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A bit of a latergram, this is my flying ghost I made out of my Flitetest Batbones Tricopter for Halloween. #flitetest #hobbyking #gopro #goprooftheday #drone #halloween #fpv #aviation #avgeek
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aerialographer : Wow like it!
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I was very close to a serious disaster today. I need thicker gauge wire for my ft viggen. I'm not sure I avoided a short. #ftviggen #flitetest
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Much warmer today. #flitetest
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Tried to maiden #ftspeedster but so windy I gave up. Did a little more on the #funjet Clone. #flitetest
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flashgangster : Looks amazing!
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Tried to maiden #ftspeedster but so windy I gave up. Did a little more on the #funjet Clone. #flitetest
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calvinwongggg : Looks good what power setup you running there?
thenated0g : @calvinwongggg not recommended just what I have. 20a esc, suppo 2208/14 1450kv w/8x4 prop, 3s 1100mah. Flybrushless.com chart says 42mph and 680g thrust. This used to be my versa setup.
thenated0g : @calvinwongggg 460g auw.
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My Flitetest Batbones Ghost Copter I made for Halloween. Kinda a latergram. It was cool. #flitetest #hobbyking #gopro #fpv #drone #batbones #goprooftheday #avgeek #aviation #tricopter
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swedishclouds : Nice! :-)
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Another airplane rack I made for the back of my Uncles pick up truck. #flitetest #hobbyking #fpv #gopro #goprooftheday #avgeek #aviation
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dronemanfilms : coool
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Been absent from instagram for a while. Wish it was warm out to go out and fly. Here is a quick video of a friend using his launch for his wife jet. First time worked great. #hobbyking #gopro #goprooftheday #blackout #goprooftheday #edf #flitetest #jet #aviation #avgeek
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theaccessorypro : sweeeettttt one. Follow us @theaccessorypro to be featured.
we_are_sungod : Love this!
wranglertoby : @garyflyboy for gary
dragon_drones : ☺
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Regular 47" #ftversa on top of the 6" #ftkraken this thing is HUUUUGE! #foam #foamboard #fun #flight #flitetest #flyingwing #flyingwings #rc #robot #tech #technology #rcplane #radiocontrol #drone #spektrum #superwing #scratchbuilding
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Holy crap! #kraken has a 6ft wingspan! I decided to cut the rest of it out tonight. Going pretty well. Electronics for this thing are gonna be a little pricy tho... Going endurance and payload setup. All the same super excited to get it in the air eventually. #foam #flight #ftkraken #flitetest #foamboard #flyingwing #rc #robot #radiocontrol #superwing #fun #spektrum #scratchbuilding
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booze_rob : Very cool!
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New project! Building a #FliteTest Blunt Nose Versa Wing.
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dannycruzcreations : #versawing #bluntnoseversa #bluntnoseversawing #ftversawing #deltawing #wing #rcplane #radiocontrol #rchobbies #dollartreefoam #adamsfoamboard #scratchbuild #rc
maxx4wd : πŸ‘ nice
dronemanfilms : dope
mrjockan : Great workspace πŸ‘
dannycruzcreations : @mrjockan Kitchen table. My wife hates me. 😜
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The mess I need to work on tonight. #FliteTest #fatshark #fpv
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Sony 600tvl, very nice camera! #fpv #multirotor #multiwii #drone #flitetest #quadcopter #tricopter
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aereo_films_valle : Wow
dealershipdronie : Cool shot
le3dmax : @aereo_films_valle @dealershipdronie πŸ‘
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The wing hanger 95% complete I want to add cross beams along the front to round it out another quick trip to home depot will cure that. #flitetest #flyingwing #rclife #instagood #flylowflyfast #fpv #nitroplanes #popwing #versawing #versa #teambasementrc #caipirinha #teamawesome #teamgreathobbies #brcfi
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j__0__h__0 : Are you running the recommended motor on the caipirinha??
jeffjs : @j__0__h__0 yeah the recommended motor but I've upgraded the esc for a 3s setuo
dronemanfilms : ^^^^
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Tricopter with camera! #flitetest #tricopter
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fromwisconsin : Great pic!
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Yes the Beaver can handle 30mph gusts. #flyzone #beaver #winter #keepflying #flitetest
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misterwayne_oh : That was one of the most fun flying days ever. 😝😝😝😝😝
andregt6 : Points deducted for the landing ;)
thatrcguy661 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I love the sound effects lol
instasam_76 : That landing seemed to go real smooth, and then it didn't 😯
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PID tuning session. This thing is so stable! #naze32#flitetest#quadcopter#fpv#drone#diy#multirotor
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jevans3d : I disagree! Lol. I have a 9xr pro and a taranis my taranis is harder to program and i have had to send it back twice due to switches braking and the throttle wouldn't reset to zero on the 1st one i had. Never had an issue quality wise it other with my 9xr.
platonmarko : @jevans3d I find the programming on the Taranis very similar to the 9xr. I've tested a Taranis and the whole thing feels very high quality. I have not had any problems with my 9xr except a gimbal that isn't very smooth.
jevans3d : It's very similar, they were designed by the same person I think actually. Main board anyway, the designer still works with the 9xr but not the taranis so I would imagine development wise 9xr will win out. Anyway, my experience and my friend (his taranis has the same throttle issue) is the quality is lacking. And I think the matt silver is very 90's futaba like my old units which in my opinion makes it feel cheap and tacky lol. Have you seen the new sj Cube cam? I think it would fit inside my black out nicely.
platonmarko : @jevans3d Never seen it in real life. Got myself a GoPro 4 Black. Tell me if you want to sell your Taranis!
jevans3d : I use my taranis for my camera pilot sorry :) they are good to use but living with one or even talk to an honest person about one (not one of these people that just defend them as they bought one) and you won't be impressed compared to a 9xr pro. No I've not see the cube cam in the flesh. But just ordered one.
abelhijazi : How did you make your 9xr looks like that ?
platonmarko : @abelhijazi I am just using the white faceplate. Available from HK.
miniquadclub : Looking good!
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*Proudly south African*@zvada @flitetestjb @austinfurey @flitetest @ftafterhours #ftairforce #ftscout #ftbloodywander #ftversa #ftflyer #ftstorch #flitetest #thereweremore #ftsoarer #rcplane #scrachbuild #hours
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austinfurey : Awesome looking planes!
laibztheboss : Thats a nice green color
gricia123 : Claudio!!!
jaytee768 : What do you use to build? Depron? Also, what do you use to cover? Paint or packing tape?
clippycloud : Normal spray paint and foam board!
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Working on my ft mini speedster. Hard to install the servos in there :/ but Great little plane to build while it's cold outside. What's everyone building this weekend? #flitetest #rc #rcairplane #scratchbuild
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sp3cialk : I've got a mini speedster and a mini scout to build sometime as well. 😁
redrob69 : @sp3cialk took longer then I thought because I taped everything with packing tape
sp3cialk : Looks good. I've not decided if I'll just leave mine white and maybe build a 2nd to paint. All electronics came in this week but I have to finish my current quad first
mys_oskar : 250 quad!
red20rc : Another 250 quad (special project for a new client), and a TBS Caipirinha (awesome birthday present).
elliotleeper : So you cut the patterns out or do you by the speed build kit? @redrob69
boostedlogic : I killed mine!! Took a power line head on. I didn't win πŸ˜‚
quadsprints : Gutting my Phantom 1 and installing on a new frame 😁😁😁
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Building my scratch build #flitetest mighty mini :)
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platonmarko - rc_glasu - maxx4wd - vx_sm -
#foamboard fleet #ftversa #speedy #stick #versa #flitetest #rcplanes
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i_am_roasted : I love this image! β›Ί
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#vpitch for my FT3D #flitetest #flitefest2014 #rcplanes #fpv
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anonomouspuncake : I just looked at one of these on Horizonhobby!
phill1918 : Ya I'm excited to try it @anonomouspuncake
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Back from summer, before all this snow
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rcwinz : #rc #deltawing #rcwing #rcairplane #flitetest #mobius #gopro #fpv #hobbyking #aerialphotography
highdrone : Nice!!!
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If you haven't subbed to them on YouTube get right to it #flitetest #sub
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#ftstorch #sunset #flitetest #ftswappable @flitetest Love this plane. Such a confidence builder. Super easy to fly!
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j__0__h__0 : Did u scratch build it?
snwrkr88 : Sure did. @j__0__h__0 A little overpowered too. Lol. D3536/6 with a 9x6 @3S
j__0__h__0 : How did you hold down the plans while tracing them out? I always had issues with that
snwrkr88 : Cut each piece out and tape them down individually in multiple places. @j__0__h__0
j__0__h__0 : Thanks
snwrkr88 : No problem. Just take your time and enjoy it. Your first scratch build prob won't turn out perfect so don't get discouraged. Each build turns out better than the last as you get a hang of it! @j__0__h__0
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Foam board Tricopter with a gimbal? Yes please. This is a preview of next months free plans.
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chazza.x : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
wevolverapp : Lovely!
swedishclouds : Nice! :-)
fleshpilot : @zvada yo why ain't you following me?
fleshpilot : @swedishclouds @wevolverapp @chazza.x thank you!
dronemanfilms : very nicee
redrob69 : Looks great πŸ‘ must be light.
fleshpilot : @redrob69 very light just over 2lbs with Gopro and 2200 3s.
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David "the drone hunter" W. #flitetest #Multirotorforums
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#flitetest #ftversa #ftversawing #rcflying #hobbyking
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Kinda wanna build a micro like this now. Sigh. It never ends. #FliteTest #fatshark #fpv
flitetest - fatshark - fpv -
sp3cialk : Parts to build this are on order. Granted this one has 1.3 video. I'm going 5.8.
ea_120 : Where can I find that at ? What site
sp3cialk : http://micro-motor-warehouse.com/ Frame isn't in stock in the states, but can get from EU or AU warehouse.
redrob69 : Lol I was just thinking that today. "It never ends"
redrob69 : Is it possible to convert a ladybird to be controlled with a dsm2 radio? And put in a better FC.
sp3cialk : @redrob69 probably. The AlienWii FC could probably work with those motors. It uses an lemon rx sat.
ksuflash : Awesome
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Winter hasn't officially begun, but man I sure am missing summer already. #flitefest2014 #flitetest #missingsummer #rc #rcairplane #fun
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not_hunter_smith : Thats why i moved to florida. I can fly whenever i wqnt!
senishanbrendon : Wht is this airplane
austinblairaero : @senishanbrendon It looks like the Twisted Hobbys Crack Yak 35
fxbd : I have the sam plane
andregt6 : Oh buddy what a wild week but we are the lucky ones.
sultan_almarzoqi33 : @sels3 Ω‡Ψ§Ψ°Ψ§ Ω‚Ψ΅Ψ―Ωƒ
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New toy pico qx quad copter #quadcopter#mini#fun#flips#loveit#flitetest#lights#rtf#addicted
quadcopter - mini - flitetest - loveit - flips - lights - rtf - addicted - fun -
swedishclouds : Nice colors!
mosson123 : That's sweet
dealershipdronie : Cool shot
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Getting alittle closer to organization In the workshop! #flitetest @flitetest #5point8 #highflyer #wing #versawing #droneporn #builderup #gps #osd #custombuilder #carbonquad #quadcopter #quad #gopro #instadrone #dronstagram #rcplane #scratchbuilt #dji #rc #rcporn #droner #drone
drone - instadrone - 5point8 - scratchbuilt - droneporn - dji - highflyer - rcporn - droner - quad - rcplane - osd - quadcopter - flitetest - custombuilder - builderup - gopro - dronstagram - rc - carbonquad - versawing - wing - gps -
rulrc : Nice
redrob69 : Wow u have a lot of stuff! πŸ‘
adam__dube : Is it bad that thats only half? All my gasser stuff is still in boxes. Lol its been a long 12 years of flying. @redrob69
red20rc : That is so OCD. I love it. I think I'd need a considerably longer board though :-(
adam__dube : Yep I baught walmart out of stock need to wate till they get more! @red20rc
tdimmer : Haha awesome dude the wall lives on!!! #clean
dmitro1973 : Nice workshop! ✈
highdrone : good eye!
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