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Gonna make it a point this summer after my tour to hop on a train and spend the day wherever it takes me. #baltimore #maryland #explore #exploring #adventure #nature #train #trainhopping #fucktrees
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Throwback Thursday Taco Bell was totally worth itπŸ˜πŸ‘#crash #fridaythe13th #fullmoon #fucktrees
fullmoon - fridaythe13th - crash - fucktrees -
gabrielle_anderson - em.rochon - standin_on_yo_sofa -
when trees fight backπŸ˜’πŸ˜©πŸ‘Š #fucktrees#lol#fuckedmeup#InstaSize
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lezybanlyn_ : #noseholes
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After hitting a tree and crippling my self for 2 weeks i cant wait to get back out there πŸŒžπŸ‚β„ #fucktrees #theyalwayswin
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spencejahhhh : True. At least it's a dank way to break something. Remember when I tried jumping a tailgate?
kylerthegiant : HAHAHAH I'll never forget that shit was hilarious @spencejahhhh @kylethewhiteboy
spencejahhhh : My foot hurts every time I drive #disappoint
spencejahhhh : #havetodrivebarefootcrew
kylerthegiant : You fucka, learned your lesson no try jump out of da truck anymoreπŸ˜… @spencejahhhh
meghanstefaney : Hahah the tomahaw/tree incident
meghanstefaney : #treesALWAYSwinπŸ˜‚
kylerthegiant : There mad at me for burning all there brothers hahahaha @meghanstefaney
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Nature is beautiful #nature #exploring #adventure #fucktrees #wood #baltimore #maryland #im23 #gunpowderfalls
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stefanbrandow : Ya u r
yarmles : Just realized the tree even has a clit... @stefanbrandow
stefanbrandow : πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…
nnicholasdoherty : Baby u hurt sew gud
becks_na : 😐
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#dark #fst #wholecar #detroitbench #fucktrees
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aerosoltrash : @daautorackking
mistermines : Awesome shot
oklahomabench : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
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Done a little ridin today with ol Pugh #beardlife #fucktrees #TeamBadInfluence
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midniteoil72 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #damtree
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Someone come lend me some life skills...I seemed to have left mine somewhere. #fucktrees #organizationoffendsme #itsokthough
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#transformationtuesday I think I'm doing it wrong... #fucktrees #talkshitgethit #drifttruck #alwayspushingthelimits #0to100realquick #theshitwagon
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rc_12valve : More like 100-0 real quick
dspeak12 : She be back in no man keep head up baddest first gen dually comin soon @rlinville26
rlinville26 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @ryancasner12v and yea hopefully @dspeak12
welder_that_heels : I followed you and 1 hour later the truck gets wrecked so now I'm following for the rebuild
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Not quite the ending of the st pattys day snowboarding i wanted #fucktrees @mountsnow medics r pretty cool though
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courty330 : Cheeeese! Omg...coming to see you when u get transferred. .feel better you
kearnstij : If you hit that jump make sure you go right to miss the tree... Or just go straight into the tree
regstarr : Omg I don't know who's worse you or tj lol
cosker08 : @kearnstij The shitty thing is I wasn't even doing something dumb, the conditions were just so bad I couldnt see a patch of moguls and launched from one to another then a tree going easily 35mph
sammyc333 : Hahahahaha hahahahaha
pauldougtony : Omg bro. Glad you 'ok' !
pauldougtony : How you doin?
cosker08 : @pauldougtony doin alright back at my house recovering now, just gunna take some time to heal up
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Or when someone says I'm stupid for wasting my time and money on my truck, but to me it's not a waste of time or money because I'm doing something I enjoy. So fuck all of you who say I can't rebuild because when I'm done I'll have the cleanest first gen dually around. #firstgen #cummins #rebuild #gonnabebadass #fucktrees #dontaskwhenitwillbedone #theshitwagon #projectshitwagon
cummins - rebuild - gonnabebadass - theshitwagon - projectshitwagon - dontaskwhenitwillbedone - firstgen - fucktrees -
sam_coumos : Gonna make it 4wd or keep 2?
joshgist93 : Hell yeah man! @rlinville26
drew_banar13 : It's still going to look like shit when you're done @rlinville26
dan_dibenedetto : Good for you man!
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Dicking around #Doodle #SatanicDoodle #NotArt #Bored #WasteOfATree #FuckTrees #Drawing #Drugs
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Saturday. That shit deserves a thumbs fuckin up. Way out here in the country i feel like i should start chewin tobacco and flippin cow turds with my boots. #Beard #FuckTrees #CountryLivin #SouthernBoysDoitBetter #HalfAssHick #Tattooed #Cityfied #Redneck
southernboysdoitbetter - cityfied - countrylivin - redneck - tattooed - fucktrees - halfasshick - beard -
dragonfly1256 : πŸ‘πŸ˜
raven_goddess_ : 😍😍😍😍
awol_melon : Wowww your beard is epic
britnabee : Back in the day if you hitch hiked ppl would be like ahhhhh roadside killer. Now it would be like an unsuspecting gazelle amongst hyena beard lovers hahaha
beardsmanpaul : That's all part of my plan to eliminate innocent families that pick up hitchhikers. @britnabee
britnabee : Unfortunately you will probably get some beard hungry ex wife trying to live her lumberjaction fantasies and you will end up in so random cabin with Kathy Bates.. But that's none of my business
beardsmanpaul : Either way.. win/win the this guy. @britnabee
britnabee : Yeah true Kathy Bates would on you like a hobo on a ham sandwich
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Well. Guess it bye bye to ranger danger #fucktrees
fucktrees -
_katherinemontgomery_ : Are yall okay?!?! 😭😭😭
tate_denise : Are you serious son I hit a tree to in my truck the other dayπŸ˜‚
t_nel10 : Did it fuck ur truck up ? @tate_denise
tate_denise : Yea but it's still drive able it's in the same spots as yours just my bullbar helped a lot
allieenelsonnn - _jennaclair_ - autumnsromero - ivymadisonnn -
I miss you😒 #fucktrees#thepaincantbeunseen
thepaincantbeunseen - fucktrees -
lukediede : Take it to baysingers customs and we will fix her all up!
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Thank gaaaad for 4 wheel drive @franky_j_10 πŸ™Œ #JEEP #Muddin #FuckTrees
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Solid weekend at Mt. Bohemia #shreddingpow #didanumberonmypoorboard #fucktrees
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ER here we come ..πŸ˜”thank god its March.. #blownknee #fucktrees #snowboardcanada #goddamnit
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zachleblang : :(
jeyonc.e : feel better zach!
zachleblang : Thanks !:)
lminchin2 : Jeez how'd that happen?
zachleblang : Goin a lil to hard in a double black lost her and smoked my knee on a tree and it spun me around😷
zachleblang : @lminchin2
lminchin2 : Damn bro that sucks! Gonna be on crutches?
zachleblang : Possibly in er now
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Any ideas on how I can get this horrible scar to fade?? Help!!! I've tried vit E #help #scar #beauty #dermatology #epidermis #dermis #abrasion #skincare
help - beauty - epidermis - skincare - abrasion - dermis - dermatology - scar - fucktrees -
adoeadeer95 : It will fade over time, but gentle massaging to help soften the scar tissue should help a little. Also some people are much more prone to scarring than others 😯 if within a year or two it hasn't faded you could always look at getting it
adoeadeer95 : *covered
meggzielou : Yeah it is only a month or so old, but I should've had stitches and didn't. So there is a fair bit of scar tissue, it's extremely itchy and dry all the time, I've tried lotions and creams with vit e- pure vit e oils etc. But it just keeps drying out. Problem is I want it tattooed over eventually but I don't want it to effect how the tattoo looks when it's covered 😭 #fucktrees lol
adoeadeer95 : Itching is good! It means it's healing still, it takes a lot longer than 6 weeks for all the layers of skin (which is why it tends to itch like crazy under the skin which sucks ass) to mesh back together. Wait a good year or so, or until the scar turns white then you can always go to an artist and get an idea from them as to how the scar tissue will take the tattoo. Some artists may or may not feel comfortable tattooing certain scars so definitly have a good look around! But lots of TCL with oil massages should help soften it up. But seriously this looks pretty damn good for 6 weeks, especially considering how open and huge it was before! It's always nice to keep steri-strips handy too, to hold a wound closed. Good luck on your healing beautiful! πŸ’œ ✌
sharkgore : Mederma scar cream. You can find it at any drugstore or Target, Walmart, but does take time for scars to fade. It's about $20 😣
kaiterose : I've always found that bio oil is good. It helped with mine. It's just not an over night fix.
goldfadenmd : Pretty!
buonavitafortaleza - goldfadenmd - clarisakyriakidiss - pierce.the.stas -
A nigga got new rear tires thoπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜‚πŸ˜Œ my damaged ass bae...tbh...i dont mind it...i kinda like it... #nissan #nismo #240sx #s13 #rms13 #sharknose #chuki #schassis #silvia #180sx #fucktrees
nismo - s13 - nissan - chuki - 240sx - fucktrees - schassis - rms13 - sharknose - silvia - 180sx -
raffajts13 : Man you make me cry );
ryan_fatlace : @raffajts13 its sad but...god loves ugly
raffajts13 : True that bud @ryan_fatlace
yooooo_its_jesse : How did that happen
ryan_fatlace : @yooooo_its_jesse drift practice (x
kicking_your_crosses_down : Stupid ass
autovast : Rad.
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Sunday steps. πŸ‘žβ„οΈπŸŒž#WithPops #WeOutHere #FuckTrees #Estonia #ExtremelyFirmToSki
extremelyfirmtoski - withpops - fucktrees - estonia - weouthere -
m0ner0 : Sick
kleinlewis - amandamac16 - b.roo - alexagolubjatnikov -
I bought two goddamn items #krogerhatestheenvironment #bpa #gonnagethandcancer #fucktrees
bpa - wastingvaluableresources - gonnagethandcancer - wastingpaper - fucktrees - krogerhatestheenvironment -
tradicans : I paid in quarters and the machine decided to divide it up into $1 increments. #wastingpaper #WASTINGVALUABLERESOURCES
jsnfernz -
Enjoying a lil fun with the new toys and truck. Snow is definitely better than green grass that's for sure #kittyMeow #snowOverMeth #outdoorAlaska #GiveUsMoreSnow #fuckTrees
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ride_907 : If you had gone south about another 15 miles there's actually snow to ride.
jerry_noy : Their was out snow ones we got back there a lil more when you going to take me out and show me the ways babe @ride_907
dustinellerson : Looks like it was a good day lol @jerry_noy I rode the mine trail that day
ride_907 : I'm not going back to cantwell this year. Snow is better on summit and the drive is less painful haha
jerry_noy : That's for sure I was there about two weeks ago I was planning on going again this weekend but I have crane training this weekend maybe Sunday though
jerry_noy : @ride_907
ride_907 : I'll be in summit sunday
jerry_noy : Shoot me a text man 9073474785 @ride_907
nickmulcarealaska - jennavahlsing - karlsen_2012 - ride_907 -
It's all fun and games till the snow makes you it's bitch #fucktrees
fucktrees -
williamglewis : Shit lol
significvnt_ : dun dun DUUUUNNNN
swagdaddytroy : Yo that would be me but you worked my shift
bpmart1 : @swagdaddytroy no I didn't
bpmart1 : @creefhaley nnnnope
swagdaddytroy : Dominoes fucked you or is this just driving to Haley's?
bpmart1 : @swagdaddytroy no this was on the way home from dominoes
swagdaddytroy : #getrekt #420glazedroads
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You should see the other #tree ! Broke my upper jaw, eye socket and cheek bone. Life happens. Just very thankful for having great friends and my dad! Wish I could enjoy the new #snow ! #er #shiner #grill #fucktrees #arcticcat_snow
grill - er - arcticcat_snow - shiner - tree - snow - fucktrees -
skyhager : Wtf happened!!? @ridinsnowy696
mtchevygrl13 : Whoa!! Glad your okay!
jeff_parker_ : @ridinsnowy696 even with your helmet on?
kels_elizabeth1990 : Glad your okay!!! @ridinsnowy696
lifted_alterations : Feel better soon!
lizziedonnelly3 : @ridinsnowy696 so glad you're okay!
ridinsnowy696 : @skyhager hit a very icey slop mid way down into a ravine and couldn't get shut down, hit a tree face first and broke my upper jaw, cheek, exploded eye socket and broke the roof of my mouth with a helmet on @jeff_parker_
jeff_parker_ : Damn bro! sending speedy recovery wishes to you man. @ridinsnowy696
lisamorse91 - _meaney_ - bmfdooley1 - totalnutritionandtanning -
Thank you @racewerx your #bumper skid plate combo saved my entire ride, didn't save my face but the sled is πŸ‘Œ! I'll be lookin to get a new #racewerx bumper before I'm healed up #arcticcat_snow #fucktrees #fox #brokenface #caproskis #boondocker
caproskis - arcticcat_snow - fox - boondocker - racewerx - bumper - fucktrees - brokenface -
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#SS with my Brap Bro. This weekend was fucking killer🍻 #Brap #Bro #BB4L #TreesAreStupid #FuckTrees
bb4l - bro - brap - treesarestupid - ss - fucktrees -
malachi_brownlee : Squad up lmao
cj_wyatt97 - mason_thomas10 - maddiblonde - malachi_brownlee -
Somebody told me To write truly free And simply be Feel the winds bree...ze And I agree But how the fuck can I obey your plea When I'm as free as a fuckin tree :^) #poetry #poems #poem #depressed #depression #nature #edgy #rebellion #fucksociety #fucktrees #reefermadness Just fuckin around. Will be back to social commentary tomorrow.
poem - nature - depressed - fucksociety - poetry - edgy - poems - rebellion - fucktrees - depression - reefermadness -
watchonista : :-)
dlgm87 - sir.satanist - lioninthegarden - laurajrris -
Taking things with a grain of salt Is kinda my default It's not my fault Everything sounds like a decomposing shit vault :^) #poetry #poems #poem #atheism #atheist #atheists #religion #agnostic #edgy #rebellion #fucksociety #fucktrees #reefermadness
poem - religion - atheist - fucksociety - agnostic - poetry - edgy - atheism - atheists - poems - rebellion - fucktrees - reefermadness -
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Genuinely had a fight with a tree last night #messy #definitelywasnotsober #fucktrees
messy - definitelywasnotsober - fucktrees -
bayleybadhasha : #MansOnhype
bayleybadhasha - dumbo_the_killercat - joshwa_emmey - niefs_not_so_crazy_world -
I hate trees! lol #fucktrees #ride #yamahanation #dirtbike #tt350 #gpit #wrecked @ridding_bmx @bmills667
gpit - dirtbike - wrecked - yamahanation - tt350 - ride - fucktrees -
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i know only two months ago i was liberating trees from bigbox retailers but things have fuckin changed #fucktrees
fucktrees -
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