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A shitty out of focus photo from the mediocre hip-hop show I went to last night . Don't get me wrong, , it was all right but I expect more than just all right from Del . He was flowing, , it's the role his DJ was relegated to that bothers me . Dude was doing what too many hip-hop DJs in rap groups seem to be doing nowadays . He was playing the hype man role more than he was actually engaging the music . You gotta do more than just press play and add a couple of scratches over the top . Hip-hop takes flight when the rapper and the DJ are actually working off of each other , otherwise it's just karaoke. Obviously Del's the star of the show but he really needs to give dude a little more room to flex his game and actually shift the shape of the jams .
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theedoncesar : #delthefunkyhomosapien #hip-hop #fuckserrato #givethedjsome #heiro #observatoryoc
wolveskillsheep : Karaoke indeed
sinotequila : Totally agreed
doubletruckerhat : The best part was random drunk dude who thought I was Steve Olsen. "Dude! These people don't even know,....you're a LEGEND! " Got a beer out of it
allbaymusic : hella dope
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#esspeebee #crates #digging #vinyl #library #djvinyl #fuckserrato A big part of committing oneself to DJing vinyl is accumulating and maintaining a private library of the jams. Half of being cool is turning into nerdy librarian when no one is looking. You got to put in work to reap rewards. It's Friday , time to get ready for this weekend's shenanigans. Sunday I'm at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. DJing poolside on Sunday.
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goofy_footer : Ohyeahhh
atwarwithskatan : That's sick!
parts : Boss player!
nicklebagnolte : That cd you gave me was dope, I need more!!
buddycoan : You rule Caesar!!!!! I am in desperate need of some new jams! I've worn out all the mixes you have giving to me- every one is a jam- thanks for the years of dedication to your craft and to being a true DJ- that title is given out these days to any jerkoff with an iPhone playlist but you have earned it--- much thanks and respect...
theedoncesar : @nicklebagnolte Swing by the Pike . 1st & 3rd Monday , every month. I'll link you up.
nicklebagnolte : Hell yea!
theedoncesar : #records #vinyl #vinylclub #vinyljunkie #recordcollector #vinyligclub #wax
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I been gone for a minute now I'm back with the #jumpoff!!! #djlife #raplife #cheflife #lovelife #vinylonly #fuckserrato #oldschool #firstlove
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papajofresh : Still remember those days
stylesfreely_lovebean : @papajofresh lol crazy you said that! You were the first person that popped in my head when I broke em out bro!!
papajofresh : Haha the night when we had that kickback for Lace when he came home was classic
dre.wright : Back on!!!! Beefy.
stylesfreely_lovebean : @papajofresh and @oldmandre broke the table!!! #lovedit
papajofresh : I was super drunk that night and still remember everything haha
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#Nowplaying: "Madvillain 2; The Madlib Remix"
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mizz_q : Mad Lib/ Stones Throw is my S#!T!!!
riccophoto : @mizz_q damn girl!!! We'ees about to get along great then!!!  cuz, that's my Shyte t00!!!
p1c2s3o : Dude say he were a mask like a tarded helmet
riccophoto : @p1c2s3o4 say what???
p1c2s3o : @riccophoto you aint never heard that doom line?
riccophoto : @p1c2s3o4 lol, you right! My bad!
riccophoto : #insearchoflordquas
domvaughn : The best!
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#Nowplaying : It's kind of a Moodymann,... It's that Detroit shit,... Freeki MuthaF***** kinda Sunday afternoon.
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riccophoto : #vinyl #records #wax #stupidvinyljunkie #vinyljunkie #cratedigger #itsthatdetroitshit #Moodymann #fromtheD #househeads #igvinylclub #onthedecks #realdjsspinvinyl #dropthatneedleontherecord #freekimuthafucker #library #archives #analog
riccophoto : #iphoneonly #iphoneography #droptheneedleontherecord #onthe1sand2s #detroithouse #kdj #kennydixonjr #Detroit67 #fuckserrato
riccophoto :  " Hello 2morrow"  !!!!!! #vinyligclub
giomoto : Excellent place to spend entire night immerse in the music!
riccophoto : @giomoto thanx brutha. Ha-ha, but this was shot in the morning, and always a great moment for me to stand back and say to myself,... " uhmmmmm, what should I listen to next?". Regardless of the time of day! :)
giomoto : That's the way it should be!
riccophoto : @giomoto and it is!!! :). Much love to you my brother! Peace!!!
giomoto : 
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