#ImVeryMuchAlive #frankwolf #francislapointe
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brighteyedtrash : Awwww thank you for tagging me honey! His pic made my eyes tear up a little. You're right he is very much alive!
marianasbreakingstuff : Omygod @karenequisde "Very Much Alive" already gave me feels, cause of Gee's alcohol problem and ith Frank its too much ;-;
karenequisde : Oh ma'am I'm sorry for the feels ;-; @marianasbreakingstuff
marianasbreakingstuff : Its ok whats life without a little feels ;u;
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Frank Wolf. ✞ 25112O13. ✞ #FrankWolf#Rip#WeLoveYou#love#pikachu#pika#kawaii#DarkKawaii#otaku#bullying#StopBullying#Anime#Cosplayer#KawaiiBoy#Bae#EmoBoy#EmoTeen#Youtuber# || (´⌒`。)
love - darkkawaii - pikachu - cosplayer - rip - bullying - emoboy - emoteen - pika - kawaii - frankwolf - kawaiiboy - otaku - weloveyou - bae - anime - youtuber - stopbullying -
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somebody posted about my rolemodel but then deleted the while photo, i dont remember which user did it. but i wanted to post what i said, bcuz i thought it was important enough. stop hating on ppl just bcuz theyre different ;-; it doesnt matter if u dont like them, others care for that ONE person dearly. #frankwolf
frankwolf -
25.o4.2o14 - lol_i_kill_u - jess_922 - san.frisco -
Francis' beautiful face. Karen and I love you and miss you so much! <3 you are forever in our hearts and minds. Please everyone DO NOT post what happened to him or ask personal questions... It is still painful & out of respect for his family and friends, we won't be discussing how he passed. It's best to remember him as he was. Thank you. Rest your soul, little Pika angel. We love you! #frankwolf #francislapointe
francislapointe - frankwolf -
brighteyedtrash : @karenequisde
karenequisde : We love you forever Francis <3
rigbysbabe13 : 🌸I'm sorry for u loss @brighteyedtrash I would of done the same thing ur doin if somebody that is my friend your really sweet 😔🌸
m3lani3arce - naeeeeeee14 - xxnicolegraceffaxx - dead_girl_walking_11 -
Okay guys, I feel like this need to be said. Please, stop asking how Francis died. Stop assuming things. Stop pretending you know every single detail about him (family, friends, a day in a life of) The Lapointes are already disgusted about the fact there people on Internet spreading rumors about Frank and there's people pretending being friends of him. Just stop! It is disrespectful! I don't mind if you post memorial art work or any photo of him, but please, I'm BEGGING you, don't be mean. Don't post things "you read on Internet" and you assumed it's true. I want to keep his memory alive, but remembering good things about him. Keeping the happy thoughts here will make a huge difference. Gone but not forgotten! #frankwolf
frankwolf -
brighteyedtrash : Awwwwwww thank you sweetheart for uploading this picture & saying what you needed to! I agree honey! It's very disrespectful to beg and post about how he passed & too personal questions. It still affects people more than one may think. Thank you for standing up for Francis! You're a very special person honey! Always keep the happy thoughts!
yovannatho : Was I even talking to your stupid ass? No so gtfo bitch
karenequisde : Hahaha Justin Bieber fans keep it classy tho 😂😂😂 I'm still laughing at you @yovannatho because its pretty fucking stupid go and hate on Drake Bell photos. If you hate him or dislike him, just stay away from his stuff. And "gtfo"? Oh honey you comment in my picture, maybe you should go and mine your own business.
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I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!! R.I.P Frank Wolf. You were such an amazing, beautiful person. You have inspired me to be me and to do your own things. Whether people liked it or not. You've given me confidence. I love you so freaking much. I can't wait to meet you when it's my time. RIP Frank Wolf! I miss you!!! #rip#frankwolf #iloveyou#inspiration#amazing#beautiful
beautiful - amazing - frankwolf - iloveyou - rip - inspiration -
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I know you can't see this. Or maybe you can. But we love you Franky. I love you and miss you. One day I will meet you when it my turn to go and I can't wait. But it worth it. Meeting you will be my heaven and I will be your hairstylist and makeup artist. I'm really great at it and still getting better and better. I own it to you. You inspired me to be me and only me. Even though you got hate you kept doing you. And even though you crumble down you crumble down with a fight you tried and that what counts. For you I will not go without a fight. It suck I have to wait to meet you but it worth it though. I miss you so much you made me smile and made me want to do makeup and hair. And even be a tattoo artist. You made me want to put my art on people. You showed me how lovely and beautiful it could be. I love you Franky. Rest in peace. We miss you. 😘😘💙💚💜💛💖💗💝💓💝💘💞💐💐💐💐👼👼👑👑😘💙💚💜💛#frank#wolf#cosplay#pikachu#r.i.p#love#bullied#beyou#loveyouall#frankwolf
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hinami_neko_chan : I don't have a b-day buddy too :c lol
skittl3sxpandaz : @hinami_neko_chan then can we be no birthday buddy,buddies lol
hinami_neko_chan : xD woooh
skittl3sxpandaz : 😝yay I found a buddy yesh🎉 @hinami_neko_chan
hinami_neko_chan : Hehehe yay💕✨😭
skittl3sxpandaz : @hinami_neko_chan 🌈😂lol you made my day lol
karenequisde : <3
skittl3sxpandaz : @karenequisde ik it perfect👌👌💙💙
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i miss him D; #frankwolf #rip #forever #missed #weloveu #pikachu #Pokemon #frank #wolf
forever - frankwolf - frank - pikachu - rip - weloveu - wolf - pokemon - missed -
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The real life Mashall Lee. A.k.a #frankwolf he was so cute!!
frankwolf -
kyleigh2019 : That's awesome dude!
karenequisde - kyleigh2019 - lucrezia7x - gillbug84_bvb -
#FrankWolf #RIP #pikachu #cosplay #cosplayer #love #anime #pika #cute
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Frank Wolf<3 #mcm #model #frankwolf #RIP #love #hot #damn #hesperf
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The Past Is In The Past #frankwolf
frankwolf -
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Within 10 seconds I'm crying. If you don't cry watching this, idk. I just....idk. You probably don't have a heart. The only way I thought to put it. #crying #frankwolf #ripfrankwolf #inmemoryoffrankwolf #lovefrankwolf #rip
lovefrankwolf - ripfrankwolf - frankwolf - crying - rip - inmemoryoffrankwolf -
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Missing #frankwolf #crying #ripfrankwolf #rip
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#crying #frankwolf #ripfrankwolf #inmemoryoffrankwolf I miss him too much too often. He's in a better place as well as for Mitch Lucker. Just wish the both of them would wake up.
ripfrankwolf - frankwolf - crying - inmemoryoffrankwolf -
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Are you a boy or a girl? #pika #pikachu #frankwolf #pokemon
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badass_fanboy : o.o she has no boobs its a TRAP! xD
jimeru_kun : yeah he is a crossplayer @badass_fanboy 😂 too bad he is already dead 😑😶😑😶
badass_fanboy : @jimeru_kun dead? o.o well i wasn't expecting dat lol
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Ok I got enough submissions last night but I'm stuck on two. So comment which one you think it's best and the one with the most votes wins. #emohair #emo #emos #emohairstyle #scene #scenes #scenehair #scenehairstyle #emoboy #emoboys #emogirl #emogirls #scenegirl #sceneboy #vote #comment #hair #hairstyle #comments #frankwolf #ripfrankwolf #frankwolfrip #frankwolfmodel #model #punkhair
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cassidys_32 : 2
addieee907 : 2
raining_tragedy : 2
sarcastic_native : 2
sashajbn : 2
lexy_loves_music : 2
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Okay so a while back I started watching Dr. Who. I stopped watching it because I wanted to watch Supernatural or AHS. I just started watching it again yesterday and I'm so confused 😂 so if anyone could halp me (preferably @maya._.sixx) that would be fabulous. #drwho #supernatural #americanhorrorstory #ahs #comiccon #spongebob #cereal #pillow #house #weloveyouconnor #frankwolf #yes #maya #js #a #turd
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maya._.sixx : I thought I killed it
lilly_802 : No, I put up a decoy. You killed the decoy @maya._.sixx
maya._.sixx : But I knew you had a decoy so I switched the real baby and the decoy and killed it
lilly_802 : I have the real baby. It's next to me. Breast feeding on my cat. @maya._.sixx
karim_nine : Girls on snapchat be like
_keleee32_ : Tbh: I don't know you but your pretty. Hmu sometime👌
lilly_802 : Thanks ❤️ and yea defiantly @_keleee28_
_keleee32_ : I have snapchat. It's keleparks_32
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#Frank #wolf #FrankWolf #RIP 😔😭#1993-2013 #model
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I decided to make an edit of Francis Lapointe aka Frank Wolf! R.I.P Francis! I didn't know you really and I just became a fan of yours like a week or two ago but you are to cute not to make an edit for. So yeah I'm crying a little as I'm posting it. #frankwolf #frank #wolf #francislapointe #francis #lapointe #cute #adorable #RIP #edit #luv #crying #hopeyalike #luhyaguys
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I'd like to be him. Kaythanksbye. #frankwolf #kawaii #kawaiiboy #s00percute #bae #whycantibecutelikehim #kmsokay
kawaii - bae - kmsokay - frankwolf - s00percute - kawaiiboy - whycantibecutelikehim -
nocturnal_eyeballs : Frank Wolf <33
pastelbrat666 : @nocturnal_eyeballs he's one of my idols ^~^
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#frankwolf #francislapointe #antibully #perfection #bands #youtubers #warpedtour #cutie
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Miss him
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Rawr {#frankwolf #emoboy.#rawr #cuteboy #boy}
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chris_jordans245 : RIP
jojo_noona : how did he die..?
x_frank_wolf_x : Suicide he hanged himself @jojo_noona
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Finished of Frank Wolf #done #progress #finished #tumblr #art #model #skull #makeup #frank #wolf #frankwolf #art #drawing #shading #black #white #pencil #paper
pencil - art - frank - makeup - tumblr - finished - paper - done - shading - model - frankwolf - skull - wolf - progress - white - drawing - black -
eulogyballroom : @karenequisde I have no other art of him at the moment. I really want to draw other pieces if him though! And it would surely be an honor for them to see my work! I will try to get this art to the memorial for sure! Thank you!
eulogyballroom : @karenequisde but I could always send you one of my pieces of him, well after i draw them. Is there any way I can send the future drawing to his mother and sister?
karenequisde : I'm not allowed to give personal addresses :/ Im in Mexico city at the time. All I could do is get a picture of it (in case you couldn't go and leave the art work at the memorial) here on IG and then show them when I get back to Montreal
eulogyballroom : @karenequisde Okay that is perfectly fine. I understand the address situation. If you have time you can show them, but I will be somewhere near Canada in the near future, and will try to get my drawing there!
karenequisde : Any time you want to show me, you can DM sweetheart. Its always lovely to see new art work from fans!
eulogyballroom : @karenequisde but where in Montreal if you dont mind me asking? Its actually close to where I will be living.
karenequisde : I will DM you the info ^_^
eulogyballroom : @karenequisde thank you!
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Only the hair left ~ #frank #wolf #frankwolf #art #drawing #paper #pencil #picture #progress #hair #model #makeup #skull #tumblr
pencil - art - frankwolf - skull - picture - frank - makeup - model - tumblr - paper - wolf - progress - hair - drawing -
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Blurry >.< #progress #frank #frankwolf #wolf #drawing #art #skull #start #blurry #picture #paper #pencil #tumblr #model #makeup
picture - art - frankwolf - skull - pencil - frank - makeup - tumblr - start - paper - wolf - progress - model - drawing - blurry -
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1st progress pic of the Frank Wolf drawing #frank #wolf #frankwolf #model #skull #makeup #tumblr #drawing #art #progress #pencil #outline #start #paper
pencil - art - frankwolf - skull - frank - makeup - tumblr - start - paper - wolf - progress - model - drawing - outline -
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I love this Boy..
frankwolf -
ale_biersackquinn : #FrankWolf
blayzikan - sickanjonsson - daniel26biersack - ck_darren -
frankwolf -
ale_biersackquinn - karenequisde -
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xxlittlemissemoxx - my_understanding_cat - sickanjonsson -
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