Conversations between @adrianacellupica and I. #papayainplaceofblackpeople #fuautocorrect #iphonefail
fuautocorrect - papayainplaceofblackpeople - iphonefail -
crackofdawnrobbie : LMFAOOO!!!
miss_vi_vacious : @danniieellaa @adrianacellupica Lmfao! !!! Effing autocorrect! !!
adrianacellupica : I still can't stop laughing
danniieellaa : @adrianacellupica me too!!!! Hahahhaha it honestly killed me!!
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#WCW goes out to me madre. Could not ask for a better mother. She's crazy, down af, the best cool in the world & she literally knows everything. I hope to be as awesome and beautiful as her when I get older. #perfectmomma #eventhoshecray #blackqueen #ayyyy #whatisshedoing #neverknowwhatshesdoing #themeatloaf!!
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fran_brnnbad : Yayyy! love the hair color :)
teenamarie1214 : 😢😢😢😢 I've been blessed with the best daughter in the world ❤️❤️💋💋 @laurennnnramos I love you mammas
teenamarie1214 : Lol that pic was to show you my new do girl 😱
teenamarie1214 : @dannzzy love you my other daughter 😘😘
robdoggitsr : She still has it 😊
teenamarie1214 : @fran_brnnbad thanks beautiful lady 😊
fran_brnnbad : @teenamarie1214 you too :)
syliegirl : Luv, luv, luv the new do @teenamarie1214 😍
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jums80 : #autocorrect #austinpowers #lube #degenerates
theonlybrendyever : Hikarious!
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Great auto correct today! #fuautocorrect
fuautocorrect -
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FMS Day 16: #ImListeningTo ... 2 bad ass country girls collaborating on this super catchy song I can't get out of my head! 🎶"Stand on the box, stomp your feet start clappin, got a real good feeling something bad about to happen"🎶 #SomethingBad #MirandaLambert #CarrieUnderwood #Collaboration #Catchy #Country #CountryGirls #CountryMusic #Itunes #FaveSong #LoveIt #JamminOut #YeeHaw #CountryDuo #MirandaLambertAndCarrieUnderwood #Instagood #FMSphotoaday @fatmumslim
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kmfrosting06 : Stand on the bar**** damnit! I wish you could edit posts
kmfrosting06 : #FUAutocorrect
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Not one ducking time. #fuautocorrect #suckitautocorrect #gohomeyouaredrunk
fuautocorrect - gohomeyouaredrunk - suckitautocorrect -
abartlow07 : My phone autocorrected duck yesterday, the one time I actually meant DUCK
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fail - fuautocorrect -
thatjustindude : #fail
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#fuautocorrect #autocorrect #fail
fail - fuautocorrect - autocorrect -
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fyi. I eat tater tits now. yep. #mygirl #tatertits #fuautocorrect #baaee
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Made lunches and out them in Tupperwares, and now I have amazing lunch at work :) #soyummy #salmon #homecooked #healthy #veggies #stirfry #lunch #imaprocook
fuautocorrect - healthy - salmon - lunch - homecooked - veggies - stirfry - soyummy - imaprocook -
mrockie : *put #fuautocorrect
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So ducking serious!! #OuttaControl #SmartTypeMakesMeLookStupid #FUAutoCorrect
outtacontrol - fuautocorrect - smarttypemakesmelookstupid -
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Buy recycling a crapload of porcelain... So obviously there's time for a studio selfie. #studiotime #selfie #recycling #redbull #redbullforsupper #coffeemakeriscoveredinclay #oopsimadeamess
oopsimadeamess - fuautocorrect - redbull - selfie - recycling - redbullforsupper - coffeemakeriscoveredinclay - studiotime -
daniellebeuker : And by "buy" I meant "busy" #fuautocorrect
akerns47 : Mmmmmm redbull 😍
paskauskas : Cheers from RedBull Lithuania team!:)
criss_p_music : #bestoftheday
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frozen__anna__ -
Thanks to our good friend @kevin__ferman holding it down on the west coast with the #VX1000 game he tracked us down one of the vx's on the face of the planet- right out of the original box with a fresh lens just shipped in today #FUCKCAMERATHIEVES LEARN HOW TO WORK FOR SOMETHING IN LIFE RATHER THEN STEAL SHIT !!! You can't stop real heads or the work we put in this game all for LOVE and FUN #skateboard #snowboard #DIYorDIE
fuckcamerathieves - snowboard - vx1000 - diyordie - wtf - fuautocorrect - skateboard - baltimore -
austin_caccavo : @nellymundo currently out, just sold 4 of them. More coming soon man. Keep in touch
dirtyrottenscandal : Just got me a vx2100. Can't beat the good ol VX. #fuckhd
redbull_world : awsome.!It seems like u love snow . check out this @todorphotography
expnvm : @hodr_outerwear yea it happens that quick bummer tho!!
expnvm : @dirtyrottenscandal hell yes both are fun just different beasts all together to work with: hd vs sd or film
expnvm : @dirtyrottenscandal I love the film look but was kind of forced to shoot gopro/dslr for a while for events but always loved the sony units they are balanced amazing
dirtyrottenscandal : Yeah I had a gopro for a long time. Finally got a VX and im never goin back
expnvm : @dirtyrottenscandal yea that's what happens when your shit gets stolen and I kept going thru fishs one got destroyed and one three got stolen so I used the gopro for a while to save up for more equipment and to save money on real fisheyes. I swear I saved a few thousand on lens over the last two years shooting with that dumb go pro. I'm going to go through all my files and count and upload the lens hits camera drops and people running into me it's got to be in the 30+ range so how many fisheyes would that have been!!?? Fuck it man as long as you got it to watch it's all fun we got to live and remember shit either format you know! I regret a lot of events with the gopro but I look back and realize it was just skate and snowboarding and I was still hyped to shoot
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Let's go into the woods. 🌙
magicalmiddrift - gemstones - favoritesweater - fuautocorrect - selfie - thatsme - iguessyoucancallthisfashion - genstones - rags - shameless -
mellenmade : #thatsme #iguessyoucancallthisfashion #rags #favoritesweater #shameless #selfie #genstones #magicalmiddrift
mellenmade : #gemstones #FUautocorrect
_dontcare_ : cuuute
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🏃💨💨💨💨🙊😩😂😭✌️ #MyFasterMyNigggggggaaa
fuautocorrect - runfastermynigggggaaa - myfastermynigggggggaaa -
ms.barreto_15 : #RunFasterMyNigggggaaa #FUautocorrect lol
jo3ykidd02 : Lol
__dont_worry : 😂😂😂😂
goddess_og : I'm weakk 😩😭😭😂😂😩
treepearls : Broke or in debt @ms.barreto_15
steph_luv99 : Haha 🙌
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Kom og se VM-finalen i aften på storslalom hos #MigOgMinFrisør på Sortedams Dossering 81 ! ☺️⚽️🍺👍 #Fodbold #Øl #København #DetBliverFedt
fodbold - detbliverfedt - københavn - øl - fuautocorrect - migogminfrisør -
wiinblad : På Storskærm! 😁 #FUautocorrect
silkebiranell - daniel_kbh - youcantrustmeimadoctor - amaliekan -
Housing out from the sun with some beer #carshow #summertime #awesomeboyfriend #pinupgalsandgreasers #rockabella #rockabilly
fuautocorrect - pinupgalsandgreasers - summertime - carshow - rockabilly - rockabella - autocorrectfail - awesomeboyfriend -
taylor_maiden : @pinupgals_and_greasers
taylor_maiden : Damnit *hiding out, not housing #fuautocorrect #autocorrectfail
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Some of the 90 popping candy cupcakes we made this morning. Icing them is a danger sport, a couple of them exploded when the candy met the damp icing #sugarboom
fuautocorrect - sugarboom -
vagusvenus : Now the cakes are cracking gently on the tray.
vagusvenus : Crackling. #fuautocorrect
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Last day if lessons until Cypress! #swimming #summer #sun #bathingbeauty
bathingbeauty - summer - sun - fuautocorrect - swimming -
lpollock86 : *of #fuautocorrect
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So this text went to my mom...I hate you autocorrect!!!! #FUAutocorrect #niggasetmeup
fuautocorrect - niggasetmeup -
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And I'll admit, I'm a little camera shy. But exceptions can be made cause your too damn fly. #lmao #dassalie no but honestly, I'm editing three videos at the same time cause I'm strange. Here is my latest one so far. Any clue who it's inspired by?
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simo_rojas : #imnotgoingtobotherfixingthatgrammaticalerror #fuautocorrect #youtube #makeup #tutorial #selfie #celfie #causeyeah
simo_rojas : #makeup #miamimakeupartist #mua #anastasiabeverlyhills #maccosmetics #loraccosmetics #vegas_nay #theevanitydiary #pala_foxxia #amrezy #carlibel #jaclynhill #lovelylynnmua #lovewhatido
simo_rojas : #mykie
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I get by with a little help from my friends. 💛🙊 #myfriendsarecoolerthanyours #funny #throwback @hailj_ @taralynnjenna
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hailj_ : #damnwelookgood #adventures @taralynnjenna @court_kitty
amandamacintyre : Loll haileyyyy
hailj_ : Wha? It's the best I've ever looked @amandamacintyre
court_kitty : You're guys' heads match up perfect !!
court_kitty : Your* 😑 #FUautocorrect
amandamacintyre : You look very pretty 💁 @hailj_
hailj_ - taralynnjenna - ambersampson - brit_mg242 -
Det här är Wilma, hon är min portugisiska vattenvän. Snart får vi besök av golden retrievern Wille och i natt ska jag dela rum med Narcissa Malfoy, labben som ogillar främlingar. Challenge accepted. Animal whisperer inom
fuautocorrect -
ygreette : Incoming* #fuautocorrect
hernemark -
Watermelon margs with a view of the ocean lightening. #NYCsummer
nycsummer - fuautocorrect -
mulleysue : Lightning** #fuautocorrect
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What happens when you have readies at your house making too much noise?? And they unplug the washing machine so you have no clean shirts?? #newshirt #newhelmet #kepitalia #fancy #cecildoesntgiveashit
fuautocorrect - cecildoesntgiveashit - newshirt - kepitalia - newhelmet - fancy -
talinac : 'Tradies' #fuautocorrect
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Still have my tan lines from track.....#memories #fuautocorrect
memories - fuautocorrect -
erik_12.51 : You never need a shirt
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I sure hope no one at the gym war what I'm listening to. Ha! Not! #sorryimnotsorry #sins #theweeknd #drippingswagnotsweat
fuautocorrect - theweeknd - sorryimnotsorry - sins - drippingswagnotsweat -
marrrrriiiiiiooooo : Can hear not war*
marrrrriiiiiiooooo : #fuautocorrect
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#fuautocorrect #lol
fuautocorrect - lol -
laurentaenachii - walle_from_russia -
#fuautocorrect #lol
fuautocorrect - lol -
Sunshine, good beer, the mani love. #greatday #sunshine #awesomeboyfriend #cornucopia #frogswart #eugenesummer #sundayafternoon
fuautocorrect - awesomeboyfriend - greatday - manilove - eugenesummer - sunshine - autocorrectfail - sundayafternoon - frogswart - cornucopia -
taylor_maiden : #fuautocorrect #autocorrectfail #manilove
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@jilliebear I made u sumthin! Was gonna do pink, well cuz pink just rocks, but then I thought red, cuz you're a little spitfire! Corkscrew grass, cuz you're goofy like that! Put ya by the water so when u piss me off I can push u in. And, the best part? I'll take care of it for you, so you don't kill it! :-) #iloveyou #chickadee #youkeepmegoing #thankyou #spooniesisters
chickadee - thankyou - iloveyou - loveyoutopieces - loveyou - fuautocorrect - youkeepmegoing - lmao - spooniesisters - itdoesnthurtanymore -
itonlyhurtswhenibreathe : @jilliebear oh me you, not sure if it's cuz it rains/storms nearly every night or what, but it's never been this bad. Things are progressing more rapidly than I imagined they would. Everything is nearing the impossible point, stairs, walking, bending, holding back tears, etc. And already, after just a couple weeks, it's pissing someone off! I just very much don't wanna do this anymore. And now I've had too much Tylenol pm today so I feel like shit :-( I do hope yours passes soon, I know mine won't. #loveyoutopieces :-)
itonlyhurtswhenibreathe : Me too* #FUAUTOCORRECT
jilliebear : Yeah, that's exactly how I feel. I haven't been able to walk and I can barely lift my legs. They think I need a neurologist now. I've been in tears every day for so long I can't remember the last day I didn't. I am having drug hangovers, and these injections twice a week are killing me. I barely have time to recover and I'm getting them again. I'm just exhausted and drained and too weak to do anything. I am with you today, beautiful... I just don't want to do this anymore. I met someone that I really like, but part of me doesn't want to ruin someone else's life because my body hates me. I just don't know what to do any more. I'm just so worn out.
jilliebear : #iloveyousomuch #youareamazing #couldntdoitwithoutyou
jilliebear : @itonlyhurtswhenibreathe ❤️👆 ❤️
itonlyhurtswhenibreathe : @jilliebear #iloveyou and just in one day, 10x worse, went down a couple times today, at work. But whatever. Time to start pretending :-\
jilliebear : Have you tried any homeopathic remedies my dear @itonlyhurtswhenibreathe? That helped me, especially emotionally. I just can't afford to see mine any more. I miss you @itonlyhurtswhenibreathe.
itonlyhurtswhenibreathe : No, but it's OK, #itdoesnthurtanymore #lmao miss you ♥
itonlyhurtswhenibreathe - briannax241 - jilliebear - coco_dolce_sandy -
Everyone I open the bridge my cat sprints for the milk bag holder...."If I fits, I sits"
fuautocorrect -
billyhutzul : Every time* fridge* #fuautocorrect
aleafor3 : Embarrassing how you continue to have spelling errors photo after photo. Grow up @billyhutzul
leannetyson : #poopdollar
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