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Hospital Selfie #recovery #hospital #hatehospitals #gallbladder #keyholesurgery #recoveringathome
hatehospitals - recovery - recoveringathome - hospital - keyholesurgery - gallbladder -
staking5gx : beautiful picture! β˜€
kuhrinnswelt - eddiary -
😷😴😒 slept from yesterday afternoon to now, #lymelife #lyme #gallbladder #sick
lymelife - gallbladder - sick - lyme -
_______liv_________ - lyme_fighter - alyssaday_airforce_girlfriend - fijijedi -
Christmas dinner with awesome friends <3 @kylieai @abubugale @beacaubatofficial @janinesaylon @vince_vman #ryan #commonnoun #condiments #gallbladder
condiments - commonnoun - ryan - gallbladder -
abubugale - queenbatsheba - aleksandriyaligon - missraisacheneeze -
Gonna be a #vegetarian soon. 😐 F u #Gallbladder 😠
vegetarian - gallbladder -
ashleydoine - andreaschic - dianadipinto - irenestrecci -
My new #gallbladder thanks to @markiemark1523 !! 😍 He's the best 😊
gallbladder -
lillyk511 : I want one!!
lizdoeshair : @lillyk511 iheartguts.com
britster_fitgirl32 - i_nep - lissasikes - n_ekmalian -
Took my dressings off but had to replace with plasters. 2x incisions near right rib πŸ”ͺ #surgery #bruise #gallbladder #gallstones #wound #stitches
gallbladder - gallstones - wound - surgery - bruise - stitches -
amyxlp : The big mother dressing is still on. Scared to remove that one
tonia305 : I just had my gallbladder removed on Monday. Now I have a new kind of pain. Super sore at the incision sites. πŸ‘Ž
#theoriginalrobertjones in for another round. This time it's the sequel to his October visit. When the doctor says "you know, since you're here we should probably just take out the gallbladder" it's wise to listen to the medical professional. When you have a 60% chance of it not acting up, you don't take those odds. Ever. Hopefully this is the last post like this for a while. Besides all the others he's actually getting somewhat better.
toughdude - stubborn - retired - bosslife - pops - gallbladder - thereaper - surgery - independantblackwoman - hardasnails - gettinthere - hedontneednoman - hegivesnoshits - runninit - hedoeswhathewants - theoriginalrobertjones - doinit -
2anthony7 : Get well soon! Mr Jones
azzle_dazzle : Sending prayers his way
byonkersss : :( Getting my gallbladder removed was terrible but once my body adjusted I felt better than I had in 7 years. I hope he gets well soon πŸ™
mattrules : Good vibes being sent to your pop, @theofficialbobjones!
billy_bumps86 : Hope all is well !
shortestmile : Positive vibes !!!
sarahhuska : Positive vibes to pops!
mexican_danny : Hope he feels better
am.taylor2015 - scary_lady_sarah - charlotteyvonne - halffastdanny -
Drugs. #diluadid #anesthesia #generalanesthesia
diluadid - gallstones - postop - gallbladder - gallbladderremoval - anesthesia - generalanesthesia - gallbladdersurgery -
colbylync : #postop #gallbladder #gallbladderremoval #gallbladdersurgery #gallstones
tonia305 : Hang in there! I just had mine removed on Monday so even though I'm not recovered yet, I know this is better than gallbladder attacks. 😷
colbylync : @tonia305 yes it is much better! Doesn't even compare. Now I just need to get this gas out of my shoulders and neck. Thank you though 😊
ssarahaashley - haleydoodle24 - msjasminesymone_ - justellyn -
Gallbladder surgery is scheduled for 12/30! Can't wait for this pain to go away. Oh and 3-4 weeks off work isn't too terrible either! πŸ˜‰ #gallbladder #gallbladderproblems #surgery #byebyegallbladder
gallbladderproblems - surgery - gallbladder - byebyegallbladder -
ameliecarlson : Right before new year is terrible timing but I hope this will make it better. :)
tasmaniantiger85 : I don't drink much anyway and I'm happy it's happening before my insurance changes. I'm looking at the whole thing like a much needed vacation. πŸ˜‰
ameliecarlson : Haha and quality time with the pup. 😊
tasmaniantiger85 : Yup just hoping he doesn't jump up on me
rich_ee_rich : Sorry to hear about the pain, but glad you're getting it taken care of. Loki week keep you company
karmagotya - ccribz - badjakalopeanjacobean - duboo09 -
Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday Amazing the difference antibiotics make! Still a huge lump at my navel but hopefully it will keep shrinking! #progresspic #shrinking #antibiotics #gallbladder #infection #scars
antibiotics - gallbladder - progresspic - scars - shrinking - infection -
jophilp121 - tinarey82 - krisstata - kristinapril_fitness -
Hopefully these heal up very quickly! #postop #bandages #bloody #gross #sorry #gallbladder #laparoscopic
gross - gallbladder - postop - sorry - bandages - laparoscopic - bloody -
avbreault : @lizdoeshair oh no :( hope you feel better! Then we can go out with our men on a double date!
smspremulli : You're alive!
lynguisticlc : ouch!!!!
kholee706 : They shouldn't take long to heal at all, and my scars went away almost completely after a few years! Feel better!!
lizdoeshair : Thanks guys! @avbreault @smspremulli @lynguisticlc @kholee706
markiemark1523 - i_nep - britster_fitgirl32 - ruffiki39 -
Not looking to shabby after #surgery #postop #gallbladder #nomakeup #obviously
nomakeup - postop - surgery - gallbladder - obviously -
jen_e_love : #eyebrowsonfleek
i_nep - eddyvaughn - g_riser1 - mbabs06 -
Good luck with your surgery bb! #luveya #youllbefine #youregonnabeabletoeatallthefoodsnow #gallbladder #gallbegone
gallbegone - youregonnabeabletoeatallthefoodsnow - luveya - youllbefine - gallbladder -
stevesabo12492 - jadebermudez - yungabigeru - environsplayforyou -
This hurts 😑 #gallbladder #gallbladderremoval #gallbladdersurgery #gallstones
gallstones - gallbladderremoval - gallbladder - gallbladdersurgery -
haleydoodle24 - silvandgold14 -
#MRI can also be used to see the #Biliary tree. White arrow is the #gallbladder, red is the common #bile duct and green is the small #intestine. #Radiologist #Radiology
biliary - bile - radiology - intestine - mri - radiologist - gallbladder -
ahmed_s_aljishi - mdubskunk - dr.rajabih71 -
My battle wounds #operation#gallbladder#painful#ouchies
operation - gallbladder - painful - ouchies -
rachelking_xx - jamescuzner1987 -
#surgery #gallbladder #gallstone @silpozz @nicolemurgante
surgery - gallstone - gallbladder -
franziska_sophia_ - memeclinic - nicolemurgante - davi_davins -
I guess I'll #never #learn my #lesson no matter how #hard the #pain is I'm #always #fucked every type of way! #Bed rested, not sposed to #eat and can't even #drink #water! #Heavily #medicated...all because of my #pancreas/#gallbladder/#liver! One day #god will #help me through all the #physical and #mental pain that I've been #suffering for way too long, all I can do is #pray! God gave me the #ability for #strength and the will to make #good #decisions...now it's up to me with his #love
ability - medicated - love - mental - heavily - hard - water - suffering - good - learn - gallbladder - never - fucked - pain - lesson - decisions - eat - physical - strength - pray - god - tired - help - bed - beingaickandtired - sick - always - pancreas - drink - liver -
pathapathetical : #sick and #tired of #beingaickandtired
essenceofbeing : Lovely
bekindusa - frestrepo1087 - exerebirth90 - jdmjoker -
Dear gallbladder attacks - I have NOT missed you at all. Kindly go eff yourself. Seriously feels like someone gave me a giant bear hug and crushed all of my insides and it wont stop throbbing. 19 more days until I am gall bladder free!!!! Apparently it's on a mission to make me remember it before it goes πŸ˜‘πŸ‘Ž excuse me while I go cry! #wls #wlsfamily #wlssupport #wlscommunity #weightlosssurgery #rny #operationgethealthy #rny #bariatricsurgery #gastricbypass #gastricbypasssurgery #gallbladder #gallbladderattack #doublesurgery #learningtoliveagain
wlsfamily - gastricbypasssurgery - weightlosssurgery - bariatricsurgery - operationgethealthy - wls - doublesurgery - rny - gallbladderattack - wlscommunity - gallbladder - learningtoliveagain - gastricbypass - wlssupport -
shawnaayers : @learningtoliveagain0525 OMG I've had to leave work twice this week from the pain!
quest2bmybest : Those are the worst! I had mine removed in '11.
herbagoddess24 : Love your profile.Would you be interested in our 15 day ENERGY challenge?Gifts,free samples and money back guarantee included.Leave email if you are interested.
_towhomitmayconcern_ : Mine were the worst !!! So glad I got mine taken out !!!
learningtoliveagain0525 : FINALLY have relief 12 hours later!! Eff you gallbladder! Between getting that taken out and my gastric bypass Im sure I will feel MUCH better! @_towhomitmayconcern_
aisha.sleeve - herbagoddess24 - elizabethlunamystory - love4fitness1 -
Yay for surgery....πŸ˜‘ finally,hopefully itll fix a lot. #seeya #gallbladder #nomorestones #removal #sleepy #iv #h2o #4incisions #yayme #5thsurgery
4incisions - nomorestones - sleepy - 5thsurgery - iv - yayme - h2o - gallbladder - seeya - removal -
christinesawyerr : Hope you feel better soon!❀️
eight0_nine : Thanks girl.i hope so too. So crappy im 23 and had my gallbladder already removedπŸ˜‘
motocrossdeer - beingcheesy - chronically_beautiful - mx_62 -
This time of year makes me think back to 2008 when i was seriously ill in hospital with pancreatitis and had to have an emergency operation to remove my gallbladder. I'm so grateful for the drs and nurses who made me better and helped me get home for Christmas Day. Thinking of everyone that is in hospital at this time of year #grateful #pancreatitis #gallstones #gallbladder #hospital
gallstones - hospital - pancreatitis - gallbladder - grateful -
kerrylewis1981 - mrs.button - lizzymclast - x_ammmy_x -
He looks so sad;-; he was so proud #gallbladder #gallstones
gallstones - gallbladder -
anastasia.k.k - junenotjunebug - call_me_braden - lexypaigestevens -
#gallbladder #gallbladderproblems #poorlittlegallbladder #gallbladderfail
gallbladderproblems - poorlittlegallbladder - gallbladder - gallbladderfail -
my_wife_doesntknow - laurabrom123 - sincityboas - redskin1972 -
Lol soon... #gallbladder #gallbladderproblems #poorlittlegallbladder
gallbladderproblems - poorlittlegallbladder - gallbladder -
my_wife_doesntknow : Hahaha
laurabrom123 - my_wife_doesntknow - sincityboas - redskin1972 -
Spending the day with my love at the hospital πŸš‘πŸ₯😷 #gallbladderProblems ____________________________________ #hospital#surgery#hernia#gallbladder#waiting#ugh#doctors#germ#anxiety#married#love#almostDone#recovery#doctors#december#tisTheSeason#instaHospital#poorHubby#longDay
ugh - love - december - almostdone - gallbladder - doctors - hernia - surgery - anxiety - recovery - hospital - married - instahospital - germ - waiting - longday - gallbladderproblems - tistheseason - poorhubby -
_nicolex0x : Feel better :) praying for a quick recovery
_nicolex0x : @jk_wrangler_girl @thatcrazysinginglandscaper
jk_wrangler_girl : @nahla_dreamer yes he needs to get back to making his videos πŸ˜¬πŸ’™
jk_wrangler_girl : @_nicolex0x thank you
chickenpickle70 : Make a gallbladder song and post it!πŸ˜‰
bengalmania : Hope all goes well Jenn.
jk_wrangler_girl : @chickenpickle70 that would be awesome
jk_wrangler_girl : @bengalmania thank you. We are home now. He's ok just in a lot of pain
artificialfuturedigitalmind - skaterduck.longboarding - krug_161 - eatsleepjeep_ -
Dried gallstones + new filter = cool photo #Iheartautopsy #iheartgallbladders #gallstones #gallbladder #oddity #oddities #collection #newfilter #filter #pathology #stones #med #medical #medicina #medicine #medschool #medstudent #nurse #nursing #science #healtheducation #surgery #pain #ed #er #emergency #bio #biology
stones - newfilter - biology - healtheducation - pain - nursing - emergency - oddity - ed - iheartautopsy - collection - gallbladder - bio - surgery - pathology - er - medstudent - gallstones - science - med - iheartgallbladders - filter - medicine - oddities - nurse - medicina - medical - medschool -
riseagainst_savedme : Ugh & i used to eat them before this haha @indianaunderwood
mauro_piragine : Candies?
lisarattray2004 : Omg I thought they were donut holes!!! 😳
anna92468_4 : Large ass gallstones
zwinkwink : @asabi3 πŸ’©!!
bellezzetta : You can have the polished ad there quite beautiful... It way really popular in the 40s to do that!
cattleya_aclandiae : @sugah_tats donut holes for ya!
cholder32 : @umm_naeem11
mariidh - __alkh3 - merofero - anaronica -
#MRI can also be used to see the #biliary tree. White arrow is the #gallbladder, red is the common #bile duct and green is the small #intestine. #radiologist #radiology
biliary - bile - radiology - intestine - mri - radiologist - gallbladder -
milly1957 : I do like a good MRCP
mojtabamed - vireale - banushiner - shai5atcom -
GOOGLE MORNING!!! Swelling is almost gone! Woohoo! I'm really hoping to start some light cardio back on Saturday πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ sooooo boring not being able to workout😳 but I've tried to stay productive and do other things.... For one, I cleaned my shower😬 lmao!! Physical labor... Prob shouldn't have but oh well! Haha have u guys realized CHRISTMAS IS 7⃣ days away!!😱😱😱 omg! I can't wait!!!!πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽ Ahhh! I will be enjoying the #nyc lifestyle for the #holidays! I love the city during #Xmas!! Anyway time for #breakfast! Have a great day everyone! 😘 #me #selfie #postop #gallbladder #surgery #theabsessnceofabs #fitfam #fitspo #fitgirl #fitlife #fitness #instagood #instadaily #instagramfitness
instagramfitness - fitfam - fitgirl - selfie - holidays - gallbladder - breakfast - instadaily - fitspo - me - postop - instagood - fitlife - surgery - fitness - theabsessnceofabs - nyc - xmas -
littlewonderwoman91 : Girl you look incredible ❀️
jazzythings : Google morning to you too!!!! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ˜¬
faithandfit : 7?!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ WEEEE
puertoricanfitchick : @faithandfit I know so exciting!!!!!! I β€οΈπŸŽ„πŸŽ„
aspire_2_be_great : @puertoricanfitchick shredded
fitandneverbetter - immortall__ - sanatobi - torsa_fit -
#tbt To the day after my surgery about a year ago!! #surgery #gallbladder #remove
surgery - tbt - remove - gallbladder -
jojonini18 - aztx35 - amanduhhgza - cmarie_parsons -
Ouchy #gallbladder #surgery #keyhole #gallstones #keyholesurgery
gallstones - surgery - keyhole - keyholesurgery - gallbladder -
jessicalparkins : I had mine done Tuesday and the stitches are weeping and I'm in Agony ? Xz
jessicalparkins : I find it hard getting up for a wee ? I need help let alone going for a bloody coffee ??? X
redvespa : Oh crap! That doesn't sound good mate! @jessicalparkins can you give your surgeon a call? Maybe what you're experiencing is normal and I'm a freak. πŸ˜„
jessicalparkins : Oh your joking ! Are you not in agonising pain like you feel like your walking like An old person ? Z
redvespa : I'm not in agonising pain at all @jessicalparkins definitely feeling stuff though and am walking around like an old person. Right now I'd give my pain 3/10.
redvespa : *feeling stiff
jessicalparkins : Is there anyway we can talk on the phone ? X
redvespa : @jessicalparkins you'll be ok. You might be better off calling your doctor! 😊 hope you're keeping up your intake of morphine!
effect_kita - s_jiro - redrooster_jp - landsdowne2006 -
Come this Friday I will have none of these organs!!! #gallbladder πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜·
gallbladder -
gmburger - nicolenfinley - calli_mcmillan - kitkat06 -
Desperate for love and support please. Shoot some prayers out please, need help from you and The Man up stairs so I can be done with operations and also all this pain. #gallbladder #pancreas #BodyIsShuttingDown #Issues #PleasePray πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜πŸ˜–πŸ˜”
pleasepray - bodyisshuttingdown - gallbladder - issues - pancreas -
doctor_rudy : Hang in there buddy! πŸ˜‡πŸ™πŸ‘‰@gallahue_34
gallahue_34 : @doctor_rudy thank you señor! I have like 3 more surgeries cause... Well.... Let's just say my body is filled with mysteries that become worse and worse....... πŸ˜…πŸ˜–πŸ˜”
meggamorphasis - _hendy - nipnation99 - instahausen -
#tbt One year ago I thought a motherfucking alien was bursting through my chest DURING FINALS WEEK NO LESS. Tbh it was just gallstones (aka best diet ever) #gallstones #gallbladder #blessed #blessedstones #applesauce
applesauce - gallbladder - gallstones - blessedstones - blessed - tbt -
baconcrisps : I was in a hospital, you can still pray 4me
lizteti : I had gall stones too they suck ballz
emily_lauren10 : Lets celebrate the one year anniversary of our almost deaths !!!!
lauren_sheets : No the most flattering pic...you poor guy:(
hoesephliberwhore : Shut up that wasn't last year
baconcrisps : @hoesephliberwhore it was one year ago. Is that ok
baconcrisps : I need to know
hoesephliberwhore : @baconcrisps no
maddiecapella - mrzeqiri - afletcher123 - traycccc -
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