Sunday Morning= Laundry, #luckypeach articles, and a new #snackries entry: #starburst gummi bursts. Think classic starburst flavor a with a bit of #gushers like gel in the middle. #foodoofus #foodporn #snacks #candy #vscocam
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valcohol : Omg, I love that magazine!
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Just heard about this option: "The Double Barrel Top Dog." Blasting w/flavor like a shotgun. Added a side of Salt and Vinegar #lays . #foodoofus #foodporn #hotdog #topdog #vscocam #pause
pause - lays - foodporn - foodoofus - topdog - vscocam - hotdog -
oishiimoments : πŸ‘
oishiimoments : How'd you love? : @cookieguide <3 wow
foodoofus : @oishiimoments definitely love it plenty. Bay Area staple if you will 😁
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The Heifer and the Sow #foodoofus #foodporn #brunch #vscocam
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rockricebowl : How was it?
foodoofus : @rockricebowl Paul it was salty (the chips) and the meat was a bit more dry then I prefer. I make a fair amount of burgers on my off time so my critique might be a little harsh
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Gerald's Pudding
foodoofus - brunch - vscocam - foodporn -
foodoofus : #foodoofus #foodporn #brunch #vscocam
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This is #McDonalds #limitededition #strawberry & #creme #pie . Slight crunch in crust, the filling is semi tart, and strawberry reminds me of smuckers jam. Any thoughts? #foodporn #foodoofus #dessert #snackries #fastfood
snackries - fastfood - foodporn - foodoofus - pie - strawberry - creme - dessert - mcdonalds - vscocam - limitededition -
foodoofus : #vscocam
hjlee116 : Mmm better than their apple??
foodoofus : @hjlee116 much better, but then again it's my bias since I never liked their apple pie to begin with πŸ˜‹
trisha_l : Agree that the apple pie is shit
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Left: Pear Salad (w/ Salmon Substitute instead of Chicken), Right: Medium Rare Ribeye w/ Sides, & Center: Ribeye Open Face Sandwich w/ Fries
sandwich - foodporn - steak - foodoofus - vscocam - fries -
foodoofus : #foodoofus #foodporn #steak #fries #vscocam #sandwich
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The Evil Cousin IPA
foodoofus - beer - vscocam - beerporn -
foodoofus : #foodoofus #beerporn #beer #vscocam
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So typically I don't usually like following hipster trends but after #buzzfeed piqued my curiosity with this #mammothcoffee consisting of #coconutoil, #grassfedbutter, and #coffee . I might hop on this bandwagon for a little bit...
mammothcoffee - grassfedbutter - coffee - vscocam - foodoofus - wholefoods - buzzfeed - coconutoil -
foodoofus : #foodoofus #vscocam
rdor5 : Is this at all whole foods?
foodoofus : @rdor5 I haven't tested that theory but I guess it hurts not to research that briefly and share with you all I'll update in a some hours...
foodoofus : Verified by the homie @rdor5 it should be available at most participating #wholefoods within California. I cannot speak for the rest of the country sadly πŸ˜•
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Finally had this flavor of #lays potato #chips : #bacon #macandcheese. Surprisingly pretty good, not too salty, although the lack of BACON-y flavor might be disappointing to some
snackries - foodporn - foodoofus - bacon - lays - macandcheese - vscocam - chips -
sharonjf : Thank you :)
zeesshhh : Lol @agha_mohammed_hassan93 chutiya lays k saat ab bacon b dere
agha_mohammed_hassan93 : Thuu galeeez iski amaki chut! @zeesshhh
toni91188 : @_megg_ann1 YOUVE HAD THEM
_megg_ann1 : @toni91188 no I don't know where they sell them
toni91188 : @_megg_ann1 we need themmmmm
superheemanism : @minafulness μ–΄λ©” λ‚˜ 이걸 μ§€κΈˆλ΄€λ„€! κΆκΈˆν•˜λ‹€!
foodoofus : #foodoofus #foodporn #vscocam #snackries
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Tomorrow is the final day for this #birthdayfrappuccino from #Starbucks . Get yours while supplies last! #vscocam #foodoofus #dessert #frappuccino
frappuccino - starbucks - dessert - foodoofus - vscocam - birthdayfrappuccino -
_cfooddiet : What's it taste like??
foodoofus : Almost forgot to thank IG buddy @hjlee116 for the heads up!
foodoofus : @_cfooddiet the whip would be better if its strawberry instead of raspberry infused with light flavor. The base is definitely birthday cake an ode and original secret menu flavor
kianahogel : @foodoofus I wanted to try this! Is it worth it?😼
foodoofus : @kianahogel if you haven't tried this flavor and don't mind Raspberry notes. Hope you snagged one yesterday for it was the last day of promo 😦
kianahogel : @foodoofus tried it today!!! It was really sweet :(
foodoofus : @kianahogel your barista must've had a crush on you because mine wasn't that sweet... Unless I'm on the sweeter spectrum of taste πŸ˜‹
stephenite : Hey!
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The following orders (L-R) are: Snickerdoodle & Coconut Almond Cookies in 1606 Flavor Ice Cream, Cinnamon Toast Ice Cream Cup, and Peanut Butter S'mores Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich
foodoofus - vscocam - icecream - dessert - foodporn -
foodoofus : #foodoofus #foodporn #icecream #vscocam #dessert
fortheloveoficecream : 😒
stratoholic : Too much sugar dude
foodoofus : @fortheloveoficecream next time you're up here 😁
foodoofus : @stratoholic didn't eat that much lol
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Today having #cinnaholic 's custom cream cheese cinnamon roll topped with their own #cookiedough. Pretty good given they were made a day or two ago. Featured on #sharktank
foodporn - foodoofus - dairyfree - cinnaholic - vegan - ucberkeley - cookiedough - gluttenfree - sharktank - vscocam -
aileenismean : I love cinnaholic
authenticallyjazz : πŸ˜‘
karora007 : Nice
foodoofus : @aileenismean yeah I was skeptical but they weren't bad
foodoofus : @authenticallyjazz it's a bit on the sweeter side but if you don't mind we can go back for round two πŸ˜™
foodoofus : @karora007 no doubt
ameliaglasgow_ : @veritys
authenticallyjazz : I just want to try a little bit. ☺️
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So #711 has something that #steak (or in this case Carnivorous) lovers can get their fix on. #chips #foodoofus #snackries
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foodoofus : This was made for you @stratoholic
stratoholic : The prefer the real thing
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Hey everyone, we got another new post on our website. Check it out highlighting #Bottega in #Napa . Full article on:
bottega - foodporn - foodoofus - restaurant - journalism - napa - fftf - fortunefavorstheflavor -
foodoofus : #foodoofus #foodporn #restaurant #journalism #fftf #fortunefavorstheflavor
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Tried a #flatwhite from here, quite similar to what I have at Farley's East back in Oakland. Going to compare the rest of them whenever I encounter said option. #cafe #coffee #espresso #foodoofus #latteart
flatwhite - coffee - latteart - foodoofus - cafe - espresso -
choiceratops : Starbucks have a flat white too haha.
foodoofus : @choiceratops I know, I made the drink recently and wasn't too crazy about it 😞
chrisandcambria - ksfoodventures - el_panda_con_sueno - jcs_t -
I loved this cereal as a kid. They introduced it in 1995, stopped producing it in 2006. Now in 2015 (in its 20th birthday) they bring it back for this new generation. Hopefully it'll be for good, so get your box today (I got two)! #cereal #childhood #nostalgia #foodoofus
foodoofus - childhood - cereal - nostalgia -
infms : @jacylou
trisha_l : Ooh!
_creamoffice : I need this!! To make into ice cream, naturally πŸ˜„
dtongky : Im about to go hunt this down
foodoofus : @butterflyfullofflava you bet
foodoofus : @_creamoffice go for it! Looking forward to seeing the results.
ambitiousflower1 : It's been so long since I tasted this.
foodoofus : @dtongky any Safeway should carry it good sir. If you still can't find it (which I doubt) I can get you some.
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Happy New Years to everyone, who has supported #foodoofus for these past three years. This is how I spent ringing it in, with that said. We look forward to bringing more news, restaurants, and stories about various communities across the globe. Cheers and always remember, fortune favors the flavor! #happynewyear #restaurant #journalism #wine #greentea
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_creamoffice : Happy new years!
choiceratops : Happy new year!
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The #foodoofus Team wishes everyone a Merry Christmas celebration this year. To serve that nostalgia these #traderjoes #shortbread #wreath #cookies is one of many treats this season making your celebration sweeter.
foodoofus - cookies - wreath - shortbread - traderjoes -
sharonjf : I got a gift card for my birthday, I'll look for these..
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After a long day of work I had to see what our Assoc. Editor @dtongky got me for #Christmas . Sure enough it's one of my favorites, Wakatake Daiginjo Onikoroshi Sake. Thanks I really needed this.
sake - foodoofus - christmas - present -
foodoofus : #foodoofus #sake #present
evelynkt : @foodoofus Merry Christmas from me and @tomtsubota
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Hey there #foodoofus fam! Happy holidays! For missing out on Thanksgiving and already prepping for Christmas. I wanted to bring you and exciting opportunity to relax over the holidays! Check out for more info. Peace!
bayarea - losangeles - orangecounty - nyc - foodoofus - contest -
foodoofus : #bayarea #losangeles #orangecounty #nyc #contest
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Preview to a future Meticulous Mouthfuls article, my birthday experience at The Restaurant at Meadowood
foodoofus - journalism - finedining - restaurant -
foodoofus : #foodoofus #finedining #restaurant #journalism
hotdamnitsbam : Their 12 course is so good
thecookingapprentice : @foodoofus happy birthday!
foodoofus : @thecookingapprentice thanks Grace, I hope all is well for you!
foodoofus : @hotdamnitsbam it was a delightful through and through
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Quadruple #Oori Triangles: Top- Bottom: Spicy Shrimp, Crab, Grilled Salmon, and Unagi w/ a side of edamame.
oori - custom - onigiri - foodoofus -
foodoofus : #custom #onigiri #foodoofus
_creamoffice : 😍😍😍
bdsocali86 : Hey man, Happy birthday!
foodoofus : @_creamoffice give it a shot sometime πŸ˜„
foodoofus : @bdsocali86 thanks Brian!
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Sneak peek #1 to some #filming #behindthescenes work for next year on #foodoofus
1 - filming - foodoofus - behindthescenes -
missfoodaddict : Can u just hire me? LoL
xkitex : I'm the DP for this project and have to say looks fantastic! Video is going to be a great addition to FOODOOFUS!!!
foodoofus : @missfoodaddict if I could afford you on the payroll, why not? Lol
foodoofus : @xkitex thanks again for all the hard work and collaboration. Got a lot in the pipeline so can't wait!
ligegebeu : ☺️ @wang37
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My good friend's cookies are back and this time around he made fresh Danish Butter Cookies. Cheers!
danish - cookies - foodoofus - homemade - foodporn -
foodoofus : #foodporn #homemade #cookies #danish #foodoofus
francicakes : Yum!
evelynkt : I want some!
foodoofus : @francicakes @evelynkt definitely worth a bite!
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FINALLY! We're back! Just finished our NYC series with the renewed classic French destination: #lebernardin. Share and subscribe to us via Wordpress and all other social media outlets. Your support is always appreciated!
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foodoofus : #foodoofus #foodporn #journalism #michelin #finedining #seafood #restaurant #nyc
foodoofus : Full article on
_dru_ : πŸ‘
foodoofus : @_dru_ much thanks πŸ˜„
foodoofus : #ontheblog
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In addition to my #foodoofus articles this is the amount of reading material I have to catch up on. Let the inspiration and grind work commence!
foodoofus -
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While working on a new issue for #foodoofus. We decided to have an intermission here. For my first taste I got a Small Double Scoop Creme Fraiche and Butterscotch w/ Homemade Waffle Cone.
foodoofus -
phmmah : Salty goodness that cone
foodoofus : @phmmah agreed and it's truly a waffle cone
ksfoodventures - el_panda_con_sueno - heladospolito -
Another edition of #foodoofus #snackries: Japanese imported Doritos: Brie & Pepper Flavored. Anyone had em? Share your thoughts!
snackries - foodoofus -
thuydles : Never had it but would love to get my hands on some!
foodoofus : @thuydles if you're in SF Nijiya Market has a limited stock of these available so call in advance before making the trek 😁
oishiimoments : I had, I didn't care for it much! What do you think?
foodoofus : @oishiimoments the 'brie flavor' didn't come out as much as one would hope for. But I'm glad they were lax on the pepper-rosemary seasoning.
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Brand new issue of #foodoofus : NYC Return Issue, part 1 showcasing many businesses (will reference them at a later time). Share, like, & subscribe via Wordpress when you can it'll help us a lot. Full article available at:
foodblog - ontheblog - restaurant - foodoofus - vscocam - journalism - blogging -
foodoofus : #foodblog #blogging #ontheblog #vscocam #restaurant #journalism
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Fettucine Al Pesto
foodoofus - vscocam - foodporn - fettuccine - italian -
adayinthebite : This is making me hungry! πŸ‘
dudezomgsteph : I can't believe that you were in Hayward!! So close to me :(
foodoofus : @adayinthebite glad I'm doing my job for once πŸ˜„
foodoofus : @dudezomgsteph hit me up, don't know when you're busy with your BF. So next time we can hang, it's been ages 😁
foodoofus : #foodoofus #italian #foodporn #fettuccine #vscocam
adayinthebite : So tasty....
sophiesfoodventure - queen_than - chef.sir - petitesgourmandises_ -
Lasagne Ferrarese
oishi - lasagna - foodporn - foodoofus - vscocam - italian -
foodoofus : @oishiimoments this is more #oishi than fancy if anything. Maybe it can be a x-post to your IG πŸ˜‰
vubear_714 : Wow
thuydles : Which pasta dish did you enjoy more?
adayinthebite : Looks delicious! πŸ‘
foodoofus : @vubear_714 glad you like it.
foodoofus : @thuydles the second one
foodoofus : @adayinthebite thanks Alexis πŸ˜„πŸ‘
foodoofus : #foodoofus #italian #lasagna #foodporn #vscocam
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Pinot Noir, Mark West & Two Ice Water Challenges.
foodoofus - wineporn - pinotnoir - wine -
missfoodaddict : I need all three to drink right now!
foodoofus : @missfoodaddict no kidding πŸ˜„
foodoofus : #foodoofus #wine #wineporn #pinotnoir
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This is the full platter included w/ hot links, ribs, & sides: cornbread, mac and cheese, zucchini, and portebello mushrooms.
foodoofus - vscocam - bbq - foodporn -
da_mendozaline : that joynt is on hit @foodoofus
raychatter : Where is this from?
cheapskate2009 : @raychatter I think it's from Gorilla BBQ in Pacifica, tagged in post one earlier.
phantomcruiser13 : @jivingvixie
foodoofus : @raychatter exactly what @cheapskate2009 referenced to πŸ˜πŸ‘
foodoofus : #foodoofus #bbq #foodporn #vscocam
gour_may - da_mendozaline - torriscla - eatnomiku -
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