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The mud was thick and tacky on Sunday in Acampo, just the way Brad likes it! #saccx
saccx - freshairhunter -
freshairhunter : #freshairhunter
thomaslapeyrie - sameder - thebobbiestbob - k08840engiya -
"Hunter Cycles" の絵。 #nobeyamacx @condorcazador #huntercycles #freshairhunter #simworks #circlesjapan
simworks - freshairhunter - nobeyamacx - circlesjapan - huntercycles -
siberianredneck : @condorcazador run, Rick run! Mud bog!!!
geoffreycolburn : Judging by your size, Rick, I thought you'd be an around-the-headtube kind of guy
geoffreycolburn : @condorcazador shouldering that is
freshairhunter - tekeji - nnaammbbaa - noe_noe_a.m -
Nails on the podium yet again at Coyote Point!! Go Kathleen go!! #freshairhunter 💪💪
freshairhunter -
sarah.nade : Hell yeah @kathleenhbryan good work!!!
kathleenhbryan : Thanks @sarah.nade you were missed
paulcomponent : 🙌👍👊🚲👌
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Kathleen battling for third right now at Coyote Point #freshairhunter #simworks #unapizzanapoletana #basp
simworks - freshairhunter - basp - unapizzanapoletana -
carolinedezendorf : Yea @kathleenhbryan woot woot
legorcicli - talitarpo - benracescross - vridesbikes -
Pin me! Travis helps Kathleen out at the Aptos #surfcitycx race. #huntercycles
surfcitycx - freshairhunter - huntercycles -
freshairhunter : #freshairhunter
kathleenhbryan : Someday I'll figure out to do it myself.....
leahplack : @kathleenhbryan team bonding - may we never have to pin our own numbers
vivelatartecx - nnaammbbaa - porcelainrocket -
@condorcazador powerd by sushi !! so fast !! #freshairhunter #huntercycles #nobeyamacx
freshairhunter - nobeyamacx - huntercycles -
freshairhunter : Sushi power!!
otb_overthebar - gokawai - ants2365 - robkristoff -
Hunter style across the pond #nobeyamacx #HUNTERCYCLES #freshairhunter #simworks
simworks - freshairhunter - nobeyamacx - huntercycles -
unapizzanapoletana - otb_overthebar - ants2365 - trebla3g -
@hppotatoes at the final #surfcitycx on Sunday. Just another run in the mud! ☁️☔️✌️#freshairhunter #simworks #unapizzanapolitana #peanutbutter
simworks - surfcitycx - freshairhunter - unapizzanapolitana - peanutbutter -
hppotatoes : Fwomph fwomph fwomph!
unapizzanapoletana - teamcaletti - gongeum_e - r__ng_ll_gh_r -
Garrett dropping into the slop this weekend in Watsonville #surfcitycx #freshairhunter 📷 @vernor
surfcitycx - freshairhunter -
ornotbike : @strawfoot your everywhere today!
teamcaletti - ants2365 - bicyclesportcharlotte - r__ng_ll_gh_r -
Finished 5th today in Open B's and 2nd overall in the series. #perfectattendance #neverbeenonthebox #surfcitycx #freshairhunter
neverbeenonthebox - freshairhunter - surfcitycx - perfectattendance -
adventureswithyork : Werk mama!
thecureissaltwater : 👏👏👏
bradhandel : Yes! Crushed it this season, good work dude. Long mtb rides soon!?
alyssaramer : You're on the fucking podium!
strawfoot : @bradhandel yes please!
strawfoot : @alyssaramer so weird, so pumped!
k_fritz : Nice work. Congrats!!! @strawfoot
narrlee : NICE!!! It is now definitely in the blood!!!
freshairhunter - munmeolg - peddelfaster -
Today was really hard, but so fun racing in the mud. #freshairhunter #surfcitycx
surfcitycx - freshairhunter -
randonnerd : Ha looks awesome.
svalorosi : Messy fun!
bicykyle : way different than the dry races we're used to, but it was so fun!
unapizzanapoletana - teamcaletti - planet_bike - will_askew -
Arcade socks are guaranteed to boost your vertical leap. #freshairhunter #strawfoot
strawfoot - freshairhunter -
evenskaar : My best purchase today by far! Even taking into account the box of gingerbread I just got at the store...
strawfoot : @evenskaar wait, gingerbread with frosting??
to_show_love : I'd hate to see what your vertical was before putting on these socks.
ekimonitnerref : that was some inspired beer drinking by you and @vernor last night, @strawfoot ...
strawfoot : @to_show_love not good
ithought_itwas_coo : Dang those are cool @strawfoot
emmaussat : 😍
darabebe : @dm_rivera @mickf2
unapizzanapoletana - kooztee - outsideisfred - nnaammbbaa -
Arcade socks for @freshairhunter are here. Get one, get three! #freshairhunter #strawfoot
strawfoot - freshairhunter -
ornotbike : Ha. Awesome!
burttruong : @mncdeleon love these!
mncdeleon : I know! So tempted @burttruong
kenjidesigns : Want
k_fritz : @charlesdeluxe You might want a pair of these. 😳
jonnybrat : @strawfoot Ordered ALL three colors! Shipped yesterday :-D
strawfoot : @jonnybrat thanks! They're packaged and labeled, mail man comes on Monday
jonnybrat : @strawfoot Woooo Hoooo!
unapizzanapoletana - nnaammbbaa - otb_overthebar - saltyspokes -
Look what just showed up. More later... #freshairhunter #strawfoot
strawfoot - freshairhunter -
weightshift : Hot colors!
dvnder : I guess that's my cue to finally place an order!
leahplack : 🙌🙌
slowlyblack : Wool?
strawfoot : @slowlyblack synthetic, aireator
blackcoffeecycling - nnaammbbaa - ryan_nonu - 28suni -
#freshairhunter #cx #basp
cx - freshairhunter - basp -
leahplack : @kathleenhbryan!
charries_cafe - daryl_argh - mikeandbikes - ornotbike -
Another perfect day of racing with @kathleenhbryan! I am so grateful for my @freshairhunter teammates Kathleen and Heather - they push me to ride my hardest whether we're racing or training together. I wish every weekend could be muddy like this...loved those slippery corners!
freshairhunter - basp -
carolinedezendorf : Yay girls!!
californiaweirdo : Hells yeah!
condorcazador : Big Time !
leahplack : @condorcazador Tom Simpson told me he was sad you missed it...
dybbsy : ❤️
leahplack : #basp
paulcomponent : 🙌
cwhannon : Congratulations!
kenhobikeshop - hppotatoes - 40sqft - iamchristophe38 -
HP in the sunshine and on the dirt at Candlestick. #freshairhunter
freshairhunter -
peterkoch : Sick angle!
ccvolata - digableblankets - bike_rider80 - chilli_willi1 -
やばい、走らなきゃ! Aw. YABAI. No time to train this week Coach... So I will bike to work for 2 hours tomorrow. My 1st CX race is coming up next weekend!! gaaaah! 来週末、人生初のシクロクロスレースに出るのに、ぜんぜん走ってナイ!💦 明日は自走で!🚲☀︎ #nobeyamacx #huntersimworkscxteam #simworks #huntercycles #freshairbicycles #freshairhunter #circlesjapan @simworks
freshairhunter - nobeyamacx - simworks - freshairbicycles - huntercycles - circlesjapan - huntersimworkscxteam -
rinakanajelly - eckerpower - daisysgrocery - tamagoojisan -
These guys...😍😘💪#freshairhunter
freshairhunter -
troublecoffeeco : Jealous
geoffreycolburn : Where's Kyle?
leahplack : @geoffreycolburn Kyle was sorely missed... @1love4jah
1love4jah : Miss you guys too!!!!! 💕
hppotatoes - 1love4jah - 40sqft - porcelainrocket -
A quick power-up at the 🏰. New @wildernesstrailbikes Cross Boss tires are AWESOME!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️#freshairhunter #simworks #huntercycles
simworks - freshairhunter - huntercycles -
ratballz : I wish I buried my rats there.
rashupee : Nice bike. Your rear cable routing is better than mine.
rashupee - hppotatoes - mikkelsnedig - stevendavin -
Don't forget to follow @freshairhunter We LOVE this cross team!!!! #freshairhunter #simworks #unapizzanapolitana #huntercycles
simworks - freshairhunter - unapizzanapolitana - huntercycles -
vivelatartecx - wkcorb - 4ckyohey -
Fully QR'd ... Thanks for the rad quick sticks @paulcomponent ! #freshairhunter
freshairhunter -
paulcomponent : 💙 @condorcazador
paulcomponent : @robkristoff we did a small run of blue skewers for @freshairhunter . We're planning on doing more runs of colored skewers pretty soon. Any color requests?
petermtaylor : Whoa
dinoadventures : Damn fine
robkristoff : @paulcomponent GOLD
skyec123 : #campvibes
condorcazador : @skyec123 👏 I like it, someone had to..
waltness : @paulcomponent pink - to match the crazy mini motos and seatpost I got from y'all earlier in the year...
dezlizrd - esmibici - bn_duncan - ryo.yam -
@kathleenhbryan first season back and already grabbing podiums in the A's! She stepped off the bike and had a calm conversation while breastfeeding her baby, as if she hadn't just STOMPED a cross race! 🔨#FreshAirHunter #unapizzanapolitana #huntercycles #surfcitycx #simworks
simworks - surfcitycx - freshairhunter - unapizzanapolitana - huntercycles -
leahplack : 😍😍
carlgauger3 : Badass
kathleenhbryan : Thanks folks- Such a fun day out there w the team esp working w @leahplack !
paulcomponent : 👍👊👌
rashupee : Nails
craftandcog - blackcoffeecycling - nnaammbbaa - 7speedhobo -
Super fun day racing with friends. Couldn't catch the lead group, but had a blast. 📷: @condorcazador #freshairhunter #strawfoot
strawfoot - surfcitycx - freshairhunter -
johnprolly : Dad strength!
strawfoot : @johnprolly God, I hope I get that soon...
geoffreycolburn : Eric @boxdogbikes said he was trying to reel you in
strawfoot : @geoffreycolburn he was, but ran out of time...I couldn't catch lee
geoffreycolburn : We have to got keep @slonie in sight. And that other guy needs to cat up
nnaammbbaa : Bummed I missed out boys @geoffreycolburn @strawfoot
geoffreycolburn : Don't worry I missed out too @nnaammbbaa
slonie : @geoffreycolburn @strawfoot Good racing with you guys!
poppaknopp - sumiron_ghosh - marilia.grazielle.1 - gasper.zobaric -
@condorcazador in the shred zone at Surf City. #freshairhunter
freshairhunter -
freshairhunter - 7speedhobo - bnietmann - davescoc91 -
So fun to chase @kathleenhbryan around! Had a blast racing through the woods today. Good vibes and people, would expect nothing less from Surf City. #freshairhunter
surfcitycx - freshairhunter -
raylasol : Nice, lady!
hppotatoes : Yes!
furlycurly : 👏
californiaweirdo : Both a youz!👏👏👏
bradhandel : Yeaaaa!!!!!
mostcoast : Congrats! 🌟
rashupee : Fresh ladies!
leahplack : #surfcitycx
kenhobikeshop - hppotatoes - mostcoast - iamchristophe38 -
A's warmup in the labyrinth at #surfcitycx #Simworks #unapizzanapolitana #freshairhunter #huntercycles
simworks - surfcitycx - freshairhunter - unapizzanapolitana - huntercycles -
monkeywrenchcycles_ne : Fast guy frame builders!
7speedhobo : Sweet
nnaammbbaa - 7speedhobo - porcelainrocket - benracescross -
T-Wizard smoking down... #surfcitycx #freshairhunter @freshairhunter
surfcitycx - freshairhunter -
daryl_argh : Wish I was rippn with you guys today. Stick it to em.
7speedhobo : Burn baby burn
badvalues : Welcome back t-dawg
paperthinly : Back in the game.
jpyatt : Smokey's package though... #hunglikeabear
jeremiahkille : @condorcazador psyched on the new t-shirt, thanks!
dflbrad : That bear is stacked
condorcazador : @dflbrad fully bulged ...
unapizzanapoletana - outsideisfred - ydj_2008 - living_minimal -
Ralpher, trailblazer.
freshairhunter - huntercycles -
passandstowracks : Super hot.
porcelainrocket : Haha!!
targetsalad : Never not on it.
1love4jah : Typical...Hamms and trailblazing 🚬🍁
strawfoot : @1love4jah🎄🚵🍕⚡️
strawfoot : #huntercycles #freshairhunter
condorcazador : Cougar Country...
geoffreycolburn : Hell of blazed
outsideisfred - team_yo_team - beerbear0510 - will_askew -
Rick tearing it up out there. Real proud to wear this guy's name on my jersey...#huntersaremyfavorite
huntersaremyfavorite - freshairhunter -
coffeeandeggs : Rad pic Leah
hppotatoes : Papa Long Legs tearing it up out there tonight!
leahplack : #freshairhunter
rashupee - kenhobikeshop - smedberg66 - 40sqft -
Freshies with a sprinkle of Wolfie. #freshairhunter
freshairhunter -
freudenfreud : Dang. Wish I could have made it there!
kathleenhbryan : Nice one!
josephison : The line up!!
ornotbike : Fun night. Thx for the encouragement!
hppotatoes : @freudenfreud You missed a good one!
freudenfreud : Damn! You're supposed to say, "it wasn't all that great anyways. You didn't miss anything while your bike was broken." @hppotatoes
rashupee - kenhobikeshop - go_katoh - erubenstahl -
Last year, @leahplack schemed, I took a hand-out 🍺 on a practice lap, and the night finished with a lot of laughs and smiles. I could not be more thankful for the @freshairhunter team for letting me constantly crash their race parties. ❤️these guys and gals. #BASP #cyclocross #freshairhunter #tbt but it's Saturday!
cyclocross - freshairhunter - tbt - basp -
kathleenhbryan : Gonna be a good race for you- See you at the tent!
rashupee : Go Caroline! Go fast tonight!
shanyebreezy : stoked to cheer you on tonight bb 👏
rashupee - kenhobikeshop - fonzier77 - ckshwe -
Gettin' er done with these two on a gorgeous Tuesday! #sciencelaps #freshairhunter
sciencelaps - freshairhunter -
hppotatoes : Always fun pushing the pedals with you. Thanks for the invite to the pain cave!
carolinedezendorf - coffeeandeggs - dflbrad - primariusbicycles -
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