I think somebody needs her fairy god mother back #fairydress #firechiefhat #oddshoes #love @miggworth @ellie1lea @p_head
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naif1490gmailcom : @mzavip !!!!!
ellie1lea : Yes I think she does! X
believeinboutique : I do like her in Jimmy Choos best! X
believeinboutique - ellie1lea - poppynorton - _rabbitmoon -
What a mess lmao #tbt #bunnyslippers #firechiefhat #dirtyface #thegoodolddays πŸ˜‚
dirtyface - bunnyslippers - tbt - thegoodolddays - firechiefhat -
lizzydun : Where's the one where your putting your lipstick on while sitting on a table!? Lol πŸ˜‚πŸ’„ @_kmk22_
kg_inc : πŸš¨πŸš’
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He loves his fire chief hat.πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Haha #Zayden #FireChiefHat #Nephew
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daniqnz : Did he get that at the care fair lol?
loveedithh : Haha he sure did! Everything is better when its free. Lol @daniqnz
daniqnz : Hahaha was he able to score a backpack? @loveedithh
loveedithh : Lol no cuz you had to go to every booth. Haha it was too hot. @daniqnz
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S/o to @jblackwell33 for helping me with my horrible form and being patient. Broke a sweat with @nb_driftteam @madison_corine. If your a Hooper or another type of athlete, it's not always done on the court, field, track, or any terrain you perform on. You have to put time in other areas like the weight room, another type of cardio, stretching and the kitchen. #simplepleasures #alwaysastudent #sweat #leadbyexample #dontknowwhyimwearingthathat #firechiefhat
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shineme007 : @tlove02 beesquirliever!
tlove02 : Haha!! a fool!
lboog21 : Nice hat bum
shineme007 : @lboog21 I know swaggy
d17johnson : @shineme007 I know this ain't my bro #PrisonTime. Lmfao
shineme007 : @d17johnson hahaha bro what's good its been a min?!
only1tmart87 : Form looks good! That hat tho...haha @shineme007
shineme007 : @only1tmart87 haha thanks brother and you know I can't just be normal.
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#firechiefhat ready to party on a Friday night :) #lovemylife
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#sunflower #flowers #flowerarrangement #imadethis #chief #firechiefhat #vines
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#firechiefhat #chloe
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