#ChillMode with my #FirstBoyfriend..... You know what I mean..... It comes first !!!! #Pinkbaby... :* :*
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I've heard good things come to those who wait and trust God with their future. It was so very hard, but I waited and waited and kept my eyes and heart turned towards God and open to His plan. And He led the best gift of all into my life!! I love my fiancé so much more than even I thought possible!!! And I'm so THANKFUL for him!!!! He's my one and only❀️ #firstboyfriend #firstfiance #firstlove #11monthand5dayanniversary #futurehusband #bestfriends #totalhappiness #blessed #thankful #givingthanks
givingthanks - futurehusband - 11monthand5dayanniversary - firstlove - blessed - firstfiance - thankful - bestfriends - totalhappiness - firstboyfriend -
chadrob7 : I love you two!!!!
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Yess baby me!
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xmisschrista : #firstboyfriend #bestfriends #godbrother #loveyoual #nomatterhowlongwedontseeeachother #werealwaysfamily #babehtimes #familyovereverything #ourbike #myhouse #babyturnup #haha
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All grown up.#adriannanadine n her 1st boyfriend hehe
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norazreenms : #firstboyfriend
wah_fara : Nadine ingat lg tak. Heheheh
norazreenms : Dua2 malu2 kucing dah dewasa la katakan @wah_fara
sitiruhanahalimi : Comel nya. Hehhe.
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lol damn, I guess lightskins have always been my addiction... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #firstboyfriend #lightskinlover #tbt
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alldayshiit : I mean we koo
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Hahahahahahahahahaahahaha how about this for a #tbt! #8thgreadgrad #firstboyfriend @erngross
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katelynnnnn14 : #8thgradegrad
erngross : Hahah Awww, he's such a goof
katelynnnnn14 : @erngross I look so uncomfortable lol
erngross : Haha I know but its adorable!
katelynnnnn14 : @erngross my dad is just hardcore lookin at him lmao πŸ˜‚
erngross : Haha because Kevin looks so threatening
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Made this relationship official today.. Haha you can say I'm pretty happy πŸ˜„πŸ’œ. #Couple #Newbies #FirstBoyfriend #Relationship #YOLO #LetsMakeThisHappen *photo creds to @midge_1997*
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mikayla_1416 : your welcome 😁
liz4711 : Aww Miki haha have hope! @mikayla_1416
mikayla_1416 : #theonlythingstrongerthanfearishope
liz4711 : Hahaha πŸ˜‚ @mikayla_1416
jami_belland99 : Your parents are actrully gonna let you date?
liz4711 : Haha ya.. @jami_belland99
jami_belland99 : Nice! Congrats! :D
liz4711 : Haha thanks @jami_belland99
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#OneYEAR He makes me laugh! #firstboyfriend :)
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growing_with_grant : So cute!
kmpong08 : πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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I'm so thankful to have a guy who treats me right. Treats me like a princess and I couldn't be more happier. I am really happy to call him my boyfriend, he never gave up on me. He basically saved my life.. He's understanding and loves me for me. That's all I can really ask for in a guy. He is perfect in my eyes and I love him for who he is. πŸ’•πŸ‘«πŸ’ #9MonthsStrong #Happy #Love #FirstBoyfriend #MyPrince #MySpidey #MyPeterParker #Grins #HisAngel #Mine
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wenyity : β™› @ranblack
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There are so many new things I'm learning about, being in a #relationship. And relearning how to view things! This is one of them! #firstboyfriend
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kneesalexander : #gaaayyyyy
kneesalexander : :)
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Haha can't resist the cuteness of this photo. #uuu #firstboyfriend #pikachu
uuu - pikachu - firstboyfriend -
ratihlym : Aet
yoojjinii : Ohhh???! Alr???!
nofriyanas : Congratssss
carolineangelina : cieeee
stephanie_soetanto : πŸ’˜
daniella8rs : Congrats and longlast sher 😁😁 @sherly_oktaviani
lieichen : Cciiieee meme
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Day Sixteen goes out to my daddy's best friend forever, Eddie ❀️ Growing up, I called him my boyfriend and now he checks up and makes sure my real boyfriend treats me right 😝 He's basically my second uncle! He'll never see this but I want everyone to know how blessed I am to have him in my life! #thankyou #loveyou #firstboyfriend 😘
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Bc what's cooler than getting back with your middle school boyfriend of a year 5 years later? #firstlove #middleschoolboyfriend #firstboyfriend #firstrealboyfriend #cutie #happygirl
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loganscreativity : @johnathan32061
johnathan32061 : Muah 😍😍😘😘 @loganscreativity
loganscreativity : cutieeee <3 @johnathan32061
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Well well well !!!! My #bestfriend I known you since I been 14 in 8th grade . . My #bestfriend introduce me to you I still remember the covo lol !!! Started talking then went on are #firstdate my #firstboyfriend my #firstkiss !!!! Was together for fat ass minute when we was younger then one day went are different way and got with people and did are things . . You found me on Facebook #months ago and been talking ever since for months now !! I'm so #HAPPY we finely worked everything out !!! #best #boyfriend I #ever #had . . I know #ayden will #love you. #LIVINGTOGETHER #ME & #YOU & #AYDEN !!!!
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janaefeliciano : Awwww
x_dodii : Follow me girl
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#coffeewithmybae #cocoparis #coco #paris #bae #assistanttookthepic #firstboyfriend #taiwanesenightmarketstyle #marryme #woaini
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viivcheng : LOL good night #small @karmenrachjuck @dawmm
leinardp : soft
karmenrachjuck : LOL omg
fabesbyfabes : LmAO
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ang tatweet naman! hamishu brother! mwaaauuuh! naytie nayt... #brother #firstlove #firstboyfriend
firstlove - brother - firstboyfriend -
lalairagaye -
#woah #super #throwback to #firstgrade . I still have this #picture with my #firstboyfriend in #life ! Lol. Whats even #crazier to me is that ive #found you on social media as well. @hunterrooks #tbt
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The pheasant is back in the garden. Mildred laid a fertile egg after their last meeting.......she's obviously not too keen on a second meeting and is hiding under the table crying. #chickenproblems #firstboyfriend #chickensaspets #chickensofinstagram #livingthecottagelife
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sonialenardon : Aaaww! Poor Mildred!
comfreycottages : Poor Mildred!
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#firstboyfriend #lovelydad #happyfathersday πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ’
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angkuhican -
Thanks @neevaharia for the nomination.... I nominate @ama_louis @royaltyizrei @elena__greg #babyphotonomination #firstboyfriend #naturallyblonde
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neevaharia : Legit will reubin on the left k bye
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My chinito man who is always there for me. #firstboyfriend#mybestfriendandmylover πŸ’‹β€οΈπŸ˜
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One month already, and I've never adored anyone quite as much as my boy πŸ˜šπŸ’• #firstmonth #firstboyfriend #thecutest
thecutest - firstmonth - firstboyfriend -
bradluken : #shesperfect
joshmarychurch : #bradsperfect
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We feel the same way about Big Boy. #firstboyfriend?
firstboyfriend -
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Ok so im all really new to be about this whole relationship thing but anyway. I would just like to say that I must have found one of the cutest/sweetest guys ever! I mean he took the day off school to basically spend with me.. I'll tell your right now that I'm not one of the funnier people to be around but apparently that's a lie. Anyway back to Brendan I would just like to say that I absolutely love how you are and that I'm extremely happy that you don't judge me, but seriously mate the White joke today wasn't cool! Anyway Brendan it sucks that your leaving school soon and it sucks even more that you rub it in. But once again thank you for being so god dam cute even 5mins and that's for really giving a dam when I need it. Anyway sounds seriously corny but happy one week hahah. #firstboyfriend #dontjudge p.s don't post anything of me or I will kill you. That is my promise...... 😘
dontjudge - firstboyfriend -
brendancook9 : Oh youll get something when you least expect it sweetheart πŸ˜†πŸ˜˜ @kaya_jordan11
kaya_jordan11 : Don't you even think about it mate....... @brendancook9
patic34 : Awesome @VinesBeLike
incidious_queen : My little Kaya is growing up 😘
kaya_jordan11 : Hahaha aww Alex! It's only ever so slightly hahaha @kid_named_al I'll always be your weird horse friend
incidious_queen : There's only one person if ever pretend to be a horse with, and that's you.
kaya_jordan11 : Aww waterworks hahahah! @kid_named_al I miss you way to much hahahahaha.
incidious_queen : I miss you too
kaya_jordan11 - hasan_va - nikki.bomb - _eiil -
It's Sunday. What a beautiful day and there could not be a more perfect day for Baby Meares @smettry to come, it's the Lord's Day. I'm waiting on you buddy. Can't wait to meet you! Xoxo #babymeares #sloanybaloney #firstboyfriend #sundayblessings
sundayblessings - sloanybaloney - babymeares - firstboyfriend -
theshampoogirl : And my outfit is most beautiful, thank you @cpurcellou I love it!
laneylissey : So pretty!
theshampoogirl : Thank you Auntie Alaina! @laneylissey
laneylissey : Can't wait to meet her, she's adorable!!! :) I will gladly accept honorary "Auntie" titles! Just precious!!!
theshampoogirl : Thank you! She can't wait to meet you either! Hahaha, good deal! Thank you! @laneylissey See you soon!
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Kaki / Tangan. Bibir / Mata. Orang kata, mereka kata, dia kata kita serupa. Tapi HIDUNG tu. Mommy suka. Hewhew. #AmmarAmili #kiddos #babyboy #Firstboyfriend
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One of the many reasons why I loveee sundays. <3 Homemade breakfast lovingly prepared by Papa with trimmed sides of bread cos the Goh siblings are quite fussy with food. Such lavish love. Anyone can be a father but not everyone can be a papa. I'm thankful to papa GOD for papas out there :) #mydad #firstboyfriend #mirrorofHisLove #sundaybreakfasts #prayingforpapa
mydad - firstboyfriend - mirrorofhislove - sundaybreakfasts - prayingforpapa -
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When you're looking through the garage for stuff to get rid of and find a picture of you and your high school sweet heart. #firstboyfriend #illalwayscare #highschoolsweetheart #08302010
08302010 - highschoolsweetheart - illalwayscare - firstboyfriend -
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This is one of my favorite albums of all times. So many fantastic memories #kiwikid #kiwimusic #firstboyfriend
kiwimusic - firstboyfriend - kiwikid -
marchwood_blues_picnic -
Flash back πŸ‘Ό #simpletimes #firstboyfriend
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#latergram Aaron Carter!! #toadsplace #aaroncarter #aaronsparty #lastnight #concert #fun #awesome #iwantcandy #thatshowibeatshaq #wonderfulworldtour #picoftheday #instahub #instalove #igers #igdaily #woohoo #firstboyfriend @aaroncarter
concert - wonderfulworldtour - acwwt - awesome - instalove - toadsplace - thatshowibeatshaq - iwantcandy - igdaily - igers - aaroncarter - lastnight - latergram - aaronsparty - instahub - woohoo - fun - picoftheday - firstboyfriend -
cheermel : #acwwt
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I still got it! #tbt #oldschool #repost #firstboyfriend
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#obergatlinburg #firstboyfriend
obergatlinburg - firstboyfriend -
obergatlinburg : Great shot!
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