Prepping for the X-Wing tow! #kraken #flitetest #starwars #stencebros #stencebrosaviation
starwars - flitetest - kraken - stencebrosaviation - stencebros -
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Sometimes I geek out a little.. This is the X-wing from my X-wing tow mini saga. #flitetest #kraken #starwars #stencebros #stencebrosaviation
starwars - flitetest - kraken - stencebrosaviation - stencebros -
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X-wing tow final part.. Finally... #flitetest #starwars #stencebros #stencebrosaviation
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X-Wing tow part 3.. #Empirestrikes #starwars #flitetest #stencebros #stencebrosaviation
empirestrikes - starwars - flitetest - stencebros - stencebrosaviation -
tk844 -
X-wing tow part 2 #flitetest #stencebros #stencebrosaviation #starwars
stencebrosaviation - flitetest - stencebros - starwars -
tk844 -
Built an X-Wing, decided to make it fly.. Here's the tow with a #kraken part 1. #flitetest #stencebros #stencebrosaviation #starwars
starwars - flitetest - stencebros - kraken - stencebrosaviation -
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#ftduster getting closer. #flitetest #uptoolate
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#ftduster more progress #flitetest
flitetest - ftduster -
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I might have hot glued Josh's @flitetestjb Multirotor to the work bench. Hahaha. That'll teach him to turn it off when he leaves @ericmonroe74 @zvada @flitetest #flitetest
flitetest -
n8thegreat32 : Haha
austinfurey : The best part is that @flitetestjb immediately retaliated against peter assuming it was him πŸ˜‚
rc_air_planes : Hey Austin first off lol @ the post and secondly, I recently purchased a horizon hobby ultra micro fpv system from horizon hobby is this headset GoPro compatable? Also please look at my page I have a fire unanswered questions hat you would be a great help with!
ericmonroe74 : @austinfurey Well played sir!! πŸ˜†πŸ‘
andregt6 : @austinfurey look at those eyes. Priceless.
ljones987533 : Nice
mearly013 : Hahaha! To Funny!
sleepyc : Jealous of the fun u have!
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Scratch build #quadcopter #flitetest tomorrow all wood
quadcopter - flitetest -
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Snow day, time for a fast build. #flitetest #ftdelta #rcplane
rcplane - ftdelta - flitetest -
clippycloud - flycammersin - skunkworxhobbies - droneskinz -
#ftduster progress #flitetest
flitetest - ftduster -
rc_air_planes : Let me know how this one flies because I have built 6 ft planes and I'm interested!
rc_air_planes : Good luck
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Maybe I'll fly it one day.... #flitetest
flitetest -
matthewfox2014 - meramac_run - italiostallio7 - embur4 -
I'm sorry Michael but I can't go that fast... Lol #knightrider #miniquad #rc #flitetest #quad #cleanflight #mini250
mini250 - flitetest - cleanflight - rc - miniquad - quad - knightrider -
redrobrc : @davefreyrc I'm running the naze32 with cleanflight
davefreyrc : @redrobrc sweet. I'm running cc3d and wondering if anyone has had experience running cleanflight on it
epicjib : What lights are you running ?
redrobrc : @epicjib these are called ws2812 I got team from eBay and are controlled by the naze
sp3cialk : Nice job man πŸ‘
redrobrc : @sp3cialk thanks! I finally ran the lights off a seperate bec because I was afraid of pulling too much voltage from the naze board.
sp3cialk : @redrobrc good call although just those 8 at full current (all leds white and on at the same time) should only pull around 480mah
mehran.darkman : @alirezamoradii
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Well.. here it is, the maiden of the blunt nose FT Versa build complete with a walk of shame. Rates might be a little high lol. #maidenflight #ftversa #flitetest #sempercrash #djiglobal #djiphantom #dronelife #instadrone #dronevids
dronelife - flitetest - dronevids - maidenflight - sempercrash - djiglobal - djiphantom - ftversa - instadrone -
homedrones : @greek.boy yup I flew it again after that
greek.boy : Record and post it
rc.noob : Is this your first rc plane? Becuase if it is than that was unreal. My first like 8-9 maidens didnt go 9 feet past me and only cause i threw them hard. And it still takes me like 4 tosses to get a good flight out of my versa unless im lucky!
homedrones : @rc.noob haha! Thanks man! Yea, that's my first fixed wing flight. I watch a lot of youtube vids while building it so I had a pretty good idea of how to luanch it... I still am awkward with the remote though. I need to do it Bixler style I think.
electricrchobbies : When I made a blutnose I maiden crashed mine too 😒 for me it didn't fly right
rc.noob : Hahahha!
2nbl : I put a landong gear on my blunt versa!
velokristina : 😁😁
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Round 2 #mightymini #flitetest
mightymini - flitetest -
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The #tricopter #crash from today!
droneshare - flitetest - crash - tricopter -
raphinoaviation : #flitetest #droneshare
aholmquist87 : That tree jumped right out in front of you.😁
raphinoaviation : Hey @andregt6 thats the crash from 2 angles of viewπŸ˜†
raphinoaviation : @aholmquist87 haha I know! but the funny thing is I knew it was there😊 I wanted to go through that hole, wasnt lined up right and the wanted to back out. Wrong decision was made😩
andregt6 : @raphinoaviation darn tree just leap into your way. ;)
raphinoaviation - nickwillard37 - aholmquist87 - theirpublicly1985 -
Proof that she can fly! #flitetest
flitetest -
catanation : @scott34567 that's badass sir. Put a video up. ✈️✈️
scott34567 : @catanation agreed! I was a one person show yesterday...lucky enough to snap the photo without crashing.
doster - jmart03 - tjeod - jdwilcox24 -
My #emax motors (2213-935kV) arrived! Time to start building my #quadcopter. Not sure if I should do a standard quad or a deadcat- suggestions?? #flitetest #quad #electrohub
quadcopter - emax - flitetest - electrohub - quad -
boostedlogic : Dead cat all the way
redrobrc : Dead cat !
flashgangster : Dead cat fa sho!
boostedlogic - redrobrc - snapsteady - sonicorbstudios -
#electrohub kit from #flitetest arrived!
electrohub - flitetest -
redrobrc - flashgangster - ele_wanderlust - dylanmiller48 -
Sometimes you just need to build a "Drone"... #quadcopter #gopro #electrohub #flitetest
quadcopter - gopro - electrohub - flitetest -
vanessalgriffith : #creeper
andrewledbetterwa : @vanessalgriffith Tripp is going to love it!
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So this is how the maiden ended... this shot is right before impact. Throws were too aggresive.. #dronelife #maiden #crash #flitetest
dronelife - flitetest - crash - maiden -
rc.noob : Fixable?
homedrones : @rc.noob oh yeah.. no damage. :) had it back up in the air a few minutes later with a minor repair.
davefreyrc : @homedrones sad ending to a maiden, but what a killer shot
velokristina - quad_fly - theonetheycallloco - zacthecouch -
Fpv over the residents south Africa #flitetest #rcplane #scrachbuild #quad #fpv # sky #southafrica #green #skyzone #hobbyking #quanumgoggles #jello
flitetest - skyzone - southafrica - fpv - green - scrachbuild - hobbyking - quad - rcplane - jello - quanumgoggles -
dronebois : ✊
swedishclouds : Love the contrast in the picture!
carolina_dronz : ✊
isaaccab14 - sebastianmatute12345 - jaimeandresrangel - conrado4k -
Like the shortest video ever but that was the maiden! #flitetest #rcplane #flysgreat #red #white #biplane #scale #pittsspecial
flitetest - flysgreat - pittsspecial - scale - biplane - white - rcplane - red -
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Almost done #gopro #drone #fpv #flitetest
gopro - drone - fpv - flitetest -
drewhytt : nice! πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Ž
dronebois : ✊
erich__h - miranda.king.v - rc_sc_photos - rconp -
A picture from my fpv flight, ended in a crash. #hobbyking #flying #fpv #flitetest #flightcontroller #kk2 #gopro #gimbal #arialphotography #camera #uav #DSM2 #drone #hxt900 #multistar #multicopter #rcflying #rotorbits #rc #quadcopter #2200mAh #xt60 #dronegear
multistar - hxt900 - gimbal - 2200mah - rotorbits - uav - xt60 - rcflying - kk2 - quadcopter - flightcontroller - flitetest - dronegear - dsm2 - flying - drone - gopro - fpv - arialphotography - rc - hobbyking - multicopter - camera -
airdronerecords :
carolina_dronz : I think you may enjoy our content. ☺
flying.ginger : Nice video @airdronerecords
flying.ginger : @airdronerecords
timm__bo - blake_tomo - birdseyeproductions - all_things_rc2 -
I must say #hobbyking out did them selves on this frame. This thing is amazing. Had to Slap a #gopro sticker over the lame branding tho πŸ˜‚ #droneporn #miniquadclub #flitetest #dronegram #drone #naza #vector
miniquadclub - flitetest - dronegram - droneporn - vector - gopro - drone - naza - hobbyking -
dancho_kickezze : Nice work man! πŸ‘ How does it fly? Can you write me dimensions when it's folded
boostedlogic : @dancho_kickezze just got the motors on still needs to finish and get set on a flight controller. So the maiden may be a week from now. Let me check on hk for specs.
fleshpilot : What is the lame name besides hobby king
boostedlogic : Wat wat? @fleshpilot frame name? XJ 470
fleshpilot : @boostedlogic I can't bring myself to waste anymore money on their junk. I spent twice the amount I should have by going the cheap route with them.
boostedlogic : I can understand that. But this frame was a must have for me. And the full product support was a plus @fleshpilot
swedishclouds : Nice Capture!
clippycloud - snapsteady - fransoj99 - flight_mike -
Visited Paul's shop from lots of gadgets πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž #autobotix #rc #rcairplane #flitetest #flitetest #mini250 #miniquad
rcairplane - flitetest - mini250 - miniquad - rc - autobotix -
boostedlogic : OMG if^^
raydoit : Location?
danielplandry : @tsjennin my dream
crazyrevo : @redrobrc where is that at? Looks like heaven.
tsjennin : @danielplandry go there and try to dry dock
redrobrc : @davefreyrc @boostedlogic @raydoit @danielplandry @crazyrevo this is in Toronto canada and he runs an online store similar to rotorgeeks mostly aimed at mini quads
redrobrc : It's not .com :/ my bad
crazyrevo : Yeah just a little far to drive. Lol lol but looks like a awesome shop.
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Organizing and labelling my parts bins by the fire with the wife πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž@samfigs #organize #flitetest #rc #mini250 #miniquad #drone #rcairplave
mini250 - organize - rc - miniquad - rcairplave - flitetest - drone -
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Preflight check complete ready for maiden!!! 😊 #flitetest #ftversa #djiglobal #djiphantom
djiphantom - flitetest - ftversa - djiglobal -
trempy79 : Fly it already lol!!!!
redrobrc - dmulg_flies_drones - grasprilla - canonphotoshot -
Do you like flying wings?
flyingwings - fixedwing - droneracing - drone - dhive - fatshark - rcmodel - uav - fpv - fpvflying - hobbyking - flitetest - fpvracing - futaba - immersionrc -
fpvspot : #fpv #fpvflying #fpvracing #drone #droneracing #fixedwing #flitetest #dhive #uav #immersionrc #fatshark #futaba #flyingwings #rcmodel #hobbyking
planetfpv : Hey can't wait for your segment!
fpvspot : Thanks. Follow us on YouTube for upcoming videos @planetfpv
carolina_dronz : Very Neat! πŸ‘
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#fly hard #crash hard😈 but #tricopter frame survived it! was #fun tho! #fpv #racing #flitetest #raphinoaviation #multirotor
fly - flitetest - crash - tricopter - raphinoaviation - fpv - fun - multirotor - racing -
dronebois : ✊
andregt6 : I've done that a few times. Very first time I killed a brand new $25 metal servo 0
aholmquist87 : Bummer dude. Oh well, the work bench is half the fun.
raphinoaviation : @aholmquist87 true story, but I actually plant to spend the time on my new Tcopter project with angeled armsπŸ˜… why had this tree to be that tall😣
raphinoaviation : @andregt6 yeah I wanted to fly through 2 trees, last second I tried to get over the tree cuz I wasnt lined up right, but was too tall. Hope the servo still works want to use my spare on in another project. wish me luckπŸ˜†
andregt6 : @raphinoaviation yeah my tri has no love for trees ;)
raphinoaviation : @andregt6 mine neither. Second time in one week that I crash this tri in a tree😣
xxxhaythatsbridgerdavisxxx : It always is!!!!!!!! πŸ‘βœŠβœŠβœŠ #dronelife
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Check our the first episode of FPV Spot @
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fpvspot : #fpvflying #drone #fpv #hobbyking #flitetest #immersionrc #teamblacksheep #dji #djicreator #uav #a2 #s900 #fixedwing #djiphantom #s1000 #3drobotics #naze32 #cc3d #racingfpv #fpvracing #droneracing #gopro #hero4 #hero3 #fatshark #webshows
supasympa : supa!
taitkenflight : Nice!
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