Less than a month away!!! Our first time exploring #Europe together and visiting #DisneylandParis. It's almost unreal what's about to happen! #firsttimetoeurope #bucketlist #summervacation #secondhoneymoon #love #travel
europe - summervacation - love - firsttimetoeurope - disneylandparis - secondhoneymoon - travel - bucketlist -
madelynnlong : Yay!! Jealous
mahsita612 - wflojo_wilbeth - cass_landdeck - fabes23 -
I'm sorry if you've seen this already, but I'm just suuuuuper excited. 😁✈️ #firsttimetoEurope #vacation #irish
irish - firsttimetoeurope - vacation -
_therealdc3 : @tcarreiro21 yeah?! Where did you stay at? Dublin?
tcarreiro21 : Yeah 10 minute bus ride outside of Dublin in this little spot called Donnybrook Manor!
_therealdc3 : @tcarreiro21 I'm gonna be staying 5 nights in Wicklow and 2 nights in Galway. Ughh can't wait!
stephanie_specht : What!!!!!!!!! Soooo jealous!!!
_therealdc3 : @stephanie_specht 😬😬😬
tcarreiro21 : Wicklow is dope!!
steff_rourke : ahh man Ireland is a dream come true vacation. Enjoy the shit outta that πŸ‘Œhappy for you
_therealdc3 : @steff_rourke haha thanks! Have you been?
shenko99 - isearchforsunrise - eang19690895 - choco_artemishawk -
Got to eat a Macaroon and drink a cappuccino at a cafe with the artists in Montmartre! #sippingcoffeewithvangogh #nibblingonamacaroonwithrenoir #montmartre #paris #firsttimetoeurope #macaroons #therealcappuccino
sippingcoffeewithvangogh - firsttimetoeurope - paris - montmartre - therealcappuccino - macaroons - nibblingonamacaroonwithrenoir -
nanda_ruiz_97 - moniquerobyn - cardozan - mrsnatdoza -
At the Louvre! #sawmonalisassmile #france #paris #louvre #firsttimetoeurope #raininglikethenw #glasstriangles #usingmyumbrellainparis
raininglikethenw - firsttimetoeurope - louvre - paris - sawmonalisassmile - france - usingmyumbrellainparis - glasstriangles -
mrsnatdoza - gelverdause - moniquerobyn - olivegoose_ -
Kristina and I at the Champagne Bar! #France #firsttimetoEurope #ilovemychampagne #friends #paris #lovethiscity
ilovemychampagne - firsttimetoeurope - lovethiscity - paris - friends - france -
mrsnatdoza - hyped_vision - moniquerobyn - olivegoose_ -
I'm going on an adventure! So long, America! πŸ‘‹πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #typicalpassportphoto #firsttimetoeurope #imsoexcited #singriga #smcwcg2k14 #onlya14hourflightisinmyway #readyornothereIcome #choirtour
firsttimetoeurope - choirtour - typicalpassportphoto - readyornothereicome - singriga - smcwcg2k14 - onlya14hourflightisinmyway - imsoexcited -
brandonn_thompsonn : Nice profile!
frankandrice - saraiskandar94 - 2beatfoley - jacqui11qui -
Goodbye New York it's been real!! Off to Prague. #prague #wanderlust #travel #newyork #ny #czechrepublic #firsttimetoeurope
czechrepublic - wanderlust - firsttimetoeurope - ny - newyork - prague - travel -
somekindofwanderlust - just_me_alycia - laurenans - sweetsong22 -
8 days until Greece! β˜€πŸŒŠβœŒ #firsttimetoeurope #Mykonos #superexcited #countdownison @retaliationn
firsttimetoeurope - countdownison - superexcited - mykonos -
cameroncorinne : That's so exciting !!!
samiilee13 : Have so much fun!!!
_mdelaney : Can't wait to see all the pics have fun girl ❀️😏 @cait__ox
chelsesaurus : Enjoy it's the most beautiful place in the world!!
cait__ox : Thanks ladies! I am so excited ☺
marzzzbar - thatgemineye - cassiemmelo - samiilee13 -
Making our decent to the land of the wogs!!!! ✈️✈️ #firsttimetoeurope #myhunni #dontmissustoomuch @george_kostakis
dontmissustoomuch - firsttimetoeurope - myhunni -
alina11095 - amymcgarva - jennifertemelkovski - santos.kc -
vacation planning with this lady... where should we go?! #eek #FirstTimeToEurope! πŸ‘―βœˆοΈπŸ˜πŸ™Œ
firsttimetoeurope - eek -
daniellegruley : Italy Turkey Spain!
megomcp : Prague!!
megeve : @megomcp so she's going to Prague with her bf and I'm meeting her after. That ones off the table :/ any other suggestions?
kathryncondrey : Rome!! It is amazing. And Mykonos was my favorite spot in Greece!
daniraekemp : Southern Italy ❀️ or Rome!!!! France was amazing too.
monreveandco : Italy!
kinderk : Spain or Greece!!??
dijanatmusic : Paris!!!!
allieraeb - kstout12 - taliecash - rawagoner91 -
ONE. MORE. WEEK. #countdown #Cork #Ireland #Europe #BlarneyCastle #beautiful #cantwait #firsttimetoEurope
europe - beautiful - blarneycastle - cantwait - cork - countdown - ireland - firsttimetoeurope -
masonreed17 : @lauren_presley @phillupmycup @granteric @johnmorganmcc @t_blevins @helengtodd @kristymcconnell
simply_tiffanymarie : So jealous! I miss you! ❀️😊 go to youth camp!! @masonreed17
masonreed17 : I miss you too! But I wasn't asked to be a chaperone this year :( so hopefully next.. @simply_tiffanymarie
simply_tiffanymarie : Wahhhh. 😒 go as a camper!! πŸ˜‰
johnmorganmcc - lissakaydee - jlukethomas - sonyxperiaie -
Two weeks from today I'll be in Rome. Seems unreal! #firsttimetoeurope #lyleseuropeanvacation
lyleseuropeanvacation - firsttimetoeurope -
allisonkeilani : You are going to love it!!! I did a cruise almost identical to that and it was beautiful
jenn_lyles : Woohoo! @allisonkeilani Do you recommend any excursions? We are on the fence about those.
allisonkeilani : I didnt do any excursions because they always left too early and I didnt wanna follow a group around. Plus they will take you to really touristy places and try and sell you crap.
loringwhitney : When you are in Barcelona, try to make time to see La Segrada Familia. It is by far the most beautiful manmade thing I've ever seen!
jenn_lyles : Thanks, @allisonkeilani, we will do our own thing. Plus, we're going with another couple. @loringwhitney thanks!! We actually have two days in Barcelona before we cruise and one day after the cruise before we come home, so we will check it out!
jenn_lyles : @allisonkeilani Do they have American/Canadian power outlets? I'm super worried about my hair straightener. Lol. Did yours work?
allisonkeilani : Lol they have american power outlets on the ship
allisonkeilani : If you're there for 2 days you should definitely try and go to seville.... it is one of the oldest cities and it is really beautiful
runnerjewel - fariswheelb - dvnmichael - ma_blizzard -
Only 115 days until Oktoberfest Germany yah!! #Germany #oktoberfest #september #excited #cantwait #firsttimetoeurope
oktoberfest - germany - firsttimetoeurope - september - excited - cantwait -
leah_ruby7 - _brooke_rudd_xo - oktoberfestmuenchen - chloehobbs_x -
My adventure begins πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘³ #frenchtrip #campustrip #firsttimetoeurope #ndeso #orangkampungnaikpesawat
campustrip - ndeso - frenchtrip - firsttimetoeurope - orangkampungnaikpesawat -
chandraxwinata : Woghhh asik bgt. Take care land
riyan_sentosa : safe flight say... wkwkwkwk
ayhwien : genduuut...safe flight.. enjoy it!!
cahgust : yeahh...seruu abisss...ti ati terbang e.. :)
fankfankk : Enak e landddddddd...
gavrila_aditya : Ketemu paris jm brp jd ne?
franskr13 : Ktmu paris jam 5 yo @gavrila_aditya @alandadhi
gavrila_aditya : Kafe depan eipel yo @alandadhi @franskr13
putrime - fentyhimawan - astrimbs - karissaaprilia -
#photogrid @photogridorg. Let the 2014 girls trip begin. Mommy and I in 2008 and here we are in 2014. Looked great than and still hot now. #montecarlo #girlstrip2014 #mommyanddaughter #delta #Nice #internationallyknown #firsttimetoEurope #passport #jappybirthdayBiggieSmalls #representing #Biggie #NotoriousBIG #grandprix2014
internationallyknown - passport - firsttimetoeurope - girlstrip2014 - mommyanddaughter - grandprix2014 - photogrid - jappybirthdaybiggiesmalls - montecarlo - notoriousbig - delta - nice - representing - biggie -
bossfittodd - e_francisco87 - justdoit_killnem -
Next stop #greece ! βœˆοΈπŸ˜πŸ™‹ #firsttimetoeurope #hereigo
firsttimetoeurope - hereigo - greece -
tiareks : Have a safe flight love! Have fun 😍😍
keahirose : 😍😍😍good luck. Babe!!!
mellymel773 : Safe travels sister!
tiare_dahlia : 420 huh lol be safe love
cotykiefer11 : Lol lucky!!!!!! @schaammay
haydenakamango - simplebill - rainaade - _swift_1_ -
Off to Germany! #firsttimetoeurope #unclefred #gottapracticemygerman
unclefred - firsttimetoeurope - gottapracticemygerman -
the_demon_ : Ahh I'm so excited for you! Have a safe trip ❀️
nhumaii : Have fun babe!!!!!πŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ˜πŸ˜˜ safe travels!!!✈️
kolbuszzzz : Ahhhhh!!! I'm going to miss you sis!! Have fun!! πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺπŸ‘πŸ˜‚
matthewhiraoka : Nein Nein Nein Nein!
christinekolbusz : ^^^ Hahahaha!!! Aww thanks @the_demon_ , @nhumaii , @kolbuszzzz πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’–
claire_sirna - mauigirl92 - eli_ellie_glez - kolbuszzzz -
My first night in #London and I get snapped by the paparazzi with @chloegreen5 #TopShop and my buddy @vasjmorgan www.vasjmorgan.com Geez, my friends are popularπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ @topshop #firstTimeToEurope ✈️
topshop - london - firsttimetoeurope -
laylagara : Super star! Need a bodyguard?? ;)
rocco5150 : @laylagara lol I doubt I'll ever get to that level
rocco5150 : @nessyramirez yup
rocco5150 : @bellavenezia91 it was a brief but pleasant adventure
arlenebarreto : @rocco5150 When are you back in LA?
adriebby89 : You should call or text me. I really wanna talk to you. Do you still have my number? Lol
cathrynli : @rocco5150 You look great πŸ˜‰
rocco5150 : @imgmodels
veronicadoddsss - iamnoller - ssharkasi - pierlorenzobassetti -
It's the first time I needed my passport for work. I'm so very thankful for the loving parents I have that have supported me all my life. I only hope one day I'm as amazing as my mom. Oh, and I went in to get a 2inch trim and the lady took off 6inches. My hair is so short now -.- #happymothersday #firsttimetoeurope #london
happymothersday - london - firsttimetoeurope -
duanep305 : Safe travels!
jenny_loves_soup : OMG! Who are you traveling with? So jelly
mrkmalinowski - melissatrinh - saint_jill - dpak23 -
Bye bye Charlotte! Paris & London, get ready for the Marciniaks! #firsttimetoeurope #a330 #marciniakstakeeurope
marciniakstakeeurope - firsttimetoeurope - a330 -
sweet_sami : Ahhhhhh! Yay! Have fun you two! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘βœˆοΈ @btmarciniak
jamisonmark : Have a blasty blast!
typicaltrev : That's awesome!!
caroline5893 : WOO HOO!!
eddierod5819 - lucastpereira - paulmolson - catalinalara27 -
the girlfriend seeing me off and my preflight ritual. passport and boarding pass for scale. #leavingonajetplane #firsttimetoeurope #bebacksoon #1literofbeer #at10am #iHATEflying
1literofbeer - ihateflying - at10am - firsttimetoeurope - bebacksoon - leavingonajetplane -
hiitskasumi : Have fun! Will be waitin to celebrate your bday!
cbaekman : @hiitskasumi thanks! its gonna be wild as fuck. much like the last time you went drinking with me.
hiitskasumi : Imma wish you a happy birthday then leave before I cause any trouble for myself/you
cbaekman : @hiitskasumi LOL you wish you are allowed to leave early.
son_goku808 : I leave Europe tomorrow lol
jas_ay - ayano_sunshine - vickim - deekao -
Welcome to Gent #Belgium #Ghent #Rowing #SASRUtour #FirstTimeToEurope #Magic
sasrutour - magic - firsttimetoeurope - belgium - ghent - rowing -
thewildwillis : Mooi so! Proud of you B Money
kbolus9 - samanthajayde_22 - thewildwillis - douggrieve -
Arrived in Madrid this morning (Saturday)! Absolutely beautiful! #killinitinMadrid #traveltravel #europe #muchSpainsuchbeauty #firsttimetoEurope #happyascanbe
europe - killinitinmadrid - traveltravel - firsttimetoeurope - muchspainsuchbeauty - happyascanbe -
crazynorwegianable : Great picture
sethret_54 : Thank you Sir @crazynorwegianable
lydiafidia398 - mckennanoelle1 - chaewon_park01 - katie_jane_b -
This time three years ago I was on my way to Madrid......πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” #imissspain #firsttimetoeurope
firsttimetoeurope - imissspain -
freecarly - paige_jae - madi_rose3 - rrrobbyrob -
Just a few more hours until we get to see these crazy lovies!! So excited! #londonbound #sonervous #firsttimetoeurope
londonbound - sonervous - firsttimetoeurope -
morelandv : @sbelz07 !!
salem_aldulaa - k_warr - b_s_cottt - kv_mcintyre -
It's feeling real now. Flight bought....rail passes bought.... Is it may yet!!! Europe with @lexii15 #Europe #travel #railpass #adventure #firsttimetoeurope
europe - travel - railpass - adventure - firsttimetoeurope -
rza_an : Holy crap!! Have fun dude!
geckstedt : @rizzyfbabyyy 😁😁 thxxxx.
rza_an : Europe>>>>EDC you already know it haha
mikeyyylikesit - darcymarie - geomagnetic_storm - kaylynmethot -
One month from today, we will be on our way to beautiful Ireland and seeing this very place! #soexcited #firsttimetoeurope #springbreak #travel
soexcited - travel - springbreak - firsttimetoeurope -
thisiscandis - mrjezak - _airsoft_spere_ - shellran -
Another great day shredding in Austria and watching friends kill the Hochfugen #fwq14 4 star! Congrats to everyone on the podium! @mattyfranchise @amxfld19 @fischersports @soulpoles #fwt14 #firsttimetoeurope #lovelife #tahoemassive
fwq14 - fwt14 - firsttimetoeurope - lovelife - tahoemassive -
eeeelaina : wowwwwzaaa
amxfld19 : Thanks Connor!! See you state side!!
harhoghol - freestylesteev - emily__maree - themtnpulse -
Amazing time with the European Fischer Team in #Austria! @neilwilliman @hannafish thanks everyone who made Europe possible @lightpolelifestyle @fischersports @soulpoles @smithoptics @aptemal #mom&dad #plantyoursoul #tahoemassive #firsttimetoeurope #lovelife
austria - firsttimetoeurope - mom - tahoemassive - plantyoursoul - lovelife -
amxfld19 : Wish I could have been there!
baskilla1 : Your welcome
baskilla1 : Hahahaga
sandralahnsteiner : cool to meet y!
timswartz - bodycoan - ricky_bates - baskilla1 -
Well America..it's been real ✌️I'm off to start a whole new chapter of my life and I can't wait☺️Copenhagen here I come πŸ’š#highlife #dis #studyabroad #holycrapthisisahugeplane #firsttimetoeurope #seeyousoonusa
firsttimetoeurope - holycrapthisisahugeplane - highlife - studyabroad - seeyousoonusa - dis -
kattoomey : So much πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€πŸ’—
allefra25 : I still can't believe there's a George Bush Int'l Airport in existence
lb21557 : Clearly texas is obsessed with him .. They have highways named after him and what not lol
thunderrc - kattoomey - f1zer - jasmine_nelson -
London bound βœˆοΈπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ @krazedhippo #firsttimetoeurope #siblinglove #turnup
turnup - firsttimetoeurope - siblinglove -
felinakat4 : Can't believe I was your nanny lol #loveYoukids
misapisa : OMG you're going to London??!!! It will be awesome!!! Love it there!! πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
ktuivailala : So jealous! Have fun and be safe guys!
marissasodope - misapisa - maarmaar - taylerstone -
Ahhhh we're going on vacation!! Best boyfriend ever 😘 #HappyNewYears #Portugal #Azores #FirstTimetoEurope βœˆοΈπŸ·πŸ‘«
azores - firsttimetoeurope - portugal - happynewyears -
krissyymarie : Thats awesome !!
gardenofeedz - jessrago - di_babe - shangover -
My love, I will miss you beyond belief. Thank you for trying to cheer me up but I still couldn't stop crying. BYE MELBOURNE! See you in 7 months ❀️❀️❀️😭😭😭 #uniexchange #lyon #france #firsttimetoeurope #illmissyoumelbourne
lyon - illmissyoumelbourne - firsttimetoeurope - uniexchange - france -
thrillsandfrills15 : @blizchicken oh wow Aleks, hope you have an amazing time! :)
blizchicken : Thanks @thrillsandfrills15 :D congrats on graduating!
meggleslawson : @blizchicken blitzys you're adorable! Have an amazing time 😘
mwoods_12 : @blizchicken I'll see you soon girly! Cutest London catchups are happening!!
trace30 : omg aleks that's incredible have the best time! :)
laura_carrington : Have fun Aleks! X
fionabensz : ❀️❀️❀️
joannapid - laura_carrington - trace30 - ninastephens -
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