My life for the next few weeks ! & a little nervous for my surgery tomorrow #prayforme πŸ’œ
painful - gallbladder - prayforme - removal -
xoxo_rachael3 : aww , you're going to be just fine ill keep you in my prayers I love you !
vero77g : Praying for you! @ryannyanez
drearod7 : Hope everything is ok!! @ryannyanez
marie_lordes : πŸ™πŸ‘Œ
ryannyanez : @vero77g @xoxo_rachael3 @drearod7 @marie_lordes thank you ladies β€οΈπŸ’•
ryannyanez : #gallbladder #removal #painful
mimi_chiquiti - notforgotten47 - godsreal1 - killembiggz -
Why can't these damn things be silent?! 😞 #Upallnight #exhausted #impatientlywaitingforsurgery #gallbladder #timetogetthisbitchout
exhausted - timetogetthisbitchout - upallnight - gallbladder - impatientlywaitingforsurgery -
milkduds56 : Oh no you poor thing!
themaninthecave : Are you ok?!
comradexmedic - gigid60 - diekmann331 - sarad116 -
Yerrrr #gallbladder
gallbladder -
onepiratesjourney : πŸ’ good luck
shannon_v2.0 - kas52209 - auntielala83 - sproutingella -
Oh god the things u find on Instagram #gallbladder
gallbladder -
sleevedyaz : That's just a bit too weird?
learnin2lovemyself : Lol
shellybrand_ - onepiratesjourney - learnin2lovemyself - boxergirlweightlossjourney -
Could it get any worse!!! Seriously!!!! #fml #vsg #vsgproblem #vsgaustralia #gallbladder #hospitial #sick
hospitial - vsgaustralia - vsgproblem - gallbladder - sick - vsg - fml -
_skinnylu_ : Yay sydney!!! Booo everything else. I hope you little one is feeling better fast!
rouxenyjourney : Wow that sucks. Having my gallbladder out was like the best thing ever tho! The postop pain was nothing compare to the pain I was in with my gallbladder!!! Hope everything turns out for you an your daughters gets well fast too!!
eatdrinksoul : Oh no no no! I was lucky my surgeon took mine out at the same time as my sleeve. Sending buckets of karma your way 😊
kirrasgsjourney : Haha thank you @eatdrinksoul @rouxenyjourney I only get intense pain after I eat something fatty but every so often get a dull ache... An yaaa sydney!!! @_skinnylu_ jara my baby is on the mend she's got anti biotics but has to have her adenoids removed an gromets in a few weeks eh! It never ends
denivilla_83 - jenipeaches12 - queencastle26 - boxergirlweightlossjourney -
#gallbladder #cute #awww
gallstones - cute - awww - gallbladder -
topsytirvy : #gallstones
topsytirvy : @bellasaurus @ashleigh_nutter
jessie_a_irvine : I don't understand :'(
topsytirvy : Haha the liver gives the gallbladder the bile - just to hold. The gallbladder makes them into gallstones instead :))
jessie_a_irvine : Is that good?
topsytirvy : Nooo sorry I should have gone on to say that gallstones hurt and that's generally when you have your gallbladder taken out. Poor itty bitty gallbladder :((
jessie_a_irvine : Well then why does the liver give the gallbladder the bile? Or why does it make it into stones? This is creating more questions than answers lol
topsytirvy : lol! YouTube gallstones and watch an educational video :p bahaha
nicoleleewilliams - jessie_a_irvine -
Last meal and dessert before surgery!! Gallbladder comes out tomorrow morning! No more fatty foods for a while! Wish me luck! #gallbladder #surgery #needitout #wishmeluck
needitout - surgery - gallbladder - wishmeluck -
mmcqueen7 : Will do! You are a doll! 😘 @savbarky
bmiverson5 : Oh good luck you have my prayers that everything goes good. Love u meg!!
bragg_01 : Good Luck I'll be thinking about you! Love you!😘
court__21 : I love you!!😘😘 @mmcqueen7
mmcqueen7 : Love you guys too!(:@bmiverson5 @bragg_01 @court__21 😘😘
bragg_01 : Let me know when it's okay to come see you!:)
mmcqueen7 : I will!(; if I get put in a hospital room I'll let you know! @bragg_01
bragg_01 : Sweet thanks! Love you ❀️
tayyy_15 - ashley_loraine_ - rachelmillward3 - ibirnie -
This stuff has been life changing for me. My nausea has almost be eliminated and so has some of my pain. I haven't felt this good since before my gallbladder surgery. Thanks for the tip @kellisnider02 and thanks @centerhealthandharmony for carrying this! #oxbile #struggleisreal #lifechanging #lesspain #gallbladdergone #gallbladder #homeopathic #natural #naturesmedicine
oxbile - lesspain - natural - naturesmedicine - struggleisreal - gallbladder - lifechanging - gallbladdergone - homeopathic -
kellisnider02 : It is amazing stuff... Glad it is working well for you too.
kellisnider02 - zoniacorbell - kr3amettemostly - mariahhhx -
Rex is out of surgery and recovering! #gallbladder #mountsinai
gallbladder - mountsinai -
thisgirlsprerogative : Give him my love....hope he feels better soon!!! πŸ’œ
reneeclarice - adannyboy - thisgirlsprerogative - trishc24 -
Lookin like crap... #surgery #gallbladder #removed #painful #savage #itsleoseason #momdadbfandking were by myside... oh how I love them...
savage - itsleoseason - surgery - removed - momdadbfandking - painful - gallbladder -
beezlilmama : Feel better Ambie!!!!
___ambb : @beezlilmama thanks godmom
ludssuds : Get well fast
___ambb : @ludssuds thank you
julys_finest_0709 : Awww hope you feel better
thknik78 : @___ambb hope you feel better
___ambb : @julys_finest_0709 Thank you
___ambb : @thknik78 thank you
a.gift_and_a.curse - liya_1987 - rai_babyyyy - beezlilmama -
Well we finally have a date ad hopefully I will be feeling better soon 😁 #surgery #gallbladder #removal #scared #nervous
nervous - surgery - gallbladder - scared - removal -
tnunn14 : Good luck 😬
forever.mandyy : i hope u feel better emily good luck❀️
chr13topher_ryan : Good luck!
angela_marie2323 - z3r0fuksgiven_100 - _lexie9 - prettyboyfloyd93 -
#Hospital #Yuck #GallBladder #Surgery #UglyHospitalGown #PuppyDogFace #Lonely #IVOuch !!
ivouch - lonely - yuck - hospital - uglyhospitalgown - puppydogface - gallbladder - surgery -
dodge_livin_lifted : Hope everything goes good βœ”οΈ @dhagirlcee
shamia_boo_k : Hope you be ok
iamal_9619 - kaylarkrum - obeydishustle_ - elpitusberry -
πŸ‘πŸ˜† #detox #liver #intestines #gallbladder #kidneys #pancreas #lymphaticsystem #blood #fruits #vegetables #feelgood #energizing
feelgood - blood - kidneys - vegetables - lymphaticsystem - liver - fruits - energizing - detox - gallbladder - intestines - pancreas -
glutenfree_yogi - raphacapel - rebehack - phat_mamacita -
Dinner date for one at Panera! #workflow #baylorweekends #nurse #nurselife #panera @panera #gallstones #gallbladder #gallbladderattack
gallbladderattack - workflow - gallstones - panera - nurselife - gallbladder - nurse - baylorweekends -
jin_jin157 - jychandler - kelly_lager - dailyhustlesq -
The PA's Desk! Sorry for the delay guys I've been feeling under the weather. Gallbladders are one of the coolest specimens we get because every time you open one you never know what you are going to find! Gallbladders are probably the most common and frequent specimen we receive in the laboratory next to GI biopsies from colonoscopies. Gallbladders give tons of problems to people which is usually described as right upper quadrant pain or pain right under the ribs towards the right side. This pain is sometimes described as bad as labor pains and usually the only way to fix it is surgical removal. Problems with the GB can be anywhere from a distorted anatomy or physiology in which the bile is not leaving the gallbladder properly, or an obstruction caused by inflammation, cancer and most commonly gallstones. As seen in this awesome video, normally bile squirts out of the gallbladder like this after eating, especially more fatty food. The bile is squirted into the first portion of the small bowel right after the food leaves the stomach. The bile mixes with the food and helps break down the fat. Gallbladder pain is usually experienced after eating a meal high in fat because the bile is trying to squirt out and it gets jammed because of the obstruction, like a gallstone gets stuck in the opening. This video shows black pigment gallstones, but they can come in other colors such as yellow which indicates they are made of cholesterol. It is very common for patients to have lots of these stones that vary in size. I have seen them up to 5cm! The most common demographic for gallstones is FFF (female, fat, and forty)! #iheartautopsy #iheartgallbladders #gallstones #gallbladder #oddity #oddities #anatomy #grossanatomy #grosspathology #physiology #medical #medicina #medicine #medschool #medstudent #cholesterol #fat #obesity #fff #science #healtheducation #pathologyvideo #thepasdesk
healtheducation - oddity - iheartautopsy - fat - anatomy - gallbladder - grosspathology - fff - physiology - grossanatomy - medstudent - gallstones - science - medical - iheartgallbladders - pathologyvideo - cholesterol - medicine - oddities - obesity - medicina - thepasdesk - medschool -
beeyanka_13 : Why is it blue
imosherry : What do these bits and pieces of bodies smell like?
bellgrrrl : My gallbladder turned on me thanks to the Atkins diet at the ripe old age of 25. Then, was so full of stones, refused its laparoscopic removal.
kvelstad : Just had mine taken ^^ My life is now so good! :D The pain is like hell! :/
grumpkin85 : @steven_robert
mylifeasdee : Thank you @kokiri.boots 😊
ohletthisbekat : I can't even tell you how happy I am to find your new IG. You made my day!
ljhjmama : I had mine removed at 19 years old... The surgeon was shocked that a young, thin girl would have gallstones.., until I told her that I had given birth 6 months before. #pregnancyproblems
johnslaughter666 - v_reveles - ichesus - bfuller74 -
Hurts right here. Looks like I have abs. #fakeout #tummy #freckles #bellybutton #whitegirl #gallbladder #painful #toymachine #ouch #myachingbody #iworkout #not #haha
iworkout - freckles - haha - ouch - whitegirl - tummy - myachingbody - gallbladder - fakeout - bellybutton - not - toymachine - painful -
street_bellybuttons : @januarylaroux Can you model your bellybutton on my page? I have requests to ask. Can I kik you or Facebook you to tell you?
januarylaroux : DM instead? @street_bellybuttons
street_bellybuttons : @januarylaroux I prefer kik or Facebook. Its easier to talk on there and show you my requests. Can I please talk to you on one of them?
street_bellybuttons : @januarylaroux Please?
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That lil green thing aka the gallbladder... causin me some fuckin trouble.. GET OUTTAA HERE! #gallbladder #ihateyou #iwanta #cholecystectomy #howboutthatmedterm #stupidgallbladder
stupidgallbladder - iwanta - gallbladder - cholecystectomy - howboutthatmedterm - ihateyou -
hollyann - lynduhahaha - 2f_i_t_sisters - mollymallonee -
YES Ryan! He just knows how to make everything seem ok... ;) #begone #gallbladder #postop #surgery #pancreatitis #recovery #RyanGosling #HeyGirl #LOLing
begone - pancreatitis - recovery - postop - ryangosling - loling - heygirl - gallbladder - surgery -
chrisiwebster - rebeccajayne134 - soarmedical - clarelouisewr -
Get #regular to #cleanse any #toxins from your colon. Helps to #promote a #healthy #liver and #gallbladder. Order now at www.wrapwithtamdev.com
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#liver #gallbladder #pain #orovalley #hospital #doctor #ctscan #fluid #cyst #broken #hurt
orovalley - pain - doctor - hospital - ctscan - fluid - hurt - broken - liver - cyst - gallbladder -
lauferchristia - julian_alicia_0514 - angie5200 - beemerboy13 -
On the left was the morning of my RNY, I was 291.4 and the pic on the right was yesterday before my gallbladder removal (almost 14 mo post op) and I'm 150.2, down 141lbs!!! #wls #rny #gallbladder #gastricbypass #healthy #fitness
rny - gastricbypass - gallbladder - fitness - healthy - wls -
fatguyskinnywallet : Amazing!!
amyscraftyshenanigans : Wow.
elmehalabeya : @jenrnyforme i had my surgery on the 6th of march '14 and my starting was the exact same 291.4 i hope i get where you are. Way to go.
journeyafterwls : @jenrnyforme way to go!
whole_foodie_rn : Good for you!
sandrakinslow : U r doing great! I'm down 107# my g.p was aug 6th 2013. I hope n pray i get to 150# :) i started 321# n now I'm at 214# ppl thinks it's easy but it's not.
dentalgirl85 - sandrakinslow - whole_foodie_rn - rock_my_socks_82 -
I had my gall bladder removed yesterday, which is very common after WLS, it was pretty easy, the worst part was the first 1/2 hour waking up from the anesthesia, but left the hospital within 2 hours of my surgery! #relieved #gallbladder #rny #wls #gastricbypass #onthemend
rny - gastricbypass - gallbladder - relieved - wls - onthemend -
texasdanielle - emily1023ecl - real_housewife_of_rny - emilyjwood -
The truth hurts.
gallbladder -
gwynethtossell : #gallbladder
justineberber : I'm sorry about your gallbladder. But it's better for the rest of us.
vikieeee - jamesalgie - i_am_mattyd - michellerabin -
@iam_neat said this actually looks delicious. Most of the meals I make are in fact terrible #glutenfree #nursehannah #gallbladder
gallbladder - nursehannah - glutenfree -
holycowitskori : Aw how's he feeling?
a.fresh.start - berries_x18 - theglutenfreeaddict - tara_brightlightyoga -
Aint your typical #popcorn
laparoscopy - gallstones - gallbladder - popcorn - random - cmc -
pinaymommyb : #cmc #gallstones #gallbladder #random #laparoscopy
iamfaithmaldita -
#vscocam #notaresort #hospital #surgey #surgeon #riverbend #hate #gallbladder #hospitaltryingtolooklikearesort
surgey - hospitaltryingtolooklikearesort - hospital - notaresort - gallbladder - riverbend - surgeon - vscocam - hate -
iepiiw - runswithhorses123 - kzmnkvl - olgyquiles -
Balance and cleanse the #colon, and keep your system running clean and regularly. #detox #cleansing #health ##wellness #toxins #diet #exercise #skin #gallbladder #liver #safe #chiropractor #holistic #supplement #aloe #peppermint #dandelion #water #nurses #doctors
dandelion - nurses - safe - diet - water - manager - supplement - colon - liver - doctors - detox - holistic - chiropractor - toxins - aloe - wellness - peppermint - cleansing - health - skin - exercise - gallbladder -
thrive_dont_just_live : NICE PIC! Do you know about THRIVE? Check out the link in my bio. Have a blessed day!
skinnywraplifestyle : #manager
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1 week post surgery. Can I lift yet? #iknowicant #butcaniyoga #yoga #lifting #gallbladder #fitness #obstacles
iknowicant - yoga - gallbladder - fitness - butcaniyoga - obstacles - lifting -
motive8you : @heynannette Checkout our page for daily motivation :)
heynannette : @motive8you I was just looking at it ❀️❀️
lapunkadelight : Hope you're feeling better!
lagirlgetsfit : Get well soon!
kjsquared - sophalina7310 - avasmom1108 - mrspanduro -
At the hospital listening to the crazy people next to me. #preop #gallbladder
gallbladder - preop -
talieliyahu - hiwayracer - elisabeth_marie_ - bloombe5 -
I'm a wimp. #surgery #gallbladder #gallbladderremoval #eep #fml #nomorefriedfoods #whatever
fml - gallbladderremoval - gallbladder - surgery - eep - whatever - nomorefriedfoods -
miszasheann143 : Good luck love
johana_0827 : I'll be praying doll you will be fine no worries
misslennox88 : I had mine tuesday, good luck hun xx
jadore_sasha : @misslennox88 did you? How's recovery so far??
jadore_sasha : @big_dene @johana_0827 @miszasheann143 @lsalerno6 thank you!!
samalley311 : @jadore_sasha you got this girl! Sending positive vibes your way!
stepfaniez22 : @jadore_sasha you will do great and feel so much better afterwards. Good luck love!
frecklequeen45 : Good luck girl
meet_love_kill - laurenbonbon - screaminohnana - squeezybaby -
One of my 4 cuts from my gallbladder surgery. #stitches #gallbladder #surgery
surgery - gallbladder - stitches -
bbuch1215 : I didnt have stitches they just glued mine
jenniferrenee70 : I wish I had stitches when they did mine. I had staples
taquitotacobell - aharris8910 - autumn_waddle - endiah_janee -
Me& my bro are twinning it (x lol both of us have something draining at the moment ;o #gallbladder #explosion #pilonidal #cyst #MachosSonLosCamachos ;) lol
pilonidal - machossonloscamachos - explosion - gallbladder - cyst -
paroza_1 : Get better !!! I love you
josen_7oh2 - britneythellama - alitheturtle - nyosselin -
Lel πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #nursinghumor #cute #nursingmemes #nursing #gallbladder #liver #lol #funny #lame @elisacala @courtneyeschneider @rubymayred @gomezjordyn @ashleighsmallman @mikaelaklep
cute - nursinghumor - nursing - lame - nursingmemes - lol - funny - gallbladder - liver -
courtneyeschneider : Hahahahahahah!!!
elisacala : Haha that's so cute!
hollyphelan_x : πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ @courtneyeschneider @elisacala
rubymayred : Aw, the gall bladder gets me every time!
rubymayred - ayeemacriinaa_official - aliciarohloff - connor_phelan1 -
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