A sick shot of our very own @rashupee a.k.a. gentle fred a.k.a. professor shred with a sweet view of Oakland behind him. This guy was crushing at the @superproracing race last Saturday! He ran all the way back to the start to change his flat, then pulled a super strong final lap! 👾💪👾 📷: Fit&Filthy / Cranking Glass
freshairhunter -
strawfoot : Fred is the best!
iamnonstop : I never even noticed this view until I saw pictures of the race!
anything.that.rolls : Well @iamnonstop, we had to dodge the big rocks coming in to the section, run the side slope past the twisted metal, make the sharp off camber right hand turn, all while avoiding the broken glass. I knew the view was there and still don't remember it!
waltness : 😍@rashupee😍
crossiscoming : @iamnonstop 45mph descent!
hawkscholz : That kit is tits!
freshairhunter : #freshairhunter
droluc - californiatravis - mothattackcx - zerounobikes -
Representing these good dudes in the east bay. #freshairbicycles #freshairhunter #jewcrewsf #gameface #coffeeride #selfie #eastbayvibes
gameface - freshairhunter - coffeeride - selfie - jewcrewsf - eastbayvibes - freshairbicycles -
sabotagecycling - bama6815 - freshairhunter - paigeylansing -
Congrats @sarah.nade in the money with a big 2nd and @bradhandel with an impressive 7th in the Elite Men. Lots of fun in Oakland good to see everyone out! @rashupee @daryl_argh @smilesbryan @acabpromking #freshairhunter 🎬:@freshairbicycles @acabpromking
freshairhunter -
bradhandel : ✌🏼️✌🏼✌🏼 so much fun yesterday! @iamnonstop needs to DJ every race
sarah.nade : So much fun!!! You were djing @iamnonstop !?!? 👌😜
sarah.nade : Digging the soundtrack for this vid too @acabpromking
kathleenhbryan : Nice work !!
iamnonstop : 🎶🎤🎧!!
teamcaletti - marscycles - bnietmann - bima_68 -
Yesterday was so much fun! 🔛🚵💯🚵🆒🚵💥🚵✨🚵💪🚵💨 Rode a really hard but rad @superproracing cx race, got 2nd in the B's, and met a bunch of awesome new people. Feeling so pumped on this season. Can't wait to tear up more courses alongside my #freshairhunter buddies and all of the other sweet people involved in this brutal but rewarding sport! 🙌 This really rad 📷 by @bicigirl 👀 #hurtingtoday #crossboss #simworks #swmisirloubar #simroll #pacenticycledesign #strawfoothandmade
swmisirloubar - hurtingtoday - crossboss - simroll - freshairhunter - pacenticycledesign - strawfoothandmade - simworks -
cutlasswheels : @dondo_gecko She's a crusher. I may need to work out a sponsorship contract 😝
blobree : @cryan415
arianabeels : WootWoot!!!!!
bradhandel : Owww owwwww!!! Get it? You got it! #morestairsplease
messyjessy1212 : Youza babe
sarah.nade : Aww thanks @messyjessy1212 @dondo_gecko @cutlasswheels @joeyd_24 @bradhandel @arianabeels 😄
shapirothehero : You rock!
rad_rio : Dream queen 🖖🏻
grampagramtastic - 7speedhobo - coryscozzari - r__ng_ll_gh_r -
Sooooooo much 🔪slayyyyying🔪today!! Hella pround of all our @freshairhunter crew who killed it out there at the #superprocx race in Joaquin Miller park today. Congrats to @sarah.nade for taking 2nd in women's B's race👊💎💵💵💵💵💵💵💵 #freshairhunter #huntercycles #simworks #crossishere @bradhandel @daryl_argh @rashupee
superprocx - simworks - freshairhunter - crossishere - huntercycles -
geoffbest : That little accidentally double jump tho.
bradhandel : ✌🏼️
badicalblake : racing with a bottle is the new black
bubblywater : That was a fun course (except for the stairs)
pineconecrusher : Yes! Those stairs did suck too!
dogfaced_huxleys - jewcrewsf - lsanford2004 - mtbmarco87 -
Styled and dialed. Thanks to @wildernesstrailbikes @paulcomponent and #pacenticycledesign.
freshairhunter - pacenticycledesign -
freshairhunter : #freshairhunter
adom_l : do you stock those blue skewers or are they team-restricted
strawfoot : @adom_l we got em @freshairbicycles ?
wet__burrito : 👌
freshairbicycles : @adom_l Call us and ask for Travis, let's see what we can scare up!
adom_l : thanks! @freshairbicycles
cityandcountybicycleco - teamcaletti - mikesnidely - reverend_dick -
@californiatravis dropping in at Toro Park #CCCX today. New kit debut and they look great @daryl_argh ! 📷 @leonardgarza #FreshAirHunter
cccx - freshairhunter -
jewcrewsf - redd_cart - garrett_kautz - santasgoonsquad -
Oh yeah, and.....💣BOOM!💥 @sarah.nade WON! 🏆🎉 #FreshAirHunter
freshairhunter -
markniskanen : @brecycling
reverend_dick : That gal knocked the stuffing out of the piñata doing it...
leahplack : Uh oh, time to upgrade girl @sarah.nade 😜
eddorsed : yes! @sarah.nade
sarah.nade : Haha @reverend_dick No that was @dogfaced_huxleys!!!
meisf : Oh yay Sarah!!
1love4jah : 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
narwhalcreative - dogfaced_huxleys - mothattackcx - reverend_dick -
We figured the best way to test out the new moto inspired @strawfoot team socks was to see if they helped us fly...and they do. @bradhandel approved!!! 📸 by @jnamba 👍🏼👍🏼 #FreshAirHunter
freshairhunter -
waltness : 😍😍😍😍😍
condorcazador : 🚀blast off
paulcomponent : 🙌🏽
randonnerd : Hell yeah @bradhandel! Get it! (I hope we ride together this season)
sutton_wyj : 😊😊
bradhandel : That would be rad @randonnerd...And drink some coffee!
randonnerd : @bradhandel well that goes without saying!
californiatravis - brunosousa456 - mih.dao - aneurycuevas -
❤️ @condorcazador ❤️ @paulcomponent ❤️ @simworks ❤️ @wildernesstrailbikes ❤️ #pacentisl23 #FreshAirHunter
pacentisl23 - freshairhunter -
nesbitts : You guys party so hard.
joeyd_24 : So pretty
strawfoot : Super hot
randonnerd : Dude!
rashupee : Hawt and taut
condorcazador : 🔥🔥🏁
waltness : ❤️SRAM
amaincycling : Those rigs look fun!
californiatravis - mothattackcx - youji_tkuc - luedy_85_ -
Cross is definitely HERE. While @garrett_kautz was racing CCCX in Santa Cruz and @bradhandel and @californiatravis were racing @saccyclocross on Sunday , @daryl_argh was battling it out at Verdugo Park in LA! #FreshAirHunter
freshairhunter -
7speedhobo - mikesnidely - unapizzanapoletana - freshairhunter -
Trying something new this season... Photo: @jeffvsphoto
freshairhunter - simworks - wildernesstrailbikes - pacenti - strawfoot - huntercycles -
californiatravis : Dude you leveled up!
hppotatoes : Oh hello!
jkneve : Snap, G!
chipbaggett : Fly'n
eastbaesav : Chrusher #babesinbibs
randonnerd : Shreddin'!?
corkgrips : good call
nutter : Yes!
californiatravis - con2jotas - velo_madson - dwpoinde -
Hydrating and not dying. #hydrateordie #strawfoot #topo #cuppow #crossishere #freshairhunter
cuppow - crossishere - topo - strawfoot - freshairhunter - hydrateordie -
bullit12 - teamcaletti - freshairhunter - sabotagecycling -
@strawfoot with the hops at #cccx today. Thanks for the flick @jencrombz #freshairhunter
cccx - freshairhunter -
bengomezvillafane : Yeah @strawfoot !!!👊🏻💥👊🏻💥
sarah.nade : Dayyyyummmmm!!! @strawfoot
rashupee : RAD
californiatravis : Dude!
elainaelena : Wtf @garrett_kautz !!!!
garrett_kautz : @elainaelena just trying some new moves.
bradhandel : Wooo yea @garrett_kautz!!!
californiatravis - reverend_dick - mikesnidely - santasgoonsquad -
Really fun race today at @saccyclocross!! Great course, challenging features, and lots of buddies all around. Looking forward to coming back soon! #freshairhunter
freshairhunter -
freshairhunter : "Barrier"
bradhandel : Baby steps @freshairhunter
travelskateshop - saccyclocross - ududmsms - tweed_telegraph -
@bradhandel your skirt is riding uuuup......😉 #DFL #FreshAirHunter
dfl - freshairhunter -
kwolfgang : That blouse was so HOTT!
bradhandel : 😘😘😘😘😘😘
rashupee : Boys are sexy too!
teamcaletti - ants2365 - mikesnidely - reverend_dick -
So speed, so blocked, so wool (1/2). #strawfoot #defeet #woolforlife #freshairhunter
freshairhunter - defeet - strawfoot - woolforlife -
malasalas - itsnotpoison - _karenmccarthy - e36hellrot -
Our favorite dealer 💘 Fun shop! @freshairbicycles #freshairbicycles #freshairhunter #SWtrip2015 #SimWorksUSA #simworks
swtrip2015 - freshairbicycles - simworks - freshairhunter - simworksusa -
leahplack : 🙌🙌
freshairhunter : 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
shufflerepeat : 👋 @leahplack sup girl
rjrabe : Best dude
californiatravis : 😘
dicksmooth_ - californiatravis - pineconecrusher - dlbikes -
Rolling deep in the headlands with Portland's @leahplack! Nice times today ✌🏼️ #freshairhunter
freshairhunter -
waltness : lucky duck
leahplack : This is maybe my fave photo of me ever. Thanks for the sweet shred
chriscomply - frd_lee - b_radical18 - alemaurell -
We're ready for another cyclocross season with @freshairhunter and just released our new #speedblock team socks. Charcoal wool and navy synthetic. See you at the races! #strawfoot #freshairhunter
freshairhunter - strawfoot - speedblock -
californiatravis : I love that bag. It's the perfect size and there's something satisfying about that giant zipper!
1love4jah : Hell yeah I've used this bag all year and it's going strong for another race season!
teamcaletti : Sock King
kenjidesigns : Love the socks and love my bag as well... Great stuff buddy!
n8h8s : @shutupashley
hiroshi.nishigami - bidonsnotbottles - hiveandhum - californiatravis -
Did somebody say #speedblock? #strawfoot #freshairhunter
freshairhunter - strawfoot - speedblock -
randonnerd : Yeah!
kgibson : Want!
jared_f : Ordered them today. Can't wait!
strawfoot : @justinbarcia gotta send you a pair
senorflaco : So good!
plattyjo - ive_got_a_love - thegeargirl - eventsantacruz -
@bradhandel getting rad on his #huntercycles #freshairhunter #simworks #paulcomponents
simworks - freshairhunter - paulcomponents - huntercycles -
waltness : so dreamy
sczapiga : Whatta dork
dogfaced_huxleys - chopchopcouriergroup - skalmyk - californiatravis -
Brad gets rad, McLaren style! 🙌 Thanks @bradhandel for exploring some dope dirt with me today! Let's definitely go back for more soon! #freshairhunter #getrad
getrad - freshairhunter -
bradhandel : I want more of that hidden mini pump track!
thebullfighter : @why_pea_are Did we ever look this cool? Just lie to me and say yes.
why_pea_are : @thebullfighter I can lie but why would I?
twotoneams : Hell yeah!
rashupee - jorbl - renfitz - samcwelsh -
Tough course today at Fort Ord. @strawfoot trying to hold off @joeystanwyck in the B's. #cccx #freshairhunter
cccx - freshairhunter -
verdeciclista : @julliera
julliera : Animal!!! Pqp se tivesse outra prova amanhã faria com certeza @verdeciclista !!!
chopchopcouriergroup - ants2365 - bnietmann - reverend_dick -
Fall is upon us once again and that means racing bikes in the dirt. Whether you feel fit or not, Olive is ready for her second season of heckling. #freshairhunter
freshairhunter -
rideeatsleeprepeat - acopeak - moorederson - reverend_dick -
HUGE thanks to the #FreshAirHunter cross team for hosting the Wednesday night park jam series! Thanks to everybody that came out! Stay tuned for something new from @freshairhunter and keep your eyes peeled for DFL clues!......
freshairhunter -
gabuyo : @cascadiancouriercollective bosssssss
lucas_strain : @gabuyo haha, thanks dude!! So much sand on that ride.
blakeoftoday : @vontz
geraldactyle_ : @cascadiancouriercollective YESSSSBROOOO
outsideisfred - allin4cycling - antoniorg_98 - onereallynicespeed -
#Lightbro in Golden Gate Park with the #freshairhunter crew. Gonna miss these rides!
crossescumming - goldengatepark - lightbro - cyclocross - cx - freshairhunter - gravelgrinder - crossiscoming - sf - braaap -
jimsantos : #cyclocross #cx #gravelgrinder #crossescumming #crossiscoming #braaap #sf #goldengatepark
jimsantos : Thanks @sugarandspice_byash!
benzosf : #dirtsnake
peterkoch : Nice!
pinoymamba : i need this in my life.
maxlewellyn : So lightbro
garycruz : What @pinoymamba said!
jimsantos : @peterkoch @maxlewellyn Thanks dudes! @pinoymamba @garycruz Put some fat tires on your roadies and get out there! Or just n+ 1...
bikefriendlycafe - plattyjo - jewcrewsf - btcupertino -
And Good morning from @simworks / @circlestailored in Nagoya, Japan! Here for the #swexpo2015 Come by Circles this week if you're in town and say hi to Matt, maybe he'll even fix your bike! 😻 #simworks #kingkogoakland #kingkogworldtour #huntercycles #freshairbicycles #freshairhunter
swexpo2015 - kingkogoakland - kingkogworldtour - simworks - freshairbicycles - freshairhunter - huntercycles -
condorcazador : Say 👋 for me please ..
kenjimuto : No way!! I live in Nagoya!
kingkogshop : @condorcazador will do. My mind is blown seeing so many hunters in one place! @kenjimuto come by circles today, I might have some @Dosnoventa swag with your name on it 😉
kenjimuto : @kingkogshop Well,I work till 7pm so no way I can go today.But,any change you be there on Sunday?
kingkogshop : @kenjimuto they're open until 830. I probably won't be here on Sunday 😕
kenjimuto : Okay.I'll try to go there tonight after work.See you later!✌🏻️
fixedbodygirl - yaduvanshsaurav - adi9509 - leviscommuter -
Our cross team is PUMPED!!! #Simworks #FreshAirHunter 💘
simworks - freshairhunter -
laurarokas : @thejoeybowie
sarah.nade : SO PUMPED!
1love4jah : YES!
rachaelmundon : Saweeet!
eyeb4ll5 - hc_jherri - freshairhunter - eldis_ruiz -
2015 CX race season, day #1 .. #freshairhunter ...
1 - freshairhunter -
rjrabe : He looks so excited!
a.minorthreat : @1love4jah
coffeeandeggs : So Emo...
jonesville : @1love4jah so bummed
kathleenhbryan : Uh oh- did he break something?
patstar : y so sad? @1love4jah
cycling_vintage - - tonyyulianto359 - ratbf -
This photo does not adequately depict the steepness or looseness of this drop. Got psyched out and put my foot down twice...
cyclocross - cx - freshairhunter - gravelgrinder - roadbikesoffroad - freshairbikes - crossiscoming -
jimsantos : #cx #cyclocross #crossiscoming #freshairhunter #freshairbikes #roadbikesoffroad #gravelgrinder
rj_agcamaran : I've ate shit there once, hell yea!
bradhandel : Rad photo! Thanks for coming out tonight 👍🏼🚲
jimsantos : @bradhandel Awesome time as always, save for OTB and a flat! Next week!
rjrabe : You had it!
sabotagecycling - sunday_echappee - mikesnidely - slipperysasquatchracing -
Three Freshies on three Hunters. #HunterCycles #FreshAirHunter #SimWorks #swRhondaStem #swBeatnikPost #swMisirlouBar
swmisirloubar - swrhondastem - freshairhunter - swbeatnikpost - simworks - huntercycles -
condorcazador : The Freshest ..
bikeshizzleberlin - simworksusa - marciadecamargo33 - optiktegar -
B-Rad, airing out his laundry two seasons ago. 🚀 #CrossIsComing #FreshAirHunter
freshairhunter - crossiscoming -
paulcomponent : 👍🏽
simworksusa - sidesaddlebikes - plattyjo - mtbmarco87 -
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