Here we go again, bye2 troublesome bladder. #smc #gallbladder
smc - gallbladder -
kukhuzz - joshualeeyoung -
Not sure how I'm feeling about having this guy removed 😔 #gallbladder
gallbladder -
missjacqueline46 : I had mine taken out about 8 yrs ago. It was a quick recovery. Hope you feel better soon
nat0730 : @victory_nails thank you! I think I'm just overthinking it right now. I know in the end it was the right decision and needed to be done regardless.
mssweet76 : Mine are still inside me smh pain pain pain........ Hugs to u
jamie.brown.jams : Good luck @nat0730. It's hard, but try not to worry too much. Surgeons can do these one me!! I had mine out after I spend 3 months eating nothing but bread, plain baked potatoes and soft carb overload..but everything else make me so sick! You'll do great (and your post made me giggle!!) 💕😉
iamlarita : hi nat, I just had mine removed 2 weeks ago. so far the recovery has been good, the first 3-4 days are a bit painful but it's ok after. I walk slowly and no heavy lifting ☺️ i agree it was probably for the best, I have a history of pancreatitis sadly. wish u a good recovery!
nadira_dara : Poor little green thing
miaminails : Wishing u a speedy recovery 💐
creativenailchick : My husband just had this surgery a week and 1/2 ago. He feels like a million bucks! I was 11 yrs old when I had mine out. Get it out, you'll feel so much better!!
leeantsygram - viky.pretto - sophie_samii - nails_by_dianna -
Excuse the fat belly, but my beautiful scars. #beautiful #scars #gallbladder #complete #hysterectomy
beautiful - scars - hysterectomy - gallbladder - complete -
lierfus2013 -
Get well soon flowers from my gamma!!!! I loves her so much! #Flowers # GetWellSoon #Surgery #Gallbladder
surgery - flowers - gallbladder -
taybrad12 - naomi_grace - camocountrygirl11 - llaneegibson -
VSG plushee and Gallbladder plushee :) besties . Find them both in my Etsy store #plush #plushie #plusheez #vgs #vsg#verticalgastrectomy #gastricsleeve #gastricsleevesurgery #gastricband #gastricbypass #organ #gallbladder #kawaii #plushtoy #quirky #tummy #stomach #wls #weightloss #weightlosssurgery #etsy #handmade
plushtoy - weightlosssurgery - stomach - gallbladder - vsg - gastricband - kawaii - plushie - etsy - verticalgastrectomy - organ - wls - handmade - quirky - weightloss - tummy - gastricbypass - gastricsleevesurgery - gastricsleeve - plusheez - plush - vgs -
mrs_syv : @plusheez those are just the cutest! I still need to buy my own VSG plushee.
plusheez : @mrs_syv thank you soooo much, my lovely 💋
fitnesstrax : L4L?
sleevemealone : OMG stop cute!!
vsg_flower_child - shae_ohalloran - kennispeki - dragonfliesrme -
Been a long couple days. Missing my son a lot, but starting to feel better. #gallbladder #couch #rest #tired #cozy #tv #feelinggood
feelinggood - cozy - tired - tv - gallbladder - rest - couch -
queenfine - happy_nugget - mataton10512 - tmt001 -
#ew #footdetox #lymphatic #gallbladder #joint
joint - ew - footdetox - lymphatic - gallbladder -
veeonefaith - laurenlavitt - ashleypalma -
#safrakesesitaşı #gallbladder
gallbladder - safrakesesitaşı -
istemmmmmm -
Poor gall bladder😔 #sad #poorthing #gallbladder #idekwhatthatis #random #rightinthefeels #imakedthese
poorthing - rightinthefeels - gallbladder - random - idekwhatthatis - imakedthese - sad -
nekolynn98 : ): oh.
notjessicasmile - alishaggy - _shekeepsmewarm_ - basedjessup -
I just wanna go home :( #surgery #gallbladder #allgonenow #painfulandtired
painfulandtired - surgery - allgonenow - gallbladder -
linkybrt : Ugh!!! Get well soon babe @damdam91
damdam91 : Thanks babe xx @linkybrt
samara_grayy - mickeyy06 - allymacca -
It's going to be a looooong weekend... 🏥💐 #hospital #gallbladder #surgery #fabulousfamily #missmycats
fabulousfamily - hospital - gallbladder - surgery - missmycats -
chester_wacky_cat : Awe 😽🐾💕 your kitties will be fine but you need to get taken care of so that you're well soon 🙏and can be a good mom to your kitty children! 💙🐾💕prayers for a super speedy recovery 🙏💥
dyneeb : 🙏🙏😘😘 Get well soon!
color_of_coma : Aww get well soon :( xo
patchu8918 : Get well soon
bluejue66 : Wishing you have a speedy recovery 😊😤💐
steeler221 : Very pretty feel better
alemama31 : Hope ur better Cindy. Sending U a hug! 😚
fredjevh : Get well soon!
ha2006na - judithannaspence - luleewanna - vic42god -
Finally home from surgery! Now I just want to die! Pain is so awful but like a dear friend said it can only get better from now on. So in a Dory voice " just keep swimming".. #surgery #pomonavalleyhospital #gallbladder #insomuchpain #imissdisneyland #imhungry
insomuchpain - imhungry - surgery - pomonavalleyhospital - imissdisneyland - gallbladder -
romoelva : Feel better soon, wishing u a speedy recovery!!
dianat772 : Oh no!! I'm sorry you're in so much pain!! I've been so busy I stopped checking to see how you were doing 😣 feel better soon!!!
janetrams : Poor thing😷
stephanka917 : Get well fast and hold a pillow tight over your tummy if you sneeze, cough or laugh!
mybeautyfulworld2 : I hope you feel better soon :) [Hug] ❤
velvetgold02 : @dianat772 @mybeautyfulworld2 @stephanka917 @romoelva thank you for the support @janetrams yeah it hurt I don't know how aunti Julie and Becky did this.
rosemarypichardo : I hope u get better girl
dianat772 : @velvetgold02 ❤️feel better soon!!
romoelva - janetrams - dianat772 - stephanka917 -
3 weeks after surgery and I am haven't been better! The bruising was only by my belly button and the other two incisions where fine after a few days. I'm eating almost all foods with no problems at all. Haven't had an attack since the night before my surgery. So happy that this was actually what was causing me the pain for the last few years and it's now gone. :D
painfree - gallbladderattack - gallstones - bruise - gallbladdersurgery - progress - nomore - gallbladderproblems - girl - happy - gallbladder - surgery - healing -
jordo_brooke : #gallbladder #gallbladdersurgery #nomore #gallbladderattack #gallstones #gallbladderproblems #painfree #happy #girl #progress #surgery #healing #bruise
journeytonashville : Speedy recovery!
tessa907 : That's so exciting Jordan! I'm happy that you were able to figure it all out!
jordo_brooke : @journeytonashville Thank you! It's been a great recovery so far and I can start living a full on normal life now :)
jordo_brooke : @tessa907 Thanks! It took WAY to long for someone to listen and get the tests done but so happy I took the jump to see a specialist :) No more crazy crippling attacks which I'm super happy about.
annalystromso14 - mandin91 - melinayvette - mckina_b -
Since Labor Day my runs have been severely limited secondary to #Gertrude the #gallbladder. Well, a big #Friday f you to her. Longest run yet and I feel great!!! #10miler #triharder #trainhard #cardio #fitfam
gertrude - trainhard - fitfam - cardio - friday - 10miler - gallbladder - triharder -
brookiebmore : If you move the decimal one place to the left, I did the exact same today
mms52 : I am impressed you did this on a treadmill! You go girl!!
ashplesauce - mms52 - smellykellz - wpmadison -
A get well soon card for my friend who had gallstones. I found this funny 😂. #madewithpaper #usingpencil. Had to use #picstitch to fit the whole drawing. #funny #getwellsoon #gallbladder
usingpencil - funny - picstitch - gallbladder - getwellsoon - madewithpaper -
srinivasnaik : get well soon gunda..... :)
rashmi_gottipati : @sarikanagaraj This is so cute! ☺️everyone at the hosp says he's doing great already, looking at how active he is. 😬
sarikanagaraj : @rashmi_gottipati he is one stupid guy who can't att at one place!!
anoopsiddesh : @sarikanagaraj it's just Awesome !!! I loved it :) :)
anoopsiddesh : @rashmi_gottipati I got all energy from you baby to get up and roam around :)
anoopsiddesh : @srinivasnaik thanks a lot machii :)
rashmi_gottipati - srinivasnaik - shivchaitanya - priyankamanjunatha -
Weigh in stayed the same which im absolutly fine with as ive not really been doing much as i feel awfull but hospital appointment monday to find out whats happing with my gallbladder Nearly forgot to post #weightwatchersuk #weightwatchersmafia #weighin #diet#ill#hospital #gallbladder
weightwatchersmafia - gallbladder - weightwatchersuk - weighin - ill - hospital - diet -
rokhardbodyrhb - juliejules222 - 30_pounds_gone - mission_bridesmaid_diet -
#liver #gallbladder #medschool #medicine #joke #wolfpacc
liver - medschool - medicine - joke - wolfpacc - gallbladder -
michimmr - medstudentnerd - camille_ruiz7 - xpastelsandpearls -
#Moldiv #operation #surgery #stones #gallbladder #assistant #hospital #medical #student перша операція - видалення жовчного міхура з камінцями)
stones - assistant - hospital - medical - moldiv - gallbladder - student - surgery - operation -
galka_o : Беее
hipstennn : @galka_o та ну, мені сподобалось)
julianna_rab : фіфіфі
ebalych : а волосся заховати б здалось...
liliasekela - solomija_ua - volodymyr_besh - tetyanaonyshchuk -
Ready for action!! #gallbladder
gallbladder -
kellieshilling : Yeah! Love you sister! Praying for a great recovery. Ps you're THE cutest. 💚👯💛
jsack17 : Hope all goes well!
annakateleverette : I don't think I know of anyone but you who looks beautiful even in a hospital bed. Get well soon lovey! Miss you!
julielbyrd - breethezeta - racheck - jb34irac -
Okay, I know this is disgusting looking and my hubby doesn't like me posting pics like this lol but this is my tummy 9 hours before gallbladder surgery. I've lost 15lbs and dropped 2 pant sizes in the last few months but I've grown a huge bloated tummy!!! Hope it goes away after surgery tomorrow!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏 #gallbladder #preop #tummy #huge #surgery #ugh #cantwaitforittobeover
huge - ugh - gallbladder - preop - surgery - prayers - cantwaitforittobeover - tummy -
wifeofbbp : #prayers
selfie_queen_b : Wholey shit ! That's some intense bloating !! Mine didn't get that bloated. It is now after the surgery @wifeofbbp
wifeofbbp : Yea it sucks! And its hard as a rock. At first all my family members thought I was pregnant but I swear all these doctors have me take a pregnancy test every time I see them and every time its negative lol 😛😛 just hope after surgery it doesn't take too long for the bloating to go away I've lived in my yoga pants for 2 months now and I'm tired of it. Thank god I have a bunch of them. 😂😂 @selfie_queen_b
selfie_queen_b : Haha I'm sure it will go down once it's out. You won't need them yoga pants for much longer @wifeofbbp
wifeofbbp : I hope not cause August 20th I went and bought a couple new pairs of jeans and can't wear them yet haha @selfie_queen_b
selfie_queen_b : Best of luck in the op my dear recover fast and well. @wifeofbbp
medigocom : Register on @medigocom and win a #FREE plastic surgery procedure abroad! #medicaltravel #medicaltourism #surgery #plasticsurgery #boobs #facelift #rhinoplasty #mexico #spain #free #costarica #cosmeticsurgery #botox #beauty #healthy #healthcare
kristencrithfield : Prayers, ty for posting mine looks similar and I searched everywhere trying to see why
gottalovekara - bradley_onboard_14 - shirley.bowman2014 - llatweety -
TBT to when I just came out of my gallbladder surgery and had to take care of my creepy flour sack children #surgery #gallbladder #personalfinanceproject #floursackbabies #TBT
surgery - personalfinanceproject - gallbladder - floursackbabies - tbt -
debbielefort : WHAT the heck lol
savannahmello : What?? Haha
shellbell707 : 😅😅😅😅😅 that's hellacious
nwoerly : I just had this done! Seems like it's the norm anymore! There r so many poss causes! Here's to the gall-less! : *
savannahmello : Yea I had my done a few months ago, I was suprised how many people actually have it
_shley_ - dingduongitsmichael - mandeeer_kayleen - cgunthhhhh -
😢😢 I can't believe the doctors told me no more Dr pepper until after my surgery tomorrow!! Til we meet again friend!! 😉 thank God for my best friend @gottalovekara for making sure I'll have a nice cup with ice and Dr pepper in it after my surgery so I don't get a pounding headache after surgery. 😂😂 #surgery #nightbefore #gallbladder #drpepper #family #supportingme #iloveyouall #thankyou #prayers #cantwaitforittobeover 🙏🙏🙏
iloveyouall - family - prayers - sickmommy - sickness - supportingme - drpepper - wanttovomit - nightbefore - thankyou - sadness - gallbladder - nerves - surgery - cantwaitforittobeover -
wifeofbbp : #nerves #sadness #sickmommy #sickness #wanttovomit
gottalovekara : Dr Pepper yeah I got it
wifeofbbp : Yes u did!!! 😂😂 @gottalovekara
gottalovekara - bradley_onboard_14 - selfie_queen_b - llatweety -
Awkward Yeti extras. #birthday #awkwardyeti #sticker #card #illustration #bee #gallbladder
card - birthday - gallbladder - sticker - awkwardyeti - illustration - bee -
jessicalvina - doxy63 - cin_2_arts -
Hrmmm... What should I wish for, Gallbladder? #birthday #wish #cake #friend #family #gallbladder
birthday - gallbladder - family - cake - wish - friend -
rocksandrowan - coreytess - daenacat -
Throwback to my emergency gall bladder surgery and being high as all hell trying to get ahold of my ex... #douchebag #highashell #gallbladder #emergency #tbt #throwbackthursday
highashell - throwbackthursday - emergency - douchebag - tbt - gallbladder -
wifeofbbp - whatadarryl - 97_lalamarie - princesslaniiee -
Gallbladder!!!! He maked these! Awwww so cute! #awkwardyeti #gallbladder #birthday
birthday - awkwardyeti - gallbladder -
kelly_nunn17 - doxy63 -
Good thing I prefer my #psl (and every other kind of latte) nonfat! Had another brutal gallbladder attack last night...I'm ready to reach in and pull the damn thing out myself. #treatyoself #nonfat #lowfatdiet #gallbladder #PSLmakesmefeelbetter #medicinalPSL
treatyoself - lowfatdiet - pslmakesmefeelbetter - psl - nonfat - medicinalpsl - gallbladder -
mwrightdesign : My gallbladder was removed junior year... I know the pain you must be in... good luck!!! @jaydotcreative
jaydotcreative : Oh that's right @mwrightdesign I remember that now! How has life been without it?
mwrightdesign : Your body will go through an adjustment period afterwards, something I wish my Dr. had discussed with me but I got through it. While I continue to fight with my weight I don't miss it or the painful attacks it gave me.
jaydotcreative : Thanks @mwrightdesign I've heard that same thing from someone else about their doc not talking about the after effects. Mine didn't either, but I've been doing research and think I'm prepared. It's so painful I'm willing to deal with whatever happens next after it's gone!
mwrightdesign : How far away are you from your wedding? @jaydotcreative Do it as soon as possible so you can have time to adjust... I am sure you want to eat freely at your wedding without the immediate need of a bathroom... ;)
jaydotcreative : Haha yes definitely!! The wedding is next summer so I'll have a solid 9+ months of adjustment time. Hopefully that's enough! @mwrightdesign
mwrightdesign : 9 months is good... Do it!!!
emmbales - kitschy_cat - iambrookep - philly4flyers -
So I lost alil more weight cause of my missing #gallbladder lol but now I feel like my body is awkwardly shaped .-. Oh well atleast I feel alil better about myself now #body #losingweight #workingonit #tummy #stomach #higherselfesteem #feelingbetteraboutmyself #awkwardbody #ohwell #ilikeit
body - ilikeit - stomach - ohwell - feelingbetteraboutmyself - tummy - awkwardbody - gallbladder - higherselfesteem - workingonit - losingweight -
miss_atrocity : Left is from June and right is now
attack_on_bastard - xthinkpositive - cc_calame_4 - healthy_happy_nicole -
Can't you tell I'm just super excited about surgery tomorrow? Today is pre op and I've been so sick with nerves. #preop #surgery #gallbladder #sickmommy #ugh #nerves #nothappy #notfeelingit
ugh - preop - sickmommy - notfeelingit - gallbladder - nerves - surgery - nothappy -
bigbellypresident : I love you baby everything will be alright
bigbellypresident - autumnnm - nat_trigo - llatweety -
Yay so nervous but here we go with my surgery in 30 min. Goodbye gallbladder Hello Fatty Food lol ♡😂 #Surgery #Gallbladder
surgery - gallbladder -
lavidarochita91 - jessymessy333 - itsonlysoto - cupcakebaby21 -
After my check up with the surgeon (all is fine, I had an inflamed #gallbladder and a 1cm #gallstone so I needed the op regardless) mum and I went and collected our #silverfingerprint necklace with my grandma's fingerprint on it. It is so beautiful and I am delighted to have something to personal from her to cherish. I would love to wear it everyday but if I were to lose or damage it I would be heartbroken, so I'll only wear it on special occassions. I know she's with me every day but this is just extra special #missmygrandma #heart #fingerprint #necklace #treasuredpossession
heart - treasuredpossession - missmygrandma - gallstone - silverfingerprint - gallbladder - fingerprint - necklace -
dee_did_it : Oh God @slimmer_stacey how BEAUTIFUL!! I would've LOVED one with my Grandad's fingerprint. What a lovely thing to have.. so special. X
slimmer_stacey : My uncle is a funeral director so he made us aware of them else I wouldn't have known about them xxxx
tean0sugar - sarah2014ww - teresawwjourney - donnashiach -
Today is the day my gallbladder is going to get gone. I'm kind of nervous and dreading the pain soon to come. Bye bye fried food hello healthy stuff! Lol I might lose more weight wish me luck #gallbladder #imdonebeingsick #billsbillsbills #sendmealiitleprayer #nomorepain
nomorepain - billsbillsbills - sendmealiitleprayer - gallbladder - imdonebeingsick -
lanster_monster : I'm sure the chronic pain going away will be worth some temporary discomfort and healing time. Good luck! ❤️❤️❤️
dlopez1031 : Good luck girl :) everything will be ok
velvetgold02 : @lanster_monster @dlopez1031 thank you my ladies 😳😘
romoelva : Hoping you get well soon!!
romoelva - jamesmom4 - seriouslymiller - juliaverduzco -
Our #Opa is trying hard to #getbetter after #gallbladder #surgery #notsofriendly #getwellsoon ♡
getbetter - gallbladder - getwellsoon - surgery - notsofriendly - opa -
carohp : He's a survivor, he will be better soon. Just needs lots of TLC and positivity! Thinking healing thoughts and prayers :)
barbilewis : @carohp lots of prayers and healing thoughts xoxo hope hes home soon as hes worrying me lots :(
carohp : So glad he's finally home and on the mend! Yay for good news @barbilewis :D
barbilewis : Yes made my crappy day somewhat happy
sablivious - mrsfancyfehermassia - csf_usa - misscee_xo -
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