New place, old habits. Such a beautiful day outside! #staghill #middleofnowhere #diy nofilternecessery #stillusedit #every5000 #mobile1 #fuckexxon #haveagreatday
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That's why never go to Exxon. Damn thieves #fuckexxon
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mikkababy_ : 😂😂😂
crazythoughtslivinglegend : Dogs you use cash or card
_ileadnotfollow : @crazythoughtslivinglegend card
lewinskymonroe : That's cash price 😂
crazythoughtslivinglegend : Debit or credit
crazythoughtslivinglegend : Its 10cents more if you use your card and its not debit cuz debit is same as cash
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#venice #fuckexxon @keithrocka
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_name_love : tar'd
rockbattam : I remember the first this happened to me... So dark
keithrockaknittel : 👎
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These are sandpipers trying to feed themselves during the oil spill they couldn't find anything in the sand through the residual oil on the beach #sboilspill #neveragain #refugio #exxon #fuckexxon #InstaSize
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Some faggot stripped my shit out!!! #fuckexxon
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I asked him who tf you really want to be with besides me. #FeelingMyselfAtWork #NotTodayTho #FuckExxon
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lakeishashanay_ : 😍😍😍😍
yeahitsme_cloe25 : Tell Bri to call me
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Im Loving it. #Bigpimping #fuckexxon #fuckbp
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pony.macaroni : Just curious, but what are they out there? @wally_bang_bang
lastrella : @its_jeska 😌💵
its_jeskaah : @lastrella write my car filled up with $40 and I couldn't believe it
wally_bang_bang : @stephen_mark its $ 2.49 how about in Tenn?
pony.macaroni : Almost down to $2 flat.
wally_bang_bang : @stephen_mark nice
jessiegermophobia : It was $2.29 today near Winston-Salem, NC.
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Fml #fuckexxon #toocoldforthisshit
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loranicole71 : #ghetto
gentrylalande : Mine started doin that shit too
cleanblackchevy : It was a Fuckin piece of shit gas pump . But on the bright side 2.38 per gallon lol
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"To realize the unimportance of time is the gate to wisdom ..." "We have so much time and so little to do. Strike that, reverse it" "Time is a created thing. To say 'I don't have time' is to say 'I don't want to"
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5_3soul6_4 : That black joint tho 😳😯
insrtusrnmehere : If you say it's real them it gotta be man @_rayrhymesoul lol
insrtusrnmehere : Lol. @5_3soul6_4 looks better in the pic.
dancetillidie17 : You and your watches lol
insrtusrnmehere : Lol! Check that pecten tho! #shellbaby #fuckexxon lmao @dancetillidie17
dancetillidie17 : Ohhhhhhh true...I'm sorry that we're too busy making oil and gas to supply the world that we ain't focusing on damn watches 😒
insrtusrnmehere : OH HUSH! When you can't build anything on your own.. It's easy to outsource and only produce oil and gas lol.. And you are at a refinery ..#notallowedtocomment lol @dancetillidie17
dancetillidie17 : Asshole smh lol. Just go away.
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I'm in my feelings right now... #fml #gaslife #gashustle #gasstruggle #trucklife #96tho #iwantahybrid #12mpg #whyarethepricesgoingup #didntwewinallthewars #isthistaxdeductable #imreallybouttocry #fuckexxon
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tcdascorpio : I hope that lasts you two weeks #reallybouttocrywithyou #thestruggleisreal
brooklyndiam0nd : Diiizzaamn!!
mike_rhodes_ : @tcdascorpio if I only go from work to home this MAY last me til Tuesday...
dc_natej : 😟🙈 time to let 'er go
mike_rhodes_ : But she's paid for, and had no issues! And it's a he, Elroy...Lol @dc_natej
dc_natej : lol @knuckles_97 see u at Dom's on Saturday night?
mike_rhodes_ : U do know I live there too, right? Lol! @dc_natej
dc_natej : lol..i ain't even kno it..😕#seeuthere #cantwait
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#fuckexxon #exxon #killingmotherearth
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What an asshole. #CEO #fracking #gassholes #gas #fuckexxon #fuckhaliburton
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tiffsyums : #disgusting!!!!!!! #algaefuels
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One down, hell to go. #solarenergy #fuckExxon #fuckbritishpetroleum #worshipthesun #energyfortheall
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weshincognito : This looks legit
rolledankle : Yoo can I read this??
al.y.sha : Wow that looks so professional! I have a shit ton to go 😭
benevolentxmachine : @rolledankle of course mang. We printed it in color too. Haha
alita_14 : Email that shit to me! I want to read it
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Meanwhile, in #pgcounty #toodamnhigh #gas #FuckExxon #AssCashorGas
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Getting my possessions transported, powered by a Chinese restaurant's waste probably. #biodiesel #tristatebiodiesel #fuckExxon
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@ducdaddy Finally broke 50! I know it's a priss ass but this right here is what I love about it! Does EL Ducati even do this good?
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rarib : Smart move Dad :)
jnanadas : @gopes108 sorry Gopes gotta have a Prius! 1.5 liter engine! Don't think your truck qualifies!😎
gopes108 : @jnanadas ahhhh. Yea I hear there awesome also have power yea? I want to buy my ma one
jnanadas : @gopes108 Not a whole lot of power mate but more than one would expect! Gets up and down the hills just fine! $30 to fill the tank that gets you roughly 420 miles! Your mom would love it!👍😎#fuckexxon #excludagram #
k4ino4 : Hahaha @jnanadas that's awesome!
bhadraram : wow, VERY jealous... our van sucks on gas, big time...
crazykids108 : This year the polar ice caps grew back. Prius drivers everywhere will take the credit. 😄
gopes108 : @jnanadas that's insane. My truck gets 12.9 miles per gal!!
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#Brooklyn Gas Stations at #Night. #fuckexxon #boycottexxonmobil #endoil #environmentalcrimestation
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New bike. Let the cross training begin #gogreen #gowhite #fuckexxon
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daviddonahue : So dope
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