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Damn they gave you life U always was funny as shit back in them days. Keep ya head up ma nigga #freenitty
freenitty -
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VP was made for the strong.. Lol there was times My cuz'n Angel made miracles feeding s house full of dudes @ak_leaupepe we came along way from them dollor tree runs... Lmao... The struggle was real if you came to VP... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #VallyPalms #FreeNitty #OnlyTheStrong
vallypalms - freenitty - onlythestrong -
cam454 : @roccyroccoh11 We Were Just Reminiscing With Him As The ONLY Kid In The House Wit Us..lol!!
jimbo_slice82 : Valley palms them was the days
roccyroccoh11 : @jimbo_slice82 Mr. San Jose Knocc Out King.. Lol.. My nigga Vally Palms where every day was a Saturday.. Lol what's good uce..
roccyroccoh11 : @jimbo_slice82 and @famouz_baloo can't forget about thug mansion.. Hahaha
jimbo_slice82 : @roccyroccoh11 haha the mansion. @ak_leaupepe wish I could go back a lot of memories wit y'all
jimbo_slice82 : @ak_leaupepe @roccyroccoh11 I just wanna sleep next to the sliding door with it cracked
ak_leaupepe : @roccyroccoh11 oh he remembers you cousin. Thx!
ak_leaupepe : @jimbo_slice82 a lot of memories and many more! Happy Holidays Fam!
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#DWC #JumpOut #3862 #UShuldKnwDat #WeUpNRunnin #FreePudge #FreeNitty #FreePeezy #FreeDummyE #FreeDaRest 2 many 2 name
freepeezy - freepudge - 3862 - freenitty - freedarest - ushuldknwdat - dwc - weupnrunnin - jumpout - freedummye -
jonboiibeatz : @iamvillegates_dwc STUPID !!! I FUCK WIT DAT LOGO !!! #DOPE SHIT ROUN !!!
villeselda_blancadwc : @jonboiibeatz preciate it. I'm tryna build my brand.. I'm coming back down there soon 2 thug
jonboiibeatz : @iamvillegates_dwc ALREADY ROUN !!! #1000
villeselda_blancadwc : @jonboiibeatz I hear Rocko lookin 4 talent
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Call My Nigga Fev He'll Dress A Nigga Up πŸ˜€πŸ’―βœ”οΈ #FreeAse #FreeKrak #FreeNitty #QuameyGang #SquadShitOnly #Wsg
freekrak - quameygang - wsg - squadshitonly - freease - freenitty -
freshchester_fire : Free my dawgz
karamelkiss : #SQUAAAD
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Koolin πŸ˜Žβœ”οΈπŸ’― #FreeAse #FreeKrak #FreeNitty #QuameyGang #WestSide
mybrofev - freekrak - quameygang - facts - squadshitonly - freease - freenitty - westside -
quameygang_wsg914 : @keepingupwithkelz @juicyredhead #MyBroFev #SquadShitOnly
mr_mayhem_914 : Wuss good bruh bruh?!?! @quameygang_wsg914
quameygang_wsg914 : Ain't Shit My Guy @_nocut_ what's good wit u??
keepingupwithkelz : Lmaooooo. We dead had a photo shoot tho πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
quameygang_wsg914 : #Facts Thanks 2 Your Tablet πŸ˜‚ @keepingupwithkelz
keepingupwithkelz : Tablet 4 thank you very much lol
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Ran across this pic on fb and it made me smh.....I been knowing these cats damn near my whole life and it's fucked up I gotta c them go thru it but these real stand up niggas they gone knock tht time down wit no problem. ...the hood ain't been the same since the ppl locked my niggas down but they'll b back in no time. .......#FREENITTY #FREETEON #STATEFAIR #EASTSIDE #100YRS
statefair - 100yrs - eastside - freenitty - freeteon -
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It's just a Trent Court thing #ScaleGang #Freenewb #freenitty @mzbrownsugar89
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Thinking bout how my next move gone be my best move #tc #scalegang #upscaleliving #freenewb #freenitty #freekennyg #freedebo #riplilt
freenitty - scalegang - freedebo - riplilt - freenewb - freekennyg - upscaleliving - tc -
logannovum : @novumcollection
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Taking It Back One Time....One of The Reallest USO's I've Met Up Out of The Tank (SA'Jo)...Bruh Was Always About The Youth....Miss You My Uso Nitty....C-ya Soon Bruh OffTopp #FreeNitty #Swayzee #454Life #TokoUso #WeBoutThatLife
tokouso - weboutthatlife - hatedbymanyrespectedbyall - 454life - swayzee - freenitty -
teddy_p_ : #HatedByManyRespectedByAll
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Man wea y'all hoes at.....kite my nigga!! #freenitty #mynigga #franknitty #MYBAE
mybae - franknitty - freenitty - mynigga -
frankshotsauce5 : Pissed off status.....
frankshotsauce5 : @lov3ly_bon3z143
cokalina85 : #FreeOurNigga#Nitty
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In da trap getting off wit dat boy itching dat boy, 40 wit a lazor a have sum missing off dat boy!!!! #peepgamelyfestyle #FREENITTY
freenitty - peepgamelyfestyle -
1lilboy1lilgirl6 : #DumbWayClickTheMob#DumbShitBoutDat#FreeHotBoyNitty
ms_bthang : If u don't take this down please my kitchen looks a mess @peepgame_rilla_back
peepgame_rilla_back : All snacks in da trap @hotgirl_b
peepgame_rilla_back : Yep @only_nique
only_nique : I need 10 @peepgame_rilla_back
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Me Hennessy & U #freenewb #freenitty #riplilt
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sunshineshii : Hey cutie! πŸ˜˜πŸ‘‹
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#LottaDough if it ain't bout that wat is it bout #LottaDough respect the shoota πŸ”« @barzmajor_ynot #COBMUZIKWERKS it's a Team thang @villeselda_blanca @lilmafia_dw @scoota_yk @ross_just_me @cob_loccs @d_nate_cob lil Nitty this shit heavy #FreePudge #FreeNitty #FreeSamP
freepudge - lottadough - cobmuzikwerks - freenitty - freesamp -
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I Hope You Still Waiting...On The Reals Its On Its Final Touches #PolyTape2 #DrewDeezy #TokoUsoUnityMovement #TokoUso #Brothers #Tongan #Samoan #Unity #WhatThePolyWorldswaitingFor #ItsComing
loveislove - freenitty - brothers - tokousounitymovement - 454life - samoan - drewdeezy - polytape2 - alofaisofa - unity - tokouso - swayzeegang - whatthepolyworldswaitingfor - tongan - itscoming -
teddy_p_ : #454Life #AlofaIsOfa #LoveIsLove #SwayzeeGang #FreeNitty
xtr3mly_ble55ed : Love drew deezy.. still on my list to meet!
yist19 - _s.p.i_ - noknee99 - shadowofvictors -
😭 😭 😭 drunk photos with ma rollie . No i really love tho #desss #freenitty
freenitty - desss -
4_eva_luv_ak : @geeharv 😘😘 a a a www love u tooo... Imy
geeharv : @4_eva_luv_ak Saturday
geeharv : Her*
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I miss him a lotπŸ˜” I know you'll be home soon. Everyone misses you and keeping you in prayersπŸ™ We love and miss Hanz. #FreeNitty #MyBabyBro
freenitty - mybabybro -
saenateo : Happy cday Hans! Love u bro! Sent him a birthday card hope he got it. Have a good day sis! @ak_leaupepe
ak_leaupepe : @saenateo I'm so bad I haven't sent anything! Good looking sis.
ak_leaupepe : Have a good day @saenateo
roger_that_10_4 - k.tuigamala - ty_cummings4o8 -
Big Happy C_Day S/O to my USO Nitty, One of the reallest USO's I've met out of the Tank, Love You my Uce stay up Bruh blessing to you and hoping for a good out come soon #RealOne #SwayzeeKing #FreeNitty
swayzeeking - freenitty - realone -
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Happy C Day cuzzin...... You always was laughing slapping the shit outta nigga hands (that shit b hurting)..... Stay up bruh #freenitty I might be seeing you soon tho lol
freenitty -
nev3rs4tisfied_ : #FreeNittyBoski
hbnigg : Keep your head up sole and happy b-day!!!
yist19 : @nichi_tre.foe Lol I'm in the process of transferring over to the adult parole/probation side for the city. Soon as I get on, I'll try to help you out with your situation uce. Stay free bro!
fasepaccino : Happy Cake Day Toko!! #freeNitty
mr._bout_dat_life : @yist19 yup
biggseff : α€Ύ@nichi_tre.foe that nigga be slapping niggaz hands like he swinging a tennis racket lmaoo HBD Nitty Bo!!
fukienesedragon : #freenitty
yist19 - tomi_boi_uno - _onelovelela - ty_cummings4o8 -
Y all wish my Lil brother NITTY a HAPPY C DAY !!!!!!! I wish u was free !!!!! To hell if that's where we going !!! Always been our saying !!! And always will be till I'm in the ground !!!! I love u my USO !!!!! #freenitty #realone #illest
illest - freenitty - realone -
oolee808 : Happy Birthday Hanz may good Lord bless u with many more!!! Faamalosi uce!!!
lingitee : Hcd hanz
kahomnimni : Blessed Cday Cuz
_meleamo : Happy C'day my nicca...
fukienesedragon : #freeNitty
blaquebeautti : Awwww lol agn.....Happy Birthday Nitty.
_tpak : Bless
biggs_245 : Haapy cday my brotha
mmmuasau - stickin_2da_script - hopeful_tessy - sif_keef650 -
I don't ask for much but if you're reading this, please hear me out. I'm not asking for money. All I'm asking for is a simple favor to write a letter or gather photos you may have. It doesn't take my time. If you were in this situation, you'd want others to do the same for you. So please, if you care about him or my son, then you would do this. It is VERY important. In order for Hans to get another bail hearing, we need a lot of letters, photos etc to be turned in ASAP so a date could be set. We're shooting for November. Let's bring Kingstons daddy's home! πŸ™β€οΈ #fingerscrossed #helpabrotherout #freenitty #payitforward #godgotus
godgotus - helpabrotherout - payitforward - fingerscrossed - freenitty -
paulnlose : πŸ˜”πŸ™ŒπŸ™
teddy_p_ : My son wrote a letter for Nitty I just sent it to your email @juicyyness
elleryslife : I Love this! ❀️🌟 if you have a second come see what I'm trying to do to help kids with a rare disease called PCD 😚😚
juicyyness : That's okay sis you still could for your nephew & what you see on the outside . The importance of a child to have a father in his life? Lol @michyfoketi
juicyyness : @drewdeezy408 thanks Bruh
juicyyness : @teddy_p_ omg that's so sweet! Thank you so much! ❀️ love you guys
cam454 : @juicyyness I'm Tryna Get The Pics From IRF Sis.. The One Wit Da Kids, But It Was On My Old Phone. I'll Keep Lookin For More Though
juicyyness : Yes please. He asked about a photo seff took or someone did of him backstage with the kids on the wheelchair. Thanks @cam454
sj_500 - losa_teo - onkarme - tu_eres_ -
Not your ordinary college students #tbt #virginiaState #FreeNitty
freenitty - tbt - virginiastate -
chynithia : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ #Word
troywhyme : πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― who i looked up to ...
sencity730 : I hit ya phone
malloythefuture : What's up bro @smalls4real
smalls4real : Slow motion @malloythefuture
malloythefuture : Aight stay in touch
malloythefuture - carolb513 - legendarydye - coreyhomicidewilliams -
Fresh off work in the studio bouta get bacc to work #upscale #ScaleGang #historycomingsoon #Freenewb #freenitty #riplilt
historycomingsoon - scalegang - upscale - freenitty - freenewb - riplilt -
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Times running. Please please get these letters to me. Address him by his name "Emmanuel Sua". Thank you to those that sent theirs, we love you guys.πŸ™β€οΈ #HelpABrotherOut #FreeNitty
helpabrotherout - freenitty -
drewdeezy408 : @juicyyness if u have anyone in mind plz let me Knw I'll make sure to have them write one
eddienavarro : @drewdeezy408 ok I'll email today
juicyyness : Thank you. He said anyone you think would be helpful. Also if Gino can get video footage from the backpack/toy drive with him in it. Any interaction with kids/community is a big help. ☺️ @drewdeezy408
teddy_p_ : @juicyyness hope it wasn't to late but I sent a letter to your email on behalf the uce
drewdeezy408 : @juicyyness ok I'll get on it
juicyyness : Thanks Bruh. I got it! Blessings & love to you & your family! πŸ™β€οΈ @teddy_p_
kweenevai : @juicyyness you got mail let me know if you need anything else
juicyyness : Thanks love. I received it. Hans sends his alofas! Love yall! ❀️ @kweenevai
tu_eres_ - yung_uesi - kamalei11 -
"I need these letters yall. Please help me get home to my son for the holidays & to my elderly parents whose health is declining. My family needs me! These letters mean a lot. Thank you all for the love & support. Much alofas! -nitty" #helpus #freedom #mylifemypain #thestruggle #godgotus #godblessyouall #freenitty #freemylove #kingstonneedshisdad #prayersup
godblessyouall - prayersup - freedom - freemylove - freenitty - godgotus - mylifemypain - thestruggle - helpus - kingstonneedshisdad -
iloveyoutani : Can I write one too Nessa? I didn't know him personally other then being introduced by jr speaks highly of him and I know he is a family man
juicyyness : Yes of course. Thanks boo! 😘 @iloveyoutani
iloveyoutani : K cool I'll write it and send it tomorrow. About how long?
juicyyness : It doesn't matter. Whatever you feel . Thanks again @iloveyoutani
jantzproductions : Off top! πŸ™
fukienesedragon : Sent
juicyyness : Thank you we appreciate it. I received it! ☺️ @fukienesedragon
bernaseau : Just sent mine
wakeupwithjc - kamalei11 - tattuce - sj_500 -
No matter what they say or what they do…… Ima be right by ya side till 3005 #myrib #myheart #myhalf #mybestfriend #myeverything #freehimtho #freenitty
myhalf - myrib - freenitty - mybestfriend - freehimtho - myeverything - myheart -
flexinnnnnnnn_ - mary__naeee - _glitter_n_gold_ - shtupbtchfollo -
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