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Filip Leu & @horiyoshi_3 1985 @horikitsune #horiyoshi_3 #filipleu
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misterbobroberts : So young!!!
electricmarcus : @edvinglas13 fett
pablo_de_tattoolifestyle : Tattoo HISTORY!
evil_munchkin : @titineleu OMG check out Filip's tash!!!! -Brenna
andrevieira_ironskull : Respect!
horiyoshi_3 : thank you very very much !!!!!! m(__)mm(__)mm(__)m(^o^)v\(^o^)/
miketoddtattoo : @deathorglory666tattoo
tataporky : @hernancoretta
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@partanimal_partmachine (Alex) is working in San Francisco this week where I got the wind under his name tattooed by Filip Leu @diamondclubtattoo. Seems like eons ago! Love San Francisco, yeah and I Guess Alex too!!! Hahaha!!! #ALEXSTINKS #partanimalpartmachine #filipleu #diamondclub #sanfrancisco Almost forgot name was done by Ron Lopez in Elizabeth N.J. 1993! #ronlopez
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❤️Filip Leu2015 photo by Titine Leu #filipleu #titineleu
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otherreality : Legend 🙏
brendantangel : Lucille like bbking
snakeeyesb52tattoo : In my opinion the greatest tattooer on the planet.
bodhitattoobali : Damn we miss you guys :-(
jtseronis : Awesome pic @titineleu ,,was Filip getting all bluesy during this pic ? Been trying to get on books,, can u have Tanya check emails ,, miss u guys!
colormakerz : 🎶💃🎶💃🎶💃🎶 @titineleu
jenniferneverdie : master🙏
octavia__paz : @brothers_tattoo_vgesell
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Well known for the high quality of his tattoos, particularly large Japanese style body work, Filip Leu also enjoys giving free rein to his imagination in a surrealistic and psychedelic style. Pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically, we at Kintaro Publishing are super excited about this beautiful “Dead Zone” screen print. Each print is numbered & hand-signed on the front. Purchase limit 1 per person/household. Now available through our online gallery. Enjoy and please have a look: #FilipLeu #limitededition #print #signedandnumbered #inspireothers #contemporaryart #fineart #InstaArt #onlineart #artgallery #KintaroPublishing #wedrinkink #share #🙏
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thorink : @urmijangos @mptattoos @salva_g74 @
salva_g74 : Es el más grande!! @thorink
snowblowin : Amazing skill
cosmicinsight : @db3rni3r
db3rni3r : @sandibis kinda reminds me of yours
sandibis : @db3rni3r damn that's sick, thanks for thinking of mine haha
timmo_deuce : @nicklissarrague pretty cosmic huh? 👍
nicklissarrague : All Heil meester leu @timmo_deuce
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Detail shot of a back piece by my favorite of all time FILIP LEU. Sorry if I seem a little biased at times and show his work a lot. But Filip doesn't have a IG so I like to promote him a lot. Because I really feel he has given so much to the tattoo world and the art world in general that showing his work here for the new generation of tattooers and collectors is something I find important. We should all know the greatness of spirit that is FILIP LEU!!!! #japanesecollective #japanesetattoo #japanesedragon #ryu #irezumi #backpiece #filipleu #tattoomasters
filipleu - japanesedragon - japanesecollective - tattoomasters - backpiece - japanesetattoo - irezumi - ryu -
bryankachel : Well put man!
sc_rat : @lukeatmyart follow this page.
arotattoo : @ueotattoo 👏👏👏👏
nico_cennamo : 👍👍absolutely true!👏👏👏
slayer_tattoo : Cool
brown.jesus : This IG is lit @brownboy_flyy
garbatatz : This is the back of my friend@ueotattoo !
yallzee : Awesome !!!! Yes i took this photo in Italy ! @ueotattoo owns this Filip backpiece
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With the #AtlantaTattooConvention (that we are Sponsoring for the 11th year!!) coming right up! (Fri, Sat, Sun the weekend of OUR 11th ANNIVERSARY June 19th!!) I cant help but think back to when I traveled, pre-baby, doing conventions almost every weekend for 15 years! Out of all the Awards and Crap we brought back THIS award just stood out to me. Our #TattooStudio may look like a gaudy "Trophy Store" where we sell trophies, but with a full crew of ever-changing artists touring non-stop for 11 years and me personally touring for over 20 years, we have so many damn trophies that we started SHOOTING the 2nd, 3rd place and the ugly ones out at our private #GunRange at #AllOrNothingRanch -> @DragonsToilet <- but this Plaque is special, as the man that CREATED THE CATEGORY Just to give it to me that year, passed away not long after. It was given to me the same year that we filmed my first #TattooSeminar DVD #TheWholeEnchilada, which people talked MAD SHIT about but now everyone is doing it. He told me not to listen and to make the DVDs, most people said "NO that's sacred info that can't be shared blah". I even lost some tattooed friends over it (who now ironically have seminar DVDs out too!!!) I took his advice. He was right. In the video, the Convention Organizer, #LittleJohnBury makes a cameo, and at this show, after teaching/filming my seminar, he called me back on stage and gave me this award for #ArtistOfTheYear, which was my third one in a row! (The two previous years the conventions in Tampa and South Florida both gave me similar awards, but those two didn't come from #LittleJohn!) Our Second TattooSeminarDVD (Volume 2) is blatantly dedicated to John at the end, as he passed away between the two DVD sets, so that was the last time I got to spend some one on one time, went to his house and caught a buzz, he showed me his ARMY of #PitBulls, we talked, laughed, and had a great time together. I never saw him again.
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brandonbond11 : Way back in the day Little John Bury was the FIRST convention organizer to ever give me my own personal tattoo booth at a convention. I just snuck in to work all the shows by splitting booths with artists, guys nice enough to get my foot in the door, as back then it was much more difficult to get booths for young artists. It was John that skipped all that, not only allowed me to have a booth, but gave it to me for free, because he said my work was going to blow people's minds one day. When I later went from Ramen Noodles to a Ranch with a two story Dragon it was HIM that I called to thank, he was a great man, with an amazing back piece from his longtime friend #Filipleu - I miss him. #RIPLittleJohn
peepohpehh : Sorry for your loss sounds like a great guy
crshokie : Awesome story @brandonbond11 ! Also love seeing how you pay it forward with your shop and the artist that pass through!
jayeastwick : Thanks for telling us all more about him. It would have been an honor to have known him.
cindij42 : Where's the convention going to be held at @brandonbond11 I'm REALLY LOOKING forward to coming out & seeing ALL of the incredible artists that are a part of the @aontattoo family (since I'm only familiar with @mattdunlap37 & @flacomartinez13 so far) and have had the pleasure of having wonderful, fun-filled, tattoo sessions EVERY time I have been to the shop. PLEASE keep me updated on the times & location!!!!
mindseyepoke : Awesome. I actually met you at that convention. I was working at that Marriott at the time. Wanted ink by you ever since. Hopefully some day. All the best man its a pleasure following you
dragonstoilet : Awesome post man.
epicshutterphotography : nice one
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Saw this amazing tattoo by Filip Leu at the Florence Tattoo Convention last year #filipleu #filipleutattoo
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reginawongc : Maestrillo, necesito que vengas a tatuarme
diegoglazer : @reginawongc voy en Julio y vemos como le hacemos lupilla
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#tattoo #tattooartist #paulbooth #filipleu #londontattooconvention #legends
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craigy_lee : Nice!
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Wearing my Leu t-shirt for luck today. #filipleu #leufamilyiron #tattoo #amaleu
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Despues de dos semanas logre terminar mi primer dragon japones! Based on Filip Leu's japanese dragon! :) #tattooapprentice #blackflagcrew #ink #japanese #dragon #filipleu
filipleu - ink - blackflagcrew - japanese - tattooapprentice - dragon -
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#LeuFamily #FilipLeu #Switzerland #tatooine #tätowierstudioneuwied
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#FilipLeu #LeuFamily #tatooine #tätowierstudioneuwied #Switzerland
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immerundewigtattooing : Wise man said: wär ich so gut wie leu, wär ich fröh
tatooine_neuwied : Hihi...das ist aber schon ganz schön long time ago
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#FilipLeu #leufamily #tatooine #tätowierstudioneuwied #Switzerland
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octavia__paz : @brothers_tattoo_vgesell
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#FilipLeu #LeuFamily #tatooine #tätowierstudioneuwied #Switzerland
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lolapsse : 😳⚡️🔥🔥🔥💝
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🎨Titine Leu 2015 ❤️photo by Filip Leu #titineleu #filipleu #theart4collective
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sabinegaffron : 🔝🌹😍🍸🔜🎨🐎🌞💋💋💋
alexadamsart : Beautiful! Titine !
tuttiserra : Thank you so much @titineleu for everything !we loved every second of our visit!!!all the best!!!! 🙏✌️✌️✌️🎈 :)
rarejeweller : Excellent and brilliant.
ian_tattoo_det : Beautiful!
sandalcandle : LOVE
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One more session done. Having such a good day with my good friend @tuttiserra and the master Filip Leu. #switzerland #backpiece #artwork #tattoo #kirintattoo #kirin #art #filipleu #goodtimes
tattoo - art - goodtimes - backpiece - kirin - artwork - switzerland - filipleu - kirintattoo -
tuttiserra : What a cool day 🙏🎈🎈🎈😎
vertigotrento : Respect!!!
marcosribeiroart : Mucho loko!🐒🔭
renatoleandrodesouza : Da pesada!!
viniciusgibim_ - the_family_tattoo_ - bobbys_tats - marco.a.o.s.s13 -
@tuttiserra looking for me at the airport. On the way to the Leu's Family. #switzerland #tattoo #filipleu #artwork #art #tattoo #tattooist
tattoo - art - artwork - tattooist - switzerland - filipleu -
scorpionstattoo : Hahahaha... Daora! Curtam muito e mande lembranças dos tupiniquins pro Filip! ✌🏼️😎
feripo : @lorenzogentil manda foto da tattoo!
garagewizardirons : So jealous
the_sansukumi : Haha, good for you!
tuttiserra : Hahahah troxa
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Short video of a Filip Leu flash inspired eagle Giovanni @giovannibht made yesterday for Lee. #blackhearttattooepsom #filipleu #eagletattoo
eagletattoo - filipleu - blackhearttattooepsom -
cheezynelson : @jordan_crichlow97 video off finished tattoo from yesterday #blackhearttattooepsom
cheezynelson : @caracheesemanx
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Just got this mailed to me from #Germany.. My copy of #TattooMastersFlashCollection #SelectedStylesAroundTheWorld.. Thank you @osokill and #MatthiasReuss for asking me to be a part of this beautiful Art collection! I am honored:) #tattooArtist#TattooBook#EditionReuss#TattooFlash#inkbumstattoostudio#EdgarHoillBooks#MouseLopez#SailorJerryCollins#FilipLeu#Horikazu
sailorjerrycollins - filipleu - tattooartist - edgarhoillbooks - horikazu - mouselopez - tattooflash - tattoomastersflashcollection - matthiasreuss - selectedstylesaroundtheworld - editionreuss - inkbumstattoostudio - germany - tattoobook -
_yayasure : What a great thing :)
yely818_art : @_yayasure thanks!
dm.rose : Ohhhhhhhhhh girl !!!! Congrats ! From sketching and drawing in HS to now look at you !!! 👌🏼
checo_ram_hemi_1 : Hey was up I lost your number can you call me I need more work 8189932355
checo_ram_hemi_1 : To setup a appointment
checo_ram_hemi_1 : @yely818_art
yely818_art : @checo1_trokiando ok
yely818_art : @dm.rose thanks!! all late 🙈... Just saw your comment.. And yea I remember those school days:)
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Shaky video of this eagle and banner , #filipleu flash inspired . Couldn't get a photo...So much fun!! #filipleu #eagletat #blackheaettattooepsom
blackheaettattooepsom - filipleu - eagletat -
beppestrambini : @stefano.c.fst bravo Giovanni !
amoxill : Killer!!!
stefano.c.fst : @beppestrambini totally PLQ!
giovannibht : Grazie tosi! Ve voio ben! @stefano.c.fst @beppestrambini
giovannibht : Thanks @amoxill !!
richpearson : Yeah man⚡️ claw over 'm' is great
alessandrojako : Bomba 💣💣💣💣
dansatantattoo : Cool man 👍
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Commissioned reinterpretation of the Leu Family logo. Such an honor to know them and to be covered in Filip's masterful tattoo work.. @titineleu #leufamily #filipleu
leufamily - filipleu -
nicogrind : Wow amazing!!
andresgomeztattoo : @isra108
tattoonapaz : Rad :)
paperstacker1060 : Very cool !!
isra108 : Fullpower!!!
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A Killerback👊👊👊 by Filip Leu 🙌!!! (It's suck that it ain't my back) Unfortunately no Insta account but his multitalented wife has one @titineleu 🙌 This handyman's work is the main reason that I in the early 90s became aware of tattoos for real. #reclaimthedots #japanesetattoo #japanesetattoos #irezumi #filipleu
reclaimthedots - irezumi - japanesetattoos - japanesetattoo - filipleu -
dals3 : 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼
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1st Sabah International Tattoo and Culture Convention featured artist #ernestokalum More info and updates at #tattoos #tattooartist #borneoheadhunters #handtap #traditionalhandtap #borneohandtap #tattooconvention #sabahtattooconvention #inked #koiyakgloves #koiyak #tattoogloves #switzerland #koiyakeurope #hyatt #hyattregency #kotakinabalu #sabah #borneo #kasirancaklagi #sabahtourism #filip #filipleu #kuching #sarawak
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Still working on this lol #sketchoftheday #artoftheday #drawingoftheday #505 #artist #tattoo #filipleu #japanesetattoo #sketchbook #blackandwhite #drawing
tattoo - filipleu - blackandwhite - sketchbook - artist - artoftheday - sketchoftheday - drawingoftheday - japanesetattoo - 505 - drawing -
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Dragon illustration by FILIP LEU. This one comes from the far out of print "dragons 2" book. These books have influenced so many people and taught us how to draw amazing dragons! #japanesecollective #japanesetattoo #japanesedragon #filipleu #illustration #inkandpaper #tattoomasters
inkandpaper - filipleu - japanesedragon - japanesecollective - japanesetattoo - tattoomasters - illustration -
horikazu : Dope!
billy_jack_tattoos : Where would we be without filip
rfbarbalho : 4-claw dragons are Koreans right? Japanese ryu usually have 3 claws.
cs_ayala : 🙏🙏
liveseasonal : One Day
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Love my Filip Leu Skulls #filipleu #ink #tattoo #fullbodysuit #japanesetattoo #skulls #blackandgreytattoos #watershade
tattoo - filipleu - fullbodysuit - watershade - japanesetattoo - blackandgreytattoos - ink - skulls -
blondie_bubbles : ❤️💀❤️
jookiest : Jealous...
banjoghs - michael_lynch_ - georgebone99 - kalewhank -
im taking my time on drawing now so yeah #sketchoftheday #artoftheday #drawingoftheday #blackandwhite #drawing #japanesetattoo #filipleu #abq #sketchbook #tattoo #dope #artwork
sketchbook - filipleu - blackandwhite - tattoo - dope - artwork - artoftheday - abq - japanesetattoo - drawingoftheday - sketchoftheday - drawing -
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Over 100 pages of skull flash by many of your favorite tattooers! Available now at This preview is by #filipleu. Organized by @eyemansfo. #lllbooks
lllbooks - filipleu -
dreadlords_tomb - jake.daniel - abyiss_ - a_beukeveld -
Almost done redrawing filip leu dragon drawing #artoftheday #drawingoftheday #sketchbook #filipleu #tattoo #abq #505 #blackandwhite #drawing #logic #japanesetattoos #artwork
sketchbook - filipleu - blackandwhite - tattoo - logic - artoftheday - abq - japanesetattoos - drawingoftheday - artwork - 505 - drawing -
oneandonlyas - heartandsoulracing - yojohnnyblaze - mattblackraps -
Almost done redrawing filip leu dragon drawing #artoftheday #drawingoftheday #sketchbook #filipleu #tattoo #abq #505 #blackandwhite #drawing #logic #japanesetattoos
sketchbook - filipleu - blackandwhite - tattoo - logic - artoftheday - abq - japanesetattoos - drawingoftheday - 505 - drawing -
heartandsoulracing - yojohnnyblaze - pjacksonart - drawing_rena -
#filipleu @ichibike shirt's off already. Ready to rock the day! ❤️⚡️ #vintagetorquefest
filipleu - vintagetorquefest -
bfcobb1 - bludguzzel - larrythemayor - horror_vanner -
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