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katiecockrell : Love it!
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35mm BLADE RUNNER re-release trailer from 1992. Ridley Scott directed this American neo-noir dystopian science fiction film starring Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer. This is considered by many to be one of the best Scifi movies of all-time. A good find, but I'm looking for the original 1982 release trailer. #cinema #cinematic #cinephile #cinemascifi #collectible #cinemaclassic #classiccinema #popculture #filmbuff #filmaking #film #filmlover #filmclassic #filmfantasy #filmcollector #filmisnotdead #favoritemovies #filmcollectible #bestmoviesever #bestsummerfilms #1992 #1982 #harrisonford #ridleyscott
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Major Movie Review: Horrible Bosses 2 (SPOILER FREE) So, this Thanksgiving weekend, why not take the kids and granny to see Horrible Bosses 2?! They'll all get a kick out of hearing Jeniffer Aniston needing soft served dumped on her chest.... Horrible Bosses 2 is, I guess, the rightfully deserved sequel of Horrible Bosses. Last time Nick (Jason Bateman), Kurt (Jason Sudeikis), and Dale (Charlie Day) plotted to kill their bosses and somewhat succeeded. Point is, now the guys work for themselves. They've even invented something called the Shower Buddy as a way to start a business for themselves. Enter Bert Hanson (Christoph Waltz) and his son Rex (Chris Pine), two wealthy business men who screw over our trio of heroes and steal their idea and potential wealth. Well, these three caballeros aren't taking crap anymore and with the advice of Mothafuckah Jones (Jamie Foxx), Nick Kurt & Dale think up the idea of kidnapping Rex and holding him for ransom. What about you guys? Have you seen Horrible Bosses 2 and what did you think? Did you think it was better or worst than the first? What's your favorite ensemble in a comedy? Drop a comment and LET'S TALK MOVIES! #HorribleBosses2 #movies #film #cinema #cinephile #movienerd #filmnerd #moviebuff #filmbuff #moviereview #filmreview #JasonBateman #JasonSudeikis #CharlieDay #JenifferAniston #JamieFoxx #KevinSpacey #ChristophWaltz #ChrisPine #comedy
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majorcinephile11 : The first Horrible Bosses is considered a surprise hit when it originally released, and I was surprised by it too. It was a pretty funny dark comedy with a great cast and when the studio saw that it was a box office hit they obviously pushed for a sequel. When I first heard of a sequel my first thought was "oh, are they just gonna have the exact same formula as the first film?" Because that whole same formula routine was used for The Hangover Part II, and it did not work, it felt cheap and unfunny. THANKFULLY, Horrible Bosses 2, has enough twists and great new cast additions that it felt kinda fresh but still had that fimiliar vibe. That's a plus AND a minus for me at the same time.
majorcinephile11 : I can't deny that this movie had me laughing, even a good hard belly laugh came out of me at least twice, but I wouldn't say that it was any funnier than the first. The actors are all really good with their comedic moments but there are moments where jokes tried to hit but just struck me as not funny or completely rediculous. 70% of the things Charlie Day does in this movie were supposed to come off as funny but they just annoyed me and had me slapping my head. There's plenty of over the top comedy in the movie like raunchy moments, obsurdly hilarious lines and situations, I mean why wouldn't there? It's just I wasn't consistantly laughing at each joke, but when it WAS funny it worked. That making sense?😅
majorcinephile11 : The chemistry between the three main stars is great, I may like Day, Bateman, and Sudeikis better together than the Wolfpack from the Hangover movies. There are moments where these guys almost reminded me of a modern Three Stooges and it works! Jason Sudeikis, who I am a fan of, is funny but his character had no depth to him at all! He's pretty much there to make inappropriate jokes and that's it. Jen Aniston, my god, she's awesome here! She oozes hotness the whole time and her dialog man! It's some of the nastiest, filthiest stuff I've heard her say, but she sells it so good that I couldn't help but laugh along with her scenes, my favorite being a sex addict group meeting scene with Jason Bateman. Kevin Spacey returns and Christoph Waltz debuts and while it was nice to see these two great talents in the movie their characters didn't have much to do. Jamie Foxx is once again awesome as MF and even takes part in some of the action this time as shown in the trailers. Chris Pine, is probably the biggest hit of the cast for me. Imagine his Captain Kirk if Kirk was a spoiled and deceiving guy with daddy issues. He was pretty funny though, which I was skeptical about going in. I'd like to see him do more antagonist roles.
majorcinephile11 : Seeing as this is a sequel, you're gotta expect everything to be turned up such as some of the action, the situational humor and for the most part it works. You can feel and see the increased budget all over this thing. I just wish a little more work was put into the film's script. You can tell that a lot of the humor in this movie is improvised and these days I've come to expect that from comedies however I'm sure with all the talent on this project they could've written up some quality laughs to be acted out.
majorcinephile11 : Overall, I did have a good time watching Horrible Bosses 2. I didn't laugh my butt off like with 22 Jump Street or Neighbors and there could've been some work done with the humor. You can't deny the chemistry between the three leads though and the very impressive cast is worth a viewing alone. Horrible Bosses 2, gets 🌟🌟🌟 out of 5!
bbandg123 : I would give it an A-, because it wasn't only funny, but was also a good movie.
majorcinephile11 : @bbandg123 it wasn't bad lol that's for sure. I still had a good time watching it though.
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Wanted to watch Friday After Next since it's Christmas movie time. But decided to just rewatch them all. #Friday #NextFriday #FridayAfterNext
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Lunch in #Marseille, Oui Oui!! We ate at the Old Port (Vieux Port) today but #movie buffs should visit Bar de la Marine on the Old Port as the #film Love Actually was filmed here! #France #roadtrip
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destinationdetective : #travel #tourism #port #boats #wanderlusting #instapassport #europe #driving #travelgram #holidays #romantic #getaway #friends #fun #laughs #french #lunch #igers #instagood #loveactually #filmbuff #menuoftheday
jeromegalland : Super!
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THE MASTER (2012, PT Anderson): It's been over a year since I viewed this for the first time. To this day I'm still processing it.
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cinema_gun : My favorite shot in the film! Saw it on 70mm in New York!!
cineshots : @cinema_gun that sounds amazing. What I would give to see it projected on 70mm!
cineshots : #vsco #themaster #ptanderson #cinema #films #movies #cinephile #filmbuff #blackandwhite
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Everytime I thought I am having a bad day at the office, these guys have it worse. And mine isn't that bad after all #NowWatching #ThePacific #Episode5 #PeleliuLanding #JosephMazzello #USMarines #StevenSpielberg #TomHanks #JustAnotherDayAtTheOffice #bluray #blurayaddict #blurayfanatic #bluraycollection #blurayjunkie #movie #ilovemovies #moviebuff #moviebuff #moviegeek #movieflick #moviecollection #filmbuff
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angel7six : You know I've never seen this series!! Been dying to watch it!!
anthonygtan : You should check it out @angel7six not everyone's cup of tea because of the non linear narrative unlike its companion Band Of Brothers but I like it. It's equally as good as BOB.
angel7six : @anthonygtan I've never seen BOB either. Which should I watch first? Does it matter?
anthonygtan : Watch BOB first @angel7six it's much easier follow through, than check out The Pacific.
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Happy Thanksgiving to all! #HappyThanksgiving #SandraBullock #Thanksgiving #TheBlindSide #Turkey #cinephile #filmbuff #moviebuff #cinema #motionpictures #film #movies #2009 #football #dinner #family #Thursday #food #wine
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alexramcharitar90 : Thanks u 2
averyloveswords : Love it!
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andytorino : Sabotage? are you sure?
ironfingaz : @andytorino No. It's a blind buy lol
blurayoutlaw : Wanna trade ultra violet code of Sabotage?
broad_green : Looks good!
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Automata. Jesus Christ, Melanie Griffith; what did Antonio do to you? #sciencefiction #scifi #action #adventure #suspense #thriller #dystopicfuture #future #robot #robots #movies #films #ilovemovies #moviejunkie #moviebuff #filmbuff #antoniobanderas #melaniegriffith #futuristic #dystopia #dystopic #automata #bluray #bluraycollection #jasonlovesmovies
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durondd : They show it here, in your town for a week., but I never had a chance to see it... And it already on bluray- no way-- it must not be that good.
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Guess the film, be a winner.
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stilledfilms : ANSWER: Joe (1970), dir. John G. Avildsen.
stilledfilms : #SusanSarandon #Joe #PeterBoyle #DennisPatrick #JohnGAvildsen #NormanWexler #1970
dwjohnson16 : @stilledfilms I'm in production on a documentary about #Joe 's director #JohnGAvildsen and just completed the Joe segment yesterday!
stilledfilms : @dwjohnson16 Wow. That is an amazing coincidence. Let us all know when it is released.
extravagainesa : @stilledfilms I think you meant me for a good guess instead of @ai_extravaganzza
stilledfilms : Oops @extravagainesa You are correct! @ai_extravaganzza doesn't win anything!
ai_extravaganzza : Lol
rwalth : Yaaay! Thanks for such a swell game! Happy turkey day 😻
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Batman (1989) Film Review by Adam Gonzalez The film that set the bar for future Caped Crusaders to come, the 1989 Batman movie directed by Tim Burton, starring Michael Keaton (Batman), Jack Nicholson (The Joker) and Kim Basinger (Vicky Vale) was much more "Dark Knight" than its predecessor's Adam West 1966 Batman TV series. The film is set in a time where Gotham City is overwhelmed by crime led by the Joker, a gangster turned madman after he falls into a vat of chemicals which leaves his face permanently disfigured with a smile. The only one who can stop him is Batman, the secret identity of orphaned billionaire Bruce Wayne. In the middle of all this crime fighting, Bruce falls in love with Vicky Vale, a photo journalist who attempts to uncover the truth about Batman. Micheal Keaton and Jack Nichokson set the bar for these two iconic DC comic book characters. Keaton managed to find the right balance for Bruce Wayne, the playboy billionaire and Batman, the vigilante crime fighter. He still, in my opinion of course, has the best "Batman Voice". Nicholson's Joker was magnificent. He owned the look of the classic Cesar Romero Joker from the 1966 Batman series, but added the sadistic humor that was needed for this dark film. Basinger brought the delicatesy and allure as the heroine who gets trapped in the middle of this love triangle. And who can forget Bruce Wayne's butler, Alfred Pennyworth, played by the late Michael Gough, who raised Bruce and is the only person who knows his true identity. Tim Burton's Batman has always been the one that other Batman film's are compared too. They set the tone and trend for what a great Batman and Joker should be. So if you've never seen any of the Batman films before or have only seen the more recent Dark Knight films, then you need to do yourself a favor and watch this movie. Although Christian Bale and Heath Ledger did an amazing job in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, Keaton's Batman and Nicholson's Joker will always be the one that started it all. So now I ask you this, have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?
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adamgonzalezmusic : #Batman #MichaelKeaton #JackNicholson #TimBurton #AdamGonzalez #Director #Filmmaker #MovieBuff #FilmBuff #FilmBlog #MovieReview #Film #Movie #Blog #Review
tiffee31 : Great @JohnTuckerMagic
theartagency : nice
bongoperc : Yo @adamgonzalezmusic we missed you @msg 😔
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I was tagged by the homie @the__big__a for my favorite/must watch Christmas movies and well I have a lot of favorites like the first two home alone ones and many more so I'll just post these two. #howthegrinchstolechristmas & #achristmasstory now I tag all of my followers to post they're favorites and make sure to tag me in it. #bluray#bluraycollection#bluraycollector#blurayjunkie#blurayaddiction#blurayaddict#bluworldorder#unitednationofblu#steelbook#steelbookcollector#moviebuff#moviecollector#filmbuff#filmcollector#collection#collector
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the__big__a : TheGrinch, I need to upgrade my DVD copy. Good choices
basspressure : Thanks bro, yeah The Grinch is awesome I recently upgraded lol
basspressure : @the__big__a ^^
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kickass_fanclub : If I Stay! Follow Me? 😋❤️👌 @jeff_daniel03
xraymovievision : Get this bootleg off insta.
jeff_daniel03 : @xraymovievision bootleg? Lol naa I bought it on dvd great movie man
xraymovievision : You actually liked it?
jeff_daniel03 : @xraymovievision ya man great flick
wintershytz : Great flick.. if ur gay
jeff_daniel03 : Lol don't need to be gay to watch it
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@realkandymac #KandyseMcClure ★
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aldo_ricci : Lovely!
jessicamayo : :)
bigblockmedia : Woah
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SUPERGIRL SHOW MIGHT CROSS OVER TO THE FLASH AND ARROW TV SERIES: #arrow In a recent interview with EW, Greg Berlanti gave some insights on the upcoming Supergirl series. #flash Later in the afternoon at his other office on the Warner Bros. lot, Berlanti meets with fellow producer Ali Adler and Oscar-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood to go over looks for their upcoming revamp of Supergirl. The show will follow 24-year-old Kara Zor-El, Superman’s cousin, and with a twist that that could melt fanboy brains, Berlanti says it’s possible this Supergirl could enter the worlds of Arrow and The Flash
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filmaddiction : They don't mention any actress there... @zulu1246
zulu1246 : Thanks @filmaddiction
xmengeek : I'm excited for this show. It'll probably be similar to smallville and I miss that show. Makes it even better to know that these shows might crossover
filmaddiction : @xmengeek agreed
gian6190 : Idk bout this one..I have my doubts @filmaddiction
_mateo90 : Of course it would they'd b dumb not too. And if the planned Titan show does come out perhaps another massive crossover #fingerscrossed
filmaddiction : that would be cool @_mateo90
da_burgerking : No
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Ron Howard always wanted (Audrey Tautou) for the role of Sophie, but she was never available for an audition. She also originally felt too young to play opposite Tom Hanks. After some convincing from Howard she auditioned and got the role. Audrey Tautou is best known for playing (Amélie) in the 2001 film of the same name◆ During her audition, Audrey (Sophie) asked if she could take a photo of Ron Howard and Tom Hanks to prove to her friends that she actually met them◆ Because it was not certain that the movie would be a hit and that other adaptations of Dan Brown's novels would follow, this film was made as a "stand-alone" movie, rather than the beginning of a series. All references to the fact that Robert Langdon had already solved another murder riddle (in the novel (Angels and Demons) which takes place before (The Da Vinci Code) were purposefully left out of the script. When the movie was a huge financial success, production of Angels & Demons was started shortly after the release (but rewritten as a follow-up, not a prequel)◆ Virginie Ledoyen (who played Françoise) in the 2000 film (The Beach) opposite Leonardo DiCaprio & Sophie Marceau (who played Princess Isabelle) in the 1995 film Braveheart both auditioned for the role of Sophie◆ In the novel, Dan Brown claims that the Disney film (The Little Mermaid) gave its heroine (Ariel) red hair, as a reference to paganism and a symbolic grail story◆ In actuality, Ariel had red hair to distinguish her from (Madison) in the film (Splash). Interestingly, Splash was the first collaboration between director Ron Howard and Tom Hanks◆ There is a gargoyle spied by Sophie inside (Rosslyn Chapel) that is modeled after Ron Howard's face◆ The poster outside the elevator in the Louvre is Caravaggio's (The Boy in the Well). This represents Langdon's falling in a well as a boy
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movietrivia99 : The artwork on the cover of Langdon's book is Botticelli's (The Birth of Venus)◆ Ron Howard first envisioned the role of Robert Langdon was Bill Paxton. Paxton was interested but ended up turning it down because of scheduling conflicts. Russell Crowe was then considered but ultimately Howard decided on his long-time friend Tom Hanks. Other actors considered for the part were Ralph Fiennes and George Clooney◆Though not mentioned in the film, Langdon is wearing a vintage Mickey Mouse watch as in the book. The watch is clearly visible when Langdon is wringing his hands in the security truck scene◆ The air freshener hanging from (Lt. Collet)'s rearview mirror is in the shape of the Angel Gabriel. The Angel Gabriel represents the messenger of a call to duty. Collet is played by Etienne Chicot◆ Near the end of the movie's trailer, the word "SEEK" in the phrase "Seek the Truth" is highlighted. Then, when the cast names are shown, the letters T, H, S, E, C, D, E and O are highlighted. If you rearrange the highlighted letters and add the word, you get the phrase "SEEK THE CODES"◆Author (Dan Brown) makes a cameo when Robert Langdon is talking with the police during the signing party for his book. He is seen to the left of Tom Hanks immediately after the line "We found your name in his daily planner." He is wearing the Harris Tweed jacket from his dust jacket publicity photo◆ Cheryl Howard, wife of Ron Howard, can be seen clutching her copy of Langdon's autographed opus at his book-signing desk, and asking for him to sign his last book◆ The French Inspector's name (Bezu Fache) is a crude pun- in French, the words roughly translate to (angry fucker). This alludes to Fache's short-tempered attitude◆ France's Culture Ministry granted permission for limited access for the film crew to film inside the (Louvre) at night◆ Officials from Britain's Westminster Abbey refused to allow filming to take place in the Abbey, claiming that the book is "theologically unsound". Instead, the filming took place at Lincoln Cathedral in eastern England◆
movietrivia99 : Julie Delpy wanted the role of Shopie very much. She lobbied for it, but she was ultimately turned down◆To protect both the fabric of the building and the works of art it contains, the production's use of the (Louvre Museum) in Paris was carefully controlled. For instance, no equipment was allowed inside the Louvre during the opening hours, so filming took place at night◆ Since the crew were not permitted to shine light on the Mona Lisa, a replica was used to film instead◆ No blood or mysterious writings were permitted on the wooden floor of the museum so these scenes were shot at Pinewood Studios outside London. In the end, 5 replicas of the Mona Lisa were used◆When Leigh Teabing (Ian McKellen) is describing the passage in the lost gospel of Philip, he is interrupted before he can finish quoting a line about Jesus kissing Magdelene. During an interview on NPR's "Day to Day", religious historian Elaine Pagels (whose book on the gnostic gospels was a source for Dan Brown's novel) said that the gospel is physically broken at exactly the place that Teabing stops talking, so he would be unable to quote it any further anyway◆ Producer Brian Grazer and Ron Howard received an invitation from French President (Jacques Chirac). They expected a five-minute photo call. Instead they spent an hour in conversation and were told to speak to him if they had problems getting filming in the Louvre. Chirac suggested (Jean Reno) should have a pay raise and that his daughter's best friend, an actress, should be cast as Sophie Neveu◆Near the U.S. Embassy, there is a quick shot of a poster advertising an opera based on "Les misérables". According to documents, its author (Victor Hugo) is the twenty-fourth Grand Master of the Priory of Sion, serving from 1844 to 1885◆
movietrivia99 : Danish actor (Thure Lindhardt) had booked his first Hollywood movie part as (Silas) the Albino and for a long time, he was clearly the running favorite until, ultimately, he was discounted on the grounds that he "looked too young" and director Ron Howard decided on Paul Bettany. However, Lindhardt later got a significant supporting role as (Chartrand) in the 2009 film (Angels & Demons)◆Hans Zimmer replaced James Horner (long time collaborator with Ron Howard), while Horner took the offer to compose the music for 2005 film (The New World), when Zimmer couldn't accept it, because of scheduling conflicts◆Lincoln Cathedral's bell (Great Tom) which strikes the hour was silent for the first time since World War II while filming took place in the cathedral between 15 and 19 of  August 2005◆ Author (Dan Brown) named Sir Leigh Teabing after two of the authors of the book (Holy Blood, Holy Grail), Richard Leigh and Michael Baigent. Leigh is the surname of Richard Leigh and Teabing is an anagram of the surname Baigent. Leigh and Baigent unsuccessfully attempted to sue Dan Brown for copyright infringement◆ Creator of the TV series (24) Joel Surnow thought that "The DaVinci Code" would provide a great storyline for the show's third season. Surnow asked his boss, producer (Brian Grazer) about acquiring the film rights to the book. Author Dan Brown had no intention of his book being adapted for a TV show, and rejected their bid◆ The novel contains a sequence in which Sophie and Langdon escape from a museum guard by Sophie threatening to destroy a Da Vinci painting. These scenes are not in the theatrical release of the film, although they were filmed and images from the scene are included with the published screenplay. Some of these scenes are restored to the film in the Extended Edition DVD, available in Great Britain (region 2), but as of 2007, not available in America◆
movietrivia99 : The rose in an alabaster jar placed at the former locations of Mary Magdalene's sarcophagus is a symbol of Mary Magdalene◆The logo of the bank incorporates the symbol for Phi whose value can be derived from the Fibonacci Sequence◆ Bishop Manuel Aringarosa's surname, if taken as two Italian words ("aringa" and "ros(s)a"), translates to "red herring". This foreshadows the Bishop's being a suspected antagonist◆ The directors originally wanted to film inside Kings College Library as per the book but the college did not want to close off a section of the library◆The mural on the ceiling at the Cardinals' meeting place is called (Hell) representing (Aringarosa) as a Fallen Angel◆Producer Brian Grazer canceled 27 interviews at Cannes to minimize the surrounding controversies the film had already generated◆Ricky Gervais has said in interviews he was offered the role of (Remy Jean) played by (Jean-Yves Berteloot)◆As with the other two films in the trilogy, author Dan Brown named main character (Robert Langdon) afterJohn Langdon, a close friend and typography master who worked with Brown on ambigram designs for his book (Angels and Demons) as well as the films. John Langdon also designed an ambigram that was used in the 2008 film (Monkeyshine)◆In the story, Robert Langdon's publisher is called Jonas Faukman. Jonas Faukman is an anagram of Dan Brown's real life publisher, Jason Kaufman◆Because the film team wasn't allowed to film at Saint-Sulpice, the scenes were shot in front of green screen, with a digital replica of the church added in the background◆
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I have mixed feelings about Jurassic World, I absolutely love this franchise and have been knowing about this installation for quite sometime. I'm not fond of the bad science they've been emphasizing in terms of generating the dinosaurs but other than that I have extremely high hopes for this movie. My bae Chris Pratt is in it thankfully and I'm hoping there are some animatronics and it's not entirely CGI. What can I say I like the classics ❤️🐊🎥
demigodlaulo : Still though, a freaking Liopleurodon jus ate a Great White shark!!!!
awkwardly_x : I love this photo! ⛺
dnlpdll : Chris Pratt and his Raptor Patrol
xironsoulx : @dnlpdll Epic asf! That shall be my life one day lol
xironsoulx : @demigodlaulo Yeah that was pretty awesome lol
xalexarex : Prolly gonna be sick af
pawsmface : #raptorsquad
josenoe : I think they they want this movie to be completely different from Jurassic park. It looks too fake already.
veronicaz96_ - _adriwoo - kellyvonschweet - wendy_kittyboo -
STAR WARS TRAILER WILL BE ONLINE ON FRIDAY: #starwars So you don't live close to the theaters that will premier the Star Wars trailer? Don't worry, the teaser will be online on Friday for all of us to enjoy and nerd out!
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zulu1246 : Kinda like #TheAvengersAgeOfUltron 😕 what do you think? @filmaddiction they, the studios, don't want to loose control.
filmaddiction : @zulu1246 yeah basically , also they had to release the Star Wars trailer online because you know someone was going to record the trailer all bootleg version
zulu1246 : 👏👍
dpitt_ : Hydra leaked the Avengers trailer.
dpitt_ : 🐸☕
filmaddiction : @dpitt_ yeah haha
filmaddiction : Now the empire will leak the Star Wars trailer
gian6190 : I'm freaking out here!!! 😱😱😃😃 I knew this would happen u can't keep a trailer like this of a franchise that's so beloved by many just at a few select theaters. Disney made a good move by deciding to release it online on Fri
success_education - jasminxjeanette - abdoreus11 - dirbrandonbaer -
Well I made the mistake of watching this film... Because I will not sleep for next week! Holy crap it's good to see an actual horror movie not another possession film just a good old creepy film. Everything about this film just has the "right stuff" that makes a a good horror film. One thing I really liked was the acting the little boy and the mother being a single mom going through all the crap that happens in the film. Another thing I liked about the film was the tone and music, such an eerie feel to it and as much as I wanted to look away and close my eyes, I was glued to the screen. A must see for any horror fanatic. 4.5/5 Have you seen The Babadook? What are your thoughts on it? Leave your comments below!
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filmaddiction : @the_mk_journalist if your still not sold, watch the trailer haha
roxombie : @bluecolossus I'll look for the trailer when I get home 😃
thehuntedmovie : Have you seen The Hunted?
filmaddiction : @thehuntedmovie no I haven't
royallyspooky : I loved it. You can take it as a monster movie or even a psycholigical one (mothers breakdown). I love Essie Davis. Have you watched Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries?
filmaddiction : no I havent /: @royallyspooky
royallyspooky : She stars in that series it takes place in the 20s and she solves murders its on netflix! Its repetatice but still fun to watxh.
filmaddiction : oooo I'll check it out (: @royallyspooky
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Daniel Day Lewis was nominated for best actor at the 2003 Oscars for playing (Bill The Butcher) in the 2002 film (Gangs Of New York). At one point in the movie (Bill The Butcher) throws a knife at a picture of Abraham Lincoln◆ Daniel Day Lewis did not win the Oscar for best actor that year for playing (Bill The Butcher). It went to (Adrien Brody) for portraying (Wladyslaw Szpilman) in the film (The Pianist)◆ 10 years later Daniel Day Lewis is nominated & won best actor at the 2013 Oscars for portraying the 16th President of the United States (Abraham Lincoln). In (The Gangs Of New York)'s cinematic chronological year, Bill The Butcher throws the knife in 1862- Three years before Lincoln's assassination.
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nsp1190 : @hopoffmywave
movietrivia99 : #Actor #Actress #BehindTheScenes #CastAndCrew #Cinephilia #CinePhile #Cinematography #Director #DVDS #FilmSchool #FilmMaking #FilmBuff #Films #FilmMaker #Flicks #GreatMovies #Hollywood #ILoveMovies #InstaMovies #MakingMovies #MovieTrivia #MovieBuff #MovieOfTheDay #MoviePoster #PicOfTheDay #Production #Sinema #Screenplay
toasted_ice : Loved Gangs of NY
tonycurran : Legend actor who dives deeper than most mortals dare.....or can.....
karmaparanoid : @jj_claudio
movietrivia99 : @tonycurran he didn't shower or bathe during the entire production of the crucible. He also built the house he lived in that film from scratch by himself.
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My #wcw this week is Alyssa Jones from #chasingamy written and directed by @thatkevinsmith a very inspiring individual to me. #filmhistory #filmbuff #filmnerd #iknowshesalesbian #jay #silentbob #snoogans #snootch #nootch
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Guess the film, be a winner.
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stilledfilms : Congrats to @annlindandersen and @janbarg for their silver and bronze guesses.
stilledfilms : We suspect @dcans73 of cheating. He knows what he did. But he is still free to play. We don't punish, we encourage rehabilitation.
stilledfilms : Quick one today... Play again tomorrow... We will post with greasy Thanksgiving hands because we do not rest. Thanks all!
stilledfilms : Remember to invite your weird relatives to play along tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving from Stilled Films...
stilledfilms : ANSWER: Under the Volcano (1984), dir. John Huston.
stilledfilms : #UnderTheVolcano #JohnHuston #AlbertFinney #JacquelineBisset #MalcolmLowry
jojolie23 : I've never won, but I look forward to a new challenge everyday. You guys are the best. Have a great thanksgiving!!!
stilledfilms : Thanks @jojolie23 You too!
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This TV show is called 'Utopia'. And I love it. Check it out. Gillian Flynn, who wrote 'Gone Girl' is writing the American remake, and guess what, it's being directed by the man himself David Fincher, and he is doing it for HBO. HBO have released some quality shows. Therefore...Fincher + Utopia + HBO = Greatness
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jedi_lebowski : #Funko #FunkoPop #PopVinyl
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Get Familiar With: The Town (2010). Ben Affleck was on the comeback train after a few cinematic blunders. In 2007 he got back in the good graces of the industry after directing the critically acclaimed Gone Baby Gone. With his second directorial go round, he proved that his first try was no fluke with The Town. The thing about The Town is that it's not particularly original. We've seen variations of the bank heist thriller several times over the years but Affleck attacks the subject matter with so much energy & style that it makes it feel fresh & new again. There is plenty of action. The drama really works & all of the actors are in top notch form. This is also a film that allows the city to function as its own character. Boston feels very much alive & really elevates the films material. This has been compared to the 1995 film Heat for a newer generation & I think that's a fair & accurate comparison. #thetown #boston #benaffleck #petercraig #rebeccahall #jonhamm #jeremyrenner #blakelively #crime #drama #thriller #2010 #film #movie #moviecollection #moviecollector #movieaddict #movienerd #moviejunkie #filmaddict #filmnerd #filmjunkie #moviebuff #filmbuff #cinema #instaflick #instafilm #flick.
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acapellatnfac : 🙌 #classic
acapellatnfac : It's where I got tha whole "#TNFAC thing from.
msmoviegeek : One of my faves! 👏🙌
iamshibby23_ : Top 7 movies all time for Ya Boi
alex_261994 : 👊👊👊 @msmoviegeek @gbolling1984 @iamshibby23_
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DVD chaos #filmbuff #caughtintheact #iknowitsheresomewhere
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salmast : 😘
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#lipsbyface GIFT SETS!!! Only at @ebf_salonandspa 216.381.3223 #neutrals. #filmbuff #pinklady #embrace
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So if you've been around me for the past week, then you would know that I can't stop bragging about seeing Batman (Keaton and Nicholson) on the big screen tonight. The four year old in me cannot wait to relive this classic hero flick all over again. Which brings me to my next point. Not a day goes by that I dont watch at least one movie. Serisouly, I watch movies all the time lol, so much that im consistently being asked for my review for these films. Now I've conemplated starting my own movie blog, not for fame and followers, but for my passion for film and what it brings to people's lives. This has been something that I've always wanted to do and I want people to be just as excited as I was to see any film like when I was a kid going to see Batman. So with that in mind I've decided to move forward with my Film Review Blog. For the time being I will be posting through Facebook, Instagram and my Website ( In early 2015 I will be making major changes to my site which will include a dedicated section just for the Film Review Blog. Thanks to everyone who has inspired me to move forward on this new venture. Now to quote the late Robin Williams from the film The Fisher King: “There’s three things in this world that you need: Respect for all kinds of life, a nice bowel movement on a regular basis, and a navy blazer.” #AdamGonzalez #Filmmaker #MovieBuff #FilmBuff #FilmBlog #MovieReview #Film #Movie #Blog #Review
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yosoymiguel : Awesome bro!! Can't wait to read the reviews! Enjoy the classic movie
waddi__7__ : If only there was a warranty app where I can ask some one for tips on movie theater and movie reviews ... Make sure to call it "warranty app" lmao @adamgonzalezmusic
adamgonzalezmusic : Thanks bro @yosoymiguel
adamgonzalezmusic : @waddi__7__ I'll definately will be talking about movie theaters, I've been to all of them lol
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Currently watching: Sin City - A Same to Kill For #sincity #adametokillfor #frankmiller #bluray #blurays #movie #movies #collector #collection #moviecollection #bluraycollector #moviebuff #film #films #filmcollector #filmbuff #currentlywatching #nowwatching
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sincitylist : #SurrenderNightClub • Encore Hotel • #DIPLO • Wednesday • Locals & Ladies Free • Open Bar • Text me #(702) 527-3789.
sigmon7 : *Dame* haha.
huxperception27 : Damn auto correct bs lol @sigmon7 appreciated!!! 👌
spidergirlpink : 👍💕
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MEL BROOKS JOINS THE CAST OF HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2: #melbrooks Mel Brooks joins the cast of Hotel Transylvania as Vlad, Dracula's father in the sequel. #hotelTransylvania he plot will see the old-fashioned vampire Vlad (Brooks) arrive at the hotel for an impromptu family get-together that proves to be a comic collision of supernatural old-school and modern day cool. All of the characters from the first look to return
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emanuelpablo2 : Great!!
__jackbrown__179 : OMG so excited
filmaddiction : @__jackbrown__179 me too (:
__jackbrown__179 : I think I'll see it with my mum as she really liked the first one 😊
filmaddiction : @__jackbrown__179 ya I enjoyed the first one, and adding brooks is just so cool
royallyspooky : I was surprised by how much I loved the first one qhen I wasn't expecting to care for it at all. Really looking forward to this. Blah blah blah
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FRANK GRILLO RETURNS AS CROSSBONES FOR CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR: #marvel Actor Frankly Grillo will return as the villain Crossbones in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. In a conversation with EW, Grillo will be suited up as Crossbones. #captainamericacivilwar “ Winter Soldier was only a taste of what’s to come with the next film, and I couldn’t be more humbled and excited. They just kind of called and said, ‘What kind of shape are you in? We’re going to need a body scan.’ They scan your body so that whatever you wear fits you like a glove.”
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weddingpera : 👌👌
jupiter_soul : Nice! 😊
comic_2000 : Yes!!!
gian6190 : This is awesome news!! 😱😱👏👏👏
_youngwilly : Boring
filmaddiction : @_youngwilly how is that boring?
_youngwilly : Unknown villain.!! @filmaddiction
filmaddiction : he isn't and unknown villain?? @_youngwilly
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DID YOU KNOW? "Here Comes the Navy" was filmed in the spring of 1934 on the U.S.S. Arizona, which was sunk on 7 December 1941 at Pearl Harbor. #didyouknow #moviefacts #facts #JamesCagney #GloriaStuart #PatOBrien #FrankMcHugh #Oscars #AcademyAwards #cinephile #filmbuff #moviebuff #cinema #motionpictures #film #movies #ClassicCinema #classicfilms #TCM #HollywoodGoldenAge #OldHollywood #silverscreen #Hollywood #blackandwhite #Navy #1930s
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jenniferandathena : Portions of the film also include shots of the dirigible Macon, a year before the accident that destroyed the dirigible with the loss of two crew.
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THE DOOR FOR JURASSIC WORLD WILL BE REAL: #jurassicworld For those of you who were worried about Jurassic World being Heavy CGI well here's a bit of reassurance that director Colin Trevorrow has got this! #jurassicworld " the gate will be practical. Real wood, concrete and steel. That shot was made specifically for the trailer. The film will be different."
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filmaddiction : #filmmaking #filmmaker #filmnews #filmbuff #moviescomingout #moviesthisweek #moviesdaily #moviereview #moviejunkie #moviefreak #movienews #moviedose #moviebuff #moviefan #cinephilecommunity #cinephile #jurassicpark #dinos
himynameisart1 : Are people really worried about a door being real?! Lol geez.
filmaddiction : @himynameisart1 there's always fanboys that are gonna bi-... Complain haha jk but yes I've seen some people complain about it on youtube and other sites, I understand why but I knew it was just for the trailer ... It's more than just a gate haha
emanuelpablo2 : Yes!!and some dino CGI too! ;-)
thecolemueller : Cool!
justgc : @sa_ny85
cthulhu713 : The Jurassic park gate will always be the best
gian6190 : Classic JP gate 😃
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