We are watching the playback right now!!! #ucla #bryceenglish #desotoeagles #fox4 #imontv
fox4 - ucla - desotoeagles - imontv - bryceenglish -
mp.0801 : Just saw y'all on Tv right now. Congrats to your brother!! Wish him the best :)
susannahball - bubbly__bianca - elizabeth_lauren_jarabek - _athenalove -
News crew and friends are here to film my brother's big announcement for which college he's committing to #college #football #fox4 #dallas #desotoeagles
desotoeagles - football - college - fox4 - dallas -
_athenalove - jessicacestrada - sjsanders - hannagracee -
shits about to get real for these #deadbeat dads. You can't support your child but you wanna show out on #facebook and in these streets! Now if you say u ain't got no money, they will find you on fb and in the streets! And you will go to jail for lying and not paying #childsupport #fox4 '' Investigators are making sure if moms are left to raise kids on their own that the fathers are still accountable.''
deadbeat - childsupport - facebook - fox4 -
neshallnatural - dele_is_a_blueberry - naturallymanda -
❤️A very funny and cool day in Åre bike park whit my girlfriend❤️ We going to be here in 4 days😍 #Årebikepark #specializedbikes #bighit3 #2009mod #foxfloat36 #fox5.0 #girohelmet #specializedbikes #demo7.1 #2009mod #rockshoxtotem #fox4.0 #661helmet
bighit3 - årebikepark - specializedbikes - girohelmet - demo7 - foxfloat36 - rockshoxtotem - fox5 - fox4 - 2009mod - 661helmet -
bdipy - _matt_jones - davidheinreich - hampuselofsson -
Performing in 5 minutes on #fox4. If you're not in Dallas check out LIVESTREAM.
fox4 -
wifeof1momof4 : Great job!!!!
changedbyone : GO MENTOR @anthonyevansjr
zoesmomma2009 : Yeah Mark Letteri!
lrasnick : You did AWESOME!!!
aidanhelps : Thanks for sharing your gift with us this morning:) It's amazing how you sound just as great LIVE as you do on the album. #awesomeness
hispaniolanlife : @nappynicki1920
nappynicki1920 : Cool @hispaniolanlife
keganwesley : love it
maxstarkmusic - sam_holm - nani_0313 - mskinika -
We can't get enough of those news anchors. They love us. We love them. Karli Ritter stops in to say to hi to OTF at #goodnessgraciousgreatballsoffire #orangetheory #orangetheoryfitness #otf #leawood #kansas #fox4 #fox4kc #kansascity #kc #fitness #fitfam #raceforacause
kc - kansascity - fox4kc - orangetheoryfitness - kansas - otf - fox4 - leawood - orangetheory - fitness - raceforacause - goodnessgraciousgreatballsoffire - fitfam - - cruz604 - innervationfitness - fitnesszonekid -
On job. Interviewing Lynn Davis. He's the CEO of Dallas Children's Advocacy Center. They partnered with Comerica Bank to provide supplies and clothing for hundreds of children. #giveback #volunteer #backtoschool #fox4 #gooddayfox4
gooddayfox4 - giveback - volunteer - backtoschool - fox4 -
phortitude1906 : Now that's awesome
1martice : Always good to give back sometime @latoyasilmon
hawkwon : Awesome!!!!!
taravreeland : #babe
taravreeland : Meaning you @latoyasilmon
latoyasilmon : @taravreeland thx!
taravreeland - jujucheung2004 - lauranealtv - reenlocus -
I'm asking for a raise. #fox4 @kirbychambliss
fox4 -
nicolemisencik : @jennyanchondo you're brave. My stomach couldn't handle it!
arakesiu : LOVE!!!!!
willalewis : How high they take you up @jennyanchondo?
clauli73 : Jenny you should do as many amazing things you can. They are unforgettable moments. You are going to be a very popular mommy and grandma... Not that I'm throwing years on top of Well I hole u know I mean well. Woot woot
sannersgrl : What are you doing?
jennyanchondo : @clauli73 I hope you're right! Having kids would be the greatest joy!
jennyanchondo : @sannersgrl I'm doing flight aerobatics with @kirbychambliss ! Crazy stuff!
finegold : #catchkirby
cara_saur - tinecis - stoneybaloney - heatnl -
Found another trouble spot in Sanger. Creek overflowing. Pastures turned into rivers on Willow near Jones. #stormcoverage #besafe #fox4 #gooddayfox4
stormcoverage - gooddayfox4 - besafe - fox4 -
watchamandatv - dj_vision - ratchet_is_my_bestie - philipfw -
Headed toward Sanger. Reports of at least 6in of rain. Heavy rain on the way. Be careful folks. #gooddayfox4 #fox4
gooddayfox4 - fox4 -
weatherchannel : Hey latoyasilmon, can we feature your video on and The Weather Channel? To give us permission, comment with #yestexas. View the terms at
jujucheung2004 - dhthenerd - kimwilsonpollock - airicpriest -
What a difference. This is why I keep rain gear under my desk. Flooding in Sanger. I-35N shut down near mile marker 478. Car stuck on high water. Hearing a semi is stuck too. #stormcoversge #staydry #besafe #Storm ##flashflooding #fox4 #gooddayfox4
besafe - reallyredlipcolor - storm - gooddayfox4 - staydry - flashflooding - fox4 - stormcoversge - marykay -
latoyasilmon : @la_pdiddy thanks chica!
roze71 : U wet but those lips look Good!!!!!
airicpriest : Atleast it is summer time. No hats for the cold. Hope ur dry in the studio soon
tymalcolm08 : You may be wet, but your makeup is flawless
latoyasilmon : @airicpriest exactly!!! Way better than being cold.
latoyasilmon : @roze71 Roosevelt you're too funny. Thanks crazy!
travellbryant : Please be safe out there!
jay_won_ : Be safe out there, still looking good tho!
hawthorne007 - tdeneece22 - jay_won_ - themary_klife -
Car stuck in high water off 35 in Sanger near mile marker 478. Police not letting anyone pass. #stormcoversge #fox4 #gooddayfox4
gooddayfox4 - fox4 - stormcoversge - texflood -
phortitude1906 : Where did this storm come from? I didn't hear anything last night
latoyasilmon : We've been reporting the possibility since the weekend on#fox4
latoyasilmon : @powelldennis yes it's my photo. I'm a reporter at Fox4 in Dallas.
powelldennis : I see that now! Stay safe!
weatherchannel : Hey latoyasilmon, can we feature your photo on The Weather Channel and To give us permission, comment with #texflood. View the terms at
latoyasilmon : #texflood
weatherchannel : Thanks for letting us feature your photo!
kreme_de_la_kreme2 - dhthenerd - ejoaquin1 - nlucas331 -
leaving Denton and headed to Sanger for storm coverage. Stay dry. Be careful. #gooddayfox4 #fox4
gooddayfox4 - fox4 -
nlspro : Awww man! I wish I had known you were in Denton. You're my fav Fox 4 reporter! I look up to you, lady 👍👌✔💯. I'm a senior at UNT and am studying journalism (Shoutout to Steve, I aspired to work in print before taking his class at Richland). I can't wait to be in the field!
3dee4 - jujucheung2004 - dhthenerd - kimwilsonpollock -
Today's assignment: Potential for flash flooding in Denton and Fort Worth. #staydry #stormcoversge #twodayeveny. #gooddayfox4 #fox4
staydry - gooddayfox4 - fox4 - stormcoversge - twodayeveny -
offset_dhill - allaboutadolla24 - angelicadouglas - phortitude1906 -
My own leftover grilled chicken & veggies is ehhh. When someone else makes it, I'm in heaven! Zahid, Aka coworker of the year brought me some Tupperware deliciousness of Brussel sprouts & grilled chicken! #cleaneating #fox4 #healthychef #iffym #paleo
iffym - paleo - healthychef - fox4 - cleaneating -
kimkapps : I LOVE brussel sprouts! Most people hate them. @jennyanchondo
kimwilsonpollock : Nice!!!!
charlotpingul - calkinsb - 1god1fd - calitex93 -
When doing this exercise at home please do NOT punch your workout partner 😁 #workoutswithoutthegym #onair #fox4 #kansascity #fitness #fitfam #jzfitness
kansascity - onair - fitfam - workoutswithoutthegym - fitness - fox4 - jzfitness -
ackermanchad : #vasos!
cammaster55 - madelinewill - call_me_flash - jerameytl -
#fox4 #fox4kitty #mama #raining #refintherain #hopeforlightning
raining - refintherain - hopeforlightning - mama - fox4kitty - fox4 -
b_rezuke : Is fox open on Wednesdays?
chipahh : that cat is agressive as all hell
chipahh : @b_rezuke i believe it is open to walk-ons on wednesdays yes
paintballcdh11 : @chipahh she is friendlier now lol @b_rezuke yes we are open for play wensday for the summer
b_rezuke : @paintballcdh11 I love it
___megprior - malikshakerrr - ian_508_ - j0nathan_27 -
Waiting in the @fox4kc #greenroom Ready to mix up a Berry Lemonade Cocktail!! My fav! #summerfun #fox4 @foxnews
summerfun - greenroom - fox4 -
omar_taqana - icecassie20 - sara_n_lev - tsburks -
I couldn't make this shyt up if I tried. They pulled up right in front of me 😐 #coincidence #CBS11 #dfw #ainthatabytch
cbs11 - ainthatabytch - fox4dfw - dfw - fox4 - coincidence -
candieskartel : It's #Fox4DFW #Fox4
forgiato_black_ : Where this at tho @candieskartel an what happen
candieskartel : Ft. Worth. No one knows what happened. @forgiato_black_ all I know is a couple of buildings were on fire was on fire...
forgiato_black_ : Oh ok hope y'all safe up there @candieskartel
candieskartel : Thankhs alot. We are now @forgiato_black_
forgiato_black_ : 10/4 @candieskartel
fstdodgecity - chuck_trump - k.esco - _shebqueen -
😏 #social media #cbs11 #nbc5 #dfw #ftworth it's funny to watch them work... 😂 😐 💚✌✊
nbc5 - cbs11 - social - ftworth - dfw - fox4 -
candieskartel : On the left faux news aka #Fox4 on the right #NBC5
schaffelsuk - k.esco - mabellekluck -
Dirk is amazingly loyal to Dallas!! Didn't realize he turned down offers worth more AND took a paycut. Love him even more! #dirk #MFFLStrong #mffl #dallas #Mavs #mavsnation #mavericks #nba #loyal #loyalty #tellittotim #fox4 #fox4goodday
mavericks - mffl - tellittotim - dallas - mavsnation - loyalty - mfflstrong - loyal - fox4goodday - dirk - nba - mavs - fox4 -
_onpointt_ - ryderlikethetrucks - yellafsh - solo_basket -
Because picking up the news anchor is good for upper body strength. #onair #fox4 #kansascity #fitness #fitfam #workoutswithoutthegym
kansascity - onair - fitfam - workoutswithoutthegym - fitness - fox4 -
zigzoe - moomoo3231 - chelseahahn811 - sa_cass -
Fox 4 Green Room with JZ Fitness. About to demo three total body exercises everyone can do at home! #fox4 #kansascity #greenroom #fitness #fitfam #athomeexercises #totalbody #noexcuses
kansascity - totalbody - fitfam - noexcuses - athomeexercises - fitness - fox4 - greenroom -
taydontplay - j_acly_n - chelseahahn811 - cutoff_kingz -
Heading to Fox 4! Hanging out with JZ Fitness. check us out during the 9 o'clock hour! #carselfie #fox4 #news #kansascity #fitness #fitfam
kansascity - fitfam - fitness - news - fox4 - carselfie -
mrluperay - chase_dreams_only - jkrid - call_me_flash -
WHAT THE HELL? Is there not enough news to report? #fox4 @fox4 #myfoxdfw
fox4 - myfoxdfw -
ahorton82 : Only in the D haha
bmw_trucker - mrjeremiahb - royal_carnivore - djprefall -
#terrorists #betawards #bet #fascism #ameriwhat #American #America #nationofslaves #criminals #usafunded #amerikkkanbullies #fightthefuckback #conquer #wakeupthemass #wakethefuckup #freedome #usafunded #uscountry #uscitizen #hitler #foxnews #fox5news #foxny #fox4
amerikkkanbullies - terrorists - fox5news - betawards - foxnews - fascism - fightthefuckback - conquer - foxny - wakethefuckup - nationofslaves - wakeupthemass - usafunded - america - hitler - criminals - freedome - uscountry - american - ameriwhat - uscitizen - fox4 - bet -
shockmaster12 - elperrobruno - animalbaby - familjenhurtig -
Tomorrow we make TV history! Our show #elevatelife with @keithcraft premiers on #Fox4 at 9:30am following my friend @joelosteen! Watch live or set your DVR!
elevatelife - fox4 -
madiicox_ : @colewallis YAY
yog1n1 : It's not on?
_dontobey214 : Never came on
sassyfriscogal : Don't c it
_tinytania : Never came on. :/
yog1n1 : ???
kenzie_is_fierce - cookie_monster_snyder - laiona01 - jemunde -
We are on Fox 4 tomorrow morning, tune in if you can't make it to the cathedral! @elevatelc #church #fox4 #dallas #christian #leadership
dallas - leadership - christian - fox4 - church -
everywhereamy : Like it!
sunclebach : Welcome DFW to the greatness of Elevate Life Church and Pastor Keith Craft
joelovinlife : Nice!
huck043 - jntlctrucking - christianchavarria - nicknorred -
#fox4 #fox #dallas #downtown #simpsons
downtown - simpsons - fox - fox4 - dallas -
rigonijunior -
Just watched episode 2 of my husband's new TV show: 'Back of the House with Charles Mereday' & it was great!! #backofthehouse #charlesmereday #meredaysfinedining #meredaysnaplesbayresort #tvchefs #chefs #cooking #culinaryarts #restaurants #fox4 #naples #southwestflorida #colliercounty #leecounty #estero #bonitasprings #ftmyers #altolivejazzkitchen
altolivejazzkitchen - colliercounty - chefs - bonitasprings - naples - backofthehouse - southwestflorida - culinaryarts - estero - leecounty - cooking - ftmyers - meredaysnaplesbayresort - meredaysfinedining - restaurants - fox4 - tvchefs - charlesmereday -
justinevandale : @sarahelleemm haha I was going to try and watch it but I don't think we get it here :(
sarahelleemm : @justinevandale I will put a link up on FB- they post them on their YouTube channel after it airs! :)
justinevandale : @sarahelleemm haha awesome!!
tariknix : Let's connect
tiffanygraham - dee2006 - jolia.m - libbykharrat -
Heart of America Window Cleaning will be featured tonight on #fox4 at either 5 or 6!!! Check us out #godisgood #heartofamericawindowcleaning
godisgood - heartofamericawindowcleaning - fox4 -
ealykens : Very cool!
amygbess : Joe is CRAZY!!!
tarrahdraws - chriskohlstaedt - lanka_marie - shalanabates -
My DVR is set to record the coolest new TV husband's! :) Southwest Florida tune in tomorrow (or set your DVR)..."Back of the House with Charles Mereday" episode 2 airs tomorrow at noon on Fox 4! :) #backofthehouse #charlesmereday #fox4 #southwestflorida #naples #ftmyers #leecounty #colliercounty #estero #bonitasprings #capecoral #marcoisland #TVshows #chefs #culinaryarts #TVchefs #MeredaysFineDining #Altolivejazzkitchen #dining #restaurants
altolivejazzkitchen - colliercounty - chefs - bonitasprings - naples - backofthehouse - southwestflorida - culinaryarts - estero - capecoral - tvshows - meredaysfinedining - ftmyers - dining - marcoisland - leecounty - restaurants - fox4 - tvchefs - charlesmereday -
tiffanygraham - tigertailbeach - mghoosierboy81 - libbykharrat -
At Hawaiian Falls today with Clint Hill. Talking about a special event to splash out childhood cancer. Wore a tropical skirt since a swimsuit is out of the question. Btw that's our engineer Lee photo bombing us! #fightcancer #research #findacure #gooddayfox4 #fox4 #morningnews #thecolony
findacure - thecolony - gooddayfox4 - fightcancer - fox4 - morningnews - research -
phortitude1906 : Dude in the back looks like he going to sneak you lol
mymsgia : Do u pick/wear ur own clothes or do they provide wardobe?
latoyasilmon : @phortitude1906 hahaha. He's harmless.
latoyasilmon : @mymsgia it's all me. I wish they did!
phortitude1906 : Nice outfit
cravinthecrayy : @latoyasilmon But that viewer said you wear "bikini tops" all the time lol #IWish
latoyasilmon : Hahaha @cravinthecrayy I thought about it. Sike!
jay_won_ - aliciamarietx - 3rdi100 - jujucheung2004 -
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