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Last chance to share and win free merch! Post it, have your friends post it, have your post man post it. Tag it #wolvesclothing @xwolvesclothingx! #StraightEdge #Vegan #AnimalRights #FlexYourHead #DrugFree #VegansofIG
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chloejanecandleco : love this!
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#WorkingHands #ScreenFiller #SilkScreenPrinting #SilkScreen #stencil #Silkscreening #creation #makingstuff #tattoo #tattoos #whiteink #whiteinktattoo #almosthealed #straightedge #sxe #drugfree #smokefree #alcoholfree #sober #lifestyle #yes #flexyourhead #confident
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Great gifts from great people πŸ’•
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chugwindex : @buttrush wanna rock, paper, scissors for it ?
buttrush : Roomies get first dibs @chugwindex
chugwindex : @buttrush :(
skyejacksonatl : Doooooope
buttrush : We should just go ahead and start a fund to get his work duplicated and spread across the city IMHO
crayneb : I love the FLEX YOUR HEAD ones~
rrreggad : #pins #diy #bobsbhrgers #link #acab #flexyourhead
rrreggad : #bobsburgers
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#nowplaying #ArtificialPeace #Dischord #DischordRecords #FlexYourHead pre-#MarginalMan #vinyl #vinylcollection #vinyljunkiesunite
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guttersnipe77 : Love this band! And 1st Marginal Man was awesome too πŸ‘
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This is at my gym. Nowhere are the words to mention how you should also exercise your mind too. Am I the only one who has a problem with this neglect? #flexyourhead #pickupabook #book #reading #gym
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There's a whole world out there waiting to be conquered. These kids are gonna be ready for it. Every day is a great day to learn about chess but it's also a great day to learn about the world. #MinorThreatsChessClub #flexyourhead #firsts #idontthinkweweresupposedtobeallowedonthisfloor
idontthinkweweresupposedtobeallowedonthisfloor - firsts - flexyourhead - minorthreatschessclub -
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Shout out to @westphillylocal for being so supportive. For the past two years they have helped us fundraise. Thank you to everyone who had given a donation to help these amazing kids experience so many life firsts! #thanksforyoursupport #westphilly #MinorThreatsChessClub #flexyourhead
westphilly - thanksforyoursupport - flexyourhead - minorthreatschessclub -
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Life experiences through chess! Syair's first time on the field. #MinorThreatsChessClub #flexyourhead
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In 2013 we went to Nashville, TN for SuperNationals V. It was our first national tournament. I don't even remember if I knew that this world excited. I didn't know if the kids were ready for this but apparently they were. This was the largest USCF tournament in history. The S. Weir Mitchell elementary team won 28th place team and Tahvon tied for 25th place. It was an exhausting weekend. We took at 16 (?) hour bus ride to Nashville. And I never really slept the whole time. But it was an amazing, life changing moment. This year we we're trying to go to all three national tournaments. #MinorThreatsChessClub #flexyourhead #pma #thanks
pma - thanks - flexyourhead - minorthreatschessclub -
oldmanternosky : Inspiring!!! Keep up the great work.
minorthreatschessclub : Thanks Mike @oldmanternosky !
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Big timing. #stayfly #realbig #stretch #flexyourhead
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emily_jimmi : My boy
nealdudash : My dog doin big thangs
brattyx : 😍😍😍😍 yay
hinkleys : Great pic
hurtyourfriends : Big papa mike!
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The Minor Threats' first time at the PA State Scholastic Chess Championships. This was two years ago. It was my second time there. The year before I only took four kids. I've been there three times and I've been able to take more kids each time. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS HELPED US GET WHERE WE ARE TODAY. #MinorThreatsChessClub #flexyourhead #firsts
firsts - flexyourhead - minorthreatschessclub -
water_man1111 : #Flexyourheart
jaykilroy - water_man1111 - bigg_hoss_447 - mrcoryrobinson -
Shout out to Ken Silver owner of @jimssteaks1939. Mr. Silver gave us and the Paul Robeson Chess Club money to help us take about 40 kids to SuperNationals V. He also gave all the kids shirts and hats. And then we we came by the shop to say thanks, he bought us all lunch. THANK YOU SO MUCH! #PMA #MinorThreatsChessClub #flexyourhead We wouldn't be able to do all that we do without the support of some really amazing people. Support kids in your neighborhood. #thekidsarethefuture
thekidsarethefuture - pma - flexyourhead - minorthreatschessclub -
freidasboss : Looks like we'll be doing Jim's Steaks for dinner! #supportthesupporters
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Two years ago at the kids' first adult tournament. The 43rd annual National Chess Congress. Happy Holidays. #MinorThreatsChessClub #flexyourhead #firsts
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freidasboss - mrumain - bigg_hoss_447 - mrcoryrobinson -
The first tournament that The Minor Threats Chess Club ever competed in as the Minor Threats was the Masterminds Summer League in 2012. We won 2nd place. We would have won 1st but we missed one of the tournaments to compete in a different tournament. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT! 37 followers so far. Let's see if we can get that up to 50 by the end of the weekend. #MinorThreatsChessClub #flexyourhead
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abbadabba911 : @tobymorse
tobymorse : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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Flying fists flying feet fighting head on in the streets #flexyourhead
flexyourhead -
lisacewings : πŸ’—πŸ‘πŸ˜‡
jonathantashiro : adorbs
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Hours after the ink was laid. I can't wait for it to just be white. Oh stencil, why have you stained me!!!? #straightedge #sxe #sxegirls #sxebabes #x #flexyourhead #drugfree #alcoholfree #smokefree #sober #AllDayEveryDay #pure #lifestyle #choices #whosnext ? Thank you @cassamwich !!!
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bethx426 : #tattoo #tattoos #tattooedmoms #thebest
bjarteandersen : Like it!
bethx426 : Thank you @bjarteandersen
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#flexyourhead #hardcoreweekend #nwhc #deadhand #acquitted @dpkpromotions
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Good to be back #dischordrecords #flexyourhead
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I've never felt so ashamed to be American. #landofthefreemyass #stoppoliceviolence2014 #neverforget #demandchange #historyrepeatsitself
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blu_steel45 : man fuck the police I can't stand them myself but everyone has a right to defend themselves. Black people kill black people everyday but no one wants to talk about it. Are those lives not as valuable as mike Browns ???
panxdulce : It is the job of the police to serve and protect. Not deliver street justice. 6 eye witnesses have came forward all sayin brown never reached for his gun and had surrendered before being executed. I hope you live a happy life of ignorance
panxdulce : Darren Wilson wasn't protecting himself. He was murdering a young life
blu_steel45 : Lol your dumb wet back mind can't seem to grasp the facts , they're were black eye witnesses that said that mike brown went for his gun
panxdulce : Two of them where white. Please if you can't address to me in a respectable manner do not at all. You've made up your mind and choose to follow hate. I dont belive in god but I pray that you'll open your eyes and see the truth layed out in fro t of you
romosparkles : What gun? He wasn't armed. Smh ignorant fool. The kid was a dickhead for sure- stealing stupid shit-but he didn't deserve some cops need to be a macho asshole either
panxdulce : Well said @romosparkles
fullmetalsmoke : Don't end up in county nugga... member, you member
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Stand Up and be counted.
standup - 12xu - dischord - minorthreat - flexyourhead -
doublecrossxx : #minorthreat #standup #12XU #dischord #flexyourhead
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Nothing like a good book that's been recommended by someone who knows you and the road you've traveled. This book is brilliant, speaks to the life an artist and an addict and NYC in the "Glory Days of the 1990s" as I have been told. #Poser #MarcSpitz #ReadADamnBook #FlexYourHead
poser - marcspitz - flexyourhead - readadamnbook -
forestxgimp : Sounds like a good read! Where can I pick it up?
_versechorusverse_ : 12XU FLEX YOUR HEAD
drumlover15 : πŸ“šπŸ“–πŸ™‡πŸ‘
christian01071992 : Are You in recovery? @jesse_d_leach
theunknown159 : Could you please go to @growing_to_become_something latest pic and tag @realandyleo @crowntheempire @treecte @davecte @brenttaddie @brandonhoover @bennsuede
pinsandneedleszine : This looks great. Just ordered a copy!
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Toques ("beanies") are back! We'll have a limited supply of these at our upcoming Canadian shows and online at www.theflatliners.storenvy.com #flexyourhead #winteriscoming
winteriscoming - flexyourhead -
zachcamefromspace : @sidnarsty these are sickkk!!
kindredly_soulful : How much are they?
alby_time : @crustcrustwell save me one for the London show. Those are rad.
mikeshed : If I didnt live in South Florida id get one..
thedanebecker : Please play KHTDR in kelowna!!!!!!!!
thedanebecker : (And those toques are fuckin awesome)
__amandamills : @marcelbourgeois
fortinesther : Oh wow!! Trop for us for sure!!!
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For all my fellow Punk Rock Dads out there Image borrowed from @curebass #flexyourhead #punk #punkrock #graffiti #spraypaintthewalls #punkmeanscuddle #punkisdad
punkrock - punkmeanscuddle - flexyourhead - spraypaintthewalls - graffiti - punkisdad - punk -
stephenxlee : @crowdercrow
crowdercrow : Dawn of the Dad.
vitaviva : Ha! @crowdercrow
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An #original pressing and cover art if #FlexYourHead. Totally cool #DC #punk with #MinorThreat, #TeenIdles, #StateOfAlert etc. #DichordRecords #7 #IanMacKaye #HenryRollins #record #vinyl
dichordrecords - flexyourhead - minorthreat - punk - dc - stateofalert - record - henryrollins - 7 - ianmackaye - teenidles - original - vinyl -
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#minorthreat #firstdemotape #dischord #dischordrecords #sxe #straightedge #flexyourhead
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Flex your head #skull #cap #flexyourhead #attak #denbosch #cool
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I love straight edge music #flexyourhead #hardcorerules. #blunt #blizzy
blizzy - blunt - hardcorerules - flexyourhead -
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Art, music, films and books showed me how to dream. Sports only showed me how to lose. Life is full of loss. I didn't need another lesson. #blackcoffeeblues #readabook #flexyourhead
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Punk Record of the Day
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recordswithroger : #punk #punkrock #punkvinyl #punkrecords #punkvinyldj #punkrockvinyl #punkrecordswithroger #punkrockrecordswithroger #vinyl #vinyldj #vinylonly #vinylporn #vinyljunkie #vinylrecords #vinylpictures #vinylcollector #vinylsocialclub #vinylcollectionpost #record #recordporn #recordjunkie #recordoftheday #recordcollector #recordcollection #nowplaying #vinylparty #vinyladdiction
recordswithroger : #dischordrecords
recordswithroger : #dischord
recordswithroger : #flexyourhead
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Another favorite from the shoot #flexyourhead #justhangin
justhangin - flexyourhead -
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Easy listening #cursed #sugar #flexyourhead #dischord #deathwishinc
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Size large $7
flexyourhead -
lainaaxecloset : #flexyourhead
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