Off to Europe! !!! Super excited and kinda buzzed haha thank you so much @tduenas1971 !!#europehereicome #birthdaygift #firsttimetoeurope #adventuretime
adventuretime - birthdaygift - europehereicome - firsttimetoeurope -
elkinskerry : Yay!!!
insta.single : Beauty
insta.single : Beauty!!!
misslisadanielle_ : Whaaat! Have fun!!! 💙
mandavanessa : Love this! Have so much fun!!
nataweewee : Yes!!!! Have SOOO much fun!!! I know you will!!!😘
laurenshoemate : Have so much fun boo!!!!
insta.single - _mcjax - tianacortes - morgan_paigek -
一起身就聽到巴黎發生咁大件事以為自己未訓醒, 自己去過都希望巴黎快啲平靜返 #prayforparis #pray #Paris #fr #france #hk #hkig #ig #hongkong #travel #traveler #lovetravel #lovetraveling #city #urban #pontdesarts #goodweather #europe #35dayeurojounary #firsttimetoeurope #2014
europe - urban - prayforparis - 35dayeurojounary - fr - lovetraveling - pontdesarts - hkig - traveler - ig - firsttimetoeurope - city - lovetravel - hk - pray - hongkong - travel - france - paris - 2014 - goodweather -
k6n2918 : Super cool :) @angelina.nana
k6n2918 - blahite_tweetylove - casa_de_sofia - twintravelers -
Oh you know, just hanging out in our @v1ktorathletics and @nutrishophillsboro workout gear and booking flights to the UK. You know, just a normal Monday 😁😁✈️🇬🇧 @alcepf #bookingflights #vacation #UK#nottingham #firsttimetoeurope #visitingfamily #visitingfriends #twoweeks
visitingfamily - twoweeks - vacation - nottingham - uk - visitingfriends - bookingflights - firsttimetoeurope -
alcepf : Ahhhh!!! I'm so excited! We leave so freaking soooon!!!!!
natcui : Super jealous! It's on my list for sure.
justassofthepiece : I was just in Nottingham about 3 weeks ago as a stop over in between rugby world cup games. It's a cute town. Very college-y.
panda911rn : Fun!!!!
panda911rn - megsking11 - jeffgurske - coreybrueck_fit -
Day 2 / Explore: walking until exhaustion, eating pistachio gelati, and reveling in the depth of history around me. **************************************** #wildhairdontcare #AlteroftheFatherland #TheWeddingCake #Rome #Roma #viewfromthetop #ItalyeSicily #explore #firsttimetoeurope #blissful. ****************************************
firsttimetoeurope - alterofthefatherland - italyesicily - explore - rome - wildhairdontcare - roma - blissful - theweddingcake - viewfromthetop -
telyba : Yessss!!!!
gracieumbrella - keyanaa - e.l.barr - telyba -
I know I know. I still got two weeks till my trip. But I'm super excited started organizing and eliminating clothes I am taking. Gonna be chilly over there #twoweekstillvacation #germany #germanyorbust #firsttimetoeurope
twoweekstillvacation - germany - firsttimetoeurope - germanyorbust -
alelekisrose - sebzmonster - legronroos -
Okay, friends. I need advice. Dave and I are am planing a trip to Belfast, Ireland for #Scentsy Europe convention in February, then I want to go to Glasgow, Scotland to visit Fraser and Lynsey and our team there. BUT... what should the rest of my trip look like? Would you stick around Ireland and Scotland and take longer to tour those places since I'm there, or should I go for the short and sweet, but see more Europe highlights (you know, London, Paris, Belgium, etc.)?? If so, where would you go? Keep in mind, it's February. Might not be glorious weather for traveling and sight seeing, but what do I know! Haha. 🚉✈️ #scentsytravels #seetheworld #goodexcuse #firsttimetoeurope (not counting Greece)
scentsytravels - goodexcuse - firsttimetoeurope - scentsy - seetheworld -
karamissione : You should travel down to Donegal (3 hrs from Belfast ) and it's into the Republic of Ireland . Matthew Broderick and SJP holiday there yearly , it's where I'm from so I am biased of course but it's stunning unspoilt and voted some of Ireland's best beaches and scenery !
beckysattler : @karamissione you are a woman of mystery! I thought you were from Manchester or Sicily or Italy! Haha. But Donegal... that was a surprise! :) Isn't that where Scott and Alexandra live? I could crash their pad! Lol.
karamissione : @beckysattler well I was born ( just about in Manchester ahem !) but my family are all from Donegal yes :)) I holiday there each year and it's where Dad was X yes they are there !! Not far from my village in fact !
jenaudette : Talk to @alexandrawickfree and @wickfreescott :)
milenabarlow : @beckysattler I fell in LOVE with Scotland and Ireland. I would stay there if you do not have a lot of time. Tour the castles (amazing) and lochs around Edinburg 😍😍😍 and the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland is a MUST!!!! 😍😍😍 Check it out my pictures to see if it would be something you wanted to visit 😉😘
colt97 - shellieeldredge - myelitelifestyle - jeansmithphoto -
We are all checked-in and ready for take off :) #vacationtime #travelingwithmybestfriend #firsttimetoeurope #gotnosleep #tooexcited #munichherewecome
tooexcited - firsttimetoeurope - vacationtime - gotnosleep - munichherewecome - travelingwithmybestfriend -
emilyweithman - erbear5555 - jsitorius687 - scottahaveit -
Now I'm off to Spain!!! My summer vacation has started🌵🙌🔥💃🌞 I'll see you guys 2weeks later! #Spain #Madrid #summervacation #trip #family #travel #roadtrip #euro #eurotrip #firsttimetoeurope ここまで約3カ月、週6頑張ったかいがありました❤️ ぜんっぜん時間バタバタだしお兄ちゃんにお土産ないけど、初スペイン行ってきます✈️✨ #旅行 #家族 #ヨーロッパ #スペイン #ママと兄 #お兄ちゃんと約3年ぶり #行ってきます
旅行 - eurotrip - firsttimetoeurope - family - madrid - お兄ちゃんと約3年ぶり - スペイン - 行ってきます - 家族 - trip - spain - euro - summervacation - travel - ママと兄 - roadtrip - ヨーロッパ -
akiee1025 : いってらーーーー❤️❤️have fun!!!!
pan38 : @akiee1025 ちょー楽しい❤️お土産待っててね💃✨
rlho_oorer - reikao814 - hir0.e - mi391205ku -
#Repost from REVELE's @marilynnelapr! Follow our trip at #revelexvenice ・・・ Arrivadarci Los Angeles 🇺🇸 Ciao Venice 🇮🇹 #VeniceFilmFestival @reveleinc #reveleXvenice #FirstTimetoEurope 🙌🏼
pr - venice - italy - firsttimetoeurope - venicefilmfestival - revelexvenice - publicrelations - filmfestival - repost -
reveleinc : #pr #publicrelations #filmfestival #venice #italy
rossanavanoni : All the essentials ❤️
gothamc2 : :) :)
creatorup : This is amazing!
opensourcemarketing - carnivorr - gold.frame - marisakarabeci -
Arrivadarci Los Angeles 🇺🇸 Ciao Venice 🇮🇹 #VeniceFilmFestival @reveleinc #reveleXvenice #FirstTimetoEurope 🙌🏼
venicefilmfestival - firsttimetoeurope - revelexvenice -
styledbynoir : Have so much fun!!!! Safe travels!! ❤️
ashleydillahunty : Oh la la have fun and love that little Chanel wallet :)
encore_eventdesign : Have the best time!! 😘
jillsfoodtravels : Lucky lady!
prahmanur26 - bartmcdowell - focus_magazine_ - firadelia_cs -
First stamp in the good 'ole passport! Feels so good to finally be here. Just one more flight till my final destination. These eyes are so ready to explore the beautiful countries of Europe! 🇦🇹🇮🇹 #pineapplestopinots #HItoEU #passport #traveling #firsttimetoeurope
traveling - hitoeu - firsttimetoeurope - passport - pineapplestopinots -
jayymaama : Safe travels
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Finally a vacation... #London #Paris #Rome #firsttimetoeurope #ifilteredtheshitoutofthis #vacationswithjenn
ifilteredtheshitoutofthis - london - firsttimetoeurope - paris - vacationswithjenn - rome -
mitch_tha_twin10 : Enjoy man!
beatricebolanos - karenashley22 - thekbeattie - vasilis_chrd -
Off to Italy! Bless my Italian trip for the next 12 days. Pray that I will enjoy my all-by-myself journey with courage and happiness. This is the beginning of my plan to travel the world and explore my destiny for the future! #Summer2015 #triptoItaly #firsttimetoeurope #JFK #milano
jfk - milano - triptoitaly - summer2015 - firsttimetoeurope -
phoebe9514 : Safe flight~什麼時候回台灣呀^_^
ogdebbrockliq : @peggyc_rose good shot @mrwarerss
nagatz93 - klcheng842 - cha.gmi - hansoo18 -
What a wonderful trip and meeting amazing new people along the way. I had a special time with @ginnyfranchise thank you ☀️. #europetrip #paris #scotland #england #europetrip2015 #firsttimetoeurope #amazingtrip
europetrip - england - europetrip2015 - paris - amazingtrip - scotland - firsttimetoeurope -
ginnyfranchise - daveyfranchise - mitchclaw - mikebalsley -
September can't get here fast enough #firsttimetoeurope
firsttimetoeurope -
jessebarrus : I took that a picture of that same building when I was in ukraine.
davidjsmurthwaite : I know a place in France you can stay
bartonblackburn : Yeah @jessebarrus that is exactly the same picture. I may or may not have stolen it from you.
kelliejellybean - coulslaw - davidjsmurthwaite - bartonblackburn -
Off on our redeye to Amsterdam after we were lazily eating our Subway sandwiches in the airport not realizing we were supposed to be boarding our connection flight already. Ha. Once again, we made it. #firsttimetoeurope#ihaveneverbeenonaplanethisbig #pleasedontdie @runwillt
pleasedontdie - firsttimetoeurope - ihaveneverbeenonaplanethisbig -
dlthomas431 : You are off on your adventure!
trasa35 - crusaderbeachpiano - sandycthomas - gillespiejack -
#venice #italy #europe #firsttimetoeurope
europe - venice - italy - firsttimetoeurope -
hayleelarson : Mmmm, that's number one on my bucket list - how was it??
aaronbanderson : It's cool I'll stay home.
spenydotcom : Solid
sjelee10 : You are truly livin the dream!! This is a pro shot!!! Keep them comin!!!
chipperhafen : Nice!! Its cool aaron wanted to stay home to fold yoga pants @aaronbanderson
yumyum24 : Hahaha @chipperhafen 😂😂
yumyum24 : I hate you and @aortiz625
jasontrask : Uhhhhh long time no post!!!! Way to make up for it! 👍👍 This is awesome!!!
staytay31 - freegirlnow - joseandlupita - meglou8 -
#newjobforme #milan #italy #firsttimetoeurope #worktravel #italyinaugust #cleanslate
worktravel - milan - italy - newjobforme - cleanslate - italyinaugust - firsttimetoeurope -
jessicashields_fitlife - dmrys1011 - cursina12 - allisonmarie608 -
Off to Paris!!! #jolex #firsttimetoeurope #honeymoon
honeymoon - jolex - firsttimetoeurope -
bhoskers : Congrats guys!!!
midicho : Congrats! Have fun!
melchang707 : Yay!! You guys finally get to relax! Enjoy your trip!!! 🙌😘😊 #jolex @chonglet @alexlee23
bhoskers - hannaparker - jessige0rge - chonglet -
#Repost @berita_afrosoul with @repostapp. ・・・ Situation right now just boarded Johanesburg --->Frankfurt ----> Amsterdam✈️ #ConqueringSpirit #SongsOfEmpowerment #FirstTimeToEurope #TataMadibaCelebration #Representing
tatamadibacelebration - firsttimetoeurope - conqueringspirit - representing - songsofempowerment - repost -
max_hoba - fm.dlamini77 - ngugivere -
Next stop London then off to the Open Championship!! #firsttimetoeurope #openchampionship #spiethforthewin
firsttimetoeurope - spiethforthewin - openchampionship -
pgameme : 😀
hgrexa : Great picture!
lucian_pistritto - gregarre - ljv32 - medygolf -
Situation right now just boarded Johanesburg --->Frankfurt ----> Amsterdam✈️ #ConqueringSpirit #SongsOfEmpowerment #FirstTimeToEurope #TataMadibaCelebration #Representing
representing - tatamadibacelebration - songsofempowerment - firsttimetoeurope - conqueringspirit -
thembi911 : All da best on yo tour... n safe trip😉
dee4always : Nice hair do
original_afrikan : Bon voyage
righteouslu01 : Sukundi xesha
hlumisa36 : Natural beauty👌
widgetamerigo : Hope you have a lovely trip and great time there @berita_afrosoul
berita_afrosoul : Thank you
uhurudnd : Hey Gugu! Been ages.
asandatala - lmazwi - dakazoe - lindoh.q -
#edinburgh #scotland #spring 2003. #Europe #firsttimetoeurope #historiccity #medieval #photography #travelphotography #urban #travellushes #worldroamers
europe - edinburgh - firsttimetoeurope - urban - spring - photography - scotland - historiccity - worldroamers - travellushes - travelphotography - medieval -
stelladmamma : Surreal! 💛 : Is this a "close"? I loved Edinburgh. ❤️
thehalcyonhedgehog : @stelladmamma thanks! And yes, I think you are right about it being called a close. I am having the hardest time getting quality images off these old glossy prints. Too lazy to scan to computer still.
copperflowercottage - clickthatpicture - northernwayoflife - loveybhangu -
That feelings when you see this on your passport.... 😂🎉🗼✈😍 #visa #schengenvisa #france #firsttimetoeurope #traveling #excited #livefree #livewithoutregrets #dreamcomestrue
firsttimetoeurope - schengenvisa - livewithoutregrets - france - livefree - visa - traveling - dreamcomestrue - excited -
coronacorr : Kok enak 😭😭😭 have fun you
adaleayuza : @coronacorr ahaha makasiiiihh sayanggg huh kamu kepo yaaa ahaha love you too 😍😗😙
coronacorr : Iya qaq..soalnya aku rindu....kamu jalan2 mulu..aku iri 😂
damnitsasya : @adaleayuza wow ke paris aku iri sama kamu dele....pokoknya bawakan daku oleh oleh yah hehehehhehe
adaleayuza : @coronacorr mumpung masih muda.. nanti kalo udah tuaan dikit udah ga ada waktunya hehehe
adaleayuza : @itsasyainput oleh2 buku bahasa perancis ya hehehe
damnitsasya : @adaleayuza yes, merci adalea 😘
reginafloyd : Neat-o!
damnitsasya - alvindaheriza - peipiteata - christianortega.p -
About to jump over the pond with my brother!! Spain here we come! #FirstTimeToEurope #Vacation
firsttimetoeurope - vacation -
xo.marianne : Spain!! I'm going to France tomorrow night! Have fun and safe travels.
colin_r2d : Meet me in Berlin and Amsterdam fellas
colin_r2d : Add me on wechat for ease of communication
erikanyc_ : Enjoy guys ..have fun ..i miss you both
j_vigil05 : @colin_r2d meet us for the running of the bull or meet us in Croatia for ultra!!
scubasteveventura : @erikanyc_ miss you love!! We will, thank you
scubasteveventura : @xo.marianne how long you in France for? I'll be there at the end of the month
shanshan510 : Loooooveee you!
johnepaul - iamdjsald - kid_vicious_sf - nowcolla -
Boarding our flight to #Prague has started!!!! #CDTEuropeTour #beyoncesaidyes #dancers #byucdt #byu #cdt #jfk #firsttimetoeurope
jfk - byu - firsttimetoeurope - cdteuropetour - prague - dancers - byucdt - cdt - beyoncesaidyes -
ashdizzle22 : Have so much fun! And send me a post card, pleeeaaassseee!!! 😘😘💃🏻💃🏻
madsdennis - kristinawhipple - amberpeicos - taylorjstanger -
欧洲 我们就此别过👋🏻👋🏻 但愿此别不是永别😌😌 #byeeurope #firsttimetoeurope
firsttimetoeurope - byeeurope -
emmelynn.x - jiongchang.jc - pingxuenxuen - emilyteo0818 -
My #firsttimetoeurope #firstbeer #beer #Barcelona #barcelona2015 #spain2015 #Spain #Europe from #chiangmai #Thailand #vacation #holiday #casagraciahostel
europe - casagraciahostel - barcelona2015 - firsttimetoeurope - firstbeer - chiangmai - vacation - barcelona - beer - spain2015 - thailand - holiday - spain -
coolxaznxguy : Wish I can join you.
sammychanx3 : @coolxaznxguy me too! Miss you tons!
pinpatsak - onlyinbcn - _mellogram12 - neenerbeckham -
It's ready!! Yeeppeee 😁😍🎉💂👸✈ #uk #visa #ukvisa #firsttimetoeurope #traveling #excited #livefree #livewithoutregrets #europehereicome
ukvisa - europehereicome - livewithoutregrets - livefree - visa - traveling - uk - excited - firsttimetoeurope -
tryaseto : Hello aku mu tanya skrg untuk apply dokument apa aja yg mesti di translate? Thx :)
adaleayuza : @tryaseto kemaren sih aku gak pake translate apa2. Yang penting dokumen2 yg diminta lengkap, dan kalau bisa dengan dokumen2 tambahan cthnya akte lahir, kk, bukti booking hotel atau surat undangan dari host, dll. Semakin lengkap semakin bagus 😊😊
tryaseto : Oh thank you ya soalnya may lalu aku abis dpt refusal dan itu apply uk visa buat pertama kali 😢 mau coba lagi september ini.. Btw kemaren km pake buktu book tiket ga?
adaleayuza : @tryaseto you're welcome! Awhh coba lagi aja nanti. Mungkin kemaren belum lengkap dokumennya jd direfuse.. ga perlu book tiket dulu, karna memang dari uknya juga menyarankan untuk gak book tiket dulu sebelum visa diapprove. Good luck ya! 😊
tryaseto : Oh kamu ga pake ticket itinerary yahh? Soalnya kemaren bnyk yang blg pake itu tp jgn di issued dulu.. Iyaaaa thank you yaaa xx 😘
adaleayuza : @tryaseto gak pake.. okay sama2 😊
mikyalkele : Adel bikin visa uk berapa sekarang?
adaleayuza : @mikyalkele 1,6 juta mikkkk.. mau ke sana lagi?
992iman - giovanna_i_n_ - junnitaa - adnstage -
Ready to go! :) #혼자가아닌나 #firsttimetoeurope #여행스타그램
혼자가아닌나 - firsttimetoeurope - 여행스타그램 -
amylee1001 : Safe and enjoy your journey♥️
hatkoyang : 그래서 누구랑 가는겐가- 😚
lelitaferdiana - jane0602_ - standalonecplx - hatkoyang -
Meals of Day 3 in Europe. 😋😋 Breakfast in Zurich,Switzerland. 🌅🌅 Lunch in Freiburg, Germany. 🌝🌝 Dinner in Colmar, France. 🌚🌚 Waiters in Europe is 上好的极品。😍😍 FATS FATS GO AWAY!!! 😖😖 #firsttimetoeurope #food #meals #switzerland #germany #france #waiters #handsome
firsttimetoeurope - food - france - germany - switzerland - meals - waiters - handsome -
emmelynn.x - pingxuenxuen - emilyteo0818 - chenyi_24 -
Malaysia➡️Qatar➡️Switzerland✈️✈️ Travel with daddy and mummy 👨‍👩‍👧❤️❤️ #firsttimetoeurope #travel #switzerland
switzerland - travel - firsttimetoeurope -
king_j1a5h3ng : U wait for me
shyinlee : Enjoy 💝
stephanyymichellee : Have funn😊
stephanyymichellee - wsinkoh - jon_hei - jieteo99 -
Taking procrastination to the next level this weekend. I'm supposed to be curating the next newsletter for #the5to9life but in reality, I've just been researching and poring over pictures of places I want to visit when I head to Europe at the end of August. ✈️ #helpme #procrastinating #planning #researching #firsttimetoEurope #Europe #holidaymode #thisisnotmyphoto #obvs
europe - researching - the5to9life - firsttimetoeurope - obvs - thisisnotmyphoto - helpme - planning - holidaymode - procrastinating -
hayleyinthedesert : If you're in the Netherlands you should check out this little beach village called renesse on the North Sea. It's close enough to just do a day trip there but the chance to swim in the North Sea in the summer and then walk down cobblestone streets for a pint is something everyone should enjoy!
the5to9life : @hayleyinthedesert Thank you for the recommendation. Will definitely check it out if there's time 😊
chellschaefer - justteetee_ - malibumango - brucemoose -
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