{hair inspiration} Guys I am missing SF so badly these days. This picture is from the ever inspiring @populationsalon. Honestly I am inspired by EVERY picture they post. How cool is it that I can say my sweet friend, Nora from hair school @chopshopsf is a stylist there! #friendpride
friendpride -
chopshopsf : Ahhhh Jordan you are so sweet!! Miss you, pretty lady!!! And so proud of you too!! @paintedwith_sunshine
marchemily : I for real want this color when I see you next!
glorene2 - jenjeee - jaleegutierrez - drbecky -
Happy birthday @cetaceanist, you ridiculously good looking human being #friendpride #hbd #family
hbd - friendpride - family -
ben_chen93 : Pretty!
beccaspira : Love this hbdhbdhbdhbd
bellebue - aaronhallenbeck - thunderkatesho - mariquote -
SHE'S SO GOOD. so glad I got to see Mary Poppins at North for both @splzk and @rachsina's casts. You two were both amazing and so was the show! Congrats! #friendpride
friendpride -
jen_ellen_22 : @splzk CONGRATS. Heard you were amazing! @analiesebradshaw your hair looks BOMB 😍
splzk : @analiesebradshaw @jen_ellen_22 notice my middle part im twelve πŸ’
jen_ellen_22 : No shame, it's trendy @splzk
analiesebradshaw : thank you! ☺️ @jen_ellen_22
rachsina : ❀️❀️
the_ganz15 - jeannine.chantal - abbyrae0730 - bballluver1415 -
#NYC LETS DO THIS!! #PARTNERSINCRIME IN THE HOUSE! βš‘οΈπŸ‘Šβš‘οΈ @keithcarpenterhair @isidora_goreshter @wildwomanspeaks #friendpride #insurgentNYCpremiere #redcarpet #gratitude #gemininess
gratitude - redcarpet - insurgentnycpremiere - nyc - gemininess - partnersincrime - friendpride -
georgiastreetz : @roxylook LOVE YOU!!!
patriciafeliciano_ : So pretty!!! 😍
daniela.l : 😍😍😍😍😍😍
gordanagehlhausen : awesome :)
insurgent.ny - celia.simon - jennagang - funkatomikinc -
I love my friends! I miss having time but don't think I don't appreciate and think about you. I hate that life gets so chaotic that friends have to take a back seat. I just want to say THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND! Shout out to the fabulous friends that are just as amazing after a long break from each other. #love #friendpride #friends #happy #thankyou #grateful #smile #callme #canigetahellyeah #youknowwhoyouare #missyou #fff #bff
youknowwhoyouare - love - bff - missyou - thankyou - callme - canigetahellyeah - fff - smile - grateful - friends - friendpride - happy -
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My friends are just stupid talented! Loved them all in #OnTheTown πŸ—½βš“οΈπŸ—½ @cristalzheat @eloisekropp #tonyyazbeck #elizabethstanley #stephendeRosa #jessleprotto @odyilliams . Lovely meeting you @misstilerpeck! #friendpride
elizabethstanley - onthetown - tonyyazbeck - jessleprotto - friendpride - stephenderosa -
sonnetjames : Your skin πŸ‘Œ
nataliehilljensen : @sonnetjames its nyc humidity , a good filter, & Chanel powder πŸ˜‚
lizziehdavis : I've been wanting to see this show!
lauraosnes : Yaaaaaay!!! Brilliant cast! : I'm so glad I got to see this amazing show in January ! The dancing and the song "I Can Cook Too" sung by Alysha Umphress - AMAZING. (Props to the production and venue for offering visually accessible seating.)
gbmljbasybm - jpb1952 - acp515 - min.austin -
I'm so lucky! Not only am I with the most beautiful girl, but she's also incredibly intelligent. I'm more and more proud of her each day and for the past 2 days, I've had a smile from ear to ear because of some exciting news she shared with me! U have ur heart set on a goal and u r hopefully a step closer to achieving it! Couldn't have more #friendpride for my best friend in the world!
friendpride -
juliah1991 : ❀️
thealexperrault : I'm hoping this is just a romantic over exaggeration because the human smile should not reach both ears, that would need to be looked at by a doctor in the emergency room immediately!
debbiekahan - killer6661 - jerrrbearr - stephparisberks -
#mcm goes to mah bahhhast frayund @_s_t_e_p_h_e_n__ #damnwelookgood #vasquezrocks #buddies #friendpride #dummy #sunnies #california #beautiful #nature #blondes #model
beautiful - dummy - mcm - nature - damnwelookgood - vasquezrocks - buddies - california - blondes - model - friendpride - sunnies -
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A little glimpse of @alisonchi's solo in @zenrednyc's "Fire." Still on a high from yesterday's filming #friendpride
friendpride -
zenrednyc : The power of story, authentically told. @caitlinbcfagan @alisonchi We are not separate, but gloriously interwoven.
sprout_dancer - laneytcarlin - racheljamesatx - singinlala -
So much #friendpride tonight! Way to rock it @diabolicelle !! (ps I want to steal your act one shoes)
friendpride -
jliestman - mcottor - jule3131 - carldswan -
Kids These Days. Grinning from ear to ear with pride right now after seeing my @judahandthelion boys kill it on their national television debut. Incredible!
socality - judahandthelion - letterman - nashville - latenight - causeascene - music - vscocam - vsco - kidsthesedays - friendpride -
causeascenenash : #vsco #vscocam #judahandthelion #kidsthesedays #letterman #latenight #friendpride #nashville #music #causeascene #socality
judahandthelion : We love you!!
adamdavidsain : @judahandthelion do you love me
sarahcdesign : Couldn't be more excited for those guys! @judahandthelion
sarahkcrane : Hooray hooray!
nathanmorganphoto : That's awesome these guys are great and the heart begins their talent even more so @judahandthelion congrats
cartiepie : No way
_sappening_ : One to remember!!
zhembree - emmyrival - emifloyd - krissysey -
Excited to begin my next read, which also happens to be written by a good friend. Look for my review (and a giveaway) coming soon. πŸ“š xo, Lauren #instareads #friendpride #cursesbeneathherfeet
friendpride - instareads - cursesbeneathherfeet -
janeputnam - kennashumie - hulahannah84 - superava04 -
holy #friendpride moly, @jeremymjordan ! this idiot sang the living daylights out of #thelastfiveyears score & he is not ugly. proud of you, star friend. and meg ryan, I mean, @ajbway , you are GORGEOUS in this. @gradymcleodbowman loving your moves too! Way to go @abbiebradydalton ! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
friendpride - thelastfiveyears -
laurieruth : @sarahneilson you can rent it on iTunes. I tried last night but my computer was not having it for some reason. I am dying to see it! Some of my favorite music ever written.
cali_girl4ever : @jeremymjordan was on Smash, wasn't he? Great talent!!
nataliehilljensen : @jeremymjordan ha! It was mid speak. Too excited to take multiples but it didn't matter, camera loves you. Gorg. Seriously, jer. Beautiful work. So happy for you.
monicamooresmith : Awww, this movie, Jason Robert Brown is brilliant.
ajbway : Aww thank you Natalie! Hope you are doing well πŸ˜„
annaldunn : I'd love to hear what you thought of Anna Kendrick?
nataliehilljensen : @annaldunn 😧She hit the correct notes & her first scene was lovely.
ellen_arthur : Oh man I wish I could go see it! I love @jeremymjordan in smash and downloaded all of his songs in it! To bad I live in Australia!
becky6916 - tanakavand - singinkategr8 - amandakmajors -
My roommate goes for a run. On the way home, he stops at the store. This is what he buys. @adam_barrie #marathontraining, #friendpride
marathontraining - friendpride -
adam_barrie : #detoxtoretox
christinaines - wafflehouses - mallorybaysek - stylebyter -
I think we've all had friends like this... so many "lovers" Happy Valentine's Day Eve! #love #friends #friendpride #silly
friends - love - friendpride - silly -
edi___lestrange : @lola_luv323 I miss you and these rumors πŸ’œ
lola_luv323 : Lol so true I love you 😘😘😘 @edi___lestrange
edi___lestrange : @lola_luv323 is your phone working??
edi___lestrange : I love you more
almostfamous09 - sandyunhe - natasha_jade - jojoc219 -
So proud of all our hunies at #TheGrammys tonight!! Such a big night for all of you and we couldn't be prouder! @arianagrande @toddyrockstar @frankiejgrande @rhodesreed @lenarockerhall #redcarpet #bestdressed #gogrande #friendpride #musicians
gogrande - musicians - redcarpet - thegrammys - bestdressed - friendpride -
rhodesreed : Xoxo!!!
farawayjoe : very nice!!
rajababu5424 : Gorgeous
annavhs - arianator2014 - moniluv16 - kellykingsings -
Meus advogados! #friendpride #oab #100happydays #day21
100happydays - day21 - friendpride - oab -
marcinhalessa - jorgieesj - charjones920 - babsguerra -
Fitness Friend Friday #fff #fitness #friendpride #love #animals #motivation #stretchedthin #bebrave #goals
motivation - love - animals - stretchedthin - goals - fitness - bebrave - fff - friendpride -
haywood_print_and_embroidery : Hi mate, nice pics - if you ever need any printing or embroidery we've got some good deals on at the moment. Check out our profile and email us if you're interested
christine_kritch - elexis88 - 20th_century_fox - jojoc219 -
My best friend/twin/personal goddess/magical unicorn just got cast as ELIZABETH PROCTOR IN THE CRUCIBLE AND I AM CRYING TEARS OF PRIDE. So throwing it back to the time I ugly cried after we finished performing together for the last time in Grease. BROADWAY LOOK OUT HERE COMES LIZ! (And Sarah. I figure once she gets to Broadway, I'll quit my job and watch her from the second row for every performance.) #friendpride #obsessedwithliz
obsessedwithliz - friendpride -
katelyn_mcc : @liz_colagrande OMG😭 CONGRATULATIONS LIZ ILY❀️
sarahclare13 : @liz_colagrande I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH TO FUNCTION
liz_colagrande : THANKS @katelyn_mcc ILY MORE πŸ˜˜πŸ’•
bernmaligranda - babygottsandpots - mariantcd - allisonnelly_ -
We are so excited for our musical brothers' FIRST SINGLE!! Keep you eyes and ears out for #KnockMeOut by @fancyreagan on the #radio next week!! They are genius!! And their #YouOuttaKnow campaign on #VH1 is coming, too! #soMajor #instagood #goodstuff #famous #makeabandfamous #mabf @republicrecords #single #airplay #talent #friendpride #bandsofinstagram #originalsong Featured on #NOW53
now53 - famous - mabf - radio - goodstuff - knockmeout - single - talent - originalsong - vh1 - airplay - instagood - bandsofinstagram - somajor - friendpride - makeabandfamous - yououttaknow -
bianey_salazar98 - dunlap2014 - praylov3faith - darias_four -
Reunited with @MatthewJohnsonHarris for the first time in two years(!) this evening at his dance class at BeFitNYC. Oh boy what an awesome experience! So proud of this guy and all he has accomplished as a fitness instructor. We've come a long way from singing on a ship lol ;) #FriendPride #BeFitNYC
befitnyc - friendpride -
matthewjohnsonharris : <3 you! You are the best my love!
heyimkristy13 : @matthewjohnsonharris YOU are the best :D. We'll definitely catch up soon!
matthewjohnsonharris - mimimisiaaaa - loungelizardnj - the_og_lightbright -
WHAT. A. STAR! 🌟🌟🌟🌟 if you listen closely, you can hear my delighted giggles & "oh my gosh" our @emizzle5678 KILLED it! So many #friendpride sobs!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ brava diva!! *also, for the record, SLC opera fans make bitter, ornery upper east side biddies look like cute, loving bunnies. Yikes! πŸ™€πŸ˜Ύ
friendpride -
runstylerun : Oh wow. I got the chill. What talent! Wish I didn't have to work today and could have come. Please let me know if there's ever a next one.
mairinhill : She's unbelievable. Her act was so easily the thrill of the show.
emizzle5678 : Oh I love you, @nataliehilljensen. You are SO amazingly supportive. I have DEEP friend pride for you too!!! Can't wait to squeeze you, it's been way too long! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
mairinhill : Okay and we had the same experience with the crowd in London! What?? We got chewed out for eating candy DURING INTERMISSION. In a MOVIE THEATER. I've never seen people be so rude in an opera house!
cocomagness : Amazing!
nataliehilljensen : @mairinhill exactly! We were on 33rd effing south and STATE! Not exactly the met! I swear the opera & theatre people OUTSIDE of nyc are so smug and self important. Sheesh! I'm so happy you went! @emizzle5678 is such a dream!
emizzle5678 : @nataliehilljensen @mairinhill I know!!! Next time I'll be in the theater with you watching the REAL show ... Nat's fabulous intermission brawls!!!
jliening : I've eaten many a snack and quaffed many a diet coke during a #metliveinhd show at that theater and never had a harsh word- weird that you had a bad experience.
mindybooth - jpb1952 - healthfest - janet_muir -
did you know our local darling (and one of my best girls) @emizzle5678 is 🌟STARRING🌟 at the MET and there is a live broadcast in theaters TOMORROW!!! anyone want to go in SLC and share a vat of popcorn & diet coke tomorrow for the breakfast show? #friendpride
friendpride -
marymarthac : My mom goes to all the theatre streams @mabell96
mrmattgibson : Oh! That's your friend. She's the real deal. I'll tell her hi tomorrow for you.
nataliehilljensen : @mrmattgibson give her the biggest pick up swing around hug! Stoked to watch for you!
agirlnamedem : @nataliehilljensen I had no idea those were live stream that's really cool, you know the best people I'm sure glad you're going to be a regular on studio 5 now :)
beccanne13 : Oh my!! I watched the video of her performing the doll song. She is incredible!!!
mairinhill : I'll be there for the dinner show!
mairinhill : Me and my boyfriend, who loves opera.
marenchristensen : Her mother and father in law are in our ward in Tulsa, Oklahoma! In fact her father in law is our bishop. And my husband is his first counselor. They were able to watch the opera live in Tulsa at a movie theatre. How cool is that?? @emizzle5678
marenchristensen - nmswink - sommshine - abeautybutafunnygirl_ -
Non-stop #SMILES & cackles on set today for @nylonmag w/my #TALENTED friend & hair #ARTIST @castillo_13!!! πŸ’‹πŸ‘ŠπŸ’‹ #makeup #makeupartist #gemininess #friendpride #bts #dreamteam
smiles - talented - bts - artist - gemininess - makeup - makeupartist - friendpride - dreamteam -
spencerpaul : 2 peas in a pod! Missing you twos! 😘 @roxylook @castillo_13
__loandbehold : πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ @roxylook @castillo_13
virginiegunn : 😘😘😘😘
roxylook : Missing you twos too! @spencerpaul @loeliz21 😘😘😘
roxylook : @8grass0roots8 LOVE YOU!!! 😘
roxylook : @virginiegunn πŸ˜˜πŸ„πŸ˜˜πŸ„πŸ˜˜!!
castillo_13 : 😘😘😘😘😘😘
ashleighlouer : ❀️❀️❀️!
fourtris.fourever4610 - emmacirera - tyroneedmond - fandomstube -
After the show. Emily is a star!!! #friendpride
friendpride -
janamac1 : So pretty! You too Josh!
rose_lagrone - ashley.witson - mackenzieandthediamonds - laurenbreath -
#Repost @roxylook with @repostapp.
I don't #BELIEVE there's such a thing as being #FEARLESS- I believe there's much more #TRUTH & #POWER in acknowledging fear and submitting it with the strength of your mind & #HEART. I personally #LOVE #OWNING each battle I win with fear and so does my #BADASS #ONEOFAKIND #BESTFRIEND @kealakennelly 😘 #friendpride #heartofachampion #gemininess #bff #liveyourlove #liveyourTRUTH #kealakennelly #blackbeltbeauty @xxlbigwaveawards @nouvellevaguela @wickrx #bigwave #surf #surfer
surf - heart - love - kauai - power - fearless - bigwave - surfer - badass - believe - owning - repost - heartofachampion - kealakennelly - bestfriend - bff - gemininess - liveyourlove - oneofakind - blackbeltbeauty - truth - rock - liveyourtruth - friendpride -
kealakennelly : I LOVE my best friend @roxylook #friendpride I get so much love and support from her. She is my #rock
tached : You are the bull my dear πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ˜˜ @kealakennelly
kealakennelly : @tached I'm coming to #Kauai next week. Love to see u Aunty ❀️
thealexwhite : Shit! That's a keeper
roxylook : You are my constant SiZzLe -and YOUZ a baaaad MuthaF$?!AH too!! 😜 #RideOrDie!!! β€οΈπŸ‘Šβ€οΈ
kealakennelly : Can't wait to see you @roxylook 😎🌴✈️
trevorsvencarlson : Wow big wave
_melee_ : Wtf? Intense!! You are amazing! πŸ’–
_13crippa - alexandertassilo - ninetoesurfer - haroldwhittles666 -
I don't #BELIEVE there's such a thing as being #FEARLESS- I believe there's much more #TRUTH & #POWER in acknowledging fear and submitting it with the strength of your mind & #HEART. I personally #LOVE #OWNING each battle I win with fear and so does my #BADASS #ONEOFAKIND #BESTFRIEND @kealakennelly 😘 #friendpride #heartofachampion #gemininess #bff #liveyourlove #liveyourTRUTH #kealakennelly #blackbeltbeauty @xxlbigwaveawards @nouvellevaguela @wickrx #bigwave #surf #surfer
surf - heart - love - power - fearless - bigwave - surfer - badass - believe - owning - liveyourtruth - heartofachampion - kealakennelly - bestfriend - bff - gemininess - liveyourlove - oneofakind - blackbeltbeauty - truth - friendpride -
roxylook : hahaha! PLUMS?!? Fucking BRILLIANT @jackdoncaster 😘
jackdoncaster : As do you Rox! πŸ’ͺ
rochelleballard : Well said
roxylook : @jackdoncaster thanks love! ❀️ @rochelleballard 😘😘😘
oceanluvkitty : Very well said! Luv KK and all surfer girls
lbombfitness : This biatch is the real deal! Love her!
bpoyandjo : Couldn't agree with you more!
hawaiitrekathletes : πŸ‘
fourtris.fourever4610 - badal18set_otufet - chapter_35 - shailenywoodley -
"It's time we tell them (children) that our goal is to enable them to discover their gifts, passions, & purposes in life, so they can help others. Happiness comes as a result." @paigealms you are an amazing bestie, & Aunty, and oh yeah you're pretty badass in the water. #chickenskin #may1st #killinit
chickenskin - may1st - friendpride - killinit -
maliastewart : #friendpride I'm a little late
mauimaxx : I seen it!! She deserves a 10!!!
mikitakata : So cool!
lydellaina : So awesome
melissadillitzer : BadASS πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
enakai_giulian_gabriel : Amazing woman 😍
halii_by_harriet : The best you can ever be is an inspiration to others.
thelulapops - hinatea_77 - savannah____xo - team_2xx -
@paigealms charging. So stoked for u #friendpride read the article @surfline πŸ’™πŸŒŠ
friendpride -
amreichman :
maliastewart : #friendpride good one!! Xoxo
halii_by_harriet : πŸ˜³πŸ™€πŸ˜˜πŸŒŸπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
inspirationhealthmaui - tylerlausten - xlisap_x - mr_water_sa_roqueta -
@surfline feature @paigealms getting pitted at #jaws #friendpride #badassbigwavebitches #GladiatorsInSuits
jaws - gladiatorsinsuits - friendpride - badassbigwavebitches -
aaw101.north : That's insane fuck yea that bitches be charging balls wow
dale_mandelleh : Mental
paigealms : #friendpride πŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ˜ƒπŸ’ͺ ur the best
biancavalenti : SiCK!
chrisdepuma : Hell yeah!!! Get some!!!
maliastewart : #friendpride damn ladies!!
halii_by_harriet : Yay team green
chapter_35 - olacro - nouvellevaguela - nathielenunes -
#wicked #wickedmusical #wickedonbway #oneshortday #fourshortdaysinNYC #friendpride #elphie #theatre #disney #fiyeraba #glinda #galinda #life #love #bway #broadway #broadwayislife #nyc #newyork #me #musical #musicals #musicaltheatre
broadwayislife - life - elphie - love - musicaltheatre - theatre - galinda - newyork - fourshortdaysinnyc - bway - glinda - musicals - broadway - wickedonbway - me - wickedmusical - musical - fiyeraba - nyc - oneshortday - friendpride - disney - wicked -
gold_moscar - reinaldokherlakian - hagstudio - sssimasnake -
Sky Room runway show last night #FriendPride #SkyRoom #dramatizon @dramatizon @godinomakeup @sehvendaze
skyroom - friendpride - dramatizon -
dramatizon - loungelizardnj - mercedesharrod - godinomakeup -
No big deal just my amazing friends @ryandilello & @ashleighdilello you may have seen on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE and DWTS shakin' their tail feathers at our Mynt convention. @brianmartin2 and I have a new goal to shoot for.πŸ’ƒπŸƒjkjk we are going to leave this to the professionals!!! ❀️you guys!!! You ROCKED it!!!!! #myntconvention #dwts #ballroomdancers #jawhitthefloor #amazed #friendpride #soyouthinkyoucandance #mynt #itsvegasbaby
soyouthinkyoucandance - ballroomdancers - itsvegasbaby - myntconvention - mynt - jawhitthefloor - dwts - friendpride - amazed -
brit2damax : They are fabulous!!
ryandilello : Thanks @kassmartin!!!!!
tia_jones : Great goalπŸ˜‰
kellydsharee : Awesome!! Go @ashleighdilello πŸ‘
mgsperry : @kassmartin 1 thousand dollars to whomever gets @rlsperry to dance and documents it
karabrinkerhoff : Big deal!!!
ashleighdilello : Thanks Kass!!! Grateful to have you the rockstar as our friend!
dea.cheerzumba - kymjohnsonfan - queenelizabethaprons - dancemasa0620 -
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