseystiles62 -
#braap #psssh #vroom #gayerthanaids #evox #mitsubishi #evo10
evox - evo10 - braap - gayerthanaids - psssh - mitsubishi - vroom -
triple_diamond_society : 🙌💯💯
dailymotomedia : Awesome pic! Follow us!
destrae - factorybacking - crushedmx - triple_diamond_society -
Well that just happened,talk about pain in the ass busy day and inside rear decides to shit itself #gayerthanaids
gayerthanaids -
bigspud : And happened while on way to getting new tyres
stephp84 : Oh crap!!! Just lucky you are such a handy man!!!
pieman46 - 13bdan - danielle_donovan2 - choppa566 -
Happy to be going to another night shift 😡 #gayerthanaids
newhandbagsallthetime - gayerthanaids - reminder - wearandtear - smackwife -
_krista_belle_ : Your selfies are gayer than aids
athousandslaps : #smackwife #reminder
athousandslaps : @_krista_belle_
_krista_belle_ : #ballsareinmyhandbagcunt
athousandslaps : #newhandbagsallthetime #wearandtear 😂😂😂 @_krista_belle_
__erin_j - sloshathemeatgrinder - nestorfmeza - _krista_belle_ -
My nigga my nigga #thanksdcahoesfortheshirt
gayerthanaids - thanksdcahoesfortheshirt -
haidyn11 : Aggot
lukewiddcombe : Whats that you drivea ford #gayerthanaids
kaidfosker - charliejstevens - haidyn11 - lozza787 -
I'm just going to leave this right here... #fuckboy #mlady #fedora #GayerThanAids #710pac #420 #heady #710 #shatter #wax #errl #dabs #denver #seattle #bayarea #la #losganjales #cali #prop215 #oregon #ommp #washington #alaska #colorado #customtorch #headyglass #secretsesh #highlyeducated #fuckthieves #nosnakes
shatter - secretsesh - highlyeducated - colorado - errl - gayerthanaids - prop215 - washington - oregon - 710 - ommp - denver - alaska - seattle - fuckboy - customtorch - bayarea - fedora - la - fuckthieves - 710pac - heady - mlady - cali - losganjales - nosnakes - wax - dabs - 420 - headyglass -
skatenhustle : @pnw_burn_thefire
oniell4202 : @anchorsforever710 guess it wasn't just me
troybutler214 : @nickthedrivinginstructor
oniell4202 : @nicqueb
nicqueb : @mcdabberz @grateful_wellness @fat_jacks_glass
michaelcastaneda : @frankie500
johnny_chimpo420 : I'm putting this # on every bathroom wall I drop deuce in!! Too funny
tee_h_cee : @c0rella
icewateroc - hsowholesale -
. I'm not one to make a big deal of Valentine's day, its largely consumer based and doesn't count for much the rest of the year, but I've been thinking about and crushing on this smile all day <3 :).. . Actually its been weeks upon weeks of steadily falling head over heels for this woman, a little more with every passing day. . So even though its stupid and I'm going to love you everyday anyways, happy valentines day @syracha , hopefully I'll never have to spend one without you again <3 #mine #lilbear #backoffgetyourownsammich #alltheglitterandorgasms #allthesteaksandbjs #gayerthanaids
backoffgetyourownsammich - alltheglitterandorgasms - gayerthanaids - lilbear - mine - allthesteaksandbjs -
goonqer : Speaking of making one cry, you sappy son of a bitch you.
nomskittlesnom : Lucky lady @whowantstogetphilled
lady.flynn : Hearts all melty n shit
syracha : Oh my god babe!!!!! This was the best thing to see after I got off work. You seriously amaze me everyday. I still punch myself everyday just to make sure this isn't a dream. You are literally perfect for and to me and I feel so incredibly blessed to know that you decided to share your entire being with me. Our souls are bff's and our hearts are fuck buddies. You, Phil, are my everything and I'm definitely keeping you forever. I love you so much handsome. My panda, my beard, my best friend 💜🐼💋
purpleade1984 : Aww you guys are so cute!!!
bigpoppapeeks : Well said brother. Not a valentines fan either. I love my girl %100 all yr.
tamekiagccarme -
Happy Adulthood to this piece of💩 👭 #sentimental #alreadywentalloutonFacebook #bestiefortherestie #gayerthanaids #plottwist #werenotactuallyfriends #jk #isanyoneevenreadingthesehashtags #hashtag #stillhashtagging #shes18 #or12 #youmakethecall #everyblondeneedsabrunette #almostdonehashtagging #maybeonemore #happybday
isanyoneevenreadingthesehashtags - gayerthanaids - hashtag - or12 - happybday - bestiefortherestie - youmakethecall - jk - plottwist - sentimental - maybeonemore - alreadywentalloutonfacebook - almostdonehashtagging - werenotactuallyfriends - shes18 - everyblondeneedsabrunette - stillhashtagging -
kayleesaari : I read the hashtags.
queen.of.ecards : @fuck_your_ecards :)
sus_10 : Yeah I read the hashtags
tabitha_haderly - dani.mccullough - nyah_grace - aiyana_nicole24 -
How I feel about all mainstream country. #goaway #texasmusic #gayerthanaids #lukebryansucks #sodoesjasonaldean
gayerthanaids - goaway - sodoesjasonaldean - texasmusic - lukebryansucks -
gneedham79 : Agreed ! "Bro country" is not country. #brocountry
lewenttv : Good shot!
kayladeegann : actually no hes amazing af
ericaveretta - eisenbeis4004 - monk36c - wcastleberry -
The @_justin_chaput_ life
gayerthanaids -
jakeperegrym : #shotsfired
_justin_chaput_ : #top40
_austin_lhirondelle : #gayerthanaids @_justin_chaput_
julie_funk18 - lizziecameron_15 - mason_w74 - ambervasseur_ -
Still probably never gonna like this camber shit.. Especially on Hondas. Blehk. 👎 #stupidhondas
stupidhondas - gayerthanaids -
rannndall : Mines hard top and is track car lol
kclaudialeee : Does a bear still shit in the woods? G-a-yyyyyy. @rannndall
pr0jekt : 😔
kclaudialeee : Why sad face? @pr0jekt
pr0jekt : /--\
kclaudialeee : On a Honda yes.. Makes me sad faced too.. Almost as much as drift charms on FWDs.. @pr0jekt
pr0jekt : Lol
kclaudialeee : Used to run behind them while they lined up at the street races and snatch them off. Lol @pr0jekt
nallsy - shyannarochelle - izzoiv - quickflips -
No surprises here, #wcw is my love, @syracha <3. She's made me feel like no one I've ever known, there isn't one single part of her that I'm not crazy about. Even in my worst mood and lowest moment she makes me smile like a fool :D. She's completely changed my perspective of "love" and I'll spend the rest of my life repaying her. I love you @syracha <3 #princesspeach #gayerthanaids #pinkyandthebrain #everythingburrito #shescanadianshejustdontknowityet ;)
pinkyandthebrain - everythingburrito - wcw - shescanadianshejustdontknowityet - gayerthanaids - princesspeach -
m00nbeeem : Perfect👌🙏✌️
syracha : Hahaha those last two hashtags doe!! Ugh you seriously are the sweetest, most handsomest, and most beautiful man I know and I am so incredibly lucky to call you mine. I love you Phillip, my sexy panda 💜🐼🍁💑
stillshitshowshawnie : You guuuyyyyyssss
brandylingonzo : Awwwwwwwww I miss everything now!!!
meaghanb_85 : Yes! Come be Canadian 🍁🍁 @syracha
ambimichelle81 - irish_curves -
#boyfrand #doubletrouble #gayerthanaids
gayerthanaids - boyfrand - doubletrouble -
shhmandy : You're so gorgeous AJ! Your boyfriend too haha
olivia.annelise - johnnnymath - champ2200 - benjordan_321 -
How I feel when Hondas rev up at me.
d15hatchesaresofuckingcool - honderps - fartcans - gayerthanaids - jdmasfuck - sponsoredbypepboys - b16 - vtec - cambergang - wheelfitmentiseverything - bwahhhhhh - purplecontrolarms -
stiwagon541 : They think you're a prelude. @sean_weinberg
s_weinberg96 : Probably @drivefastandfuck
s_weinberg96 : Damn rice bowls
stiwagon541 : They're probably just trying to ask you how to get to Pepboys.. @sean_weinberg
s_weinberg96 : I be like bitch I go to racers edge where all the real racers go
stiwagon541 : 😂👍 @sean_weinberg
s_weinberg96 : I'm surprised you got the joke lol, nobody else does 😂😂😂
volkswagenrabbit : My favorite post ever.. just funny no racist here
whitromney413 - dumpybutts - _mariano69_ - shoelacylace -
10 days, four states and 5486 km's later made it back to this place. Happy New Years!
gayerthanaids -
brettcadieux25 : Shoulda stayed #GayBoy
kiwi.abroad : Would have if I could... @brettcadieux25 #gayerthanaids
rsmith2224 - dan_rah - masefee23 - britt_aryn -
bbl04 - gayerthanaids -
benlaker : Winner winner chicken dinner @campstagram_
campstagram_ : Yep, and a fuck up on my bet had me win double the amount I had planned on as well haha
campstagram_ : @benlaker
benlaker : Hahaha good shit @campstagram_ u heading out now??
campstagram_ : @benlaker I wish. Some shitty rule no pluggers at the chalk on Sundays after cricket. Gaaaaaaayyyyy. Also, need to drive to airport at 830 in the morning.
benlaker : #gayasaids @campstagram_
campstagram_ : @benlaker #gayerthanaids
annastasiaalysandratos - jackgorephoto - benlaker - elkyi -
With my tanning buddy @jiimmyg83 #sorryladies #cutecunts #tan #beach #tattoos #snapbacks #lookingafteracripple
sorryladies - tattoos - cutecunts - snapbacks - gayerthanaids - tan - beach - lookingafteracripple -
benji_man91 : #gayerthanaids
jiimmyg83 : Bahahaha 👌 @benji_man91
sansonsamuel : I was just at the bathes bro ahah
selinamulroy : Looks like I've been replaced 😥
jiimmyg83 : I have better skills @selinamulroy 😂
selinamulroy : Awww 😏😏 @jiimmyg83
cass_iiieee - sir_lifts_alot_bruh - dani_shearman - m_kinna -
My view at work right now. Fuuuck this shit. Yesterday we had no snow. #hcm #snowingLikeaMofo #gayerthanaids
gayerthanaids - snowinglikeamofo - hcm -
lowmarco : @ladelow all we got was about an inch.
layinrocker : Damn!
c_small : 3foot drift on the hood of the civic.......made it out tho!
mels_ken : Eww lol wish that was white sand eh!! @ladelow
better.than.bacon - layinrocker - lowmarco - mooresevered -
Kayla and I like to wear turbans. #hagay #jk #gayerthanaids 👳
gayerthanaids - hagay - jk -
amberella16 - rachenglish - clapper268 - lisawiley67 -
After wedding events.. #what #nz #deepthroatmaybe #gayerthanaids #gaysofinstagram #chur
what - deepthroatmaybe - chur - gaysofinstagram - gayerthanaids - nz -
sami_b_xo : I'm teaching him 😂😂😂
cartercleve2322 - sami_b_xo - mrrev67 - huskacollie -
So damn true #mustangs #fruitloop #stillamustang #euroallday #mustangsaregay #gayerthanaids #couldntpaymetodriveone #vw #euro #brokebackmountain #steersandqueers #dubleben #volksnation #hate
steersandqueers - gayerthanaids - volksnation - mustangs - hate - dubleben - stillamustang - vw - mustangsaregay - fruitloop - euroallday - couldntpaymetodriveone - brokebackmountain - euro -
beans44 : Lol sorry ahead of time 🙋
ckrouge : @tiiiinnnnooo I can't stop laughing 😂
grantmack26 : @originaljaymay
cole.krutkewich : @drew_dekoning ?
drew_dekoning : @cole.krutkewich it's not going to be a mustang when I'm done it going to be the mostbang
cole.krutkewich : Maisel paint it pink act gay and call yourself Bain @drew_dekoning
drew_dekoning : Coming from a guy from brockback mountain @cole.krutkewich
gixxer101__ : @cdnsubiefrank lmao
sarahcheyannexoxo - jm_zoom - deviljames1113 - es2_moises -
@jnida23 #grinding on Jensen. #bromance #manlove #gayerthanaids #nidaisgay #airborne #armylife #ArmySuperSoldier
armysupersoldier - gayerthanaids - manlove - airborne - armylife - bromance - nidaisgay - grinding -
cay_winchester_fallout - a_moms_fitness_challenge - rumblebee173 - miles2success -
Love her more than anything #almost6months #gayerthanaids @maddieerosiee
gayerthanaids - almost6months -
jessecharles27 : Who in the hell has their Christmas tree up already
lukebre23 : Nice head tilt you squid
maddieerosiee : #welovechristmasmorethanlyfe 🎅❤️
dunzzypoo : @jessecharles27 maddie put her fake tree up early and @lukebre23 keep talking from the west coast no one hear is listening bitch
sherbombs : @jessecharles27 first time you dont get a snooze 👌👌👌💩
sherbombs : But @dunzzypoo 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴
charzard0123 : The aids comment is everything
mariannaisabel - nickweiss__ - dhorg56 - croth1025 -
Halloween at the Hines Creek Hilton. #Halloween #HinesCreek #Flinstones #didntevenwin #themhippieswon 😒
hinescreek - flinstones - themhippieswon - gayerthanaids - didntevenwin - notcool - halloween -
cailraven : #weshouldhavewon #wegotjipped
alaile11 : I know who do them hippies think they are stealing our prize ! #notcool & according to you #gayerthanaids 🙌 hahah
raave13 : #everyoneisawinner #dannng #welookreallysuperdupercool @alaile11 @cailmoore
jdpink1807 - spicysalsarah - thegaylien - corie_dilpickles -
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