Hope necklace. $15 AUD with free shipping for Australian residents. I ship internationally. #fighter #hope #fibro #fibromyalgia #lupus #warrior #survivor #chronicallyjewelled #chronicillness #invisibleillness #chronicpain
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Had a break down last night. Then got up made a bowl of ice cream (even though food wasn't staying down) sat next to the toilet and ate it alone. Probably looked crazy sitting next to the toliet crying and eating ice cream and then started throwing it up. But oh well πŸ˜’ sometimes you go to tell your sickness to shut up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
chronicpain - illness - pain - invisibledisease - teamsicklecell - epilepsy - seizure - lymedisease - ngtube - painsomnia - spooniewarrior - seizuredisorder - hospitallife - autoamuinediseases - lupus - fibromyalgia - spoonie - invisibleillness - flare - hospital - fibro - pots - disease - spoonieproblems - sicklife - sick - lifeofaspoonie - chronicfatigue -
counting_spoons : *got
counting_spoons : #spooniewarrior #seizuredisorder #seizure #sicklife #spoonieproblems #sick #spoonie #epilepsy #teamsicklecell #invisibledisease #invisibleillness #illness #pain #pots #painsomnia #autoamuinediseases #disease #fibromyalgia #flare #fibro #hospital #hospitallife #lupus #lymedisease #lifeofaspoonie #chronicfatigue #chronicpain #ngtube
lupiehousewife : Lol, I love you. Keep your head up girly!
jojomonsters : Oh I SO know that feeling! I feel for ya! Feel better soon.
myprozachaspaws : You gotta do what you gotta do. ;) ice cream is the best, who cares where you eat it??!!πŸ˜‚
imjusthavingfun4 : That is so me! I was just doing that the other week. Sometimes you just have to say f it and try even though you know it probably won't stay down. Hope u feel better soon πŸ’œπŸ’œ
lindsaylivewire : πŸ’œ Do what you need to! πŸ‘πŸ‘β˜ΊοΈ
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Been feelin a little under the weather today but meh ill be okay #fibro #fibromyalgia #bluehair #lazyhawk #glasses #clevege #alt#arthritus #spoonie #undiagnosedstumachpain
fibromyalgia - spoonie - fibro - lazyhawk - undiagnosedstumachpain - arthritus - bluehair - clevege - alt - glasses -
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i only take a gurney around the hospital to show off these socks. [neuro testing, actually, but fashion first.] 😏 #hospitallife #ootd #cute ✨ #spoonie #spooniefam #chronicillness #invisibleillness #fibro #tagsforlikes #cfs #chronicfatigue #fibromyalgia #osteosarcoma #cancer #childhoodcancer #eds #spoonielife #butyoudontlooksick #spoonies #illness ✨
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Stupid body :-/ I know 97 yr olds who are in better shape than me! #fibro #fibrosucks #fibromyalgia #chronicpain #chronicillness #spoonie #ms #multiplesclerosis
multiplesclerosis - chronicpain - fibromyalgia - spoonie - fibro - ms - fibrosucks - chronicillness -
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PerfectπŸ‘Œ #rheumatoidarthritis #juvenilearthritis #arthritis #juvenileidiopathicarthritis #fibromyalgia #fibromyalgiawarrior #fibro #chronicpainsyndrome #chronicillnesses #invisibleillnesses #spoonie
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Guts NΓ€chtle πŸŒŸπŸ’« schΓΆne TrΓ€ume und eine ruhige Nacht #goodnight #gutenacht #sweetdreams #fibro #nofilter #niceday #abendrot
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susigruen__bavarian : Gute Nacht
kelleratelier_sinnlosschoen : Gute Nacht🌟
hony_kikakaminski : Gute nacht😴😴
kleinepaulinas : Gute Nacht β˜†β˜…β˜†
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Not a fan of the alcohol part but the pain we go thro definitely makes spoonies strong #fibro #fibromyalgia #fibrowarriors #fibromyalgiaisreal #chronicpain #chronicillness #invisibleillness #spoonie #spooniesisters #butyoudontlooksick #anxiety
chronicpain - fibrowarriors - anxiety - fibromyalgia - spoonie - invisibleillness - fibro - butyoudontlooksick - fibromyalgiaisreal - chronicillness - spooniesisters -
fibrofighternicole : Funny thing is that Fibro zaps out mind so I don't remember as much as I used to so no alcohol is needed.
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New post: 'Five Lessons I've Learnt About M.E' - recently my health has deteriorated after a couple months of feeling a bit better, and so to avoid wallowing I decided to revisit some of the positive ways in which chronic illness has affected my life. "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving" 🚲
chronicpain - dysautonomnia - cfsme - quote - pvfs - mecfs - cfids - spoonielife - meawareness - neurological - immunedysfunction - chronicallyill - chronicillness - jasminedowling - chronicfatiguesyndrome - myalgicencephalomyelitis - fibromyalgia - spoonie - invisibleillness - nervoussystem - positivity - fibro - invisibledisability - chronicfatigue -
hollycrouch_ : This is such a great post Meg & really helpful,I've been having such a bad flare up because of the hot weather so I really needed to read something like this ☺️ I feel so sad for you that you're going through a rough time with it again,sending you all my love & hugs πŸ˜˜πŸ’— xxxxx
jasmines8 : I really needed to read this πŸ‘ sometimes being sick for such a long time u kinda give up & feel depressed. Been in bed for a week as I cant move much & feeling very sick & down. But when I read this hope is back. Thank u meg 🌹
megsayseat : #mecfs #chronicillness #spoonie #myalgicencephalomyelitis #cfids #chronicfatiguesyndrome #fibro #fibromyalgia #chronicpain #pvfs #chronicfatigue #invisibleillness #chronicallyill #invisibledisability #dysautonomnia #nervoussystem #neurological #immunedysfunction #spoonielife #cfsme #meawareness #positivity #quote #jasminedowling
megsayseat : @indy_annaj thanks Anna ❀️ @_silversprings thanks so much, I hope you like the post and it helps you in some way! x
megsayseat : @hollycrouch_ aww Holly, thanks a million! πŸ’› It's a little cooler where I am today, hope it is where you are too. Glad it was helpful, it made me feel better to write it! Sometimes we need a little boost. Lots of love to you too, got my fingers crossed that your flare ends soon x
d_wellness_nutrition : I'm feeling the same way babe.πŸ˜₯ Can barely write this comment because of the pain in arms and legs. So flared up 24/7.... But wanted to let u know you're not alone.πŸ’•
megsayseat : @jasmines8 glad to hear that, Jasmine! Being chronically ill is so difficult but it makes you stronger mentally, you're a tough cookie πŸ’ͺπŸͺ so happy that your hope is back, we can't lose it 😌 you're welcome, lots of love x
megsayseat : @d_wellness_nutrition so sorry to hear that, thank you for taking the time and energy to say that though - I really appreciate it ❀️ you're not alone either, all my love x
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Meh #fibro #livingwithfibro
livingwithfibro - fibro -
__girl_interrupted__ : Know them feels! ❀️
mitziepawzyogi : So hard to wear them in this weather @__girl_interrupted__
__girl_interrupted__ : Oh yes!! I have some flexi ones that I got from boots, they aren't so bad but still hot!
mitziepawzyogi : @__girl_interrupted__ Oooh I'll have a look in there!
__girl_interrupted__ : It's a brand called vulkan that do them haha
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Just a few essential oil samples that are going out today. Oils can help with anxiety, depression, headaches and so much more.
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laurakellypifer : #healthy #anxiety #depression #headaches #chronicpain #detox #arthritis #fibro #chrones #lupus
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Whats the point of life when all its filled with its pain and disappoint. I have not gone even 1 day pain free the past like 2 years AT LEAST. it takes everything in me to shower, go to the dr and work. I. Don't. Know. How. Much. Longer. I. Can. Do. It. It's gotten to the point where I'm depressed cause I'm in so much pain. I just feel like its so not worth it. #edsoldiers #edrecovery #spoonie #fibromyalgia #rheumatoidarthritis #ra #fibro #arthritis #bpd #pain #chronicillness #chronicpain #fatigue #chronicfatigue #anemic #anemia #autoimmunedisorder #lowimmunesystem #autoimmune #lowimmunity
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celina_pshepp : I'm here. It would tear me apart if you left. πŸ˜ͺ
flying_feather : We still need to hangout! πŸ˜’ @celina_pshepp
celina_pshepp : I'll text you @flying_feather
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I'm having a lot of trouble with my eyes, they just won't focus and I keep seeing blurred doubles of things like my eyes refuse to have a dominant one and just show me both perspectives at the same time. Anyone else have this? #fibro #fibromyalgia #fibrowarriors #fibromyalgiaisreal #chronicpain #chronicillness #invisibleillness #spoonie #spooniesisters #butyoudontlooksick #anxiety
chronicpain - fibrowarriors - anxiety - fibromyalgia - spoonie - invisibleillness - fibro - butyoudontlooksick - fibromyalgiaisreal - chronicillness - spooniesisters -
danicaluvsrugby : I was just diagnosed with Uveitis, some days my symptoms are like yours. I'm really light sensitive now too. Are bright lights hurting your eyes?
91hippie : As a result of my stupid auto-immune system, I have chronic dry eye syndrome. My eyes hurt, vision is blurry a lot, the skin around my eyes is tender and sometimes fall off.
darkestnite9 : Yeah but they always have @danicaluvsrugby
the_jjw : Yeah, mine do that, but it's only been since my last concussion last spring. I've resorted to covering one eye with my hand if I really need to see something when it gets really bad. Getting new glasses helped some, but not completely. I've always had light sensitivity, too, but it's gotten worse.
adalep16 : Ack!!! @darkestnite9 I am dealing with the same thing with my eyes. It seemed to have just "happened" - on about day 5 like this
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$55 + tax #fibromyalgia #support #fibro #purple #purpleribbon #awareness #flower #wreath #decor
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Day 1 is on! I had Chocolate Vegan Shakeology and strawberries for breakfast, enjoyed a cup of coffee, and had my Fiber Sweep. I feel pretty good so far. That's huge considering the pain flare. I'll share my thoughts on the #3DayRefresh as it goes. @destinykitchel
chronicpain - arthritis - fibromyalgia - teambeachbody - charlestonsc - fitnessjourney - 3dayrefresh - fibro - healing - wellnessjourney - spondylitis - spinalissues -
wahminsc : #CharlestonSC #TeamBeachbody #Fibromyalgia #arthritis #spondylitis #wellnessjourney #fitnessjourney #healing #fibro #ChronicPain #SpinalIssues
destinykitchel : @wahminsc Yay! Day 1 is going well so far! Hope your pain goes away soon!
wahminsc : Thanks. :-)
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Are you sick and tired of complaining about your ailments? Are tired of going to doctors and specialists? Are you tired of paying for medication that doesn't work? Are you tired of being sick and tired? Try changing what you put in your mouth and you will be amazed at how your body responds!
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Slow deep breathes I can do this, I made it thro yesterday I can make it thro today #fibro #fibromyalgia #fibrowarriors #fibromyalgiaisreal #chronicpain #chronicillness #invisibleillness #spoonie #spooniesisters #butyoudontlooksick #anxiety
chronicpain - fibrowarriors - anxiety - fibromyalgia - spoonie - invisibleillness - fibro - butyoudontlooksick - fibromyalgiaisreal - chronicillness - spooniesisters -
it_pays_to_party : You got this @darkestnite9
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Its nearly 10pm, iv been up since 6am and have only had a 1/4 of my normal daily coffee intake and feeling tops. low fatigue days are my favourite πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜€ #spoonie #arthritis #fatigue #ankylosingspondylitis #coffee #invisbleillness #chronicillness #cfs #chronicpain #spondy #fibro #fibromyalgia #gooddays #positive
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vine_magical_videos : nice cool @JohnTuckerMagic
sonic186 : Dat smile but 😏😘 @kicking_as
kicking_as : @marianastrenchy thanks lovely,
kicking_as : @sonic186 always so kind,
aliciared17 : Same. I'm so excited that I was able to get up, shower, make my bed, start some laundry and make bfast. It's a good day so far. Whether the laundry gets finished is a different story.
worldofoils : Are you in Perth, Australia?
sonic186 : You're always so beautiful!! πŸ˜πŸ™Š @kicking_as
diana_adf : Cutie! Glad to see you are doing well xx
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Keep on keepin on #fibro #fibromyalgia #invisibleillness #chronicillness #spoonie #spoonshortage πŸ’œ
fibromyalgia - spoonie - invisibleillness - spoonshortage - fibro - chronicillness -
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Start your week believing in your potential!
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wonderland.lies : Follow for follow ❀️
noexcusescoach : #morningquote #morningmotivation #dailymantra #fitspiration #fitness #fit #fitlife #fitnessisachoice #colorado #workout #workoutathome #exercise #motivation #positivity #quote #fibro #fitgirl #girlswholift #fibromyalgia #colorado #leadville #weightloss #weightlosscoach #fitspo #fitnessaddict #vegan
klaus___kinski : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
keviiraw : awesome :P
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just had my first massive anxiety attack 😣 almost scratched all my skin off then took a shower at 2am standing up 😱 then paced around getting dressed and trimmed my puppy's fur and shortly after collapsed and had horrible muscle spasms and tension, it was so painful and started when my heart rate finally slowed down to normal. It's crazy feeling that and doing so much and then almost instantly paying for it 😣 #fibro #fibromyalgia #fibrowarriors #fibromyalgiaisreal #chronicpain #chronicillness #invisibleillness #spoonie #spooniesisters #butyoudontlooksick #anxiety #anxietyattack
chronicpain - fibrowarriors - anxiety - fibromyalgia - spoonie - invisibleillness - fibro - butyoudontlooksick - fibromyalgiaisreal - chronicillness - spooniesisters - anxietyattack -
it_pays_to_party : @kismith34
msandrea : @darkestnite9 I remember my first one all too well. If you start to have more, please don't try to handle them yourself. I tried to handle mine & waited too long before talking to my dr & I ended up having panic attacks. Your body already has so much to deal with & from my own experience, it's best to talk to your dr about it. I was first given Xanax & that helped tremendously but after going to therapy & talking out my fears, I was able to take Ativan when needed. I don't have anxiety or panic attacks any longer but I do know what you are going thru. Hits you out of the blue. Because of my MΓ©niΓ¨re's disease, the feeling of falling is almost a constant so I do have Ativan to help with the anxiety if I need it. I'm so sorry you went thru your first one. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm keeping you in my prayers. Gentle hugsπŸ’œπŸŒ»
darkestnite9 : Thank you @msandrea it is very scary and I'm already on low dose cymbalta and buspirone shouldn't those prevent this? I was starting to have a high pulse and get a little more nervous but I never thought it'd get this bad since I'm already on meds. It's only been 2 weeks of the buspirone (buspar) so maybe it needs longer to work??
msandrea : You're so welcome @darkestnite9 You know, I would think Cymbalta would. I'm not familiar with the buspirone. Sometimes, the meds will create racing pulse & especially if it's a new script. You should check with your doc. I have such allergic reactions to meds that your symptoms is something I've been thru. I called my dr & found out I was having a reaction. Your dr will be able to help you with that. I had the worse reaction to Cymbalta with my very first $60 pill that I ended up in the ER with hives all over & a swollen head because of it. I wouldn't wait, it wouldn't hurt to call your doc & see what he/she says. We can't ever be too careful especially since we have to take so many combinations of pills. If it is a reaction then keep note cause you'll need to tell future drs about it. I have a long list of my allergies to meds & reactions.
darkestnite9 : Yeah I know what you mean with allergic reactions, I've had a list of allergies memorized since I was 3, it's really not fun having a reaction so I do all I can to prevent them. I'll definitely check into that. Thank you so much for your help πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ You are a really amazing person. Sending hugs @msandrea
msandrea : @darkestnite9 You're so welcome & anytime. I'm here for you. Aww, thank you. We Spoonies have no choice but to be awesome, we are a unique group of Warriors πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ’ͺ. Gentle hugsπŸ’œπŸŒ»
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😐 here we go... #monday #weekdays #workdays #werk #sleepy #sorired #insomnia #pain #lupus #fibro #fibromyalgia #flares #chronic #overit #anxiety #prayers
pain - monday - prayers - sorired - insomnia - chronic - sleepy - workdays - lupus - anxiety - fibromyalgia - fibro - weekdays - flares - werk - overit -
threeyorkiesmom : πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
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My #mcm everyday πŸ’• This man here is everything. He supports me and is there by my side through thick and thin. Life is full of ups and downs, but when you have someone to help you through it, it makes it so much easier. Having a girlfriend on daily medication, in and out of hospital, with scars and many problems at only 19 can't be easy on him, but he manages, never let's it show or get to him and still manages to let me know that he's always there. On particularly bad days I struggle, try and push him away because I don't want to hurt him, cut myself off from everyone. But he never leaves no matter how stubborn I'm being, and I'm so grateful. I've always had to rely on myself as I'm not a very open person and like to keep my problems to myself, but it feels so strange having someone who I can talk to and is there for me. I have a couple of good friends who I could talk to, but I don't really like talking about it. I wouldn't ever talk to my family about my health. But he makes everything okay. When I'm alone I wind myself up and get into such a state, but once I've talked it all through with him he makes it all seem okay. I really am so thankful to have met this man. I love you πŸ’•
crohnie - mcm - medication - love - relationship - chronicpain - ibd - couple - ramble - mine - rheumatoidarthritis - chronicillness - cfs - depression - boyfriend - forever - anxiety - fibromyalgia - crohnsdisease - spoonie - always - fibro - life - soppy - crohns - celiac - ra - boyfriendappreciationpost - chronicfatigue - ptsd -
pippylonglegs94 : #soppy #boyfriend #boyfriendappreciationpost #ramble #mine #couple #forever #always #crohns #crohnsdisease #crohnie #spoonie #chronicillness #chronicpain #chronicfatigue #cfs #ptsd #celiac #fibro #fibromyalgia #ibd #ra #rheumatoidarthritis #anxiety #depression #medication #relationship #love #life
minxiesse : You're very lucky to have such a fantastic support system and boyfriend x
pippylonglegs94 : I know I am, I owe him so much x @minxiesse
anushka1196 - amandarud08 - chanellznjy - holistichope -
I so want to stay in bed all day I just need to switch from my night time upstairs bed to my downstairs day bed and then later back. It's just too hot to stay upstairs and I'm hurting too much all the time to sit up on a couch or even lay on the couch. #fibro #fibromyalgia #fibrowarriors #fibromyalgiaisreal #chronicpain #chronicillness #spoonie #spooniesisters #invisibleillness #butyoudontlooksick
chronicpain - fibrowarriors - fibromyalgia - spoonie - invisibleillness - fibro - butyoudontlooksick - fibromyalgiaisreal - chronicillness - spooniesisters -
april4metoo : I totally get that. Sometimes I feel guilty for being in bed all day but that really the only comfy place.
emie_xoxo_ : @april4metoo try not to feel guilty it'll stress you outπŸ˜” much easier said than done. It is not your fault you are sick- it wasn't a choice! So sorry you're still feeling awful Nicole! I can't move after Saturday...
carolinagirlruns : Sorry you are feeling rotten. Hugs!! Hopefully relaxing and getting rest will help you feel a bit better.
darkestnite9 : I'm sorry you are having to pay for having one fun day😞 so not fair. I think I might start getting better soon, hopefully @emie_xoxo_ and @april4metoo I do feel guilty a lot about being sick and in bed but my bf reminds me that I didn't choose this and it's better to rest and be comfy than to hurt myself when it's not even for a good reason like going out and having fun or seeing loved ones. It helps so much to know I'm not alone thank you πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ
schnegge74 - chronicallyjessica - msandrea - x_maisie.moo_x -
Keeping my nikes on to keep my feet warm since I forgot my uggies hahaha #ketamineinfusion #fibro #fibrowarrior #chronicpain
fibrowarrior - chronicpain - fibro - ketamineinfusion -
denni_leighxo : Love them there awesome @speedykezza hope ur doing well. Xx
speedykezza : @denni_leighxo thanx hun, I had to get these as they remind me of my first pair of air max when I was 14 lol. Forgot my bloody uggies tho dam it! The ketamine infusion is helping the best it ever has before, they call me a frequent flyer as I'm in every 3-5 months but whatever works and gets me back to normal and back to work :) although right now I'm high as a kite and couldn't get my pj's on if I wanted to so probably throw blanket over me hahah
queenofthrift : @speedykezza I hope it's helping you Xx
speedykezza : @queenofthrift thanks hun! Honestly it's the best I've had! My pain is down to about a 3 (unheard of!) I'm on the highest dose they can give tho, I'm tolerating it quite well, off with the fairies a lil and dopey, but by golly it's worth it if I can go three months with minimal pain! I'm praying since I'm doing so good I want to go home tomorrow but think doc wants me in til wed. How are you, been thinking of you, and I hope you'll get my lil surprise Fri xxx
queenofthrift : @speedykezza that's really good to hear hon,I'm so happy for you.i hope you get to go home asap,yes minimal pain is great😊I am a bit raw again we went to the crematorium yesterday to pick the spot and the plaque etc,so understandable I suppose!I have a busy week till i get the nerve riot injection on Thursday I'm not looking forward to it .though I hope it works,thank you sweet girl I'm looking forward to my little present 😘😘😘
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Swollen painful hands and joints #fibro #chronicpain #spoonies #fibrofighter
spoonies - chronicpain - fibro - fibrofighter -
counting_spoons -
Har nΓ₯got sΓ₯ sinnessjukt ont idag. StΓ₯r inte ut :( #fibromyalgi #fibro #smΓ€rta #ont
fibromyalgi - smΓ€rta - fibro - ont -
yasantti : Massa kramar till dig!
wivica : Γ…h tack! β™‘β™‘
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Because he's an awesome Aussie. Love ya Codes! :) #cfprobs #cflife #fibro #cyster #cysticfibrosis
fibro - cfprobs - cflife - cyster - cysticfibrosis -
thecodes : Y do u look way better than me @jesstheredneck ?!?! lol
jesstheredneck : @thecodes beg to differ with ya! Because it was 3am my time and 5pm your time!! Hahaha
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Seems even running on low pain and having the migraine finally gone, I can't sleep. I dk why 😣 and I feel so sad like I'm breaking inside and again I dk y πŸ’”πŸ˜” #fibro #fibromyalgia #fibrowarriors #fibromyalgiaisreal #chronicpain #chronicillness #invisibleillness #spoonie #spooniesisters #butyoudontlooksick #myofascialpainsyndrome
chronicpain - fibrowarriors - fibromyalgia - spoonie - invisibleillness - myofascialpainsyndrome - fibro - butyoudontlooksick - fibromyalgiaisreal - chronicillness - spooniesisters -
peacelovenhap : This is so how I feel! Exactly!!!
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Mantra from here on out! They say it takes 3 weeks to make a habit a habit! I'll be following #21daysugardetox #paleo #21dayfix #piyo lifestyle until it comes naturally! Hard? Frigging right! Doable? OF COURSE βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž– I've chose to do this to help my body rid itself of inflammation and to promote weight loss and release my addiction to sugar. βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–if you suffer with #fibromyalgia or pain issues and want to find a natural way out via food and some supplements let me know! That is my specialization and it's something I deal with daily and am now on the way to curing! βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–βž–JOIN ME!
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lifeof_oz : πŸ‘
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Guten morgen πŸŒΈβ˜€οΈπŸŒΊ ihr lieben πŸ’š heute wieder Γ„rmel hoch und arbeiten 😍 . Hier ist schon seit vor 7:00 Sonnenschein angesagt . Ich wΓΌnsche euch einen guten Start in die Woche πŸŒΈβ˜•οΈπŸ˜˜ #montag #sonne #instamood #ilovemyday #instacollage #fibro #fibromyalgie #monday #sun #goodmorning
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lujayne77 : Lecker! So einen Cappuccino wΓΌrde ich auch gern mal wieder trinken! πŸ˜‹
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You are all very important even when all you can do is exist #fibro #fibromyalgia #fibrowarriors #fibromyalgiaisreal #chronicpain #chronicillness #invisibleillness #spoonie #spooniesisters #butyoudontlooksick #myofascialpainsyndrome #doctorwho
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peacelovenhap : πŸ™ you are important too, ur amazing! Xoxo
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I feel like my body hates me. #fibromyalgia #fibro #fibroawareness
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