Don't chase. Replace. #Replaceable #BeValued #FindYourWorth #NeverSettle #Life #TrueShit
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After the storm the sun will smile.. #moveon #lifegoeson #loveyourself #findyourworth #selfworth #dontletanyonetakeyourhappiness #dontsettle #knowyourworth
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Don't get caught in the currentπŸ™Œ #findyourworth #aspiretogrow #life
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#LetItGo #ThereWillBeBetter #FindYourWorth #DontSettleForLess #ConvenientDoesntMeanHappy #BeHappy #YouDeserveIt
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Somewhere lost on a dark road is the shell of something that once resembled a human being... It must be really cold constantly under the shadow of who you used to be. #notime #notcaptainsaveahoe #blessherheart #youneedjesus #findyourworth #sketch #propercopingmechanism #izziecho #teamizzi #Louisville #beyourownhero #tattooartist #tattoo #dailyig #picoftheday
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In Christ my worth is found β™‘ #findyourworth #inGod #Godisallweneed
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dicheler : I love this pic
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Stay True Stay Real Get What your worth An don't take no for an answer. #life #motivation #success #findyourworth#happy #hatersgonnahate
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Never let someone belittle you, nor tell you that you're worthless, prove them wrong! #motivation #inspiration #fitfam #fitness #tattoos #inkedup #findyourworth #realizeit #headuphigh #southernlivin #diamond #ambition
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kaydross : 😍
ashhdabluntley : Come to fl already
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Y'ALL BE SETTLING FOR LESS & WONDER WHY NOBODY CUFFED YOU!! #SillyRabbits #SideChickAintMe #NumberOne #OrHeAintForMe #FindYourWorth #ILoveHer #YallRabbitsFunny
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Sometimes the feeling emerge out of nowhere.. N you feel lost.. but the answer will come.. #time #patience #staystrong #findyourworth #selfworth #loveyourself
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If you don't treat me right , I will find a better life! #maeyourself #believe #loveyourself #findyourworth
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more words of wisdom from @iamdiddy πŸ™Œ #findyourworth #respect
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#truewords #seeya #findyourworth #quote
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For real tho! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ #loveThis πŸ’— #repost #findYourWorth and say #byeFelicia to those who don't! πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹
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Y'all wanna know one home cooked meal I literally have the hardest time controlling myself with...CORN BREAD😻 I can legit eat an entire pan of it. I love topping mine with sf syrup and cinnamon. Judge me. But☝️ I always feel so bad after eating it that I decided to make my ownπŸ’ hola. Recipe: 1c corn meal, 1c oatflour, 2tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp salt, 3tbl coconut oil, 2 cup almond milk (or milk of choice), 1tsp apple cider vinegar (can omit) 1/4 c stevia or sweetener to taste. Bake for 30 minutes on 350° tag me if you try it!!
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healthyhurdler : Oh I was a honey butter addict... I'm feeling the syrup though
healthyhurdler : Also my dad used to make us corncakes a lot, basically pancakes with the jiffy cornbread mix and they were killer. I bet you'd like em 😊
thathealthyfitgirl : ugh corn bread it the bestπŸ™ˆπŸŒ½
nourishingaimee : Never ever seen corn bread before 😱but by damn it looks delicious I think I will need to get me some of this! πŸ’•
fitblondey : Looks amazing girllll 😍 I guess I never tried corn bread bcs I don't know how it tastes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
healthyrunner_22 : Guys no way y'all have never tasted this 😳 put it on your to do list and make it happen ASAP lol @fitblondey @nourishingaimee
fitblondey : Hahaha ok I must try it theeen! I am for everything with pb2 😍 or chocolate. Or bothπŸ˜‚
xc_and_pb : omg i used to eat soooo much cornbread whenever my mom made it!! i have to try this😍😍😍
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β¬†πŸ‘πŸ‘ #foodforthought - [noun] anything that provides mental stimulus for thinking intellectual nourishment. #findyourworth
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Guess who got to sleep in till 7am todayπŸ™‹ oh my gosh I slept so hard lol I woke up and had to think for a second where I was even at 😹 so a personal goal I have for this month is to "just not care" about the things I can't control and let go a little bit. I've been really depressed about my breakout and me leaving that when I talked to a girl friend the other day about it she said why don't you just not care. At first I was kinda offended but I know her intentions and really, I can't control this situation any more than I already am, I can't make him feel a certain way, and I can't force myself back into his life. Whatever happens is ganna happen. I'm not god and I don't need to pretend I am. Sorry for the personal rant but that's where my heart is at. I'm just going to enjoy the things that make me happy starting this month. Pb, running, Spanish, movies, journaling, church, etc...things like that. We only have one life you guys if you are so consumed over the things that we have absolutely no control over then were waisting precious moments with family, friends we will never get back! Life is too good to be in fast forward 24/7😊
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lifting_lucy : Love you girl
heyitsmegg_ : Love the personal rant, let it all out, love you πŸ’—
healthyrunner_22 : Ugh thanks so much❀️you're the best! @heyitsmegg_
healthyrunner_22 : Love you!! @lifting_lucy
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amyelizabeth710 : Like it!
pureworks : Lovely!
xc_and_pb : thats exactly what ive started doing and its literally helped so much!! like now i just kinda forget to care about a lot of things, whereas i used to get REALLY stressed about everything. Just take everything day by day and i assure you everything will be great!!
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#Worthiness #abrahamhicks #estherHicks Your worth is yours to claim or deny, no one else's #FindYourWorth
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TRUTH... Do it... find your worth in something that truly matters. #God #youareprecious #youareloved #findyourworth
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#FindYourWorth!! #TheTruth #Statements #Message #Quotables! #PatienceIsTheVirtue #KingMovements
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Speaks for itself #NeverStruggle #NeverChase #NotLookingForHurt #FindYourWorth
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Probably the realest tweet I've EVER posted. Too many settle for what they think is best, when in all honesty God is telling them it's not, they go against Him and do it anyways. #FindYourWorth #DearFutureHusbandImWaiting
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Just some afternoon inspiration.. 😊 #dontcompare#bepersistent#bedetermined#butdontcompare#everyjourneyisdifferent#forareason#notbetternorless#findyourworth
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We all have to start somewhere
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#Jesus #God #FindYourWorth Happy Sunday!
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#onestepatatime # livinglife #enjoylife #findyourworth #loveyourself
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We've gotta learn to be somebodies instead of somebody's or just some bodies. #realtalk #reflection #findyourworth #independence #selfmotivation #quotes #bluehair #selfiesaturday
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charliebrownhead_ : Dude are you still at BJS
bambi_baby11 : Yeaaah....I'm on a leave of absence while I get knee surgery on both of my knees. Lol. Won't be back for a few more months. @charliebrownhead_
charliebrownhead_ : Ouch
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Yup yup! Need to #singlelife #truth #findyourworth #singlefam #meme #single
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shelby.ltd : Killing the IG game. Would love to network with you
megcpc11 : I'm not saying a word @barbellbeastfitness
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#jesus #holyspirit #god #amen #116 #onmy116 #faith #scmgwp #saved #churchinthewild #miami #blessed #notw #worth #findyourworth #whatsyourworth
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One of my good friends pastor Sam taught on these verses John 10:7-18 the parable of the good shepherd  I don't remember it all because it was a very long time ago, but what I do remember was the job of a Shepard he told me one of the shepherd job if the sheep where to somehow go into another mans herd that one shepherd would yell out for their sheep while the other shepherd would do the same and you would see both sheep separate from each other and go to their rightfull masters, but the amazing part of this story is that if one sheep would be disobedient and leave the good shepherd would leave its herd to find that one and if that one sheep kept on being disobedient the shepherd would break its leg and put the sheep over his back and talk to him the whole journey until the sheep recognized his voice. This story never really impact me as much as it did tonight with one verse "I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep. John 10:11 it comforts me to know that I have a God who cares about His sheep to know that I am worth dying for, I am worth searching for, that I'm worth being carried to know that I am loved this makes me want to be a better follower of Christ! Jesus the Good Shepard! #inlovewiththeKing #findyourworth
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joshiebruhh : Loved by the best! Yeah dude this weekend is gonna be sooo sick 4 days of hiking @kyleb_stedt
joshiebruhh : That's mandatory! @kyleb_stedt love you too bro! God is good @jiujitsuboy
brycebrycebabyy : That's the one we got on ya ? @kyleb_stedt
brycebrycebabyy : Castle Rock
charcmustang : πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
lindseyleahh : Preach Joshy!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
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Reality Check: why expect so much from a man that can not fully commit. Find your value in yourself and know that your worth so much more. God will NEVER give you anyone or anything that is not fully complete. Gods intent is to leave you satisfied not broken begging and pleading for more. Learn to love yourself first intentionally then your Boaz will find you purposely. #BoazAwaitsThee #VirtuousWoman πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― #NoHalfBakes #nomoresidepieces #WaitForYourBoaz #FindYourWorth #GodValidatesYou #LoveOnYourself
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2lite_papi : #truth
2lite_papi : Miss you...ace
thisis_christina : @2lite_papi you know the love is mutual. Where are you now?
nu_zaire : Wow. Truth!!!
culinary_chrissy : @coacoacure @perfectly_imperfectjess @shaka_87 @iheartvee @msshaina_baina
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If anyone needed an update haha happy Monday! #humor #ilaughcauseitstrue #single #cantstop #wontstop #beingsingle #stillhappy #findyourworth
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Amen! This applies to a lot of things! #repost #findyourworth #dontsettle #fitfam #wordstoliveby
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