Dragon's like the limelight too #aiweiwei #freedomofspeech #alcatrazart
freedomofspeech - alcatrazart - aiweiwei -
kirstyashy : @dottiedangerrr miss you lady let's catch up once my fam bam is heading home xx
dortedanger : Yeah! Text me whenev!
rachburne : wow!
christabel1995 - christianlindberg.spokenword - sarahsarahs - dortedanger -
We got a virgin on the mic. And she sung her heart out. #FreedomOfSpeech #OpenMic #VersifiedExpressions
freedomofspeech - versifiedexpressions - openmic -
chy3_boo89 : My cousin ❤️😊
yuneed_2_fndyaself - blackassata - platinum_weaves_finest - christianlindberg.spokenword -
Count your blessings, not your problems! #FreedomOfSpeech
freedomofspeech -
tattedupwhitegirl - special_k1885 - thatmexican - michiljanay -
PSA, thanks. #freedom #speech #freedomofspeech #youropinionisshitty
freedomofspeech - freedom - speech - youropinionisshitty -
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Jada in the building. #FreedomOfSpeech #OpenMic #PoetryNight #VersifiedExpressions
freedomofspeech - versifiedexpressions - poetrynight - openmic -
therealtrelle - munchkinlover_ - gemini_born_dreamer - gods_dauter -
She can sing. #FreedomOfSpeech #OpenMic #VersifiedExpressions
freedomofspeech - versifiedexpressions - openmic -
iamtaylerb : My god sissyyyy
chy3_boo89 : I shoulda came with them 😊
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We got chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels at poetry night. #FreedomOfSpeech #VersifiedExpressions
freedomofspeech - versifiedexpressions -
_foreverdevanyrae - _red_bone - _resse23_knodat - ladyneal89 -
MERICA! Love our country hate our govt. But we say and print whatever the fuck we want! #freedomofspeech #printer #diys #fuckya #itsnocanada #usa
fuckya - printer - diys - usa - freedomofspeech - itsnocanada -
the_spooks : i dig that flag so much haha
johnnybazooka - 5150bentley - petevanharen - jayeightynine -
At poetry night with @tae_vicious she bout to bless the stage next. #FreedomOfSpeech #VersifiedExpressions #PoetryNight
freedomofspeech - poetrynight - versifiedexpressions -
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It's always a great night of poetry when this beautiful lady was thru the door. #FreedomOfSpeech #PoetryNight #VersifiedExpressions
freedomofspeech - versifiedexpressions - poetrynight -
missfaucet - lowkeyitsray - mrsshine30000 - ladyneal89 -
#Freedomofspeech. This 9/11 truther group has an ad running every two minutes in Times Square. Kinda nutty to see the building fall on such a big screen every day during my commute!
freedomofspeech -
saawordup : SMH
dcarioca - gekojones - norvisjunior - yarivergel -
The alternative media. Thats why internet censorship has come into play. The power of the people. #awakenfromthemasses #internet #censorship #truth #freedomofspeech
freedomofspeech - awakenfromthemasses - truth - censorship - internet -
m00nphase_ : @finamour12
hon_suki : @msaileenxo
the.rogue.princess : @jazzsinghgill
dowjonesindy : I wish
jezus714 : @_urbanite
1_love4marie : @esartistry thank you Queen👑
ocnorb : @kfilewich
ahhshley89 : @dfirst90
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Since I posted my opinion and it got I will say it since it is fk IG page, because YES I have the right of #FREEDOMOFSPEECH ➡️➡️"Very cute, but the prices of your products are not reasonable specially in comparison with many other competitors. I live and breath fitness but I find offensive paying $95+ for 1 set of leggings" that comment got deleted immediately, which it is pretty unprofessional and lame instead of marketing answering properly the proceed to ignore a valid point...I study business, obviously they lack knowledge of such time @bodyangelactivewear do not dismiss comments, learn how to make business and address the client "thank you for the feedback, we surely appreciate it. Please stay toon, new season is approaching and we will be offering some promo and sales in the upcoming weeks" just as an example morons.... Yes that is the difference between someone who knows BUSINESS and ignorant business owners/staff. ➡️➡️I am very nice 98% of the time but when someone looks for my bad side they find it...I can be very bold and arrogant as well, specially when I see injustice or bad-business practices. #boldtruth #ihavetherightTOEXPRESS
freedomofspeech - ihavetherighttoexpress - boldtruth -
uevolicious : 😘
gbritt22 : They blocked me! I said a similar comment, they deleted it and then blocked me. How unprofessional.
meltesc1 : Ha!! @gbritt22 that is pretty lame. Sad how unprofessional people like that make a business. Good that at least there is people like you and I who have the "balls" to call it how it is. Lovely products, lack of value over price and shitty owners/management/staff. Thanks for sharing, nothing against them but yes they do lack business knowledge.
meltesc1 : Thanks God @dodgerblues23 you would look too funny in one of their leggings 😂😂😂jk jk
meltesc1 : Exactly @a_beautiful_disaster20 ...old navy is my best friend lol
curvy_2_fit : $95 dollars? Too overpriced for fabric that costs $5 a yard... Lol
dodgerblues23 : Shoot I would rock the hell outta them leggings right @curvy_2_fit you got my back. If your dog can wear sweaters I can wear these
curvy_2_fit : @dodgerblues23 lmao! Do it, Halloween right around the corner. That some Axl Rose/Slash outfit👊
lil4ever12 - nubcakewill - ivyshimmer - thee_fitmommab -
Shindig Festival in Baltimore was awesome. Daytripped in DC which was kickass as well. Cried at the Vietnam Memorial as usual. #whitehouse #dc #washingtondc #protest #freedomofspeech
freedomofspeech - protest - whitehouse - dc - washingtondc -
hkeyy_ : sweeeeeet @VinesBeLike
adamfenner - cheryl_lynn13 - carachslipknot666 - teh_nardo1024 -
Wow what a beautiful sight! 👍#whatshappeninginhongkong #freedomofspeech
freedomofspeech - whatshappeninginhongkong -
mirandachin - cheuklong226 - mellow_moose - iamgraphicartist -
"If u didn't understand what I spit at yo brain a yo son let this lil nigga explain" #pinocchio #FreedomOfSpeech #ImmortalTechnique #ThereAreNoStringsOnMe
immortaltechnique - therearenostringsonme - pinocchio - freedomofspeech - adidaskrooked - fuckthecrop -
lopez_c77 : #FuckTheCrop
mariewee_ : Dope
esmeraldahhhh : Love it!!! 😎💚👌
space_man_420 : @boogz_90
lopez_c77 : #adidaskrooked
itsdmc : Omg I actually love this one too
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Annoyed... #freedomofspeech #publiclannouncement
freedomofspeech - publiclannouncement -
saint_rexhardt - becky_carlos -
Beyond excited!!!! ❤️this coffee ! #coffeeaddict #mccafe #coffee
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jmenz84 : No way... Dunkin Donuts is waaayyyy better
just4now : Dunkin donuts is awful! #freedomofspeech lol! @jmenz84
shawniejean : I have a bag of Starbucks in the cupboard 👌
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Bill of Rights #freedomofspeech #guns #countrygirl #countrylife #shescountry #murica #american
guns - shescountry - murica - freedomofspeech - countrylife - american - countrygirl -
nancy_the_goat - marieelizabeth99 - mari_jayne - shredbeforeyouwed -
I feel really lucky to have the opportunity to witness and support the peaceful protest organized by the new generation of #HongKong. #occupycentral #democracy #support #freedomofspeech #savehongkong
occupycentral - savehongkong - democracy - freedomofspeech - hongkong - support -
cphea03 : Whats going on? I see it on tv but didnt really listen to whats happening
em_te - kachi0806 - kyle_hkl - mhnetto -
#umbrellarevolution #occupyhongkong #mongkok #democracy #freedomofspeech #powertothepeople #peacefulprotest
freedomofspeech - peacefulprotest - mongkok - democracy - umbrellarevolution - powertothepeople - occupyhongkong -
plangentstar - a_urman21 - zerofarenheit - caipopopo -
#hongkong I called you home for so many years. Stay safe #peopleofhongkong Stay safe dear friends #occupycentral #prodemocracy #freedomofspeech #onelove #keepitreal
occupycentral - peopleofhongkong - freedomofspeech - hongkong - keepitreal - onelove - prodemocracy -
hotaaron - linlinsays - lingaloo - khillacee -
freedomofspeech -
williamolyn : Totally 100% agree @d_quan15 it's about time as Americans we stand up to this puppet. He is always about splitting us against each other. Allowing the working man to suffer while the lazy get everything. He goes after our constitutional rights why lieing to us about going after them. He's a disgrace in my opinion. He's cabinet is just as guilty as him. It's "We the people" not " We the government".
williamolyn : United we stand, divided we fall brotha! We stay strong and show our government they need us more than we need them then we show them just how powerful they really are, congress men don't go to war to fight for our freedoms, we the people do, they don't go out and make sure we are safe, we do. So in saying that we are America not the 3 houses of government.
d_quan15 : See your Very passionate about this bro , we have all been lied to for years now..dude been a puppet, how do yu go from state senate to president then no vaid birth certificate..he is a socialist just like Hitler , I can't support him and most only have his support because of race..but I know who he is and his plan for us , fema camps , finger chips list goes on and on @williamolyn
williamolyn : @d_quan15 man bro it's good to hear someone has seen through his bs. Me and you believe the same thing brotha! I mean doesn't have any-kind of foreign policy, not to add that all those weapons and tanks isis is toting right now are US made weapons. Just makes you wonder what is his "real plan" but the thing is @d_quan15 us talking like this makes us the bad guy. That's the way he plays his game, those who talk out are persecuted for using our first amendment right! Well spread the good word brotha good to see we have the same views! Hope everything is well
d_quan15 : Hecks Yeahh consider a threat to our society , I'm great down next weekend , come holla at me wouldn't mind sharing a lil info with yu @williamolyn
williamolyn : Bro for sure @d_quan15 would like to sit down with ya man, two minds are better than one! Just shoot me a text brotha mane
d_quan15 : Send me ya number @williamolyn
homesteadinfarmgirl - tiapollins - oliviatorres_x - williamolyn -
Read the Patriot Act! #Unjust #DomesticTerrorism #FreedomofSpeech #freedom #falsedemocracy #OccupyWallstreet #FightUScorruption
fightuscorruption - falsedemocracy - freedom - freedomofspeech - unjust - occupywallstreet - domesticterrorism -
g_hwk_ins_51 - maximus_palma - thepushdaily - elliotrodgertruth -
💛Fight for democrazy #democrazy #freedomofspeech #peaceful #admiralty #hk
freedomofspeech - democrazy - hk - admiralty - peaceful -
lunalanng : 陣間我再嚟,見吓見唔見到你。😁
cksting : 我走左了😭你要接力喔!!
molookoo : 👍 @m.c_manny
nae_style : nice pic @iamgodfrey
geminipanda_hyphen - kyunheo - mr_nobody_says_woohoo - lunalanng -
The look I have on my face when I be focused on memorizing a new poem. #FreedomOfSpeech #VersifiedExpressions #OpenMic #TuesdayNight #SpokenWord
freedomofspeech - tuesdaynight - versifiedexpressions - spokenword - openmic -
lovely_denise2012 - king_keyda_b1 - tclaystylinyaheadz - ladyneal89 -
#KarlLagerfeld bringing the #FreedomofSpeech and the #FreedomofFashion on the streets at #Chanel - this man is a genius 🌟
freedomofspeech - freedomoffashion - karllagerfeld - chanel -
cristinafeather : Regram from @angiieelove
frank_paul_b - mihaeladancu - gigimunteanu - andyrei -
But really!! All I want is #justiceforjulia but you want to try to block my content! What against your guidelines is hash tagging #justiceforjulia break! #rights #freedomofspeech
freedomofspeech - justiceforjulia - rights -
stunnaboy_ty - lowkeyass_roro - photogvnic__ - tunia -
I couldn't do anything actually, but as a citizen of this land I'll always stand by Hong Kong people. I may know nothing, but things that I know and be sure are it is absolutely legal that people express theirselves peacefully, and those in power shouldn't unreasonably hurt the innocent people who've got powerful faith as they want by their power. Some may still be confused on this issue, anyway, forgive them and explain it patiently by chance. #hongkongprotests #democracy #freedomofspeech #peace #love
freedomofspeech - hongkongprotests - peace - love - democracy -
mikikiiiiii : 手好肥╯﹏╰
aseitylam : @mikikiiiiii 你好賤…>_<…
kandywessel - alanrey15 - yik.yik - oteliafnbarratt -
But really!! All I want is #justiceforjulia but you want to try to block my content! What against your guidelines is hash tagging #justiceforjulia break! #rights #freedomofspeech
freedomofspeech - justiceforjulia - rights -
hueybrujo - dtross_ - tiredman1992 - tala246 -
#art #haightashbury #bathroom #truth #thinkaboutit #freedomofspeech
bathroom - art - truth - freedomofspeech - thinkaboutit - haightashbury -
temriaairmet : Preach!
kyfarr - princessenvy - sonjamidtune - disasterish -
#spanish #idgaf #freedomofspeech #mevale ✊
freedomofspeech - mevale - idgaf - spanish -
calii_love949 - randysmommy - wbereniced - jas_mine_r -
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