September 19 they told me I had a week to live if I didn't have surgery right then and there. #hospital #surgery #gallbladder #gallbladderremoval #september19 #hospitalselfie #ivinmyvein #ivinmyhand #palequeer #pale #imdieingliterally #neardeath #almostdiedlegit
september19 - imdieingliterally - neardeath - hospital - ivinmyhand - ivinmyvein - hospitalselfie - palequeer - almostdiedlegit - gallbladder - gallbladderremoval - surgery - pale -
my.little.infinityx -
Getting better! Least the outside is... Inside feels like death. #surgery #Scars #gallstones #gallbladder #daytwo
gallstones - surgery - scars - gallbladder - daytwo -
wingedlover45 - gfy_yukons - ihero___ - callmear -
S/O to my main @alexctowler for coming all the way to tulsa to see me all day and take care of me!! #loveher #besties #gallbladder #surgery #sickaf #tulsa
loveher - besties - sickaf - tulsa - surgery - gallbladder -
alexctowler : Aweeee I love you so much! Lazy days with you are the best. @jordt22
garrettmeldrum14 - snapbacks_and_fingertatts - chaz_cake - sweetfidd -
I know I look like crap! But I don't care what so ever. I survived being sick sense July. Had surgery Monday they took my #Gallbladder out. My poor belly has 4 scars now that are still healing. But I'm okay! Thank you everyone for your prayers! #Godisgood #Allthetime #Beensick #feelingamazing #Selfie #Surgery #badpicture #imhappy
godisgood - allthetime - selfie - badpicture - gallbladder - beensick - surgery - imhappy - feelingamazing -
catherineanne290 - stevenbell7297 - kateringram - kenzietay0521 -
#disgusting #gallbladder#stones#surgery#patient#hospital#cholicystectomy
stones - patient - gallbladder - surgery - hospital - cholicystectomy - disgusting -
2chainzshakur - rawan91h - nahhasnour -
Just a little compare photo been as im still off plan no thanx to gallstones but still cant wait to get healthy again and back on plan im bk to hardly eating :/ #ww#gallstone #gallbladder #weightwatchersuk #weightlossjourney #health #healthy#before
weightwatchersuk - healthy - weightlossjourney - ww - gallstone - health - gallbladder - before -
craziefoodlover : Very best!
emzixox : Thanx xx
weightlossexperts - achangethatlasts - stefanfromfattofit - soupdragon67 -
#cholelithiasis#gallbladder#gallstone#generalsurgery#choledochusduct سنگ صفرا
choledochusduct - gallstone - generalsurgery - gallbladder - cholelithiasis -
kayvan1994 : @amirrafd @abolfazl_m95 ;) 👍😜😜
kams_adi : lavashake?:x
kayvan1994 : @kams_adi :)) kise safrashe!
hiva_mighati : اخیییی...چه خوجملن😂😂😂
kayvan1994 : @hiva_mighati :|?!
hamidreza1959 : Vaghan injoriye ? Elate tashkilesh chiye? Hame daran aya?
amir.ebrahim : Che khoshgele :))
amir.ebrahim : Shabihe ghande
aminahmadvand - emzbp - saeedmakuki - hiva_mighati -
#stitches #swollen #mess #damnDr #gallbladder #nomorepain #firsttimehavingstitches #1
mess - 1 - damndr - gallbladder - swollen - nomorepain - firsttimehavingstitches - stitches -
annataljaard : #EINA !!!
saltwaterkaylasc : Mine is still healing cept they used steri strips
1hopeforhumanity - totally_x - greciaglz26 - sousieklousie -
Aww😜 #cute #gallbladder #kidneystones #imakedthese #artist #creations #love
cute - kidneystones - creations - love - gallbladder - artist - imakedthese -
tailoredlasvegas : This is so COOL
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#vegandinner #vegansalad #plantpower #holistichealth #holisticnutrition #vegetarian Mixed greens #kale #artichoke hearts salad with sweet grape #tomatoes and Persian #cucumbers. I add organic olive oil, lemon juice, 21 herb seasoning, turmeric, garlic, pepper, Himalayan rock salt. #Turmeric is great for the joints, liver, skin, #gallbladder, and is #antiinflammatory, #anticancer. Artichoke is wonderful for liver health as are mixed greens and all vegetables. The liver is so important for overall health because it is the body's filter. The liver removes toxic chemicals (from foods, drinks, body products, the environment), excess hormones and waste material from the blood where it is carried out through the colon and kidneys. If the liver is not in optimal health it will get overloaded from daily toxins and backwash them into the blood and organs. This will then cause a multitude of ill symptoms including acne, hives, itchy rashes and other skin issues, cellulite, fatigue, discoloration in eyes, red swollen eyes, hemorrhoids or vericose veins, hormonal imbalances such as PMS, menstrual problems, menopausal issues especially bad hot flashes, light-colored stools, difficulty digesting fats, mild frontal headaches after eating, weight gain when controlling food intake, sleepiness after eating, weak tendons, ligaments, or muscles, pain under the right shoulder blade, elevated liver enzymes, high bilirubin levels, gas, bloating, belching, nausea especially after eating, excessive unexplained anger, irritability or rage, depression without reason or disproportionate to life events. If you have one or all symptoms your body is trying to tell you that your liver needs help. #doctorofholistichealth #naturalmedicine #naturopath
kale - holisticnutrition - holistichealth - healthtip - artichoke - vegandinner - doctorofholistichealth - healthtips - naturalmedicine - farmacy - vegansalad - naturopath - bodysculpting - vegetarian - cucumbers - antiinflammatory - healthcoach - plantpower - anticancer - gallbladder - tomatoes - turmeric -
doctor_of_holistic_health : @the_ridley_incident. Dandruff could be caused by a sensitivity to a food. Gluten can cause dermatitis and itchy scalp.
a_millie49 : Good shot!
doctor_of_holistic_health : @the_ridley_incident Dandruff can also be caused by a fungus or dead skin cells. Apple cider vinegar and water is a natural rinse for the hair and scalp. ACV is a natural fungicide and helps sloth off old dead skin cells.
doctor_of_holistic_health : @a_millie49 Thank you!
doctor_of_holistic_health : #farmacy #bodysculpting
jmichaelangelo : @iheartmylox
the_ridley_incident : @doctor_of_holistic_health i think it may be the nuts ive been eating lately. Had a feeling i would need to let them go. Oh well. Also i tried the acv recommendation and spot on 👌 feeling like my scalp can breathe again!
ben_judah : Gorgeous
bscolv29 - roseh129 - clearskinwithin - sterlingmoone -
No more gallbladder! Crazy how this one tiny organ caused me so much trouble. On the road to recovery! 😊🏥 #sorryifyouthinkitsgross #itisprettygross #stillsmilingthough #gallbladder #surgery #stitches #hospital
sorryifyouthinkitsgross - itisprettygross - gallbladder - stillsmilingthough - hospital - surgery - stitches -
ashleigheaves : @courtnneyjeanne Glad you're okay. Love you.
courtnneyjeanne : Thanks lady! Love you too! @ashleigheaves
vkbrownn : Glad you're gonna feel better! #byefelicia #imeangallbladder lol @courtnneyjeanne
courtnneyjeanne : Haha, for real. That thing was a pain in the ass! But thanks girl! 😊 @vkbrownn
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My #Supplements! #Protease & #Amino All- helps me digest protein MORE #efficiently; leaky gut... #GALT & #liver/#Gallbladder drops - well, #support my liver & gallbladder; #Paraplex - kills bad/unwanted parasites (there are some good/balancing ones) in my gut. Since taking these - 15 Oct - I have altered my diet (eating my O blood type, which helps me eat according to my needs & tremendously diminishes the #physical #STRESS of trying to digest what works against me, as well as enabling me to rightly #digest what works FOR me! Who knew #beef...!??). #Bloating NO MORE; #Sugarcravings GONE! #holisticpath #naturopathicphysician #gettingbetter #naturalhealing #slowhealingsticks
galt - holisticpath - protease - liver - gettingbetter - paraplex - digest - amino - stress - physical - bloating - beef - support - naturalhealing - supplements - naturopathicphysician - sugarcravings - efficiently - slowhealingsticks - gallbladder -
events360 : 😎
omelik1973 : Love you aunty
sculptedbodysculptedlife : Love you right back, @omelik1973 !
myworkout_yvonne - lourdesmotivation - 50plusandfabulous - intelpharma -
#Gallbladder opened to show numerous gallstones (:
gallbladder -
qassam_alraee : ناس السيجريري يا اصليين ✌👏
rain_d7 : Attend thyroidectomy .. And hernial repair .. Enjoy
qassam_alraee - mohmd_a_nouri - linhiquim - rain_d7 -
#recoverymode #sooverthis #bored #justwanttofeellikemyselfagain #someonebringmefood #surgery #gallbladder
someonebringmefood - bored - gallbladder - sooverthis - surgery - justwanttofeellikemyselfagain - recoverymode -
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🎉who's ready for a ❌NO GAIN❌ #Holiday? You don't have to feel guilty eating🍴 the foods you #love next week!🍗 Block #carbs & #fat with my FAT FIGHTER👊💥 THERMOFIT Fires up #metabolism. this thermogenic #weightloss formula🔥burns #calories REGULAR supports #colon, #liver & #gallbladder functions🚽 #tampa #wraptampa #wraps #itworks #tampawrap #wrapsintampa #bodywrap #bodywraptampa change your life this holiday with my all #natural dietary #supplements ✨
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fitness_depot : Gotta love it.
mattspierce : Great profile! I like what I see😃 Check my Bio 👆 to connect and get Free🎬 Training how to get Unlimited leads and followers on Instagram. 👌 looking forward to following your posts⭐️
tashakalanik1 : Lovely!
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The Stomach and the Gall Bladder, the leaders of the Insides Committee, are planning their Internal Organs Events for 2015 when suddenly the stomach glances at the calendar and realizes he has less than a week until Thanksgiving. Realizing what he's about to endure he fights back tears. The Gall Bladder silently supports him as he looks on. (The 7 Days of Thanksgiving Drawings: 1/7)
sketchbook - sketch - art - food - thanksgiving - illustration - cartoon - instaart - tears - internalorgans - eating - holidayseason - artwork - stomach - calendar - instasketch - drawing - gallbladder -
jayjmatott : #illustration #art #sketch #drawing #cartoon #thanksgiving #stomach #gallbladder #internalorgans #calendar #eating #holidayseason #food #tears
jayjmatott : #artwork #sketchbook #instaart #instasketch
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Woo hoo #weekend is here!! Drink time and rest time!! A #gin reference for my #gallbladder free mum!! mum I will have a g and t for you tonight 😘💕😷🍸@janine_haz
gin - weekend - gallbladder -
kelimbo : Ohhh @janine_haz I would have a G & T but I've had tooo many beers . Rest up
janine_haz : Thanks @katelynhazelwood @kelimbo I'll be back on the wagon soon
pdopie : Glad it went well @janine_haz
monlouise - acole0810 - janine_haz - alana27 -
Surgery Day 🚑🏥🚑🏥🚑 #surgery #nov20 #csws #hernias #gallbladder
hernias - surgery - csws - gallbladder - nov20 -
genna.geee - raheem_bey - im_erinalexis - baybeebri_ -
#surgery #gallbladder #bandagesOff
surgery - gallbladder - bandagesoff -
greciaglz26 -
Glad to be home.. #surgery #hospital #gallbladder #removed #pain #kitty #stuffedanimal #socute #momgotmeitduringsurgery #finally #home #homesweethome #family #love
stuffedanimal - socute - love - family - hospital - kitty - finally - gallbladder - homesweethome - home - surgery - removed - pain - momgotmeitduringsurgery -
frankou812 : Get well!
kimkimjunior : Get better :)
usairmen6828 : Thanks!! Def woke up a couple min ago crying cause pain meds wore off in sleep and I had to cough so it hurt like hell.. @kimkimjunior @frankou812
jinxyouowemeablowjay - daaysx - brianalynn8902 - han_harms -
Not doing half bad :).#surgery #gallstones #gallbladder #painmeds
gallstones - surgery - gallbladder - painmeds -
hancock500 : What happen? @usairmen6828
usairmen6828 : @hancock500 had to get gallbladder removed .. had gallstones and they were blocking my bile tube so they did a lapo surgery the 20th had to stay in hospital over 33 hours
xxpro_skatelifexx : I had surgery on my gallbladder on Halloween
usairmen6828 : @xxpro_skatelifexx yeah I had mine a day ago and some reason I can barely keep any bread or pudding down.. stuck on jello and crackers for a while I guess. May need to go to hospital if I can't keep any more down
xxpro_skatelifexx : I didn't have a problem with that too much . my problem was the pain of the air in my chest and shoulders ! I has in the hospital for a week then my surgery then a day after my surgery I got released! ..... Ended up back in the hospital the day I got released for pain and they didn't give me any pain killers! They said because I'm so tiny its hard for me to work the air out. They kept me for 12 hours to drug me up and let me rest. I haven't had any problems since that. The reason why I had to stay in so long had because my gallstones and gallbladder were destroying my liver
xxpro_skatelifexx : @usairmen6828
xxpro_skatelifexx : Almost ended up with liver failure
usairmen6828 : @xxpro_skatelifexx oh damn glad you are okay.. yeah the air in my shoulder kills...and can't keep anything down :( sucks big time. Off work for two weeks too
steviielliott - seekthendestroyu - jaenochi - wrenwrengoesrawr -
#gallbladder #surgerydone #recovery #DAVINCIROBOT #myson #smile
davincirobot - recovery - myson - smile - surgerydone - gallbladder -
imdaunique1 : @chinosmom419 Ya te quiero ver bien cuzzen 😞
blueberryzak : Cool: Let's connect-#followme, I #followback.
love.crimes - _chozen_ - chacha2206 - imdaunique1 -
#gallbladder #surgerydone #healingprocess #takingtoolong #VESICULA #DAVINCIROBOT #PAINFUL #NEVER #NOTRECOMENDED
davincirobot - vesicula - healingprocess - notrecomended - surgerydone - never - takingtoolong - gallbladder - painful -
imdaunique1 - salsasinaloa - rotz_ - greciaglz26 -
sore - surgery - gallbladder - ouch -
rangerboy224 : What happened now!!
rangerboy224 : Anthony better be there help you out! So you get better quick!
zitagullo95 : @rangerboy224 I had gallstones so they removed my gallbladder very sore and not fun and ants being a saint helping me get up and down the stairs and out of bed
rangerboy224 : @zitagullo95 That good tell him they Whitney crew to keep it up!
tobharriman - marklaudato - rangerboy224 - bgisonda_xo -
God is good 🙏 Night 9. One last surgery tomorrow, to remove my gallbladder; the worst part is over. Thankyou lord. #GallbladderBlog #Gallbladder #Gallstone #Surgery #GreatFriends #GreatFamily #Appreciation #Love ❤️
gallbladderblog - love - greatfamily - greatfriends - appreciation - gallstone - gallbladder - surgery -
ruth_merlino : Yay! Finally! Good luck tomorrow! @sandraxxv
sandraxxv : Thankyou Ruthie ❤️😊 @ruth_merlino
ana_rangel1412 : Everything will b fine ❤️. Just get sum rest n leave it in gods hands😊 💜ya
sandraxxv : Thankyou Banana, love you! 💞 @ana_rangel1412 😘
grod2813 - ___lovemo - torres_239 - ariiianaaaa_ -
Surgery complete..small incision..sore...but doin good.. #robot #gallbladder #nomoreattacks ;)
nomoreattacks - robot - gallbladder -
lisak.13 - aubreemkenna - lpeters968 - hoek1024 -
Three weeks ago today, I was in the hospital having my #gallbladder removed (due to #gallstones). 💉💊 I've been trying to make smarter food choices ever since. I'm currently down 15lbs.
gallstones - gallbladder -
greciaglz26 -
Got #gallbladder #surgery tomorrow.. Kinda scared but at least the pup is here to calm me down 😊 #midna #worldsbestdog #pitbullsarelove #pitbullsofinstagram
pitbullsarelove - worldsbestdog - gallbladder - midna - surgery - pitbullsofinstagram -
cooing_bym : this picture is so great! ⛺
francreatitis : @cooing_bym athankya
danielleargese : 😍
papeipou - danielleargese - makeupbykhiggs - treeziie -
Surgery in 4 hours... #Surgery #gallbladder #Gallstones #Ouch #Anesthesia #Morphine
morphine - gallbladder - gallstones - surgery - ouch - anesthesia -
ihero___ : @usairmen6828 good luck
usairmen6828 : @ihero___ thanks.. have to let my Sgt. And Msgt. Know tomorrow how it goes.. they said to send pictures bahaha
daaysx : Hope y gunna be ok love ✊💖
daaysx : You^
usairmen6828 : Lol thanks.. have an hour before surgery @daaysx
gudhraj : Get well... @usairmen6828
ffl25 : Let me know if you need anything!
shelbykait94 - rachelelisa256 - daaysx - kenzie1086 -
Anatomical artist in the making! 😕 #anatomy #art #diagrams #dissection #outline #abnormal #abnormalliver #liver #lobes #ivc #inferiorvenacava #portahepatis #surfaces #gallbladder #sketch #work #uni #student #anatomystudent #university #liverpool #figure
sketch - liverpool - art - figure - ivc - dissection - abnormal - anatomy - lobes - gallbladder - student - uni - abnormalliver - outline - surfaces - portahepatis - university - work - anatomystudent - inferiorvenacava - diagrams - liver -
dandelion_hippy : Pretty!
headset : @jeffreybunting is creating a crazy SoCal movement
uniqueforex - byrmksp - gypsydreaming_byronbay - art_princess_hell_ -
Hospital is fun fun fun.... #ill #operation #gallbladder #hospital #morphinedrip #ugh
morphinedrip - ugh - gallbladder - ill - hospital - operation -
stephanypollard : Hope your feeling better 😘 @paige_owenx
paige_owenx : Thankyou but im still very sore 😙💊 @stephanypollard
xlucyowenx : Get better soon paige.... bella is missing u ans so am I :'(:-(
godsgiftislove : You should look at @instanoblety account, they are so inspirational!
robigo97 - alex_m_kim47 - johnny520_ - schimke.t -
Well... Fml. Have to get surgery tomorrow morning, the gallstones are blocking my bile tube.. #surgery #hospital #gallbladder #fml #morphine #tired #scared #gallstones
morphine - tired - gallstones - hospital - fml - gallbladder - surgery - scared -
rachelelisa256 : Get better!! 😎😎😎
ak_duckie : Hope it all goes well
diagramz : 🙏Good Luck🙏
safi84 : 😔 me too
usairmen6828 : @safi84 I just got my gallbladder out yesterday Afternoon.. doesn't hurt near as bad as I though unless you Harvey to cough or don't take pain meds right awag
usairmen6828 : Away+
safi84 : Me too I've do laparoscopic
usairmen6828 : @safi84 that's what I had done.. thank god it's supposed to heal two weeks fast than the big cut they would have done
diagramz - scott_azbell - gfy_yukons - bbwalker84 -
#hospital #er #pain #gallbladder #stones #gallstones
stones - pain - gallbladder - gallstones - hospital - er -
nera_intense : Sary
alifewelive : Hope you feel better! I had my gallbladder taken out two years ago it died on me. 😞
nera_intense : Ya what he sad
usairmen6828 : Lol @nera_intense it's cool lol they have me on morphine ...@alifewelive do they put me sleep for the surgery I hope...
alifewelive : They have to by health regulations when your going under for surgery. What they do is the GI surgeon comes in and talks to you about the surgery and what is going to happen in surgery and so on. And recovery time.
usairmen6828 : Great haha... I'm scared. Hate surgery always afraid I'll wake up in the middle of it..@alifewelive least flash drove me here as fast as he could haha
alifewelive : You'll be fine you'll be asleep before you know it..They'll put you asleep normally when they push you to the Operating room or when your in the operating room they'll administer the sleeping medicine they use when it's that type of surgery. Also you'll have surgical scars that be left from surgery.
alifewelive : Messaged you top right corner in Instagram
_man_tyler_ - ckj222 - gfy_yukons - rachelelisa256 -
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