Tonight I'm leaving all my problems and my worries in the house, I'm going out with my homies and we gonna let it all hang out. It's the last day of the week and boy, I need to release. #weezer #foxfires #firefox #christiandianaandfirefox
christiandianaandfirefox - weezer - firefox - foxfires -
chiweforkgun - cameron_speaknoevil - withallduemelodrama -
Taking a nap before #Foxfires practice
foxfires -
soleilyo - andreawynn - tuscancafeny - deannakyreakakis -
Massive thanks to @punktastic for sending out the exclusive for see you in Reno's music video of 'Check' please go take a look at http://punktastic.com/radar/first-play-of-the-see-you-in-reno-video-for-check/ #punktastic #musicvideo #posthardcore #band #sjc #foxfires also @jackobt this is the first release off the EP I mentioned if you would like to have a listen or a free download at http://seeyouinreno.bandcamp.com/ #forfansof #biffyclyro #atthedrivein #pulledapartbyhorses #glassjaw
atthedrivein - biffyclyro - foxfires - forfansof - musicvideo - band - punktastic - posthardcore - glassjaw - sjc - pulledapartbyhorses -
liveatthebridge : ❤️❤️❤️
r0degwhatever - lunarillo - stephlknight - throughtherelay -
Our super-drunk selfie from last night lmao😜 This woman right here is my best fucking friend in the world and made the show an absolute blast! If you had the pleasure of moshing with us, yes we are those crazy chicks👯
inkedgirls - punkshow - smartbomb - girlswithtattoos - whilhemscream - punk - worcester - punkrock - theflatliners - inkedbabes - foxfires - ralphsrockdiner -
shannonelainexo : #foxfires #theflatliners #smartbomb #whilhemscream #worcester #ralphsrockdiner #punk #punkrock #punkshow #girlswithtattoos #inkedbabes #inkedgirls
eyesoftheunseen : Perfect!
gringas_man - 3dirtbag3 - curtispare - omeganasty -
Tonight at Ralph's! This will be our only Massachusetts show for a minute while we continue writing our full length. Get weird with us and watch me limp around like an 85 year old. #foxfires
foxfires -
sweeetneet : Sasquatching like a maniac
jeffxkennedy : Put on your best outfit buddy
krissynh : Butts as in 🚬 or butts as in 🍑
misskitteh86 : Super jealous right now. I also like that cheese is like rat booze.
e_copeland - caitlyn.graham - ametterville - jessicaguthas -
Working on those new FF tracks.
foxfires -
amazingthemike : DA NU JAMZ
beeaaan : Making me wet
chrisfotch : Didn't know you were in Fear Factory
jamiebeshawtattoo : Foo fighters?
joshualyford : @zachsmith614 the odds are high
joshualyford : @amazingthemike awoooo!
joshualyford : @beeaaan 💦💦💦
joshualyford : @chrisfotch @jamiebeshawtattoo you're actually both right
hitz89 - daddest_jeans - angellikamaire - justdeploy -
So, in woo I bumped into the keyboard dude from four year strong. My life couldn't get more epic #fouryearstrong #foxfires #riseordie #isthisreallife
fouryearstrong - isthisreallife - foxfires - riseordie -
sshelbyma : Wut
lexsentya : Literally 10 ppl would know this
tommygotyaguns : That's all I need @lexsentya
joshualyford - msd567 - nukeganjagremlin666 - lexsentya -
Hey, come see me play a #free #show at Spike Hill in #Brooklyn tonight! I'm on at 10pm, followed by @christiandianafox! It's less than a block from the L train at Bedford Ave - so there's even less of a chance your legs will fall off on your way over! Sit back, relax, and buy drinks/foods/CDs while you're at it! Photo by @joeyjb68, of my #hair playing #mmny2014 this past Saturday. #summer #2014 #new #music #cannonball #cannonballism #cannonballstatman #curly #christiandiana #foxfires #nyc #brooklyn #dogsvscats #dogcore #underground #indie #usa #artist #antifolk #seagull #altfolk #rockandroll
summer - show - indie - dogsvscats - foxfires - mmny2014 - free - rockandroll - hair - brooklyn - nyc - new - altfolk - antifolk - cannonballism - usa - curly - artist - christiandiana - dogcore - music - cannonballstatman - underground - 2014 - seagull - cannonball -
guitargirl1993 : Woof
christiandianafox - amandayiwong - rodcalupitanonline - robo_cop___ -
Early bday present!!!! @chrisvannomeat is the best! #boyfriend #foxfires
foxfires - boyfriend -
joshualyford - laceysucks - domestic_dolly -
#ahri #dynasty #classic #cute #foxfires #maaaaage #league #of #the #fox
cute - league - of - foxfires - classic - fox - dynasty - ahri - maaaaage - the -
leagueskin : Hey @unofficial_akali! Send me some love back? (:
xxfallenzxx - yoyoyoulin - vaaanle - alejandria2511 -
It brings me great joy knowing that I get to look this stupid on a regular basis. 📷: Freddie Ross. #foxfires
foxfires -
rtmcardle : Always trying to make your penus sing
sammy_sadball : Peep me also looking stupid in the white RA shirt
sammy_sadball : 💃
joshualyford : @rtmcardle that is the best spelling of penis I've ever seen.
joshualyford : @sammy_sadball 👯
narklizard : This rules
summertimetony : Limbo?
joshualyford : @summertimetony how low can you go?
josacardoso - rzksyhr - kcmoosehunter10 - dr_wycior -
Loading in to the #foxfires show wearing a #TMBG road crew hoodie. #lol
tmbg - foxfires - lol -
shananana33192 - xtechie - hufflepouffe - spookygoonz -
Stoked #villain #revenge #gatorking #crimeandpunishment #foxfires
foxfires - gatorking - crimeandpunishment - villain - revenge -
cierra._._ - theboagequeen - keithxmurray - brunofusco -
Tonight at Rad Skatepark. Lots of friends and sick bands. Help nurse me back to health. #foxfires
foxfires -
dylan_huff : C u l8r
stephan_cmhc : You can help me christen a new bottle of honey
joshualyford : @stephan_cmhc 😍
amazingthemike - alexalicea - derka420 - backtotheagony -
Tomorrow night! Rad skatepark in Mendon MA. @revengehc #villain #beartrap #foxfires #emptyvessels #crimeandpunishment #cmhc #wmhc #bhc tell your friends and come see a spectacle for the ages
foxfires - cmhc - villain - crimeandpunishment - beartrap - emptyvessels - bhc - wmhc -
xvxthrowdownxvx - jake_jaillet - backtotheagony - spikenasty67 -
Tomorrow night at RAD spatepark. 6pm 8 dollars. @gatorkingcmhc is partying hard with our boys in #villain @revengehc #foxfires and some other sick bands, dont be a weiner and miss out. #cmhc #wmhc #bhc repost this flyer and spread the word!
villain - cmhc - foxfires - bhc - wmhc -
_erasemyself : What time?
stephan_cmhc : @_erasemyself 6 PM! I believe we play second, so that pi
stephan_cmhc : *puts us a little after 7
_erasemyself : Oh duh it says it lmao. I guess I don't know how to read haha.
stephan_cmhc : @_erasemyself no sweat dude, see you there hopefully!
_erasemyself : @stephan_cmhc I'll try to make it out and bring some people!!
_erasemyself : @stephan_cmhc let me know for sure if you find what time you play
stephan_cmhc : It'll be 7ish unless it runs late but plan on that homie! @_erasemyself
gatorkingcmhc - timgill_hn - hondov6 - mc_hammer_cmhc -
This Friday at Rad Skatepark. Gonna rip. #foxfires
foxfires -
danielbressette : choice flyer
stephan_cmhc - thecrystalmyth - backtotheagony - boojxdaddy -
Bands bring your fliers into Hot Topic!! #htteam69 #supportlocalmusic #hottopicallaboutthemusic #pathogenic #hellbentad #villan #voicesoftdead #yeltsinstwelveliver #boxcutterfacelift #foxfires #berniesgarage
berniesgarage - boxcutterfacelift - villan - foxfires - yeltsinstwelveliver - pathogenic - htteam69 - voicesoftdead - hellbentad - hottopicallaboutthemusic - supportlocalmusic -
escapistrecords - aka_the_bastard -
Had to work tonight so I couldn't make Foxfires practice (or the Worcester Mag Awards) but getting awesome pictures like this from @weirdjesse gets me pretty pumped. I mean, look at Ethan's face, it's like he saw a Festering Newt or something. See everyone at Rad on Friday! #foxfires
foxfires -
ebellz - harryswitzer - kcmoosehunter10 - scottaustin1 -
Friday May 16 / Rad Skatepark / 6:00 / $8.00 / Be there #villainma #revenge #beartrap #emptyvessels #foxfires #gatorking #crime&punishment #radskatepark
foxfires - revenge - crime - radskatepark - beartrap - emptyvessels - gatorking - villainma -
mastur_nate - alyssa35 - cemeteryscum - supersonics_fan -
It's too late for mercy. #ahri #orb #foxfires #ninetailedfox #lol #league #leagueoflegends #riot #riotgames #mid #mage #ap
league - summonersrp - riot - foxfires - mid - lol - ap - ahri - ninetailedfox - riotgames - orb - mage - leagueoflegends -
akai.kitsune : #summonersrp
summoners_rp : Isnt really an rp pic tho, just a pic of Ahri
iam_kai89078 - that_otaku_artist - valeria2609 - animenerd2468 -
foxfires -
eeeehall : fuck
joshualyford : @eeeehall I've been keeping all four of them in a terrarium surrounded by pictures of you and @chobbstagram that zap them periodically
sewerhag : Let me know when your gathering fellow planeswalker.
joshualyford : @sewerhag dude. We should all get together one night and pound brews/play magic
rodisoffal - comeaupaulj - travisedge - nora_melina -
Spot the #Foxfires time warp! #timewarp
timewarp - foxfires -
spookygoonz : Guitar switcharoo
withallduemelodrama - oxfordd.comma - the_boy_wonder_613 - pkfreeeze -
Friday May 16th at RAD skatepark in Mendon. Updated lineup. So many homies. You don't wanna miss this. #cmhc @gatorkingcmhc @revengehc #villain #foxfires #beartrap #emptyvessels #crimeandpunishment @joshualyford @grossferatu #igettoseekane @crowbob_ @sam_cmhc @quigonjim_ @jw____________________________
villain - igettoseekane - crimeandpunishment - goldenadvice - beartrap - emptyvessels - foxfires - cmhc -
yung_peen : Planning on it. Leeched Wednesday and then a stacked line up at rad. You better believe me and my kru bout to go dumb #yungpeenrollupandslayhoes
stephan_cmhc : @yung_peen lets chill before that day
yung_peen : When does it start. Me and Jake will probably be working till 330
stephan_cmhc : @yung_peen it starts at 6! I work that day I meant like this weekend haha
yung_peen : Quite possibly
zoo1ogist : #circlepitsonly
stephan_cmhc : @zoo1ogist circlepits and one way boxing matches B)
zoo1ogist : Fisticuffs nigga! @stephan_cmhc
cierra._._ - iamcritta - ice_kingxxx - _mandyfran -
prorenata - punkshow - poppunkmusic - smartbomb - foxfires - punk - worcester - igers - poppunk - instadaily - potd - hotelvernon -
shannonelainexo : #smartbomb #foxfires #prorenata #worcester #hotelvernon #poppunk #poppunkmusic #punkshow #punk #potd #instadaily #igers
_ohceanic - closing_statement - foreignpolicypunks -
The inner @martybeller really comes out in me on this new #Foxfires song #drums #drumset #drummer #cymbals #saludacymbals @saluda
drummer - cymbals - drums - drumset - saludacymbals - foxfires -
xtechie : #badass
tylerahops - drummersofig - heffaytoddy22 - imjoshhaha -
Next Central MA show. This is gonna rip. #foxfires
foxfires -
andrewameen : Can we ride too?
joshualyford : @andrewameen yeah of course
shoecityrecords : Announcing few more bands soon
ryanphishpics : Fuck. Yeah. Haven't seen beartrap in forever. Great line up. Stoked!!!
travisedge - shreddyvanwhelan - ricardobane - rockyfinflores -
Foxfires Northeast tour is all wrapped up and we are all home (presumably) wearing sweatpants. I feel like this photo basically sums it all up. Random inexplicable events (and booze). This photo by Lisa Gourley was taken in Providence with Black Celebration, Thronehunter and Monsignor meth. #foxfires
foxfires -
krissynh : Is that a bum crack? 👌
joshualyford : @krissynh you know it!
papakillinit : Staged dived right into floor
joshualyford : @papakillinit Haha I was proud
brandonsaintpeeyeah : Great times my man. Can't wait to do it again
maxxvick : We need to make a ff as we were show happen soon
joshualyford : @brandonsaintpeeyeah yes sir! Always down. You let us know! We'd love to
misskitteh86 : It looks like he either fell or was pushed...and there was only one man behind him...
kick_dandy - youretooclose - godagodagoda - stonefoxdetroit -
Couldn't love #foxfires any more than I do right now. They killed it per usual.
foxfires -
sobrietyhigh : @bradsquad
escapistrecords : Rad pic!
aykdanroyd : @escapistrecords thank you 😁
ryanphishpics - lost_ground - chainletter - kylesuxxx -
This is tonight! If you're free go check it out. @mannersct @thegreeneryca #aftermath #setsuna #foxfires
setsuna - aftermath - foxfires -
murph2452 : You comin?
shedthewool : @murph2452 for awhile yeah i should catch your set
murph2452 : Sweeet
mwtakesphotos : So pissed I can't make it.
clandark : 🗿
d.sheridan - zachmccormack - mandaalee_ - nadarecording -
I promise you that this is the single most important video ever made in NYC traffic. At 33RPMs. #foxfires #foxfiresworldtour #thisvideowillmakeyoucryinthirtyseconds
foxfires - foxfiresworldtour - thisvideowillmakeyoucryinthirtyseconds -
stephan_cmhc : Last time GK played RAD we played that whole song. I hope we can sneak a practice in before our romp together so we can play it at that speed. ;)
nicoleeeer : Brads face.
amazingthemike : Yessssss. That record is so heavy at 33
weirdjesse : So much phoning
nlouise : tom cat!
weirdjesse : If you can spot him, @chobbstagram is the most pumped of all @ianvan
dsaintsworks - caitlyn.graham - johnnyakay - derka420 -
Connecticut, let's wiggle. #foxfires
foxfires -
jakelangley : Recording this whole week with @chriscurran lets get trippy mane.
rsb1010220 : The greenery rules! Got to play with them in Chicago. Great dudes!
popcornqueen_ : See ya there!
zackcantskate : Tonight, we kiss
_____jessie : The green dudes are the best dudes!
minghagmccarthy : Great playing with you last night man! Hoping Setsuna can play with y'all soon! Y'all rule hard
joshualyford : @minghagmccarthy the pleasure was all ours dude! I'm sure well see you soon!
zackcantskate - stuartdouglasross - dan_vctm - brittdurgin -
Cheddar boys are heading to Rockaway, NJ to rock out and play M:TG #foxfires
foxfires -
e_copeland - calloutallmydemons - bethlucasmusic - caitlyn.graham -
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