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Trekonomics is officially here and she's a beauty! Backers, update your addresses - we'll send these out to you before pub day, May 31st #trekonomics #startrek #trek #economics #economicsbooks #freakonomics #culture
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joeterzieva : I am so excited for this book.
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Tagged by @hotmessfitgirl to share my workout playlist. First off, love that LOTR and Harry Potter playlist!! Second, I've got all the podcasts on speed dial. Current favorite #mythsandlegends with the ever faithful #freakonomics on standby. Love that with my more consistent workouts, I get educated along the way. #edutainment #podcastnerd #fitgirlsguide #fitgirlfam #28dayjumpstart Tagged ladies- what's on your playlist?
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hotmessfitgirl : Just stocked up on my podcasts!!
flyingwhilefit : Loooove Myths and Legends!!
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Got me some yummy food, a good read and a cup of tea. Morning bliss :') #breakfast #freakonomics #morningbliss
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Happy Friday!! I'm loving Freakonomics and think that these guys would find it a great read too. Particularly Lord Baelish! What are you reading this weekend? • #bookstagram #currentlyreading #booklover #slowreader #bookworm #booknerd #bookgeek #booknerdigans #booktastic #booksworthreading #books #readingissexy #bookwormmama #igreads #booksofinstagram #StevenDLevitt #StephenJDubner #Freakonomics #funkopop #GameofThrones #bookandcoffee
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beforenoonpaperie : I love these books too... So entertaining and informative at time haha
blessedbookworm : @beforenoonpaperie Right?? I love nonfiction.
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#readingtime #freakonomics #stevenlevitt #λ…μ„œμŠ€νƒ€κ·Έλž¨
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Super awesome book, I recommend everyone to read it :) #book #freakonomics
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Think Like A Freak Book Review: The authors of Think Like A Freak wrote another book titled Freakonomics before writing this one. Wish I would have started there. Anyways, here's what I learned from Think Like A Freak It's ok & actually beneficial to say "I don't know" when someone asks you a question that you don't know the answer to. Too often, we'll just make stuff up so we don't feel dumb or risk looking bad. Instead of sweating it & coming up with some off the wall answer, simply admit that you don't know. This will build more credibility & trust as the next time you're in the hot seat, you can answer to the best of your ability & they're more likely to trust you & your answer. Another big take away that I learned was that sometimes (in sports & in life) we'd rather play it safe & lose... rather than taking a huge risk and being exposed if it doesn't work out. If you take a shot and miss, that could lead to major embarrassment, so most of us won't take that shot.. but if we do, we give a half-assed attempt to be able to tell justify it to ourselves and again not to look bad to others. If you Think Like A Freak, then you won't be scared to take that risk. This book also reinforced how important it is to offer the right rewards to ourselves and to other people who we'd like to influence. It's so hard to change our habits sometimes, that we need a big incentive to keep us focused & driven. People are driven by different things in life, however, and some incentives can actually backfire. So think them through before implementing. Don't insult people with crappy incentives. All in all, the authors go into great detail & use fun stories and statistics to drive home their points in this book. It's a decent read, especially if you're interested in leadership, psychology & persuasion.
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adamkiddoo : #ThinkLikeAFreak #Freakonomics #economics #think #thinkdifferently #retrainyourbrain #leadership #psychology #persuasion #sales #incentives #transformation #different #standout #leadersarereaders #readersareleaders #bookworm #goodbook #bookstagram #lovetoread #beyou #loveit #liveit #letsgo
b.riianaa : Wonderful
meet_nate_the_great : yea! awesome! πŸ’ͺ
thegregharris : Freakonomics is definitely worth checking out.
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#calligraphywarmup, listening to #freakonomics "how to be more productive" episode, I lol'd when I zoned back in to the task at hand.
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lesleyjohnson11 : #calligraphy #gmund #noodlersnibcreeper #nooodlersink #planahead #liveforthemoment #calligraphypractice #calligraffiti #flexpen #handwriting #newyork #brooklyn #postyourpractice #thefinelab #tyxca
jane.underhill : The W is glorious!!
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the day our #hearhere tickets arrive is a very good day. #hearhere #dallasartdistrict #kera #ntpr #attpac #mirandajuly #stephendubner #wernerherzog #lecture #lectures #adulteducation #npr #dallas #artandculture #artandseek #continuingeducation #faithsalie #freakonomics #lyndabarry #mattgroening #thesimpsons #thinkspeak #attpac #dallas #instadallas #instadfw
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merry.gadget : I love this pic!!
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Loving #selfimprovment month on #freakonomics radio #podcast
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Nearly half of Americans would have trouble finding $400 in a crisis. THE SECRET SHAME OF THE MIDDLE CLASS, by Neal Gabler.  Cover Story in this month's issue of #TheAtlantic (May 2016). I personally find this hard to believe, but I guess some people do everything they can to maintain the facade of success. The author refers to financial insecurity, as "financial impotence," because to many, it may be more embarrassing than sexual impotence.  He continues on to say that to struggle financially is a source of shame, a daily humiliation - even a form of social suicide. Whatever you want to call it, the fact remains that more people than you'd think are living in a "continual state of financial peril." People are counting on everything being fine and nothing ever going wrong. But as life experience has taught us all in one way or another, that is not reality. Ups and downs are inevitable. Sometimes reading an entire book is not necessary. Sometimes a good article will suffice. Well, here's a good article! Check it out if this is a topic that interests you. πŸ’²πŸ‘
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longo05 : I totally believe this, and I don't think income is as much as a problem as spending. Everyone I know has two car payments and an insane mortgage.
edsbookshelf : @mr.gmarcelo It is the reality of today. Capitalism did not start a couple of years ago, it began as we know it back in the Medieval period. Since then, people have been bartering, trading, fighting, buying or taking property, and accumulating wealth that they then pass on to the next generation. People today who descend from people of limited means are at a disadvantage. And those with the advantages are not going to simply hand over the keys to success. The rules change. Scripts change. What worked in the past, may no longer work out the same way. Capitalism is a zero-sum game and eventually you'll need some form of wealth redistribution if you want to keep the game going. The things you mentioned are tools to do just that. My guess is that the time is now, or darn close to now for those tools to be put in play. However, as you well know, regardless of what's done, those who lack financial literacy will usually end up losing again. πŸ’°
edsbookshelf : @longo05 Hey Bryan, that's good insight on your part. Most people can likely look back on their earning history and think of countless ways in which they could have made better use of their hard earned money. The insane mortgage payments are the heaviest anchors. I like what the comedian #GeorgeCarlin once said, "It's called the American Dream for a reason. 'Cause you gotta be asleep to believe it!"
edsbookshelf : @pam.carey Thanks Pam! You've probably advised your fair share of clients on how to modify their spending habits.
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18k later time to hang up my socks and read some #happyhump #Dublin #ireland #instadaily #niceskys #freakonomics
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xtinery_ox : @phweddingphoto he doesn't lift!! 😒😒
phweddingphoto : @mikeoconnor0202 ring me for the wedding πŸ“ΈπŸ“ΈπŸ“Έ
chinocleary : 18k as in kilometres or 18k as in cash? Lol
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What I'm listening to on my hike this AM. Any others I should be listening to? Looking for recommendations πŸ™Œ #freakonomics #productive #business #ceo #losangeles #scalingretail
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muneee : eCommerceFuel #podcast πŸ’š
photojett_ : My Goodness!
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Another #treasure from the #kingsday #vrijmarkt . Food for the brain and soul. #books #freakonomics #dickswaab
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Crazy market quirk I ran across today when looking for salad toppings: more smoked duck is cheaper than less frozen shrimp. I'll take it! #duck #였리 #freakonomics #dinner #salad #korea
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hideshima20120520 : ηŸ₯らγͺγ„ζœ¬γ γͺぁ。
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The three hardest words for people to say are "I don't know." Learn to say it. Embrace not knowing and being a student. Until you can admit what you don't know, it's virtually impossible to learn what you need to πŸ€“ 4x2 at 145lbs #thinklikeafreak #freakonomics #ironwomanstrength #denovonutrition #denovogrind #fitfam #powerlifting #bodybuilding #girlswhopowerlift #strength #deadlifts #passiontolearn
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_icebox_ : Yes girl!
kprimefit : Get it! Nice work
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My animals got in a wrestling match while I'm listening to a freakonomics podcast on my @jblaudio speaker .... So far Henry is pinned by my cat's fattness ... Fatty-1 Henry -0 #catvsdog #havanese #mainecoon #jbl #freakonomics
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staceypereyra : 😍
elleylalunamusic : Hehe
nerumenova : @elenastoy @missylwilliams
ismini_mini : ❀️
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Books for the month. #sapiens #freakonomics #dante #inferno #tokillamockingbird #books #passion
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It's a long way off but we'll be on vacation visiting my family for the month of June so I decided the shop will open promptly upon our return! Yay finally diving in! It's been a long road with a lot of pit stops (hello, personal-world-shattering tragedy) but I'm not giving up and all forward motion counts. ❀️ Once I finish getting a printer relationship firmly established the feedback reps will be getting their samples and surveys and then people I've jotted down for free samples will be sent out their bookish mail as well! I haven't forgotten I'm just slow these days. Thanks for your patience and support, ladies and gents. ❀️ • #bookstagram #currentlyreading #booklover #slowreader #bookworm #booknerd #bookgeek #booknerdigans #booktastic #booksworthreading #books #readingissexy #bookwormmama #igreads #booksofinstagram #bookandmug #bookandcoffee #etsyshop #etsyopeningsoon #etsy #Freakonomics #StevenDLevitt #StephenJDubner #BlessedBookwormDesigns #BlessedBookwormMarkers #BlessedBookworm
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uncoloredthoughts : Yay, so happy all is going well! And I can't wait for my sample to arrive. Good luck with everything and enjoy your holiday πŸ’—
blessedbookworm : @uncoloredthoughts thanks!! ❀️ I'm meeting with a printer Thursday that I think may finally be able to do the job so crossing my fingers that goes well and I'll be shooting to send the prototype samples to you guys for your input in a couple weeks! 😁😁
wherethewildtalesare : YAYYYY;
wherethewildtalesare : *!!!
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April read. Been quite slow in reading this month but this is actually a really good book. Very helpful in helping me think through questions at work or life in general. If you are super smart, lucky you. But for us the normal ones it helps to remember to be diligent in finding root causes, asking the right basic questions, simply saying i don't know as a start to finally know, and listen to the data you have. #freakonomics #thinklikeafreak #stevenlevitt #stephendubner #aprilread #currentreading #bookstagram
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Such a mess, but it's mine (and I love it!) #bookshelf #doctorwho #freakonomics #lindasmith #shippingforecast #comicpoetry #eatpretty #tedtalks #agathachristie #jennifersaunders #Sherlock #Conan Doyle #caitlinmoran #howtobeawoman #thehumans #matthaig #davidmitchell #alaindebotton #proust #lifeofpi
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Sant Jordi πŸ“–πŸŒ· #santjordi #santjordi2016 #she #mylove #underthepillow #freakonomics #book #followme #follow #read #sigueme #sigue #liked #like
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greyson_waller : #StevenLevitt #Freakonomics #Behave2016 #Psych #Marketing
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Finished Casino Royale last night and we watched the movie this weekend for comparison as well. Definitely some differences but I really enjoyed the book and look forward to reading the rest of them. • #qotd - how do you respond when a book your reading had a super sexist character? We all know Bond is a fairly sexist guy but some of the things Fleming wrote made me physically wince. The book's saving grace for me is knowing they were written in the 1950's. • The TBR Lottery Jar chose Freakonomics as my next read so here we go! I have listened to the Freakonomics podcast for a while and I love nonfiction so this should be a fantastic read 😊 • #bookstagram #currentlyreading #booklover #slowreader #bookworm #booknerd #bookgeek #booknerdigans #booktastic #booksworthreading #books #readingissexy #bookwormmama #igreads #booksofinstagram #bookandmug #bookandfood #bookandcoffee #bookandmoon #StevenDLevitt #StephenJDubner #Freakonomics #tbrlottery #tbrtakedown
stevendlevitt - booknerdigans - readingissexy - bookwormmama - bookgeek - bookandmoon - bookworm - freakonomics - books - booknerd - tbrlottery - qotd - booktastic - bookandcoffee - tbrtakedown - currentlyreading - stephenjdubner - bookandfood - booklover - booksworthreading - igreads - bookandmug - slowreader - bookstagram - booksofinstagram -
blessedbookworm : Let the Bond discussion begin 😊 : You're going to absolutely cringe during Living and Let Die then. Uncomfortable, yes, but also a sign of the times...time capsules of a much different era. Refreshing to see how the Bond character has evolved with those times. Moonraker isn't nearly as bad. There's a moment when Bond wonders if an MIA woman has simply had a fainting spell, and he leers at the ladies, as expected, but the female lead is strong and (kind of) independent, at least. I think instead of waiting a year to read Diamonds are Forever, I'll pick it up when you do. Give me a head's up when you're ready for it.
blessedbookworm : Yeah, I definitely can live with it knowing it's just historical context. It's easy to forget how blatant that stuff was. - I'm glad Fleming at least writes strong women as the leads sometimes. Vesper was definitely impressive at moments (though in the modern movie far more so for obvious reasons). I'm really kind of glad they saved the Casino Royale story for introducing Daniel Craig's films and kind of remaking his character. At the beginning I was hesitant to embrace a new man but now I think he may have been the best Bond ever (despite my enduring love for Connery). - I'll definitely let you know when I'm going to read Live & Let Die. Probably in June or around there. We'll be on vacation seeing my family in Florida for the whole month and I think some spy adventure would be perfect reading 😊
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Steven D. Levitt, author of #Freakonomics! #BEHAVE2016
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freshrice : How was it? Is it worth to attend?
yosoytino : @freshrice im still here. Really like it. Many good learnings!
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#freakonomics #freakonomicspodcast #freakonomicsradio
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#blink #freakonomics #malcolmgladwell #books #reading #relaxing
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deanowendenny : πŸ‘Œ
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Happy holidaysπŸ’ƒ Can't wait for the real fun to start. This summer is definitely going to be a memorable one. But there's still time for that. (whatever 'that' is 😜) Until then, my very first read after exams got over. (Yes. Bachelors is finally done. 😍 #yuhuu) Kicking off this rather lazy week with my all time favorite #mommade coffee β˜• and a masterpiece book - Predictably Irrational by an extraordinary man - Dan Ariely, an expert in the field of Psychology and Behavioural Economics. #currentlyreading #predictablyirrational #danariely #freakonomics #humanbehaviour #forpsychologylovers #bookstagram #inspirationalread #nonfiction #brainfood #summerreading πŸ“–πŸŒž
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Interesting. #freakonomics #freakonomicsradio #podcasts #GoalDigger #SMART #JustWaitOnIt
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#freakonomics interesting documentary to watch if you have couple of hours to kill...shows there is more to this reality around us... #yourway #kodocity #differentview #usa #government #corruption #education #businessdevelopment #selfeducation #documentary #sumo #incentive
yourway - usa - government - kodocity - selfeducation - incentive - sumo - freakonomics - differentview - businessdevelopment - education - documentary - corruption -
annv11 : КниТка Π΄Π°ΠΆΠ΅ такая Π΅ΡΡ‚ΡŒ πŸ˜„
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Freakingly Geeky Saturday! #Freakonomics #Economics #Weekend #GeekyWeekend #Music #Lazy #Reading #Books #instaBooks #StevenDLevitt #LevittDubner #Dubner
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ajinkya24 : Last part thoda boring hai re.
namanmathur87 : @ajinkya24 :-o kyu?
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Catching up with my freakonomics...this is one of my favourite episodes so far. #economics #freakonomics #productive
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