What you know about that Samoan Island BBQ: Short-Ribs, Corn Beef, and all the Potato Crab Salad you like. #foodoofus #foodporn #vscocam #bbq
foodoofus - vscocam - bbq - foodporn -
travelshlut : Drool!!
myvasteeh : Do you have oka
phmmah : In my bookmarks
foodoofus : @silly_sindy glad you like. Hope you can try it's pretty affordable
foodoofus : @travelshlut for a well traveled man glad it's appealing Ed
foodoofus : @myvasteeh I did not get any oka. Care to elaborate ?
foodoofus : @phmmah awesome!
travelshlut : @foodoofus lol!!
enticinglyrich - bestfoodny - mylee_sewingandfabrics - yourfallboy -
Strawberry Shortcake Semi-Freddo #vscocam #foodporn #foodoofus #oakland #dessert
foodoofus - oakland - vscocam - dessert - foodporn -
magmei : Great shot. Love the rustic table in the bg
foodoofus : @magmei thank you! It was a nice clash between industrial and rustic (the entire room) would get a wider shot but my elbow room was limited on the counter
life_n_body : Nice image :D
aileenismean : My problem with this place is that I love it so much and visit it when I can (not that often) that no other places get a chance
imkhalihustle - enticinglyrich - bootandshoeservice - _sharonyc -
Regular Shiro Kotetsu #ramen w/ extra Chashu. #foodoofus #foodporn #vscocam
foodoofus - vscocam - ramen - foodporn -
cupkait_xo - jhey_are - bestfoodbayarea - bestfoodny -
Avocado & Chashu Bao #foodoofus #foodporn #vscocam
foodoofus - vscocam - foodporn -
xiaowow : Always interested to see how you rate the food! Do you have a review on this place?
foodoofus : @xiaowow I'll post my review on yelp shortly and I'll probably do a complete ramen rating of all the Bay Area spots since I believe I went to all of them already
xiaowow : Sounds bomb!
graceangel21 - portablegading - nicolastastykitchen - andregonzalez2 -
Tried out the #smores #frappuccino today from #starbucks . It's on point just a bit sweet for those who wanted it on a lighter note. #foodoofus #dessert #VSCOcam
frappuccino - starbucks - foodoofus - smores - dessert - vscocam -
cheapskate2009 : I might try it for HH 3-5pm half-off!
kianahogel : Imma try dis soon!πŸ™€
choiceratops : I liked it!
foodoofus : @kianahogel did you get to try it?
foodoofus : @choiceratops guess you have a sweeter tooth than me
kianahogel : Not yet! Maybe sometime this week on my cheat dayπŸ™Œ
gour_may - ro_gianecchini - hello_its_marianne - judyyu15 -
Final breakfast in SoCal w/ our good friend John before heading back. Consists of: Baked Eggs, Blood Sausage w/chimichurri, , turkey tartine, & duck confit-hash. #foodoofus #foodporn #yolkporn #venice #VSCOcam #eggsoneggsoneggs #breakfast
venice - yolkporn - foodporn - foodoofus - eggsoneggsoneggs - vscocam - breakfast -
gelatoe : A good way to end your trip πŸ‘
foodoofus : @gelatoe most definitely wished you could've joined us as well Angela. Would be nice to have met @swizzyk_ . Maybe if we ever do a Grand Canyon trip :)
gelatoe : Most definitely 😁 @foodoofus safe travels back home
n0_rey : πŸ˜πŸ˜‹
xfoodographyx : Nice!
beanartistmyfriend - velveet.goldmine - nobread - isabelina33 -
Single Origin #Cappuccino & Angeleno before having some breakfast #foodoofus #coffee #drinks #VSCOcam #venice
coffee - cappuccino - foodoofus - vscocam - venice - drinks -
janet_tom : My favorite coffee roasters!!!!
janet_tom : You're in my old stomping neighborhood. Abbott Kinney!
foodoofus : @janet_tom oh really? How long were you here till you relocated?
wellversed2013 - evelynkt - tramnomenon - _stefanniec -
Reunion dinners are always the best.
foodoofus - vscocam - shabu - foodporn -
foodoofus : #foodoofus #foodporn #shabu #VSCOcam
anthony_has - extelle_h - redoakrealty - 2betches3plates -
The (half)-Full Montagu. Finally fulfilled my Earl's #sandwich after so many years! #foodoofus #foodporn #VSCOcam #downtowndisney
foodoofus - sandwich - vscocam - downtowndisney - foodporn -
msregina_ : Like back my most recent pic please? :-)
evelynkt - hello_its_marianne - chuch_95 - michelleandmark519 -
popbaranaheim - foodoofus - vscocam - dessert - foodporn -
gelatoe : 😍 so good there
jferrr : You went to get ice cream without me...... πŸ’” good thing it's only popbar #overrated lol
gardengal53 : Tried it, looks better than it taste
foodoofus : @gelatoe yeah it wasn't too bad
foodoofus : @jferrr you're in SD πŸ˜”, if you were here we'd go where you would suggest πŸ˜‹
foodoofus : @gardengal53 it's not too bad but I wouldn't wait extremely long for it as my peers mentioned...
magmei : What a fancy bar!
foodoofus : @magmei most definitely, hopefully you can try it sometime if you ever visit SoCal
dreamadai - ssungsae - 97kantemirova - francicakes -
Salted Oatmeal Cookie Crumble, w/ hybrid #captaincrunch & #redvelvet #sprinkles #icecream
sprinkles - foodoofus - captaincrunch - icecream - dessert - newportbeach - orangecounty - vscocam - redvelvet -
foodoofus : #foodoofus #dessert #orangecounty #vscocam #newportbeach
igee : @thepaigedanielle
thepaigedanielle : @igee πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ™πŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ¦πŸͺ
steventurnerrr : sick
lidomarinavillage - ohsweetblindness - bestfoodoc - stratoholic -
First official #breakfast in #losangeles . OJ, regular breakfast consists of: Fresh Baguette, choice of eggs (poached), fingerling potatoes, & #baconsteak. Additional #dessert hazelnut #parisbrest thanks to @hjlee116 for the education tidbit lol.
losangeles - baconsteak - foodoofusmostpopular - dessert - foodporn - parisbrest - foodoofus - breakfast - vscocam -
miacucina : @republiquela is the best breakfast spot in town. :)
foodoofus : #foodoofus #foodporn #vscocam
nouf_hakbani : @faisalquraishi
stratoholic : Damn son, u eating good
hjlee116 : Lollll 🍩
foodoofus : #foodoofusmostpopular
foodoofus : @stratoholic I'm eating decent πŸ˜€
foodoofus : @hjlee116 I'll never forget it lol
keinya_kaesha13 - hajncsilla - jnfishersip - fionafleda -
First items acquired: Panda #donut, matcha #cronut, and #fruitypebbles bar.
foodporn - cronut - donut - dessert - foodoofus - koreatownla - vscocam - fruitypebbles -
foodoofus : #foodoofus #dessert #foodporn #koreatownla #vscocam
coolhaus : Drooling. Seriously πŸ˜‚
choiceratops : I still haven't tried this place.
_cfooddiet : How's the matcha? Worth it? It's on my LA checklist! :P
jamesvta : Like it!
thisiswendoe : πŸŒ‡πŸŒ΄β˜€
felix_the_cat_415 - britt_britt_ballerina - francicakes - ronango15 -
Welp today was one of those days: #jackinthebox 's #butteryjack and another #limitededition #snackries #dessert #reeses peanut butter pie. Both lived up to their expectations except the patty was a bit on the dry side, that's all. #fastfood #foodoofus #foodporn #vscocam
snackries - fastfood - reeses - foodporn - jackinthebox - butteryjack - foodoofus - dessert - vscocam - limitededition -
yphan21 : @food_cartel
scotty_dsntknw : Mine was just dripping with "butter" and way too salty 😒
foodoofus : @scotty_dsntknw well I felt the same way if it matters. But when you promote "buttery" from a fast food perspective I'm not expecting high quality butter from Europe sadly πŸ˜”
stratoholic : Ewwwwwwwww, the one i tried was nasty
bestfoodny - kaycakesbakery - adayinthebite - stratoholic -
The items are: Caramel Popcorn #gelato Popsicle bar, Cup of Joe (pot de Creme), & Truffle flavors: Coffee and Dulce De Leche & Champagne Fizz. #foodoofus #foodporn #dessert #sf #vscocam
dessert - foodporn - gelato - foodoofus - vscocam - sf -
cheapskate2009 : What's the ranking if 1 is best of the stuff u tried?
foodoofus : @cheapskate2009 can't wait completely since I didn't try the truffles yet. Once I do I'll be sure to let you know 😁
valcohol : I love this place!
foodoofus : @valcohol always nice to see something different πŸ˜€
foodoofus : @cheapskate2009 between the truffles I prefer the coffee and DDL one. In terms of ranking. 1) Truffle coffee and DDL, Pot De Creme (tied) 2) Caramel popcorn gelato and 3) champagne fizzy
cheapskate2009 : Thanks!!
enticinglyrich - ksfoodventures - jalisselp - sweetdashofsass -
So everyone's grubbing on some #ramen . Myself and @authenticallyjazz got the Tokushima Signature whereas @_weswesyall & @happimonkey got some custom deluxes. #foodporn #foodoofus #vscocam #sf
foodoofus - vscocam - ramen - sf - foodporn -
deboantonini - bestfoodny - isabelina33 - adayinthebite -
I wish I could've enjoyed this #locomoco without being in a rush. The egg and dashi gravy combined really well. Forgot to add I got a free lemonade on the side for the delay. #foodoofus #foodporn #vscocam #sf
foodoofus - locomoco - sf - vscocam - foodporn -
appetitedeluxe - ksfoodventures - mzmiafajardo - ronango15 -
Getting my #vegandonut : Vanilla Cookie flavored before tackling the day. #foodoofus #foodporn #sf #vscocam
foodoofus - vegandonut - sf - vscocam - foodporn -
jhey_are - hello_its_marianne - judyyu15 - julee_beans -
A near runner-up to the amazing #omakase posted. Is their signature Tomi Special Roll. This is customized w/ #hamachi (inside) & #sake and #hotate (outside) w/ an in-house sauce. Definitely recommended. #foodoofus #foodporn #seafood #sushi #vscocam
hotate - foodporn - sake - foodoofus - omakase - sushi - vscocam - hamachi - seafood -
appyuppi : Nice!
foodisourlyfe - coeeyyyyyy - bestfoodbayarea - isabelina33 -
Omakase 10 piece: Contents are standard #sushi fare minus the unagi and fresh wasabi (which they gave for free later). #foodporn #foodoofus #sushi #seafood #vscocam
foodoofus - seafood - sushi - vscocam - foodporn -
foodisourlyfe - fortheloveoficecream - _creamoffice - ksfoodventures -
Fulfilling and affordable #chiraishi w/ the usual contents: #sushi #foodporn #foodoofus #vscocam #seafood
chiraishi - vscocam - foodporn - foodoofus - seafood - sushi -
rsarna17 - bestfoodbayarea - tlsmoov - foodisourlyfe -
I dislike it when diners stare at me while I snap quietly and mind my own business: Duo of #scallops and #toro (blue fin tuna) #foodoofus #foodporn #seafood #sushi #vscocam
vscocam - foodporn - scallops - foodoofus - toro - sushi - seafood -
foodoofus : I meant to say *glare
_mmaash - _creamoffice - ranaeoxdamasco - jahkob123 -
Sunday Morning= Laundry, #luckypeach articles, and a new #snackries entry: #starburst gummi bursts. Think classic starburst flavor a with a bit of #gushers like gel in the middle. #foodoofus #foodporn #snacks #candy #vscocam
snackries - luckypeach - gushers - foodporn - foodoofus - starburst - candy - snacks - vscocam -
valcohol : Omg, I love that magazine!
evelynkt - onehungryjew - adayinthebite - blondiechick9 -
Just heard about this option: "The Double Barrel Top Dog." Blasting w/flavor like a shotgun. Added a side of Salt and Vinegar #lays . #foodoofus #foodporn #hotdog #topdog #vscocam #pause
pause - lays - foodporn - foodoofus - topdog - vscocam - hotdog -
oishiimoments : πŸ‘
oishiimoments : How'd you love? : @cookieguide <3 wow
foodoofus : @oishiimoments definitely love it plenty. Bay Area staple if you will 😁
bestfoodsf - newyorkjamison - ronango15 - jcs_t -
The Heifer and the Sow #foodoofus #foodporn #brunch #vscocam
foodoofus - brunch - vscocam - foodporn -
paulbarradas : How was it?
foodoofus : @rockricebowl Paul it was salty (the chips) and the meat was a bit more dry then I prefer. I make a fair amount of burgers on my off time so my critique might be a little harsh
enticinglyrich - lexus5233 - bestfoodsf -
Gerald's Pudding
foodoofus - brunch - vscocam - foodporn -
foodoofus : #foodoofus #foodporn #brunch #vscocam
_stefanniec - helloiamgaby - isabelina33 - reifunk_sdc -
This is #McDonalds #limitededition #strawberry & #creme #pie . Slight crunch in crust, the filling is semi tart, and strawberry reminds me of smuckers jam. Any thoughts? #foodporn #foodoofus #dessert #snackries #fastfood
snackries - fastfood - foodporn - foodoofus - pie - strawberry - creme - dessert - mcdonalds - vscocam - limitededition -
foodoofus : #vscocam
hjlee116 : Mmm better than their apple??
foodoofus : @hjlee116 much better, but then again it's my bias since I never liked their apple pie to begin with πŸ˜‹
trisha_l : Agree that the apple pie is shit
foodoofus : @trisha_l glad you can agree, hope all is well with you πŸ˜€
katiademurat - misssvikki99 - - sofra13 -
Left: Pear Salad (w/ Salmon Substitute instead of Chicken), Right: Medium Rare Ribeye w/ Sides, & Center: Ribeye Open Face Sandwich w/ Fries
sandwich - foodporn - steak - foodoofus - vscocam - fries -
foodoofus : #foodoofus #foodporn #steak #fries #vscocam #sandwich
wengsherry - evelynkt - mylee_sewingandfabrics - tramnomenon -
The Evil Cousin IPA
foodoofus - beer - vscocam - beerporn -
foodoofus : #foodoofus #beerporn #beer #vscocam
kianahogel - dulcecookiesbymelo - fia_the5footer_ - goodeatsandgoodbeats -
So typically I don't usually like following hipster trends but after #buzzfeed piqued my curiosity with this #mammothcoffee consisting of #coconutoil, #grassfedbutter, and #coffee . I might hop on this bandwagon for a little bit...
mammothcoffee - grassfedbutter - coffee - vscocam - foodoofus - wholefoods - buzzfeed - coconutoil -
foodoofus : #foodoofus #vscocam
rdor5 : Is this at all whole foods?
foodoofus : @rdor5 I haven't tested that theory but I guess it hurts not to research that briefly and share with you all I'll update in a some hours...
foodoofus : Verified by the homie @rdor5 it should be available at most participating #wholefoods within California. I cannot speak for the rest of the country sadly πŸ˜•
bestfoodny - iirusqui - mylee_sewingandfabrics - bestfoodsf -
Finally had this flavor of #lays potato #chips : #bacon #macandcheese. Surprisingly pretty good, not too salty, although the lack of BACON-y flavor might be disappointing to some
snackries - foodporn - foodoofus - bacon - lays - macandcheese - vscocam - chips -
sharonjf : Thank you :)
zeesshhh : Lol @agha_mohammed_hassan93 chutiya lays k saat ab bacon b dere
agha_mohammed_hassan93 : Thuu galeeez iski amaki chut! @zeesshhh
toni91188 : @_megg_ann1 YOUVE HAD THEM
_megg_ann1 : @toni91188 no I don't know where they sell them
toni91188 : @_megg_ann1 we need themmmmm
superheemanism : @minafulness μ–΄λ©” λ‚˜ 이걸 μ§€κΈˆλ΄€λ„€! κΆκΈˆν•˜λ‹€!
foodoofus : #foodoofus #foodporn #vscocam #snackries
jaisaljyot - _atrebor_ - bestfoodny - whereismymacandcheese -
Tomorrow is the final day for this #birthdayfrappuccino from #Starbucks . Get yours while supplies last! #vscocam #foodoofus #dessert #frappuccino
frappuccino - starbucks - dessert - foodoofus - vscocam - birthdayfrappuccino -
_cfooddiet : What's it taste like??
foodoofus : Almost forgot to thank IG buddy @hjlee116 for the heads up!
foodoofus : @_cfooddiet the whip would be better if its strawberry instead of raspberry infused with light flavor. The base is definitely birthday cake an ode and original secret menu flavor
kianahogel : @foodoofus I wanted to try this! Is it worth it?😼
foodoofus : @kianahogel if you haven't tried this flavor and don't mind Raspberry notes. Hope you snagged one yesterday for it was the last day of promo 😦
kianahogel : @foodoofus tried it today!!! It was really sweet :(
foodoofus : @kianahogel your barista must've had a crush on you because mine wasn't that sweet... Unless I'm on the sweeter spectrum of taste πŸ˜‹
stephenite : Hey!
jcs_t - erictricityyy - ronango15 - annyooong -
The following orders (L-R) are: Snickerdoodle & Coconut Almond Cookies in 1606 Flavor Ice Cream, Cinnamon Toast Ice Cream Cup, and Peanut Butter S'mores Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich
foodoofus - vscocam - icecream - dessert - foodporn -
foodoofus : #foodoofus #foodporn #icecream #vscocam #dessert
fortheloveoficecream : 😒
stratoholic : Too much sugar dude
foodoofus : @fortheloveoficecream next time you're up here 😁
foodoofus : @stratoholic didn't eat that much lol
nouf_hakbani : @faisalquraishi
enticinglyrich - ksfoodventures - el_panda_con_sueno - stratoholic -
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