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My favorite thing today: the Tamale Titan my friend told me about. #AttackOnTitan #TamaleTitan #FUautocorrect
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alfiedude : 😂
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@fjp2017 is now lollipop. #fuautocorrect
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What can I say....!! 🙋 😂😂😂 #pcoslife #imsoclassy #pcosawareness #pcosweightloss #struggleisreal #ovaries #girlproblems #pcosproblems #pcosfighter #pearls #fuautocorrect #secondtimelucky #pcoscysterhood #pcoscysters
pcoslife - secondtimelucky - girlproblems - pearls - pcosfighter - ovaries - fuautocorrect - struggleisreal - pcoscysterhood - pcoscysters - pcosawareness - pcosproblems - pcosweightloss - imsoclassy -
calla_21_ : Sorry @chrisbreehuntsnaliyah I realised autocorrect changed my first post to pocs so I deleted the post .... this is a nice way to put a spin on something crappy lol 😉😉 : 💕
all4kaisky : 💞
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Just 2 snags seein' Civil War in the Dbox seats #teamcap @sarahannestrong
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thewrongshoes : This was way funnier when it said dbags not snags. #fuautocorrect
sarahannestrong : Such snags we are!!! 😂😂😂
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Ugh. Autocorrect, why you always gotta turn something good into something bad, yo? #fuautocorrect #allthumbs #butseriouslycongratsontherelapse
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ghstwrtr : @talia_bella Nah - I'm pretty sure all of my problems can be tamed by tequila and compliments.
talia_bella : Ha you're easy : Back to rehab you go! Make it count!! 🍸🍾🍷🍻
wdavisliterary : I'm dying 😂😘
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I hate autocorrect #fuautocorrect
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WHERE'S THE PROTEIN, MA?! Thursday means a new episode of Is This Podcast Paleo with @paleofatkid is up for your listening pleasure! This week there's lots of talk about protein and pre workout (we even have some discount t codes for you guys to grab some @purewodco and @rootznutrition in there!). Download on iTunes or your preferring podcast listening source. Got questions? Email them to
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thegirlwiththebutter : Bro voices^ not to voices#fuautocorrect
thegirlwiththebutter : @kdeck3 I am def going to be trying the sweet potato. If it's good I can stop bringing oatmeal to the gym 😂
thegirlwiththebutter : @Chelsealineberger thank YOU for the great question!
kdeck3 : Awesome @thegirlwiththebutter keep me posted on how it is bc I'm loving the pure WOD choc
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Shout out to my phone for making me look bad #autocorrect #fuautocorrect
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Oh the struggles, #fuautocorrect
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#atnopoint #fuautocorrect
fuautocorrect - atnopoint -
When auto correct is just not your friend! #fuautocorrect #autocorrectfail #itsoneofthosedays
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Damn you autocorrect!👎🏻😄🖋(true story)
funny - text - haha - phone - bonding - wtf - fail - cellphone - lmao - fuautocorrect - autocorrect - proofreading - lol - conversation - oops - hilarious -
wordperson_inc : #fuautocorrect #autocorrect #cellphone #bonding #phone #lol #fail #funny #oops #lmao #wtf #hilarious #haha #text #conversation #proofreading
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F you autocorrect!!!! #fuautocorrect #autocorrect
fuautocorrect - autocorrect -
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Cool read on how #gamergirls don't get a fair rep. So here are 12 most annoying i things dudes say to hammer girls. Link from the article at the bottom. ​1. Wow, you're actually good! Yeah, we know. It shouldn't be a surprise. 2. OH MY GOD. She games, isn't that so hot? Ah, they figured us out! The real reason we play video games is so men find us appealing. 3. really play video games? Like, other than Cooking Mama Now this is just getting insulting and misogynistic. Please never say that again. 4. Okay. If you're such a 'gamer,' name 50 video games starting with the letter 'W.' Oh, you can't? POSER! I said I play video games, I never said I memorized the entire history of every game in the world. Next. 5. You look hot in that outfit I mean, thanks, I guess..? Maybe you should thank the artist that created it. 6. You're probably just a 12 year old boy pretending to be a girl. Let's say I am. You're the adult harassing a 12 year old boy. How does that look any better? 7. Ha, whatever. You're probably fat and ugly and *insert every curse word ever here.* AWWWW, did my virtual rejection hurt you? 8. I went easy on you anyways. Would you say that to your male peers? Yeah, exactly. 9. HAHA YESSSS I WON! *explodes out of happiness* You were scared you were going to lose against a girl, for some reason, and now that you won, your masculinity is restored! Yay! Glad I could validate your manhood. 10. Want all my gold? Wanna be my wife? Let me help you win!! Let me level you up!I love communicating and working with other players, but will not be pitied because of my gender. If you need help though, lemme know. 11. Wait, is this your account? Are you playing on your brother or boyfriend ?This is ALLLLLL me, baby. And no, I won't accept your friend request. 12. WHAT, NO? How did you win? Years of experience, passion and skill. Probably just like you. #xboxone #ps4 #nintendo #
gamergirls - ps4 - xboxone - nintendo -
theadventuringadventurer : Love it. 👊🏻
rabbits.revenge : @theadventuringadventurer yeah found it funny , true and sad all at once. Lol
magicalcatgirl : 💪🏻👊🏻👌🏻
rabbits.revenge : @magicalcatgirl :)
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Original text message above from @rachelgkimbrel - as you can see, Desi wasn't as excited about the dicks he saw at the car wash. #ducksnotdicks #fuautocorrect
fuautocorrect - ducksnotdicks -
queenieslr : @rachelgkimbrel good one!
erinmcsquared : I feel like it's always trying to autocorrect me from swearing not the other way around!
teddy1000g : I think the dicks scared him😙
setatec : 👍
jasonsessler - misslizzyheil - androradonich46 - twenty_won -
Hello Vegas! Shotshow with the bobro crew is going to be epic!!! #Vegas #shotshow #2a #calguns #bobro #2amendment #gunrights #supportgunrights #lasvegas #hunting #cahunting #gunrightsarecivilrights #freedom #fightthegoodfight #america #dillagaf #saveyourfreedom #thankyouvets @blk.rfl.div @dead_goose_society @sen10el wish y'all were going! You* will be missed! #fuautocorrect @california_hunting_addiction see u there!!
shotshow - lasvegas - fuautocorrect - calguns - vegas - america - dillagaf - 2amendment - bobro - hunting - freedom - gunrights - cahunting - fightthegoodfight - supportgunrights - 2a - thankyouvets - gunrightsarecivilrights - saveyourfreedom -
sen10el : Have fun my man!
ferris911 : Nice ! Pics please
urban_trademark : Nice!
fng_precision_coatings : 🙏
sen10el - dude_stick - nancycholo_lasvegas_promoter - huntingproductguru -
Love this girl. Wifey for a reason. #wifey #punny #fuautocorrect
fuautocorrect - punny - wifey -
cassi_in_stereo - jasminesday - ___jamee___ - tiffanychihuahuas -
Why would anyone feel the need to learn how to spell properly when they know that AutoCorrect will always be there to save the day? These days, people just spit out a flurry of incoherent sentences in hopes that their phone will clean up their lazy mess, but a lot of the time, it doesn't even choose the right words. And why is AutoCorrect always acting like my mother, trying to control my potty mouth? No...I'm not so "ducking" hungry. And thanks for killing the mood when I texted my wife, "On my way home, get out the purple ribbed Dilbert and canal beads, you dirty little skunk". I think the people behind AutoCorrect might be a bunch of Mormons who don't realize that a lot of text messagers enjoy a good profanity every once in a while. Either that or they're just afraid that having the word "fuck" in their database will offend someone. If that's the case, then you might want to get rid of the middle finger emoji, idiots. The whole thing is a load of bull shot...shit. AutoCorrect...SUCKS. #drsuck #doctorsuck #idiocracy #autocorrect #autocorrectfail #autocorrectsucks #fuautocorrect #damnyouautocorrect #lardass #kardashian #stupidautocorrect #humor #vegan #vegansofig #vegansofinstagram #instagood #instalike #instadaily #cash
idiocracy - instalike - autocorrectfail - vegan - fuautocorrect - vegansofinstagram - instadaily - instagood - lardass - humor - doctorsuck - vegansofig - kardashian - autocorrect - cash - autocorrectsucks - stupidautocorrect - damnyouautocorrect - drsuck -
limondirt : @jl90sl @sickamor_style @supercheerio this guy rules at life
mkki_d : This auto spell is Gona get somebody fucked up
phstephen : :-(
lisagee99 : @colleeenbillsten
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When autocorrect is a dick #FUAutoCorrect #AutoCorrect #Predictive #PredictiveText
predictivetext - fuautocorrect - autocorrect - predictive -
yeseniaeswilliams - rickywhorrorz -
Accidental photo 😂 #fuautocorrect
fuautocorrect -
ahhh_isjose : Dk
meecolee : Hater @ahhh_isjose
dgriff_15 - prime_dtn - niki_corleone - jayjayisbae__ -
Haha #fuautocorrect #ifail
ifail - fuautocorrect -
m3medaddy - jelly_pena325 - lxmomoxl - carrifike -
#ifail #fuautocorrect
ifail - fuautocorrect -
m3medaddy - jelly_pena325 -
Just wondering when my iPhone will grow the F up and quit changing "Hey" to "get," "f***ing" to "ducking," and "change" to "MCHammer" 😫😂😂😩😫😩😂😩😖 #lol #wtf #FUautocorrect #wtfAutoCorrect
wtfautocorrect - fuautocorrect - wtf - lol -
actionfigurelv : Lol
busylittlequeen - u_need_more_follllowers - shakiraeqpearl -
Omg drives me nuts🙌🏻😵😒😝 #ihateautocorrect #itsalwayswrong #autodont #stfu #haha #sotrue #thiskilledme #accurate #realtalk #drivesmecrazy #fuautocorrect #thatsallfolks #carryon #hadtovent #happythursday
thiskilledme - ihateautocorrect - itsalwayswrong - realtalk - carryon - autodont - haha - accurate - sotrue - hadtovent - fuautocorrect - stfu - thatsallfolks - drivesmecrazy - happythursday -
clarkcooperr : You can turn off auto correct
hello_katee : @clarkcooperr fo reallll?!?!
clarkcooperr : Settings > general > keyboard
babyburgess - emilita143 - ktisobe - uhohmonkey -
Et les autocorrect continuent. #FUautocorrect #teamKeaton #RealBatman #hatersgonnahate
fuautocorrect - hatersgonnahate - teamkeaton - realbatman -
mpi_provost : Une des raisons pquoi je t'aime @inktrickd 😘
inktrickd : 😍😍😍
sarahmori7 : Enlève moi ça cet autocorrect là 😂 ou part toi un tumblr haha
birdbymail : 🌵
quincie14 - la.punk -
We both fail at texting #fuautocorrect
fuautocorrect - kellogg31916 -
smott1988 : #kellogg31916
richfernandez64 - itmebethany - cassi_in_stereo - smashley2288 -
How I feel when #autocorrect keeps correcting my words😫😫😫 #igiveup #ducking #fuautocorrect
fuautocorrect - autocorrect - ducking - igiveup -
lauran001 : @asreto3 Yay breakfast of champions.. And you better feed me some real food too, none of that raw good for me chet!!
asreto3 : 😂😂😂
aidantrenham : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 is has been me recently but I usually end up on my butt
lottie.kemp : @catalinafernandezz
hersheeeyyyy - lyds_jm - jfjfjfjfjf_23 -
#fuautocorrect#sotrue#sorrynotsorry #funbeforeturkeyday
funbeforeturkeyday - fuautocorrect - sotrue - sorrynotsorry -
patti22_ill_make_you_rich - dropndestroy_ - thatjonahtho -
These still kill me with laughter so hard #fuautocorrect #autocorrect #fail
fail - fuautocorrect - autocorrect -
breanna_sydney30 : Hahahaaaaa sometimes I think there really is someone messing with our text messages and altering them in the most awful ways!!! Hahaaaa this is hilarious.
cosminart : Really nice!
seldmseen : lol
breanna_sydney30 - chen_fit - inferrumveritas - ijamesmichael -
These still kill me with laughter so hard #fuautocorrect #autocorrect #fail
fail - fuautocorrect - autocorrect -
breanna_sydney30 : Hahahaaaa ewwww!
actorfighterguy : Oh my.
dcleave1 : Lmao
seldmseen : lol
breanna_sydney30 - chen_fit - ijamesmichael -
These still kill me with laughter so hard #fuautocorrect #autocorrect #fail
fail - fuautocorrect - autocorrect -
breanna_sydney30 : I'm sorry I asked!!! Haha. These are good!
breanna_sydney30 - chen_fit - ijamesmichael - bridgetsechrist -
#StreetArt🔘 #iheart #Vancouver #FUautocorrect 😡
fuautocorrect - vancouver - iheart - streetart🔘 -
misterliamo - hish___man - newerapromotions - supermanzpa -
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