Another big crash with my mini250. Not sure what happened. It almost sounds like something came loose and rubbed into one of the props. #fpv #drone #drones #quad #multirotor #flitetest #rc #rcairplane
rcairplane - flitetest - drones - fpv - drone - rc - quad - multirotor -
rchelipiloteer : Damnn
platonmarko : Ouuch. May be an esc issue. Maybe timing.
mcflyalm : #ouch πŸ˜£πŸ˜“
epicjib : Or a powerline
chrisrooker : Wow! That was a bit of a snap roll
dontbeasellout : Definitely ESC related. What kind do you use?
dontbeasellout : @redrob69
o_dollarzeichen_i - mcflyalm - michaelaxelklose - abady_j -
Congratulations to my friend luca for learning to fly @gricia123 #goturwings #flitetest
flitetest - goturwings -
talec_kuo - wasimghoor - gricia123 - -
Carbon Fiber is so sexy. Thanks again @casualtillin #zmr250 #miniquad #flitetest
miniquad - zmr250 - flitetest -
casualtillin : Oooooo girl.
casualtillin - cjberk031 - mauricio_e - anonomouspuncake -
#flitetest #ufo - unidentified flying O...
flitetest - ufo - youtube - planes - anularwing - radiocontrol - rc - aviation - airplane -
lil_king1115 : Make a episode about that
thenated0g : How come you didnt fly your blackout thru that !!!
shirillz_731 : Awesome!!!
skt73 : @zvada is that some made Peter machine? Def fly a mini through it. You won't.... πŸ˜‰
nic_the_mantaray : Do a review or something on it! XD and do competitions where you fly thru the loop!
gaboo27 : Sooooffft
lizardboy3 : When are the monster plane plans out plz plz plz πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
redrob69 : Lol wow
unfapableololo - timo_martens - timdavin - ryanzimm33 -
#15 (behind #17) is still too damn fast to fly out back, #16 needs a servo and vertical stabilizer replaced, and the expanding foam is drying on #17. I guess no flying today. #flitetest #rcplane #scratchbuild
13 - flitetest - 15 - 17 - 16 - 18 - rcplane - scratchbuild -
redrob69 : You need to do a how build a flashgangster flying wing. You have a lot of cool mods on these thingsπŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
skt73 : @redrob69 @flashgangster Agreed. Especially the expanding foam. Do you not do blunt versions?
redrob69 : I do but I'm finding it too windy to fly versas where I live and I'm trying new airframes.
redrob69 : @skt73
flashgangster : Okay, I'll do a build video when I do #18 :) I've built a couple of blunt-nosed Versas in the past. I think now that I'm comfy with most of my building techniques, I may build a BNV soon. I have the electronics for it already. I want to get into long-range FPV and the blunt nose will be my plane of choice. @skt73 @redrob69
flashgangster : @redrob69 it's pretty windy most of the time here in North Texas. A nice taped, heavy versa does great in the wind. #13 was almost 5lbs all up and was like a freight train in the wind.
plane_alsome - nickwillard37 - eng_m_fl - coledecoster -
A good old fashioned Let's Fly! Good to see the guys on some more flying adventures. #flitetest @zvada @flitetestjb @flitetest
flitetest -
zips013 : Can't wait to see this episode!! Glad David got to come visit for a short time!
thenated0g : Is that the new site you were checking out for flitefest?
austinfurey : @thenated0g Yes sir
zips013 : @austinfurey Did David bring his new Tri-Copter V3? Can't wait to see it in action. Definitely hope FT Reviews it!
jenlynnbixler : Love the new boom mic guy;)
austinfurey : @jenlynnbixler He's a pro! πŸ˜‰
lil_king1115 : It is the ufo Alex posted about
redrob69 : David came back with a beard πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
willtpalexander - dingstabums - baconlord251 - michalonex -
@samfigs Tosses the noob tube and it handles the wind like a champ πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž the wind was so strong the plane went backwards. Fun little plane. #rc #rcairplane #flitetest #scratchbuild #scratchbuilt
rcairplane - scratchbuild - flitetest - scratchbuilt - rc -
aereo_films_valle : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
maxx4wd : πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
samfigs : Now thats a whollop πŸ˜„βœˆοΈπŸ‘
granvlog : Awesome. Look at my #autumn video. Link in bio. Thats a big plane! Over 4 meters long wings :D
rulrc : Thats cool
redrob69 : @granvlog awesome dude! Subbed!
granvlog : Hehe tnx :D
amen005 - titan_robotics - rc_fly14 - fpvqtr -
Tossing an old #foamie before it goes to the recycling bin. #flitetest #ftduster #scratchbuild @ian_m__30
ftduster - scratchbuild - flitetest - foamie -
dfwrecycler : Don't you have a job? @flashgangster
flashgangster : I do, @dfwrecycler . This was yesterday :)
timm__bo - allensunnyd - anonomouspuncake - ian_m__30 -
@flygartant is flying her Y6 fpv, and a friend is using his fpv goggles to get a ride on it to. πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘ #y6 #scorpion #multicopter #hallstamfk #650 #gopro #hero3black #fpv #västerås #hobbyking #fatshark #attitudesd #boscam #skyzone
hero3black - boscam - scorpion - fatshark - vΓ€sterΓ₯s - flitetest - hallstamfk - skyzone - fpv - 650 - gopro - hobbyking - attitudesd - multicopter - y6 -
saabsson : Det sägs vara en härlig upplevelse att flyga med sådana glasögon!
finntrollets : @saabsson ja det är skitfränt. Får visa någon gång.
saabsson : Ja Tack:-)
justincass1d3nt0 : @finntrollets what's up? I really want to get into fpv but I don't know where to start can you help me?
finntrollets : @justincass1d3nt0 easiest way is to go over to great community. β˜ΊπŸ‘ #flitetest i just have a pair of Fatshark Attitude goggles, camera and a quad.. Or a plane. ☺
justincass1d3nt0 : We'll my question was. If you could help me find parts because I don't know how to find the parts needed, I am trying to find a plane that is long range for a price between 20$-1000$
justincass1d3nt0 : I understand if you can't do it
finntrollets : Then my answer is..... hehe all you need is there, but what plane and other bits you have to decide. I'm happy with my small setup. πŸ‘β˜Ί
demonica0 - originalmercer - hobbies3sixty - tonycarlsson -
Snapped a quick pick of this war bird that belongs to @sal__electro sweet bird πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž #rc #rcairplane #flitetest #warbirds
rcairplane - flitetest - warbirds - rc -
simpsonnicholas - ronny.schneider - _eljot - justinbrower -
Fun & wild! #fpv #fpv250 #flitetest #multicopter #Multiwii #diy #Drone #Gopro #spain #badajó
badajΓ³ - flitetest - multiwii - fpv250 - multicopter - gopro - fpv - diy - drone - spain -
jessicaclarice_ : Yeah @davenwilson
dealershipdronie : Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
kuwaitcode : ist for sale😊
droniroma - dwgopros - anapolatto - rylandunn1201 -
#goprohero4 #flitetest
flitetest - goprohero4 -
theaccessorypro : SWEET one!
j__0__h__0 : Is that David
mikey_tell : @j__0__h__0 indeed it is!
j__0__h__0 : Where is this
annatultz : OMG so jealous
zvada - thenated0g - 007deering - j_marquardt -
Foam board is showing its age. Having to repair more and more often. So figured since i had it on the bench i would add some more stabilizers. See what happens. Also went to 9x6 prop. #flitetest #versawing
versawing - flitetest -
gregggalyean - marygrammy1 - odoyle84 - supakpow -
Finally organized it to fit into my backpack. #fpv #flitetest
fpv - flitetest -
redrob69 : Nice πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
thenated0g : Not pictured: backpacking tripod chair.
flashgangster - elizabethaknight - marygrammy1 - hihibribri -
Delta wing maiden flights
scratchbuilt - fatshark - lipo - maidenflight - brushless - scratchbuild - deltawing - rcairplane - flitetest - headsuphobby - turnigy - gopro - fpv - mobius - rc - hobbyking - immersionrc - wingspan -
rcwinz : #scratchbuilt #scratchbuild #fpv #deltawing #rc #rcairplane #flitetest #brushless #turnigy #wingspan #fpv #gopro #hobbyking #lipo #mobius #maidenflight #immersionrc #fatshark #headsuphobby
aerialographer : Wow!
adam__dube - redrob69 - copter_fx - j_effect -
#flitetest P51
flitetest -
redrob69 - calvinwongggg - anonomouspuncake -
Battery space. It's a little further back because I'm thinking this may be my first #FPV bird. #flitetest #FTVersa
fpv - ftversa - flitetest -
calvinwongggg : You're getting real good at making versa's man, nice job 😁
flashgangster : Thanks @calvinwongggg !
romi.almeda - o_dollarzeichen_i - sam.hastings - nichyneato -
#flitetest #tricopter
flitetest - tricopter -
flashgangster - andreaisaco - nismeca - esquizofrenia -
Details of the #FTVersa notch. #flitetest #FlyingWing #rcplane #scratchbuild
flyingwing - flitetest - scratchbuild - rcplane - ftversa -
orw_jared : @justintime556
redrob69 : Do you put some int here too?
imperialcapital_ai - aeromodelismoonline - hassan26 - racerxdl -
Chasing RC planes on a lazy Sunday πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž#fpv #quad #multirotor #mini250 #drone #drones #dji #phantom #rcairplane #flitetest
phantom - rcairplane - flitetest - fpv - mini250 - drone - drones - dji - quad - multirotor -
dealershipdronie : Love it!
theaerialproject - aereo_films_valle - maxx4wd - remmaandpa -
First scratchbuilt wing - 30" delta
scratchbuilt - fatshark - lipo - flysky - maidenflight - brushless - scratchbuild - deltawing - rcairplane - flitetest - turnigy - gopro - fpv - mobius - rc - hobbyking - immersionrc - wingspan -
rcwinz : #scratchbuilt #scratchbuild #fpv #flysky #deltawing #rc #rcairplane #flitetest #brushless #turnigy #wingspan #fpv #gopro #hobbyking #lipo #mobius #maidenflight #immersionrc #fatshark
jeffjs : Very cool man is that from a plan?
aerialographer : Love it!
rcwinz : @jeffjs Thanks, I got the plans from ProjectFlightDesign on youtube. I'll try to post a flight video
thenated0g - liam.myers - saeed_alshehhi - thesirensproject -
@flitetestjb #ftstorch #flitetest #streamercombat
streamercombat - ftstorch - flitetest -
tfrencel : Cool craft.
flashgangster - tfrencel - pj.tolias - sl_kouretsos -
#17 coming along #flitetest #FlyingWing #FTVersa #scratchbuild
flyingwing - flitetest - scratchbuild - 17 - ftversa -
thepatweir : This thing is rad dude
flashgangster : Thanks @thepatweir !
crazyrevo : I like the FT Grimlin on it. Nice touch.
zvada - o_dollarzeichen_i - calvinwongggg - rgarloff -
Because it's like an everyday thing now, I probably won't post any more videos of my awesome catch landing skills haha! Guest AweYeah by @ian_m__30 #flitetest #FlyingWing #FTVersa #SpotLanding
flyingwing - flitetest - spotlanding - ftversa -
le3dmax : Cool!πŸ‘
erich__h - ian_m__30 - calvinwongggg - anonomouspuncake -
#hotglued a 1/4 20 adapter (standard camera tripod) onto my #quanum #fpv goggles. Now I can just mount it on my antenna pole an anybody can watch me fly. #flitetest
hotglued - quanum - fpv - flitetest -
supakpow - marygrammy1 - jackbeutler - aerialographer -
Indoor #flying season started! #flitetest #eflite #umx #spacewalker #AS3Xtra #spektrum #frsky #taranis
eflite - flitetest - spektrum - spacewalker - frsky - flying - umx - as3xtra - taranis -
redrob69 - aerial_master - hobbies3sixty - theundercoverboss -
Lookie what's on the bench :) #17 #flitetest #FlyingWing #FTVersa
flyingwing - flitetest - ftversa - 17 -
pictker : check @VinesBeLike
rcwinz - adam__dube - allensunnyd - mrsflashgangster -
The noob tube from experimental airlines is ready for flight. This is my first 4 channel airplane. Rudder baby!!!! #flitetest #rc #rcairplane #scratchbuild #scratchbuilt #fpv
rcairplane - flitetest - rc - scratchbuilt - scratchbuild - fpv -
jeffjs : Looks like fun any landing gear?
redrob69 : @jeffjs I don't have any so I think I'm going to snap that prop quick
nickwillard37 : Definitely start practicing coordinated turns with that rudder!
nikcessnam : Could you install a power pod to this Airframe ?
redrob69 : Yah no prob, I just flew it great plane πŸ‘
ltheerik - migoranca - calvinwongggg - aerialographer -
#treesurfing #flitetest #versawing #fpv #gopro
gopro - flitetest - treesurfing - flitefest - versawing - fpv -
supakpow : Great video! Looks like you really went out a good distance
skt73 : Sweet. What's the airframe?
thenated0g : @skt73 #flitefest versa wing with blunt nose mod. Like 46" wimgspan. Foam board
thenated0g : @skt73 the red wing in my feed.
flashgangster - droniroma - marcisbeutler - supakpow -
Seriously though, that was close. Scared me a little lol. #flitetest #versawing #fpv #gopro #topgun
gopro - versawing - topgun - fpv - flitetest -
supakpow : Love the Top Gun soundtrack. Hahaha
thenated0g : @supakpow lol it was exactly how long i needed. No edits
flashgangster - marygrammy1 - droniroma - supakpow -
Just a preview of what's to come. The base is quiet, so volume up! #flitetest #gopro #TeamCirrusFPV
gopro - flitetest - teamcirrusfpv -
ezysteve : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
sharan_kang : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
collindahuman : Romi this is too awesome!
_patrick_yeung : πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
fab.fatimaa : Your editing skills winning man
aniwantsadonut : Your Instagram makes me feel like I'm not achieving anything in life. You're too cool.
romi.almeda : Thanks! @fab.fatimaa
romi.almeda : Trust me, you're a pretty cool person! @aniwantsadonut
ashhleebee - kenzietobin19 - melizabeths4 - wieland_w -
Workbench is starting to look like an episode of #mythbusters. Testing different glues on #coroplast in various positions for my next #flitetest #versawing. So far im leaning towards #hotglue or #contactcement.
flitetest - coroplast - versawing - contactcement - mythbusters - hotglue -
thenated0g : After i find the top 2 i will do the test over with some surface prep to see which one is the winner. Sanding, holes, and flames.
thenated0g : Scratch that. Contact cement is super easy to pull apart. Now its a race between hotglue and gorilla glue.
flashgangster : I've thought about Gorilla glue. It seems a lot of non-dollar tree foam builders love it. Are you about to build a coroplast Versa?
thenated0g : @flashgangster yeah. I think it will take a beating much better. And if it weighs a ton that just means i get to order a bigger motor :)
jam1em - elizabethaknight - marygrammy1 - mamananavalerie -
Oh you know, just catching it on the regular now :) #flitetest #FTVersa #FlyingWing #scratchbuild #rcplane #SpotLanding
flyingwing - flitetest - rcplane - spotlanding - scratchbuild - ftversa -
neilmarek : What what!
llfritzll - moh1997moh - o_dollarzeichen_i - harryloughnan -
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