This is my budget fpv camera of choice. It's 600tvl from surveillance zone and it's only 30$. #flitetest #fpv #drone #dronestagram #tbrc #dji
flitetest - dji - dronestagram - tbrc - fpv - drone -
claerialphotography - orelcrispel - j__0__h__0 - bbwwoobbyy -
#12 just before she was lost. A week later I was out flying #13 and a neighbor said he had found #12 in his yard. All other planes will have my phone number on them! #FTVersa #flitetest
13 - 12 - ftversa - flitetest -
odoyle84 - jaimeandresrangel - sonicorbstudios - racerxdl -
I saw one of these flying at #flitefest let's see if my #flitetest building skills are up to it
flitefest - flitetest -
flashgangster - redrob69 - rc_fly14 -
@flitetest When do we get this mini cargo plane #flitetest #ultramicroftcargo #ultramicro #rcplanes #rc #flitestminiseries
ultramicro - flitetest - flitestminiseries - rc - ultramicroftcargo - rcplanes -
andyjuice22 - marugarridoo - moongijang - rc_uk -
My hobby king package came!!!!!!!
flitetest -
choyboy_sqeakytoy : Cool
maxhockey33 : What are you making
the_rc_lizard : @maxhockey33 fpv flying wing
the_rc_lizard : #flitetest
reggitstlaw - applepro335 - lowlowm - __luk3_ -
Had too much fun doing some crazy manouvers to my latetst and finally ready to post on a article #RST1speed aka epic modified old fogey from the europe meet up! #flitetest #raphinoaviation #trainer
rst1speed - trainer - flitetest - raphinoaviation -
raphinoaviation : Repairing Fuselage or rebuild it, thats the questionπŸ˜„
calvinwongggg : Nothing hot glue and some tape can't fix!
redrob69 : Nice πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
damienpatrick : Nice
danielkorsten - calvinwongggg - dan_ben - finn3_0 -
50% FT Storch ready for maiden flight. #flitetest #ftafterhours #diyfoamplane
ftafterhours - flitetest - diyfoamplane -
calvinwongggg : Looks good
redrob69 : Nice πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
the_rc_lizard - reggitstlaw - redrob69 - calvinwongggg -
Did a bit of work on the trusty VersaWing. Added an APM and switched from Spektrum to EZUHF (JR module in a 9XR). So far a few batts of LOS flying and a little tweaking is showing this could be quite a beast. AUW with a 4s 4000mAh batt is a smidge over 1600g. I've had to add about 150g to the nose to sort CG. I'd be interested in seeing PIDs anyone is running. #flitetest #versawing #arduplane #ezuhf
flitetest - ezuhf - versawing - arduplane -
the_rc_lizard - reggitstlaw - michaelroeske - rc_fly14 -
Off to #makerfaire #newyork.... #flitetest
newyork - makerfaire - flitetest -
adam__dube : Cant wait for the water bomber clone mash up im going to modify mine into a 415
nikcessnam : @zvada The foam board plane on the far right looks like a beechcraft starship..... Pretty awesome!
matthew_m_7 : Are u guys going to maker faire toronto
cha_bra_22 : Already saw it @dan_mcq_14
officiallygagliano : If you guys are coming by NorthEast pa, stop in by Quakertown, and you can fly at Buc-Le. It's a local club and it has a 1000 foot runway. We would love to see you there. @zvada @ftafterhours @flitetestjb @flitetest
ryanzimm33 : Looks like we got a sneak peek of some new planesπŸ˜€
_douglas_mattos_ : When will the mini cargo come out? @zvada
toby_barry_21 : Ok thanks @romialmeda
nysci - christopher_sawyer - nicksurina - honda_kiler -
The hammerdown whip. Too fast go crash #deathsled #fpv #flitetest #quadcopter #miniquad
quadcopter - miniquad - fpv - deathsled - flitetest -
ricciandrew : Wow the props aren't broken in this pic, that's surprising
domthesnowbum : @koby__b this is the future of racing
koby__b : What the hell is that haha
bobby_torres : πŸ‘
the_rc_lizard - reggitstlaw - jearistizabal - arlandw -
A little bit of an elaborate setup just to carry a gopro but it does look coolπŸ‘πŸ˜Ž #Fpv #flitetest #drones #tbrc #nefpv #fatshark #immersionrc #dronestagram #dji #readymaderc #blacksheep #droneporn #nafpv2014 #hobbyking
nefpv - flitetest - fatshark - blacksheep - readymaderc - hobbyking - fpv - droneporn - drones - dji - dronestagram - immersionrc - nafpv2014 - tbrc -
milnegeordie : JUST A GOPRO!! But that GOPRO is level 4000!!!
shawnelliottluxuryrealestate : nicee
drewhytt : Too bad it's a tarot gimbal :(
dronevideos : Wow!
renomaen : Lookes nice. May I know what the flighttime is and some specs?
redrob69 : Lol @milnegeordie
redrob69 : @renomaen I'm not sure on the specs I snapped this picture at an fpv meet.
renomaen : Ok thanks
reggitstlaw - racerxdl - the5thconcept - cgmaxa -
Hobbyking guys talking with Willie Nelson. Lol j/k but that guy looks just like himπŸ˜€ #Fpv #flitetest #drones #tbrc #nefpv #fatshark #immersionrc #dronestagram #dji #readymaderc #blacksheep #droneporn #nafpv2014 #hobbyking
nefpv - flitetest - fatshark - blacksheep - readymaderc - hobbyking - fpv - droneporn - drones - dji - dronestagram - immersionrc - nafpv2014 - tbrc -
mizzster_d : Lol he really does look a like
aerialographer : Superb!
libbyscotty - arlandw - dronevideos - all_things_rc2 -
Sorry, I couldn't wait to maiden fly.
flitetest -
autumnandsea : 😍
erich__h : Ft 3D old sporter #flitetest
autumnandsea - gus3802 - jessynt - michelle24romero -
One last flight of #13 for the night. #FTVersa #flitetest
13 - flitetest - ftversa -
redrob69 : I find it so hard to launch lol
flashgangster : @redrob69 my first two tosses of the day always suck! After that, I'm good. I always launch full throttle and just kind of guide it more than throw it. Either way it's rough! LOL
mizzster_d - plane_alwesome - robsbenson_productions - hfisselier -
Digam o que disseram eu adoro isto #drone #flying #camera #umaviaoquevoltaacasasozinho?!?! #versa #flitetest
flitetest - versa - camera - flying - umaviaoquevoltaacasasozinho - drone -
andremartins04 - lena_rosenrot - rafael.c.97 - m_marianaaaa -
A new FDC NOTAM/TFR has been issued for the greater New York, NY and Newark, NJ metropolitan area beginning at 11:30a on Tuesday, 9/23 and continuing until 3:00p EDT Thursday, 9/25. The TFR is issued for security purposes to cover VIP movement related to the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly. Outdoor radio control model aircraft operations are prohibited within the lateral limits of the New York Class B airspace for the specific times listed below. Timely alerts are also available on the web or on your cell phone at: #modelaircraft #rcplane #drone #quadcopter #tricopter #flitetest #multirotor
quadcopter - flitetest - modelaircraft - rcplane - multirotor - tricopter - drone -
robsbenson_productions - trueduke - __got2havefaith__ - alexandre_showartluminosos -
I took drastic measures to balance #13. She flies really well so far. #FTVersa #flitetest
13 - flitetest - ftversa -
redrob69 : Looks good πŸ‘ what did you use for a motor mount?
flashgangster : It's a galvanized L bracket from Home Depot. I'll get some close-ups of how I did it. Basically there's three layers of foam in the back now. @redrob69
redrob69 : That's good and light weight then, good ideaπŸ‘
zvada - robsbenson_productions - sam.hastings - furryjock -
Silver ft duck racer #flitetest
flitetest -
pammque : Jaja el patito πŸ₯
zvada - raphinoaviation - __andres_ - esquizofrenia -
What could this be... #mobius #flitetest #multirotor #aerialphotography @zvada
flitetest - multirotor - mobius - aerialphotography -
platonmarko : @pakmanpp I just made this one today but I will see what happens, maybe :)
marblemadnez : Äre CAD eller? @platonmarko
platonmarko : @marblemadnez yes
marblemadnez : Haha kommer ha CAD-lektioner på gymnasiet snart. :D @platonmarko
platonmarko : hahaha trevligt @marblemadnez
dscrogginsproduction : movi gimbal
dronemanfilms : not badd
platonmarko : @dronemanfilms :)
gaboo27 - oskarnygreen - kam_14 - aerialographer -
PosHOLD! #multirotor #multiwiipro #multiwii #quadcopter #drone #flitetest
quadcopter - flitetest - multiwiipro - multirotor - multiwii - drone -
droneoftheday : πŸ‘
dragon_drones : #instacool buddy!
le3dmax : @dragon_drones thanks!
zvada - thrust_uav - chazza.x - theghostdrone -
If I want to be back in the air soon I'll better fix these soon!#flitetest #dronelife #dronestagram #cuadcopter#multirotor#hobbyking#tricopter
dronelife - flitetest - cuadcopter - hobbyking - dronestagram - multirotor - tricopter -
dragon_drones : cool!
dronemanfilms : cool
dronebois - cole_pennington - dragon_drones - nichyneato -
Selfie with #multirotor. After hours tuning the PIDs, GPS Hold position is working perfect! #multiwii #multiwiipro #drone #quadcopter #flitetest
quadcopter - flitetest - multiwiipro - multirotor - multiwii - drone -
romialmeda - dragon_drones - shlemrc - __got2havefaith__ -
#fpv #multiwii #multiwiipro #quadcopter #drone #flitetest
quadcopter - flitetest - multiwiipro - multiwii - fpv - drone -
redrob69 - nichyneato - romialmeda - flyfotosweden -
This was my first multirotor 2 years ago. Boy have things changed.πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž #Fpv #flitetest #drones #tbrc #fatshark #immersionrc #dronestagram #dji #droneporn #rc
flitetest - fatshark - drones - droneporn - fpv - rc - dji - dronestagram - immersionrc - tbrc -
kood0o : Amazing!
bobby_torres : πŸ‘
ewqytruyt : Very nice
jimmacfx : It's been a little over a year for me too. One drowned phantom, about 10 built kits later, I'm still learning ;)
redrob69 : @neilmarek @jimmacfx can you guys imagine in another two years. I'm still waiting for better batteries. That's what we really need in this hobby.
neilmarek : Yea I agree on that, and some more affordable, higher def goggles and vtx's. Err just gotta cross our fingers that it won't be illegal then.
redrob69 : @neilmarek yes I hope so too. With all technology it will eventually get cheaper. Have you Tried the quanum glasses? for 30$ I like the quality. Someone should make a higher quality version of those.
neilmarek : I've seen those online but never in person. I'm more talking about HD goggles, with transmitters that well give you video that quality too. I know there are a few now, but they are bulky and expensive. But like everything else it will get smaller and cheaper.
raphinoaviation - aereo_films_valle - ultimatecranes - michaelaxelklose -
Look what I found. this fell out of the sky on a Sunday in early July. Motor flew off in flight and all I saw through the fpv goggles was a spinning world. Hours of searching never found it. Thought I would find it cutting grain and still didn't. It was under a former straw wind row. So it has been through two irrigations, missed the combine tires, and missed the baler pickup by an inch. And here it is rusty and straw covered. @ftafterhours #flitetest @blakesarahg @zvada
flitetest -
blakesarahg : Holy crap that is crazy!
blakesarahg : Was there a gopro on it?
zvada - redrob69 - raphinoaviation - smoss86 -
Drones drones drones #Fpv #flitetest #drones #tbrc #nefpv #fatshark #immersionrc #dronestagram #dji #readymaderc #blacksheep #droneporn #nafpv2014 #hobbyking
nefpv - flitetest - fatshark - blacksheep - readymaderc - hobbyking - fpv - droneporn - drones - dji - dronestagram - immersionrc - nafpv2014 - tbrc -
aerialographer : Cool!
fedgo : Great frame tell me the drone spec
gaboo27 : Is that the "Flip" frame from Ready to fly quads?
redrob69 : @fedgo @gaboo27 this isn't my quad but he told me he got the entire kit from rctimer one year ago. It's a little outdated but hey if it still works why not.
johnneumannfotografie - banuelosfreddy - sharkvspolarbear - senticapture -
Nose section complete ready to join the back wings to fuselage.. #fpv #foamcoreplane #flitetest
fpv - foamcoreplane - flitetest -
gr_vander : That nose looks really nice. reminds me of the folds in the ft viggen
schlank : @gr_vander thank you! The ft viggen is an awesome plane, I wanted to have its own feel that flows with the rest of the plane.. I started from scratch with the top part and cut/folded till i got a shape i was happy with..
adam__dube : Lookin good man!
eduardorios79 - simpsonnicholas - silas_123456 - adam__dube -
#ftstorch all prettied up. @ftafterhours @flitetest @flitetestjb #flitetest
turnigy - flitetest - ftstorch - 9x -
mamananavalerie : Very nice
thenated0g : Now just have to figure out flaps on my #turnigy #9x
raphinoaviation - jam1em - delandrcman - knoptop -
Cant wait to maiden it #flitetest
flitetest -
nagaminie0 : Did you get the weights for it
adrianresubal__ : @nagaminie0 yeah, i used some fishing weights
nagaminie0 : Cool
kevin.ryu - smileformesunshine - marthachav3z - kingasingazzzz -
Quick flight at the park. 3 bad crashes since.built and still flies like the first day. #ftf22 #flitetestf22 #flitetest #rctimes #rcland #rcplane #rcporn
flitetestf22 - rcland - flitetest - rcporn - rcplane - ftf22 - rctimes -
misfire_flores - boricua_love28 - gjenniffer - bachata4 -
#fpv #multiwii #multirotor #quadcopter #nyc #drone #flitetest
quadcopter - flitetest - nyc - multirotor - multiwii - fpv - drone -
ezequieltiago : Nossa lê e aí estragou muito?
droneoftheday : πŸ‘
alexandre_showartluminosos : Bela foto @le3dmax
le3dmax : @ezequieltiago Não, só tive que trocar 2 hélices. Mas isso acontece direto, to sempre concertando. Rsrs
dronemanfilms : ^^
alinegiovanini - dronemanfilms - davi__dantas - racerxdl -
#fpv #multiwii #multirotor #quadcopter #drone #flitetest
quadcopter - flitetest - multirotor - multiwii - fpv - drone -
brunodias3d : Cool
dronemanfilms : dope
robsbenson_productions - romialmeda - la_drones - alexandre_showartluminosos -
#fpv #multiwii #multirotor #quadcopter #drone #flitetest
quadcopter - flitetest - multirotor - multiwii - fpv - drone -
bobby_torres : πŸ‘
robsbenson_productions - romialmeda - shlemrc - dronelogics -
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