Tonight @ Ralph's Rock Diner in Worcester, MA. #foxfires #hollowearth #senzu #divider #blackelm #hardcoreflyers #metalflyers #ralphsrockdiner #MAHC
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Worcester tonight! @foxfireshc with @hollowearthinc and Divider! #Foxfires #hollowearth #divider #escapistrecords
divider - foxfires - hollowearth - escapistrecords -
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Posting two pics a day is a huge instagram faux pas, but some shameless self promotion is in order. Come watch us actively ruin our work days tomorrow. #foxfires
foxfires -
bethlucasmusic - bonjovijanitor - eddiecollins - dandannaddandan -
The brain trust in preparation for tomorrow's jammer at Ralph's with a significant number of buds. #foxfires
foxfires -
weirdjesse : *learning talk dirty to me
oddbritt : @maxjgru
jake_lill : @weirdjesse you won't.
weirdjesse : @jake_lill true
fatkidsucks - justis_mcdonald - joenicholls92 - nate_frisky -
#auroraborealis or as we say in finland #revontulet or #foxfires #sky
foxfires - auroraborealis - sky - revontulet -
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Inside my studio! I posted this awhile back, but considering I was posting the progress shots of the hallway yesterday, I wanted to share what a finished room looks like again. I absolutely love creating artwork in this room! It is an upstairs dormer room in a house built in 1924. #studio #sari #saree #interiordecorating #decor #artstudio #wherewomenwork #aimeestewart #foxfires.com #style #morrocan #gypsy #eclectic #inspiration #home #india
colorful - color - foxfires - india - style - gypsy - interiordecorating - studio - wherewomenwork - home - inspiration - saree - decor - sari - candlelight - artstudio - morrocan - coolrooms - eclectic - aimeestewart -
aimeestewart_digital_art : #color #colorful
aimeestewart_digital_art : #candlelight
aimeestewart_digital_art : #coolrooms
stonecottagewitch : Simply beautiful
drctheboss : Wasn't that Vicky's old room
aimeestewart_digital_art : @drctheboss At one time, probably! LOL Though I remember her room being the other one. Brent's room was this one. lol
jwpls : That is so beautiful, Aimee.
aimeestewart_digital_art : Thank you @jwpls !
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Join us tonight at Fontana's Bar in NYC! Doors at 730, $10 cover. #seagaze #indie #rock #folk #foxfires #showcase #live #NYC
seagaze - showcase - indie - foxfires - live - rock - nyc - folk -
rawkcityvocals : Very cool!
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Two new puzzles available for purchase. Just go to the Barnes & Noble website and keyword "Aimee Stewart"! And a big hello to all my new watchers! This is the official Instagram page for all artwork, news, and extra 'behind the scenes' glimpses pertaining to me, Aimee Stewart. If you would like to follow me on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, just head to my website at www.aimeestewart.com or www.foxfires.com, and follow the links on the front page. If you would like to contact my agent concerning wholesale inquiries, please visit www.MGLLicensing.com. If you have any questions regarding how to purchase any of the artwork I post here, or merchandise feauturing the artwork, please email me at FoxfireArt@gmail.com - as I may not see your question here. Thanks everyone!!
foxfires - artwork - jigsawpuzzle - puzzle - digitalart - aimeestewart -
aimeestewart_digital_art : #aimeestewart #digitalart #puzzle #jigsawpuzzle #artwork #foxfires
xstitchmom : Wow! The puzzle would be great for my daughter but I'd love the one with books in cross stitch
aimeestewart_digital_art : @xstitchmom The Princess book shelf will be (or actually is!) available for cross stitch through HAED! :D
xstitchmom : Oh wow I gotta go look! Haven't checked recently :)
aimeestewart_digital_art : @xstitchmom I looked and the Princesses shelf actually hasn't been released yet - but I know HAED has it, so should be charted soon! :D
xstitchmom : @aimeestewart_digital_art omg I looked all night even txt my mom to look. Then I thought maybe you had two different groups of charts so I searched for that I'm so relieved I'm not crazy! Thanks πŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈ
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Excited for tonight's shoot. #foxfires #promos #backdrop #aliceinwonderland #trippy #indie #band #seagaze
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Morning cuppa, in the Sweet Shoppe mug that I designed! The only bad thing is, it makes me want cupcakes for breakfast. Heheh #coffee #cup #mug #bakery #cake #cupcake #digitalart #aimeestewart #foxfires.com
coffee - cup - foxfires - mug - cupcake - bakery - cake - digitalart - aimeestewart -
drctheboss : What's this no fancy fluffy coffee. Except for the cup
aimeestewart_digital_art : @drctheboss right?! Black coffee, cousin!!! The gooood stuff!
drctheboss : What a man...straight-up and no fluff. Coffee as it should be. Just joking on the man part
aimeestewart_digital_art : @drctheboss buahaha! dude coffee!
jwpls : That is a beautiful cup. It would make me hungry too!!!!
stannc : if only u could eat the cup when your done.
aimeestewart_digital_art : @stannc haha yes! Willy Wonka style!
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So excited for this. #matchless #foxfires #seagaze #indie #rock #live #music #video
seagaze - indie - foxfires - live - music - matchless - rock - video -
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The boys in @foxfireshc have lined up this show with friends @hollowearthinc and Divider. Maybe they'll unleash a new song or two... #foxfires #escapistrecords #escapistfamily #hollowearth
escapistrecords - foxfires - hollowearth - escapistfamily -
amazingthemike : @stevemuczynski @mikexmoynihan
eddymarflak : Yo, Divider are the nicest dudes playing the sickest riffs, this show looks fucking great!
suicidalsorrow : Can't wait for this show tonight!!
aestheticheartpromotions - stevemuczynski - sadxsquatch - wheremybonesresteasy -
Go check out @christiandianafox of the foxfires cover of cath... By death cab for a cutie on YouTube!!! The link is in the bio #rock #pop #indie #music #recordlabel #deathcabforacutie #instagood #foxfires #guitar
recordlabel - indie - foxfires - pop - instagood - guitar - deathcabforacutie - music - rock -
christiandianafox : πŸΊπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ
donnymarano : Cool!
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This will rule. #setsuna #setsunaforlifeforeverinfinityforalltime #setsunact #cthardcore #ctpunx #mannersct #foxfires #aviatorma
aviatorma - setsunact - mannersct - cthardcore - ctpunx - setsuna - setsunaforlifeforeverinfinityforalltime - foxfires -
weirdjesse : @foxfireshc yessss
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I found to be happy you must let go and move forward. #foxfires #passion #chooselove #seagaze #happiness
seagaze - foxfires - passion - chooselove - happiness -
make_shit_happen_ - _sammyboyle_ - larissavieiiraa - cmilena_ -
Seagazing in Secaucus. #foxfires #seagaze #musicinmotion #njtransit #NJ #busking
seagaze - nj - njtransit - busking - foxfires - musicinmotion -
kayhanlefty : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
ehlika_boo1313 - 6reptilian_amg - gianlucavlad - liidiaa_01 -
Tonight we got to see the northern lights! And before you say anything, yes this is a sucky photo because I had to edit it and apply a filter so all you lovely people could see what I saw. And I took it with a damn iPhone, so of course it's going to be sucky. #sorrynotsorry #abisko #abiskonet #auroraborealis #foxfires #northernlights #arcticlife #sunfart
northernlights - abiskonet - sunfart - foxfires - abisko - arcticlife - auroraborealis - sorrynotsorry -
laura_a_creighton : Still pretty cool!
thisisscandinavia : cool!
maikee_o - swimminfish - kdelugt - pizzapom -
2nd band signed!!!!!! @christiandianafox and the rest of the #foxfires!!! We are really happy to have you guys as part of the family #welcome #rock #rocknroll #recordlabel #music #party #indie #instagood #manickatrecords #guitar #bass #
manickatrecords - recordlabel - bass - indie - foxfires - welcome - instagood - guitar - rocknroll - music - rock - party -
anthonymarcarella : love the pic
seizeentertainment : πŸ‘Œ
nichy_c : Nice!
vervemgmt : Like it!
christiandianafox : @withallduemelodrama check it!
withallduemelodrama : @christiandianafox What makes you think I haven't. πŸ˜‰
gypsyhippie413 : Congrats guys!! Wish you all the best
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#TBT Remember when printed up these @foxfireshc shirts? #foxfires #polar #polarbeverages #escapistrecords #escapistfamily
polar - escapistfamily - escapistrecords - polarbeverages - foxfires - tbt -
jeffykts : That orange dry though
zachsmith614 : I still want one of those shirts.
funeralsongs : one of the most fun things i did, right here
jeffykts - chuckpohlman - scoober1013 - emmmmajean -
Ready for tonight. #NJ #thekeyelement #foxfires #acoustic #showcase
acoustic - nj - thekeyelement - foxfires - showcase -
secretnystudios : Do You need easy access to Music Studios Worldwide?
katjagotya : You guys rocked it!πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
stowes_wifey - karma_sawthat_ - _vitoreloii_ - saaragalisteo -
If I ever wonder why people leave when we play, it's probably because no one wants to see a 30 year old looking like this. #foxfires
foxfires -
maxjgru : Seriously, come to Washington
kenpiffyjr_47 : Power slides age like wine
wronski_ : #hot #babe
adrianjkelly : I do 😎
kevinjk45 : I know I sure do. :)
dr_wycior : I didn't leave when we played together. ;) that gig was fuckin' good!
the_kostas : #topbutton
tattydaddy67 : I always stick around to see you guys :)
traumagawd - dani_elaporc - tommygotyaguns - camill3rose -
We finished recording our LP this weekend, so here is a photo of me trying to swallow a mic or something on New Year's Eve. Photo by: Steve Lattuca. #foxfires
foxfires -
thedyltopower : Stoked to hear my friend
scoober1013 : In my top 5 most anticipated releases of the year, so excited
ryancrashburn : Is that what I think it is?
luciaescott : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
joshualyford : @ryancrashburn depends on what you think it is haha
joshualyford : @scoober1013 I saw that, so awesome. Thanks man.
escapistrecords - mrs_pinkyj - rhysgaster123 - tommygotyaguns -
When you go your own way, sometimes you need to stray off the beaten path. #commonculture #passion #music #seagaze #indie #folk #foxfires
seagaze - passion - indie - music - foxfires - commonculture - folk -
breakthesmusic : Bro wish you guys the best !! @christiandianafox I am a locaL artist in San Diego California I hope you can follow me !!
marceelpique__ - braydenlink19 - rajawat_gaurav10 - ritasadino -
The boys in @foxfireshc are currently recording their debut LP. #foxfires #escapistrecords #escapistfamily
escapistrecords - foxfires - escapistfamily -
follina1989 - weirdjesse - zachsmith614 -
Happy birthday @christiandianafox 🎈🎈🎈Thank you for bringing so much music to my life πŸ’œπŸ’š #SweetEnvy #MusicNight #HappyBirthday #24 #FoxFires #RaspberryChampagne #CupcakeCake #Happiness
happybirthday - 24 - sweetenvy - foxfires - musicnight - happiness - raspberrychampagne - cupcakecake -
christiandianafox : πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
pureandsimplecharm : Yum!!!!
seenikrun : Love this one... can we get this in a jar for delivery
pureandsimplecharm - katelyn_onony -
Maybe you saw the @escapistrecords press release, but we are recording our first ever full length at Dead Air Studios this weekend and we could not be more stoked. #foxfires
foxfires -
andyb_littlepriest : Hell yes
creaturejames : About damn time
bennysixstrings : I'm so keen for this!
foxfireshc : @andyb_littlepriest @creaturejames @bennysixstrings 😍
camill3rose : have fun!! i cant wait to hear it!!! 😊😊
escapistrecords - _thrashinofthechrist - alexv_mac - the_kostas -
This weekend @foxfireshc enter Dead Air Studios (Cruel Hand, Mental, Fucking Invincible, Panic) to record their debut full-length. A late Spring 2015 release is tentatively planned. #foxfires #escapistrecords #escapistfamily #deadairstudios
escapistrecords - foxfires - deadairstudios - escapistfamily -
zachsmith614 : I still call dibs on helping assemble the records when the time is right.
hashtagnickschmitt - rtcband - vinylxdenim - existencevvillonlyforget -
This photo was taken by Steve Latuca at 242 Main in Burlington, VT. Montage by our family in @escapistrecords We are officially recording our full length this weekend. Couldn't be more stoked. #foxfires
foxfires -
foxfireshc : You'd think the person who wrote this didn't have a grasp on the english language.
_blacklungs_ : Yes!! Finally. I've been so amped for a full length.
_thrashinofthechrist - weirdjesse - sadxsquatch - existencevvillonlyforget -
Fun night with The Foxfires in Hoboken! #foxfires #folk #indie #seagaze #chooselove #musicinmotion
seagaze - indie - foxfires - musicinmotion - chooselove - folk -
adriana_shae : Where in Hoboken u goin!
christiandianafox : @adriana_shae we were at Hoboken Terminal 😎🐺
iamzenrebel - im_the_dan - joao_horan_ - _amo_la_lisi -
Awesome @foxfireshc photos from their show in Burlington, VT via Steve Lattuca. #foxfires #escapistrecords #escapistfamily
escapistrecords - foxfires - escapistfamily -
weirdjesse - gnarwhal_sam - sadxsquatch - sleepingweather -
The Foxfires last show with @jasondeelima January 17th. Come join in the fun and check out some awesome bands! #supportlocalmusic #foxfires #chooselove #seagaze #shoegazing #indie #folk #diy #music #bands
seagaze - shoegazing - indie - bands - foxfires - music - folk - chooselove - supportlocalmusic - diy -
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#Joensuu #auroraborealis #foxfires #revontulet #longexposure ps olen aave
longexposure - joensuu - auroraborealis - foxfires - revontulet -
mike.schorr : Awesome!
pompoosi - northernlightsphotos - kaisathewombat - jakobdahlin -
New practice space setup for The Foxfires. #band #practice #foxfires #fender #orange #Revision
band - orange - foxfires - practice - fender - revision -
judiith_perez09 - fendermojoman - gamblekiid21 - fashionfrteens -
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