30. Nearby...this just arrived in the mail, looking forward to reading it! #fmsphotoaday #littlemomentsapp #francischan #youandmeforever #newbook #marriage
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Last day to enter #giveaway! Link in profile! Winner chosen Monday! #victoryinchristdevo
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lisseast : #victoryinchrist #victory #jesus #jenhatmaker #aaronshust #francischan #annvoscamp #interrupted #crazylove #onethousandgifts #1000gifts #lovestory #areallifefairytale #love #joy #peace #freedom #brave #beyoubravely #besetfree
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During this phase of my life, this quote always comes up in my mind. I am the light and salt of this world, affecting everything close to me. #francischan
francischan -
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Francis Chan Quotes - Day 7 Amen! We hope you enjoyed this week of quotes by Francis Chan and that you were challenged to reflect on what it really means to be a follower of Christ. God bless! #francischan #jesuschrist #leadmetothecross #follower #truelife #abundantlife #eternallife
jesuschrist - abundantlife - truelife - francischan - eternallife - leadmetothecross - follower -
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Sooooooo true!!! You want to know who God really is read the Bible. Don't take things out of context or make things up. Find out who God really is. Trust Him and turn your life around before it is too late. #francischan #quotes #christianquotes #Christian #love #hope #God #inspiration #instext
christian - instext - god - christianquotes - quotes - francischan - love - hope - inspiration -
afashionjourney : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ it is a sin to add or take away from HIS word!
chicaaao : Wow!
mills_202 : Yes true that. But He decides who we are!โš“@savedbyhisblood21
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What a day! Grateful for the delicious artistic coffee that helped me stay alert. Grateful for the ability to work long hours and still have a smile. I always look forward to the last week of the month. I love being part of the end of the process to what is a new beginning for many. I never imagined closing loans would turn into something I would enjoy doing as much as I do. I am grateful to my friend Denise who told me about the opportunity. I am grateful to my Mom who stays with my son, so I can work these long hours that I love. I am grateful to God for giving me the strength to do it all, especially this week. I couldn't have done it without Him. I am trusting the process, but more than anything I am trusting you God. It's all in your hands. I am your vessel!! #100happydays #100daysofhappy #day32 #coffee #blessed #grateful #trust #process #love #passion #francischan #promise #artistic #unafraid
coffee - love - process - day32 - 100daysofhappy - blessed - 100happydays - passion - artistic - grateful - francischan - unafraid - promise - trust -
mena_2 : @mzavip !!!!!
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I need more of God, how about you? #God #francischan
god - francischan -
martita66 : YES! @kelliewhitsett Stealing โค๏ธ
kelliewhitsett : @martita66 go for it!
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AM run for the best breakfast: Acai Bowl, watermelon juice, & solo time to read #CrazyLove by #FrancisChan. โ€ขโ€ข #RachelsKitchen #AcaiBowl #Watermelon #IBeenDrankinWaterMelon #CleanEats #WorthIt #JustDoIt #In100DegreeHeat #Vegas #God #HisWord #Learning #TheMostImportantGoal #WhatIRanForThisMorning
crazylove - acaibowl - francischan - rachelskitchen - vegas - watermelon - learning - cleaneats - whatiranforthismorning - hisword - god - justdoit - in100degreeheat - worthit - ibeendrankinwatermelon - themostimportantgoal -
mj_bocobo : Did that create gas on the run back home?
prel_ : @mj_bocobo if you mean energy yes! If you mean flatus, no it really didn't haha.
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No praise is high enough! โค๏ธ #jesus #jesuschrist #jesusquotes #bible #bibleverse #biblequotes #francischan #qotd #quote #quotes #church #christians #christianity #christianquotes #god #godisgood #godquotes #instapic #instaquote #votd #oceans #holy #holiness #faith #love #amen #israel #ff #selfie
godisgood - israel - oceans - love - holy - amen - godquotes - quote - selfie - instapic - jesus - quotes - bibleverse - ff - church - votd - christians - qotd - faith - jesuschrist - bible - biblequotes - holiness - god - jesusquotes - instaquote - christianity - francischan - christianquotes -
noah_heritage : Hey, I'm an open minded atheist can someone prove god to me? (Not trying to offend)
crissenamb : @noah_heritage it's all about faith brother ๐Ÿ˜Š blessed are those who have not seen yet believe. God is everywhere, you just have to open your eyes ๐Ÿ˜‰
nesoul2020 : ๐Ÿ˜‡
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Francis Chan laying out truth. #francischan #bible #truth
crazylove - bible - truth - francischan -
stewfouissodope : #crazylove
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Needed this truth this morning. #truth #francischan #crazylove
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#FrancisChan #ForgottenGod
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Francis Chan Quotes - Day 6 In other words, our motive should be to serve God and others before ourselves. It's the J.O.Y. Principle: 1. Jesus, 2. Others, then 3. You. #francischan #lovegod #loveyourneighbor #sacrifice #truelove
truelove - joyprinciple - loveyourneighbor - sacrifice - francischan - lovegod -
sisters_growingingrace : #joyprinciple
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Yup #love #francischan #quotes #sayings #canadian #loveit
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hanen_kth : @mzavip !!!!!
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#francischan #Christian #quotes #christianquotes #quotestoliveby #truth #faith #hope #joy #instext #inspiration
faith - christian - instext - joy - christianquotes - quotes - quotestoliveby - truth - francischan - hope - inspiration -
sjflutterfly21 : But we do
strawberry_graphics : True
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#throwbackthursday #tbt .. Idk who was #preaching but I took notes. And my #JesusIs #book playing peekaboo. #JudahSmith #podcast #sermon #driscoll #chan #francischan #andystanley #northpoint #church ???
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nixinonna88 : I always like when you post your notes!
coled00d : @nixinonna88 thanks! Or my journal, so you know my deepest and darkest secrets, ha.. How's Arizona treating ya?
nixinonna88 : @coled00d Well if you want to share those I won't complain ;). Arizona is treating me well. I'm quite fond of it. Thanks for asking. How's things on your end?
coled00d : @nixinonna88 word! Awesome! I'm staying busy. And as much as I hate being busy, it's a good thing. Ready for some colder weather, ha!
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Hooray for @jubileeproject perks. #francischan
francischan -
gravityla : @alzrus
jessicasuijiyi : Ohhhhh stink I'll read :)
enaeo : Tell me how the book issss!!!!
hanakeem : Hahaha @alzrus yes!!! This is for after ๐Ÿ˜˜ miss you boo.
hanakeem : @brybrykang Hahaha I'm excited. Will be on the list after captivating.
hanakeem : @jessicasuijiyi haha you should! I heard it's good!!
hanakeem : @enaeo will do. Not sure how long it'll take me though. Miss youuuu enabobeena!!
youandmeforeverbook : Thanks for sharing! #youandmeforever
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#LocoAmor #FrancisChan #CrazyLove
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Yes! #francischan #Godisbetter
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justnathaniel116 : yes of course! praying!! :) @pattyyy_18
justnathaniel116 : did any of yous have anything i can pray about? ? :) @meek_maelz93 @danielle_ash92 @livingfor_jesus @lukexwashed @aimerygold_onfire
lukexwashed : Yes! Been down the past two weeks feel like I'm wasting time and wasting days like I'm not good enough. Haven't felt this way in three years man. Under attack.
justnathaniel116 : praying for you man! @lukexwashed
lukexwashed : Thanks man! I feel it!!
pattyyy_18 : Thank you! @justnathaniel116
livingfor_jesus : Can you pray I pass my driving test on Tuesday? It's been kind of stressing me out. @justnathaniel116
justnathaniel116 : yes of course! trust God, he is your rock :) @livingfor_jesus
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ะžั‡ะตะฝัŒ ัะพะฒะตั‚ัƒัŽ ... #CrazyLove by #FrancisChan #bookstoread #books #radical #living #love #challenging #bookthing
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kylebenoit : It is really good.
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Thank You Jesus!
crazylove - francischan - sharingjesus - thankyoujesus - teamjesus - jesusfirst - jesus -
xiahbe : #Jesus #Jesusfirst #sharingJesus #teamJesus #thankYouJesus #crazylove #francischan
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Book review and giveaway on the blog today. Simply visit the website (link in profile) and comment on the post to be entered! #forgottengod #francischan #holyspirit
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beccar730 : Just got this! Glad to hear its good!
mollywellman : Tried to comment on the blog post, but I'm not sure it worked OR it did and you have multiple comments from me! Ha. I just wanted to share Romans 8:26 because that verse has been so important in my life.
tarynalyse_d : @mollywellman it doesn't look like we got your comment on the blog... But if you press on the link that says "1 comment" then it allows you an opportunity to also comment on the blog post
joie_mag : @mollywellman hi Molly! If the blog still doesn't work for you, we'll count this comment ๐Ÿ˜„ hope you are doing well! -Steph
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Francis Chan Quotes - Day 5 Its great to admire godliness in each other and the Bible says we should spur each other on to good works, but we are each made uniquely with our own gifts and talents. Don't compare yourself to your friend, for her gifts and talents are not yours. Jesus is the only person we should compare ourselves to... #francischan #unique #gifts #dontcompare
gifts - unique - dontcompare - francischan -
theresaflorentina1411 - teresalovestocook - godlooksontheheart - red_rose31 -
Luke 14:27-35. Are you prepared to give up everything to follow Jesus? Are you prepared to give up your friends, family, children, parents, spouse, for Jesus? Are you prepared to give up all of your possesions to follow Jesus? Your house, car, phone, computer, bed, pets, are you prepared to give it all up for Jesus? Do you love Him that much? Jesus warns us here of the cost of following Him, he says "What King goes into battle without considering if He can win? If he can than he should make peace." Do you want to give up all for Jesus to fight the enemy and the world, or do you want to make peace with Satan? #conviction #francischan #luke14 #doyouloveJesus #canyousurrender
luke14 - canyousurrender - doyoulovejesus - conviction - francischan -
90s_empire : @justnathaniel116 WOOOOW๐Ÿ™
justnathaniel116 : Would you like any prayer? :) @90s_empire
90s_empire : @justnathaniel116 YEEES I would like u 2 pray & ask God if it b his will I would like 2 re-connect w/ my father who happens 2 live in Byron Bay & my younger bro who was livin in England ๐Ÿ’
justnathaniel116 : Praying!! @90s_empire
90s_empire : @justnathaniel116 Thanx & May God Bless u & keep u Blessed & Highly FAVORED๐Ÿ™
justnathaniel116 : Thanks!! @90s_empire
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Yo stop what you're doing and watch this! Seriously! We neeeeed the church of Acts today! This may make you even question if you're really a Christian. Come on church! Rise up! #francischan #preach #truth
preach - truth - francischan -
jesussetmefree777 : @justnathaniel116 Dude you would love this sermon! Bro after you watch it tell me what you think! It's so awesome!
mjk_love_is_key : I love his teaching! He speaks on such a big variety
justnathaniel116 : this is great!!
jesussetmefree777 : @mjk_love_is_key Me too! He's so genuine about it all! This one is very challenging to a believer. I love how he digs so deep!
jesussetmefree777 : @justnathaniel116 Intense stuff right? Just tellin it like it is!
mjk_love_is_key : Yup ๐Ÿ˜Š living water
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I believe God never wastes anything we go through. In fact I believe that; "The bad times will always wake us up to the good stuff we weren't paying attention to before." - Good Will Hunting Bad times bring with them an invitation to explore new territory and discover what God has put there for your benefit and the blessing of others. I am grateful for the people and opportunities that God continues to place in my life. It is a reminder that his presence is constant and his grace amazing. God, there are times when I overlook all that you have done for me. Right now I want to thank you for taking care of all that concerns me. Amen #100happydays #100daysofhappy #day30 #grateful #badtimes #goodtimes #wakeup #blessings #payattention #Goodwillhunting #quotes #momentsofpeace #crazylove #Francischan #loved #appreciated #crazylove #happy #connect #explore #vibe #positivity #similar #prayer #evening #meditation #read #feedyoursoul #feedyourbrain
momentsofpeace - crazylove - evening - read - day30 - 100happydays - quotes - explore - feedyoursoul - connect - grateful - prayer - meditation - goodwillhunting - goodtimes - appreciated - loved - badtimes - vibe - positivity - 100daysofhappy - payattention - feedyourbrain - blessings - francischan - wakeup - similar - happy -
eddymiranda25 : crazy love is such a good book
eb_the_creator : Beautiful!
teambodynsoul : @eddymiranda25 - it is!!! Happy be-lated birthday! Hope it was blessed. @eb_the_creator - thank you!
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We will make sure the theater is up this time! Haha pls come & join us one last time before we move๐Ÿ˜˜ #biblestudy #video #francischan #movie #theater #lastchance #lastnight
video - theater - francischan - movie - lastnight - lastchance - biblestudy -
taelorcierra : YAY ๐Ÿ˜
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Love #francischan
francischan -
kimberlygaylephotos - taylorhendrix84 - bcscotch - coltontyler18 -
๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ #francischan
francischan -
taylorhyder : nugget
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Hot off the press!!! New York Times best-selling author Francis Chan and his wife; Lisa Chan co-wrote this phenomenal book, "You and Me Forever" about the secret of a happy and long-lasting marriges that also explains a marriges role in eternity with Christ. Only $15.99 at your local Bible Bookstore think local โ— buy local โ— be local #thebiblebookstore2011 #hemet #sanjacinto #temecula #california #francischan #lisachan #youandmeforever #newyorktimes #bestseller #hotoffthepress #itsnoteasybutitssimple #socal #
temecula - thebiblebookstore2011 - bestseller - hotoffthepress - youandmeforever - socal - hemet - lisachan - newyorktimes - california - francischan - sanjacinto - itsnoteasybutitssimple -
mattimo : yew
youandmeforeverbook : Thanks for sharing!
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#poolside essentials finally getting to finish my book #crazylove #francischan #holidays #greece #koufounisi #koufounisiisland #relaxing
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Francis Chan Quotes - Day 4 Romans 12:2 "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect." Do your life, actions, words, reactions, choices, etc. look like those of unbelievers, or do you stand out from the rest? #francischan #notw #dontconform #romans122 #setapart #crazylove
crazylove - setapart - francischan - dontconform - romans122 - notw -
julissadesigns - faithhopelove15 - fightheartache - dancingforchrist_ -
"Do you know that nothing you do in this life will ever matter, unless it is about loving God and loving the people he has made?" โ€”Francis Chan {Photo credit @ludicrousity}
doyouknow - pioneersau - missions - unreached - quote - dontwasteyourlife - crosscultural - papua - francischan -
pioneers_au : #missions #crosscultural #dontwasteyourlife #francischan #quote #unreached #pioneersau #papua #doyouknow
pindari_girl - arleengracee - redhead_for_jesus - ruparoo -
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