"Finn you can't keep doing this! I'm going to help the others hunt for OUR camp to eat." You shouted at him as you gathered your stuff from your tent. He stood in the middle trying to reason with you. "(Y/N) please, you don't have to go, someone else will." He told you. "Yeah, and if everyone thought that way, we'd get nothing done." You knew he was only trying to keep you safe, but you were starting to take offence to it, thinking that he thought you werent good enough. "But it doesn't have to be you." He told you again. "Why?" You stopped and glared at him. "Because I'm a girl? Because I'm younger than others? Because I'm weak and can't protect myself?" "You know that's not it." Finn looked down and shook his head. "Then what is it? Because I'm tired of this fight every time I try to help out around here." "I worry!" Finn blurted out and then realised what he said. "I'm scared that you'll go out there and you won't come back. I'll be alone and you'll be gone. And I can't have that." You looked at Finn and felt bad that you had gotten so angry with him. "I'm not going to stop you from going (Y/N), but I'm coming too." ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ #The100 #The100Imagine #FinnCollins #FinnImagine
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If you want a personal imagine, your name, name of the persone and theme! 😋❤ (you don't need to be following) #personalimagine #zoellaimagine #pewdiepieimagine #joeygraceffaimagine #shawndawsonimagine #alfieimagine #joesuggimagine #tyleroakleyimagine #5sosimagine #philimagine #danimagine #connorfrantaimagine #littlemiximagine #onisionimagine #superwomanimagine #smoshimagine #onedirectionimagine #troyesivanimagine #jackimagine #finnimagine #falloutboyimagine #marziaimagine #5secondsofsummerimagine #lukehemmingsimagine #michaelcliffordimagine #calumhoodimagine #ashtonirwinimagine #1dimagine #harrystylesimagine #louistomlinsonimagine
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_mrs.devries.143_ : Katrisha/Joe Sugg// Just really cute😍
jeszisa98 : Jessica / Joe Sugg / bringing home our first born please 😊😊
olive_is_a_pengxin : Olive | Ian (Smosh) | Marriage proposal but really really really romantic and cute❤️
ayesha.sandhu : Ayesha/Joe sugg, meeting your parents please
ayesha.sandhu : And Ayesha/Joe double date with Zalfue
ayesha.sandhu : Zalfue
__cxleste__ : Celeste/joe sugg/bad boy at school and he kisses you
x_charlotteking_x : Can I have Joe sugg my name is charlotte and I don't mind what theme xxxxxx omg I'm excited xx
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Imagine ~Bumping into Finn Harries on the way to your local coffee shop. You know who he is but she a faint black object on his lip. Entering your coffee shop after loosing Finn your up next. "Hot chocolate please" you ask. Unfortunately he says there are none left. Signing your about to ask for another drink but the boy from the left stoops you and gives u his. Free of charge. Turning to thank him you see it's Finn Harries. But wearing a moustache. "thanks" you say. Finn grins and pours sugar into his coffee. "If your trying to disguise yourself it is not working." He lets out a laugh and leads you to the corner of the shop where you to spend the next hour hanging out. #jacksgap #jackandfinn #finnimagine #jackandfinnimagines #imagines #youtubers #youtubersimagines
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First date w/ Finn Harries 👫 THANK YOU FOR 500!! 😘 { #youtube #youtubers #youtuberimagine #youtubefame #youtubefamous #famousyoutubers #imagine #ootd #outfit #britishyoutuber #britishyoutubers #jacksgap #britishtwins #finnharries #finnfinnthebettertwin #mufinn #firstdate #finnharriesimagine #finnimagine #jacksgapimagine }
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Finn Imagine: You are working your usual summer job shift at the ice cream parlour. You were the only one there in the colourful shop as the manager went out for lunch. As you were wiping down the tables humming to the songs playing from the radio behind the counter you suddenly catch a quick glimpse of two guys in shorts and tanks. Their muscular reflect the light perfectly. They were both looking at the stores sign out front. You quickly stop looking at them and return behind the counter. They were mid conversation as the walked into the shop. You turn around and stand at the flavours. -continued in comments-
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whatsupguys_ : "Hi, Welcome to Teds Ice Cream Palour." You stop mid sentence and look at the two twins with perfectly sculpted faces. You eventually continue talking. "Anything I can help you with?" "Yes, I would like a bubble gum and carmel cone with a flake please. What about you Finn?" The one in the hat says turning to the other boy whos staring at you. He zones back into reality after having some kind of daydream. " Em yes could I have chocolate chip and bubble gum please. In.. In a cup. Please." He says stuttered. Not losing sight with you. You meet his eyes, his glass green eyes. Immediately he looks away. As You pull some scoops into the cone and cup, You see Finn grabbing a napkin and writing something. Hat boy has lost focus and began scrolling on his iphone. "Okay that will be £7.20 for them." Finn hands you the money on top of the napkin. You place the change back in the register. You then read the note. " I would love to see you again, call me 801-51423. Finn xx" You look up and catch them walking out the door. Finn does the cheesy "call me" hand gesture going past the clear glass window as his twin pulls him along the path. He hold onto the note so tight and smile the biggest you ever had. Butter flys begin in your stomach at the thoughts of seeing that beautiful boy again.
whatsupguys_ : #finn #finnharries #jacksgap #finnharriesimagine #finnimagine #toohotforwords
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Finn Finn the better twin, he looks like jack and jack looks like him! #finnharries #finnimagine #jacksgap #jackharries #jackimagine #jacksgapimagine #jackharriesimagine #joesugg #alfiedeyes #pointlessblog #zoella #marcusbutler #thatcherjoe #youtube #youtubeimagines #youtuberimagines #fanfiction #love #cute #happy
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Connor😍 #connorfranta #connorfrantaimagine #connorimagine #youtube #youtubeimagines #youtuberimagines #joesugg #alfiedeyes #pointlessblog #finnharries #fanfiction #imagine #jacksgap #jackharries #finnimagine #love #cute #loveconnor
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I love them, both, so much! #finnharries #jackharries #jacksgap #finnimagine #jackimagine #jacksgapimagine #fanfiction #youtube #youtubeimagines #youtuberimagines #jackharriesimagine #joesugg #alfiedeyes #pointlessblog #marcusbutler #zoella #love #cute
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just got braces less than an hour ago and already hate them; braces can suck my toes. ew what am I saying . #finnharries #finnharriesimagine #finnimagine #imagine #jacksgapimagine
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rum.and.raisins : Where is this gif from??
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but yeah, that's all for now(: oh and huppie naw yr children. hup iz gaud!!1!1!!1! #finnharries #jacksgap #finn #harries #finnimagine #finnharriesimagine #jacksgapimagine { @finnharries }
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(For @ninjatomlinson) You lay curled up in your bed as your head filled with endless amounts of question with no answers that you knew of. You were going to wipe at tear away when your phone made a loud noise, scaring you and causing you to poke yourself in the eye instead. You rub your eye in pain as you unlock your phone and glance at the message. "Open your window x" it said. Confused, you walk over to your window, wrapping your duvet around you and preparing yourself for the cold. Once the window was open, your best friend pops his head in, giving you a cheeky grin before saying hello and climbing in. He was lucky that your bedroom was on the ground floor. "What are you doing here?" you sniff, quickly closing the window and preventing any more cold to seep into your room. "I saw your tweet. Are you okay?" Finn asks. The tweet he was referring to was a quote from a sad love song. You just shake your head and lay back down. "Hey. That guy was a jerk anyways. You deserve way better than him" Finn tells you as he rubs your back. When you don't answer he asks "What do you want me to do? What would make you happy?" "Will you lay here with me?" you reply. "Of course." He lays his head onto the pillow next to you, him laying on his back as you shuffled closer to him so that he could be your pillow instead. He instantly wraps his arm around your back to pull you in closer and starts playing with the ends of your hair. After laying there silent for a long time you feel yourself dozing off. The last thing you remember before you fell asleep was him kissing the top of your head and whispering "You're gonna be okay."
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tubeyousers : @larock96 just go comment on the most recent photo on #/tabisami
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(For @xits_eli) You hang up the last ornament that was left in the box onto the tree, stepping back to look at the finished project. "It looks nice" your boyfriend compliments. You smile in agreement. You had decided that you only wanted to put up the round ornaments on the tree, not the figurine looking ones that use to cover the Christmas tree at your old house. "That's not right" you scrunch your eyebrows at the tree. You walk over to the spot that you had noticed, the item hanging up being different, and smaller than the others. "What?" you whisper, wondering how it got onto the tree. "Why is there a ring on the tree?" you ask Finn, assuming that it was him who had put it on being that he was the only person, other than you, who was decorating the tree. "I was hoping you'd notice it" he smiles, taking the ring off of the branch and going down onto one knee. "Eli, I love you with all heart and I don't think that I could live without you in my life. Will you marry me?" Finn asks you. "Yes!" you nod quickly, happy tears coming to your eyes as he slipped the beautiful ring onto your fourth finger and connected your lips together in a sweet and passionate kiss.
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"Get your arse back here right now!" Harry yells playfully as you ran from him yet again. Teasingly, you waved his phone in the air. "C'mon, Y/N, give it." He laughs. "Nope, only when you say sorry for eating my brownies." You run out into the garden and sit on the grass, watching the door. Without even thinking about the back door, you're lifted up in the air from behind. You screamed, bursting into a fit of giggles. "Harry!" You laughed, looking at your shirtless boyfriend. "Yes baby?" He asks, cradling you in his arms. "Nothing." You smile innocently, pecking his lips. "God babe that's pathetic. That is not a kiss." Harry shakes his head at you. "What is then?" You ask sassily. "I think this is good." He mumbles, pressing his lips to yours. You cupped his cheeks with your hands, leaving his phone on your stomach. "Got you!" Harry laughs, grabbing his phone, setting him down. "You're a pig. I thought you actually wanted to kiss me." You pout, crossing your arms over your chest as you turn away from him. "Baby..." Harry walks to you and snakes his arms around your waist, nuzzling his face into the back of your neck. "I love you." Harry mutters. You stay quiet. "Ooh hard to get babe?" He teases, digging his fingers into your sides. "Ahhh!" You squealed, giggling. "Say it!" Harry chuckles. "Fine! I love you too!" You laughed. "You better." Harry smirks, pressing his lips back to yours.
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_haroldsgap_ : ♡ #onedirection #harrystyles #jackharries #finnharries #harryimagine #jackimagine #finnimagine {#_haroldsgap_imagines} #imagineharry #imaginejack #imaginefinn #minifanfic #imagines #feels #youtuberimagines #jacksgap #thejanoskians #lukebrooks #janoskiansimagines #lukebrooksimagine #lukeimagine ♡
jaebird_3416 : Like why did I jut read this at 6:11 in the morning ...? Oh the feels 😬
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"Come here baby girl. We can dance to the song your mummy and I danced to at our wedding." Harry said to his daughter. Darcy giggled, running to her father. "How do you dance?" She asks, looking up at Harry. "Well put your feet on mine and I'll tease you." Harry told her. Darcy set her feet on her fathers and grasped his hands. "I made a card for mummy, can I give it to her?" She asks, looking up at Harry. "S-sure." Harry agrees. "Don't forget to wish her a happy birthday when you give it to her." He reminds. "I won't." Darcy promises. "Let's go give it to her now, surprise her." Harry smiles, picking up his daughter. Darcy wraps her arms around her fathers neck, smiling from ear to ear. "Where did you put the card?" Harry asks. "Over there." Darcy points towards the table near the front door. "Alright, shoes on." Harry slips his shoes on and then puts on Darcy's. After a ten minute drive, they arrive. "There she is." Harry points. Darcy runs to her mother. "Hi mummy. Happy birthday." Darcy says, laying her card down in front of her mother's grave. "I miss you mumma." She sniffles. Harry sits down next to his love's headstone, pulling their daughter onto his lap. "We both miss you." He mutters, gazing at the lettering on the stone.
_caitlynscarlett : 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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His arms encircled your waist as you stood at the waters edge, admiring the sunset. "It's beautiful, isn't it?" You said softly, turning your head to your now husband. "I'm looking at something much more beautiful." He smirks, pressing a soft kiss to your cheek as they start changing to a rosy pink shade. "You're so cheesy." You giggled, poking his pink lips. He chuckles, moving his arms so one's under your thighs and the other is around your back. "What are you–" you cut yourself off with a squeal as he lifted you off the ground. "C'mon, let's go back inside so we can.... Celebrate." He smirks. Cradled in his strong arms, your husband brought you into your honeymoon house that was located on a private beach. "What with?" You asked, innocently fluttering your eyelashes at the man you'd fallen so deeply in love with. "I think you can guess." He mutters, placing his soft lips on yours as he laid you down on the bed gently. || Who did you imagine? ||
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ththoodgirl : Omg I legit thought it said Harry at the beginning😂😂
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(For @itsthetwinss) "What are you doing?" you hear someone laugh behind you. You turn around briefly to spot your best friend before going back to your previous task. "Baking" you tell him while mixing some more ingredients together. "Well it looks like you're just making a mess" Finn replies. "It's not that messy" you mumble, looking around at the kitchen. To be honest, it looks like a tornado had run through it. You guess you hadn't realized how much of a mess you were actually making. "They smell good though" he adds, grabbing one of the cookies and taking a huge bit out of it. "Hey! Don't eat that" you yell at him. "Why not?" he asks after finishing off the snack. "It's for my mum's work you dork" you tell him, flicking some water as he reached for another. "Hey!" he shouted at you, reaching around you to grab some flour and flick it at your face. "Oh it's on" you laugh, flicking some in his face. Soon the kitchen looked even more disastrous with flour, water, and all sorts of ingredients now covering the floor. You are about to throw some more flour into Finn's face when he grabs your wrist and pulls you close to his chest. You both look at each other for a while, breathing hard because you were chasing each other around the kitchen. You notice Finn's eyes flicker to your lips for a moment before he leans down. Without thinking, you meet him halfway until your lips connect. When you pull away you keep your eyes closed until you feel a hand on you cheek. Your eyes open to watch Finn as he wipes some flour off of your face. "I've always wanted to do that" he whispers. "Really?" you ask him in an equally quite tone. He nods before smiling and reconnecting your lips. The kiss was going perfectly well until the shrill beeping of the smoke detector interrupted you, signaling that you had just burn the batch of cookies.
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tubeyousers : I hope you like it! Sorry it took a while. Leave some feedback an if you would like one go comment on the most recent pic on #/tabisami ~Tabi { #tabisamiimagines #finnharries #finnharriesimagine #finnimagine #youtubeimagine #imagjne #jacksgap #jacksgapimagine }
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