Sitting here doing that #madball #gorillabiscuits #badbrains #cromags #visualdiscrimination #oldskool #flexyourhead #music playoff
madball - flexyourhead - gorillabiscuits - oldskool - badbrains - music - cromags - visualdiscrimination -
josiahwarren - momo315457 -
I Drink Milk #flexyourhead #teenidles
teenidles - analdestruction - flexyourhead -
mario_death : Chocolate milk in fun 🍞
lowlife6 : 🍼 @mario_death
vantablackx : #porn
lowlife6 : #analdestruction ? @vantablackx
vantablackx : #oralobliteration
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#flexyourhead finally had a chance to hang my art somewhere cool.
flexyourhead -
gydokat : where one can seek a moment's meditation....
brutes - gecksie - john_steele2 - dreazlanabitnig -
Record shopping on lunch break stoked to finally own this comp #flexyourhead #dischordrecords
flexyourhead - dischordrecords -
bettersafethancere : Cop that from Plan B? I almost bought that the other day.
annihilationtime : Yaa dude @bettersafethancere
gutblud : Iron cross
annihilationtime : 18 likes @gutblud
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This is literally all the reading material I've bought, borrowed, and have been gifted in the last six or so months, most of which I have either just started, skimmed through, or haven't even cracked open. Mind you, this isn't even counting comics and downloads which there is a lot more of. I may have gotten a bit carried away. I guess I can't use the excuse "I'm bored" for some time. #educationisthebestdefenseagainstawellarmedpopulace #knowledgeispower #flexyourhead
educationisthebestdefenseagainstawellarmedpopulace - flexyourhead - knowledgeispower -
rimakour - bengalbonez - radiofrendlyunitshifter - akjaber -
#Chainmosh #dpkpromotions #flexyourhead #nwhc Thanks @designer_human_trash!
nwhc - dpkpromotions - flexyourhead - chainmosh -
localmanruinseverything : Why you crop the dudes ass out
domalvernaz : πŸ™Œ
mishycaneven : πŸ‘Œ
dogsbloodorder : Yeah, needs more ass
_lexjae : Tight
intothekillingfields604 - chris_mapthenorth - cleanlaundry - chadderxcheese -
Best compilation album.. #straightedge #flexyourhead
straightedge - flexyourhead -
herwindu : Bos sxe nih
barliayp : comot a pict nya
khusnulf14 : Folbek mas @xvikiix
fadlymp - rennadrummond - teguh1133 - kristen_mikaela -
#RecordLabel for #FlexYourHead #FirstPressing violin cover on #DischordRecords #No7 from #1982. #Bands include #MinorThreat #TeenIdles #SOA #GovernmentIssue #YouthBrigade #RedC #IronCross #Void #DCHardcore #HardcorePunk #vinyl #RareVinyl 4000 copies @dischordrecords #HARDCORERECORDS
soa - flexyourhead - bands - void - redc - youthbrigade - vinyl - recordlabel - no7 - ironcross - 1982 - dischordrecords - teenidles - minorthreat - hardcorerecords - hardcorepunk - rarevinyl - dchardcore - firstpressing - governmentissue -
theonewiththewurlitzer - sabcat32 - jlevenger - iiikingdomsuk -
So I got super lucky! Sandinista, Flex Your Head, and My War are all OG's! Damaged and Out of Step are early pressings. Best part is it didn't break the bank. Working for the best record store in the peninsula has its perks. #theclash #flexyourhead #blackflag #minorthreat #outofstep #dischord
dischord - outofstep - blackflag - flexyourhead - minorthreat - theclash -
mynameisnotruss : what store are you working at?
the_diabetic_dude : It's called Vinyl Solutions in San Mateo.
the_diabetic_dude : @mynameisnotruss
xrandybutternubsx - el_callejero_feroz - robotclean - ___ashbee___ -
#dischordrecords #dischord #MinorThreat #flexyourhead #TeenIdles #GovernmentIssue #void #ironcross #ArtificialPeace #hardcorerecord #hardcorevinyl #vinylcollection
vinylcollection - flexyourhead - dischordrecords - void - minorthreat - dischord - hardcorevinyl - artificialpeace - ironcross - teenidles - governmentissue - hardcorerecord -
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The Return of #OliviaNeutronJohn !! with the Mackaye boys #IanMackaye #AlecMackaye #DischordRecords #faith #minorThreat #warmers #fugazi #flexyourhead #DC
faith - warmers - flexyourhead - dischordrecords - ianmackaye - minorthreat - dc - fugazi - olivianeutronjohn - alecmackaye -
igpunk : This is magical
superkebabi : πŸ’ͺπŸ‘†πŸ’€
communistbeyonce : Is he looking down their shirt?
maladjustin : #skewbald
deadlyprey : #egghunt
rrrachellynne : whoa!
natbvm : Gah
rajayoda : Pop Life
tellmeabouttheolddays - shelleyginkgo - scottcurtis3720 - neveryoucare -
Bruh #flexyourhead #dchc
dchc - flexyourhead -
micah_jasper : First press
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The epitome of D.C. hardcore. God bless you, Dischord Records. #flexyourhead #hardcorepunk #dischord #minorthreat #soa #stateofalert #governmentissue #untouchables #redc #artfiicialpeace #deadline #washingtondc
soa - flexyourhead - minorthreat - washingtondc - stateofalert - artfiicialpeace - redc - untouchables - dischord - deadline - hardcorepunk - governmentissue -
dannydevan : I lovvvvvedd all your pictures, check mine out as well :) im sure you'll like them, they are also cool!
stooleykutchakokov : #void :D
kidarmor - theofficialsantaclaus - __theycallmejay - edwards.denise2014 -
#januaryrecordaday2015 - Day 23 - Favorite record Friday. Any record I want to post. This was always the one. A fourth press, perhaps one day I'll purchase others, but for now this is the one for me. Please don't let this discourage anyone from posting the same. I'd love to see more pics. After all, it's favorite record Friday. #minorthreat #dischord #dischordrecords #flexyourhead #sxe #straightedge
januaryrecordaday2015 - dischord - sxe - flexyourhead - dischordrecords - straightedge - minorthreat -
oroni_pacheco : πŸ‘ŠπŸ™Œ
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19 years old at the Cat Cave #tbt #flexyourhead #thatmohawktho #punk #eazye #imissthatshirt
imissthatshirt - thatmohawktho - flexyourhead - eazye - punk - tbt -
fuzzpriest : (Said with lisp) ooooo you so angry...grrrrr haha
thermofacts : awww
alainavondoli - flapjak - theonly8bithero - butt_toucher -
#flexyourhead NEWARK NJ πŸ™ (not France)
flexyourhead -
nobel_prize - alexperpich - aurimas48 - anthonymiler -
#januaryrecordaday2015 #januaryrecordaday day 20. Album you'd like to see performed live. Flex Your Head comp. Bands playing their hit LP from beginning to end is quite the fashion these days so I'm kind of cheating but how insane would this line up be? Minor Threat, Youth Brigade, S.O.A, the list goes on. To even see one of these bands at this time would be a major life moment. #flexyourhead #dischordrecords #alternativetenticles #minorthreat #soa #stateofalert #teenedles #dchc
soa - flexyourhead - dischordrecords - dchc - minorthreat - stateofalert - januaryrecordaday2015 - teenedles - januaryrecordaday - alternativetenticles -
stooleykutchakokov : Love that cover!
philxoertel - xhebrewhooliganx - jaquejackk - joaodavidconde -
#flexyourhead fireman spluge!
flexyourhead -
marianista : Lol
sgtcobb : So angry!
annanalu - machupicchumusic - mursaellvira - tomukai -
One of my favourite literary passages about the anguish of war. #nowar #peace #books #read #flexyourhead #ianmcewan
ianmcewan - books - flexyourhead - read - peace - nowar -
thisiseverythingg - paulinaclemente - ryleerae - thecoldestfield -
Wishing Jason a successful 2015. He does amazing things at @minorthreatschessclub for the kids in Philadelphia. You can donate to the cause at Thanks for the hoodie! #chess #philadelphia #minorthreats #flexyourhead
minorthreats - chess - flexyourhead - philadelphia -
minorthreatschessclub : THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!!!
anthony.brooks - minorthreatschessclub - angelina_pr7 -
we just confirmed we will be hosting the DC Punk/HarDCore documentary, Salad Days at Circle Cinema March 6th & 7th. hope you can make it out. #flexyourhead
flexyourhead -
air_balloon_road : Nice! I was wondering if this one would make it to Tulsa. πŸ‘πŸ‘
holy_mountain_tulsa : we've been hard at work trying to square it away, but as of today we got that confirmation. hope you can make it out for one of the nights @air_balloon_road
air_balloon_road : @holy_mountain_tulsa Oh I'll be there! I've already marked my calendar! Such exciting news!!
kimbeap - circlecinema - sweetbabyrage - jambronicus -
Only 2 Ouija boards left! This is the last time I'll ever post about these, promise. And as soon as I'm out of debt I'll have A LOT MORE prints available. Order on my bigcartel, link on my profile. Yes, to a couple of you, yours are being shipped. And if you dont get one of these there is still 1 or 2 at E3 modern, 1 (I think) at Raunch records and a few being sent to @goldenpyramids11 for the #freeyano benefit show in Oakland if there's any homies in the bay that want one, but this is all I have! About to FINALLY print my counting book, and a slew of other things. Stay sick. πŸ’€βœ¨πŸŒ™#lastweeksucked #biketheivescaneatit #ouija #artforsale #Lettering #heatherheldrules #drawandwritelettersallthetime #flexyourhead
lettering - biketheivescaneatit - flexyourhead - drawandwritelettersallthetime - lastweeksucked - heatherheldrules - freeyano - artforsale - ouija -
goldenpyramids11 : Yes thank you so much skyler! Really really appreciate you!
anemalone : Hell yeah you're the man !!!
skylerchubak : @goldenpyramids11 miss you homie! Sorry its taken so long to send. Shipping it out tomorrow! Miss the bay!
skylerchubak : @anemalone thanks mang! You're the man
goldenpyramids11 : It's all good! Miss you too dude
shley1derful : @8oh1josh
skinnyfists1985 : Any left?! If so how much are you charging?!
skylerchubak : @skinnyfists1985 there are none left that i have except a couple rejects that have misprinted backs, that I could sell for really cheap, but they are misprinted.. Also I think there might be one at Uprok records and one at E3 modern if you're in Salt Lake! They are 100$. If youre interested I couldnget a hold of them and see if they still have them
sharonlea7 - dg_nacho - blackrosetattooshop - seafoamblues -
Growing up in the suburbs of Northern VA outside of DC, no other band defined that feeling: Skating backyards and ditches, beer, weed, metal, and absent "parental" parties. Countless Friday night shows at the Wilson Center and various other halls and basements. Wouldn't have traded it for the world. #dchardcore #dc #flexyourhead #cccc #thrasher #lapper
cccc - lapper - flexyourhead - thrasher - dchardcore - dc -
stu_gazi : Suburban demographic
96tearz : @deansnuts please make an enamel pin
rabbitholerecords - eztad - antoniodidomenico - milo43 -
"Dont cry freedom cause you've stolen mine. Smoke filled rooms make me blind." #straightedge #flexyourhead #SSDECONTROL
straightedge - ssdecontrol - flexyourhead -
jxrad : So cool
bunyip_brains : 3 X's seems more like a regional DC thing as opposed to a straight edge thing
xchumpx - boingblack - alyssarosendahl - david_lgp -
Something face with an Oakland booty. A 225 front squat for funzies to get away from homework. #flexyourhead #flexyourass #buttstuff πŸ“πŸ’»πŸ‘ #chickachickachickaslimshady
buttstuff - flexyourass - chickachickachickaslimshady - flexyourhead -
thepeopleschump : What? No reps?
stak310 : Where the fuck are the dog bits.
masterofpuppies : @thepeopleschump nah. I'm basically a bitch.
masterofpuppies : @stak310 I'm over it
phildaafunk : Dat ass
sararuserious - ashsaffarian - natasxcrucified - murryrose -
Such an honour to be featured in the winter edition of BGCC's Impact! Big thanks to @jvrose8 for taking this picture and huge congrats on getting @_juliarosephotography published in a national newsletter! 2015 is off to a great start and don't forget to thank your local BG Club for everything they do in your community! #BGCC #Impact #MentalHealthMatters #FlexYourHead Read the full newsletter here:
impact - mentalhealthmatters - flexyourhead - bgcc -
boonekaitlyn_ : BAE 😍❀️
shealahhart : Congrats Shane!! πŸ‘Œ
cmichelin95 : You're a superstar bae 😘
meganellenb - stephwilli14 - _rachel_mills - _blakechelsea_ -
Tuesday's soundtrack to the falling snow.
godflesh - newyorkthrash - youthoftoday - flexyourhead -
doublecrossxx : #godflesh #youthoftoday #flexyourhead #newyorkthrash
nothingguy64 : Streetcleaner rips
corexgore : πŸ€LIKE RATSSSS!!πŸ€
millwalldavey : Streetcleaner = best album art ever.
dsternaimolo : The new Godflesh record is amazing
hancholo_almeida : Very nice!
xtimmyxcorex : Locust. Furnace. :)
paramanandayoga - erikeriyana - devilboy1973 - nakedjockman -
flexyourhead - blackflag - straightahead - uniformchoice - anchor - millonariosfc - hardcorepunk - straightedge - insted -
xunchicocualquierax : Mi pequeño rincón de amor!! Por lo que fue, lo que es, lo que será!!! πŸ’• #blackflag #uniformchoice #straightahead #insted #flexyourhead #millonariosfc #anchor #hardcorepunk #straightedge
cnvan_ : sweeeeeet @VinesBeLike
danieltellob : °°/M
klsm2013 : Siempre contigo βœŒοΈβš“οΈ
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I have no reputation that I must maintain!
yellowvinyl - vinyl - flexyourhead - void - oldschoolhardcore - getgnarly - dehumanized -
eyeballofdeath : #void #flexyourhead #oldschoolhardcore #yellowvinyl #vinyl #dehumanized #getgnarly
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Winter... #gettycenter #LostAngeles #flexyourhead
gettycenter - lostangeles - flexyourhead -
r.olivarez - rojakrustie - humandoubleface - frozen_spit -
Way way back #newhampshire #albarr #dropkickmurphys #gorillabiscuits #flexyourhead #policevan #skinheadvest
newhampshire - 1985 - policevan - albarr - flexyourhead - skinheadvest - dropkickmurphys - gorillabiscuits -
jte810 : this is incredible
civ : Very natural
fddrlnd : @civ I knew you'd go there!
fddrlnd : @jte810 I know. An old friend sent me that recently #1985
neverfal_ : Actually it's 1984 might even be late '83 @fddrlnd
fddrlnd : @neverfal_ good memory! Mine is shot
neverfal_ : I have a little left @fddrlnd ! I hope you r well !
fddrlnd : @neverfal_ ha! Mine is selective at best. Back at you
moncmc - theoutlawsarmy - thebarstoolpreachers - veganxlover -
It's been a good month. #Blacklisted #ChainOfStrength #ColdWorld #FastAndFuriousOST #FlexYourHead #Floorpunch #Fury #Give #JayZ #Naysayer #PearlJam #SafeAndSound #Suspect #TurningPoint #Unbroken #Vow #VinylIGClub
safeandsound - flexyourhead - give - fury - jayz - vow - naysayer - turningpoint - floorpunch - blacklisted - fastandfuriousost - pearljam - vinyligclub - suspect - chainofstrength - coldworld - unbroken -
emperorcv : Flex your head was one of the first records I ever got. Love it so much. Respect.
taiki_pg - imhoneyy - youngbloodrecords - whatdidwelearn -
#flexyourhead #creeperalert #followme
creeperalert - followme - flexyourhead -
geronimas53 : @koodies2 @gravediggahz @christopherswimmings @shittymorty
koodies2 : LA, land of the creepiest NBA fans.
gravediggahz : @geronimas53 you in 6 months
christopherswimmings : @gravediggahz LA has very Dickensian fans.
christopherswimmings : @gravediggahz @geronimas53 Didn't know Micheal Gira of Swans was a baller
soooouuuuurrrrr : @robheppler your pops
lindseygazel : @jamesfgoldstein πŸ’°
enronaujla : #horseballs #salsadancing #iwish myballzwebeinglickdd
theprizebypatty - nobel_prize - minnowbathers - 69snacklinrosie69 -
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