Such a fun night see my girl @TheAAshford in @CantTakeItBway, w/ @jenbender76 as my date! #broadway #friendpride That cast!!
broadway - friendpride -
sydi11 - broadway_daily_24601 - samanthasturm - emchillada -
I always tear up seeing my darling @alexandra_kelly shine on stage!! Love you!! #friendpride #cinderellaontour #foxy @nathanjohnsonny
cinderellaontour - foxy - friendpride -
carolinefrevert : literally every time I tag you in something it's a pic of her #sorrynotsorry πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @little_lovely12
little_lovely12 : No need to be sorry. She is one of my favorites😊 @carolinefrevert
lauraosnes.jpg : you're so beautiful laura😊🌸
another_broadway_geek : OMG! I saw you yesterday but I yelled your name but you didn't turn :( crap D:
sissacarp : You're perfect
j_sirrine : Where's santino tho?
faithey04 : Welcome to Broward ☺️
princesszoela - thosetheatrekid_things - purplegirl_1100 - dbutler2495 -
Love these daft and dewy-eyed dopes. @ajonestakespics @paigefaure @cinderellabway #cinderellaontour #friendpride
cinderellaontour - friendpride -
lianas_auditions : Laura, you're literally my biggest inspiration. I saw Cinderella at PPAC today and I went to the stage door. I saw you as I was leaving, I actually started shaking because I kept thinking "Oh my god. That looks like Laura Osnes. That REALLY looks like Laura Osnes." I was too afraid to go up to you because you were talking to your friends... You guys started walking away. My sister called "Laura!" and they turned around but you didn't. I'm still kicking myself for being so shy. Laura, you're honestly my biggest inspiration in the world and even if you don't respond I just want to tell you how much you inspire me because I didn't get the chance to say it in person. I know this seems like a long shot but you have no idea how heartbroken I am now that I realize I missed my chance. I love you and you continue to inspire me every day.
xxiiimcmxcix : I'm crying
kelsey_loves_jesus : @genna.ann2 IT'S ANDY SLIDER JONES
genna.ann2 : Lol how was that slide! @kelsey_loves_jesus
lizzie_gumula : Best picture ever!
livvyg44 : @amyjbrock I'm definitely stealing this caption sometime during next semester. @joshcurrent might agree too.
judith.somerville : One of the best pictures ever would be @lauraosnes with @officialsierraboggess .........
zoemccarley : Our Ella + Laura + Andy the slider Jones = PERFECTION!!! @cassiemccarley
penguinpepper - broadways_our_dream - gspear3 - emmacordray -
Al fin las tengo. El orgullo de amiga no se si será como el de madre, pero seguro que se parece. #OsQuieroATodos #FriendPride #madrid #fotos #afterlight #bitzSanz #ArizonaBaby
afterlight - fotos - osquieroatodos - madrid - arizonababy - friendpride - bitzsanz -
fer_rivera - noee_noeee - duquepati -
Snugly step and repeat. #54below #pajamboree #ewaltandwalker #belting #pretty #onesies #friendpride #nailing
ewaltandwalker - belting - nailing - 54below - pretty - onesies - pajamboree - friendpride -
scottreiburn : #ID you'd think you were performing at the White House! #security
twocortwort : How was the experience @hannahrosedeflum
edeflumeri - bengoodmannyc - emrourke4 - katya_lewis -
The #Schromalley wedding weekend is off to a good start! On my #virginamerica flight to NYC... The groom's #Law&Order:SVU episode was on #USA. Crazy! Too cool. #friendpride @mrroryomalley
schromalley - law - virginamerica - friendpride - usa -
ahillner : Omg...my husband (Rory's old roommate) took the same pic on his virgin America flight! Haha! See you at the fiesta! :)
dimitri_toscas - letherebeflight - bwaygirl - montyneesam15 -
πŸ’—πŸ’— my heart couldn't be more excited and proud to have one of my dearest friends back after a life changing summer he's had! You are a winner @frankiejgrande love youuuu!!! #friendpride #bb16 #shinebrightlikeafrankie #gograndeorgohome
friendpride - bb16 - shinebrightlikeafrankie - gograndeorgohome -
ari_myeverythingxx : @kellykingsings plz could u ask if ari could follow me I love her so much she is my ily πŸ’•
xauhnthee : Frankie!!!!
xauhnthee : Omg. I love him <3
sharisweetheartoxxo : Aww you guys look adorable
joshuajstrick : Awwwww gorgeous; ) xo
ari4fans : αяιαΠΈα gяαΠΈ∂Ρ” fαΠΈ ραgΡ”
private_disney_bri_1 : Look at FRANKIE looking all lovey
isupportgrande : aw qt's
sophie_apple_buckley - kdoggg07 - maya.whitesides - epiclex3 -
I think @nathanjohnsonny and I just died and went to... Neverland. Wow, @jeremymjordan. Just WOW. And Miss @lauramichellekelly is completely enchanting. So much love and respect and #friendpride abounding.
friendpride -
gracedance10 : I saw it the same day as you! It was so good! I thought the exact thing it was amazing.
lydalbano : I can't believe you were there the day after me! I would have been that creepy fan, I'm sure. Maybe I should be glad I didn't see you, for your sake.
riley.1313 : 😍😍😍I love you Laura!!!!!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
m4disyn : I just saw your tag right now @myricorn and UGHSNDNCJ AND ANDY JMF THE TWINS AND Iain WENT YESTERDAY😑
myricorn : AW NO!!! @m4disyn
genevievewharton : @abby.sweeney why couldn't I be there that night😭😭
abby.sweeney : Ugh Ikr @rockcandy023
c.chen17 : @jchenhk
schadenfreudeq - jamieannsy - brinmckay - alliecat2019 -
Its a #REAL #NY reunion in #Ibiza 😍 My #talented #friends @louievega & @kdope50 aka #mastersatwork πŸŽΆπŸ’ƒπŸŽ‰πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘Š #gratitude #friendpride #beatsfordays #wanderlustroxy14 #gemininess #respecttheclassics
real - gratitude - talented - respecttheclassics - gemininess - ibiza - ny - mastersatwork - beatsfordays - friends - friendpride - wanderlustroxy14 -
powerful.dags - altzray - brilliantimages - ___crazyfish___ -
So excited to listen to Walk By Sea perform for the second time this week!! @walkbysea @brandonislawl #friendpride
friendpride -
joe__bro - tia_deanne - welcome2pamelot - jenna_karlin -
Thank you @roxylook for helping me SPRINT into my 30s!! What an amazing way to start my bday! Love you!!! #LOVE #BELIEVE #InternalExfoliation #Friendship By @roxylook "It's such a gift to have such a #BADASS, #STRONG, #LOVING, #EMPOWERED, #INSPIRING, #ONEOFAKIND woman as one of my closest friends like #BDAY GIRL @evetorresgracie 😍 THANK YOU for sharing your special day kicking each other's asses on that scorching hot #track! πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯πŸ‘Š #brave #eyeofthetiger LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL! #believe #love #friendpride #lioness #nodaysoff #birthdaygirl #gratitude #gemininess"
brave - love - track - internalexfoliation - nodaysoff - birthdaygirl - badass - believe - gratitude - inspiring - strong - lioness - gemininess - empowered - oneofakind - bday - eyeofthetiger - friendship - friendpride - loving -
kendalltrackstar : Yes
suzannegracie : Happy happy Birthday!!
musclebabyswife : @evetorresgracie happy dirty 30 mama!! 😘
santi.bejarano : @evetorresgracie Wow! Dirty 30's. my Dirty 30's was last year. I would have never thought that you would be around my age. When you were in the WWE. I didn't do any reach on you. LOL You were a good wrestler. Happy Dirty 30!
mazzy2001 : Happy birthday @evetorresgracie
the_perkisystem : HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
raquelrache : πŸ”πŸ‘ΈπŸ’ͺπŸ™πŸ˜˜
ochoachristina : HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL!!! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• hope its magical!
robmabelton - eve.x.x.x - vitorag01 -
It's such a gift to have such a #BADASS, #STRONG, #LOVING, #EMPOWERED, #INSPIRING, #ONEOFAKIND woman as one of my closest friends like #BDAY GIRL @evetorresgracie 😍 THANK YOU for sharing your special day kicking each other's asses on that scorching hot #track! πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯πŸ‘Š #brave #eyeofthetiger LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL! #believe #love #friendpride #lioness #nodaysoff #birthdaygirl #gratitude #gemininess
brave - love - bday - nodaysoff - birthdaygirl - badass - believe - gratitude - inspiring - strong - lioness - gemininess - empowered - oneofakind - track - eyeofthetiger - friendpride - loving -
kennyflorian : πŸ™Œ
roxylook : @kennyflorian πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜πŸ‘Š
eunsterr : @divergent_fourtris_sheo IS THE BEST DIVERGENT ACCOUNT EVER!!!!!!
cailenoble : Hello - we still need to meet up!!!
dooms24 : @otsdrs69
evie.marsden : I luv ur account
spartatorio - evie.marsden - ___crazyfish___ - ga6elle -
friendpride -
ryanleesharp : Dig me some Aqualung!
hannahsmuda : I love you got to see them all so much. Friend pride for sure!
healthyregardshayley : I saw for King and Country on Sunday, so great!
misscollazo - jennamathisen_ - prettysmilejae22_ - zackmanx23 -
Going Platinum with @nicatnitemusic. I love this girl. #friendpride #platinum
platinum - friendpride -
carlyrnelson : 😍😍
betsyboyerjones : love love love LOVE (& FOMO)
mrluperay - triplea_threat - brooke_roach - heyiamgina -
This gal though. #friendpride #blessed #canthurrylove
friendpride - blessed - canthurrylove -
seanddoherty : Yes!
b_stickles - taylored81 - emrourke4 - kolbizzle -
#LOVE hangin w/this #babe @bunz11 in the sand all weekend long to cheer her #stallion of a sister @kerrileewalsh & #badass husband @caseytjennings into another win the #avpmbo! πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜˜ #friendpride #lifeinabikini #bff #happysaturday #gratitude #eyeofthetiger #giddyup #lovemyfriends
gratitude - babe - lifeinabikini - lovemyfriends - stallion - avpmbo - happysaturday - giddyup - love - badass - eyeofthetiger - friendpride - bff -
tarsansup : Ya Roxy!!! Go Kerri Go
roxylook : @tarsansup πŸ˜πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯
alohagirl22 : Wow beautiful smile!!! #scorpio
bunz11 : 😍😍😍😍 love u ROX!!! See you mañana !!
bunz11 : Ahh no way!! I was too except thinking about YOU & how rad, inspiring, & fearless you are!! You are a special soul Roxy!!! Can't wait for Sunday Funday!
roxylook : Thank you beautiful!! YOU are SO rad and TRUST ME it takes one to know one girl ;))) πŸ˜˜πŸ‘Š @bunz11
bunz11 : Yes yes yes!! :) 😘
andreaprice121 - bummblebri - dojochimp - anissamakeup -
Loving the sunny over ride to cheer my #bday girl @kerrileewalsh (LOVE YOU!) on to win her match at the #avpmbo πŸ˜πŸ‘Šβ€οΈπŸ‘―πŸ’ƒ #friendpride #lifeinabikini #gratitude #gemininess #lioness #happyfriday #bff #giddyup
gratitude - lifeinabikini - lioness - bday - gemininess - avpmbo - happyfriday - giddyup - friendpride - bff -
skinauthority : Wish her luck for us!
jackdoncaster : 888
roxylook : @jackdoncaster 888 x 888
jess57 : I love it!! πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
roxylook : Love YOU! 😘 @jess57
paola.studio : You are beautifulπŸ’™
pmw2020 - imbflow - catarsiswimwear - rashid432 -
Thank you @peoplestylewatchmag for the #awesome post of my #beauty breakdown on my #gorgeous girl's #teenchoiceawards look! 😍 @tartecosmetics @themagnetagency #bff #friendpride #gratitude #lovemyjob #liveyourlove #makeup #makeup artist (hair by @cailenoble)
gratitude - bff - beauty - teenchoiceawards - awesome - makeup - liveyourlove - lovemyjob - gorgeous - friendpride -
firstjumpertris : Your so talentedπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
unicorns.are.looming : Shailene got hacked! @shailenedw for the real ACC, you can check out her old ACC @shailenewoodley
roxylook : @westplischke
roxylook : @fifixtrinity
roxylook : @fifixtrinity Baby girl.. One of my people I'm with is Shailene Woodley's best friend
jesubardavid : Shailene dont have instagram?
_cassidy.taylor : Can you please do a makeup breakdown on Shailene's White Bird in A Blizzard premiere makeup please??? I would really appreciate it, because I love the ones you have done in the past and they have been super helpful!!! Her makeup looked absolutely flawless. You did such an amazing job, as always :) I loved it SO much! Especially her eyelashes! :)
mohammad_alansari96 : @roxylook Does she have Instagram? Answer me please.
lea_the_unicorn_trainer - ellie_onaj - ablanco2001 - guadabenseny -
This #talented #hairstylist friend of mine @cailenoble was responsible for #shailenewoodley's gorgeous side-slicked look tonight at the #teenchoiceawards AND for making us both #laugh non stop w/his great stories and awesome energy :) #teamwork is EVERYTHING! #cacklefest #friendpride #tca #bts @tartecosmetics #lovemyjob
talented - bts - teenchoiceawards - shailenewoodley - hairstylist - lovemyjob - teamwork - laugh - tca - friendpride - cacklefest -
cailenoble : πŸ˜‚πŸŽ‰πŸ˜˜
roxylook : I'm ready when you are girl! @sarahschussheim 😘
violettakomyshan : She was perfect!!!
rbrookesmith : :)
broooke.smith : So happy for her πŸ˜‰
beautybybrenda17 : Very cool!
emilyshields_ : So proud of her!!
devinecolor : Great #selfbe
anissamakeup - diver.geent - sarah_bee_7 -
My #STUNNING #bestie #shailenewoodley glowing in @tartecosmetics & on her way to the #teenchoiceawards 😍 #bff #friendpride #tca #divergent #tfios #makeupartist #makeup #gratitude #lovemyjob @themagnetagency
gratitude - bestie - makeup - bff - teenchoiceawards - shailenewoodley - stunning - lovemyjob - tfios - divergent - makeupartist - friendpride - tca -
evetorresgracie : You guys ROCK MY WORLD!
seemasaurusrex : @ngamanda87 your face looked like shai's last night 😁
michelle._.comes_a_long_wayyy : @your1shoutouts
michelle._.comes_a_long_wayyy : @20dollarshoutouts got me 1k
boomendoza126 : I love you and shai makeup @roxylook
aloha.shailene : you are so lucky that you know shai I would do absolutely anything to meet her
emma4ross : Okay I'm going to get some tarte makeup know tht shai where's it
hazelgort : why is shailene in toronto right now? is it for fan expo?(:
hungergamesanddivergent - hunter_bianca - shifaarmia_ - diannshai -
Can't wait to finally see @ajonestakespics' winning brunette turn, leading tonight's performance of @BulletsOverBway. He'll be back to his crown and fair hair soon! @cinderellabway #friendpride
friendpride -
_singingsiren_ : I saw him u/s in Bullets a few weeks ago and he was absolutely fantastic!!
laura_osnes : Yasss @judithsomerville_
valerierios_ : @vanessa.sierra babe
vanessa.sierra : @valerierios_ brb crying πŸ˜­πŸ’–
torivouk : @mntarallo @_juliasinger @lesser1099 @thea_fogel bæ
mntarallo : Always and forever @torivouk @lesser1099 @thea_fogel @_juliasinger
ckstudent2016 : Your were awesome in cinderella
natashadanna : You guys are amazing together. My @twindollicious girls loved watching you tonight! Though one of them truly wanted to share the stage with you #future actress :):) all the best!
alorahelaine1 - raciemay197 - theasalazar - thatonepolarbear -
L'Arte dei Rumore i el Manifesto Futurista em van al pelo. I la @nuriafrius ho sap. πŸš¨πŸ“¬πŸŒˆπŸ‘― #postcardsfromNY #futurisme #rumore #arte #marinetti #twinnies #amor #siameseconnection #miamigaladoctora #friendpride #amiguers
futurisme - siameseconnection - marinetti - friendpride - rumore - arte - amiguers - miamigaladoctora - amor - postcardsfromny - twinnies -
adabrug - thisorder - moperis - martosalba -
Getting my #STEPUP5 #babe @brianaevigan ready for a day of #STEPUPALLIN press ...Can you tell how much we #LOVE @kohgendo's #moisterfoundation?! 😍 #flawless #makeup #makeupartist #friendpride #stepupmovie #lovemyjob @tanyaabriol @themagnetagency 😘
moisterfoundation - babe - makeup - stepupallin - stepup5 - flawless - stepupmovie - lovemyjob - love - makeupartist - friendpride -
tywatkinsphoto : Awesome
kohgendo : Love this and such a cute pic!
bunz11 : Love it!!!
caramariexoxo - cotton_candy_randy - kealakennelly -
Beaming with #friendpride at @kathrynpinkham with her #sleeptherapy piece in #Nottinghampost today https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=234493863341075
sleeptherapy - friendpride - nottinghampost -
paulieboi01 : As styled by me
jsscpnkhm : Arghhh. This is amazing. Well done yorkie @kathrynpinkham
avoce - jsscpnkhm - mskmarsh1 -
Reunited w/my one & only SIZZLE @kealakennelly... LET THE "GAMES" BEGIN πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ’ƒ #bff #gemininess #leoness #surfsup #friendpride #badass #evillaugh #love #cacklefest
love - bff - gemininess - surfsup - leoness - evillaugh - badass - friendpride - cacklefest -
nettiescrub : Where you been?
tarsansup : Great catching up with both of you last night. Have fun in HB
oceanluvkitty : When u gonna be in HB KK & RL??
brianaevigan : @roxylook text me I lost ur #
sanoebear : 😍
jadealectra - chelsea_palma - the_beautybeam - _sandysousa -
Be sure to pic up the brilliant @vintagepopsoul's new single! It's #everything, and features a little cover image by me. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/everything-single/id898562213 #photographer #beauty #glam #redlips #friendpride
everything - beauty - glam - photographer - redlips - friendpride -
sydmo7 - drex_toronto - jessicahoffmanbeauty - inspirethebride -
Backstage with some of our favorite #maggots on #Broadway. #ghostlight #matilda #friendpride PS- this is still one of the most magical shows I've ever seen.
broadway - matilda - ghostlight - friendpride - maggots -
marisakennedy : :)
wintercollins - michelle_xinxin - darthstafford - stefgrass -
Letting a little art dust off my soul, exploring the creations of my super talented friend @amelieismyname. #friendpride
friendpride -
nick_bonus - margaretcnix - auntpatr - behariberhysaj -
My favorite Russian #happypride #friendpride #5thave #beautifulday @evgenykuprashevich #ifonlywehadmustaches
beautifulday - happypride - 5thave - friendpride - ifonlywehadmustaches -
niniweiner : Love you cupcake!
irenyc - tesspot321 - weirdisbond - katasaurus7 -
What's happening in your neighborhood? #anthropride #friendpride
anthropride - friendpride -
jamiestjames - essa_deee - levityler -
San Francisco!!! It's a good day, everyday you're with your friends! #friendpride #mymilton #howboutsomeoneelsehaveadrink #isheablowfish
isheablowfish - howboutsomeoneelsehaveadrink - friendpride - mymilton -
mctifferson - onelovekika - ms3ho - pinkroot2 -
Major friend pride today! First I got to see our best friend @jaseboards' new indoor skatepark (opening soon in Lindon), then I stopped by my wonderful childhood friend's (@justbowen and @lindsbowen's) AWESOME new shave ice shack, @wasatch_wisp, in Heber! (If you're in Utah, you've GOT to go for a visit!) // Growing up and seeing people I love doing super cool stuff makes me so overwhelmingly happy. Life is really cool, you know?
leikacornwell : @natalienorton, it's totally normal that I just seriously contemplated whether a trip to Utah would be too far to go for shave ice, right? Just don't tell me there are malasadas too, or I will not be able to stop myself!! :) Hawaii, it's been too long!!
jhofheins : My son has a jase board. He must be a friend of your from Hawaii?? We bought it at Costco, where he was selling them last year. Nice guy!
lindsbowen : NNNAAAATTTT! So sad I missed you yesterday! This post was so sweet. XOXO
natalienorton : @jhofheins yes! He started the company after running over our son's skateboard and building him a new one. 😍
natalienorton : @lindsbowen πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
lisa_harbertson : We are @wasatch_wisp fans! @lindsbowen and @justbowen moved to my neighborhood last year, they are awesome! My 3 year old asks for "wispee" everyday!
kilajill : Saw this... I'm dying to try the frozen hot choco!
justbowen : Nat! Thanks SO much! Good to see ya! Hope the reunion was everything you dreamed it would be (including the J. Anson part;). Hope we all can get together before you leave!
mickishacaye - soozinstar - keniklan - jenlomarie -
My latest piece of pride work on stands now featuring my girl #shailenewoodley looking #gorgeous as ever on the cover of #womenshealthmag 😍 SUPER CREATIVE TALENTS: @tomschirmacher (PHOTO) & @keithcarpenterhair (HAIR) #makeup used: #REJUVAMINERALS @physiciansformula @tartecosmetics #healthyissexy #bff #lovemyjob #gratitude #friendpride #makeupartist @themagnetagency
gratitude - gorgeous - ahshit - healthyissexy - bff - lovemyjob - makeupartist - makeup - signseverywhere - shailenewoodley - womenshealthmag - rejuvaminerals - friendpride -
roxylook : Haha!! I will happily pass word for YOU my favorite mexican!!! ;) and how did you know that's one of our FAVORITE songs?! #ahshit #signseverywhere @savagealexander
chandratandjung : Please do my make up one day!!! πŸ’„β€οΈπŸ™Œ
roxylook : I would loooove to beautiful! I need to get back to your side of the world soon! Hope everything is amazing with you and your family 😘 @chandratandjung
ferrermildred : Now i know your the reason why shai is so more beautiful..plss. tell her im ahuge fan of her i hope that u can visit philippines..coz she love naturals theres alot of natural nature that u could find and philippines hope that i day u could come with shai..love u both:-)
julisa.batista : Would you do my makeup one day soon @roxylook
empresstiffa : @ferrermildred glad i found another filipina Shai Woodley fan. :)) #bigfan here
ferrermildred : @ms._shansel glad meet you girl...huge fan..hahaha
alliyah_degrace : Does she have insta
taiinamarques - diverge__our__stars__ - sheonsel - sophie10_89 -
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