Que tal? ((; O idiota do olaf (angelo) cortou nossas cabeças mas ate q ficou massa *0* shaushuah #quetal #sunday #sundaynight #church #nozes #semcabeça #freakedout #we #us #withouthead #cute #perfects #swag #niggas #tiger #nike #allstar #lalala #inlove #friend
cute - we - sundaynight - perfects - tiger - allstar - church - lalala - semcabeça - swag - niggas - freakedout - nike - us - withouthead - sunday - nozes - quetal - friend - inlove -
andreandrad : Nossa foto ficou top *-*
lucasvasconcelosmello : top a foto de vcs em kkkkk :P
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So me and @kirst12x have been chilling with this mother fucker. #spiders #ientscared #butientaboutthatlife #thankgodforadam #freakedout #bugslife #instasects #instaspider #summer #gardenissues #shouldvestayedinthegarden #byebye
instaspider - summer - freakedout - butientaboutthatlife - bugslife - shouldvestayedinthegarden - gardenissues - spiders - byebye - instasects - thankgodforadam - ientscared -
stacke9 : Laaayydattt😶
okjustjenjen : Eeeeeeee
kirst12x : Just don't I will be sick
nuttynubes : Thank god yu spotted it @kirst12x 🙈🙉🙊
its_just_me_85 : Fuck me what spider is that I'd run
nuttynubes : I haven't got a clue !! I'm still freaked out 😰 @its_just_me_85
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I knew my future baby daddy was a beast but DAMN!! #turnedon ;-) but yet #freakedout @__○ I still love every inch of him tho ♥♥
freakedout - turnedon -
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This duck scares the shit out of me -__- #RubberDucky #FreakedOut #KidsToys #Buhhhh #Runnnn
freakedout - rubberducky - kidstoys - buhhhh - runnnn -
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Met a little friend in my tomatoes this morning. #freakedout #pretendfarmer
freakedout - pretendfarmer -
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How I want my days to be 😍😉☺️ #freakedout lol
freakedout -
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The time I found a gaint cake statue in Amsterdam :O #Amsterdam #holland #cake #statue #pink #red #yummy #cool # strawberries #freakedout
pink - yummy - holland - freakedout - statue - cake - amsterdam - red - cool -
jayem3l : Uhm wasnt this the hague?
gabriellaxoxosnickers : Oh snap it was wasn't it :P
jayem3l : Uhuh... xD
snoesje_1982 : Yeah it was The Hague😉
adrian.canlon - theshinymix - farah_naz786 - anisa_nasir -
a #glass of #water, #candle beside #bed . Last #night , in the #dark , grabbed one glass and didn't realise it was the candle until I smelled the fragrance. #Freakedout #thanks #god it was not melted.
dark - freakedout - god - bed - water - glass - thanks - night - candle -
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I look in my rear view to see #help pretty #freakedout #scary #picoftheday #igers #instadaily #iknowitsyoujones
scary - help - freakedout - instadaily - iknowitsyoujones - picoftheday - igers -
b0_obii3s86 : That's creepy, lol
mclaughlin__jr : @b0_obii3s86 you're telling me!
hinevis469 - b0_obii3s86 -
Sneakin n Geekin #freakedOut
freakedout -
fobjob : 😹😹😹
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& then to discovered some crazy pervert has been in my yard overnight & helped themself to my underwear ... Just mine.. Empty pegs dotted everywhere where they were #freakedout
freakedout -
mrs_sock : That's awful
redshoes84 : That's really freaky!! 😥
higgy_laura : Ooh heck! 😮
lynsey26 : At least they were clean...
gfunk_in3d : Say whaaaaaaaat?!
sophcookson : How annoying!! And weird!! x
heidi_jayne1 : Every cloud hey @lynsey26 ha ha and yes @sophcookson I'm more pigged off that the knickers were part of sets so now I bras with no knicker part & they don't sell them as separates!!! Weirdo freak pervs!!
I hate spiders! #spiders #scared The spider ended up crawling onto my bed!
freakedout - scared - spiders -
jessytam_ : holy shit tht came straight from hell I swear
erikadawe : Ya one leg is longer than the others
erikadawe : I just found another spider in my bathroom #freakedout
jessytam_ : I would burn my house down if I were u HAHAH
erikadawe : LOL really! I would do that but then I would have to pay for all the damage that I've caused
jessytam_ : dude u have huge ass spiders in ur house whats more important. hahahahhaha jk
erikadawe : Ya I found 2 more just like the first one. I don't even know where they're coming from
jessytam_ - alishakalia69 - emmakika013 -
What the heck am I drinking??? No joke I open this tea up and it smells like dog. It's a organic, raspberry tea and it's probably something I won't be drinking again soon. So I turn it around to read the ingredients and there is a short description about this tea. Turns out it says they bring their dogs to work. I was like, 'Ha! I knew that smell. It sure did smell like dog.' Why it has that dog scent, I have no idea. I must admit I am alittle turned off by what my imagination has me thinking right now. Sooo of course, the person in me who hates to waste food is still going to finish it up. I am going to be enjoying my chocolate covered peanuts and making funny faces as I drink my funky tea. Maybe, I just got a bad one or the other flavor was better than this one? #freakedout #whatsinthatDrink #organictea #dogscent #allinmyhead????
freakedout - dogscent - whatsinthatdrink - organictea - allinmyhead -
dollartreelady : No joke huh!!! I see those at Walgreens when I buy the Arizona's yet I've never found the courage to buy one. Now I know, for sure not too. Hahaha. I'm laughing at the ''dogs to work''!!!
mzericalynn5 : @dollartreelady, oh my gosh, I almost spit the darn tea all over the kitchen floor when I read that, lol!
donedirtcheapmakeup - asewell09 - dollartreelady - patriot_1981 -
Been semi-frantically searching for my @phillphill #PhillipPhillip CD, opened the old entertainment center & FOUND. THIS. #Literally jumped back and said #EWWW #WTF!! MOM!! I am calling you OUT! Why on God's green earth do you have a #Creed CD?! & IN OUR HOUSE?! #FreakedOut #SoWrong
sowrong - phillipphillip - wtf - freakedout - literally - creed - ewww -
k0urtn3yra3 - ally_schnab - hourswasted - evierod_90 -
Takhte gaz ineee ? 😱😷😷😷
killmeeeeehhh - freakedout - dead - mlyekmoshkhar - yemoshtbikale - ghalbemonomadtodahanemon - speeding - takhtegaz - audiiiii -
parparrriii : #Takhtegaz #yemoshtbikale #freakedout #dead #ghalbemonomadtodahanemon #mlyekmoshkhar #audiiiii #speeding #killmeeeeehhh
sayyyareh - fara_tochal - follow.sean_dros - lida_mou -
Not many people are bidding and that kinda bothers me, so many people wanted him. You all broke?? D: lol and a spider or something was just crawling all over me.. Ugh ! >.< (#piclab #spider #totalscare #worried #freakedout #black #fast #creepycrawlies #stitches #ac #stutchesac #dreamieac #dreamies #follow #bid #acnlvillager #villagerbid #ac #nl #animal #crossing #new #leaf #animalcrossing #newleaf #animalcrossingnewleaf)
ac - acnlvillager - bid - creepycrawlies - spider - animalcrossing - stutchesac - dreamies - piclab - new - follow - byebyevillager - stitches - villagerbid - leaf - freakedout - animalcrossingnewleaf - fast - worried - dreamieac - totalscare - animal - crossing - newleaf - nl - black -
dreamiehunter : Wait let him go means void or bid?
danielleofcrossing_ : @dreamiehunter probably a giveaway. I got him free through the campsite so I wouldn't make others pay I would never void Beau
the_dark_sparkles : 3 mil
danielleofcrossing_ : @the_dark_sparkles bid is not on this picture, it's on the one of him moving and highest is 17 mil, royal crown, and 7/11 set
the_dark_sparkles : Wow i dont have this money but u like fauna?
danielleofcrossing_ : @the_dark_sparkles I was looking for Diana and the mush set for buyout
the_dark_sparkles : Im looking for diana too :( but ok thx for listen my offer 😆
le_artistic_blitzle : 20 mil!!!
mayor_ash - krystalcr0ssing - mayor.melissa - ben.fights.dragons -
Mcm everybody 🙌 #emdog#rockintheshades#UPeh#freakedout#mancrushmonday#studdin#thisiswhatyoucallclass #applejuice #gottacatchemall #champ
freakedout - rockintheshades - mancrushmonday - thisiswhatyoucallclass - gottacatchemall - champ - emdog - upeh - studdin - applejuice -
taylornier14 : God she is hot
lexie20xc : Tell me about it @taylornier14
kdelforge54 - erika_alwes - caitlin_stewart11 - micahnier -
Ya por la decimotercera taza de cafe del día #coffee #FreakedOut #regularshow #mordecai 😜😬☕☕
freakedout - mordecai - coffee - regularshow -
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Trying to feed ducks then the stupid #pigeons showed up. #freakedout #duck
freakedout - pigeons - duck -
lisal61277 -
May have freaked out a little bit. Had a spider start crawling in my arm. One thing about me I'm super scared of spiders. #scared#spiders#hatethem#screaming#me#freakedout#lmao#funny#littlecousin#water#outside#soaked
me - funny - lmao - littlecousin - freakedout - scared - soaked - water - outside - spiders - hatethem - screaming -
nikki__117 - k.a.r.t.a - sashatattooer -
My Dad found a toad last night #toad #toads #itsqueaked #bumpy #slimy #cute #amphibians #croak #itwas #freakedout #poorthing
itsqueaked - cute - slimy - toad - amphibians - poorthing - toads - bumpy - freakedout - itwas - croak -
nadjakaun - imahaji - mor0208 - ashleynicolegale -
I swear on my babies life I just took a pic of me sticking my tongue out like ya do and on photo I have TWO TONGUES well freaked me out haha #freakedout #tongue #freaky #strange
freakedout - tongue - strange - freaky -
ka.mm -
Bless her. Don't like bathtime. #Kayenn #mybaby #bathtime #freakedout #babydragon #beardeddragonofinstagram #ilovemydragons
bathtime - ilovemydragons - kayenn - beardeddragonofinstagram - freakedout - mybaby - babydragon -
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#nutjob #scared lol she got totally #freakedout #feedinggeese
nutjob - freakedout - scared - feedinggeese -
lori4john : Well in her defense, they are her size and very close to her face.
superskinnyjeans : @lori4john they were on my ankles I will admit I was a little scared too. She went from laughing to screaming in one second lol
lori4john : Lol I noticed that too.
kyleedurbin : Funny
tamimckittrick - kyleedurbin - lori4john - drjsickrymes_semyrkcis -
For anyone who knows me- they know what a big deal this is... MEXICO. #boarder #goingtoca #freakedout #notstopingthiscar
freakedout - notstopingthiscar - boarder - goingtoca -
jesse_kennedy - katyamariel - savcookster - aubscook -
fly - creativedisneyhg - quickedir - tinkerbell - scared - rain - edit - in - freakedout - pixar - disney - dreamworks -
tinkerbell0418 : @disneyyy_hg I know it's meant to be flying but Tinkerbell can already fly
disney_love__4ever - jackie_thomson14 - _dasiy_baby_bunny_ -
I do t care if this is crossing the line in appropriate lol. Some like religious guy like blessed me or something at work. He asked if I was feeling ok and that I looked tired. I told him how i just had surgery last week and I'm very tired since I stopped taking my Percocet yesterday and I'm going through withdrawls. He then took my hand, thanked god for "this beautiful woman" (while his wife was watching on) and then asked "god" to release the issues I'm having since not being on the medication and the medical concerns for the surgery. THEN, (in pure blyth fashion and healing "release") I gushed cum everywhere in my panties at work and now my pants are wet hahah UGH WHAT. WHAT?! #freakedout
freakedout -
deaddweight : I really don't want to believe this
12ammkv : Or your getting old and urinated. lol
blythboners : @12ammkv lol I thought maybe too! But I ran to the bathroom. It was DEFINITELY cum hahahah. I took a picture of that too if you need proof hahaha
12ammkv : Lol maybe your cum stain will look like the Virgin Mary, you know like how people find her in toast and what not
blythboners : @harddragon hahahaha so crazy ⚡️🙏⚡️
kevinalves : You should log to church more often
blythboners : @kevinalves I did my time from 5-15 and I'm fucking done.
kevinalves : Ya but if I came every time I got blessed id be a real church mouse.
cayladubz - bunny_bon_bon - fahqbic - sxcfun -
The purge 2. #Lastnight #purge #purgeanarchy #freakedout #girlsnight
purge - purgeanarchy - freakedout - girlsnight - lastnight -
sweet_kel - jessefhaydenjr - rmr_blf - samanthaalattrell -
I was in the wood with my friends and my friend Jack said there was a porcupine 3 ft away, I bolted away and he was not lying, we all saw it later #freakedout!
freakedout -
aaronnachazel - _._._stevo_._._ -
Because a critter with only 8 legs wasn't enough -_- #freakedout #millipede #spidersarentscaryenough
freakedout - spidersarentscaryenough - millipede -
teamalxoxo : Dude dude dude that's what's been in my garage for ages!!!!
naynicole10 : I would never go in my garage! @teamalxoxo
teamalxoxo : I try to avoid it at all costs at night!!!!
darkskinned_and_stunning : Ugh I'm deathly afraid of those things!! 😵
naynicole10 : It was terrifying to wake up to this morning @darkskinned_and_stunning
_dabigkahuna - teamalxoxo - vickieparry - evony_raina -
My kitten got this for me while I was sleeping he was nice enough to put it on my face.. #shithead #freakedout
shithead - freakedout -
joey_bateman_ : Yummm
joeymx : It was actually very delicious @joey_bateman_
silver_dgaf - __briiittney__ - daniellebosleyy_ - kevlar_parkour -
Oh God. They're extremely beautiful. How can you be sooo perfect? #directioner #forever #perfectly #freakedOut #kisses ♥
freakedout - forever - perfectly - kisses - directioner -
onedirection_hhzll : @harrystyles and @niallhoran is veery cutes :)
nina_dobrev05 : i love @harrystyles e @niallhoran
laay_brook : @harrystyles and @niallhoran ♥
laay_brook - variates00 - sina_hsk - aysenur.arslan.790 -
Angels seductive pose 😂 #weird #cat #freakedout
freakedout - weird - cat -
scar_anderson : @poppybinns even she can do the tongue pose but you can't 😉
poppybinns : How can she do it and I can't!!😫👎not fair!!
the_diva032 : Awwwww your cat is so cute
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