Year 12 exam tomorrow Please kill me so i don't have to do it #fuckexcel
fuckexcel -
mathew_mccullough : Haha or just watch you suffer
piercethejaimeee - alexx_1357 - - -
Thanks Georgia #GSACchamps #fuckexcel
gsacchamps - fuckexcel -
nataliasmith14 - lizardlinds - bd_otis - ohwellhi_marina -
So grateful for two of my favorite people to come out to Georgia just to watch me play. And that they got to witness our team win the championship for our conference. Now time for playoffs βš½οΈπŸ†#goslugs #slugslugslugs #ucsc #ucscsoccer #sundayfunday #fuckexcel
ucsc - fuckexcel - goslugs - slugslugslugs - sundayfunday - ucscsoccer -
bree027 : Congrats girl❀️
alexarce : Thank you!!! @bree027 πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™
lizardlinds - josh.rosales - robert_bard - jaelyn_stara -
Because I got the great idea of reformating the entire way I write and track lifting programs... I forgot how much I hate excel cell formating 😐 Oh and I've spent like 3 hours now building ONE phase #fuckstinkyeddie #strength #cscs #nsca #getstrongthendie #fuckexcel
cscs - getstrongthendie - strength - fuckexcel - fuckstinkyeddie - nsca -
mariahalyse : Sweet build me a phase bitch
snoop_lazer_snake : @mariahalyse πŸ’²πŸ’΅πŸ’Έ
fit_kit92 - gabby_cornelia_waldorf - lilchairston -
When you have no meetings but a grip of reports to finish.. #FuckExcel #CantWaitTillSunday #NYG
fuckexcel - nyg - cantwaittillsunday -
mark8282 : GMEN ALL DAY
kanuseemee : πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ—½πŸˆ
thefrontro : @mark8282 @kanuseemee πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
mark8282 - jasoonenglish - bry_xciii - sonsofgmen -
with two hours of sleep Ima need a lot more of these by 9pm, part 1 halfway drained #caffeine #fuckexcel #itsbrick
itsbrick - fuckexcel - caffeine -
mubbtrey5 : U ed go to sleep
haramzahh : Excel can smd, mad complicated lmao @yasminaa_aa_a
haramzahh : Good idea -_- @_nh17 , @mubbtrey5 come to the library bitch
yasminaa_aa_a : πŸ˜‚good luck don't sleep 😴😎😘@haramzahh
mubbtrey5 : I transferred to duke
haramzahh : Chill bro u goin to the league straight from qcc @mubbtrey5
mubbtrey5 : Fact bro you know it ☺️
_nh17 : @haramzahh no library.. You go to bed and sleep
i_live_to_love_i_love_to_laugh - humii_ii - shrabonbon -
Up on a satuday morning for class was BRUTAL! But was worth it cause I officially know MS Project now. Those who know me well know that I use Excel for everything, this is exciting cause I might start using MS Project for everything now. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #GEEKLIFE #MSProject #projectmanagement #saturdayvibez #class #brutal #worthit #goals #school #studentlife #insidejokes #fuckExcel #lab #project #learning
studentlife - project - school - projectmanagement - geeklife - brutal - worthit - msproject - insidejokes - goals - learning - lab - fuckexcel - saturdayvibez - class -
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This is my "Fuck Excel" brand of BitchFace. At least my makeup looks decent. #fuckexcel #shitfuckgodamnexcel #littlethings
fuckexcel - shitfuckgodamnexcel - littlethings -
bobbig35 : You look great!
apperpai - kimberpossible - wardenblush - travelchica1976 -
Current situation. This adulthood shit is a scam. #DrinkingThroughThePain #WorkingOnMyBirthday #FuckExcel #BirthdayCakeForDinner
workingonmybirthday - birthdaycakefordinner - fuckexcel - drinkingthroughthepain -
goitsemang_jo : Happy Birthday Funmi, when's the turnup???
beautibouti : Aww Happy Birthday Lady Funmi.x♥β™‘
simsimma1 : My darling funmilayo!Next year will be better😘😘 #itsreallyascam #stillahappybirthday #seewhatididthere lol
sinkiest : Happy Birthday DarlingggπŸ’‹
ulyssesrex : Happy birthday!
adenimiifun : Happy birthday sisi! God bless you
kingjamila : Happy belated Funmi! May your #24 be blessed😘
arinola91 : Thank you guys! Sorry for my disgracefully late reply but tenzzz.
adenimiifun - kingjamila - kemmyrocks - princessmolliecpa -
You don't even fucking understand the absolute frustration of making an insurance claims log from scratch when you don't know shit on excel and you thought you can bullshit your way through a template. 😩😒😑 #formulas? #fuckexcel
formulas - fuckexcel -
amolina119 : I know alot cuz of accounting lol if you want i can help lol
ddabs__ : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #icant
visualblurr : I know EXACTLY your pain.... im a tech turn service writer, idk wtf im doing and i been here 3 weeks
michizquierdo : Oh dear god don't tell me you're working in insurance. Bless your soul if you are- it's rough and menacingly boring.
_sarah_bellum : Lmao oh noooo dude
iamstarstuff : I actually really like it. It's not a dream job but I don't care if it allows me to travel and pay rent and live a comfortably while I still go to school. Excel is just the worst piece of shit in the world @michizquierdo
juan.inabillion : Let me know if you need any help, I know a lot about excel. I do programing for it as well. So if you have any questions just hit me up
michizquierdo : True, I did it while in school too but now I'm like FUCK THAT SHIT. I believe in you, you'll figure it out. It's not that complicated. Just seems like it is.
christopherbanexiii - jeypetit - yasser_bfc - theferalmerc -
Hahahaha #collegeproblems #fuckexcel #truth
fuckexcel - collegeproblems - truth -
kevinmichaelo : So true
thatkidceej - campussociety - jujuadderley - celianmema -
Even when feeling inadequacies along my personal AND professional life.. I can at least check off the list that I can make my coworker laugh with my ridiculous emails at work. #fuckexcel #realtalk #spreadsheetfromhell #coordinatorlife
fuckexcel - spreadsheetfromhell - realtalk - coordinatorlife -
ryaninrealtime - marj32 - nickdantonio - katrinamichele -
When your Excel crashes after you've worked on something for an hour: calling the Service Desk doesn't help but luckily there's always Ben&Jerry's πŸ’• #TGIF #fuckexcel #chocolatefudgebrownie #marimekko
tgif - fuckexcel - marimekko - chocolatefudgebrownie -
eliarose89 : πŸ™ˆ oh no! At least you have ice cream!
lelalouhio : Ow sheaaattt... I know that feeling all to well .. But you definitely found the best of solutions! πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
saara_hki : I'm seriously considering throwing my PC out the window! Luckily the sugar high from Ben&Jerry's is stopping me πŸ˜‚ @eliarose89 @lelalouhio
onehappymess__ : Oh dear! but chocolate ice cream always helpπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ˜˜
saara_hki : Yes it does - no matter what the problem 😏 @onehappymess__
h.mairam - beckybackmalwas - bostons.girl - -
/ 19950814-20150817 Tina is killed by the excel. #fuckexcel #fuckcomputerthings
fuckcomputerthings - fuckexcel -
terrrrri5ts : ζˆ‘ζ•™δ½ πŸ˜Œ
ch.arlotteee : 錒錒錒
zanaaahk - stecty - simple_smile_shop - ivan_lcm -
Oh shit, fuck u excel#trampo#fuckexcel#fuckformulas
fuckexcel - fuckformulas - trampo -
geninhomatos - ocuca - ailtonfi - liana_lopes -
Business and pleasure.
fuckexcel -
vanityandwrath : #FuckExcel
mburgess10 - shititsdavid - chameleon85 - katiemcnot -
#trabajo #work #fuckexcel me quiero ir al #gym =)
fuckexcel - gym - work - trabajo -
excel can just fuck off. #fuckformulas #fuckexcel
fuckexcel - fuckformulas -
fadburger : I tried taking an excel class twice, my mind imploded like half way through the semester
bullfrogluis : I lie on my resume about being proficient in excel.
riss : As do I, cousin. But be careful it doesn't bite you in the ass as it currently has for me. @bullfrogluis
thefreckledkorean - sweetassassin - travislangness - garrett_sander -
#BartlettPart03 #fuckexcel #micropause
micropause - bartlettpart03 - fuckexcel -
stevenjdavies : Keep going Mon. You'll make that hand in today. #PartIIIhell
monikapassey : Submitted just couple of hours ago! Phewww!
divyajindal - seemasingh8 - abhilashagupta85 - indiaswright -
It's not all fun and games in the fisheries world, all that data has to go somewhere. Time to transfer data on 383 walleye. #fishculture #fisheriesmajor #fisheries #broodstock #data #excel #fuckexcel #beer
fuckexcel - fisheries - excel - fisheriesmajor - beer - broodstock - fishculture - data -
ctd_kingofthestream - popadocmdf - courtneymyers12 - colin_clarkk -
Work bathroom selfies #neededabreakfromexcel #fuckexcel
fuckexcel - neededabreakfromexcel -
_yukiiko - missjonessss - lillian74 - lumberjackmtg -
annnnd we're done!! beer time ladies #junegraduates #lastexam #fuckexcel @saraoettgenxo @emkram93 β€οΈπŸŽ“πŸ“
lastexam - junegraduates - fuckexcel -
misskopek : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
katiebelitski : :-D
lindswalker3 : Goodluck at placement girls!! πŸŽ‰
taylorcassandra : Thank you ☺️ you too!! You'll have to tell me all about it at grad! @lindswalker3
daylightsurrounds - brittanyroque - leahchristine89 - __heysara -
Never has there been a more accurate meme for my work life. #howthefuckdoyouworkthisshit #fuckexcel #whyyyyy
fuckexcel - howthefuckdoyouworkthisshit - whyyyyy -
vanityandwrath : Right!
sameowthaa - canes4life17 - taylorgrace718 - abbigailmoore -
Never a more appropriate meme for my work life. @fuckjerry #fuckexcel
fuckexcel -
alexandra_pls : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ me too . So guilty.... " Uhhh help? I have seem to forget it's been forever! Heehee "
alexandra_pls - clarteach - 1jedavis -
#FuckExcel πŸ’€ @antonioromero4
fuckexcel -
morda91 : Escuchando mi sesion? πŸŽΆπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
ale92lechu : ras tas tas πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
ale92lechu : @morda91
aleeexgodoy - pedrocabrera98 - leoxivx - atascaburras1969 -
So normally at work I use the two monitors behind the laptop. But my laptop decided to have a hissy fit over an excel spreadsheet and die! So I was on the loaner laptop for 2 days and the screen is fucking tiny!!! #work #workproblems #twoscreensbetterthanone #fuckexcel
work - snoogans - fuckexcel - dogma - buddychrist - workproblems - twoscreensbetterthanone -
clairebear172 : @thatkevinsmith checkout my buddy Christ! He gets me through each and every workday. That and listening to Smodcast! @jaymewes #snoogans #dogma #buddychrist you two are fucking epic
paulakafestus : @clairebear172 omg that must have been a knightmare! I use 2 screen as well but have to work from a brokers office in Croydon one day a week and it drives me nuts! x
lou_bjj : But at least you're looking cool in your new roots of fight the @clairebear172
clairebear172 : @paulakafestus I feel your pain!! But thank god I'm back to my old laptop after a rebuild and my two massive screens work now! :-)
clairebear172 : @lou_bjj oh yes totally! It the most comfortable t shirt I have ever worn!!!! Happy weekend buddy
tomsweep - cjstajcar - vanityandwrath - emelismommy_ -
what hv i done, hope it wasnt a mistake #fuckexcel
fuckexcel -
syukazman - ainaarisyaa - tiqaxx__ - asma.znrn -
The grind never stops #lifeswhatyoumakeit #oneman3screens #epic #stayhungry #puttinginwork #fuckexcel
oneman3screens - fuckexcel - lifeswhatyoumakeit - puttinginwork - stayhungry - epic -
dee_mlad : Pop some bottles yooooo
nasxoxo - daronk.mp3 - carol_carrascalao_k - schm0mi -
This is my "don't throw the fucking laptop" face #toomuchdata #fuckexcel #isitfridayyet
toomuchdata - fuckexcel - isitfridayyet -
_ponchom - erniemathews - wontoo - tony.randall -
Nu blir det en app som ger rankingpoäng uträkning enbart genom att skriva i turneringsnamnet #testdrivet #visualstudio #fuckexcel #bordshockey
testdrivet - fuckexcel - visualstudio - bordshockey -
joanmencl : Grymt!
dohfos - fredkr - liiiiiizza - handbagsatdawn -
Cleaning up web data in excel is a real passion of mine #officelife #fuckexcel #spreadshits
spreadshits - fuckexcel - officelife -
alifeinbinary : Use Python to do the work for you! #fuckexcel
_robinball - julesmndoza - hollidurost - jonny_brunton -
Spreadsheet Purgatory #FuckExcel #MoneyRuinsEverything
moneyruinseverything - fuckexcel -
4rsns : @moneyruinseverything @cityofnopity
moneyruinseverything : πŸ˜‚πŸ”«
rachmoore_ - mishka_skates - nobledillon - biggie_millspaugh -
Bitches love doing my work #instagramlessdrella #letsgohoe #fuckexcel
instagramlessdrella - letsgohoe - fuckexcel -
dpiselli : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
dpiselli - iammully_ - haveyouseen_mollie - dope_tl_srsinn -
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