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#boyfriend I have a boyfriend I got him on the last day of school last year #firstboyfriend
firstboyfriend - boyfriend -
two_crazy_girls1234 : I have a boyfriend his is (fpugs12)
two_crazy_girls1234 : He is weird and cute. But weird. Now he is more cuteπŸ‘ πŸ˜˜β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜
two_crazy_girls1234 : Merry Christmas πŸŽ…πŸŽ
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2014...you were the best! #NYCtrip #nationalwinners #teamtremaine #bestfriendsever #LAtrip #ilovemyfamily #mydaughtercandrivenow #firstboyfriend #gafootball
nyctrip - nationalwinners - bestfriendsever - teamtremaine - firstboyfriend - latrip - mydaughtercandrivenow - gafootball - ilovemyfamily -
lenagay94 - carolineawaters - sweetmama_2 - hrhlynn -
LOVE my shirt ✌️❀️✌️❀️✌️ #barbie&ken #firstboyfriend
firstboyfriend - barbie -
takemyh8 : Love it
mrs._figueroa : ☺️☺️☺️☺️
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#cute #firstboyfriend ❀️❀️❀️xxxxxxxzzz
cute - firstboyfriend -
amie_b89 : 😍😍😍😍
mishshah89 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
smartster84 : Omg, how frikkin cute x
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Have to share this text convo between Jarad & I. #daddysGirl #firstBoyfriend
daddysgirl - firstboyfriend -
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Never been on for 2 days, but 2 days ago I got asked out by a boy it's really embarrassing to say this but I never had a boyfriends before! So him asking me out I said yes, he is home schooled and I barely see him.. But today he came to my school all day just to see me! ❀️ he hugged me and held my hand all day.. #boyfriend #girlfriend #firstboyfriend #dating #hessweet #holdinghands #him #love #lovehim #hashtags #depression #anxiety #society
hessweet - anxiety - love - holdinghands - hashtags - society - depression - girlfriend - lovehim - dating - him - firstboyfriend - boyfriend -
biscuit.xq : I would upload pictures of us holding hands.. But they are on my friends phone.
biscuit.xq : Banananana
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Dont mind the mess πŸ˜„ #kendoll #firstboyfriend #messygirl #tan #beanie #skinny #cheeta #bedroomselfie #phonix #feettattoos #girlswithtattoos
feettattoos - beanie - girlswithtattoos - messygirl - bedroomselfie - cheeta - kendoll - phonix - tan - skinny - firstboyfriend -
nesstees : Very cool!
zellybellz - me_mo_june - skinnyfitdiet - carolyne_elizabeth21 -
#chillin with my #firstboyfriend #davidbowie #dancemagicdance
dancemagicdance - chillin - davidbowie - firstboyfriend -
kailey.darcey : Your pic is lovely ✨
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I can't even express how happy I am that this is a public thing and that my parents are chill with it. #firstboyfriend #yesssss #achievmentunlocked #fistpump
fistpump - yesssss - achievmentunlocked - firstboyfriend -
chy_15 : Yesssss!! I'm so happy for you 😊
kaitlinthesoprano : Thanks @chy_15 I'm really super happy. Lol
tina_fey14 : I can't tell you how happy I am for you bae😘
kaitlinthesoprano : You're so sweet @tina_fey14 Thank you!
sidtov13 : 😘😍
fabian_cortez - sidtov13 - sadie.yo - vaemuena -
Since the sixth grade #firstboyfriend #jews #latergram #happychannukah #cutestcoupleWMS2006
cutestcouplewms2006 - happychannukah - jews - latergram - firstboyfriend -
samdeb92 - danberd1 - mactruck7595 - michellezuelch -
Alaska and Logan on a date at Costa 😍 #firstboyfriend #cuties #alaska #alaskaemerald
alaskaemerald - alaska - firstboyfriend - cuties -
here_is_megan : First boyfriend? Watch out Liam πŸ˜‰
klaudiarr : Haha he says Logan's in trouble πŸ˜‰
here_is_megan : Ooooo drama πŸ˜‰
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I love my dad forever #firstboyfriend #mr.toekk
firstboyfriend - mr -
i.m_vintage : Visit myig for DENIM JACKET
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Well, it's official, me and Malachi are dating since yesterday 😊 He's the first guy that I'm ever dating, so we'll see how it goes. #yay #omg #ohmygod #imsohappy #boyfriend #firstboyfriend #dating
ohmygod - yay - imsohappy - omg - dating - firstboyfriend - boyfriend -
accutanefaith - faustoluigi - acne.journeey - aariekje -
Well, it's official, me and Malachi are dating since yesterday 😊 He's the first guy that I'm ever dating, so we'll see how it goes. #yay #omg #ohmygod #imsohappy #boyfriend #firstboyfriend #dating
ohmygod - yay - imsohappy - omg - dating - firstboyfriend - boyfriend -
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This is not acne related, but it's related to my last post. Ok, so you know how we admitted we liked eachother Wednesday? Well, today, he said that he wanted to talk to me. Then, him and I were walking to our last period and we stopped in the stairwell. Then, I asked him what he wanted to talk to me about, and I can tell he was nervous because he was looking at me and chuckling for like 3-5 min. lol (I thought it was cute). After that, he asked me if I never had a boyfriend because I told him, and I said no. Then, he asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend, and I answered yes. Finally, he hugged me and walked me to class. OMG!!! I have a boyfriend (finally lol)!!! He's the first guy that I ever dated, so we'll see how it goes 😊 *Oh yeah, in case you were wondering what he looks like, he's 6'1" (I'm 5'6"), he's built (like I mean "buff built"), and he's Porto Rican, Irish (I still don't understand), and Black. #omg #ohmygod #boyfriend #firstboyfriend #dating #sohappyrightnow
ohmygod - omg - sohappyrightnow - dating - firstboyfriend - boyfriend -
sosickofbreakoutsandscars : CUTE!!!
michellesjourney : I know @sosickofbreakoutsandscars lol I'm still like in 'ah' moment
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Throwback Thursday to hanging with my twin from birth! πŸ‘«πŸ™Œ #firstboyfriend#twinsatbirth#wewerecute#makingthemoverallslookgood#hemovedtoarizona#misshim#cantwaittoseehim
wewerecute - misshim - makingthemoverallslookgood - cantwaittoseehim - hemovedtoarizona - twinsatbirth - firstboyfriend -
latechballer16 : Who the heck is that @n1coleliza i recognize paul right?
n1coleliza : Yeah that's Paul and nick's his son @latechballer16
lydiarain6 : We all know you've never had a boyfriend
n1coleliza : Very funny lyd πŸ˜‘
kaylaa_246 - sage_megan - _itss_a_b_b_y_xd - jccaldwell1234 -
Awwwww sheeeet #firsttimeseeingtree #firstboyfriend #hesbae #baegoals #goals #bob #nyc #tree πŸŒ²πŸ’‹πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽ‡πŸŽ†
hesbae - baegoals - tree - goals - nyc - bob - firsttimeseeingtree - firstboyfriend -
nikkicapp : Lmfaoo the tags
nikkicapp : And aww Bob
aleeexisxo : Jel πŸ˜” BUT SO INSANELY HAPPY FOR YOU 😍
aleeexisxo : Dear Santa , I wish I was Nicole sinisi for Christmas
bchuraaa : Awee babe i lovee you so muchhπŸ’πŸ’œπŸ’œ
dmsotolongo : OHMYGOD
nicolesinisi : 😁😁 πŸ™ˆ @dmsotolongo
valmunoz : ❀️❀️❀️❀️😊
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Throwback to when I had a totally busted knee post surgery and Spotty had an injured knee so neither of us could do the show that day xD. Took my first boyfriend Matt to the barn too, Spotty doesn't seem to appreciate his grooming techniques πŸ˜‚. #horse #pony #throwback #horses #ride #throwbackthursday #race #lol #funny #bareback #injury #tbt #gallop #rescue #cute #firstboyfriend #ottb #guyquestrian #sunset #spotty #adventure #appy #welp #love #tackless #funnyface #fail #Appaloosa
tackless - cute - pony - appaloosa - gallop - throwback - tbt - horses - bareback - adventure - guyquestrian - fail - love - rescue - funny - horse - ottb - appy - throwbackthursday - ride - lol - welp - race - sunset - funnyface - spotty - injury - firstboyfriend -
madirichardss : Follow me?
firstdraftwontdo : @madirichardss Done!
porschecenter : This Is The Official Account Of porsche @porschecenter @porschecenter
firstdraftwontdo : @porschecenter I'm, uh, happy for you? Bad post surgery mood 😐
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Well it's TBT and I found this so why not. Prom circa 1988 #tbt #prom88 #alwayspink #wheredoesthetimego #lookatthatneck #firstboyfriend
prom88 - wheredoesthetimego - lookatthatneck - tbt - firstboyfriend - alwayspink -
babydolljay - _xoxokileemorgann - cassieface_ - patricks_mama91312 -
#tbt hubby and I 17 yrs ago.. #Firstboyfriend #firstcrush #firstlove πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‰
firstlove - tbt - firstboyfriend - firstcrush -
marco_2186 : Aaah!!!scary lol @hanna_arce06 XD
marco_2186 : Como decia un amigo de Argentina: es del terror, naa. Just kidding @hanna_arce06
mrstazmaniandevil : Soooooo cute....
hanna_arce06 : @marco_2186. Lol it was kind of scary back then at the age of 13 but now its a story i will someday tell my children about when they are old enough to understand :)
hanna_arce06 : @mrstazmaniandevil. Thanks mama
marco_2186 - shantypanty809 - inca__princess - gabrielambella -
#tbt to this girls first semester in clemson. So grateful to be dating my best friend. Gonna miss you over break Cuba!
tbt - firstboyfriend -
jessicahagins : @lillianmck
jessicahagins : Love this! πŸ’œ
jessicahagins : @braceyacey #firstfollower πŸ’
jfredcu : Guess who made it? #firstboyfriend
jessicahagins : I coulda guessed by the name πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #braceyacey
lillianmck : Hahaha me
landonmkinsey : #fifty-seventh follower
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Her little boyfriend Drew pulled her wagon all night. Such a gentlemen. #radioflyer #christmastree #wagondays #gentlemen #firstboyfriend #scarlettsrose
gentlemen - radioflyer - christmastree - wagondays - scarlettsrose - firstboyfriend -
jarileyshea - nicole_katherine08 - jennadevon - mrburto -
My #mcm #handsome #inlove #firstboyfriend @maestreaubeau
mcm - inlove - firstboyfriend - handsome -
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Every day when I look at you, I still can't believe that I have you. No one will ever know how grateful I am to have you back in my life, for good this time. πŸ‘‘πŸ‘«πŸ’œπŸ’š #firstboyfriend #dan #boyfriend #mcm #mine #5months #old #summer #cuddling #cuddlebuddy #bestfriends #princecharming #emt #kisses #naptime #outside #mancandymonday
summer - mcm - old - naptime - dan - kisses - mine - boyfriend - cuddling - princecharming - outside - emt - bestfriends - cuddlebuddy - mancandymonday - firstboyfriend - 5months -
ashley__clair - luan2fernandes - m.niikoliic - shafakoj -
🎢Wynn & Griffin sitting in a tree....🎢 #firstboyfriend #savethedate #2036 #cutestcoupleever
2036 - savethedate - cutestcoupleever - firstboyfriend -
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All this "romance" and "dating" stuff is strange. I just saw you yesterday, but I want you here with me again. Drowning in my feelings, but this time I don't want to come up for air. Blessed by your presence and spoiled by your love. No words.
spacestrawberry : @starrliite ^0^
spacestrawberry : @veea59 Thank you so much, Vee!!
tofu_butt : OH MY GOSH YOU QTS!!
nanalicea : @spacestrawberry I'm honestly so excited and happy for you!! Not sure if I've said it but congrats on graduating! Proud of you :) and I've recently moved out of my parents house, met new people, and turned 21 haha that's about it.
spacestrawberry : @nanalicea OHMYGOODNESS!!! All big steps that'll really change your life. I'm sure they've been good changes!! I wish you the best of happiness and health and good fortune!! And thank you so much sweetheart!! I'm so happy to be finished tbh, haha. :3
spacestrawberry : @tofu_butt Pssh!!! Still got nothin on you gurl~ πŸ˜šπŸ’•
dahsky : Awwww cute πŸ’ž
spacestrawberry : @dahsky Aww!!! Thank you so much sweetie!! πŸ’•
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Watching The grinch with Ireland look over and see this....#blackmail #firstboyfriend
blackmail - firstboyfriend -
_chiinawhiite : Lmfaoo
dawn_hughart - _chiinawhiite - hairbytrisha - justrightjaime -
I need to not. Exes are exes for a reason. I'm so stupid sometimes. #Will #ex #firstboyfriend #tired #pain #hurt #depression #longing #temptation #gayboy #cuteboy #instahomo #instagay #homoboy #cutegay #gay #homo #queer #loveme #followme #kikme #messageme
messageme - pain - cuteboy - tired - hurt - will - homo - ex - queer - kikme - depression - longing - instahomo - loveme - gay - instagay - temptation - gayboy - homoboy - cutegay - followme - firstboyfriend -
thats_lifeo3o : Love sucks, just know if you ever need a person to help you stand I'm here
angeleyes1316 : Aye your not stupid hun :c msg me anytime!!!
clearly_queer : Alright @angeleyes1316
699robin699 - inject_the_ink - margaret97xoxo - angeleyes1316 -
Vero amore!!!#truelove#childhood#firstboyfriend#fidanzati#love#amore
truelove - love - fidanzati - amore - childhood - firstboyfriend -
gerardacivale - dziunia_cipka - santacruzbobby -
#firstboyfriend #80s #throwback
80s - throwback - firstboyfriend -
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#happyfathersday #loveyoutothemoonandback #bestguy #myman #firstboyfriend
happyfathersday - bestguy - loveyoutothemoonandback - firstboyfriend - myman -
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#FlashBackFriday #FirstBoyFriend #PayatDays
flashbackfriday - firstboyfriend - payatdays -
meoes : Blue, kilala ko ba to?
ericsonblue : @meoes hehehe non-ece ma'am hehe BTW hangkyut ni chikiting
meoes : Hihi, salamat po. Bt he looks familiar, and he's totally admirable :-) hahha
ericsonblue : @meoes hehe those were the good old days. Looking forward to have at least a catch up conversation with him before the year ends after 4 years.
meoes : Not together anymore? (None of my business i guess) but its nice to be at peace with evry1 though and face the new year all heads up and ready for a bolder year :-)
meoes : I feel for ur posts sometimes. Just know that He has the best for u and yet to come. ;-)
#love is #pure #loyal #respectful and a #beautiful thing. I #married my #firstboyfriend and we are #soulmates. If you are patient you too will find your life partner. His temperament and personality will match with yours like fingers laced together. But don't waste #time on the wrong #men. You want your #heart whole for your future #husband. #russian #russiangirl #selfie #russianboy
beautiful - heart - love - russianboy - selfie - men - russiangirl - russian - respectful - married - soulmates - loyal - husband - pure - time - firstboyfriend -
nicolasbrinch : πŸ‘πŸ˜„
churoutfitters : Superb!
amy.norman2014 - alineibhr - pikulina_krasova - brend_shopping001 -
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