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#울진 #후포항 #FrenchPaper
후포항 - 울진 - frenchpaper -
jungjihee6782 : 느므느므이뿌다여기
rangrang008 : @jungjihee6782 카페랑 펜션이 연결되있는뎅 ㅋㅋ 저긴수영장 완전이뽀용
absolutejk15 - jungjihee6782 - kk20813 - wpg4864 -
Working late on some holiday cards with @jaimekjohnson. Experimenting with foiling over #risograph on #frenchpaper. Drawing / lettering by Jaimé!
frenchpaper - risograph -
jessquiroz : Beautiful!
robfunderburk : niiiiiice + Fresh!
melissa_matuscak - jnc0jeans - octopress - jaimiecskr -
Another CSA Design classic of the Turner persuasion. Thanks to @neilsecretario for posting this one. #typehunter #csadesign #frenchpaper
typehunter - csadesign - frenchpaper -
mbdx : That is rad!
greg.ry - awilkdesign - triciabee - reclaimedtime -
@neilsecretario posted these CSA Design / French Paper samples. Looking to add them to The Type Hunter archive as well. If you've hung onto them and are willing to part ways, I'll make it worth your while with a Type Hunter care package! I collect Charles S. Anderson and French Paper promotions. #typehunter #typehunting #csadesign #frenchpaper #thcostudio
typehunter - typehunting - csadesign - frenchpaper - thcostudio -
neilsecretario : Keith! I just sent this set to @rileycran. I'm still digging through some old files. I'll be in touch with you for sure if I come across more.
juuzimki : Looks amazing!!!
whiskeyandbranding : Beauuuuuutiful
mumbletime : Dat pape @thatjoel @hearsawhooo @coolguytonyv
hearsawhooo : @mumbletime damn!!!!
mbdx : Was looking at those last night. I gave to go though some drawers you guys have me even more fired up about #frenchpaperco
thetypehunter : @mbdx I acquired some major CSA Design goodies, but I'm not "allowed" to have them until Christmas Day. I'll be posting plenty of my new acquisitions later next week. @neilsecretario
ccareylit - dhchau - moss_side - farmhandco -
....and the writing begins for @kirahoeg (with a chemex of #heartcoffee la primavera, of course) #holiday cards / hand #illustration & #printing by @thommyconroy on #frenchpaper
holiday - heartcoffee - printing - frenchpaper - illustration -
danehorvath - artbattlepgh - glitterandgritpgh - quirkyandklutzy -
More great work from @andyjmllr . This is the full shot of the four color 18x24" #gigposter we #screenprinted onto #frenchpaper for @yoniwolf @astronautalis and @bleubirdy! #screenprint #handprintedwithpride #goodnightsweetprints #frenchpaperco #yoniwolf #astronautalis #bleubird
yoniwolf - frenchpaper - screenprint - handprintedwithpride - gigposter - astronautalis - frenchpaperco - screenprinted - bleubird - goodnightsweetprints -
bleubirdy : 🔥🔥🔥
a_perky : Love this!
kedagny : @ellebrux yes!
jgspdx : @andyjmllr woah DOODER!
andyjmllr : @jgspdx :)
sodavekt - jgspdx - kellyruler - simenskari -
One last CSA Design piece for the evening from my archive. #typehunter #csadesign #frenchpaper
typehunter - csadesign - frenchpaper -
faux4me : Omigosh I don't have that one! About what year did that one come out @thetypehunter?
mbdx : Excellent!
thetypehunter : @faux4me I'd have to research the year. I'll see what I dig up.
joseph_melancon - wmd_posterart - herbe_gurke - triumv -
I'm on a Charles S. Anderson kick this evening and pulled this out of The Type Hunter archive. #typehunter #csadesign #frenchpaper
typehunter - csadesign - frenchpaper -
cw_records : @thetypehunter Man, I love CSA images and all they do with French Paper!
mbdx : Love!
brunomfviegas - stinkyinky_jess - wmd_posterart - dwellpress -
Another Charles S. Anderson goodie from The Type Hunter Archive. The original was made up of hand cut advertising art. #typehunter #typehunting #vintageadvertising #csadesign #frenchpaper
typehunter - typehunting - csadesign - frenchpaper - vintageadvertising -
madebyfolks : Love the CSA posts!
neilsecretario : Wow!
parkeyjack : Amazing!
niconicogomez : 👏👏
stinkyinky_jess - todd614 - rouxben - howeezy7 -
#screenprinting #christmascards on the #sroque /w #greengalaxy + #hotroqit #roqout
roqout - frenchpaper - screenprinting - greengalaxy - christmascards - hotroqit - sroque -
captcutler : What type of paper are you printing those on?
kiirbss : @silkyscreens @silkyscreens
ryonet : #frenchpaper
squeegee_press : Haha! Filthy printers!!! 😆
laneyvance03 : @eighteenseventeen @getsiqsteve
bstclothing : @ryonet is it water based ink?
ryonet : @bstclothing yes it's Green Galaxy Mars Red. =)
bstclothing : @ryonet so water based also has to go trough the drier?
itstshirttime - islandstylescreenprinting - adfriendturetime - sillytoastdesigns -
More Charles S. Anderson and French Paper goodness added to The Type Hunter Archive. I collect both, so if you have any items you'd like to contribute to the collection, direct message me or ask for my email. #typehunter #typehunting #csadesign #frenchpaper #thcostudio
typehunter - typehunting - csadesign - frenchpaper - thcostudio -
thenoisywest : @lyndseyleefaulkner
thetypehunter : @plymouth_fan Awesome, I'll take anything and everything you got on that front. Really appreciate it. I'll also send you some goodies in return. Email thetypehunter(at)gmail.com
mbdx : You don't collect CA mags do you? I am 5 short from a full collection all the way back to 1959. I would trade you many vintage duplicates I have to fill my 5 empty slots.
thetypehunter : @mbdx Which 5 are you missing?
mbdx : @thetypehunter here are the mags I need. Sorry can't count there are 6. Dec 59 Oct 1960 May 61 V 3 N 5 Jun 61 V 3 N 6 May/June 1963 J/F 67 V 9 N 1
thetypehunter : @mbdx I do not have those issues, but I'll keep my eyes open. Very impressive collection. I'm no where near that many.
mbdx : @thetypehunter Thanks, I too share your passion for type. I too collect french paper and CSA. Great IG feed
thetypehunter : @mbdx Thanks, man. Always good to meet folks with similar tastes and interests. Appreciate the feedback. 👊
designbybruno - dhchau - letterpresscentral - tacchitacchitacchi -
#visualizeyourdreams #frenchpaper #skateboards #night #sketch #zürich #2014
visualizeyourdreams - sketch - frenchpaper - night - 2014 - skateboards - zürich -
naturallogskateboards : So fresh!
modestostudios - newuserin - mangeaveclesdoigts - naumizuuu -
Printed and die cut 250 of these custom shaped business cards today. Printed on 16pt card stock. Designed by @sarahnichole ! Thank you Sarah for letting us handle this unique business card job! #twocrowsprinting #print #printordie #diecut #businesscards #customstationary #custombusinesscards #frenchpaper
frenchpaper - printordie - businesscards - customstationary - diecut - twocrowsprinting - custombusinesscards - print -
pattymcpancak3s : OK that's hella cool
twocrowsprinting : @shay_shay1220 not a dumb question. There are times that I design and print jobs then there are times when people come to me with a designed job that needs to be printed / die cut. I usually will state if I designed it or the client. Like thos one I tagged Sarah as the designer. She came up with the idea and designed it.
shay_shay1220 : Ok ok. Maybe wedding invites one day haha. I like ur work
sarahnichole : You guys rock they look amazing!!
lizardlady333 : @the0neandonly
air_rat : Same #?
twocrowsprinting : @air_rat yep.
sevenstarsservices : Nice page! Follow us we have some pretty cool stuff on our page
artifexinktattoos - thefivecoat - lafamiliamedia - williams.mar -
#papercraft #graphicdesign #design #logo #montanablack #laser #laserengraved #frenchpaper
laser - frenchpaper - papercraft - design - logo - montanablack - graphicdesign - laserengraved -
ctcelticpride33 : Berger 83'
ironxwielder - benreigle - fusiongrafixdesign - joesherryjr -
Multiply this x 2. I'd say I have a little printing to do
gigposters - frenchpaper - printmaking - screenprinting - frenchpaperco - vscocam -
themoderngiant : #gigposters #screenprinting #printmaking #frenchpaperco #frenchpaper #vscocam
khara0ke : Whoa.
atres_ - chaseimpala - senecapress - blau_haus -
I am digging my Christmas wrapping paper this year... #frenchpaper
frenchpaper -
janeisgreat : LOVE
lesspaulmoreme - pfitzgerald169 - ebecks - havenstyle -
Take a tour of Nashville's finest chocolate company @oliveandsinclair and get one of these classy tickets we printed. 2 color front/1 color back printed on 140lb French Paper #frenchpaper design by Luke of @sideshowsignco
frenchpaper -
oliveandsinclair : Now let's do some shirts yo!!
stevecreates : @grandpalace_nashville @sideshowsignco wowsas! Good work fellas!
grandpalace_nashville : @oliveandsinclair we are more than down to make that happen. You just say when!
odhoward - holty46 - thedabblings - lindsiewalker -
On press next week for @kylekinane and @taylorallenusa at #thesaint in #asburypark #newjersey 1 color screenprint on #intruderpurple color, i mean, #grapesicle #frenchpaper ha. Edition of 50. #art #illustration #comedy #taylorallen #kylekinane #standup #gigposter #poster #screenprint #silkscreen #artprint #printmaking #serigraph #skull #crossbones #traditional #apnj #jerseyshore #surrenderart
artprint - art - frenchpaper - serigraph - poster - asburypark - illustration - printmaking - grapesicle - jerseyshore - standup - taylorallen - surrenderart - intruderpurple - kylekinane - skull - newjersey - apnj - traditional - gigposter - thesaint - silkscreen - comedy - screenprint - crossbones -
totallybitchin : @surrenderart wait kyle kinane at the saint??
surrenderart : @totallybitchin yer' darn tootin'. This will be fun.
angelkissforyou : Make $500 a day on Instagram. click the link in my bio
kylekinane : This is rad. Thank you
surrenderart : @kylekinane much respect brother.
havenvip_greg : 🔥👍🔥
victory_koredry - backandforthprints - sunrisecafeoc - harryhassontheoriginal -
#HappyHolidays Designed and #screenprinted in house. #christmascards #design #frenchpaper
design - screenprinted - happyholidays - frenchpaper - christmascards -
yossibelkin - annawestbury - camhoff - nickvlow -
First order shipping to Canada. Historically-significant concrete poems re-designed by @nellykate. Monoprints by @gutterflyhi on #frenchpaper.
frenchpaper -
gutterflyhi : @gutter_fly too! Yay
culturesnack : @gutterflyhi which is whiches?
theonlysarajaneable -
I'll be #screenprinting 36 #gigposters for The Saddle Tramps show 12/27 at The Nugget. 3 colors on 100# off-white Butcher #frenchpaper. All signed and numbered. These Globe style posters won't last long. Bring yo dolla bills y'all! There may be a couple prints on wood too...who knows?!
screenprinting - frenchpaper - gigposters -
sltfreeman - laurahardesty - culinerdyk - imthecram -
2 of 2 (full body shot): This will spoil the surprise for my immediate family but it is too cool not to share! Grandpa Jim "Pinky" Powell was a southern Indiana high school basketball star and we're proud of that. I borrowed a prized family photo, swiped some stars from an Elvis #hatchshowprint poster, laid it out like a vintage basketball card, #screenprinted this onto the water-stained backs of old Richard Nixon campaign posters and framed it in #upcycled #barnwood frames. This is officially my favorite project ever. This is also the only thing I've ever printed on something besides #frenchpaper . #theprintlife #screenprint #huntingburg #pinkypowell #southernindiana
barnwood - upcycled - huntingburg - screenprint - pinkypowell - hatchshowprint - screenprinted - theprintlife - southernindiana - frenchpaper -
keironjlewis : Heartfelt beauty done with style.
aisforanything_sheff : Great idea and stunning execution.
amycatpow : @goodnightsweetprints oh Matt love it!! So very cool. I want one. Will buy great present for my Jim. Let me know.
goodnightsweetprints : Shhhhhh @amycatpow ! You may have one coming to you already (wink). Un-framed unfortunately...
goodnightsweetprints - codyhernandez - dr.jamieanne - jberger5 -
1 of 2 (enlarged to show texture): This will spoil the surprise for my immediate family but it is too cool not to share! Grandpa Jim "Pinky" Powell was a southern Indiana high school basketball star and we're proud of that. I borrowed a prized family photo, swiped some stars from an Elvis #hatchshowprint poster, laid it out like a vintage basketball card, #screenprinted this onto the water-stained backs of old Richard Nixon campaign posters and framed it in #upcycled #barnwood frames. This is officially my favorite project ever. This is also the only thing I've ever printed on something besides #frenchpaper . #theprintlife #screenprint #huntingburg #pinkypowell #southernindiana
barnwood - upcycled - huntingburg - screenprint - pinkypowell - hatchshowprint - screenprinted - theprintlife - southernindiana - frenchpaper -
bread_and_butter_projects : 👍👍👍cool
bferril - alexandriapaigegalloway - megankgarner - rooftopstudiomontreuil -
A fun 18x24 project designed by @mattstevensclt 'Design Gangs' two color printed on #FrenchPaper blacktop. Available for sale as of today! Hellomattstevens.com #hellsangles #pixelpirates #designgangs
frenchpaper - designgangs - pixelpirates - hellsangles -
mattstevensclt : Thanks y'all
ryanlynndesign : I saw these in dribbble. Love em!
einz.at - max_clyburn - projekt_inc - getsiqsteve -
Big handful of little notebooks with holes pierced and ready for sewing - plus my favorite wooden "bone" folder my husband made for me! 🙌
frenchpaper - colorful - stackofnotebooks - notebooks - bookbinding - bonefolder - frenchpaperco - stack -
ruthbleakley : #notebooks #stack #stackofnotebooks #bookbinding #colorful #bonefolder #frenchpaper #frenchpaperco
niisku.koo - 0n30fall - audrey__dee - tornadobox -
Another print for this eight part series.. @departmentofbrewology. #screenprint #handpulled #departmentofbrewology #ramonapress #frenchpaper #coffee
coffee - frenchpaper - ramonapress - screenprint - handpulled - departmentofbrewology -
jsskmp : @_lady_rei_
fingersduke - 7wol11il - jennybrowne92 - julz_nobre -
Putting the finishing touches on the card for Addie. #Frozen #Olaf #FrenchPaper #Snowman #DoYouWantToBuildASnowman #ILikeWarmHugs #Handmade #Christmas #HolidayWishes
snowman - olaf - frenchpaper - frozen - handmade - doyouwanttobuildasnowman - holidaywishes - christmas - ilikewarmhugs -
official_annafrozen - kellirush69 - mikaylaworkman - jdorcy -
몇 해 전 힐링하러 떠났다가 묵은 곳의 조식🍞🍶깔끔하고 맛도 있었지만, 무엇보다 좋았던 점은 오물오물 하다가 고개 돌리면 바다가💙_ #울진프렌치페이퍼#프렌치페이퍼#frenchpaper #조식#먹스타그램#맛스타그램#식빵#씨리얼#소통
식빵 - 맛스타그램 - 씨리얼 - 울진프렌치페이퍼 - frenchpaper - 조식 - 먹스타그램 - 소통 - 프렌치페이퍼 -
itgah_ee : 맞팔해요😃
__defleur : 넴넴 😊 @itgah_ee
ste111a : 사진이다이뻐용..😍
__defleur : 아웅-고마와욤😍❤️ @ste111a 님 사진도 다 예뻐서 한참 봤어용 :)
4.tempo - xxhee94 - glory___dana - ok___han -
From @jimmieg2 - "AND THE WINNER IS" #frenchpaper #paper #hbcc #hbccpaper #hbcreativecollection #handmade @homebeautiful
hbcc - hbcreativecollection - paper - hbccpaper - frenchpaper - handmade -
ras.1 - love_crystal_waters - windramdesign - rubykiteinteriors -
Gorgeous white envelopes hot off the press tonight! I absolutely love the extra touch return address printing adds! Not to mention how much time it saves! Did you know ALL of our envelopes are TOP quality! Thicker, brighter and smoother than any you will find at your local store. And all made by one of the last remaining small independent paper mills in America!
cards - frenchpaper - etsyorders - shopsmall - etsy - christmas - paperelli -
paperellidesigns : #frenchpaper #christmas #etsy #shopsmall #paperelli #etsyorders #cards
classyclutter : Seriously the envelopes and return address printed on the back made them so much cuter and soooo much easier when we mailed them out! We 💗 our Paperelli cards!!!
janaebhansen - thepreppystrawberry - classyclutter - kellydancejewelry -
Dur-o-tone Product Manuals for French Paper by Charles S. Anderson from The Type Hunter collection. #typehunter #typehunting #frenchpaper #csadesign
typehunter - typehunting - csadesign - frenchpaper -
cortesarts : These are gorgeous.
typehunter : Precioso!!
maritjonna : Nice !!
tikiranch : @generalquarters
todd614 - inkling - vintagegemcardiff - chocolaterabbitgraphics -
This is what I'm working on tonight. Not finished yet. -.- *sigh*#letired #finals #boardgame #frenchpaper #whistlewhileyouwork
whistlewhileyouwork - finals - frenchpaper - letired - boardgame -
lezliebjohnson : It looks fantastic. Bring it home to play!
katedaisies : Yes! What @lezliebjohnson said! Wonderful.
katedaisies - lezliebjohnson - jysnova - sophiecardenas1 -
"FEATHERS AND LEAVES" #behindthescenes with @jimmieg2 in THE littlest SHOP, his lovely Christmas pop up shop - daily until Friday 19th December #frenchpaper #paper #hbcc #hbccpaper #hbcreativecollection #handmade @homebeautiful
hbcc - behindthescenes - paper - hbccpaper - frenchpaper - hbcreativecollection - handmade -
wendymooreedit - kittycocoa2 - love_crystal_waters - pari_jayjewelry -
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