Hoy me regale este librito :) #Freakonomics
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Stopped at #smallworldcoffee before Steve Levitt's talk at Princeton U. ☕️ #freakonomics
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One of the best ever I read, #myway, start. #sarcastic #satirical #freakonomics
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Getting ready for next #book reviews! #freakonomics #everythingstores #bounce#jeffbezos#knowledge
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mirand_wic : Click the link in my bio. You will earn $25.00 per email you send daily.
freedom_sisters : Very cool
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Prefect evening for a stroll along the seawall. #nofilter #seawall #YVR #beachbody #freakonomics #freakonomicsradio
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k_vdh : I'll be joining you for those walks this fall!
auntiesamm : @k_vdh I can't wait! It's going to be amazing!
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#bookstagram #freakonomics
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the_russkiy : Love their podcast
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Should kids pay their parents back for raising them? #freakonomics #podcast #growingonthecommute #goodmornin
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2outliners : Yes & No .... I say show appreciation by doing little things and giving gifts but not just flat out paying them back ... i mean we didnt request to be born.
wantsum_m0 : @mzunderstood215 it's open for interpretation
wantsum_m0 : @higgsworld so if I choose to put a family member in a home because I'm not able to take care of them I didn't do them justice?
wantsum_m0 : @2outliners so if RE3 is the first round pick in 23yrs and decides not to buy you a house or pay off you mortgage EVEN though you paid for all the league fees, AAU tournaments, college, etc. You're still cool?
cordie2 : Pay back?? Like @higgsworld said I believe that we should honor our payments and if they played a part in the success you see and you can reach back and help life them up then absolutely do that. I don't think any repayment is necessary. You didn't ask to be here. They made that happen and you were a gift to their life so that was it then. Whatever comforts you can afford to lavish on them because they did a lot for your is something to bless them with but not out of a spirit of repayment.
2outliners : Yea cuz im doing it outta love ...im not looking at it like im investing in a mutual fund !
wantsum_m0 : @cordie2 agreed. You don't do it out of a spirit of repayment. The podcast gave a few examples. Def worth the listen
wantsum_m0 : @2outliners ok...you might turn into Joe Jackson! Jk
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Art school half term reading... I'm sure I'm meant to be doing illustration? #art #books #freakonomics #why
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#Books2016 #Freakonomics D. Levitt & J. Dubner. #InstaBooks #InstagramBooks #ElizabethGilbert #BookClub #ReadingCafe #MadAboutBooks
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Reading time with my Dad! Keep improving yourself! The more you know, the bigger the chances for you to have control of your own success! #read #freakonomics #selfie #road #success
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c0ltsf00t2019 : Приветствую! Один из лучших
timbogdanski : Totally rocks!
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#reading #kindle #freakonomics #airport #airportreading Nice day to read at the airport
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#freakonomics #hiddensideofeverything #penguinbooks #book #nofilter #starbucks #caddebostan
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#TexasCoffee #TexasMornings #GrandmasCoffee #Freakonomics #Rain #HoustonHappyHour #HTown #EADO #JustBecause #Mornings #morningslikethese #CoffeeHouse #RainBoots #GoodMornings
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My date this valentines <3 can't wait to read you..... #bookstagram #books #happykid #Freakonomics #vsco #vscocam #vscophilippines
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alinakellerofficial : Отлично выглядишь)
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#doodle #doodles #illust #illustration #낙서 #낙스타그램 #일러 #일러스트 #イラスト #수채화 #watercolor #freakonomics #괴짜경제학
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Too much of joy in one frame. #freakonomics #beks #goodreads
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Abadá - ✔ Daqui eu não saio, daqui ninguém me tira! 🍷📖🎉 #carnaval #freakonomics #angelicazapata #dvcatena #wine #vaotudopegarsapinho
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The sequel to #freakonomics that breaks life down with formulaic reasoning 📖 #superfkreakonomics #mustread #coffeeaddict #coffee #nespresso #coffeetime ##book #bookclub #timeout #economics #coffeebythebook #nytimes #bestseller
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adizohar17 : Love it!
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Material de lectura: #freakonomics y #superfreakonomics. El primero de 2005, y el segundo de 2009, son obra del economista de la Universidad de Chicago Steven Levitt, y el periodista del @nytimes Stephen J. Dubner. Ambos libros sirvieron como soporte para la película homónima de 2010. A ver qué tal los libritos. :) Ahh!! Si pueden, vean la peli!!
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Exploring the economy #freakonomics #wellthatsanapproch
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b_morson : What up doe!
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Nuevos pero usados ;) #freakonomics
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New reading material #freakonomics #superfreakonomics #mindblowing
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This book is awesome. Normally when reading on a train the monotonous rhythm has me asleep in an hour - 2 and a half hours and now I'm annoyed to arrive. #freakonomics #economics
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Current read right now. Loving it so far 🙌🏾 #freakonomics
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sarpa2010 : So good and so incredibly interesting! Enjoy!!!
pacific_studios : Love that book! Their podcast is pretty awesome too!
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This one has been a delightful read so far. #Day17 #30DaysOfHappy #30HappyDays #home #selkirk #richmond #vancouver #vancity #vancouverbc #70th #wednesday #wednesdaywisdom #afterwork #read #gradschool #gradlife #books #greatbook #bookrecommendation #freakonomics #superfreakonomics #Dubner #Levitt #nowreading
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~FREAKONOMICS~ BY:Steven D. Levitt. - Prepare to be dazzled, I believe somes up this book very well. Freakonomics has many differnt categories that it talks about, and many different ways to look at things. To understand the world we live in today is something unimaginable but for these few categories it's made simple, to help one understand. - “Morality, it could be argued, represents the way that people would like the world to work — whereas economics represents how it actually does work. Economics is above all a science of measurement.” - To be curious... Seek to understand... live to learn... How should we live, I'm not one to tell you, that's only for you to decide. But it's the one thing that will make or break us. So success or not is only your choice, to seek or not is only your choice. YES there will be things in the way of all of this. But that's what makes it great. To push threw what most won't to keep on walking even when things don't feel right. LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO BE AWKWARD AT MANY TIME. But how will you walk? - - #knowledgesociety #freakonomics #knowledge #economics #tailopez #success #motivation #books #beautiful #lookup #earth #clearskies #fresh #smart #view #love #life
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jasonfurst : wow!
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"If you toddle over to the hot stove and touch it, you burn a finger. But if you bring home straight A's from school, you get a new bike. If you are spotted picking your nose in class, you get ridiculed. But if you make the basketball team, you move up the social ladder. If you break curfew, you get grounded. But if you ace your SATs, you get to go to a good college. If you flunk out of law school, you have to go to work at your father's insurance company. But if you perform so well that a rival company comes calling, you become a vice president and no longer have to work for your father. If you become so excited about your new vice president job that you drive home at eighty mph, you get pulled over by the police and fined $100. But if you hit your sales projections and collect a year-end bonus, you not only aren't worried about the $100 ticket but can also afford to buy that Viking range you've always wanted — and on which your toddler can now burn her own finger." #books #economics #freakonomics #mentalgainz #selfimprovement #business #school
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Its amazing #bookworm #freakonomics #thinklikeafreak #greatread #cantputitdown #economists #thinkoutsidethebox #captivating #headspinner #openminded #book #reading #sogood #youshouldreadit
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January book haul 🙈💎💎📚📚📚📚📚 #bookhaul 📖 ------------------------------------- * Books : 📚📚📚 -Extreme ownership 📕 -The five dysfunctions of a team 📕 -Thank you for arguing 📕 -Antifragile 📕 -The Decision book 📕 -Zero to one📕 -Relentless 📕 -The school of greatness 📕 -Escala a otro nivel 📕 -Start with why📕 -The willpower instinct 📕 -Freakonomics -Talk like TED 📕 -Subliminal 📕 -The 10x rule 📕 -Never eat alone 📕 -Little Red Book of selling 📕 -Steve jobs 📕 -Hooked📕 -Between the world and I 📕 -A Brief history of time 📕
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urstrulysandra : @itsonmybookshelf It's really interesting. I feel like I'm traveling right along with Gloria Steinem. This last week I just haven't had as much time to read! 😁
itsonmybookshelf : 😊@urstrulysandra
bizzbookrecommends : Nice!!!! 👌
rick_hall : Love your posts 👊
tony_moze : You got all the best books!
itsonmybookshelf : Thank you 👊 @rick_hall 😊
itsonmybookshelf : 😅 #bookholic @tony_moze
tony_moze : 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
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At Lulu but the price is outrageous! FYI imported French eggs from Carrefour are only 30 SAR. This reminds me of Freakonomics!
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__sarahq__ : #organic#local#freakonomics#organiceggs#riyadh#ksa#saudiarabia
allergic_in_riyadh : I really wish to find affordable, reasonably priced free range eggs! :-)
__sarahq__ : @allergic_in_riyadh just out of curiosity, what is affordable to you?
allergic_in_riyadh : We buy the regular ones for around 12-14 SAR per 30 eggs. I would pay double the price for organic free range eggs
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Pretty long, pretty heavy, pretty hard to digest - but worth it! Authors are weirdly great ... Their take of this world is so different. #goodreads #freakonomics
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교수님의 추천으로 읽게 된 책이다. 책 이름부터 범상치 않다. '괴짜경제학[Freakonomics]'. 천재 경제학자인 스티븐 레빗[Steven Levitt]이 썼는데, 사실 경제학 도서라기보다는, 계량경제학이라는 도구를 이용해 세상을 통찰력있게 바라보자는 취지를 가진 사회학 도서라고 보는게 맞는 것 같다. 이 책에서 가장 충격적인 내용은, 낙태 합법화가 범죄율을 낮추는데 기여한다는 부분이 아닐까 싶다. 통찰력이라니.. 책의 내용이 어렵지는 않을까 걱정할 필요는 없다. 아주 쉽게 읽힌다. 속편인 '슈퍼 괴짜경제학[Super Freakonomics]'과 '괴짜처럼 생각하라[Think like a freak]'도 기회가 된다면 읽어봐야겠다. #괴짜경제학 #freakonomics
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seeeulah : 음
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