Cuando metroflog era chido. No lo nieguen, todos lo tuvimos jaja #osomil #metroflog #oldmemories #feel #nostalgic #firstboyfriend #pasasxmimuro #truelove
feel - oldmemories - metroflog - emos - pasasxmimuro - nostalgic - truelove - osomil - firstboyfriend -
suandabe : @factorygirlofgrey te acuerdas? #emos
porguz - donbacco - monedo - beautylois.mcdonald -
This guy was my first boyfriend and first love! We dated for 2 years! 8th grade and #freshman year! I haven't seen him since and now I am the luckiest girl in the world to have him back! It's as if we never stopped dating! Today was simply #perfect and I couldn't have asked for it to be any better except more time! #lovehimtopieces πŸ’œπŸ’™ #firstboyfriend #firstlove
freshman - perfect - lovehimtopieces - firstlove - firstboyfriend -
kaburke2001 - cori_46 - ciarameadows - bunny_im_home -
Oh are we in trouble! Look at that face! #torrance #happybirthdaymorgan #cuteandsheknowsit #noboysyet #firstboyfriend #whatmom #daddysgonnafreak
whatmom - torrance - noboysyet - daddysgonnafreak - happybirthdaymorgan - cuteandsheknowsit - firstboyfriend -
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The two one-year-olds hanging in the yard! #myrubyjean #rubyandjax #bestfriends #firstboyfriend #firstbirthday #rubyturnsoneyall @heartnsoul
firstbirthday - rubyandjax - myrubyjean - rubyturnsoneyall - bestfriends - firstboyfriend -
jennybonaventure - bailey_jojo_loves_dance - a.c.r.o_is_l.i.f.e - jamskkii -
every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice β€οΈπŸ‘¨‍πŸ‘©‍πŸ‘§‍πŸ‘§ #fatherlove #firstboyfriend #vscom #vsco #vscoph #vscomanila
vscom - vscomanila - fatherlove - vscoph - vsco - firstboyfriend -
anj.nette - loraineannnne - daydreamer_ph - jade.yc -
Mom and Dad πŸ‘«πŸ’• dating since they were 16! #truelove #firstgirlfriend #firstboyfriend #32yearstogether #relationshipgoals
truelove - relationshipgoals - 32yearstogether - firstboyfriend - firstgirlfriend -
eliza_jojo - zuleipowers_ - allen_sal94 - joceyliinee -
Cuteness I can't even handle 😍😍😍😍 #firstboyfriend #younglove
younglove - firstboyfriend -
marialice_whidden : So cute. See you soon. :)
veroonicamaria - xcx878 - misslilajane - munyiexo -
I love him more and more each day β€πŸ’πŸ’– #10thyearanniversary #adecade #happydeucedeuce #cheesycouple #highschoolsweetheart #firstboyfriend #happilymarried
adecade - happydeucedeuce - 10thyearanniversary - happilymarried - highschoolsweetheart - firstboyfriend - cheesycouple -
justinelim : Hahahahaha that stache πŸ‘¨πŸ»
biancageez : Yay! Congrats! Can we hang out soon?
_jennifer_ly_ : I still remember the day you told me about this amazing kid u met 😍😍
tsangsta : @biancageez yes please! I miss seeing you two @maliciouslee
toetmelove : Aww, I miss you love birds!! Can you wear those earrings again!!?!!
crisperix : So cute! 😘
luz_inthesky2x : ❀️❀️❀️
tsangsta : @toetmelove miss you too! No, but you can borrow them!
iam_aaronn - _lesamaree - steph_h86 - 6clams -
Ka vse se najde ko pospraviš predal :) #loveletter#firstboyfriend#firstreallove#highschool#love#highschoollove#nostalgic#bestdays#thankslifeforthelessons#thankslifeforthis#πŸ’ŒπŸ˜Š
love - thankslifeforthelessons - πŸ’ŒπŸ˜Š - firstreallove - thankslifeforthis - firstboyfriend - bestdays - loveletter - nostalgic - highschool - highschoollove -
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Long time! #photobooth #15years #firstboyfriend #nyc #zoey
nyc - 15years - firstboyfriend - photobooth - zoey -
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Meet Josiah...this is the sweet little boy That shares his snacks and kisses with Kennedy at school ☺️ some say it's her first boyfriend...daddy isn't sure how he feels about it haha! I think they're just so precious! πŸ˜˜πŸ‘«πŸ’‹ #kennedycatherine #kennedyandjosiah #preschool #firstboyfriend
kennedyandjosiah - kennedycatherine - preschool - firstboyfriend -
courtnee_knee1 : NoooooooooooπŸ˜­πŸ™ˆπŸ˜±
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#tbt#1998#homecoming#firstdance#firstboyfriend#lomita#narbonne#classof1999 #SoCal #califonia can u find me lol
firstdance - califonia - 1998 - tbt - socal - homecoming - lomita - narbonne - classof1999 - firstboyfriend -
rosiefroggy711 : Duuudde! I was class of 98. There's Miguel!! I was totally there. πŸ˜³πŸ˜„πŸ‘
mockingbird1313lane : @rosiefroggy711 shut up lol small world :0)
rosiefroggy711 - gentravel - nineteen_seventy_nine_ - mockingbird1313lane -
She pulled Olaf next to her and now they're holding hands πŸ˜‚ #firstboyfriend #cutebaby
cutebaby - firstboyfriend -
elisspandbabyg : Lol! So funny! Definitely cute.
gingergirlmagic : Olaf!! She has good taste in friends!! πŸ˜„
justsamsofar : @gingergirlmagic they met on his profile said he enjoyed warm hugs πŸ˜ƒ
chrislan54 - gingergirlmagic - baby_vsc - marjiesmama -
I can't believe it's already been an entire year with this guy. To celebrate I'll post a picture of us in Seattle four days after we started dating. I am so lucky to have him and I couldn't ask for a better first boyfriend. He is the love of my life and I wouldn't trade him in for anything. πŸ’–πŸ’– #washington #WashingtonMade #truelove #unconditionallove #pacificnorthwest #significantother #firstlove #firstboyfriend #lifeisgood #oneyear #anniversary #boyfriend #bestboyfriendever #gumwall #pikesplacemarket
oneyear - pacificnorthwest - unconditionallove - firstlove - washington - anniversary - lifeisgood - truelove - significantother - gumwall - pikesplacemarket - bestboyfriendever - washingtonmade - firstboyfriend - boyfriend -
kcsmile : Happy anniversary!
angeldelisi : Thank you @kcsmile
snorinlauren71914 : Happy anniversary, Angel and Scott! Love you both❀️ Y'all comin to Sunday dinner?
angeldelisi : Thank @snorinlauren71914 I love you too! And I'm supposed to hang out with my cousins this weekend
snorinlauren71914 : Damn!😣 STOP BEING SO BUSY ALL THE TIME!😝
valroxursox - hippichild_22 - devilwoman206 - _meme__fajitasalsa -
#justsawthispixonmytab #firstboyfriend #blood brother #cousinoflife #familylove #rockingmynaturalhair #missedhimsomuch #lookingforwardtoanothersummer #lovehimsomuch #proudofhim/us #familyfirstalways
justsawthispixonmytab - familyfirstalways - familylove - lookingforwardtoanothersummer - missedhimsomuch - firstboyfriend - blood - lovehimsomuch - proudofhim - cousinoflife - rockingmynaturalhair -
kollydee : Miss u much sweet sis
polo_alade - stambo77 - brainy_007 - tikkyminaj -
Happy birthday to my bro #the ultimate 4d dammy,#mamas golden #father #firstboyfriend #flames ,God bless ur new age
the - father - mamas - flames - firstboyfriend -
shakiraeqpearl - smilyathera - david_ibiam - teresa.porter -
#saDRANHS lng man koh una nka love life and until now xa ghapon akng lovelife since 2009 .. . 😍😍 #nakiuso #highschoolbukol #lovelife #memorise #firstboyfriend #noone #nothingelse
nakiuso - noone - sadranhs - lovelife - nothingelse - highschoolbukol - memorise - firstboyfriend -
queseob - trulyinvincible -
So he got attitude causes he dnt know how to express or show his feelings lol not my fault you liking me more than you like yah bitches lol #firstboyfriend #mywoe #countrynigga #datsbae
mywoe - countrynigga - datsbae - firstboyfriend -
charisma_dria - bradenemdin -
#firstboyfriend #foreverlove
foreverlove - firstboyfriend -
smilepaula.harris - thalhilario -
I was 15 and a half when I started dating a guy. He was my first real boyfriend (I don't consider middle school ones real). I didn't know what I had gotten myself into. We were perfect for one another until the first fight when I saw a new side of him. It was New Years and I went over to a girl friends place to a get together. I said "I should be home 1am or so". 1am came around and my phone exploded in texts asking where I was, who I was with, and what I was doing. I figured that was my clue to go home. Nothing really happened after that but it was the first sign. A little while later I was at his house and he jokingly (or so I thought) pushed me. I ended up with a bruise where I hit his doorframe. Couple months later I went to my friends 16th birthday. Again I stayed out late but this time I got texts like "who you fucking you whore" and "you fucking alcoholic. Bet you're taking your clothes off". I went home and felt disgusted with myself. By this point we had been dating 6 months and it was my birthday. He came over; no presents, no cake, and didn't want to go out. Sex. He figured sex would be a good present for me as well as for our anniversary. I was a virgin (and thankfully still am) so I said no. He got angry and stormed off. Then the next month his birthday came up. We had 4 fights and I had gotten 1 bruise from him. His friends were really nice, and I even have contact with some today. But my boyfriend didn't like that. He told me if I even talked or looked at one of them he'd I never even made eye contact. One of them saw this and included me in the festivities; I've been hanging out with him recently actually. For a few months nothing really happened. Just the normal fights couples had over friends or things coming up. He had pushed me a couple more times or grabbed my arms. He was a lot bigger than me. I'm 5'3 and 100lbs. He was easily 6' and 200lbs. Practically double my size. This whole time though my boyfriend talked about sex. "Oh we've been dating ___ number of months and haven't. My friends keep making fun of me for it." That second part I found out was a lie later on. We were hanging out at his house one day when my phone went off.
scared - terrified - story - cutting - strength - ex - domesticviolence - razors - taboo - depression - boyfriend - physicalabuse - suicide - getout - mentalabuse - bruises - abuse - yourestrong - teenager - marks - hiding - firstboyfriend -
taboo__topics : I went to answer it and he got really angry, pushing me off his lap and onto the floor. He called me things like whore, bitch, cunt, fucking worthless, attention seeker. I had no clue why. I locked myself in his bathroom and called a friend to pick me up; it was the first time I was actually scared for my life. My friend came but I didn't tell her why. I had lots of bruises after that. It was a pain to hide those bastards from my parents. A month later the final straw. I was at his house when his phone went off. I got up to check it and he grabbed my wrist. Immediately I felt a sharp pain shoot up my entire arm and I screamed out in pain. Within the next 15-20 minutes it swelled really bad. The next day my wrist and hand were bruised. I told my parents I had fallen down his stairs and sprained it. So we never went to the hospital. I was so depressed. I had started self harming again, I thought about killing myself because it was the only way that I could see being the way out. But I had friends. I actually told one of my boyfriends friends what had been going on. They helped me get away. Helped protect me from him. About a week later I broke up. My ex-boyfriend went nuts. He threatened suicide, accused me of cheating, and I even vividly remember him saying "I'll cut your name all over my body and kill myself so everyone knows it was your fault." It's now been a year and a half since I left him. He has stopped contacting me. I stopped self harming. I sometimes have nightmares but not as much. I still do get scared of guys sometimes, especially when they raise their voice of grab me unexpectedly. But it has gotten better, and I promise if anyone is going through this that you can and will get out and get better. I'm 18 now. I'm graduating in a month and going to university. You're strong and can make it through all this ❀️ #abuse#boyfriend#ex#yourestrong#domesticviolence#physicalabuse#mentalabuse#getout#scared#story#teenager#firstboyfriend#bruises#marks#hiding#terrified#suicide#depression#cutting#razors#strength#taboo
taboo__topics : Sorry for the long post. Just needed to get this story out there to show people do care and you can make it through 😘
lgbtloveunited : Oh wow 😧 listen I'm here for you and be strong don't let these assholes put you down because you're beautiful and awesome human being 😍
lgbtloveunited : And if you need someone to talk too I'm here and I love your long posts their educational cool 😍
taboo__topics : @lgbtloveunited Oh gosh I'm fine now. I've learned how to deal with nonsense after this experience. Made me have to grow up and mature that much more. Thanks though 😊
cindy.kapoor - el_budismo_humanista - dylanjsmith99 - x_squared_equals_amy -
When your 4-year-old explains to you that Mickey Mouse is her boyfriend and she's super excited to kiss him and hold his hand. #citygirl #mickeymouse #jeordie #hellskitchen #firstboyfriend #nokissing #hair #excited #love
mickeymouse - nokissing - love - citygirl - hellskitchen - jeordie - hair - excited - firstboyfriend -
shawnwhughes : 🌺🌻
sdiaz68 - jmajr01 - cpotestivoo - xxsanaaxx -
Little sister got a boyfriend so cute wid that baseball hat onπŸ˜‹πŸ’›#firstboyfriend#baseballcap
firstboyfriend - baseballcap -
kelseyfarmer_ - _mpe__ - kaitlyn_wuz_hurr - cullinspf -
Noelle found herself a boyfriend at her preschool graduation. In case you can't tell, she's in charge. #NoelleJean #latergram #firstboyfriend #shesaidhisnameisJosh #bossylikemommy
shesaidhisnameisjosh - noellejean - firstboyfriend - latergram - bossylikemommy -
megkc11 - elf_chick08 - angie9429 - beautiful_mommi_of4 -
He's so strange but I love him,more than anything I can't wait till we have our babyπŸ˜πŸ™ŠπŸΌ #highschoolsweethearts. #firstboyfriend. #mom2b #dad2b #loversandfriends
mom2b - loversandfriends - dad2b - firstboyfriend - highschoolsweethearts -
sdrnbl16 : Haha his face thooo
taylor_lynn_mcmillion : His face says "I think that fart had company" lol!
sdrnbl16 - katelynnwest - alicecheshirecat7 - curiios -
Because when youve been up all night organizing your office so your house is back in order, you deserve a cup of coffee big enough to be considered a wading pool. Shout out to the hubs for listening and picking this up for Mother's Day. Side note, hope Morgan appreciates this since we're doing it for her guest. #saturdaymorning #cuppajoe #whatsinyourcup #mombie #meettheparents #firstboyfriend #dinnerwithherparents #puppylove #whatareyourintentionswithourdaughter #daddysgirl #princess #8thgrade #latinsbelike #thewholefamilyishere #whyshescared
8thgrade - latinsbelike - dinnerwithherparents - whatareyourintentionswithourdaughter - daddysgirl - thewholefamilyishere - princess - whyshescared - meettheparents - mombie - whatsinyourcup - saturdaymorning - cuppajoe - firstboyfriend - puppylove -
tmriddell : The office will make a great hiding place for a pregnant ninja, just in case 😜😜😜
morganroseandelle : @tmriddell that's y i prepped it lmao
tmriddell : I knew it!! I'll be right over! Lol
kathy_ferro - tgdestiny_ - applesandcarrotsllc - danizermeno14 -
Two of my best friends are dating now~β™‘ I love you guys to death and I seriously hope you guys will go faaaaar~~ Hehehe good luck! #firstboyfriend #firstgirlfriend #bestfriends #toshytospeak #badump #theregoesmyheart #longroadahead
longroadahead - firstboyfriend - toshytospeak - firstgirlfriend - badump - bestfriends - theregoesmyheart -
blondy137 : cutest thing ever πŸ™ˆ
haiina76 : @blondy137 I knooooow~~β™‘
succyulents - - samhan_solo - officialtjv -
i never remember to check my #timehop anymore but i'm glad i did today πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• #imissyou #rip #firstboyfriend
imissyou - timehop - firstboyfriend - rip -
mora_gina - izzbxthcxmv - ellzebub - baked_beka -
Whoops! Too late 😬 #feelingold #firstboyfriend #shesonly6!!!
feelingold - shesonly6 - firstboyfriend -
trish.filby : Sweetness 🍬
carly185 - mothership77 - jazhodge - mezziecrow -
#mums #wedding #boyfriend #bestfriend #parents #soulmate #firstboyfriend #stronger #than #ever #true #love #happiness #smiles #dressedup #suitandtie πŸ‘‘πŸŽ©πŸ‘—πŸ‘”πŸ’•
smiles - love - mums - wedding - dressedup - true - than - happiness - boyfriend - bestfriend - stronger - suitandtie - parents - soulmate - ever - firstboyfriend -
charlotte.riley.ronan_xo - mattgoodwill - jess_riley20 - francescarrieri -
#tbt #nostalgia #seeyouinmontreal #firstboyfriend #onlylove
seeyouinmontreal - firstboyfriend - nostalgia - onlylove - tbt -
shaybuttaaaa - davidjbauer - emmyy_m - asmatkashani -
Isabella's first boyfriend and look she's chocking him already! #boyfriend #firstboyfriend #cpr #cprclass
cpr - cprclass - firstboyfriend - boyfriend -
soccerdiva105 : He's soo UGLY!!πŸ˜‚
valendiazcoll : Omg congrats izzy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
valendiazcoll : @soccerdiva105
nina0121 - soccerdiva105 - cesca_alessandra - aliciapopelizarraga -
#5years #firstboyfriend #firstlove #cute #still #in #contact #haha #oldschool #young #child #party #princess #couple #boy #girl
cute - oldschool - couple - firstlove - haha - in - girl - still - princess - boy - child - young - 5years - contact - party - firstboyfriend -
gwenouuch - badxrat - ohh_its_kayla - elodieamaral -
Cause i just got insta back #firstboyfriend#ryan#city#timezome#bestday#misshim#cc#mwahhh#unexpected#but#amazing#wonderful#romance
city - bestday - mwahhh - cc - ryan - romance - misshim - amazing - unexpected - but - wonderful - timezome - firstboyfriend -
black_pantheres - julialiberta - deano_dingo - rylskov -
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