Join us for the opening night on September 11th, when we’ll be proudly screening Jolynn Minnaar’s multiple award winning #documentary Unearthed - #fracking #oil #shell #karoo #southafrica
karoo - southafrica - shell - documentary - fracking - oil -
paint - djmissg -
Sometimes this sucks #fracking #oil #missyou #loveyou #comehome 😘
loveyou - oil - fracking - missyou - comehome -
rosalbagluc -
#Fracking pads as far as the eye can see. Taken while flying over Utah. Seeing it in Gasland/on social media was one thing. I can't find words to describe its vastness now that I've seen it for myself.
fracking -
mimihill76 -
Get the frack back to work #laboringonlaborday #fracking #oilfield
laboringonlaborday - oilfield - fracking -
nationalwealthempire - daniel_kevin_horton - gilliannnoel - annettemiaflores -
Fort Collins , Colorado is the front line for "Fracking" #Oil ... all of North Eastern #Colorado will be open for Oil &Gas drilling ... #MancosShale #NiobraraShale #ColoradoOil&GasAssociation #Fracking #OilRig #OilWell #Oil #Gas #GasWell #CrudeOil #BlackGold #Fuel #Energy #Gasoline #Americana #AmericanWest #ColoradoRockies #RockyMountains #Western tune into the radio to hear what's really happening - AM BAND 600 AM - KCOL Talk Radio broadcasting out of Fort Collins - stay at Motel 6 on I-25 for perspective on progress #Americana #FortCollins #BigSkyCountry #Frontier #OilBoom #GoldRush It's the new "Boom Times" much like 1849 Gold Rush , #Longmont #Boulder #Denver it's going to be a major producer of oil & natural gas in North America.
fortcollins - boulder - oil - colorado - americana - crudeoil - gaswell - energy - gas - bigskycountry - fuel - americanwest - coloradorockies - western - niobrarashale - oilrig - rockymountains - frontier - gasoline - fracking - denver - oilwell - blackgold - coloradooil - oilboom - goldrush - longmont - mancosshale -
aj_guel - portonissan - eclipz87 - slovej27 -
Dame Vivienne Westwood is indicted until the @scotfashawards Hall of Fame. And gives a speech on #fracking and the #Scottish #referendum LEGEND #legend #vivienne Westwood #scotstreetstyle #fbloggers #fbloggersuk #lbloggers #fashion #style #scotfashawards #scotfashinvasion
style - fashion - lbloggers - fbloggers - fracking - referendum - fbloggersuk - scotfashawards - vivienne - scottish - scotfashinvasion - legend - scotstreetstyle -
redjotter : Is she yes or no vote?
the_daydreamer_ : @redjotter yes xx
kirstenpr : How excited does Laura Whitmore look? Sweet. X
dresssenselady - ailsamccreadie - stylemecurvy - brighton_hove -
@viviennewestwood takes to the stage. She talks #fracking and #independence #JG
jg - fracking - independence -
debra_murray - millie_anna03 - fionachautard - luciethehunter -
# fracking
shameful - dallas - west - industry - fracking - texas -
sltoscano : Where is that?
bambo182 : I posted what that was, but the Instagram people edited my post... With work I fly back east every so often. This last trip flying back I couldn't help but notice all the #fracking scars all over #Texas. This was somewhere east of #Dallas. What a shame, I pray this #shameful #industry never makes its way this far #west. @sltoscano
sltoscano : That's so sad. I hope #fracking never makes it this way either. What a shame.
m0us3 - tiasol73 - cclangham - juliammarie -
What we do know is that fracking is being used to justify 40 new gas power stations and that extracting new fossil fuel deposits is likely to make climate change worse. It will also require tens of thousands of new wells in Lancashire alone, scarring the natural landscape wherever shale gas is exploited. According to international experts, we need to keep two-thirds of known fossil fuels in the ground to avoid runaway climate change - the point in which global warming becomes irreversible. Rather than scraping the bottom of the fossil fuels barrel and building up costly infrastructure that will lock us into a high-carbon future for decades to come, we need strong government investment in clean, renewable energy. #greenpeace #fracking #wildlife #stopthefrack #frackoff #chemicals
wildlife - stopthefrack - frackoff - greenpeace - chemicals - fracking -
atheist_jbird : Agreed!
____thall : Methane is actually worse for the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.
thesociopath : @____thall please correct me if I'm wrong but I'm sure some methane is released. Methane is flammable and has contaminated drinking water flammable. - I'm not asserting that but that's what I've heard.
____thall : @thesociopath yeah thats what I was getting at. Me than is 20-30 more potent than CO2 in trapping heat. It's terrible. So while many, including the Obama administration, support this as a lesser of two evils, it will actually make everything worse, before we even use the gas we're extracting.
____thall : Methane is 20-30 times**
thesociopath : @____thall Ohhh, sorry! I've just read your first comment again, the first time I read it I wasn't paying full attention.
____thall : @thesociopath lol me neither. Its not very specific.
bkeffable - georgia_fusco - bosnianhammer - ryanthelion63 -
Governor Patrick has withdrawn his support for a region wide tariff plan that would have added fees to your electric bill to pay for massive fracked gas pipelines in New England. This is a good start to ending the era of fossil fuels in Massachusetts. #Massachusetts #DevalPatrick #Pipelines #fracking #frack #gas #naturalgas #fossilfuels #victory #tarriff #boston #mothers #mom #climate #climatechange
climate - pipelines - mothers - boston - gas - fracking - frack - naturalgas - victory - mom - devalpatrick - climatechange - massachusetts - fossilfuels - tarriff -
svalovic : GO MOMS!
chiarasays - maxhesh - juliannbcld - spraguetheobald -
What's more fun than riding a bike around a lake?? Two people riding the bike. #yougottatrustme #howstheview? #gearlife #fracking #1,2,3eeee #deers
1 - gearlife - howstheview - fracking - deers - yougottatrustme -
nith_rah : is that a tandem??? #sooooojealous
wingstiena : #safetyfirst
mikewaitwhat : A motorcycle.
mikewaitwhat - meganburke3 - danimale - collaaaaaaa -
Half Of The Picture #fracking #oilvsnature #oilspill #southamerica #canada
canada - southamerica - oilspill - oilvsnature - fracking -
laylow4one6 : Dope I got the plan Colombia and global resistance to corporate colonialism. #beehivecollective is dope
luisapalencia1 - laylow4one6 - ella_shillolo - kkburden -
#fracking is alive and well in NYC and this is right next to the #DEP building! #catchyourwateronfire
dep - catchyourwateronfire - fracking -
renithered : Yuck. My mom is heavily involved in the anti-fracking movement in NY state.
runman84 - 26.2miles - chasingwhiterabbitsforfun - theawesomemom -
@nahkobear killed it last night @frontporchfest. Good word of wisdom on #fracking as well. Happy weekend all!
fracking - kanteenspotting -
eastcoastkleankanteen : #kanteenspotting
frontporchfest : Thanks for coming to #FpF6. See you next year! ✌️❤️🎶
frontporchfest -
Destruction of our environment. We have companies fracking, trees being bulldozed, HAARP controlling the weather, nuclear testing, pollution of the air, and me saying the world 'shit' is more offensive? Our oceans are polluted, government spraying chemtrails, and people are more concerned with "Merry Christmas" being offensive. We have a duty to take care of the earth. It's all we have. If we destroy the world, where are we going to go? We have no where. This is it people. Take care of the environment, and do what you can to bring light to these situations.
control - testing - trees - water - haarp - chemtrails - weather - world - earth - destruction - chemical - warfare - nuclear - heartbreaking - fracking - environment - polluting - wakeup - pollution -
goldenheartjenny : @silly_liberals you just mentioned the issue the contaminated water ??
silly_liberals : I'm not following you? @goldenheartjenny could you clarify?
bleau7 : #geoengineering will be the end of mankind.
king_god_proton7 : 🙇☝️✨
king_god_proton7 : #sapiolife
mira.superwoman : Can u explain whats the chemtrails do?? 😷
manuel_urcino : 👌
g.loera : So true. We must treat Mother Earth well for it was not given to us by our parents but loaned to us by our children ✌️❤️💡🌍
bundydogg101 - aaronisblue - joojooo89 - moeshappy1 -
Well then --------------------------------------------- Owner: --------------------------------------------- Tag friends who would love this! --------------------------------------------- Tag us in all your pics! DM us your pics ----------------------------------------------follow the crew- @american_made_muscle --------------------------------------------- #oillife #oilfeildlife #riggin #makinpaper #dirtylife #oil #oiltrash #oilfordays #offshore #drilling #fracking #makinmoney #youngmoney #roughneck #rig #snubbing #wrenchpumpers
oillife - oil - makinpaper - oilfeildlife - youngmoney - oilfordays - drilling - rig - snubbing - riggin - roughneck - fracking - makinmoney - oiltrash - wrenchpumpers - offshore - dirtylife -
gurl_interrupted1 : Good lord!
people.against.cone.abuse : Where will you be when diarrhea hits you?
daily.dabber : Dope!!!
diamondgslash - s_eisenman405 - thiscowboy - yorty3 -
What cha know about that oilfield life? Dirty af and in need of a haircut🙌 #dirty #making #money #fracking #oil
making - oil - dirty - fracking - money -
lizziemaestas : dirty af but still handsome 😉💕
continuous_vapes : @lizziemaestas occasionally I am😘
gurl_interrupted1 : Fuck fracking ya'll are killing our planet for money!!! #YOU CANT DRINK MONEY!!!!
continuous_vapes : @gurl_interrupted1 Fuck you! Get off my post, I didn't ask for your hippie ass opinion! P
continuous_vapes : @gurl_interrupted1 Also, it would help your case if you had some grammatical skills to define your point! 😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌
continuous_vapes : @gurl_interrupted1 Also if you don't like fracking then you should probably stop using everything you own that is made of plastic, and or petroleum products. Petroleum produces 90% of the products you use everyday! Let's say you don't like fracking in our country, well how about you buy petroleum from overseas, oh wait, they are terrorist organizations that sell petrol for military weaponry to kill innocent American soldiers. I don't think you have a fucking point anymore. Unless you drove a hydrogen car to work today, then you are far from innocent as well.
vansbrink - carlienclory - conchansdalil - jobey14 -
#Repost from @inkdgallery with @repostapp --- So so proud to let you all know that @cumbrianblue_s 'Fracked No 3' has just been purchased by Brighton & Hove museum for their permanent ceramic collection! The curators popped by the gallery last week and made up their minds that they had to have it. Photographs of this plate really doesn't do it any justice, so we will let you all know when it has been installed in its new (and very worthy) home. #brighton #ceramics #fracked #fracking
fracked - ceramics - fracking - brighton - repost -
andrewbaseman : Loving!
julesmacleod : Just brilliant!
melrobsonceramics - annalerinder - clay_by_fray - redfoxpottery -
So so proud to let you all know that @cumbrianblue_s 'Fracked No 3' has just been purchased by Brighton & Hove museum for their permanent ceramic collection! The curators popped by the gallery last week and made up their minds that they had to have it. Photographs of this plate really doesn't do it any justice, so we will let you all know when it has been installed in its new (and very worthy) home. #brighton #ceramics #fracked #fracking
fracked - brighton - fracking - ceramics -
spsales - kristi.north2014 - lozbrighton - oliverlancaster -
It's incredible that the state is considering allowing this, especially since we are in the midst of a severe historic drought. #drought #fracking #california #water #claremont #uncommongood #environment #gaia #bureauoflandmanagement #blm #earthquakes #waterquality
environment - claremont - fracking - earthquakes - water - drought - waterquality - california - uncommongood - gaia - blm - bureauoflandmanagement -
gurl_interrupted1 : It's only going to get worse, we can never get back what we've destroyed! #YOUCANTDRINKMONEY
pins_needles_threads - claremont909 - wekilledcuster - glammasangels -
#knowledge #knowthyself #gmos #fracking #ndaa #chemtrails #politics #greed #truth #intelligence #grow #mind #useit #creativity #selfexpression #change #environment #peace #love
rand - gmos - love - selfexpression - intelligence - mind - chemtrails - atlasshrugged - politics - grow - change - knowthyself - ayn - ndaa - knowledge - peace - creativity - fracking - mediablackout - useit - environment - truth - greed -
riia__ : #mediablackout #ayn #rand #atlasshrugged
shamanichealing : Yes
riia__ : @shamanichealing 💖✌️
faaipdeoiad12th - ahmedjarraia - xjoannaxbananax - payylove_ -
What else? #bands #bandsmerch #idontunderstand #why #y #5sos #5sosfam #5secondsofsummer #5sosmerch #poor #fricking #fracking #isoldumysoul
poor - fricking - bands - fracking - why - bandsmerch - isoldumysoul - 5sos - 5sosfam - y - 5secondsofsummer - 5sosmerch - idontunderstand -
hemmovcliffxrd - heartbreak_h3mmings - kendogirl4life - joeinooue -
Keep on truckin. Frack is wack. #fracking.
fracking -
Say no to #fracking #frackoff 👎
frackoff - fracking -
graveday_ - lyndsayrey - aha_shake_heartbreak - fucktheinternet -
fracking -
mattbear_87 : That was the result of the old process 20-30 years ago. It's a different less evasive process now
granteastwood : This was before they drilled the well. Now they have the rig up. Pretty fascinating. @mattbear_87
mattbear_87 : Joe, my cousins husband in Houston does fracking monitoring he and I talked about it a lot
haytherlynne - groggycarpet - freshesttodeathest - derrick_lemon -
By @tukro "✨Electricity should be free for all💡! So it's important we inform and educate others about things like this! The sun☀️ provides all we need to power to entire planet🌍! It's on all of us to bring an end to #Fracking, #NuclearEnergy and most of all, WAR💀 which are created for natural resources and destroy this beautiful planet! #WakeUpHumanity✨🙌💫✊🎭" via @PhotoRepost_app
wakeuphumanity - nuclearenergy - fracking -
mr_fon_swaggness : Nuclear energy is actually retavirly safe if its regulated. Fusion energy would be much better and safer
mr.mack_a_bitch : Thorium is far more safer than nuclear and easier to produce.
vinny_bernard - jellybean367 - claytron_3000 - brycedunn_ -
Viendo la manifestación desde casa :) ¡MERINDADES SÍ,FRACKING NO! #instaphoto#instabuenosdias #manifestación#villarcayo#no#al #fracking#f4f#l4l#followme #likeforlike#followforfollow #summer#2014#instasize
summer - instabuenosdias - no - followforfollow - villarcayo - fracking - manifestación - al - likeforlike - instaphoto - f4f - 2014 - instasize - followme - l4l -
miiriiam_85 - mariamayayo2 - yoli150573 - aangelaa_dm -
#viviennewestwood #fracking #climaterevolution ❤️❤️
viviennewestwood - fracking - climaterevolution -
rintar078 - pourtous - joshwastjames - stylescoundrel -
Your Shell umbrella really brings out the irony in your anti-fracking placard.. #fracking #frackoff #fuckshell
frackoff - fuckshell - fracking -
leapstar : 😭😭😭
richiehardcore : @gigifaded 😂😂
ani_sankar : Lol
janellehoughton : Lol!!
crone349 : Lmfao I hope they trolling...
rubbishcorp : That's properly dumbass
itsmicg - willzagato - alicegalloway - trent_jpg -
#Texas #oilfield # pump #oilfield #oilwell #fracking #nightshift #livingthedream #anotherdayinparadise Been on standby for three days. Finally working...
livingthedream - nightshift - anotherdayinparadise - oilfield - fracking - texas - oilwell -
torinatorpdx : @lern2walkb4urun if that is your job you have to be heat resistant because I am sure it is HOT down there in Texas!!!! Have a great holiday!!!!!
gatofabiano - torinatorpdx - sasha_3103 - cocoro2525 -
The king of sand cars on a sand car. #TEXICANGOTHIC #TG #FRACKING #MONIKERS #BNSFGRAIN
texicangothic - monikers - fracking - bnsfgrain - tg -
wheres_the_unity - lascoforge3 - cassychristine - monikermania -
Sunrise from the edge of location #oilfield #fracking #sunrise #colorado #nofilter #morning
colorado - nofilter - oilfield - fracking - sunrise - morning -
kel2md - sweetface_10 - brittanknee - ahmdsl -
Sunrise start this morning was beautiful #oilfield #fracking #pumps #sandcastles #sunrise #clouds #halliburton #colorado #morning #nofilter
clouds - colorado - fracking - morning - halliburton - pumps - sandcastles - nofilter - oilfield - sunrise -
rrabun - shaewfcx - rayisray22 - picture_is_worth_a_1000_words -
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