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#hello #newyorkcity #imback . #뉴욕 #데일리 #themet #아련돋네 #reminiscing #freshmanyear #날씨베리굿 #여유롭다 #instadaily #lifeinnyc
데일리 - newyorkcity - lifeinnyc - 뉴욕 - imback - freshmanyear - 여유롭다 - 아련돋네 - 날씨베리굿 - themet - instadaily - hello - reminiscing -
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Just finished recording the new track, banger. #DONMafiaMuzik #FreshmanYear
donmafiamuzik - freshmanyear -
zentlyyy - luciilovee_ - rimasamir01 - kylerp -
And just like that, freshman year is done. I didn't believe that a year could change my life so quickly and now I stand on the other side more confident. College has been a wonderful experience that I couldn't have had without my floor, dorm, and friends. I look forward for more years to come. #freshmanyear #college #done #sigma #biola #beloved #ontosummer
college - ontosummer - beloved - done - biola - sigma - freshmanyear -
freevibrationz : ☺
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Man forget about no new friends#friends#utsa#latenights#freshmanyear
latenights - friends - utsa - freshmanyear -
jessiccaalin : LOL WTF WHEN WAS THIS
jjthegreat36 : Sometime in April
ooh_willem : Hahaa wtf? I'm with @jessiccaalin on this one. Also where was this?
jjthegreat36 : It was that party at Prada
johnathan_james - yeahtheyloveara - jessiloveesyou - mermaidgabry -
Freshman year: RIGHT Senior year: LEFT Haaiiii HAIII fooorrrrces!!! HAAII YAII FORCES!! Haaaaiii YOOO!!! #berserk #berserkmillenniumfalcon #berserkanime2016 #berserkmanga #theblackswordsman #kentaromiura #miurakentaro #miurasensei #gutts #guts #gattsu #beastofdarkness #freshmanyear #senioryear
theblackswordsman - berserkmanga - miurasensei - guts - senioryear - gutts - freshmanyear - berserkmillenniumfalcon - miurakentaro - gattsu - beastofdarkness - berserkanime2016 - kentaromiura - berserk -
sobunos : F U
kuyalaw : @sobunos ;3
wholesale_mattress_company - guts_the_blackswordsman - sobunos -
Summer finna be lit, freshman on you niggas. #DONMafiaMuzik #FreshmanYear #Moshunn
donmafiamuzik - moshunn - freshmanyear -
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Throwback to Homecoming Night ☺️👑💙😻 #freshmanyear #homecoming #2k15 #cute #pretty #like #likeforlike #heels #dress #tbnt
cute - 2k15 - like - tbnt - freshmanyear - likeforlike - pretty - heels - dress - homecoming -
tonya.lynne : Beautiful my love 😘😘😘😘 love you @wavyy.essence
wavyy.essence : Love you too ❤😘 @tonya.lynne
rollinwitsierra - mooniesheart - mrshayw - c_x2_ -
MANAGING MY LIFE & MY STUDIES Led by a group of young black women currently enrolled in college (and one graduate, @ivycoco23), this particular session’s objective is to provide candid advice and useful strategies to help graduating high school seniors navigate the complex freshman-year terrain by helping them avoid common mistakes made by new college students. The goal is to aid them in the ‘how to’s’ of managing education, a social life, and career aspirations; and how to make the most of their undergraduate years. Ivy “Coco” Maurice is a fashionable, forthright, life & style blogger who is fascinated with global adventure, education, retail and is a true believer in black girl magic. Ivy graduated from Syracuse University with honors in 3 years at the age of 20 with a degree in Economics and a concentration in Retail Management. She is expanding her IvyCoco brand and blog while being bi coastal between Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Ivy was recently named a 2016 Sexy Single for Philadelphia’s Daily News, proving it’s possible to be sophisticated and sexy. When she isn’t influencing the social media world with her large presence, she is styling music videos for some of today’s mainstream artists. With her life experiences, knowledge, and skills, she is determined to make the world a better place for young women and girls. #ForTheLoveOfBlackGirls!#UYSSeniorWeekend2016 #College#ClassOf2016 #FreshmanYear#ForSeniorsOnly #BlackGirlInspiration!
classof2016 - college - blackgirlinspiration - fortheloveofblackgirls - uysseniorweekend2016 - forseniorsonly - freshmanyear -
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#firstoverthefencehomerun #freshmanyear #mamasgirl
firstoverthefencehomerun - mamasgirl - freshmanyear -
trevorlewis607 - jared_lucht - sarahlv__ - click._get_10.076._.followers -
I know it aint Thursday but #TBT ya boy came a looooooooooooong way this story is classic @itscelebcell_fool and @sekond2none hahaha... #2006 #FreshmanYear #UNLV #RatchetDays #IHadNoChoice #LetMeShowALilMagicTrick
2006 - freshmanyear - ratchetdays - letmeshowalilmagictrick - ihadnochoice - tbt - unlv -
aquilegikx - torzijami52 - bleynatlh - wanuacki0u -
When you're too lazy too go back and readjust all the photos in a collage so you just put a generic filter over the entire thing...😂 Thanks to everyone who helped make freshman year not suck and I love all of you guys a lot 😊❤️ #summer #freshmanyear #thebingetime
summer - thebingetime - freshmanyear -
desonginlife : @makaylafox_ @katelynnfaithh Love you two to the moon and back 💖🌜
happylittlelils : Love you more than life
desonginlife : @happylittlelils you make my life 😍
apekshyaaa : love youu!!!!
alexazuloaga - bruhitzellie - dontoiiin - tangmool -
13 years of different hair styles and glasses and endlessly correcting people that we're not ACTUALLY sisters! Obviously I love it 👯💓 I love you @melissagoodland Today's the day you're getting married!! #specialdayformelanddre #memorylane #bff #besties #ssu #fuckbees #freshmanyear #psychmajors #weddingday #tahoe
psychmajors - memorylane - tahoe - besties - bff - ssu - freshmanyear - fuckbees - specialdayformelanddre - weddingday -
kwieds : You two are so cute. Can't wait to celebrate with you guys tonight!
tania.simon8 - misscorinne86 - girlcollin - mal_mals -
-You'll Regret It,Trust Me I Know... #freshman #freshmanyear
freshman - freshmanyear -
thatsmally : I know you do lol@
_guapamole : Bruhhhhh THE MOST idiotic thing I ever did in my life 😥😂
humanteddybear22 : Man my first class next semester on Monday is at 1pm @_guapamole & @thatsmally
thatsmally - xqueennishax - doneato - an_wat_the_fuck_u_want -
Feeling proud of myself for not giving up and taking the easy way out!!! Freshman year successfully completed and one more year to go for my masters degree !! #nopainnogain #freshmanyear #feelingaccomplished
feelingaccomplished - nopainnogain - freshmanyear -
wholesale_mattress_company -
I told myself ever since freshman year that I would take one picture of myself every year on the first day of school then make s collage of the four pictures at the end of my senior year. Yesterday was my last day of high school ever and I never imagined my adventures would ever be this interesting. I still can't believe it's over and I'm on to a whole new chapter of my life. High school gave me so many friends, some enemies, lovers, a number of heart breaks, people who would pick me up from those heart breaks, and countless memories that will last a life time. I love everyone I met in highschool, even the people that hate me, why? Because they make me who I am today and I know I'm strong and pushing past all the dumb and immature drama within high school. I may have moved, but I came back to receive my medallion, kick on the football field one last time as a golden spur, and graduate with my best friends since elementary or middle school. God bless. #senioryear #junioryear #sophomoreyear #freshmanyear
sophomoreyear - junioryear - senioryear - freshmanyear -
samantharodriguez23 : Welcome to adulthood, kid. It sucks ass, lmao. 😂 but congratulations. I feel old af now. 😐😂 love you, Britt. 💖
brittmoreno : @samantharodriguez23 Whenever you call me kid, it always reminds me of freshman year 😂 Love you Sam💖
ed_g97 - andy_gonzalez20 - amy_galvan - w.i.l.d.t.h.i.n.g -
Braden's Baseball collage for his First season in HS ball⚾️⚾️ #baseball #proudmom #baseballislife #freshmanyear
baseballislife - proudmom - baseball - freshmanyear -
freevibrationz : Wow!
melissa_w.04 - derekalvarezart - ballplayerplus - loridawnbling -
This almost sums up freshman year.... 😂 #thatfirstvideotho #fails #freshmanyear #DontWorry #HeDidntDie
dontworry - fails - hedidntdie - thatfirstvideotho - freshmanyear - : @sarahlee0901 @middlepeach_13
drhaus_ : 😂😂😂 you guys are so funny!!
bglick_21 : I love this!
dannaydx - drhaus_ - abbyjgresham3 - brooki.eeee -
Throwback!! #1998 #FreshmanYear #FDHS #GoPatriots
gopatriots - 1998 - fdhs - freshmanyear -
anthonybbmog : Memories!
thenaturalteacher - mrro2213 - kiwisfruit1983 - patsbruins2 -
Une personne sans qui je ne serais plus de ce monde depuis longtemps! Une personne qui n'a probablement pas idée de l'importance qu'il occupe dans ma vie. La meilleure famille possible d'avoir et un model pour moi depuis toujours! Mon frère!!! @badxspirit #frere #monfrere #bro #brother #brothers #mybrother #famille #family #inspiration #model #bigbro #modele #happy #happyness #smile #beaubonhomme #wedding #class #freshmanyear #love #rolemodel #him #himself #he #me #myself #hi
monfrere - himself - love - brothers - family - class - him - bro - hi - wedding - famille - modele - he - me - myself - beaubonhomme - rolemodel - inspiration - brother - happyness - freshmanyear - frere - smile - model - bigbro - mybrother - happy -
noamcartozo - doudou4492 - buyfollowers4cheap2 - leone_sara -
Friends in the 6iX, thank you for making me an unforgettable freshman year. I cannot express how thankful I am to have a chance meeting you guys in Toronto, my first year can be much worse without friends. I truly love the people here, but I just hate the winter in Toronto . Therefore I've decided it's time to move again, I'm going back to Vancouver and continue my undergrad degree at SFU. Bye YYZ. Hi Vancity, it's me for the second time. PS. Please don't be mad if I forgot to tag u here😊 Photo Credit: @yuri_020 順帶一提,多謝你令我平淡無奇既宿舍生活增添左不少既樂趣。See ya🖖🏾 #6iX #Drake #yorku #freshmanyear #reslife #dorm #toronto #friends #buddies #vancouver #torontowinter #SFU #sorry #byetoronto
toronto - yorku - byetoronto - torontowinter - buddies - drake - freshmanyear - reslife - vancouver - sfu - dorm - sorry - friends - 6ix -
a.gray.xo : Christmas and summer breaks I'll be in BC so if you ever want to catch up I'll be around SFU is really close to my house :)
yuri_020 : !!!!你不回来了!!!
mborkowski96 : WING! Gonna miss you too man! Made first year way more enjoyable then it could've been!!
austinwhetton : WING!!!! Thanks buddy gunna miss ya pal!
thatscheryl - champagnepapipl - hohotse - c.uee -
After all , Life goes on .🏃🏼🏫 #freshmanyear
freshmanyear -
lemeii - ibb.aubb - _pdream - taviahc___eem -
Wouldn't have made it through #freshmanyear without these friends ❤️💛💁🏽 #kareefromwithin #may2016 #unilife
may2016 - unilife - kareefromwithin - freshmanyear -
jujeee : @yastonnue ว้าย55555
bbttxxii : ซ้ำแต่สวย
talldarkinfluencer : ⭐
giojzi : 👏
sasicakee - im.miim - newzmunlirat - yastonnue -
Oh look, it took 4 years but I got a hair cut and learned how to angle. #freshmanyear #senioryear #graduated
graduated - senioryear - freshmanyear -
joycelinf_97 - dragana_kartalija - baesic97 - guapo_guero98 -
#FreshmanYear #HighschoolMemories
highschoolmemories - freshmanyear -
mirandavargaspaz - youngeranalisa - jenniferjaimess - melaniecuellar -
I also found my #B2BadAss #tshirt in the #storageshed!! #ThrowBack #2007 #2008 #MonmouthCollege #Monmouth #College #Freshman #FreshmanYear #Freshmen #Dorm #Dorms #DormRoom #DormRooms #MC #Scots #FightingScots #Monmouth #B2 #B2BadAsses #BadAss #BadAsses #MeanTempered #TroubleMaker #Liedman #FreshmanYearOfCollege #Flashback #blueandwhite #shirts
b2badass - blueandwhite - monmouth - freshmanyearofcollege - liedman - throwback - dormroom - b2badasses - freshman - tshirt - scots - college - shirts - b2 - dorm - flashback - troublemaker - badass - meantempered - monmouthcollege - dorms - mc - badasses - dormrooms - freshmen - freshmanyear - storageshed - fightingscots - 2008 - 2007 -
albarizoo : Ayyyy fellow instagrammer! Go to ⬅️⬅️ to obtain hundreds followers & likes on your page daily! It's sweet! 🤑
lensindo : Amazing pic! Your insta is pretty cool. You should visit this site ➡️➡️ to obtain 2000 follows on your IG every single day! 🤑
talldarkinfluencer : ❤
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From freshman year to now 👭 Jessie was the first roommate I ever had! I can't even begin with how many memories I have with this beautiful person. All I know is that we had some great memories-and I very much enjoyed my college experience with you by my side. We were so bad. Hahahahahahaha. I don't regret it at all! Love you to the moon and back. Can't wait to see what life has in store for you! Happy graduation to the first friend I made in college. Poop 💩, we did it! #sfsu #sanfrancisco #graduation #attpark #giants #freshmanyear #alumlife #newyork #fashionista #shesadesigner #chineseempress #empressjessie #poopower
giants - sanfrancisco - newyork - fashionista - empressjessie - graduation - freshmanyear - shesadesigner - attpark - poopower - sfsu - chineseempress - alumlife - : 축하해 haha
jessiemrice : Oh my gosh love you Liz! We did it!
eshasinghal : Awh congrats you two 😘
krisstahrae : Congratulations Liz😘🍾!!!!!!!
movingqi - duboisjr_ - maswance - omezzz -
Its My Sister Birthday!!! Yall Show Her Some Love And Tell Her Happy Birthday. #OldPic #FreshmanYear #BeenAtItBeforeTwitterNames #Twin @samsquare2 💙🎈🎉🎊🎁‼️
beenatitbeforetwitternames - freshmanyear - twin - oldpic -
samsquare2 : Thank you my love😘😘
samsquare2 - _alberthagan - yaj.woods - dlm.___ -
18 years later he's still my least favorite person on earth. #besties #1997 #ua #rolltide #poweroftwo #freshmanyear #pattyupthemiddleonemoretime
besties - rolltide - 1997 - poweroftwo - pattyupthemiddleonemoretime - ua - freshmanyear -
haleydanielle24 - mcdonaldts9 - followersproved - carmenfbrewer -
HOLY THROWBACK. . #freshmanyear
freshmanyear -
adjt300 - austin_jknox - don_corleone28 - cmakrilos -
Imma miss y'all guys this summer! I hope everyone has an awesome summer. 🌴🌴☀️🌴🌴.Thanks everyone for making it a good 1st year in High School for me. 💯💯. See everyone Next Year 😌🔥. #summer2k16 #lookingforrevenge #freshmanyear #soontobesophomores #perfectpic #blur #amazingtimes #schooldays #missyou #weird #derp #weknow #getonmylevel #getonourlevel #nohashtag #endofchapter1 #lifechoices #seeyouagain #imtheplug 🔌🔌2015-2016 School Year Finish. ✔️✔️
nohashtag - imtheplug - derp - getonourlevel - weknow - lifechoices - lookingforrevenge - getonmylevel - perfectpic - missyou - endofchapter1 - seeyouagain - freshmanyear - amazingtimes - soontobesophomores - blur - weird - summer2k16 - schooldays -
isaiah_x_903 - edwin___argueta9 - smxx.13 - kikibug8776 -
Going through all my clothes and turns out I can still wear my t-shirt from freshman year of choir! #2006 #2007 #freshmanyear #highschool
highschool - 2006 - 2007 - freshmanyear -
leonabulgarita : Getlnstafollowers•org is the best method to recieve 10K+ followers & likes! What's the wait? Give it a go now! 😒
freevibrationz - redneck_girl91 - madisonleigh64 - biancabrotherton -
Started High School with you as my Bestfriend, & ended it with you as my Boyfriend ❤👫 #freshmanyear ➡ #senioryear
senioryear - freshmanyear -
daddy.del.rey : #AboutTIME !
jessica_parra0311 : Foreaal about time ! Shooot been their since like freshman year waiting 💝
verogonzalez_760 : what a beautiful result ! y'all look so cute together ♡♡
toe_jepox : Goals af 😭🔐💛💯
jess__cabral - _mariiianaaa - sheila_gonzalez - ____gabbyyy____ -
Haven't taken a pic like this since college freshman year. #college #freshmanyear #funny #jerseyshore #tattoos #guages #nosehoop #piercings #beard #selfie #angles
tattoos - nosehoop - selfie - guages - freshmanyear - funny - jerseyshore - piercings - angles - college - beard -
joebragiel - wichura12 - meninkilts - christina_tomoe_kuran -
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