friendpride -
ryanleesharp : Dig me some Aqualung!
hannahsmuda : I love you got to see them all so much. Friend pride for sure!
healthyregardshayley : I saw for King and Country on Sunday, so great!
chrisbinh - misscollazo - winterbaby95 - wpy2009 -
Going Platinum with @nicatnitemusic. I love this girl. #friendpride #platinum
platinum - friendpride -
carlyrnelson : 😍😍
betsyboyerjones : love love love LOVE (& FOMO)
mrluperay - triplea_threat - brooke_roach - aubrey_hicks24 -
This gal though. #friendpride #blessed #canthurrylove
friendpride - blessed - canthurrylove -
seanddoherty : Yes!
b_stickles - eat_sleep_act - taylored81 - kolbizzle -
#LOVE hangin w/this #babe @bunz11 in the sand all weekend long to cheer her #stallion of a sister @kerrileewalsh & #badass husband @caseytjennings into another win the #avpmbo! πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜˜ #friendpride #lifeinabikini #bff #happysaturday #gratitude #eyeofthetiger #giddyup #lovemyfriends
gratitude - babe - lifeinabikini - lovemyfriends - stallion - avpmbo - happysaturday - giddyup - love - badass - eyeofthetiger - friendpride - bff -
tarsansup : Ya Roxy!!! Go Kerri Go
roxylook : @tarsansup πŸ˜πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯
alohagirl22 : Wow beautiful smile!!! #scorpio
bunz11 : 😍😍😍😍 love u ROX!!! See you mañana !!
bunz11 : Ahh no way!! I was too except thinking about YOU & how rad, inspiring, & fearless you are!! You are a special soul Roxy!!! Can't wait for Sunday Funday!
roxylook : Thank you beautiful!! YOU are SO rad and TRUST ME it takes one to know one girl ;))) πŸ˜˜πŸ‘Š @bunz11
bunz11 : Yes yes yes!! :) 😘
raquelo - leilababoi - sandrinef83 - justchillbeverages -
Loving the sunny over ride to cheer my #bday girl @kerrileewalsh (LOVE YOU!) on to win her match at the #avpmbo πŸ˜πŸ‘Šβ€οΈπŸ‘―πŸ’ƒ #friendpride #lifeinabikini #gratitude #gemininess #lioness #happyfriday #bff #giddyup
gratitude - lifeinabikini - lioness - bday - gemininess - avpmbo - happyfriday - giddyup - friendpride - bff -
skinauthority : Wish her luck for us!
jackdoncaster : 888
roxylook : @jackdoncaster 888 x 888
jess57 : I love it!! πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
roxylook : Love YOU! 😘 @jess57
shailenedw : 😍😍😍 : You are beautifulπŸ’™
georgiastreetz - shailenedw - troykanuha - lis.liz -
Thank you @peoplestylewatchmag for the #awesome post of my #beauty breakdown on my #gorgeous girl's #teenchoiceawards look! 😍 @tartecosmetics @themagnetagency #bff #friendpride #gratitude #lovemyjob #liveyourlove #makeup #makeup artist (hair by @cailenoble)
gratitude - bff - beauty - teenchoiceawards - awesome - makeup - liveyourlove - lovemyjob - gorgeous - friendpride -
dudasodre : Perfect!!
jlpatt1604 : BOTH look fabulous!
cherriingle : πŸ‘πŸ‘
alisonbrucelee : Get it!!!!!! ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
alejandroperazastyle : Oh she'd be so much fun to work with πŸ’ƒπŸ‘Œβ€οΈπŸ’ŽπŸ™ŒπŸŒΉ
firstjumpertris : Your so talentedπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ : Shailene got hacked! @shailenedw for the real ACC, you can check out her old ACC @shailenewoodley
cassidyelgort : Where can we find the behind the scenes look?
whiteofmilk - rockandgems - leleandyou - art_taisa -
This #talented #hairstylist friend of mine @cailenoble was responsible for #shailenewoodley's gorgeous side-slicked look tonight at the #teenchoiceawards AND for making us both #laugh non stop w/his great stories and awesome energy :) #teamwork is EVERYTHING! #cacklefest #friendpride #tca #bts @tartecosmetics #lovemyjob
talented - bts - teenchoiceawards - shailenewoodley - hairstylist - lovemyjob - teamwork - laugh - tca - friendpride - cacklefest -
cailenoble : πŸ˜‚πŸŽ‰πŸ˜˜
roxylook : I'm ready when you are girl! @sarahschussheim 😘
violettakomyshan : She was perfect!!!
rbrookesmith : :)
broooke.smith : So happy for her πŸ˜‰
beautybybrenda17 : Very cool!
emilyshields_ : So proud of her!!
devinecolor : Great #selfbe
lucmiller__ - looking.for.divergents - just_dance_issy - mavidepaula -
My #STUNNING #bestie #shailenewoodley glowing in @tartecosmetics & on her way to the #teenchoiceawards 😍 #bff #friendpride #tca #divergent #tfios #makeupartist #makeup #gratitude #lovemyjob @themagnetagency
gratitude - bestie - makeup - bff - teenchoiceawards - shailenewoodley - stunning - lovemyjob - tfios - divergent - makeupartist - friendpride - tca -
ferrermildred : So happy and proud for shai hey...😘😘
evetorresgracie : You guys ROCK MY WORLD!
seemasaurusrex : @ngamanda87 your face looked like shai's last night 😁
michell_amazing_fun : @your1shoutouts
michell_amazing_fun : @20dollarshoutouts got me 1k
boomendoza619 : I love you and shai makeup @roxylook
aloha.shailene : you are so lucky that you know shai I would do absolutely anything to meet her
_.emma.ross._ : Okay I'm going to get some tarte makeup know tht shai where's it
rockandgems - ashm4c - art_taisa - factiontransfer -
Can't wait to finally see @ajonestakespics' winning brunette turn, leading tonight's performance of @BulletsOverBway. He'll be back to his crown and fair hair soon! @cinderellabway #friendpride
friendpride -
maryshay : Andy slider Jones!
navidhudson : Almost looks like Cinderella again!
judithsomerville_ : ANDY SLIDER JONES OMFG
panchoisonbroadway : I thought this was you getting into your old costume for some weird reason
_singingsiren_ : I saw him u/s in Bullets a few weeks ago and he was absolutely fantastic!!
laura_osnes : Yasss @judithsomerville_
valerierios_ : @vanessa.sierra babe
vanessa.sierra : @valerierios_ brb crying πŸ˜­πŸ’–
___l_a_u_r_a__________ - brynnberger - alex_disney55 - shortysami617 -
L'Arte dei Rumore i el Manifesto Futurista em van al pelo. I la @nuriafrius ho sap. πŸš¨πŸ“¬πŸŒˆπŸ‘― #postcardsfromNY #futurisme #rumore #arte #marinetti #twinnies #amor #siameseconnection #miamigaladoctora #friendpride #amiguers
futurisme - siameseconnection - marinetti - friendpride - rumore - arte - amiguers - miamigaladoctora - amor - postcardsfromny - twinnies -
adabrug - thisorder - moperis - martosalba -
Getting my #STEPUP5 #babe @brianaevigan ready for a day of #STEPUPALLIN press ...Can you tell how much we #LOVE @kohgendo's #moisterfoundation?! 😍 #flawless #makeup #makeupartist #friendpride #stepupmovie #lovemyjob @tanyaabriol @themagnetagency 😘
moisterfoundation - babe - makeup - stepupallin - stepup5 - flawless - stepupmovie - lovemyjob - love - makeupartist - friendpride -
tywatkinsphoto : Awesome
kohgendo : Love this and such a cute pic!
bunz11 : Love it!!! - shaunarooney11 - jerseygurl_forever - fangirl4life2014 -
Beaming with #friendpride at @kathrynpinkham with her #sleeptherapy piece in #Nottinghampost today
sleeptherapy - friendpride - nottinghampost -
paulieboi01 : As styled by me
jsscpnkhm : Arghhh. This is amazing. Well done yorkie @kathrynpinkham
avoce - jsscpnkhm - mskmarsh1 -
Reunited w/my one & only SIZZLE @kealakennelly... LET THE "GAMES" BEGIN πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ’ƒ #bff #gemininess #leoness #surfsup #friendpride #badass #evillaugh #love #cacklefest
love - bff - gemininess - surfsup - leoness - evillaugh - badass - friendpride - cacklefest -
lana_alomar : Gorgeous eyes!
nettiescrub : Where you been?
tarsansup : Great catching up with both of you last night. Have fun in HB
oceanluvkitty : When u gonna be in HB KK & RL??
brianaevigan : @roxylook text me I lost ur #
sanoebear : 😍
jadealectra - chelsea_palma - the_beautybeam - _sandysousa -
Be sure to pic up the brilliant @vintagepopsoul's new single! It's #everything, and features a little cover image by me. #photographer #beauty #glam #redlips #friendpride
everything - beauty - glam - photographer - redlips - friendpride -
sydmo7 - eye_candy_n_makeup - jessicahoffmanbeauty - inspirethebride -
Backstage with some of our favorite #maggots on #Broadway. #ghostlight #matilda #friendpride PS- this is still one of the most magical shows I've ever seen.
broadway - matilda - ghostlight - friendpride - maggots -
marisakennedy : :)
michelle_xinxin - davidbperlman - wintercollins - darthstafford -
Letting a little art dust off my soul, exploring the creations of my super talented friend @amelieismyname. #friendpride
friendpride -
cathmize - freepeoplediary - margaretcnix - auntpatr -
My favorite Russian #happypride #friendpride #5thave #beautifulday @evgenykuprashevich #ifonlywehadmustaches
beautifulday - happypride - 5thave - friendpride - ifonlywehadmustaches -
niniweiner : Love you cupcake!
irenyc - weirdisbond - 0n_dr3uh - katasaurus7 -
What's happening in your neighborhood? #anthropride #friendpride
anthropride - friendpride -
jamiestjames - essa_deee - levityler -
San Francisco!!! It's a good day, everyday you're with your friends! #friendpride #mymilton #howboutsomeoneelsehaveadrink #isheablowfish
isheablowfish - howboutsomeoneelsehaveadrink - friendpride - mymilton -
mctifferson - onelovekika - ms3ho - pinkroot2 -
Major friend pride today! First I got to see our best friend @jaseboards' new indoor skatepark (opening soon in Lindon), then I stopped by my wonderful childhood friend's (@justbowen and @lindsbowen's) AWESOME new shave ice shack, @wasatch_wisp, in Heber! (If you're in Utah, you've GOT to go for a visit!) // Growing up and seeing people I love doing super cool stuff makes me so overwhelmingly happy. Life is really cool, you know?
leikacornwell : @natalienorton, it's totally normal that I just seriously contemplated whether a trip to Utah would be too far to go for shave ice, right? Just don't tell me there are malasadas too, or I will not be able to stop myself!! :) Hawaii, it's been too long!!
jhofheins : My son has a jase board. He must be a friend of your from Hawaii?? We bought it at Costco, where he was selling them last year. Nice guy!
lindsbowen : NNNAAAATTTT! So sad I missed you yesterday! This post was so sweet. XOXO
natalienorton : @jhofheins yes! He started the company after running over our son's skateboard and building him a new one. 😍
natalienorton : @lindsbowen πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
lisa_harbertson : We are @wasatch_wisp fans! @lindsbowen and @justbowen moved to my neighborhood last year, they are awesome! My 3 year old asks for "wispee" everyday!
kilajill : Saw this... I'm dying to try the frozen hot choco!
justbowen : Nat! Thanks SO much! Good to see ya! Hope the reunion was everything you dreamed it would be (including the J. Anson part;). Hope we all can get together before you leave!
mickishacaye - soozinstar - keniklan - jenlomarie -
My latest piece of pride work on stands now featuring my girl #shailenewoodley looking #gorgeous as ever on the cover of #womenshealthmag 😍 SUPER CREATIVE TALENTS: @tomschirmacher (PHOTO) & @keithcarpenterhair (HAIR) #makeup used: #REJUVAMINERALS @physiciansformula @tartecosmetics #healthyissexy #bff #lovemyjob #gratitude #friendpride #makeupartist @themagnetagency
gratitude - gorgeous - ahshit - healthyissexy - bff - lovemyjob - makeupartist - makeup - signseverywhere - shailenewoodley - womenshealthmag - rejuvaminerals - friendpride -
savagealexander : @roxylook OMG... Can you totally tel her that I'm a Mexican and love taking long walks on Short Piers listening only Drake on re-peat "just hold on, were going home"
roxylook : Haha!! I will happily pass word for YOU my favorite mexican!!! ;) and how did you know that's one of our FAVORITE songs?! #ahshit #signseverywhere @savagealexander
chandratandjung : Please do my make up one day!!! πŸ’„β€οΈπŸ™Œ
roxylook : I would loooove to beautiful! I need to get back to your side of the world soon! Hope everything is amazing with you and your family 😘 @chandratandjung
ferrermildred : Now i know your the reason why shai is so more beautiful..plss. tell her im ahuge fan of her i hope that u can visit philippines..coz she love naturals theres alot of natural nature that u could find and philippines hope that i day u could come with u both:-)
julisa_batista : Would you do my makeup one day soon @roxylook
ms._shansel : @ferrermildred glad i found another filipina Shai Woodley fan. :)) #bigfan here
ferrermildred : @ms._shansel glad meet you girl...huge fan..hahaha
brugjildakami - bibyboots - shailenedw - laurenbowlin -
Free show to see one of my awesome friends kill it on stage with his band #RMRS. Getting to see @curekyle makes my heart happy!
livemusic - love - dollarbeers - youllhearofthemoneday - jacksbar - musicscene - freeshow - rumors - friendpride - rmrs -
_aprilmay_ : #jacksbar #freeshow #dollarbeers #livemusic #friendpride #love #musicscene #rumors #youllhearofthemoneday
notsoquiet - distantlightsmusic - mrsjessiehawkins - mrkri -
THEY WON!!! And we were there to witness it!! #FancyReagan #Mabf #vh1 #RepublicRecords #SIGNED #friendpride
mabf - fancyreagan - vh1 - republicrecords - signed - friendpride -
chiggidycheck - darkhorsepercussion - summerbellessa - _olivia_wang_ -
Loosing my mind watching @cteendryer look exquisite and sound AMAZING on the #tonyawards!!!! #friendpride #wicked #elphaba #green
elphaba - green - tonyawards - friendpride - wicked -
anilafleur : I thought she was amazing. So I see that you know her? #teamelphaba !!
mrsandigrant : I can't believe it's been 10 years!!! Mind blown
kathennessey : Right? The show was life changing for me, @mrsandigrant! And yes, @anilafleur, she's a good friend who's had a very long journey to tonight, and I couldn't be more proud of her!
theatregal1414 - jacob_zelonky - kace_ma_lace - lizbellmason -
Can't. Stop. Smiling. @nicatnitemusic #friendpride
friendpride -
bl_hayes - hannahgalyon - lindsmurr - lauralynnglass -
Red lipped ladies in red, getting ready to sang. @therachelpotter is amazing y'all! #wicked #forgood #belting #helpPSI #charity #friendpride
helppsi - charity - belting - forgood - friendpride - wicked -
therealarielvega - arielyzomer - shines5984 - mcuaya -
Such a ridiculously amazing night with my seriously amazing friends and family! Congrats to all! Xox #helpPSI #friendpride #talent @therachelpotter @martythomaslovesyou #singer #screlt
helppsi - singer - talent - friendpride - screlt -
the_erika_kramer : you're amazing! #dontrainonkatsparade
kathennessey : Bahahaha! Best hashtag ever @the_erika_kramer! And congrats on such a great night! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
stagedarling - rachelpotterbrasil - orfeh - ashleykateadams -
Repost from roxylook: "SO proud to get my #beautiful girl #shailenewoodley ready tonight for her #NYC premier of #thefaultinourstars ❀️ physiciansformula #organicwear #naturalmakeup on her gorgeous face 😍😍😍 #bff #friendpride #gratitude #lovemyjob #redcarpet #tfios hair: keithcarpenterhair themagnetagency" #TFiOSPremiere #TFiOS
beautiful - gratitude - bff - shailenewoodley - organicwear - redcarpet - lovemyjob - thefaultinourstars - tfios - nyc - tfiospremiere - friendpride - naturalmakeup -
dreaming_is_for_sleeping - melaniem1812 - crystal.line - aktightaknow -
#Repost from @roxylook Shailenes premiere look for #tfiospremiere via her makeup artist! #shailenewoodley #tfios SO proud to get my #beautiful girl #shailenewoodley ready tonight for her #NYC premier of #thefaultinourstars ❀️ @physiciansformula #organicwear #naturalmakeup on her gorgeous face 😍😍😍 #bff #friendpride #gratitude #lovemyjob #redcarpet #tfios hair: @keithcarpenterhair @themagnetagency
beautiful - gratitude - naturalmakeup - tfiospremiere - shailenewoodley - organicwear - redcarpet - lovemyjob - thefaultinourstars - tfios - nyc - repost - friendpride - bff -
divergentduantless - sydneygarza00 - yaseminbalcik -
SO proud to get my #beautiful girl #shailenewoodley ready tonight for her #NYC premier of #thefaultinourstars ❀️ @physiciansformula #organicwear #naturalmakeup on her gorgeous face 😍😍😍 #bff #friendpride #gratitude #lovemyjob #redcarpet #tfios hair: @keithcarpenterhair @themagnetagency
beautiful - gratitude - bff - shailenewoodley - organicwear - redcarpet - lovemyjob - thefaultinourstars - tfios - nyc - friendpride - naturalmakeup -
jlynnjewelry : Love the yellow! Sunshine Happy!
silencedsoundss : Hi! So I know you're Shai's make-up designer. I wrote Shai a huge essay on how she inspired me, if I DM it to you can you give it to her?
marina_lemosf : I want this lipstick
ladyiara : @cintiamaldonado15
christriplet : Beautiful ladies! Missing you @roxylook βœŒοΈβ€οΈπŸ‘―
uncommonautumn : Pleaseeee do a breakdown of her makeup😱😍
nghieeenguyen : She's flawlessssss! ❀️😍
b_pmotivation : @roxylook I just want you to know I am very proud of you! As you can see you live what you love! Amazing job!
saritamichie - reallyelgort - sarahtraceyyy - monicaperaltaf -
I've waited so patiently for this evening. @mrroryomalley #friendpride #richie&loribeth
friendpride - richie -
bethkennedywill : My sis was there @mkennedy5678
dimitri_toscas : Well? How was it?!
mkennedy5678 : @annaawhite @bethkennedywill Oh man! Rory, his story, the music ... fantastic & so inspiring! Anna, I was @ at the 7p show. We just missed each other! Hope all is well! XOXO
annaawhite : @dimitri_toscas You have no idea! AMAZING. I will post more later... But agree with everything @mkennedy5678 said. Sad I missed you Mary. I was the girl crying even after he'd left the stage.
dimitri_toscas - csabagyori - mkennedy5678 - scottbarnhardt -
"Going to med school!!!" so much #friendpride @khitajain @mwd1392 @ohbeomjy
friendpride -
mwd1392 : Hahaha. That's literally what I did when I found out! @essiesong #younext
yaaraladoo - simplymad - kanaaaa__ - cgbowlin -
This girl graduated with her masters from Columbia University today. She begrudgingly let me take her πŸ“· on my fire escape. I'm loosing my mind with #friendpride πŸŽΆπŸŽ“πŸŽ‰
friendpride -
suzycbaker : Love this girl!!!!
kristinlearobinson : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ @bribza
dianahyg : Wow that is a smart girl πŸ‘
kbiii - joannaheiden - hopebug - kristinlearobinson -
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