😩 #gagMe #doppioespresso #dontEverDoppio #espresso #crackkills #happyThursday
crackkills - espresso - gagme - doppioespresso - donteverdoppio - happythursday -
miguelito626 : What is this?
its_roy_tho : Yup! I get those too.
mrsyolig : OMG! I thought I was bad! You go girl! Lol
iamrubenc : The struggle... The struggle.
bmelisah : Try a Doppio Espresso con pana!
sleenkie : Two shots of espresso. No cream. Nada. it's disgusting @miguelito626
nikkielrod - v_bentley - its_roy_tho - drewatamezzz -
#saltonsea #adventureswithhunter #brotherfromanothermother #flies #gagme
saltonsea - flies - gagme - brotherfromanothermother - adventureswithhunter -
kaleenj__ : You went!!!!!
alexandraellepatterson : @kaleenj__ yeah and it's a bit overrated πŸ˜• not worth the flies and smells
maggiequintero - kaleenj__ - layniemishay - katiecarleen -
a best friend is the person you do the stupidest stuff with #smoothie challenge #gagme
smoothie - gagme -
ahhhmazing_grace : Uhm. What is the smoothie challenge? 😧
jasmine__twin2 : You take a bunch of random food/drink items and name all of them and put the names in a bowl. You draw out a few of them and mix the ingredients in a blender and drink it. I got pudding, chocolate chips, mustard, Caesar dressing, cheese, milk, and A1 sauce! 😷 @ahhhmazing_grace
ahhhmazing_grace : Oh gosh. That is so nasty. But, I have to say I have done something similar lol 😷
jasmine__twin2 : It was so gross. And was it a challenge? @ahhhmazing_grace
ahhhmazing_grace : Nah. @imkyleeandilikewarmhugs and I did it a while back bc we were bored lol
imkyleeandilikewarmhugs : LolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I rememberπŸ‘Œ @ahhhmazing_grace
cassiboo249 - caerahalexandriaison - daniela_gutierrez19 - remingtonpower13 -
Yup so I found this dime in my tuna today at work while at lunch. Let's just say I'm beyond grossed out! Thank goodness I found it while mixing my mayo in so I didn't get a chance to taste this infested can of tuna. Not going to say what part of the body I think this came from because it's not hard to guess what this looks like... I will never eat #starkisttuna again! Ever! I guess u get what u pay for... I paid for a and 3 bones in one can of tuna... Lol me and my co-workers had a laugh about it today though so it won't be at our bank anymore. #starkist #neveragain #gagme #grossashell
gagme - grossashell - starkisttuna - neveragain - starkist -
dblake41 : Barf
__dorsia : I seriously just laughed "I paid for.....a hair and 3 bones" hahaha so gross!!!!
_kodilee_ : @__dorsia lol it just like sprang up at me while I was mixing it and I was like 😳 wtf.... Lol
blednicky09 : That's quite grotesque lol
chelskristineschehr : Canned tuna has the highest amount of mercury in it!! Shits gross. I'm sorry that happened to you 😩
gathorn1 - jonmoran92 - ferlizzeth_ - __dorsia -
Words to live by ...
longlivetheprius - babyiwasbornthisway - gagme - goodtalk -
buccaneerjohnny : That's not what Lady Gaga says....
brandytackett : Well @buccaneerjohnny ... U r in touch with your inner lady Gaga now? #goodtalk #babyiwasbornthisway #longlivetheprius
buccaneerjohnny : #livefortheapplause
brandytackett : @buccaneerjohnny ...a Rockstar like yourself can't help it. #gagme
mizzmaranda - love_my_life2010 - zoey.doodle - buccaneerjohnny -
Dieting cold turkey. No brownies for a month! This better be worth it. #Skinnyfeelsgood? #Gagme.
skinnyfeelsgood - gagme -
ifeeo : πŸ‘
mialynne66 - acutaiaphoto - ifeeo - nastaydrek -
Nabisco gets an A for effort 😷#gagme #whocomesupwiththeseflavors
gagme - whocomesupwiththeseflavors -
myron_iamagod : Ew
borges_gorgeous : That looks nasty lol
bumbaataa : Negatory
bumbaataa : Oh wait but it's , MADE WITH ONION!!!!! Must b good
damule96786 : πŸ‘Ž
can_boyz3x : Omg is it good @808aleka
t_2thedbl_e : Serious? Eeww... How is it? @808aleka
808aleka : @t_2thedbl_e idk if it's real. Gross if it is.
itsikaika - can_boyz3x - hawaii_lovins - shy.duh -
Well, we got tagged for a #stopdropandselfie and of course we accepted. We love selfies. πŸ’πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜Ž Lets tag, @hannahbuf @k8lynnrice @tanahowell & @angiecarlisle #selfie #ss #church #firstbaptist #dressedup #nomakeup #stillcutetho #gagme #howoriginal #myboy #torendowbradley #mixedbabies #mommyandme
nomakeup - dressedup - selfie - mommyandme - ss - myboy - stillcutetho - firstbaptist - gagme - church - howoriginal - torendowbradley - mixedbabies - stopdropandselfie -
angiecarlisle : My sweet little man!!!!! @raisingtoren
raisingtoren : He really does! And it's super curly so it's even longer when it's not fixed like this!!! 😳😳 @toribufkin
raisingtoren : Hey wait @itsladymmm I challenge you to #stopdropandselfie because I wanna see that baby bump! πŸ˜πŸ˜¬πŸ˜œπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
itsladymmm : πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ how can I say no to the beautiful @raisingtoren I accept lool 😁
raisingtoren : You're huge!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he should come anyday!!! 😬😬😬 @itsladymmm
itsladymmm : I hope so @raisingtoren 😁😁
knittymac : Such a lovely picture πŸ˜€ xxx
raisingtoren : How is she doing @knittymac ??
smallz4525 - kluv96 - youmadddddd - mrs.blankinchip -
Dear algebra, please stop asking us to find your X. She's never coming back and don't ask Y. #algebraclass #ew #gagme #ss
ss - gagme - ew - algebraclass -
savannahlee88 : BEAUTIFUL! πŸ’œβ˜ΊοΈπŸ˜
edens_existence : Thank you! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜˜ @savannahlee88
_missemmalouise_ - oliviacolvard10 - kelise3 - hailey13456 -
There was a starfish in the mussels last night. #gagme
gagme -
lcurrie1 - whitemegand - snizzelfritz - britvb -
Send me back #sunday I totally just made that up 4 years agoπŸ™Š #selfiesbeforeselfies#ourcaption #embracingour#haters#bestbjs #ever#becca#stone#missthisπŸ’—
embracingour - stone - selfiesbeforeselfies - missthis - ourcaption - sunday - becca - gagme - haters - ever - bestbjs -
kbunss : That was 4 years ago when i was drunk prob and it was an insult ur friend called her lol @xsuperbeastx20
kbunss : Mr cordero didnt kno u were a teacher
xsuperbeastx20 : Professor securer! @kbunss
samwhiteish : #dead
kbunss : #gagme
rlawrence615 : @kbunss love this!!!! #hatersgunahate #playersgunaplay #weruledtheworld
kbunss : Your slackin on securin shit @xsuperbeastx20
xsuperbeastx20 : I've been securing shit 24/7 at Saratoga Springs upstate lol
thatfuckinguy1 - fashionjunki87 - niloobaradaran - eric_silver -
@__wall_flower #enoughsaid #love #sogayforher #lol #gagme
enoughsaid - sogayforher - love - gagme - lol -
mxtian417 : so gay!! I mean so sweeeettt!!! lmaooo hahhaa. let's plan something.
felix_garay : Smh. πŸ˜†
cejoy4u : @mxtian417 shut up let a bro express his feelings the way he wants or feels....
natibambam : Awww
cherriibomb14 - amrecany - prom_queen23 - natibambam -
80s overkill...even have the leg warmers. #awesome80srun #pasadena #rosebowl #5k #liketotally #gagme #run #itsgonnabehot
rosebowl - run - itsgonnabehot - liketotally - pasadena - gagme - 5k - awesome80srun -
moz140_ : 80's costume on point.... dont forget ur Walkman....
camrubio - chinita02822 - mashandalazarus - ishouldbeyourbarber -
#lifeontheedge #yolo #gagme
lifeontheedge - yolo - gagme -
projectpo870 - michaelfurmanmusic - binkling - courierrice -
My spidey senses are tingling. #GagMe #Fear #Spider
hairyscary - fear - gagme - spider -
boomroasted3 : What. The. Fuck
tthoma1hotmailcom : Lmao that's absolutely disgusting. Gross.
haley_ingersoll : @boomroasted3 @tthoma1hotmailcom We tried looking up what it was and couldn't figure it out..
haley_ingersoll : #HairyScary
annagauthier16 : It's a furrow spider.πŸ˜·πŸ‘ŽWe had one around our house. Hate them
annagauthier16 : @haley_ingersoll
haley_ingersoll : @annagauthier16 thank you for identifying it! I would burn my house down.
cassidy_wegener : Ewe
kellynn_marie - kaleigh_j7 - silver_ess - scj20_ -
Damn Pomeranian farts! Excuse me! πŸ˜·πŸ’¨#blametheaim #myeyesarewatering #dogfarts #gagme #sbd #poms #whitepoms #pomeranians #farts
whitepoms - poms - farts - blametheaim - dogfarts - gagme - sbd - myeyesarewatering - pomeranians -
gigicurlyhead : πŸ˜…
susiehurtado - pom_and_pap_pups - msellenssss - exanimatebeing -
#truelove #sameseatataconcert #gagme
truelove - sameseatataconcert - gagme -
plaid_rain - sammm327 -
my boyfriend is such a kiss ass for bringing my mom flowers lol clearly trying to hone in on my favorite child status. πŸ˜‘ #gagme #butseriously
butseriously - gagme -
anaydonova - iadvocateglamoureveryday - jamieep22 - mzokaie -
Eww #nothingworse than sitting in a #bus beside #peoplewhosmell like #dirtyclothesandciggarettes. #bramptontransit #gagme
gagme - bramptontransit - bus - peoplewhosmell - dirtyclothesandciggarettes - nothingworse -
adiicarr22 -
Popping each other's zits before the show. #romance #truluv #gagme
romance - truluv - gagme -
katiefergusonnn : Lmfao wtf
guicorpse - ashleynicole2318 - sarapayant - buck_wife_9812 -
Had some amazing dinner tonight. #Ribs #Corn #PotatoSalad #GagMe #SoDelicious #Crying πŸ’–
gagme - crying - corn - potatosalad - ribs - sodelicious -
karleighjean : I love that everyone uses crying now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ayeee started that shit!
beachvolley05 : @karleighjean πŸ˜‚
v_in_kigali - rondo_20 - karistom_24 - aknd1234 -
Sometimes were cheesy hah #lovehim #hescute #cheesy #gagme #smilesfordays
lovehim - gagme - cheesy - hescute - smilesfordays -
jennydfromtheblock_ : Barf πŸ’©
_red21 : I know right! Hahaha jk it's cutee
laineyjfromtheblock : I second @09jdean commentπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jennydfromtheblock_ - carlosrivera1376 -
My latest ink courtesy of Julian Curi. #hipsteraLA #hipstersanonymous #gagme
hipstersanonymous - gagme - hipsterala -
phillerama - staindpushpitter - b_nji - heidialmighty711 -
My #wcw. She brightens up my day on a daily basis barking at people, begging for food, laying by my feet, giving me those wet kisses. I love you camber. .... oh and I love you too @her3go . Without you I wouldn't have anybody constantly nagging me and being so truthful and upfront, the no bullshits, and that smirk and that cackle laugh and to enjoy the love of anything with an engine. I love ya hehehehehe #smooches #gagme
hatersgonnahate - gagme - wcw - smooches -
joshmc_129 : #gag #hurl #threwupinmymouthalittle #thingsthissweetcausediabetes
aybaybay____ : ^^^^^^x2
ahilly25 : #hatersgonnahate
her3go - jillian_pretto - joshmc_129 - katiemaxine0315 -
#nofilter #oysters #snot #gross #whothefuckeatsthisshit #gagme #therestofthefoodisgood
gross - therestofthefoodisgood - whothefuckeatsthisshit - gagme - nofilter - oysters - snot -
haleyking4 : I like them baked not not raw.... Looks like slimy vag!
meelferrera - jedmarie - cecilyfioree - bn_3bdallah -
Too far #802 #gagme
802 - gagme -
vintagesoftball - lilsadeye -
I don't need a certain day of the week to express the love and affection that I have for this boy. Two years later, I'm still crazy about him. Literally crazy. I still miss him when he's at work, and would rather die than have to sleep without him. He is my best friend. He accepts me at my worst, at my ugliest. He brings out the crazy in me, but at the same time he is the only one that can calm me down. He taught me how to love, and how to accept love. We have been through a lot together, but I wouldn't change anything, even if I could. I couldn't imagine one day of this life without him. So for no particular reason at all, this is my man crush everyday. #sofuckyouguys #cutestcouple #handsome #boyfriend #love #mushygirlfriend #gagme #jk #blondesarebetter #incahoots #theotherday #blueeyedbabies #mine #dibs #foreverandalways
cutestcouple - mushygirlfriend - handsome - love - foreverandalways - mine - sofuckyouguys - dibs - gagme - jk - theotherday - incahoots - blueeyedbabies - blondesarebetter - boyfriend -
lengztagram - jamieb2014 - jleehall09 - millsla143 -
Not fun, not fun. Worst part of moving is that my wonderful mother and I had the "privilege" of moving some of dad's prizes. Yes, there were animals harmed in the making of this photo. #gagme #imbarfing #ohdeer #movingmonth
imbarfing - movingmonth - gagme - ohdeer -
lishfigs - macymatiko - michaelasolson - shawneemorris -
Ctfu!! #ChokeMe #GagMe #TalkDirtyToMe
talkdirtytome - gagme - chokeme -
churchboy83 - itsjust_kellz - djdoughboy357 - klbjr9172 -
this dude drives me absolutely insane (for real) but am genuinly honored to call him my brother and friend. what a summer! #co's #gagme #fat #obesepictures #camp #summer @titusgood
obesepictures - summer - co - gagme - camp - fat -
paigepz210 : Hey, you guys won the free Nike Gear Give-Away Raffel - Text me @ 1-512-589-8436 @marvincarlo7 @seeport4ugmailcom @malcomdabaws @sl6an1420 @lisa_wikstrom @patriciaericaaa @taranicole_87 @keltonchristensen @hollettski @lisiyuan1031
katienooe : so since i won i should probably give you my social security number and deepest darkest secrets, right?
jpmunday - ramseymichele - mschaal13 - hannahhanzholden -
Get a room! #gagme
gagme -
miss__mar - ramey_girlxox -
#yuck #dogshaming #dachshunds #doxie #dachshundproblems and I don't blame Maxie one bit for not wanting to share a cage with this one!! #anyonewanttocleanupamess ?
yuck - dachshunds - dachshundproblems - gagme - dogshaming - anyonewanttocleanupamess - doxie -
honeyguide : Oh dear.
m2kirby : Oh the shame she must feel now....haha!
krz4kwlts : I feel sorry for her having to wear that sign! ;)
darlingjillquilts : @m2kirby I'm sure it's not much shame. Unfortunately.
darlingjillquilts : @krz4kwlts feel sorry for me for having to clean it up!!!
krz4kwlts : Lol. Knew that would get a rise outta you!! Xo
wsm1152icloudcom : She needs a vaca with grandpa
sewcindy : Ah. I'm sorry Mom. Please love me anyways cause I'm cute
carmaz9 - donnacoch - bwmack - yayoit0310 -
Shout out to these love birds πŸ’–πŸ₯ as they celebrate a big 8 month anniversary. #sappy #gagme @hannaheckardt @reaton31
gagme - sappy -
melfried83 - beckagardine - maddogggggg - hannaheckardt -
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