Dont miss @contactnajee & #GaryTaylor May 22nd 7PM @utblondon This will be Gary's first ever UK performance! You can still purchase Limited Advance Tickets here >>>>>> <<<<<< but hurry! They are moving fast!
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MCM goes to Gary Taylor. He's my fitness inspiration! But most of all he's a true gentleman and a great father to his cubs. The world needs more men like him. #mcm #garytaylor #bodybuilding #fitspiration #beastsinthegym
garytaylor - bodybuilding - mcm - fitspiration - beastsinthegym -
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One of my fave gifts I received a while back from a dear friend πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰ #GaryTaylor signed poster πŸ™ˆπŸ™Šβ€οΈ
garytaylor -
lush1029 : Wow that's amazing his soooooo hot lucky you πŸ’œπŸ‘
missdebbiemb : @lush1029 hehe πŸ™ˆπŸ™Šβ€οΈ x
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Its Official, I'm coming to #London! Performing w/ Gary Taylor live May 22nd @ Under The Bridge. Tickets are selling fast via eventbrite: @musicconnex @jmsoulmusic @aalyahduncan @purplereignpr #Najee2015 #GaryTaylor
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crazysxycool1 : Lawd.... I cant breathe lol this is something i have to witness. Two of my all time favs... πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
cblakeboo007 : Onmyburfday!!!
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#MCM definitely going to @the_ironcowboy. I mean look at him... who wouldn't give it to him?? #Tattoos #LookAtThatBody #CowboyHat #TotalPackage #Yes #GaryTaylor
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jessica_briana_nicole : Ok I'm tripping @the_ironcowboy actually liked my photo???? Excuse me, while I flip the f$%k out! #HeActuallySawIt #AndLikedIt #ForeverMCM
oxo_noelle : Oh my lord. . .
foxxsinn : !!!!!!
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Those of you that follow this IG, don't know much about us. So here is a little insight to one of the people that inspire me. Besides family and friends and myself, their is one person who has inspired me since day one of this journey and he doesn't even know it. He has no idea who I am but I know quite a bit about him. (Sounds stalkerish, I know but I'm not!) I found him on facebook a few years ago and he completley changed the way I looked at life. He made me want to be a lot healthier, to be a better mother, friend, person in general. He made me realize that instead of sitting here and day dreaming about what I wanted out of life, that I needed to go after it instead. And to never give up if it is truly what i want. He has inspired me and still inspires me every single day! And Gary, I want to thank you for that! I don't think you realize the impact that you really have on your "fan friends" or people in general. Thanks for the stories about your life and your family and fitness tips and just positive thoughts everyday! Thank you for sharing your stories of your past and showing us that you can mold yourself to be something better. Because of you, I want to be better :) @the_ironcowboy #2chicksgettingfit #fitnessjourney #fitmom #inspire #instafit #leo #garytaylor #fanfriends #inspiration #motivate #determination #weightlossjourney #passion #dream #bebetter #bettermyself #thankyou #pushyourself #smilehardandcarryon
garytaylor - fanfriends - 2chicksgettingfit - pushyourself - bebetter - fitnessjourney - leo - fitmom - thankyou - weightlossjourney - determination - inspire - motivate - smilehardandcarryon - passion - bettermyself - inspiration - dream - instafit -
theokndstyle : Good shot!
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Selfie stick shenanigans. Look at that face! Looks like a kid at Christmas. Got this shirt for my bday like 2 years ago. #selfiestick #blondie #garytaylor #trainlikeananimal #cuddlelikeapretzel #leogirl #leo
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ambardin : Where are the others?? Lol
goproselfieguy : Cool profile! TagπŸ‘‰ @goproselfieguy & #goproselfieguy in your photos! ✌️
lavit_khanna : Ur pictures are amazingπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ chek out my profile😌😌😌
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#GaryTaylor love this song @pandoraradio #pandoraradio
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Oh my! We are beyond excited to announce that we, along with our partners over at @musicconnex present none other than Gary Taylor #SquareOne and @contactnajee #TheSmoothSideofSoul . May 22nd at @UTB #Savethedate and tickets available via #EventBrite - search #Najee and #GaryTaylor πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŽπŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘Œβœ‹
garytaylor - eventbrite - squareone - thesmoothsideofsoul - savethedate - najee -
purplereignpr :
aalyahduncan : Looking fwd to working w/ u both! :)
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#Savethedate May 22nd 2015 @utblondon we present: Gary Taylor - a singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer with American jazz and smooth jazz saxophonist and flautist, Najee. Tickets on sale today! Link in bio.
garytaylor - livemusic - potd - datenight - 50shades - najee - soul - sax - smoothsideofsoul - savethedate -
musicconnex : #potd #GaryTaylor # SquareOne #Soul #Najee #Sax #50shades #smoothsideofsoul #LiveMusic #DateNight
biz_792 : dope
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Yum yum gimme some of that, yum yum #garytaylor #malemodel #usa #leo #model #hunk #hunks #models
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Happy Birthday Dalton... Everyone misses you! #garytaylor #RIP @d_cob219 @jeremytrevor3 @payy_g @ryleymichael127
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jeremytrevor3 : <3
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#theyoungcanadians #hawaii #backcover #mugshots #vinyl #vancouver #punk
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thedirector13 : #artbergman #garytaylor #jimbescott
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My mcm goes to Gary Taylor. He's a body builder, mma fighter, personal trainer, model, a country guy, and most of all, a family man. We need more men like this! #mcm #bodybuilding #hardworkingmen #garytaylor
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@qaja_bespoke @bexxnic @isthisisdavid @vivtf #JamieVardy #GaryTaylor-Fletcher @david_vivienne 🍸⭐️🍸 #LaunchParty #alderleyedge
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misspixqueen : Image by
isthisisdavid : πŸ’— love this
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One of my all time favourite pictures taken by the amazing #Michaelstokes just beautiful! #Love #Garytaylor
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Whenever I'm down images of @the_ironcowboy makes life a lot more bearable . #garytaylor #pretty #beautiful #thatface #perfection #realman #life #distractions
garytaylor - beautiful - life - distractions - realman - perfection - pretty - thatface -
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#TBT - #teamgary #leorocks #garytaylor
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My #mcm #jeremeyaaron @the_ironcowboy πŸ’— these two are beautiful inside and out, hard workers, great dads & down to earth
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His smile makes me happy!! ^_^ @the_ironcowboy photo by @stokes_photo #garytaylor #sexsymbol #adonis #musclegod #hubbymaterial #crush #love #inspiration #cowboy #michaelstokes
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crashxn2me.jfranco : He's HAWT
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Everyone knows I love my husband madly, but Holy Hot Cowboy! #mcm #GaryTaylor#hotcowboy
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slhoward : Thank you!! We don't get to see much of that up here in DC!! πŸ˜‚
sahelps : Hello!!
gailbonn : WOWZA!
shaaayo : @trisararrrghtops I think this guy could be a candidate! Haha
trisararrrghtops : He is 10 times my size! Haha @shaaayo
shaaayo : Dude. Who cares. πŸ’ @trisararrrghtops
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#sinfully_sexy #isupportmichaelstokesphotography #the_ironcowboy
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Best screensaver ever. #GaryTaylor #micheal stokes ladies... Your welcome
garytaylor - micheal -
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There is nothing wrong with this picture but because some pain in the ass on Facebook complained, the photographer @Stokes_Photo keeps getting threatened to get his page shut down by Facebook. Guys go without a shirt all the time and as for his lower half can you see anything?? No. So it's basically wrong to use our imaginations now because being we can't see it it's the only thing we can do, right? Hell you can look at anyone and use your imagination with what they look like. His junk IS NOT SHOWING! This is what's wrong with social media. You don't like something keep scrolling, unlike the page and move the fuck on. This is these people's livelihood and by bitch, pissing and moaning you are preventing them from getting their face out there. If you are looking at a magazine and see something you don't like do you call that company and bitch? No. You keep going or put it down. So why can't more people in social media do that?? Okay rant over LOL #michaelstokes #garytaylor #realmen #facebooksucks #byefelicas
garytaylor - michaelstokes - realmen - byefelicas - facebooksucks -
crackboots :'s a beautiful human body with nothing offensive...what's the hulla-baloo? lol everyone needs to lighten up a smidgeπŸ‘―
jolene_emerson : Exactly @crackboots!!
faith_murphree : i still like what i see and the guy is so dang hot anyways lol there are haters out there that love to cause problem but i dont see his junk i just see a hot sexy man standing there.
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#TheProclaimers#I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) Sunshine on Leith #ChrysalisRecords#Auchtermuchty# #ScottishBand#CharlieReid#CraigReid#GaryTaylor#collegeRock#1988#1993billboard#BeatSong #HowIMetYourMother#Marshall#and#Ted#BestSitcomSerialEver#BestsongEver#
garytaylor - and - charliereid - scottishband - bestsitcomserialever - marshall - ted - bestsongever - beatsong - auchtermuchty - theproclaimers - 1993billboard - i - howimetyourmother - 1988 - chrysalisrecords - craigreid - collegerock - : Your pic is lovely 😍
eddy_thompson_ea : Thank you
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By @themichaeldowns "Gary Taylor. #themichaeldowns #malefitnessmodels #malemodel #stpetebeach @the_ironcowboy #garytaylor" via @JUCAPIMO #JUCAPIMO
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justasmalltowngrrl : @senja_xo
rosielybeauty : Love it!
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#garytaylor #michaelstokesphotography
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hulk1114 : @pinkprincess_150
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Gary Taylor. #themichaeldowns #malefitnessmodels #malemodel #stpetebeach @the_ironcowboy #garytaylor
themichaeldowns - garytaylor - stpetebeach - malefitnessmodels - malemodel -
andersonlovatomarques082001 : Gato
jolene_emerson : πŸ”₯
laurielynn4166 : @the_ironcowboy πŸ‘
question45 : Those big blue eyes WOW!
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#garytaylor #ohmy
garytaylor - ohmy -
rcreel1229 : Can I have him?! 😍
sheenaolsen1985 : @beastmodebeauty83
beastmodebeauty83 : Haha idk Channings got a sexy voice, charming and funny.....can Gary do the Magic Mike Machine Gun and Pony dance?! @sheenaolsen1985
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CHEERS TO GARY TAYLOR!!!!! Death isn't the end, simply a new beginning. #cheers #shots #pirates #garytaylor #dope
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treycvb : woah @VinesBeLike
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#michaelstokes #mancrushtuesday #garytaylor #scruff
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addychack : @invenzione
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@the_ironcowboy #mcm #mancrushmonday #garytaylor #cowboy #ironcowboy #amazing #sogorgeous #lovehim #teamgary #smilehard #carryon #muscles
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jesssss79 : Mmm ahhh yah!!
countrygurl0850 : Damn where can I find him. Talking bout save a horse ride a cowboy. Whew.... whoa up cowboy, wait for me
laurielynn4166 : Mississippi
krkimramos : He's amazing @jesssss79 @countrygurl0850
healthy_lydz : Oh dear... πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
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