#mancrushmonday #framel_200 #icant 😘😍
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abbymac11 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ crying pce out
caseym628 : @abbadoodledoo he looks like Pinhead Larry πŸ˜‚
julia_cadena : Hashtag Framel
jadea1196 - julia_cadena - fauxsourire_ - mollygrev -
dat gap doe lol #framel #framel_200 #mtv #catfish @bennnnnn10
mtv - framel_200 - catfish - framel -
_x0_gio : That's a missing tooth haha
luvintheqway - cwind42 - _x0_gio - markerss_23 -
Hey guys #gaypride #gay #framel #framel_200 #catfish #catfishreunion #catfishframel #framelcatfish
catfishreunion - gay - catfishframel - framel - framelcatfish - catfish - framel_200 - gaypride -
keimorgan : Im watching it right now
leahmalarkey : @yobaniramirez16 not everyone hates him, he's messed up, big fucking deal. get over it
symonebreanna_ : Ugly mf
kristaxramos : post more shit you brownie
rassiskickass : Your such a dick to that guy
x_ibl_x : You had a bad time. I hope you never do something like this. You have a good heart and your a good person.
_moneebaby_ : @krixxta what you mean brownie racist?
fionamkx : I like you ☺️
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I love myself I have to stol listening to what otgers think #framel #framel_200 #framelcatfish #catfish #catfish #lovemyself #gay #and #proud #gayandproud
and - gay - framel - framel_200 - proud - lovemyself - catfish - framelcatfish - gayandproud -
___lexussss___ : Massive fan???? @j.a.s.s.a.y
symonebreanna_ : Ugly mf
isabella_ferlenda : You're a good person just made one bad choie
isabella_ferlenda : Choice*
karan_mehmi200 : @framel_200_ do you know Anthony
_moneebaby_ : Watchin da show
_x.classy.x_ : This is not frames page
bethanypaynee : @hallieeastman wants u
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I know a lot of you seen the show but I love him, #framel_200 #catfish #framel #framel200
framel200 - framel_200 - catfish - framel -
lena_official__ : Watching it right now bruuh thats not cool
nina_schwarz : Right now on german TV
lena_official__ : Too @nina_schwarz
stellayalda02 : Rightt now
stellayalda02 : #pao
stellayalda02 : #hola_paola
celi4ever : Its now in the nethelands on tv but i know that you love him and that you care about him so dont feel a chamed. Cus your not the only one hwo did this you love him and other people do this cus there mean but your not mean your a sweet guy. Bye i wish you luck x celma
yrm.videos.xo : That sucks am watching the episode that your in
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Catfish this #framel_200 #catfish #mtv
mtv - framel_200 - catfish -
iffyazalea : LOOOOL that one was hilar @katievining
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