#fpu2018 #franklinpierce #movein #freshman #sister #family @fpuadmissions
sister - movein - family - freshman - fpu2018 - readyforfpu - franklinpierce -
kaitiejacqueline : #readyforfpu
fpuadmissions - griselisx3mia - thisisamandaaaa - irocguy89 -
We match. 😜 #franklinpierce #goodbyeadam
franklinpierce - goodbyeadam -
missmel2901 -
Last night I had to say the hardest goodbye to not only my boyfriend but my best friend. Have a blast at #franklinpierce. Make us proud. I love you ❀️
franklinpierce -
jannahh13 : 😘😘😘😘
courtneybouchard21 - rachellittle544 - patmurphy2 - b_couture11 -
Off to start another chapter of my life:college. Franklin pierce, here I come, Connecticut- I'll see you at thanksgiving! #franklinpierce
franklinpierce -
sallynotarino : Good luck & have fun
xo_ericaa97 - kdance101 - mzagaroli03 - juls725 -
To my oldest and best friend @ryansheehan44, I wish the most of luck not to you but too #Franklinpierce and all the ladies out there who encounter this stud. So many great memories but the best are yet to come #Savage #Brothers #RideOrDie
savage - franklinpierce - rideordie - brothers -
carolineclaflin : Bottom left: my favorite picture! Have fun! & good luck @ryansheehan44 😘
ryansheehan44 : Your the best brotha! And you too sistah @carolineclaflin
jackieporterrr - mollyyyyd - aimeeharland - amandaclaflin -
Hey everybody, it's #NationalBowTieDay. I OBVIOUSLY thought of this character when I heard the news. #FranklinPierce #rindgeNH #birge #yourewelcome
yourewelcome - nationalbowtieday - franklinpierce - rindgenh - birge -
kshah429 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
ericrileyy - grames713 - tay4396 - michbarb -
Close enough to Throwback Thursday, I miss you ladies dearly!!! ❀️ @kellmahoney @jenblais28 @mcelroyj @nicchamp8 @la.slo #college #familyphoto #drunks #senioryear #lakeview #franklinpierce
lakeview - drunks - college - familyphoto - franklinpierce - senioryear -
mcelroyj : Remember the poopy field? Sang that song randomly the other day #postgradproblems #fisherprice #poopyfield
cormer : @mcelroyj YES will never forget it 🎢
la.slo : It's a party in lake view 16 #miley
kellmahoney : @la.slo @cormer @mcelroyj to quote @nicchamp8 every weekend "it's a party in the US... Ahhh shit ITS A PARTY IN LAKEVIEW 16!" ... Also, I still believe poopyfield is the greatest song ever written by Caitlynn and I, amiright @llamamecaitlynn?!
cormer : @nicchamp8 lmao love you
nicchamp8 : We are babes!! πŸ˜™ Miss you and love you crazies! Also, of course a beer made an appearance in this photo! 🍻
mcelroyj : @kellmahoney should have won a Grammy
kellmahoney : @mcelroyj agreed!!!! #iwassnubbed
jenblais28 - la.slo - megamann2 - marflakhien -
Ready to get back to school! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘Œ #fpu #franklinpierce #tequilla #rum #whiskey #whitegirlwasted #party #heaven #drinkup #fireball #jΓ€ger #malibu #cuervo #cuervogold #josecuervo
malibu - heaven - rum - tequilla - drinkup - franklinpierce - jΓ€ger - fpu - whiskey - whitegirlwasted - cuervo - josecuervo - cuervogold - party - fireball -
caitfarrell : Oh boy. We ready
cormer - letjimitakeover - timblou8 - epicrose678 -
A view I can never be mad about.
theframe - franklinpierce - ravennation - pearlypond -
ianlasko : #TheFrame #FranklinPierce #PearlyPond #RavenNation
jusmiles33 - karellemckay - j6shsolo - jayysilvia -
Presidential dolls at the TCC. Franklin Pierce here lookin like some Gerard Way mofo. #franklinpierce #gerardway #doll #president #tcc #tucson
tucson - doll - president - gerardway - franklinpierce - tcc -
focus_scout - rainer_langevin -
One of the best things to do after a tough workout , regardless of what you play or do is rolling out. Rolling out your muscles kinks provides self-myofascial release . Myofascial release allows the body to heal by allowing the blood, lymph, and nerve receptors to work more effectively. It improves blood circulation , immune system & nerve function as well as increases flexibility. Do something that your future will thank you for πŸ‘πŸ˜„πŸ‘ #myofascial #legionofboom #rollout #stretching #fpuvb #fabfitforever #franklinpierce #volleyball #1stphorm
franklinpierce - legionofboom - fpuvb - stretching - myofascial - volleyball - fabfitforever - rollout - 1stphorm -
ktunez19 : It's hurts and feels good at the same time lmao
drewjean7 : Its good to do before workouts too
fischertwins : πŸ‘πŸ˜
angelicafigueroa_ : I need this right now lol
_laurenlove__ - exclusive_personality - mihighlybless - rampagejohnson2 -
Great Day to be a Raven ! Back to the FPUVB lifestyle, something I've been waiting for all summer . #fpuvb #fabfitforever #franklinpierce #volleyball #neversettle #nextlevelshit #1stphorm
nextlevelshit - fabfitforever - 1stphorm - fpuvb - franklinpierce - neversettle - volleyball -
this1betterwork : Your eyes are like perfect.....nice
fabfitforever : Thank youuu @this1betterwork πŸ˜„
hannahsage9 - khaus33 - josephgreguy - maddieklu -
I'm not one to constantly post about my injury and want attention but I just want everyone to know about my journey this past year and how far I have become.... Last year when I was getting recruited for college field hockey I was told I would never be able to play anything but D3 and that it is to late to try senior year. My senior year I was ready and was talking to coaches to come see me play during the season but that all changed the second game of the season when I tore my acl with one minute left of the game. The pain wasn't the worst part of my injury, the fact that I would not be able I play college hockey was. I tried to come back and did for three games until I tore my meniscus. I was then done and had no hope. I got my surgery in November and made great improvement where I went to Franklin Pierce and actually tried out and played two and a half months after my surgery. After that I have been working hard to get where I am at to be ready for Division two level field hockey. Now I am in the best shape of my life being able to run four miles without feeling completely dead. Tomorrow I move in to Franklin Pierce and start my life over playing field hockey there. So this just shows you can prove people wrong and you can do what ever you dream of ✨ #ready4fpu #franklinpierce #fhockeyready #aclrecovered #determination
franklinpierce - determination - ready4fpu - fhockeyready - aclrecovered -
lexxiiaaa : So proud of you em! Good luck. Love you
emmilayy_26 : Thanks @lexxiiaaa ! Love you too! πŸ˜˜β€οΈπŸ’—
fat_al23 - buttercup458 - laura_beth_r - sophbloom20 -
Look who I ran into! Coach Corey! #fprugby #franklinpierce
franklinpierce - fprugby -
zuluman17 - miranda_panda27 - tashiiyana - khanvict12 -
Just realized another reason why I have to visit Franklin Pierce. Good ol' Bill #franklinpierce
franklinpierce -
briyannayanna - chelsea_dr - chelc_781 - maxpags1998 -
Finally arrived in Boston been up since 5am met up with these boys great guys already made good mates but now it's bedtime good day @jordleg @biggerintexas23 @johnlochhead #franklinpierce #fpuadmissions #fpumensoccer #boston
fpumensoccer - boston - franklinpierce - fpuadmissions -
tcatefleming - kroach10 - tails_fergg - aasssshhlleeeeee -
Voltar a luta!! #USsoccer #franklinpierce
ussoccer - franklinpierce -
caiovc : Nem me esperou seu safado!
nonatolima17 : Vai mano, boa sorte e arrebenta! πŸ‘ŠπŸ™πŸ‘Šβš½οΈ
juliagoyanna : Boa viagem 😚
kamisousa10 : Que Deus te abençoe onde quer que estejas Mlk, vai na fé #tamojuntos @gabriel_maluf
joaovitoraraujo : Boa viagem meu amigo! Espero q esteja levando meus ensinamentos dessa vez. kkkkkkk abraço
lucascaarvalho : Boa viagem meu amigo, vai nao flw
gabriel_maluf : Vlw galera Tamo junto! @nonatolima17 @kamisousa10 @joaovitoraraujo @lucascaarvalho
marciliolopes - lucascaarvalho - brennabraz - willmbiac -
Longest day ever 16th of August nearly time to go another long flight fun no sleep in 24 hours #bostonbound#lovinglife #franklinpierce
lovinglife - bostonbound - franklinpierce -
calsmith997 - apecker06 - luke_bulkay - marcruiter14 -
#Beautiful partially #cloudy day on #franklinpierce #lake! #summer #sparkly #water #vacationlife #relaxing #instagood #landscape #photooftheday #igersnh
beautiful - summer - relaxing - franklinpierce - lake - cloudy - sparkly - water - instagood - igersnh - vacationlife - landscape - photooftheday -
starline81 - kgbevan - namgaywangchuk - xarlok -
Is this what your car will look like in TWO WEEKS for #fpumovein2014?! 10 hours to show us what you're packing and win $50!!! #ready4fpu #classof2018 #franklinpierce
ready4fpu - franklinpierce - fpumovein2014 - classof2018 -
milanatinati - jill_vieira - shellann345 - devangivashi -
Senior Photo Shoot..#Senior #FranklinPierce #253 #ISHOTCHA.COM
253 - senior - franklinpierce - ishotcha -
kaydotstheory - ljennjenn - mani_patterson -
Omg πŸ™ŠπŸ’€πŸ˜πŸ˜ #franklinpierce #moveinday
franklinpierce - moveinday -
bry_4 : I mean I already bring Taylor Panera while she's at work. Along with dunkins & other things cause I'm a good friend. So id be happy to!😊😘 @klcon11
klcon11 : @bry_4 come out to eat with us later
bry_4 : @klcon11 today?
klcon11 : Nope next week @bry_4 😈
bry_4 : Oh hell ya I'll by there! @klcon11
bry_4 : Do you think were driving Taylor crazy yet?! @klcon11
tmgags96 : She's in Pittsburgh @klcon11
ashandreotti : Can't wait to see you guys 😊
ffrancoeur - hairgirldebsi - blytherashalle - aprilm210 -
Selfie of my sister-in-law and I from the wedding. Wanted to give her a shout out for getting a teaching position in the Franklin Pierce School District as a Kindergarten teacher at Central Avenue Elementary. She's also going to be finishing up her Masters while teaching. Excited to see what the future has in store for her! πŸ˜πŸ“šπŸŽπŸ”€πŸ™πŸ‘­ #wedding #sisterinlaw #teacher #franklinpierce #kindergarten #newchapter #educated #uwtgraduate #exciting #proud
uwtgraduate - educated - proud - newchapter - kindergarten - franklinpierce - wedding - sisterinlaw - exciting - teacher -
catherinex02 : 😁
uw_girl : Such a great pic of you two. @catherinex02 did you redo your hair?! Looks super pretty
catherinex02 : @uw_girl I did, but I'm going back to my normal color soon lol.
kallisgood : Follow meh plz
jroeuth - _tetoniacjones - liz.perry - wilmotscott253 -
#FranklinPierce #Love πŸ“š
franklinpierce - love -
totobuster - schweeeeb - x.alissha.x - nur_ta -
Saturday morning at the State House #holidayhartjones #concordnh #concordnewhampshire #concord #nh #cowhampshire #newhampshire #newengland #franklinpierce #kidsplaying #kidswillbekids #climbingtrees #treeclimbing #old #trees #tree #oldtree #oldtrees #climbing #kidsinthepark #kidsatthepark #kids #children #childrenplaying #statehouse #towncommon #town #common
cowhampshire - climbingtrees - nh - old - concord - kidsatthepark - franklinpierce - childrenplaying - oldtrees - newengland - town - trees - oldtree - climbing - newhampshire - children - towncommon - holidayhartjones - kidswillbekids - kids - treeclimbing - concordnh - tree - statehouse - kidsinthepark - kidsplaying - concordnewhampshire - common -
paisley_pascoal - angiberry7 - chavisimmons - meluhdee1980 -
Are you ready to make this place your home?? CONTEST 3: show us what you're packing!! This is what we "packed" for our dorm room! #ready4fpu #classof2018 #franklinpierce
ready4fpu - franklinpierce - classof2018 -
vjmastroianni - lexi_dasilva - gamachet - pina_nicolada_ -
Everydays halloween #tbt#turntuppope#daddy#greasersbaby#franklinpierce @tylerbivona
greasersbaby - daddy - franklinpierce - tbt - turntuppope -
tylerbivona : Classic
ryankokell - angelreyes100 - carlymeus - brittanymaryclauss -
Today's VP - William R. King. He was VP only 6 weeks before dying of tuberculosis. www.jonathan-crow.com #veep #vice #veeptopus #follow #williamrking #jamesbuchanan #franklinpierce #ink #illustration #pen #president #ushistory #usgovernment #watercolor #vicepresident
watercolor - president - franklinpierce - veep - vice - hat - jamesbuchanan - vicepresident - illustration - veeptopus - pen - ushistory - tuberculosis - ink - follow - octopus - usgovernment - williamrking -
jonccrow : #octopus #tuberculosis #hat
elaitbaunne : Great!
magicarmor - andrea_magat - jimmy2annie - inadrawing -
Bonus #NH #roadside excursion #FranklinPierce Homestead
nh - franklinpierce - roadside -
603_love - ashtoneakin - deusaderit - ladieslovecooljeff -
Contest 3 starts today!! Make a video in 15 seconds or less showing us the top 5 things you have to pack before you move to FPU! Make sure you use #ready4fpu! Winner gets a $50 gift card for more dorm room essentials! #classof2018 #franklinpierce #fpu πŸŽ₯
fpu - ready4fpu - franklinpierce - classof2018 -
ashlynnpie : 😭
hamish_soccer - harleighhhhh10 - merry_hicks - ginagvu -
nationalpremierleagues - soccer - adidas - usclubsoccer - fury - screenprinting - franklinpierce -
mymaria007 : #screenprinting #adidas #fury #franklinpierce #soccer #nationalpremierleagues
mymaria007 : #usclubsoccer
juliahmichel - gaphotoart50 - maddie_boles31 - basketballluver_42 -
#tbt blowing some glass! Short hair! Monroe! Never wearing jeans.... Oh yeah my #tbt is the glass hut #glassblowing #hotglass #fpu #franklinpierce #franklin pierce #glasshut #myuploads #me #remember
me - glassblowing - myuploads - glasshut - franklinpierce - tbt - fpu - franklin - hotglass - remember -
braunasaurus : This makes me extremely jealous!!!!
imperfectlyme13 : @braunasaurus I loved it! I wanna find a studio to work at If I find one I'll let u know!
jaybaybay_ : Glory days glory holes πŸ”₯πŸšͺπŸ“
aroderiques - braunasaurus - jaybaybay_ - cgul08 -
road tripping to rindge today! #franklinpierce #allbymyself ☺️
franklinpierce - allbymyself -
braden_marstaller - l_scheps - madisondrew323 - allllly_sun -
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