The Faith - subject to change LP Blue, Red, Pink Vinyl . Classic Record ! ( like thier first Name better - UNTOUCHABLES ) #thefaith #faith #dischordrecords #washingtondc #alecmckaye #straightedge #records #recordcollecting #flexyourhead #stateofalert #void #youthbrigade
faith - flexyourhead - alecmckaye - straightedge - void - dischordrecords - washingtondc - stateofalert - thefaith - records - youthbrigade - recordcollecting -
lordxhumungus : Nice! I need a red one.
lordxhumungus - partuccimichel - lifetoliverecords - snakexeyes74 -
It's small, but I've been trying to grow my Dischord collection (these are just the 12"...I got some 7" somewhere in my pile). Eventually, I'll add Minor Threat (been on the hunt for a 1st pressing of Out of Step). Nevertheless, I've had this good dose of D.C. hardcore to listen to. #flexyourhead #teenidles #untouchables #stateofalert #minorthreat #governmentissue #youthbrigade #redc #void #ironcross #artificialpeace #deadline #embrace #scream #marginalman #ianmackaye #peterstahl #franzstahl #kennyinouye #straightedge #dchardcore #dischordrecords #drstrangerecords #headlinerecords #punkrock #VSCOcam
peterstahl - flexyourhead - ianmackaye - void - drstrangerecords - redc - youthbrigade - deadline - headlinerecords - ironcross - franzstahl - dchardcore - marginalman - dischordrecords - minorthreat - kennyinouye - stateofalert - governmentissue - untouchables - punkrock - artificialpeace - straightedge - embrace - vscocam - teenidles - scream -
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Good day at the vinyl fleamarket....original agnostic front recorded '84 ep released in '92 58/500; minor threat live at buff hall '88 release, salad days original '85 release dischord no 15; remission tour ep 112/110; project x; praise xxx; fastbreak revelation records; '85 flex your head release dischord no7, E.T. ost picture disk, nevermind cheapo still a must have; sprite ripoff sxe shirt and descendents hoodie for little money #Miloruleseverything #classic #nyhc #dc #minorthreat #agnosticfront #stigma #saladdays #projectx #nevermind #flexyourhead #ET #remission #praise #fastbreak #revelationrecords #dischord #Milo #descendents #sXe #vinyl #broke #straightedge #pma
sxe - flexyourhead - classic - straightedge - descendents - dc - fastbreak - agnosticfront - pma - broke - et - stigma - milo - revelationrecords - nevermind - remission - minorthreat - projectx - dischord - nyhc - praise - saladdays - miloruleseverything - vinyl -
pasttensefutureperfect : I have that ET soundtrack.
moxpmaxallxday : Need to find a way to frame it or build something outta it, that you can see both sides of the soundtrack Lp constantly, both pictures are looking way to a bullseye in a door or something, A side from outdoor, B side from indoor...
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✖️✖️✖️12XU✖️✖️✖️ #flexyourhead #minorthreat #dischord @dischordrecords
dischord - minorthreat - flexyourhead -
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These two records were a huge part of my formative years. I finally broke down and bought them in digital form. Thank you @dischordrecords for being such a rad part of my life for the past 30 years! #flexyourhead #stateoftheunion #dchardcore #pma
stateoftheunion - dchardcore - pma - flexyourhead -
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#flexyourhead #governmentissue
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5 weeks ago I took a photo of this basketball goal in an alley behind my work. That's the first time I had seen it too, in all the years I've worked down here. I completely forgot about it until about today when I by chance ended up driving down the same alley. When I looked at it this time though I had a different reaction. At first glance you can only remark at how 'ghetto,' or 'redneck,' it is. I don't know the story behind it, nor do I know if it still gets any use. All it said to me was somebody took whatever they could to create something to make somebody else happy. Whether parent to kid, sibling to sibling, there was some thought into this. If I'm wrong then so be it. For whatever reason this made take a second look and smile. #flexyourhead #sappyscottmondays
sappyscottmondays - flexyourhead -
gus88btft : By any means necessary.
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Amazing reminder of how much proximity to like minded people...but mostly the ideas behind some music has completely shaped the course of my life. Great film check it out.
flexyourhead -
leftshoe : #flexyourhead
patsnavely : Saw it in Seattle a few weeks ago with a few east coast transplants. Fantastic.
kennyboomboom_ : I have that Flex Your Head record.
richmondpinball : Saw it last night, great doc. Going into DC as a kid and seeing brands was one of my favorite things growing up. Good times.
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#flexyourhead racks on racks
glitchinthematrix - flexyourhead -
geronimas53 : #glitchinthematrix
ironsheikhaoa : KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE....
theprizebypatty - minnowbathers - missmatha - jarmazzini -
@dansmithism is on working a huge forearm piece so I had to get my 3rd of these right under it. I Love going over old tattoos. ✖️✖️✖️#WashingtonDC #FlexYourHead #TheStraightEdge
washingtondc - flexyourhead - thestraightedge -
stforlife : Love your tat
bulldogxnation : You guys still gonna be up this way soon?
nurullrmdni : Apalagi @greatestxcure
millwalldavey : I have one like this, but with MMX, Roman numerals for 2010 when my first son was born.
tlamm : @rlguyton look!
sirenxstar : This year is the year I get x's tattooed on the back of my hands. I can't wait. I will be so proud to wear them permanently
tobymorse : Nice! @sirenxstar
sirenxstar : I get in trouble at the clubs in SF all the time for wearing X's in sharpie. DNA Lounge tried to kick me out once. Even though I know most of the bouncers at these clubs. I won't back down though, permanent or not, these x's stay with me and drive me forward! #XVX #LovingLife
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I can't wait to get this touched up this Sunday with @cassamwich !!! #whiteinktattoo #whiteink #tattoo #girlswithtattoos #babeswithtattoos #straightedge #sXe #thestraightedge #theveganstraightedge #drugfree #alcoholfree #smokefree #crueltyfree #flexyourhead #clearmind #xyourfists #yes #yesplease
alldayeveryday - sxe - flexyourhead - xvx - straightedge - drugfree - vegan - thestraightedge - whiteink - girlswithtattoos - yes - whiteinktattoo - yesplease - tattoo - babeswithtattoos - theveganstraightedge - xyourfists - crueltyfree - clearmind - smokefree - alcoholfree -
xthylacinex : #vegan #xvx #alldayeveryday
thecoophaus : 🙌
st8_edge_g85 : 👍
dirtyjerm : Omg that's almost gone lol
xthylacinex : Almost gone @dirtyjerm ?
xjoemaheux : xxx
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I did a thing yesterday. A huge thank you to Jeff Ziozios for keepin' me beautiful and just being one of my all around favorite people. #flexyourhead 🚫🚬
flexyourhead -
mouthbreather_ : Dopeeeeeeeeeeee
doctorxplague216 : We match now.
_lbailey : We're the coolest @doctorxplague216
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My 'can I go home now?' face. #guyswithpiercings #flexyourhead #retroglasses
retroglasses - guyswithpiercings - flexyourhead -
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Thinking about shaving my head again... #baldisbeautiful #cromag #skinsforskins #flexyourhead
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heathermiles : 🙅
motley_lou : Ugh. Don't be stupid
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Salad Days over Darmstadt. Old punks telling stories about hardcore in DC. #flexyourhead #popcorn #saladdays #angeschimmeltyouthcrew #früherwarallesbesser
popcorn - saladdays - angeschimmeltyouthcrew - früherwarallesbesser - flexyourhead -
elekand : Immer finden so geile Veranstaltungen statt wenn ich nicht in der Stadt bin 😩
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Out of step with the world
kayde_britto : That's the youth center
mattcushing25 : I know😂
samshaughnessy2 : Don't hate
laneshiloh - eileenactually - kayde_britto - brian_horan -
#flexyourhead drinkers with stacking problem. #myMEX
mymex - flexyourhead -
gydokat : Don't drink and surf...turf and surf OK...
theprizebypatty - aurimas48 - msdaiva - jarmazzini -
regram @paramanandayoga Went to LA to see the premiere of the "Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington DC" documentary last night. Great movie and great hangs with a bunch of kindred spirits who grew up feeling out of step with the world #saladdays #minorthreat #outofstep #flexyourhead
outofstep - saladdays - minorthreat - flexyourhead -
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Went to LA to see the premiere of the "Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington DC" documentary last night. Great movie and great hangs with a bunch of kindred spirits who grew up feeling out of step with the world #saladdays #minorthreat #outofstep #flexyourhead
outofstep - saladdays - minorthreat - flexyourhead -
x__theunbreakable__x : @panchoxpantera dang. .
kellish78 : I was a research intern for the film. Such an honor to be able to be a part of it in anyway. Seeing it for this first time this Friday. So amazing to see how many people are being touched by it. What a great time in life to reflect on.
notlikeyoufanzine : @kellish78 can you help me get in touch. Id love to bring it to NM
kellish78 : @notlikeyoufanzine sure! Shoot me an email I'll get in touch with Scott Crawford and get you some info.
anasarita : La hermosidad @agnioftoday
tobymorse : Good seeing you @handsome_glen
vinniecaruana : Sick crew.
handsome_glen : @tobymorse like wise my friend
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Now listening to one of the best compilation albums. #flexyourhead #dischordrecords #alternativetentacles #teenidles #minorthreat #untouchables #stateofalert #governmentissue #youthbrigade #void #deadline #ironcross #redc #artificialpeace #dchardcore #1982 #hardcorepunk #straightedge
hardcorepunk - flexyourhead - straightedge - void - redc - youthbrigade - deadline - ironcross - 1982 - dischordrecords - minorthreat - stateofalert - untouchables - artificialpeace - alternativetentacles - dchardcore - teenidles - governmentissue -
irenenesserxvx : So good!!
bicicletaeletrica_mobilicidade : ☺️❤️‍✌️☀️
soniavse : 👌
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Screening at the Grog on Monday, April 20th as part of a double feature with Rye Coalition- The Story of the Hard Luck 5 #flexyourhead
flexyourhead -
elkarebekah : @thelovelost
emmiesmalls : @walterwestinghouse 🎶you don't win friends with salad🎶
cthews : @ebellempire
trentenxrobinson : Let's go @zachwhite3
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Si en mi vida no falta el fútbol y el hardcore!! Todo esta bien!!! 💙#uniformchoice #straightahead #insted #millonariosfc #flexyourhead
straightahead - millonariosfc - uniformchoice - insted - flexyourhead -
lola_deltoro : Primo te falta un parchesito 🙊😁👍
valentinajaram5 : Que paso con tu ancla ⚓️??? @xunchicocualquierax
xunchicocualquierax : @valentinajaram5 la regale! Porque tengo otra peor no la encuentro 😢
xunchicocualquierax : @lola_deltoro prima dame uno!!!
lola_deltoro : @xunchicocualquierax dime no más de que lo quieres✌️😊
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My uncle got me this for Christmas and I just realised I still haven't given it a spin. #dischord #flexyourhead
dischord - flexyourhead -
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Just noticed this poster at work and for some reason I think it's gonna be pretty different than the #FlexYourHead I know of. Ha! #DischordRecords #MinorThreat #YouthBrigade #StraightEdge
straightedge - youthbrigade - minorthreat - flexyourhead - dischordrecords -
woundedkneejp : !!
woundedkneejp - gabyghastly - straightedgeworldwide -
Flex your head #minorthreat #flexyourhead #12XU
12xu - minorthreat - flexyourhead -
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this is how he do it. #flexyourhead #hotdudesreading
hotdudesreading - flexyourhead -
pmml_ : 👍
parrisreed : Hottie with a body and a book!
axagyal22 - parrisreed - desireelarie - ladyotgrouch -
flexyourhead -
linglumkins : #mellowmike
andreasaravia28 : Soo BONITO!!!
left__coast - andreasaravia28 - nanners_mart - sickasmalaria -
i think nothing can beat this cover,the best one is still the uk press imho.that poster insert is just amazing.this record is the same age as me and only 2000 copies pressed. #flexyourhead #minorthreat #stateofalert #teenidles #alternativetentacles #straightedge #dchc #punk #punkhc #dischord #vinylporn #vinyligclub #vinylcollection #vinyladdict
flexyourhead - dchc - straightedge - punk - stateofalert - vinyladdict - dischord - vinyligclub - punkhc - alternativetentacles - minorthreat - vinylporn - vinylcollection - teenidles -
makeshiftatomsmasher : Agreed! So awesome to see a Dischord record with AT labels.
rtwandre : ^ my thoughts exactly.
brianflynn : It is an amazing cover. Glad you like it
xtokeex : @brianflynn yepp is deff a keeper!i'm not a big punk guy but this lp is essential!
basicorexxxforever - theonewiththewurlitzer - jaquejackk - ssomtrom -
It's been a while but at the lessthanjake concert i met the band and got on stage with them and danced. And it eiol be on a dvd sometime sold by them. #fugazi #minorthreat #ianmackaye #lessthanjake #imjustaminorthreat #flexyourhead #iskankedonstage #reelbigfish #ishoukdhavebeenbornin72 #iwantpasta #ismellpasta #straightedge
flexyourhead - iwantpasta - straightedge - iskankedonstage - ismellpasta - lessthanjake - imjustaminorthreat - fugazi - minorthreat - ianmackaye - reelbigfish - ishoukdhavebeenbornin72 -
46_clicks : Word. Check us out too when you can!
rickyricardo_94 - thismagnificent - robandoban - xchumpx -
#idrinkmilk #flexyourhead #dchardcore
idrinkmilk - dchardcore - flexyourhead -
royhobbsno9 : Love the XXX cover of this.
wrongxplanet - minxratheart - c_schofield_tattoo -
Flex Your Head!
flexyourhead - dischordrecords -
atiskywalker : #flexyourhead#dischordrecords
giamp0207 - garagerick - spiritofyouth94 -
#shirtkings #flexyourhead #ohnonotagain
ohnonotagain - flexyourhead - shirtkings -
shirtkingphade : @geronimas53 thanks for posting my art #shirtkingphade
theprizebypatty - jakeybegin - machupicchumusic - johnweiner -
I Drink Milk #flexyourhead #teenidles
teenidles - analdestruction - flexyourhead -
mario_death : Chocolate milk in fun 🍞
lowlife6 : 🍼 @mario_death
vantablackx : #porn
lowlife6 : #analdestruction ? @vantablackx
vantablackx : #oralobliteration
razaruscold - moonaffection - vantablackx - mario_death -
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