One week of wear. #nudiejeans #findingtubetom #tubetom #rawdenim
findingtubetom - nudiejeans - tubetom - rawdenim -
ryanstepp : From where
corbettoh : @lance_ainsworth I miss you bro!! It's been way to long
corbettoh : @ryanstepp go to and check out what all they have to offer!
jduvall89 : Looking good, don't wash!
corbettoh : @jduvall89 I'm not doing a soak or a wash until at least 6 months:)
corbettoh : @nudiejeansgoteborg @nudiejeansdrottninggatan @nudiejeans @nudiejeansberlin @nudiejeansbrisbane @nudiejeansla @nudiejeansmelbourne @nudiejeanssydney :)
ryanstepp : Did you pay full retail
corbettoh : @ryanstepp I got them for Christmas, but yes:/
nudiejeansgoteborg - nudiejeanssydney - philiprosen - breerly -
#nudiejeans #tubetom #findingtubetom #rawdenim @nudiejeans @nudiejeanssydney
findingtubetom - nudiejeans - tubetom - rawdenim -
porshiahernandez : Did you have to order them? Or is there a store near you ?
corbettoh : @porshiahernandez I had to order:/ and it took forever:(
jduvall89 : Ha yea sweet man! So exciting. I love the kit they come with too. Hope they serve you well
porshiahernandez : They look worth the wait.. Those look glorious ..
corbettoh : @porshiahernandez I'm going to live in these. Not sure I'll ever take them off. Are you into raw denim??!!
porshiahernandez : I'm trying to find better jeans for Julio .. His problem is he has big legs but he loves skinnys .. And they are so uncomfortable for him.. American eagle is all we've tried but we are willing to pay extra for good jeans he can be comfortable in
corbettoh : @porshiahernandez I would highly recommend looking at raw denim. It's typically higher quality denim. It is natural indigo so it will fade over time (which is freaking sick). I'll tag you in a bunch of good brands!
porshiahernandez : Thanks!!! Currently gonna screen shot them now
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เปลี่ยนที่จิบกาแฟ #ร่มเกล้า #ซ่อมรถ #VANS #findingtubetom #Nudie
findingtubetom - vans - - - nudie -
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#nudiejeans #findingtubetom #tubetom #backtoblack #gstar #gstarjacket
backtoblack - findingtubetom - tubetom - gstarjacket - nudiejeans - gstar - orgbackinblack -
nudietoto : @mildblendsupplyco thanx you
gstarstoreusa : Awesome!
ds_2momnt3 : does this one have 2% elastine?? or 1%?? sorry for awkward question nice jeans!! #nudietoto
nudietoto : @ds_2momnt3 2% Elastane
ds_2momnt3 : oh thank u very much does it say on inside tag?? #nudietoto
nudietoto : @ds_2momnt3 yes on inside tag
ds_2momnt3 : thank u very much!! cheers:)
nudietoto : @ds_2momnt3 😀 👍👌✌️
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#findingtubetom #nudiejeans #orgbackinblack #nudiebelt #gstar #gstarjacket
findingtubetom - orgbackinblack - gstarjacket - nudiejeans - nudiebelt - gstar - tubetom -
nudietoto : #tubetom
mildblendsupplyco : Awesome
gstarstoreusa : Great look
nudietoto : @gstarstoreusa thanx you
samuraikoansushi : is it comfortable ??
nudieslim - gomin2013 - gstarstoreusa -
#findingtubetom #tubetom #orgbackinblack #nudiejeans
findingtubetom - nudiejeans - tubetom - orgbackinblack -
mildblendsupplyco : Awesome
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#nudiejeans #findingtubetom #tubetom #orgbackinblack
findingtubetom - nudiejeans - tubetom - orgbackinblack -
mildblendsupplyco : Awesome
nudietoto : @mildblendsupplyco thanx you. You too have many great Photos
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#findingtubetom #tubetom #orgbackinblack #nudiejeans
findingtubetom - nudiejeans - tubetom - orgbackinblack -
mildblendsupplyco : Nice
nudietoto : @mildblendsupplyco thanx IT is used Flash on this Photo
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#findingtubetom #Bangsaen #Snapshot by #เกรียนเทพ ดิอันลิมิเตท
findingtubetom - เกร - snapshot - bangsaen -
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#hello #shooting #findingtubetom #sat #fusestudio #smile #photo by @genzneral
findingtubetom - fusestudio - smile - photo - shooting - hello - sat -
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findingtubetom - fusestudio -
fusestudio : #findingtubetom
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Entering #fightfortight contest by @drdenimjeans I joind instagram last September for the #FINDINGTUBETOM constest and won hope to get lucky again! #nudiejeans #supertight
fightfortight - findingtubetom - nudiejeans - supertight -
m__xx__w - alozann - aannugros - odysseus93 -
"To the winner, the spoils!" Winning the findtubetom comp. #nudiejeans#findingtubetom#winner#thespoils#nudie#alfonswallet#alfons
alfonswallet - findingtubetom - thespoils - nudie - alfons - nudiejeans - winner -
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เครื่องแบบพนักงาน #uniform#nudie #nudiethai #nudiejeans #tubetom#thinfin#findingtubetom #jeans #dry #denim #nike#man#girl #smart#theadjective#adjective
nudie - denim - thinfin - jeans - adjective - nudiethai - tubetom - girl - nudiejeans - man - dry - nike - uniform - findingtubetom - theadjective - smart -
nudietoto : Cool #nudiejeans photo
thosapoln - thorocraft - book.twk - nudiethai -
#nudietubetom #findingtubetom #nudiebelt
findingtubetom - tubetom - nudiebelt - nudietubetom -
taantoothname : what type of tube tom slang blu?
nudietoto : Sang Bleu type og #tubetom
llncolln : Good choice
taantoothname - louismart - joshualuke__ - fdiaz90 -
Thank you nudiejeans ขอบคุณมากๆ #findingtubetom#nudiejeans#nudie#nudiethai#win#happy#denim#jeans#dry#thailand#bangkok #fashions#sweden#shop#online
dry - shop - jecket - nudie - win - denim - online - jeans - bangkok - findingtubetom - sweden - nudiethai - organic - fashions - thailand - nudiejeans - sonnydrydirt - happy -
jang_sally : #jecket#sonnydrydirt#organic
nudietoto : Congratulate With new Nudie
jang_sally : @nudietoto thank you!!😊😀😁
hafizie_chik - taantoothname - thorocraft - jondoedenim -
#findingtubetom #instagramwinner
findingtubetom - tubetom - instagramwinner - teossonbelt -
nudietoto : @harubujipope what size you wear in Nudie Thightlongjohn ? I wear W31 L30 or L32
harubujipope : Ohh i see..i will visit the website later..yeah..that belt is so nice..right now i find for nudie wallet but so expensive in malaysia.. -,-
harubujipope : I wear 34 32.. Btw nudie jeans is the best to wear.i'm right.?
nudietoto : @harubujipope Nudie jeans are the best to wear I would say for sure brother. Nudie Wallet cost double of that belt I have.
nudietoto : @harubujipope you Maybe need 100 cm Long belt but compare With other belts you use.
harubujipope : Yeahhh!why nudie wallet so expensive .? I very want it but if i buy it maybe a month i"m without foods..haha
harubujipope : How much is your one of nudies jeans at your place brother .??are there expensive or more cheaper.?
nudietoto : @harubujipope Nudiejeans are expensive here too but guess They are more expensive for you bro
cheltonian78 - masaya1173 - 1flamboyant - petitojos -
First day of breaking in!!! Got my price for winning Tube Tom competition! I'm so happy! @nudiejeans thank you again! Try to wear them every day from now on! #nudiejeans #nudie #hankrey #hankreyorganicdryselvage #rawdenim #drydenim #selvage #dry #breakin #loveorange #findingtubetom
selvage - rawdenim - hankrey - nudie - breakin - dry - findingtubetom - loveorange - drydenim - hankreyorganicdryselvage - nudiejeans -
jberkenblit : What an awful jean and fit. #brutal #fail
nudietoto : Great it Will take Some time to breakin and so happy on your behalf. My price is on the way to me.
the905sdw : @rob1rob2 hey! I'm Dustin! I see you are also a Nudie fan. I also have a love for denim....especially Nudie. Its nice to see others with a love for the brand. Your style us superb! I hope u will follow me!
cheltonian78 : Ha cool! Waiting on my prize from the comp. Can't wait to start breaking it in...
cheltonian78 - nudietoto - swissjeansfreak - asburyparkdenim -
#findingtubetom #tubetom #orgblackcarbon #gstar #gstarleatherdenimjacket
gstar - findingtubetom - gstarleatherdenimjacket - tubetom - orgblackcarbon -
rob1rob2 - _nestorooov - axelnastalim - jubeln_ -
#findingtubetom #tubetom #orgblackcarbon #gstar #gstarleatherdenimjacket
gstar - findingtubetom - gstarleatherdenimjacket - tubetom - orgblackcarbon -
nudietoto : @amirreza_ameri Your online supplier is also and Supply from Sweden or Canada?
nudietoto : @amirreza_ameri yes IT is Nice to have different model and Colors or Color shift
skinypsycho : I buy them from canadian retailers or shops that have tax included like and other sites. I have never orderd from nudies online shop and i think they send from sweden
nudietoto : @amirreza_ameri ok thanxs. My nearest online supplier is in Sweden and that my neibour country. You can follow on their site all New models at least
skinypsycho : @nudietoto i check their new arrivals everyday !!
nudietoto : @amirreza_ameri So do I every day I look at their site. 😃👍👌
phatnmt : I like this !! 👍👍👍
nudietoto : @phat_naphat Thank you 😃
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#findingtubetom #orgblackcarbon #nudiejeans
findingtubetom - nudiejeans - orgblackcarbon -
peterlimpert - azuki_sj - masaya1173 -
findingtubetom -
taufik_fiq - radzi_lakaman - faizal0412 - dhom_imhays -
New belt and keychain... Thanks @nudiejeans @nudiejeanssydney ! #nudiejeans
findingtubetom - nudiejeans -
jalgie : Saalt
samliamcornish : You know et @joshuaalgie
scatsaros : So sexual
gromy : It will be dark brown sooner
samliamcornish : #findingtubetom #nudiejeans
nudiejeansmelbourne - clips_of_cole - andre___020292 - jancornish -
which is Tubetom #nudiejeans#FindingTubeTom
findingtubetom - nudiejeans -
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This year I had the opportunity to climb pikes peak which was a huge challenge for a not so in shape guy like me. For the 8 hours of hiking I had to have something I could trust. I wanna give a shout out to @nudiejeans for making a quality jean I can always rely on. I sported there tape ted summer light wash and was in heavenly comfort the entire time. If you or a friend have extreme passion for denim go check their jeans out. Three years of being a customer and still can't buy any other jean. #findingtubetom #nudiejeans thanks @josephkrishna #VSCOcam
findingtubetom - nudiejeans - vscocam -
kristiankid : I picked up the 16 dips a month ago...very comfy
iampatrickchin : Neuw Denim.
ggazetta : So good
nudietoto : Yes #nudiejeans has been my favorite for 3 years now
srt4shawn : Bumbed I didn't get to talk to you man! Great stuff
imcalebshane : @srt4shawn next time man!
covictoria : 少年小心:)Be careful,boy:)
zov2797 : 👍👍👍
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#FindingTubeTom #nudiejeans
findingtubetom - nudiejeans -
nudiejeans : @immjune Congrats on winning our Finding Tube Tom competition! Can you please contact us on with your contact info? Don't forget to write your instagram nickname so that we know who you are! Thanks!
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#findingtubetom #nudiejeans
findingtubetom - nudiejeans - jeabpimproject -
nudiejeans : @jubjays Congrats on winning our Finding Tube Tom competition! Can you please contacs us on with your contact info? Don't forget to write your instagram nickname so that we know who you are! Thanks!
jubjays : @nudiejeans What do you want about address only e-mail and country?
nudietoto : They want full name and adress and country and what you like as gift from the nudiestore. Send them email if not already done.
jubjays : @nudietoto Ok,Thank you
nudietoto : I found a Tubetom jeans in my size and a belt. It is on the way by UPS. Look on and look at the store and Mail them if not done yet.
nudietoto : You must also send your nickname jubjays here on Instagram together With info above. I think you may Ask for 2 Nudiejeans in your size and model or jeans and belt.
jubjays : #jeabpimproject
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โทษนะจะลองเอารางวัล รกไปหน่อย 555 #FindingTubeTom #nudiejeans
findingtubetom - nudiejeans -
nudiejeans : @tarptar Congrats on the win in our Finding Tube Tom competition! Can you please contact us on and give us your contact info! Don't forget to mention your instagram nickname, so that we know who you are! Thanks!
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#findingtubetom #nudiejeans
findingtubetom - nudiejeans -
bestwatsapon : ทำกิจกรรมแจกยีนหรอว้า 55
markdanaipol : บู๋ยืมลง ลุ้นรางวัลไรไม่รู้
papearzz : ท่ายากจังฮะ 💁💁
kkkkkynk - akatsukiiz - saiparnn_saii - kkattae -
Fall mode: on
findingtubetom - nudiejeans -
jaumesalat : A mi me queda aún :(
_heavenlin_ : Fall-winter fashion catalogue 2013 👍🆒
soniasupervixen_ : Que bien!!!! 🍂☔️❄️☁️
edypons : #findingtubetom #nudiejeans
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"Totally Krossed Out" #FindingTubeTom #nudiejeans
findingtubetom - nudiejeans -
lastname_loveless - thorocraft - ponkes - dj_futural -
#findingtubetom #nudiejeans #swedish #swag #swagger #yolo #cantwait #dapper #skinnyjeans
swedish - swag - cantwait - yolo - findingtubetom - skinnyjeans - nudiejeans - swagger - dapper -
creamyching : You're staying at mi casa?
f3ndy15 : Mi casa means my home in spanish dear @creamyching 😉😉😉😉😉
creamyching : Haha pardon me ... 😝
f3ndy15 : Haha i forgive u! Lol
f3ndy15 : @creamyching lol
lastname_loveless - thorocraft - jajar_sareeporn - xenox1983 -
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