Do you like to INSPIRE, LEAD, and SHARE with others? Now searching for some fine ladies to join my team! It doesnt matter where you are on yoir fitness journey or what you know about the business...YOU can have that freedom you've wanted. #FreedomFriday #fitness #health #healthylife #TIUHouston #TIUTEAM #formerathlete #fitnessjourney #teamboom message me or email me :) franchescaip@gmail.com
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Here's a dress from @gwynniebee I rocked last night for my bestie's 40th bday party! I love anything teal and brown. Lots of compliments came my way...my stomach is finally coming down and my hourglass is coming back! Yay! 10+ lbs down, -9 inches β³πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘  #fitness #fit #healthy #eatclean #hardwork #gym #gymrat #fitspiration #transformations #training #dietplan #losingweight #weightloss #weightlossjourney #diet #cardio #chickswholift #fitchicks #formerathlete #loveyourcurves #exercise #gymlife #confidence #love #life #selfie #me #f4f #followme #journey
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Can I even workout even? Planking=dying right? #GetLegs #GetFit #workout #healthy #FormerAthlete #Swimmer #planking
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acvenne_fitness : Great post!
tiu_mrscal : Amazing!
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Built Like a #BodyBuilder? No Building My #Body for a More #Healthier Me? YesπŸ’‹ Combined Movements Like #Crossfit #Jumping #Rowing #MountainClimbers #Aerobics #ShoulderPresses #Squats #WeightLifting Is What Will Help Me Maintain My #Physique #HealthFlow #Fitsporation #HealthInspired #TotalBody #CurveyGirl #FormerAthlete #FitnessMotivator #Exercise #Fitness #Cardio #Yoga #Aerobics #Kickboxing #HardBody #StrongBody #StrongMind #EatRight @HomeFitness #GetFit #LiveinMotion πŸ’ͺ❀πŸ’ͺ❀
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crossfitlovers : So awesome
tiu_mrscal : Nice pic!
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At LSU Women's Basketball alumni dinner with my mom and look what I run into! Haha. Me on the wall! I miss it!πŸ˜” #foreverlsu #lsualum #lsuvolleyball #lsufam #12 #formerathlete #kbye!
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mundi_bundi : Awww @bjohn37 so cool!
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Won first place at the run for education. I think I still got it lol #runner #roadrace #formerathlete
runner - roadrace - formerathlete -
tiu_mrscal : Great!
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Everytime i see Kim Yuna..i really want to start dancing on ice..i miss the ice..but what to do..ive been giving all my time to my music, which something that i love to do to (ive been doing it since i was 4 years old) #missing #figureskate #figureskating #formerathlete
formerathlete - figureskating - figureskate - missing -
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#TBT to a time when 'steps' was the cool look. Might bring that back. #FormerAthlete #QuitBecauseMySkatesWereTooTight
formerathlete - quitbecausemyskatesweretootight - tbt -
beviecooks : I quit piano b/c my fingers didn't reach the keys. Did we quit or did our parents ? 😊
jonboyglavin : @beviecooks Technically it was my Dad's fault for tying them so tight. That's my story and I'm sticking to it
beviecooks : @jonboyglavin I guess my Mom never wanted me to learn, even though she forced me to sing while she played piano whenever company came over 😳
hoganlori - hewitt_b - swsally - sarahparsons9 -
Even after a Coach Scott killer workout, still found time to have fun. Miss these ladies. #tbt #throwbackthursday #formerathlete #kstate #fitfam #basketball #BigCatSuicidesWereTheDeathOfMe
kstate - basketball - fitfam - throwbackthursday - bigcatsuicideswerethedeathofme - formerathlete - tbt -
endurenutrition : Check out our last post if you're interested in winning 30 servings of pre-workout, 2 t-shirts, an Apple iPod shuffle, and a pair of skull candy earbuds! #ENDURENUTRITION
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SHE DID IT!!! Jessica shows up CONSISTENTLY in our health & fitness challenge, and her hard work is paying off! Last week we recognized her hubby for reaching a milestone with one of the toughest fitness programs on the planet. Now Jessica has hit a HUGE milestone herself. {Interject song: Anything He Can Do, She Can Do Better!} Just kidding. In all seriousness, they both are doing an amazing job and motivating us all to push a little harder. Go #TeamRiggin #PowerCouple !! And here's the best part... After Jessica's first attempted workout in the first week, she said she hung her head low (for not doing better - though I think she did great). Since then, she's continued to show up EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and has improved her original time by 4! This means her athletic performance and endurance has increased FOUR TIMES what it was just a few weeks ago. Way to go girl!! What a nice #Victory and great example of what we can accomplish with some consistency and determination. #NeverGiveUp #IncredibleJob #OstateAlumn
nevergiveup - fitmom - incrediblejob - formerathlete - fitparent - osualumni - congratulations - wahoo - success - ostatealumn - challenge - powercouple - teamriggin - max30 - victory - greatjob - shedidit -
fitnesswithcarrie : #shedidit #max30 #challenge #fitmom #fitparent #osualumni #formerathlete #success #congratulations #wahoo #greatjob #
fun_fit_faith : Yeah!
tiu_mrscal : Very cool!
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It's my first time coming to the gym on a SUNDAY to get in some fasted cardio. It's also #OSCARS2015! And I live in LA so the party awaits later today where there will be lots of things not on my diet plan. Hence the cardio first! #cheatmeal #fitness #werkitout #werkitoff #dedicated #formerathlete #transformations #training #dietplan #losingweight #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney
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⚫️βšͺοΈπŸ”΄ #formerathlete #threesports #volleyball #basketball #track
track - formerathlete - threesports - basketball - volleyball -
zee_mode : I still didn't get my invite @raynes_mommy
adeela2u : Check your spam mail @zee_mode
reggie_rocket_ : What day is the game @raynes_mommy
raynes_mommy : It's Saturday ima watch the boys and stay maybe half hour for girls @reggie_rocket_
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I may not be trying to become a bodybuilder, but I sure am trying to get my body back. Might as well do it at The Mecca of Bodybuilding - Gold's Gym in Venice, CA, right?! Go big or go home, yo. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ’ͺ🚲 #GoldsGymVenice #GoldsGym #Venice #California #bodybuiler #themecca #cardio #workout #losingweight #fitness #werkitout #werkitoff #dedicated #formerathlete #transformations #training #dietplan #instagood #instamood #fitchicks #thickfit #chickswholift #loveyourcurves #exercise #gymlife #confidence #love #life #me #selfie
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jwmfitness : Love it!
keri_on_a_quest : Thanks @jwmfitness! It's a journey! πŸ’ͺ😊
musclemane.3 : Nice stuff - Hit my profile up if you wanna see some wild results I got FAST.
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So today is the end if my 7th week in the weight room (at least 3x a week since Jan 1st learning from @newportfit4life how to really liftπŸ‘)... And I think I finally crossed over from "awkward girl in the weight room" to "STRONG girl in the weight room." Everyone pretty much ignores me every single day there, which I love!! But for some reason today (maybe it was the dead lifting 4 plates 6x for 4 sets) THREE people stopped me and said guy1) "Wow, I doth even think I could do that", I of course replied "yes you can if you try", guy2) "great job, love to see it"(I'm assuming he's referring to a woman lifting as "it"?) I laughed and said "thanks" & and trainer3) "what kind of athlete are you? Cause you are really strong" I had to say that "I'm not an athlete, but I'm trying to get strong"😊 ---- I finally feel like a belong thereπŸ‘₯πŸ˜„ and although it made me miss being an athlete a little.... It made me just as happy to know I'm still looking and training like oneπŸ’ͺπŸ’ƒthanks to @newportfit4life ☺️
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hpalleiko : That's awesome! Great job!
she.thrives.blog : So awesome! #quadzilla πŸ’ͺ😍
sarahdjf : Can your BF train me ??!! πŸ’
running_paleo_chef : πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ
flo_mar35 : 4 plates as in 405 lbs for reps?
oohhclare : @tastyyummies I do! I ride my bike there at least 4x a week! It's just a few blocks from my house so that's why I chose it. They have the one and only cardio machine I like too, it's called the curve machine and you walk but it's not motorized so you use all your muscles to keep it moving and the curve helps! But they are remodeling now so it should be gettin much nicer in the future too. I love the steam and sauna for after lifting too. :)
oohhclare : @sarahdjf haha I'm sure he can!!!
tastyyummies : Thanks girl. I'm gonna check it out this week. I always feel so out of place at gyms, I basically have no clue what I'm doing. Heh. Here's hoping I like it.
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WHOA!! Can you help me give props to this guy by double-tapping on the pic or giving a congratulatory comment? This Dad, Husband, Geosteering Supervisor, former Athlete has gone and done it…. We are part of a group taking on one of the TOUGHEST fitness programs on the planet, and in less than 3 weeks, Zach has TRIPLED his time with the program. This means that his physical athletic performance has improved by THREE TIMES in a very short order. #ImpressiveJob! His daily sweat checks motivate us all to push a little harder with our own abilities. Amazing job and an incredible #Milestone Zach!! Can’t wait to see what happens in 3 more weeks!!! WOO-WHOO!!! #ostatealumni #amazing #gopokes
motivation - super - insiration - osu - ostatealumni - domore - milestone - improving - formerathlete - fitparent - impressivejob - congratulations - success - congrats - wellness - athlete - fitnesswithcarrie - welldone - amazing - health - superfit - bravo - greatjob - surpassinggoals - gopokes -
fitnesswithcarrie : #congrats #osu #success #greatjob #superfit #fitparent #athlete #formerathlete #congratulations #super #welldone #bravo #health #wellness #domore #motivation #insiration #improving #surpassinggoals #fitnesswithcarrie
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ROCKING THE BULLS ATHLETIC JOINTS...#FormerAthlete #IStillCanBallTho #Bulls #SeeRed #RedNBlack EVEN THO THE PIC IS #BlackNWhite
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hair_byelisa : @misslynnmusic no work out needed born naturally built blessins from GOD . Anne love you CeCe
tiu_mrscal : Very cool!
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Finished a good cardio weight workout, trying to keep it tight :) #workout#fitness#inshape#cardio#gymtime#formerathlete#getittightgetitright
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pulsedup : Thanks for the motivation #beatanything
fun_fit_faith : Good shot!
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#gymnastics #FormerAthlete #rhythmicgymnastics
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fun_fit_faith : Love it!
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#FormerAthlete #Mountains #gymnastics
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#gymnastics #Mountains #FormerAthlete #summer
formerathlete - gymnastics - mountains - summer -
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#gymnastics #mountains #nature #FormerAthlete #rhythmicgymnastics
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joshexell : Pretty!
shurshunchik92 : @joshexell Thank you! I love this pic 😊
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#athlete and #formerathlete Good luck and success to you @marttijylha #falun #mmfalun2015 #mmfalun #tanssivatsudet #crosscountryski #skiing #production #marketing #finland #branding #winter #yoko #salomon #Salesbitch #leaderofthepack
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unique_designz : Love it!! If you ever need any of my services give me a shout! I would love to help! Check out my website at www.uniquedesignz.net #followme
freddiegrann : Cool!
kolppanen31 : No nytton herrasiunaa!
iitu78 : Miksei sua o @jiminess öljytty lainkaa? Ei tartte korostusta tuo veistos, vai? 😜😁
mikkotuomasolavi : @jiminess on öljytty kauttaaltaan sisältäpäin
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Jumping for Joy! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ Just love getting messages from the superstar momma athletes that are KILLING bootcamp this month! My favorite this morning was "I love feeling like I am part of a TEAM..it is a great feeling!" AND from one of Fit Team Catalyst members... "I feel so empowered by being involved in this TEAM.. it is no longer just about me...and i know our efforts are being multiplied by working together" YES!!!!!! Makes me wanna JUMP for JOY!!! With a sports background this hits HOME to me BIG time. It is something I have missed post college athletics. The TEAM. Being on a mission TOGETHER. And that is the feeling i want to create in everything I do with Catalyst Wellness. ..from the bootcamps...to Fit Team Catalyst. Together Everyone Achieves More! What is your favorite thing about being involved in a TEAM???
totalwellness - wahm - mommathlete - fitnessjourney - momlete - encouragement - collegeathlete - onlinebootcamp - formerathlete - goaldigger - momlife - basketball - momof2 - workfromhomemom - athlete - bettereveryday - volleyball - fitlife - track - entreleadership - team - dreambig - soccer - teambuilder - fatloss -
fitmindedlife : πŸ’—
getpaidonsocialmedia : Nice post! Love your profile!
more_income_secret : lovely pic!
skinfittea : πŸ™‹ I think I found the coolest instagram all day
mattdfindley : Nice Insta-post! We share a similar mindset, let's insta-connect!
fun_fit_faith : Wow like it!
iamdalioness : Hi, You are probably not looking for an opportunity at this time, but would you say you are the type of person to recognize one when you see it?
adameparker : : )
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Day 1: changing my lifestyle to be more active! I want to be the runner I once was :) #runspiration #runner #formerathlete #getbusyliving #fitfam #fitness
fitfam - fitness - runner - formerathlete - runspiration - getbusyliving -
tay_palm : Get it girllll πŸƒ
prockecharlie : I understand the shoes, but the leaf blower extension, the bottle of conditioner with ears, and that mini-cyclone belt are suspect.
fun_fit_faith : Super!
tiu_mrscal : So nice!
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πŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ’•My LovesπŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ’• EVERY. DAY! 😊 Blessed beyond measure! 😊 Great weekend with family.. and the kids got to see BOTH Great-grandmas! (And looking forward to them seeing Great-Grandpa in a few months!) And now daddy is home for an extra day... and that means....HEAVEN in their minds. So cute! Makes for a great start to the week!
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fit_healthy_mom2 : So nice!
littleandbrave : oh. my. goodness. :)
delaris1102 : @catalystwellness I know, is like you close your eyes and that's it: big babies!
dianamfitzgerald : I love your IG posts! I'd like to connect and learn more about you. Take a look at my profile and if you agree let's connect!
aprildfindley : Neato!! Looking to connect with other Inspiring Instagrammers; please follow me back if you do too!
forever_b_fit : Like it!
atacinc : So nice! / We are looking for Canadian customer service agents to work from home. DM with any questions.
fun_fit_faith : Good shot!
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My friend/client Charnjit from whole foods. Friday night training day. He's working on balance,stability,condition and core with the battles ropes high intensity exercise and he's getting a good sweat/workout! #gym #health #fitness #client #gymfriend #helpingout #teaching #conditioning #core #balance #stability #battleropes #sweating #workinghard #hardwork #bostonsportsclub #formerathlete #indoorworkout #workoutoftheday #change #pushingyourlimit #fridaynighttraining #fullbodyworkout #highintensity #bosu
core - fridaynighttraining - bosu - gym - pushingyourlimit - stability - highintensity - conditioning - battleropes - workinghard - formerathlete - change - helpingout - sweating - hardwork - balance - workoutoftheday - gymfriend - client - fullbodyworkout - health - fitness - teaching - bostonsportsclub - indoorworkout -
amusinglady : Nice one! β˜€
ittybittyfitness : Amazing!
fun_fit_faith : Cool!
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EFFORT HAIR = The direct proportion of effort put into a workout can be calculated by how messy the hair appears after said workout. 'Like' or double tap if you had (or will have) #EffortHair today, and 'Comment' with what type of exercise you did.
motivation - efforthair - workouttip - hardworking - results - fitmom - domore - messy - formerathlete - fittip - hair - sweatcheck - lifestyle - wellness - weightloss - health - fitfriday - exercisetip - healthyliving - sweat -
fitnesswithcarrie : #fitfriday #wellness #motivation #formerathlete #healthyliving #fitmom #weightloss #health #lifestyle #hair #messy #sweatcheck #sweat #weightloss #workouttip #exercisetip #fittip #hardworking #results #domore
curlytop3 : Love this! Haha def going to use this. #EffortHair
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Well look who found me πŸ‘€ @thareal_ag #formerathlete #naturaltalent #reasonimgray πŸ˜’
naturaltalent - formerathlete - reasonimgray -
thareal_ag : Missing track & field
marquesdexter : @thareal_ag I mean, still got eligibility possibly lol
tiu_mrscal - thareal_ag - fun_fit_faith -
#tbt Hard to believe I've been retired for almost an entire year #swammer #formerathlete #timeflies #narp #A10s #happyanniversary #gobonnies #bonas
swammer - a10s - bonas - narp - tbt - gobonnies - formerathlete - timeflies - happyanniversary -
prestoisthebesto - chipdip1 - luci_kov - maggiewoods -
Serious meal prep going down right now! This is an area I have AVOIDED, STRUGGLED with, HATED and Did I mention that I AVOIDED meal planning AND meal PREP??? I am growing and learning...by no means perfect. ...but am beginning to ENJOY it.. feeling a lot of FREEDOM and PEACE about nutrition now that I quit AVOIDING something I knew I needed to do...for lots of reasons actually! Obviously it helps a budget when you plan ahead. It truly simplifies life especially as a busy mom of 2 little monsters. And as I mentioned above FREEDOM and PEACE! I no longer wonder if I am getting enough nutrition or if I am over eating in an area that isn't moving me towards my goals. As an athlete I never had to pay attention to what I ate, when I ate or how much I ate...and I thought meal planning and meal prep would make me feel restricted and limited. It would be difficult and frustrating. And I would rather just workout harder or longer to off set being able to eat what I wanted. Lol. I am just a touch stubborn! I have learned that is not the case at all!!! In fact the opposite! I know I know! I am just as surprised as you! ;-) πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰So I am wondering if I shared how I am meal planning, meal prepping etc from start to finish would YOU be interested??? Comment YES below if you are interested!
nutrition - momlete - ffmeal - mommathlete - cleaneating - eatlikeanathlete - madetocrave - onlinebootcamp - formerathlete - foodisfuel - mealprep - thrivemoms - fitfluential - momlife - mealplan - feedthebeast - babywearing - eatclean - momof2 - sweatpink -
catalystwellness : #mealprep #mealplan #cleaneating #eatclean #nutrition #eatlikeanathlete #feedthebeast #foodisfuel #momof2 #momlife #formerathlete #mommathlete #momlete #onlinebootcamp #sweatpink #fitfluential #ffmeal #babywearing #thrivemoms #madetocrave
herazee : Ahhh!
fun_fit_faith : Like it!
alkalinehealth : thats fantasitic!
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What a beautiful day! Awesome devotions to start the week. Killer workout... hard not to have a great day when it starts like that! Enjoyed some awesome friend time while are kids got crazy dirty. Got to read through some messages from momma athletes in Catalyst Bootcamp. . And hearing their confidence growing each week! And got to work on a few systems to help Fit Team Catalyst be successful! Great way to start the week!! How was your Monday?
ffcheckin - totalwellness - wahm - healthyfam - mommathlete - momlete - encouragement - underarmourwomen - brooks - formerathlete - fitfluential - goaldigger - momlife - faith - strongmom - workfromhomemom - underarmour - oldnavyactive - muscletherapy - momof2 - brookswomen - fitteamcatalyst - teambuilder - sweatpink - fatloss -
catalystwellness : #brooks #oldnavyactive #underarmour #underarmourwomen #brookswomen #strongmom #momof2 #momlife #fatloss #formerathlete #mommathlete #momlete #muscletherapy #totalwellness #fitteamcatalyst #teambuilder #encouragement #healthyfam #sweatpink #fitfluential #ffcheckin #wahm #workfromhomemom #goaldigger #faith
maknlifemobetta : How are you enjoying Instagram?
passive_income_secret : Awesome!
billyannecrews : Sweet! It's great to meet Ya! Love your energy! Follow if You'd like! 🌝
thelastyear : looky what we have here... ;)
dmklaborte_fitness : awesome!
sharethetruth.1 : Very best!
mlmsoftwarejunkie : Woke Up To 2,500 Leads this morning all thanks to the software's found on www.MLMSoftwareJunkie.com! Time to get To Work!
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Super busy day working on my local athletes! Love helping them Unlock Their Potential! Never feels like work I love it so much! Muscle therapy is not just for a special treat. It is great to help recover from injuries in the off season. Great to avoid injuries during season. Increase blood flow, improve sleep, decrease pain... and the list goes on!! With my limited hours of therapy i had always wanted to add the training side back into my therapy business just never thought that would be possible without compromising time with the monsters. And that is too valuable! AND. GOES.WAY.TOO.FAST! Super glad for this opportunity to work with so many more momma athletes than I thought was possible. Dream job I tell ya! What must haves would you say are needed in your DREAM JOB??
onlinepersonaltraining - totalwellness - arizona - wahm - mommathlete - momlete - onlinebootcamp - formerathlete - fitfluential - stretchtherapy - goaldigger - momlife - momof2 - workfromhomemom - oldnavyactive - muscletherapy - fitlife - entreleadership - dreambig - massagetherapy - teambuilder - sweatpink - nikewomen - fatloss -
zealouslyzika : your gallery is rad
jasonyesser : I had to stop on this one! I think you got a really cool page and I'm actually looking forward to your future posts. I help home biz owner's get leads and sales on IG so check my bio and page for more info. How you doing with IG so far?
raegan.kelly : Love it! Would even love to connect on FB to make it easier to hear more about you! If you like, send me a request at www.facebook.com/raegankelly91!
alexandraizzo : yay!! :)
queenyani : πŸ™† πŸ™† πŸ™† Salute!!! I see the work you are putting in to expand your brand in social media! iMARKETSOCIAL's targeted marketing method can help get your message to thousands daily...site and contact is in the bio...let's work!
naturallyamy_ : Super!
angela_boswell : Love the pic! I like your bio and would love to further connect. Check mine and if you like it them follow me - and grab the free IG Marketing E-Book.
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Just remembering that one day I married my best friend. And when I rode my mountain bike in my wedding dress. No big deal 😊 Was just chatting with a friend and some how we start talking about marriage and I can tell she is holding back.. when she finally tells me what is going on. I am like "no way you too!?!?" She hadn't told anyone what was going on because she thought we had it all together! Lol. Nope not even close. This marriage stuff is HARD! We got married a our mid 30s and let me tell you.. we both apparently are just a bit set in our ways! To put it lightly! Learning to work as a team isn't all unicorns and rainbows! It's totally worth the effort. .but it takes effort. All this to say. . Thank you to my awesome hubby for working at it with me! Even when I am stubborn. And to let you know you aren't alone if you think marriage takes some work! Tag a friend who made need to be reminded they aren't alone! ☺
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amyanne74 : I feel like I wrote this story lol exact same story but we were 39 yrs old.
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industrial4noise : i'm single, thats all I got to say ⭐
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