Priorities ❤️ #ILoveBeer #OnlyGoodHashtagICouldThinkOf #CondoLife #Toronto
toronto - fuckingamericans - ilovebeer - condolife - onlygoodhashtagicouldthinkof -
schofield_7 : @daniiavalliere to bad Toronto sucks
daniiavalliere : @schofield_7 you wouldn't even know #FuckingAmericans
schofield_7 : @daniiavalliere oh I know all about toronto
richard8181 - niku - ricky_d15 - jacproo -
Мне все говорят: "Да нет же! Все думают на Украину, Украина сама уже взяла на себя ответственность за это!" А я говорила, что большинство, кто логически не думает, а просто впитывает информацию масс медиа думают на нас!!! Даже акции резко упали.. Вот что пишут, пожалуйста! #fuckingamericans#informationalwar#missile#russia#itsnottrue#saynotowar #ужас#авикатастрофа#thevillage#ракетапутина🚨
saynotowar - ужас - informationalwar - ракетапутина - missile - thevillage - itsnottrue - fuckingamericans - авикатастрофа - russia -
kuzepa : @v_ellie если бы Путин не вмешивался в дела Украины, то и никто не думал бы. сами виноваты, в конце концов мы тоже должны нести ответственность за то, что поддерживаем оружием и "вежливыми людьми" восток Украины... Мне кажется только мы думаем, что это коварный план асашай и украины)) живем в своем собственном мире, так сказать 😎
zoyaru : Ох, ну британская the sun это вообще известная желтая газетенка, которая постоянно всякие "сенсации" из жизни звезд печатает... Нормальные думающие люди с выводами не торопятся все же, мне кажется, пока не будет фактов, черного ящика. А какая разница что думает глупое стадо, читающее желтую прессу? Тебя это волнует? Меня вот вообще нет) время скоро все на свои места расставит, как ни крути.
zalinsky : @v_ellie я сама в шоке , daily mail грязью Путина поливают и тд. Европа и США ваще попутали
v_ellie : @zoyaru да плевать что думают глупые люди, но экономика от этого страдает. Уже видны отблески. Что с акциями, долларом, договоренностями с европой...
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Prague is pretty awesome. The beer, food, and atmosphere is unreal. Moons are cool too. #trippinonabsinthe #tittybar #fuckingamericans
tittybar - fuckingamericans - trippinonabsinthe - church -
kskillet : #church
allijung : Where else are you going??
kskillet : We're heading to Munich tomorrow and then driving through Switzerland and Italy for the next few weeks. Aren't you studying in Spain right now or something? @allijung
allijung : Yes but I'm done this week. Then I'm going to Greece and Croatia but I was debating going to Austria, Switzerland, and/or Italy!
kskillet : Oh nice that would have been fun to meet up out here. Hey if you change your mind you know where we'll be and it would be great to see you, and if not then I'm sure you'll have a great time out there. @allijung
allijung : Yes I'll message you soon bc my plans are still up in the air!
kskillet : Sounds good!
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Your bloody kidding me #stupid #fuckingamericans
stupid - fuckingamericans -
madmicktaylor - joshwhite3 - brittany_tina - punkrock_wannabe -
That man behind my cone is a saint. Italians know best #bestgelato #madeustryeverything #chosemyflavorsforme #fuckingamericans
bestgelato - chosemyflavorsforme - fuckingamericans - madeustryeverything -
kevingriffin : #LLtravels
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#apple & #feijoa #cider #pineappleguava #fuckingamericans
feijoa - fuckingamericans - cider - apple - pineappleguava -
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Hahahahahahaha #fuckingamericans
fuckingamericans -
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#bae #july4th #fuckingamericans
bae - fuckingamericans - july4th -
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Happy #fourthofjuly babyyy. ;) #fuckingamericans
fuckingamericans - fourthofjuly -
hana_bound : @cherielahhh hey I told you not to post my picture online haha
cherielahhh : Is this yu. Lol @hana_bound
hana_bound : @cherielahhh I wish lol.
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Happy 4th of July c: Go MURICA #murica #picturesworthathousandwords #fuckingamericans #4thofjuly
4thofjuly - murica - fuckingamericans - picturesworthathousandwords -
you_cant_keep_up : @_not_today_
ganja_est96 : Lmfao 😭
punkdolls : @karen_the_loser its us
ctheresa323 : @madeperfectly
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Got to give it to the US, they've got pride! #usavsbelgium #patriotismatitsbest #pride #fuckingamericans #worldcup #states #spiderman #salvador #fifa
fifa - usavsbelgium - salvador - worldcup - states - spiderman - patriotismatitsbest - fuckingamericans - pride -
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My pre concert selfie for the day ✌️⚓️ #wethair #FOB #Paramore #concert #love #selfie #browneyes #redhairdontcare
love - concert - selfie - wethair - browneyes - fuckingamericans - fob - redhairdontcare - paramore -
its.gilly : Oh so you're wet huh😏
taylorkelscaron : LOL @joshuajamaal12 you're so dirty minded. #fuckingamericans ;)
its.gilly : ;) you know you love us the most! #Youwannabeamerican #andthatsok
taylorkelscaron : Lol in your dreams pal @joshuajamaal12 ❤️
its.gilly : Listen, I understand you don't want your fellow Canadian friends to find out about this but it's going to have to come out some day
taylorkelscaron : Hhaha I like apologizing for everything, and eating maple syrup on my Canadian bacon. @joshuajamaal12
its.gilly : LOL
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Selfie central #gayboys #fuckingamericans
fuckingamericans - gayboys -
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Great time in Prague and Berlin. With the #fuckingamericans !!!
fuckingamericans -
rikkegyldendal - svarrematilde - ta1k3 - rasmushojer -
It's 3:40am. Do not fuck with me. I will be relentless and care free. You make me angry I will destroy your fucking soul with no remorse at this time of morning.
rant - fuckingamericans - snapchat - cantsleep - rage -
dylanheartattack : #cantsleep #rage #rant #snapchat #fuckingAmericans
dreamingeleganceapparel : Yo! , What do you think about becoming an official rep for our clothing line!?? If your seriously interested shoot us a text, our numbers on our bio on our profile!
jenna_markley : I'm nervous that rant might be about me. Lol. @dylanheartattack
dylanheartattack : @dreamingeleganceapparel sorry dudes. I'm Australian. @jenna_markley it ain't
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#fuckingamericans #drinkbadstills
drinkbadstills - fuckingamericans -
blv_13 : 🇺🇸🍤🍤🍤🍤🍤😋
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#muggles #fuckingAmericans #nonmagicalfolks #potterheads #skate #girlswithtattoos #girlswholongboard
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Fucking strawberries #icant #fuckingamericans #caitlinisbetterthanharry
caitlinisbetterthanharry - fuckingamericans - icant -
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One of my best friends Brandon "Turswa" Turcios made this for me today! Thanks homie, you're the best! Great workout partner and friend, you're the only guy who gets martial arts movies like me! BOYKA BOYKA BOYKA! #boyka #tombstone #turcios #iforgottomentionshutthefuckup #whydontyoushutthefuckupalready #fuckingamericans #pacman #beast #dopeassdrawing #hirohito #EVIL #youasktoomanyfuckingquestions
beast - boyka - sothisonetime - iforgottomentionshutthefuckup - yahhhhhhhhhh - pacman - muhammadaliwasapunk - evil - 6repswithlowweight - turcios - tombstone - whydontyoushutthefuckupalready - fuckingamericans - anmolwasinunleashed - doyoudrinkproteinwhey - youasktoomanyfuckingquestions - proteinshakeduringaworkout - thatswhyyourethebigbrotherbrandon - blenderbottleinthegym - hirohito - dopeassdrawing -
terror2ii : Haha from now on we call doing low reps with barely any extension fowler-ups lol @turcios_nation
terror2ii : Yeah we have waaayyyyy too many @turcios_nation
turcios_nation : #itsnotaboutwinningorlosingitsabouthavingfunnnnn ✊✊
terror2ii : #thatswhyyourethebigbrotherbrandon @turcios_nation
turcios_nation : #exactttttttlllyyyyyyyyy
terror2ii : #YAHHHHHHHHHH ✊✊👋 @turcios_nation
turcios_nation : Alright we'll end it there haha👏
terror2ii : Hahah yeah good idea @turcios_nation otherwise we'd go all night
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Sometimes I wonder what the people in the Chinese factory making these things think of us. #tattoo #princessPooper #fuckingAmericans
princesspooper - tattoo - fuckingamericans -
anginfres : That's crazy! #Ipoopcandy
griva93 - hollybeth915 - princesslexirae - anginfres -
Hm. Perhaps I should start from the beginning. In the modern age there are those who believe That a cause is a thing to be worn on one's sleeve. And so, we sell a cause. It's called a scause. And wearing a scause gets you lots of applause. We start with some plastic which is shirped by our shirpist Then dip it in colors that show off your purpose. There are green scauses for recycling, blue scauses for kitties, And pink scauses that focus on nothing but titties. Do you hate abortion? Ah! Then a white scause is for you! Why not champion your scause with some sparkles and glue? We make scauses for this! We make scauses for that! Why there's even a scause for just being fat! What's the matter? Can't think of a scause? How about raising awareness for the hairs in your schnozz? Let's just think of the thing that you care about most. Then let's make it orange, like marmalade toast! And now I'd like to say "thank you" for your coming down. I'm off to go sell these in your little town! #fuckingAmericans lol #southpark
fuckingamericans - southpark -
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Tea drinking faggots!!! #fag #paddys #fuckingamericans
paddys - fuckingamericans - fag -
janedesay -
#antigovernment #anonymous #stonerdaily #highlife #wakeup #fuckingamericans
stonerdaily - antigovernment - fuckingamericans - anonymous - wakeup - highlife -
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Lâche pas buddy
frisco - beatnik - fuckingamericans - citylightbookstore -
bachirtasiaofficiel2014 : #citylightbookstore #frisco #beatnik
bachirtasiaofficiel2014 : #fuckingamericans
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De esos lugares en los que los minutos se convierten en horas #Firenze #florencia #mirador #holiday #day5 #subway #wine #wine #wine #italy #instapic #cittáperfetta #birra #moretti #fuckingamericans #instamagic #instamoment
mirador - instapic - firenze - mucho - tuya - fuckingamericans - cuestion - guardas - subo - instamoment - es - moretti - florencia - hahahahaha - italy - mañana - instamagic - birra - peronoentres - day5 - bien - una - de - cittáperfetta - subway - rencor - holiday - montarselo - aniquilao - wine -
hanicemb : Te odioooo :'333
victorceme : @hanicemb pero tu no fuistes ya? #mucho #rencor #guardas
hanicemb : Con 11 años no es justo joooo #mucho #morro #tienes #tu jajajajajaja
victorceme : @hanicemb pues ya es hora de volver #es #cuestion #de #montarselo #bien
hanicemb : #joder #y #tan #bien jajajajaja me voy a mirar viahes seriamente... Buen consejo primo
allmylifeispink : @victorceme que se te perdió a ti x italia? *
victorceme : @hanicemb viaaaheeeeee to guapos. Si vas no vuelves eso tenlo claro
hanicemb : Entonces me mirare un pisito mono y dejarr qur vayas a visitarme de vez en cuando jajjaajaaja
estefaniamartnez - caroldiazr - martina_pulcinella - ang_cr -
Picnic on the beach. #margaritas #pizza #americans #happyhoureveryhour #italia @jdenni
happyhoureveryhour - americans - fuckingamericans - italia - margaritas - pizza -
stylebydeannemarie : @jdenni this was priceless #fuckingamericans
jdenni : Lol, we are priceless and I love it
lamesause - janesamica - _ashlee_aguilar_ - taminaxox -
Lunch time with my European friends.. #liverpasteinatube
liverpasteinatube - fuckingamericans -
amanadawil : Are you having lunch with Mark? Haha
thatguyisradical : Gross
bernardshakey_ : Have you had? @thatguyisradical
thatguyisradical : Onions and garlic are disgusting, never tried, never will
bernardshakey_ : You pussy @thatguyisradical
thatguyisradical : I'm going to shove millie up your ass and watch her claw her way back out of you
bernardshakey_ : #fuckingamericans
adrenalinejunkieprod : That shit looks tasty as fuck!!
habsfan66 - thestonedrider420 - doublelephant - adrenalinejunkieprod -
По запросу Американского посольства вырубаются все деревья вокруг нашего дома для предотвращения противоправных действий против США. Куда жаловаться?
город - москва - usa - americanembassy - moscow - мойдом - пресня - сша - янкигоухоум - fuckingamericans - пресненскийрайон - russia -
meelena040086 : #янкигоухоум
meelena040086 : Эти деревья мешают им пожсмаиривать за нами не подсматриваем ли мы за ними..а нам нечем дышать
sun_inside_uma : Пипееец? Охерели совсем??
happy_zaya : Каких-каких действий? С деревьев яйцами их тухлвми закидают? Вообще я бы им построила бункер без окон и дверей где-нибудь в биберево
happy_zaya : Вообще подглядывать за ними удобнее всего в близлежащих зданий, с высотки например или с здания совнаркома
happy_zaya : #бгпресненгский
happy_zaya : #бгпресня
kapustina_tatiana : Ой, это плохо!!! Но подглядывать будет удобней)
meelena040086 - gs_spb - mafia_tt - viking_tmb -
Keith doesn't know how to sushi. #FuckingAmericans
fuckingamericans -
yes_we_cannabis - redneck_marissa - mixxedchicc_02 - ellieisthebeesknees -
So while my wifey is getting all kindsa sessy over in Canada @crissa_addams I'm over here saying pass the chocolate please. 🙈 #fuckingamericans #imahappygirltonight
yummy - horror - chocolate - icecream - fuckingamericans - frankenstein - imahappygirltonight - happy -
crissa_addams : 😍you!!!!
thehorrorjunkie : ❤Wow!!!!
horrorsball : Whoah
ohmamabear : Nom!
p0lishphen0m : Friendly's! I have one too! So cool!
jrod6184 : @p0lishphen0m actually I got this bowl from Denny's about 5 years ago 😉😊
killersundae : Sluuurrrp!
p0lishphen0m : Weird!
kachenstein - creepshow413 - mako_horror - lonewolf1306 -
Короче, я теперь Андрей Мохокоб... #fuckingamericans
fuckingamericans -
eddieburak : #webeatyouinhockey ;)
don_assi2014 - diana_yakushkina - lasha7 - moscow420 -
Two of our German vocab words Warum and Macht, I can't help that I notice them on a naughty book! #afterclass #learning #lüneburg #sexstore #fuckingamericans #haha #weshouldvestudying
weshouldbestudying - afterclass - weshouldvestudying - learning - lüneburg - fuckingamericans - haha - sexstore -
jaypoet : #weshouldbestudying
casualgramhole : ha, I have that book from class auf englisch. it is my studying.
jaypoet : Lol I want to read it! @casualgramhole
prinzessin___leonie - cristibanana - pfftitsfrank - albertmjr -
#springskiing ??? #prideweek #onesie #steezy #fuckingamericans #lolzfordayz
lolzfordayz - fuckingamericans - steezy - onesie - springskiing - prideweek -
teebaggz - powpowkitty11 - racquelboltox - toootzy -
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