Warrior II, Virabhadrasana II.... Is so reflective of the Solar Plexus. Courage, Strength, Wisdom of the Warrior and the Personal Power, Self Worth, Self Respect, Trust in Self, Belief in Self, Equality with All Life of the Solar Plexus go hand in hand. The message coming through, is that as we step into our Solar Plexus energy for the next two months, our Heart and Sacral Chakra's, above and below our Solar Plexus, are getting a 'stir up'. We are getting in there, shining the light, clearing out the old and bringing in new energy. Our Heart has awakened and our awareness of what is in alignment with our Integrity (Solar Plexus) and what isn't, is being shown. We are truly feeling what feels good and what makes us feel ergh (Sacral). A few have mentioned to me they have had gastro symptoms... very symbolic of the Solar Plexus, as our Solar Plexus is connected to our Liver and Gall Bladder, so when we are working with our Solar Plexus and standing in our Power, we are detoxing the 'old shit' and allowing the new energy to shine bright there. So, on a physical level, we are truly clearing out the crap and allowing our vibration to shift to new heights. Our Liver is our bodies filter and if not cleaned regularly, we feel angry most of the time and can be short fused. Our Solar Plexus gets a work out of showing us what is within our Integrity and trusting ourselves into making changes (belief in self) that are for the betterment, of not only ourselves, but of all mankind (equality of all life). The Warrior II pose, helps us to find out feet, trust our Heart and align with our Personal Power. A true Spiritual Warrior, knows when to hold back, move forward and trust in divine timing. Breathe into your Solar Plexus, and allow your Heart's Wisdom to shine the way to your Personal Power, taking back the reigns to guide and co-create your life - just not too tightly - like riding the horse, pull too tight and the horse will stop. Trust in Yourself, you are connected to something far greater than we will ever know. Your Soul knows, Trust in It. #yogateacher #yoga #warrior2 #virabhadrasana2 #warrior #solarplexus #chakra #chakras #personalpower #liver #gallbladder #de
warrior - yoga - warrior2 - personalpower - de - chakras - solarplexus - yogateacher - liver - chakra - virabhadrasana2 - gallbladder -
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Had been in pain since Friday, so ended up going to out of hours doctors last night and found out I have gallstones ! Fat free diet it is then 😕 #gallstones #gallbladder #Ill #doctors #feelsick #pain #fatfree
fatfree - pain - gallbladder - feelsick - doctors - gallstones - ill -
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Morning second day of no meat and just green soup and lots of water #gallbladder issues#
gallbladder -
nena7581 - kayberty - alizad19 - mark_alisa_hagop -
Just a little update - I'm going in for surgery this afternoon or tomorrow morning to remove my gallbladder, but gotta keep smiling 💘✨ #gallbladder #gallstones #hospital #operation #waiting #keepsmiling #selfie
waiting - selfie - gallbladder - gallstones - hospital - operation - keepsmiling -
fabia_s_aston : Love you!!?
juliajewels_ : Love you lots 😘😘 @fabia_s_aston
andrew.gs_ - laurengilbeyx - bethlen_ - fabia_s_aston -
Fuck you gall bladder. So happy to be back to me again. Amazing that I've lose 2 stone since surgery. I feel great. Thanks for everyone who stuck by me while I was in agony for 18 months. Before diagnosis I genuinely thought I'd live with this pain every day for the rest of my life. That was a dark place and I never thought I'd consider euthanasia before that time. There is always a way out. Keep your faith. #sullenartcollective #sullen #uktattoo #gallbladder #gallbladdersurgery #discopants
discopants - sullen - gallbladder - sullenartcollective - uktattoo - gallbladdersurgery -
georgiaa.palmer : You look amazing! Xx
ellenmaereynolds : You are looking fab and glad you are feeling better! My dad had the same thing but unfortently after having them out his got worse cause of his age! Don't over indulge in chocolate as the pains can come back 😜🍫
thenoblehouseofblack : Babe 😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
country.girl.76 : Just watch out for triggers....sometimes you can trigger phantom pains
wanchors : Woo Paula! You look incredible :3
katethegreat619 : ah! i was in the same position a few years ago! i thought i was gonna be sick forever until i found out my gallbladder was junk! and since my surgery, both of my parents have had theirs out too!!
die_zucker_puppe : You look amazing hun 😍 xx
spannah88 : Looking stunning hunni! Glad you are finally free of the pain! Xxx
georgiaa.palmer - _phasma - misstam_ - gemmerald -
Before I got sick, these pants used to be tight😳 I wanna be fit, not skinny🙊 I miss real food, working out and having energy☠ #galleblæreoperasjon #sick #sickdays #weightloss #shrinking #gallbladder #couchpotato #onceuponatime #scary #tattoedmom #needsToGetWell #notGood #stomach #fatLoss #loosingweight #loosingfat #myclothesdontfit
stomach - sick - onceuponatime - loosingfat - tattoedmom - needstogetwell - sickdays - shrinking - scary - couchpotato - myclothesdontfit - galleblæreoperasjon - weightloss - loosingweight - notgood - gallbladder - fatloss -
liernissa : Huff da. Håper du blir bedre snart. Er på tide 😘
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•Herbal Tarot ••• 3 of Pentacles • Gentian 🔶🔶🔶A message for my followers••read below 🌱This is a time to nurture and grow new ideas or projects. Use your talents and careful planning to see your projects through to a successful completion. Complete what you've begun. 3️⃣Number Significance of 3 – Fertility, Creativity, Growth, Collaboration, Relating to others. 🌿Gentian Herbal Uses🌿 •••Gentian has properties that stimulate the glandular cells of the digestive organs in the body. It helps cure various digestive disorders such as constipation, indigestion, gas, and other gastrointestinal problems. It is also a good appetite stimulant. This makes it effective in the treatment of problems like anorexia. ⚛Gentian root also stimulates the growth of red blood cells + leukocytes in the body and thus boosts the immune system. ⚛It soothes an irritated gallbladder too. So so many uses...research more if you feel this may be the herb for you! •••Let me know if you liked this post! ☮apologies on the spacing of the post...can't figure out how to make paragraphs!
preventativemedicine - tarot - numerology - gentian - gallbladder - naturalcure - pentacles - nurture - vitalherbals - herbaltarot -
chimerarielle : 😘 Hi! love you!
hawkhousedesigns : This was my first tarot deck!! ❤️❤️❤️
vitalherbals : It's full of amazing info! This is my latest one! My first was Angel tarot cards by Doreen virtue 💖💖💓💓 @hawkhousedesigns
catalinawanders : Hi! I just placed an order with you and am so excited to receive my products. Already thinking about what I want to try next! I'd love to get a reading! ❤️✨
miamariaw : @jackie_seike @obeccaray herbal tarot!!! This is everything this is perfection this is so much bummie bum yes!!!!
hawkhousedesigns : @vitalherbals awh. The angel tarot was the last cards that my late best friend and I drew!!❤️❤️❤️
vitalherbals : When you say late best friend I feel so 😔 sorry lovely love @hawkhousedesigns
hawkhousedesigns : I just meant to express what a special deck that is to me!! She was the raddest!!❤️🌷🌸
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#ilovemyjob #knowyourbody #thedigestivesystem #nursesrock #instanursing #nursesofinstagram #registerednurse #staffnurse #studentnurse #nursingstudents #humananatomyandphysiology 🚑🏣💊💁Credit to @armandohasudungan The process of #digestion resumes in the mouth. The tongue is a mucus covered skeletal muscle -mucus is a liquid composed of water, immune cells & #electrolytes for protecting our tract. Saliva is produced by 3 major #glands in the mouth; the sublingual (sub=under, & lingual=tongue in Latin), the submandibular (under the mandible), & the parotid glands. Saliva is composed largely of water but has other compounds in it that make it an important part of the #digestivesystem i) it moistens & cleans our mouth, ii) moistens food, iii) dissolves chemicals around the food to allow us to taste the food, and most importantly, iv) it contains amylase – an enzyme that begins the digestive process for carbohydrates. Then we have the teeth, which help in mastication (chewing). Food will then travel from the oral cavity area to the #oropharynx (mouth & pharynx region), which leads to the #laryngopharynx. The pharynx’s role in the digestive process is to propel food into the oesophagus, and it also secretes mucus. The active swallowing basically involves the division of the pharynx into two passage ways, one leading towards the stomach and the other passage (which is the anterior one) leading into the lungs. The valve covering the passage to the lungs is called the epiglottis (epi=above). When we breathe, the epiglottis opens to allow O2 and CO2 in & out of the lungs, and when we swallow, it closes to prevent food (now called bolus) getting into the lungs. The bolus moves through the oesophagus through a process called peristalsis, into the stomach. The stomach secretes a variety of enzymes and chemicals including mucus, hydrochloric acid, gastrin and pepsinogen (which will be converted into pepsin).The stomach essentially mixes the bolus and secretes acid to help in the breakdown, and once the food has been partially digested in the stomach by the acid, it will move through the pyloric sphincter. The sphincter is what separates the stomach from the small intestine
voluntary - digestion - studentnurse - nursesofinstagram - sigmoid - knowyourbody - glands - descendingcolon - instanursing - electrolytes - largeintestine - staffnurse - liver - transversecolon - laryngopharynx - involuntary - rectum - humananatomyandphysiology - nursesrock - vitamins - thedigestivesystem - digestivesystem - ascendingcolon - ilovemyjob - registerednurse - nursingstudents - appendix - oropharynx - immunesystem - muscles - pancreas - gallbladder -
her_rastress : Once the bolus leaves the stomach it is referred to as chyme. The mucus layer (inner membrane) of the stomach comprises of many cells in the crypts. On the bottom of the crypts are high numbers of chief cells, which secrete pepsinogen (this later converts to pepsin) for protein digestion. The parietal cells are situated all-round the crypts and secrete hydrochloric acid - which is used to digest food and break it down further. The other cells located everywhere, secrete mucus. Mucus is what prevents hydrochloric acid from damaging the stomach itself. The small intestine follows from the stomach and is a major part of the absorption and digestion in the digestive system. It is comprised of 3 main parts, the duodenum, jejunum, and the ileum, which connects to the large intestine. Most of the digestion and absorption actually occurs in the first part of the small intestine (duodenum). The duodenum secrets an enzyme called cholecystokinin (CCK) which stimulates the gall bladder to contract and release bile. Bile is used for fat digestion. The stomach puts the chyme to the duodenum via the pyloric sphincter. The #liver is located superior to the small intestine, and the #gallbladder is just underneath it. The gallbladder stores bile produced by the liver. The common hepatic duct is where the bile travels through from the liver, and the bile duct is where the bile travels through from the gallbladder. The liver is two lobbed and is composed of many hexagonal lobules called liver lobules. Each lobule is composed of epithelial cells called hepatocytes. So, the liver’s main role in the digestive process is to secrete and produce bile for fat digestion, stored in the gall bladder.
her_rastress : Another reason why the small intestine is the main site for absorption and digestion is because of the #pancreas. The duct from the liver and the gall bladder connects with the duct from the pancreas, which then connects to the duodenum of the small intestine. The pancreas secretes pancreatic juice, which consists of many chemicals, enzymes and zymogens, notably, bicarbonate which neutralises hydrochloric acid - because the food leaving the stomach would be acidic after hydrochloric acid secretion, amylase which- same as in the mouth- digests carbs, lipases which digest lipids, nucleases which digest nucleotides, and zymogens which are inactive enzymes that help in the digestive process – (e.g. pepsinogen is a zymogen while pepsin is an enzyme). The stomach is posterior to the large intestine. The end of the large intestine is the #appendix, whose function is not certain but is thought to have some effect in the #immunesystem.
her_rastress : The #largeintestine consists of the caecum, the #ascendingcolon, #transversecolon and the #descendingcolon, followed by the #sigmoid, and the #rectum. The main role of the large intestine in the digestive process is to absorb water, electrolytes and some #vitamins. The rectum has got both #voluntary and #involuntary muscles. These #muscles, the external anal sphincter and the internal anal sphincter help control the outflow of faecal matter by tightening the bum.
tenarose61 : I didn't know the liver was up so high.
her_rastress : @tenarose61 I think looks higher than it actually is cause the heart and the lungs, which both lie superior to it are not shown in the picture 😃
tenarose61 : Oh, ok. Thanks. 😄
her_rastress : @tenarose61 💜
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illness - pain - sick - limerick - dysautonomia - eds - celsius - gallbladder - measure - gastroparesis - check - omron - temperature - invisibleillness - medical - pots - degrees - low - ireland - gut - thirtyfive - ill -
moloneyphoto : #low #temperature #thirtyfive #degrees #Celsius #measure #ill #illness #sick #eds #pots #dysautonomia #Gastroparesis #gut #gallbladder #pain #check #limerick #ireland #omron #medical
moloneyphoto : #invisibleillness
pyrofitness71 : :)
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قسم الجراحة العامة General Surgery Department @drhusseinfaour @royalehayat for appointments call 25360000
endocrinology - الكويت - breastcancer - رويال_حياة - colon - gallbladder - ulcer - general_surgery - hernia - لجراحة - royalehayat - instakuwait - abdominal - kuwait - hospital - مستشفى - bestoftheday - healthcare - السمنة - ksa -
royalehayat : #royalehayat #healthcare #hospital #bestoftheday #instakuwait #kuwait #ksa #general_surgery #gallbladder #endocrinology #abdominal #hernia #colon #ulcer #breastcancer #لجراحة #السمنة #الكويت #رويال_حياة #مستشفى
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ER LIFE #damnyoustomach #stomachpain #ulcer #gallbladder #gallstones #painful #ugh #emergency
stomachpain - damnyoustomach - ugh - emergency - gallstones - gallbladder - ulcer - painful -
lilcarmz29 : Hope everything is ok!
lindynathalie : Hope you're ok
381_251 : Hope u feel better moso
rose27_____ : What happened?
hatevious_ : Thank you and yeah I'm feeling a bit better @lilcarmz29 @lindynathalie @381_251
hatevious_ : @rose27_____ it's my stomach pains again
rose27_____ : @hatevious_ ook hope you get better
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After my mom had an unexpected medical issue, late Thursday night and early Friday morning our Black Friday plans were canceled. So while we were out and my mom was at the hotel, I got her two things she's really been wanting! A coat and a pear of booties! Here's she is wearing both of them! #thanksgiving #travel #family #hotel #blackfriday #plans #unexpected #healthissue #gallbladder #mom #gifts #coat #oldnavy #boots #bearpaw #shoedepartment #lovemymom
unexpected - plans - family - hotel - boots - gifts - healthissue - gallbladder - mom - lovemymom - shoedepartment - coat - travel - oldnavy - thanksgiving - bearpaw - blackfriday -
bradyshattan : Hope she is feeling better now.
twodevine : Get well mama!
olivia_loren_11 : 😍😍
catherine_amelia : aww you're so nice to get her those 😀 hope she feels better❣
flanneryisoriginal : Hope she's feeling better! ❤️
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Normally I wouldn't post anything like this but gallbladder is out && I survived my first stomach surgery! #painful #gallbladder
gallbladder - painful -
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My baby on my hip, minding me while I am sore!! 💜💜🐶🐶💜💜 #Boo #Cute
beautiful - cute - cavalierkingcharlesspaniel - illness - pain - dogsofinstagram - limerick - cavalier - rest - eds - gallbladder - minding - bestfriend - ireland - pup - cavalierkingcharles - kingcharles - spaniel - pet - sofa - ill - dogstagram - pots - dog - blenhiem - sick - boo -
moloneyphoto : #cavalierkingcharlesspaniel #cavalierkingcharles #cavalier #kingcharles #spaniel #dog #pup #pet #bestfriend #beautiful #blenhiem #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #limerick #ireland #ill #illness #sick #minding #pain #eds #pots #gallbladder #sofa #rest
duprethetripawd : 👍
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First REAL night out, last night, since surgery ❤️ by "real" I mean I actually got dressed up lol #naturegirl #nature #natureheals #gallbladder #surgery #recovering #happy #happygirl #tattoo #tattooed #tattooedgirls #nerdy #glasses #rayban #beauty #innerpeace #nativepride #nativeamerican #nativegirl #cherokee #cherokeegirl #spanish #spanishwomen
rayban - nativeamerican - beauty - nature - happygirl - naturegirl - innerpeace - gallbladder - spanish - tattooedgirls - natureheals - surgery - tattooed - tattoo - nativepride - spanishwomen - recovering - cherokee - cherokeegirl - nerdy - nativegirl - glasses - happy -
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ที่ระลึก...ว่าท้อง 4 เดือน ผ่านอะไรมาบ้าง #16weeks #16weekspregnant #pregnancy #Gallstones #gallbladder #Laparoscopic #cholecystectomy
pregnancy - 16weeks - 16weekspregnant - gallbladder - cholecystectomy - gallstones - laparoscopic -
kachahunter : สู้สู้คะคุณแม่ ยังดูสวยอยู่คะ
note_great_good : @kachahunter ขอบคุณมากคะ ยังทานได้แต่ของอ่อนๆคะ
nourishbaby : Please let me know if there's anything I can help with 😊 #ExcitedForYou #Congratulations
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#Gallstones #pathology #gallbladder سنگهاي كيسه صفرا
gallstones - pathology - gallbladder -
elnazrahbari : من تشخيص انجير ميدم 😂
dr_mortis87 : @pathologistali amazing!!!!
f_drawing_world : Woooooh! That one looks pricy😁😁
sh.homaunee : @elnazrahbari 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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Phew! don't care atm w/ u #gallbladder #needmindboosters #chocolate #almond #happyhormonesneeded
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I'm your gallblafder from hell. #gallbladder #iwillkillyou #surgery #emergencysurgery #generalsurgeryresidency #generalsurgeon #femalesurgeon #nightshift #ilovesurgery
femalesurgeon - iwillkillyou - ilovesurgery - nightshift - emergencysurgery - gallbladder - generalsurgeryresidency - surgery - generalsurgeon -
kgburdett : Wow, that is seriously crazy,
pyrofitness71 - ddedan - yuls_picaspicas - kozantei -
Gallstones in the news!!! As you can imagine, as soon as any story involving gallstones hit the news many of my followers forwarded it to me. The story is that almost 12,000 (11,590) gallstones were surgically removed from a 51yr old female laparoscopy, possible setting a new world record. This was performed in Kolkata, India. Honestly, I'm not super impressed. I have opened thousands of gallbladders in my career that have been packed like this and I'm sure many other PA's and pathologists have too. My friends and I call them bean bag gallbladders because they literally feel like a bean bag before you open them up. Never in a million years did I think there was a contest to count the greatest number of gallstones!!!! Haha!!!! In a case like this I would just use the word "multiple" to describe the number. When I read this story, my first question was- who the hell sat there and counted out 11,590 gallstones!!??? Photo cred: @sourav_scorpio #iheartautopsy #iheartgallstones #gallstones #gallbladder #pa #palife #pathassist #pathologistsassistant #pathologist #pathologyresident #pathology #surgicalpathology #anatomy #grossanatomy #grossroom
pathologistsassistant - pathassist - gallstones - iheartautopsy - palife - anatomy - pathologist - pa - grossroom - gallbladder - pathology - surgicalpathology - iheartgallstones - pathologyresident - grossanatomy -
mimiix0xx : @sexxybrneyes
drduaaa : @dr_nmyb منو متفرغ قعد يعدهم حصاه حصاه 😂😂😂
rebeccabatesuk : @alexandriaandthecats 😷😷😷😷 I have 3 😂😂😂😂
paigeyauu : How are they created?
chadzyg : These are actually really pretty @mrs_angemi lol they look like pearls
carmela102375 : @dnice13073
juhrangel : @fabric1o vesículas biliares 😱
louise_01c : @natz268 😳
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My poor @karleemalone had to get her gall bladder taken out this morning, she has been such a trooper through this whole 2 weeks of we thought it might be a pulled muscle and other things but Thankyou to @cindybimle the BEST DOCTOR in the world made Karlee all better. Now she is home getting spoiled by family and her friends. Please pray that she has a quick recovery. #gallbladder #dramaqueen #family #sore #justatrooper 😷
sore - dramaqueen - justatrooper - gallbladder - family -
lindamomma : Praying for a perfect recovery in Jesus name! =)
lk_rupp : Oh no I hope she gets feeling better.
maxchang11 : Oh no! Hope she gets better soon!!
bpurnama32 : Get well soon! @karleemalone Praying for speedy recovery...
jackieferrinandersen : Your momma was worried about you! Hope today is a good day.🌸
leeshafrancis : Get feeling better Karlee sending my love and prays your way. 💗🙏🏼
amarieweis : Feel better!!
guggs22 : 😓
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Trying to smile even though it hurts all over I had my surgery today #selfie #surgery #gallbladder #gallstones #gallbladderremoval #hurt #cholecystectomy #nomoreattacks #turkeytrot2015 #turkeytrot #bored #inpain #timefornetflix #doctorwho #sherlock #nomakeup #cold #happyholidays
gallbladderremoval - cholecystectomy - selfie - inpain - hurt - turkeytrot - gallbladder - doctorwho - surgery - turkeytrot2015 - happyholidays - cold - nomakeup - gallstones - timefornetflix - nomoreattacks - bored - sherlock -
chrisschroeder_triathlete - fuckkale - flynnandking - agnieszkawl -
So, I haven't updated in awhile. I am doing really well physically post op. I feel 100% better, like a new person. Mentally I am a wreck but I'm getting new medication for my anxiety so that should ease off hopefully. These little dolls have been my comfort these past few weeks of recovery. We are pro nappers! 💖 #personal #update #postop #postopblues #recovery #healing #surgery #gallbladder #gallbladdersurgery #gallbladderremoval #byebyegallbladder #pronappers #anxiety #screwyouanxiety
healing - anxiety - gallbladderremoval - recovery - personal - postop - update - postopblues - gallbladdersurgery - screwyouanxiety - pronappers - surgery - gallbladder - byebyegallbladder -
pyrofitness71 : :)
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Tydelig prega av at en går sykepleien,når den her e både morsom og litt trist. Trist fordi galleblæra e så lei se. 😰😂 #funny #bodyissues #LOL #gallbladder #poorthing #sykepleierstudentlivet #sykepleierstudent #nursetobe #lættis
funny - nursetobe - lol - poorthing - gallbladder - bodyissues - lættis - sykepleierstudent - sykepleierstudentlivet -
pyrofitness71 : :)
sommernes87 : Den e morsom. Men inni helvette så vondt d e når galleblæra bestemme se for å lage steina. 😱
karolinehmoen : Haha ja😂 off det e grusomt ondt ja!! Sku ønske den hørte på levera av å te..😒🙊
karolinehmoen : @sommernes87
sommernes87 : Jaa 😅 E heldigvis kvitt skiten. Opererte bort galleblæra for mange år sia 😊
pyrofitness71 - aleksanderbratli - annamarie64 - livmyren -
#hospital #pain #appendix #gallbladder #nomakeup #nofilter #stillcutetho #hotmess
nomakeup - pain - hospital - appendix - gallbladder - nofilter - stillcutetho - hotmess -
youknowitsmedontcha - drewgorrie - jaceantone - pyrofitness71 -
With or without you... I can live. ❤️ With or without you. It's always better w/my Babe! ❤️🙏🏾 This past year & more has been a rollercoaster of life events. With so many things to be overjoyed about from all of the beautiful new babies being born to all of the wondrous weddings & all of the lovely wedding engagements just to mention a few. 💕 This truly does feel like the year of love to me! ☺️❤️🙏🏾 I must give thanks for all of the love & support surrounding me. Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️ It can seem a daunting task to open your heart & mind & soul for anything while you feel like you are suffering. I can empathize completely. But! Today is a new day! It may not be a holiday but it is a day that I choose to give thanks for! Today is a new day with new opportunities. Today is a gift to me, I cherish it dearly. Today is a new day & I will make the best decisions for myself. So many up's in my life the down's seem to drown. Mindful awareness keeps my life in check & mindfulness helps me to deal w/stressors. I pray constantly, God is my guide! 🙏🏾 W/the help & support of God & some really great people in my life, I have not only been able to continue to heal but to work & to get active again! A few months ago I was hospitalized again for just under a week. I have been coping since birth w/autoimmune conditions & now most recently since the last trip to ER, I have been successfully healing my liver & gall bladder while still coping w/extreme diet restrictions. My diet includes eating gluten free & eating no to low fat as well as a lengthy list of food allergies & intolerances. I still enjoy my life though, everyday! It's been a huge challenge for me. Dealing w/chronic pain & still wanting to be helpful & productive to contribute to society really is tough! I have been so blessed to be able to have the education through Traditional Chinese Medicine & from being a Certified Holistic Nutritionist to be able to help myself more efficiently. I am especially so thankful for my Hub, who has shown me just how strong he is..I am..we are..Individually & Together! Thanks for being your best U everyday Hub! Perseverance & Prayer are my keys! God is great! 🎉❤️🙏🏾 #livelovingly™
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#Repost @amandaelisam with @repostapp. ・・・ Pre appointment and after #chronicpain #gallbladder #liverdisease
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Colecistitis crónica litiásica
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rigops : Y así como en algo más popular, que es?? 😅
vianyposadas : Piedras en la vesícula @rigops
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I used a couple of drops of DigestZen in a bottle of water an hour after Thanksgiving. It did an amazing job of soothing my stomach after over eating . See my link in profile to try it out. #doterra #digestzen #thanksgiving #overate #gallbladder #digestive #digestiveproblems #doterraessentialoils
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*** NEW ON THE BLOG *** Over 18,000 people in Australia have their gallbladder removed each year. If this is you, check out my diet tips for a healthy life without a gallbladder. Link in bio 👆🏻 #gallbladdersurgery #gallbladder #gallbladderremoval #sydneynaturopath #northshore #naturopath #diettips #nutrition
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After all that #Turkey #food #carbs #beer #alcohol #sweets and #desserts you had today, you're going to want one of these! 👍@teammusclesport #Detoxrevolution will be only $24.99 tomorrow for our #BlackFriday #sale at #GetAGripSportsNutrition! It is an all #natural full #body #detox system. It will aid in removing toxins that build up with everyday #diet & activity. This formula will decrease bloating & improve your overall #health. Detox #colon, #liver, #kidneys and #gallbladder plus remove excess #water #weight. 👍
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Gallstone Pancreatitis, credit @theawkwardyeti #whiteboard #doodles #OnCallArt #IMakedThese #gallbladder #pancreatitis
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Like if you get it XD The gastrointestinal distress is so real right now. My stomach is rock hard, and not in a good way. Also, vertigo and a headache. It's dysautonomia at its finest. #spoonie #spoonielife #cfs #chronicfatiguesyndrome #fibromyalgia #fibro #fms #chronicpain #chronicillness #bpd #dysautonomia #jointhypermobility #jointpain #headache #vertigo #tiredasalways #gallbladder #gallbladderdisease #dumbledore #harryp
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