What a plane #rc #bixler #flitetest #fatshark #fpv
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I took out both my receiver and my kk2 hardcase out of the cases to save some weight. I hot glued both of the to a sheet of 10mm epp for vibration isolation. #drone #flitetest #fpv #fun #hobbyking #quadcopter #rcflying #rc #uav #flightcontroller #kk2 #orangerx
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Finally! Tricopter has landed. #rcexplorer #tricopter #spektrum #dx6 #fpv #immersionrc #fatshark #flitetest #ezuhf #naza #kk2.1
ezuhf - flitetest - spektrum - dx6 - fatshark - tricopter - kk2 - fpv - naza - rcexplorer - immersionrc -
crazyrevo : Thinking of ordering one too. Looks to be a cool Tri.
mannyenc : Nice! Wonder how that flies
kiwikenton : hopefully like a dream! Ever flown a tri? @mannyenc
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Flitetest Fieseler Storch, almost complete. More work than I expected to build it. #flitetest #rcplane #spektrum #hobbyking
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Mid air collision + uncased GoPro + concrete road #fpv #GoPro #flitetest
gopro - fpv - flitetest -
corsair2014 : +friend who constitutes high insurance
b_harrell7 : Nice! Did you take this pic with your GoPro?... Oh wait
lee.morris.42 : Too soon bro...
taylor.brenner : This is so sad...I can't even like it πŸ˜•
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How lucky am I... The esc decided to stop working and I crashed inbetween a row of trees. Best crash landing ever lolπŸ‘πŸ˜Ž #rc #rcairplane #flight #flitetest #scratchbuild #scratchbuilt
rcairplane - flitetest - flight - rc - scratchbuilt - scratchbuild -
01viper27 : @redrob69. That's it. I am donating a 30a Plush ESC to your cause.
ecpanek : Just answered my own question by looking at older pics, nice! Deff need to get an ESC it there that doesn't fail!
redrob69 : It was a rctimer 30amp, it would turn off when it felt like it :/ @homedrones
redrob69 : @ecpanek yes it's in my timelineπŸ‘ so far it's the biggest scratchbuilt plane. It needs some tweaking here and there will try again when the weather improves.
redrob69 : @01viper27 thanks manπŸ‘ I ordered a 50a just to be safe.
homedrones : @red20rc sounds like my luck.. the bullet connectors on the phase side didn't happen to touch and short did they? Seemed like it didn't all out quit though... #huantedesc
redrob69 : I was using a separate bec so I still had control even though the esc quit. @homedrones
circumvolo : πŸ‘πŸ‘
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#tbt throw back Thursday! This was at the 2014 fpv meetup. I had so much fun!!! That 200% kraken is still stored somewhere maybe it will be reattempted this year. Check out the video on my YouTube or somewhere in my Instagram timeline πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž she needed more juice lol #rc #rcairplane #flitetest #kraken #fpv #drone #drones #2014nafpv @01viper27 @captiveeye
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raiendrops : He'll yeah she did
redrob69 : If anyone knows someone in this pic please tag them πŸ‘
osipoff_vadim : Where was this?
redrob69 : @osipoff_vadim this was in collingwood canada
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#flitetest #FT22 #FT3D gave these two hell today
flitetest - ft3d - ft22 -
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First order of hobby stuff has arrived for my next build, an FT Electrohub quad. I didn't realize the kk2 LCD was so small! #flitetest #kk2 #ftelectrohub #quad #quadcopter #radiocontrol
quadcopter - radiocontrol - flitetest - ftelectrohub - quad - kk2 -
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@flitetest @flitetestjb the result of a speed build storch, and some time , a second made from dollar foam... Will arise 2 aircraft for dogfighting!! #flitetest #dogfight #spektrum #hobbyking #rcplane
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Getting a good feel for it. So much fun! #rcexplorer #tricopter #davidwindestal #flitetest
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Saw this on reddit lolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #flitetest #rc #quad #dji #drone #drones #fpv
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mike_flyer : Wouldnt*
queirozgabriel : πŸ”­πŸ”­πŸ”­
homedrones : Ouch! Makes me feel a little better about my crash
nhansen7231 : How to turn your quadcopter into a ball example 1
thatrcguy661 : Nailed it! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
garebear_95 : "Yeah my quad is portable and can be taken anywhere" πŸ’ πŸ˜‚
kudalkar.shadab : Thats a new level of achievement there πŸ˜€
cloudyskytechnology : I feel this.
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BIRD TASTE GOOD! #FPVDog #BadDog #rc #robot #rcfever #rcplane #radiocontrol #FPV #flite #flight #flitetest #aircraft #drone #drones #hobby #tech #technology #fixedwing #aerialvideo #AlwaysFly
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dreama3g.halley1176 : checkout the youtube link in the bio if you wanna know how to promote your page and get more followers and likes
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Aerial photo from my #flitetest #batbones #tricopter of the #alumcreek damn from last week. Taken from a #gopro #hero3. #alumcreekdam #flitetest #hobbyking #fpv #gopro #goprooftheday #multirotor #drone
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huper_x : Ahhh!
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Got a Readymaderc Go-Protector with polarizing filter for my #gopro. Gotta say this thing is awesome for the price. Go check it out. #flitetest #hobbyking #gopro #fpv #drone #rc #rcplane #rmrc #readymaderc. Here's the link: http://www.readymaderc.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=165_300&products_id=2225
goproorgohome - flitetest - fpv - rmrc - readymaderc - goprooftheday - gopro - drone - rc - hobbyking - rcplane -
matthewprachar : #goproorgohome #goprooftheday
queirozgabriel : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
aldo_ricci : Amazing!
pv2adventures : Cool 😎
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Broke out the old project. Going to get these in the air soon. And did anyone spot the speed powerpod for my pink plane? Yea I'm bringing her back! This time gonna fly it with a gopro strapped to the bottom of it and fly it to the 100mph mark. Should be cool. Now I should probably do my homework... Nah 😁😜 #rc #robot #rcfever #rcplane #radiocontrol #FPV #flite #flight #flitetest #ftversa #spektrum #speeddemon #scratchbuilt #scratchbuilding #aircraft #winterbuild #winterflying #newmotors #dx8 #drone #drones #droneporn #hobby #tech #technology #fixedwing #aerialvideo
flight - spektrum - dx8 - scratchbuilt - droneporn - aircraft - speeddemon - winterbuild - drones - rcplane - technology - winterflying - fixedwing - flitetest - scratchbuilding - rcfever - flite - robot - drone - radiocontrol - fpv - tech - newmotors - rc - hobby - aerialvideo - ftversa -
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#DIY #vtail #multirotor #quadcopter #multiwii #flitetest
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le3dmax : Hey @mqcflight, check it out. It's flying! It fells like a tricopter. Now I just need wait for the good weather to tune up the PIDs.
mqcflight : Yay! PIDs don't even look TOO off, it wasn't sinking during ele, ail, and yaw right?
le3dmax : @mqcflight yes, it is almost there. That's why I like multiwii for this kind of projects. It's very cheap and always works with very little tune up.
mqcflight : Nice! When I flew with an untuned kk2.1.5 it sank around 10 ft after a 360 degree yaw turn! That's much better!
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#vtail #quadcopter #multirotor #multiwii #flitetest
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@miniquadclub Am I in? Lol #flitetest #miniquadclub
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miniquadclub : @anonomouspuncake πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
stillwaterproductions : Cool! Follow for follow?
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#drone #flitetest #hobbyking #fpv #fun #uav #rcflying #rc
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Have you seen the #FAA 's video about "drones" at the Super Bowl? It's total crap IMO because it simply says "going to the big game? Leave your drone at home." Then they say "don't spoil the game" and show No Drone Zone on the field. No mention of why you shouldn't do it or what might happen to you or other people. Who wants to bet that some yahoo won't take it to 1000 ft AGL outside the stadium to see over the edge (not to mention the potential of a fly away during that attempt)? Let's get some better marketing people like those who came up with "click it or ticket" I don't buckle up, I get a ticket. "Drink, drive, go to jail" oh, I see what you did there.. If I drink and drive I could go to jail. Ugh! </rant> #uas #drone #quadcopter #multirotor #DJI #HobbyKing #flitetest #FlyingWing #RCPlane #rc #hobby
quadcopter - flyingwing - flitetest - multirotor - uas - hobbyking - drone - rc - dji - hobby - rcplane - faa -
notalp_ : Phantom idiots won't care whatever the FAA say. There will always be this kind of people not respecting very basic rules such as "do not fly near airports" and others. They think the risk is so small nothing will happen. While the risk is incredibly small you hit a plane, it's still there. It's only a matter of time, someone is eventually going to crash his/her Phantom into an airplane...or hurt people at Superbowl or similar...
droneoftheday : ✊✊
skunkworxhobbies : All you can do is "try" to inform people... some are always going to be beyond saving. ..
huper_x : Amazing!
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FPV a day keeps the doctor away. #intheairrc #flitetest #fpv #rc #racingquad #droneracing #drone #fpvquad #quadrotor #quanumfpv #tx #rx #skymedix
quadrotor - droneracing - racingquad - tx - skymedix - fpvquad - rx - fpv - drone - quanumfpv - rc - flitetest - intheairrc -
flying.ginger : I use the same setup! Works amazing! :) Does your transmitter get hot?
aerial_circuit_robotics : You sir, are the 400th person I've followed!πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ
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Successful Maiden Flight! Flies Beautifully! #rcexplorer #tricopter #flitetest #cantwaittoflymytricoptermore
rcexplorer - flitetest - tricopter - cantwaittoflymytricoptermore -
winstonmcpherson - cloudvisual.co.uk - laurenmprice91 - tundra10 -
Maiden flight tomorrow. Tuned the flight controller using rcexplorer settings. Yaw servo still seems to be acting weird but I think the gyros will compensate. Hope it flies. #flitetest #electrohub #tricopter #multicopter #drone #kk2 #turnigy
turnigy - flitetest - multicopter - drone - electrohub - tricopter - kk2 -
pv2adventures : Nice 😎
molokoplus1776 : @pv2adventures thanks!
bertysan : Hit me up if you end up going to Gershwin!
molokoplus1776 : @bertysan for sure you free around 130 today?
bertysan : Yeah, dude. I'll be free. Shoot me a text when you're otw and I'll meet you down there!
molokoplus1776 : @bertysan sweett
r.o.b.e.r.t.s : Good progress braah @molokoplus1776 lmk how it turns out!
chrispeake74 - bertysan - mxxrbl - scoutsout -
This is something I found in my friends basement. It is a 30 year old 0.35cc engine with both muffler and throttle. #tiny #old #rc #rcflying #plane #engine #hobbyking #flitetest
engine - flitetest - old - tiny - plane - rcflying - rc - hobbyking -
alexander_1803 - clippycloud - martin_nil - kenersej -
This is how i made the remote steering for my wheelchair based giant rc car. #rover #rc #fun #hobbyking #flitetest #servo
rover - flitetest - servo - rc - fun - hobbyking -
thedronecompany - clippycloud - martin_nil - droniroma -
My Q450 is finally finished! Now I just need to install my fpv gear! #hobbyking #fpv #200mW #flitetest #drone #uav #rcflying #kk2 #multistar #quadcopter #multicopter
quadcopter - multistar - flitetest - fpv - uav - multicopter - drone - rcflying - hobbyking - kk2 - 200mw -
aerialographer : Amazing!
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Hobbyking hummer and my ft versa blunt nose sharing wall space! #hobbyking #flitetest #plane #fpv #rcflying
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z3works - david2chtx - bryce_carstens - kenersej -
My old quadcopter! #oldpic #hobbyking #flitetest #fpv #uav #drone #hquad
hquad - flitetest - oldpic - hobbyking - drone - fpv - uav -
mukafah - naelisrael - skunkworxhobbies - jackcampfunk -
It's supposed to be almost 80 degrees tomorrow and I have to go to the office :( I'm totally prepared for lunch though! #fpv #FlyingWing #RCPlane #rc #hobby #5.8 #2.4 #FatShark #flitetest
flyingwing - flitetest - hobby - fatshark - fpv - 5 - rc - 2 - rcplane -
redrob69 - __yungtooley_4 - mortifirik - homedrones -
Flying Tractor EPP No.8, planning. Wingspan 700mm Weight 164g Li-po 7.4V/2S 350mAh include
rcairplane - flitetest -
z3works : #flitetest #rcairplane
trenttbonetrevino - delandrcman - carson.pauli - kyohei.k -
Thanks asshole! #flitetest #drone #fucked #notadrone #fpv #dji #govermentsucks
govermentsucks - dji - flitetest - fucked - drone - fpv - notadrone -
boostedlogic : @fleshpilot @redrob69 πŸ‘ŠπŸ”«πŸ’”πŸš¬
taitkenflight : Like it!
fleshpilot : πŸ‘†This guy needs to be blockedπŸ‘†
boostedlogic : @fleshpilot πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ who does that? Just hit the like button πŸ‘
fleshpilot : @boostedlogic his little robot does it for him. His program comments,"Like it!" On everyone's pics.
boostedlogic : Lol I blocked him @fleshpilot cool way to troll tho
fuzzynerfherder : dooopee
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One more flight for today. #FlyingWing #FTVersa #versa #RCPlane #flitetest #hobby #rc
flyingwing - flitetest - versa - rc - 19 - hobby - rcplane - ftversa -
skunkworxhobbies : @birutica dont be discouraged if your first few launches end in disaster. Wings are funky to throw for the first time. Also build nose heavy!! Flying wings have a cg from 15% to 22% instead of 33% back from the LE
flashgangster : @thenated0g yes. I fill every one.
flashgangster : @crazyairplaneperson23549 I know, right?
flashgangster : @birutica at least fill the wing with foam from the spar forward. A friend of mine hates that I fill my planes with foam and after finally doing it, he agrees that it makes the plane a lot more tough. Like @skunkworxhobbies said, don't be discouraged because wings are pretty difficult to learn but are such a great airframe! Have someone throw the wing for you the first few times at least. Also, I've got a slo-mo of how I like to throw mine on my wall from like a week ago. Also, like @skunkworxhobbies said, build that thing nose heavy. When you balance it on your fingers, it should pretty much fall forward, not wobble and gently fall forward. If you build it without cutting a notch for the motor like I do, you'll be surprised how much weight it will take to get it that way. Once you get good at flying it, you can lighten up the front. I still like mine nose heavy but it's pretty windy here most of the time. Any other questions, feel free to ask.
birutica : What setup do you use? Esc, kv etc
flashgangster : @birutica I use a 3s 2200 / 30a ESC / 1400kv motor and a 8x45 prop on all of my normal sized wings.
flashgangster : On #19 I have a 1100 and a 9x5 prop. I like it, but the 1400 / 8x45 combo can fly slow and haul ass! @birutica
birutica : Wow that's all it takes? I was figuring it needed aft least a 2700kv. That thing is crazy fast on your vid
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